Hayley's Issues - Chapter 1

Chapter One

The first day of summer vacation arrived and Karen was in a great mood. She hadn’t convinced her mother for an advance, but she had been given a charge card for reasonable expenses for her and Hayley. She’d gone to the store with her mother last night and picked up the some diapers for Hayley. Hayley had absolutely refused to get out of the car when she’d found out the trip included buying diapers for her. In the end Karen had to agree to walk around with her on another isle while her mom got them.

She ran a brush through her long blonde hair, pleased with it. She couldn’t figure out why Hayley was so happy with her page-boy cut when they both had the same natural highlights. Next Karen finished brushing her teeth and went out to survey the household over which she was now in charge.

“Morning,” Hayley mumbled without looking away from the T.V. as Karen strolled in.

“Mornin’!” Karen said cogenially, “Time to get you in diapers.”

“No way.” Hayley said, shifting deeper into the couch and sticking out her tongue.

“Nope, I’m in charge now,” Karen replied matter-of-factly. Hayley stuck out her outer lip as Karen tugged off Hayley’s pajama bottoms and panties but offered no assitance. Karen pulled a fresh diaper out of the bag she had opened as Hayley just looked on with disgust.

Hayley was red with embarrassment as she sister stripped her. She kind of knew it was coming, but it was still mortifying. She was beginning to regret her passive resistance method because it wasn’t deterring Karen at all, and she really was getting diapered like a baby because she wasn’t cooperating.

Karen dusted her hands and surveyed her handiwork, her sister was comfortably diapered, the couch was saved, and now she had all the free time she wanted. She briefly checked the show her sister was watching, noted she had no interest and returned to her room to spend the day on facebook. A few status updates, some random views of other people’s walls and a cursory log of relationship changes. Things had been going pretty well until Karen heard a voice at the door of her room.

“Umm, Karen?” The voice asked timidly,

“Yeah kid?” Karen asked happily, turning from the computer to see her sister still in the diaper and pajama top she had been left with hours earlier. Hayley was surprised at the happy response. Her big sister hadn’t been anything but extremely short with her for a long while.

“Well, I was wondering if I could ask Amanda over to play?” Hayley asked hopefully.

“Well, sure,” Karen said a little concerned, “but you can’t take the diaper off.”

“But!” Hayley started to protest but Karen raised her finger to silence her.

“We had a deal.” Karen said sternly, “I’m done with most of my stuff, so if you’re lonely I can play with you for a little while. Or, if you want a friend over that’s cool too. But the diaper stays on.”

“That’s not fair…” Hayley whined. Was she supposed to spend the whole summer without seeing any of her friends from school?

“You’ve pooped at school before, right?” Karen asked cynically,

“Yeah,” Hayley replied bitterly. A couple of times actually. It had been horrible, she was lucky it only happened five times last year, they’d all been super embarrassing though.

“And their still your friends, right?” Karen continued, “They’d probably be okay with the diapers. They might tease you a little, but they’ll probably still be your friends. It is a risk though, you’re call.”

“Can you play with me a bit?” Hayley asked, decided to put off the question of whether her friends should know about the diapers for later. Karen nodded and logged off the computer.
As Karen walked over to her sister she noticed the diaper was sagging slightly.

“Did you pee?”

“Umm, no,” Hayley said, and Karen felt a little guilty at the obvious look of horror on her little sister’s face. Like she’d been caught red-handed.

“Kid, it’s okay,” Karen said, ruffling her short blonde hair, “I told mom I’d change your diapers, pee isn’t as bad as poop. But why’d you pee in it?” Karen asked, especially since her sister didn’t normally wet herself, unless accompanied by a pooping accident.

“Well, I didn’t know how to take it off, and it’s embarrassing…” Hayley stammered. “It just sorta happened.”

“Whatever,” Karen said shrugging and took Hayley out to the living room. She grabbed the wipes out of the bag she had prepared and a fresh diaper. Hayley stood still in a kind of trance as Karen ripped the tapes of her diaper and carefully wiped her. She blushed a bit as she widened her stance so Karen could clean her better. In a few moments it was over and a new, fresh diaper was taped snugly over her waist. “See, not too bad, right?”

Hayley nodded in unhappy acceptance. It really wasn’t that bad, except for the possible stigma of being a diaper wearer. Karen was being way nicer, although she knew their mom was paying her a lot of money. Maybe that was why?

“Are you only being nice cause’ mom’s paying you?” Hayley asked sadly.

“Shoot,” Karen said, feeling a little guilty as she rolled up the used diaper. “You want to know honestly?”

Hayley nodded, biting her lip.

“You’re way too old for diapers. You started doing this stuff right after dad died. Get over it. I did.” Karen replied, not mentioning how she’d wet her bed the first year after. “Look, I love you, and since the clean-up is way easier, and it’s fair for the money, I’m happy to do it. I just think that you’re seven and should be able to get to the potty on your own.”

“I’m sorry,” Hayley said, staring to feel tears well up in her eyes, suddenly Karen was hugging her, gently rubbing her back and trying to calm her down.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you,” Karen said while embracing him, “But mom said something important to me last week after you went to bed. We’re only going to be sisters living in the house for so long, and you only get one childhood. Since being mean to you hasn’t fixed you, I might as well try something else. So we’re going to ignore it for the summer, okay?”

“Ignore it?” Hayley asked, pressing her face against her sister.

“Right, we’ll pretend like you wearing diapers is normal and no big deal for the summer. Okay?”

“Okay,” Hayley said nodded, as Karen broke the embrace.

“Now, what do you want to do?” Karen asked, “Want to go down to the park?”

Hayley looked down at her diaper, obviously dismayed.

“Come on, you don’t want to be cooped up in the house all summer. Besides, there’s no one in our neighborhood who’s in your grade at school right?” Hayley nodded. Since they were on the edge of the bus route there were only four kids in her neighborhood that even went to the same school. “Don’t you want to go to the park?”

Hayley nodded, and Karen sent her off to go get dressed. Meanwhile she put a couple of extra diapers and wipes in the backpack she planned to use as her summer diaper bag.

Hayley pulled on her pants awkwardly, looking into mirror on the back of her door. The obvious buldge made her cringe. She pulled them back off angrily and went to her closet. A number of dresses hung from the hangers. Her mother kept buying them for her because she thought they were cute. She’d always thought dresses were annoying, but now they were a godsend. She pulled out a yellow sundress. She took off her pajama top and threw it on the bed. Next, she pulled on the dress, hoping as she turned to look at herself in the mirror.

It was better, the dress still flared out a little but the diaper wasn’t obvious anymore. She patted her midsection warily and was rewarded with an audible crinkle. She frowned, wondering if it was more or less obvious than it appeared to her. Still concerned she returned to the living room as Karen was putting her backpack on.

“A dress?” Karen asked surprised.

“Stupid diaper doesn’t show as much.” Hayley said miffed.

“Well, it’ll show completely if you’re not careful.” Karen said worried.

“I’ll be careful.” Hayley replied, certain she would be.

“Hey, you could put panties over the diaper if you want.” Karen suggested as the thought came upon her.

“I can?” Hayley asked with sudden hope.

“Sure.” Karen replied, “Look, I’m not trying to embarrass you. I’m just not dealing with poopy pants.”

“Okay,” Hayley said, feeling a little irked about the poopy pants remark, even if it was kind of true. She went back to her room and pulled on a pair of panties over the diaper. She pulled the dress up, pushing the diaper into place under the panties. It wasn’t perfect but a minor mistake wouldn’t give her away now. Plus, it cut down the crinkle.

Together the two locked up the house, Karen putting the keys in her backpack and they headed down the street to the park. It was only about a block of way and it wasn’t too crowded even though summer vacation had started. The area didn’t have a school that nearby so there weren’t too many families with kids who lived around the area. That also meant the park was pretty small, but the play area was big enough to have some fun.

Karen parked herself on a shaded bench and motioned for Hayley to go have fun.

“Don’t you wanna play too?” Hayley asked.

“I might later, I want to read for a bit. It looks like there’s some kids your age over there. If they won’t play with you I will.”

Hayley ran over to the playset were three boys and a girl were hanging on the jungle gym.

“Hey, what’re you guys playin’?” Hayley asked hopefully.

“The ground’s lava, you gotta stay off it.” One boy piped up and immediately Hayley jumped onto the first bar.

“This is the boy’s side!” Another boy shouted, “The girl’s side is over there.”

Hayley quickly climbed along the rail until she was on the same side as the girl.

“Hey, my name’s Hayley,” Hayley said sheepishly, the girl with long brown hair and a bit of a tan looked over to her.

“I’m Samantha,” The girl replied, her smile revealing she was missing a tooth. Hayley tongued her canine absently, it having finished coming in only a little while ago. “Do you live around here?”

“Yeah, I came with my big sister.” Hayley replied

“That’s cool. My mom makes me come with my brother.” Samantha added, nodding her head over to one of the three boys that was a bit older. “He thinks he’s soo cool just cause’ he’s going to middle school next year.”

The boys were in the midst of a kick fight, trying to playfully knock each other off of the jungle gym into the lava. Samantha’s brother was winning against the other two, largely due to the several years he had on them.

“At least it’s better than my big sister.” Hayley replied to Samantha, “Mom put her in charge all summer so she’s all bossy now.”

“Is she super mean?” Samantha asked,

“Well, no,” Hayley considered, as her sister’s nicer attitude from that morning replayed through her mind, “but she’s still bossy.”

Samantha nodded in understanding as a thud made them both spin their heads. The younger of the three boys was on the ground crying and Samantha’s brother had jumped down next to him.

“You okay?” He asked worried, “I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

“I’m okay,” The boy choked out, obviously more embarrassed about his tears than the injury.

“Let’s play something else.” Samantha suggested and the boys nodded with approval.

The group decided on hide and seek, with the jungle gym as ‘safe’ and the oldest boy to be it first, since he probably wouldn’t get tagged again. Samantha grabbed Hayley’s hand and dragged her across the playset as her brother started counting. They’d crawled into barely noticeable alcove under the playset, and crouched down to bide their time.

“Hey’ll probably go after the boys first,” Samantha suggested, “Then we can get to safe.”

The anticipation was exciting, but suddenly Hayley realized that this position was comfortable enough for her bowels to release. She gulped quietly to herself as she felt the poop sliding out into her diaper, a little angry with herself that she hadn’t gotten any warning at all. She sniffed the air, trying to do so quietly and found that the scent was already present.

“Did you fart?” Samantha asked, giggling,

“Uh, yeah,” Hayley replied, trying to keep from exhaling too quickly as she finished pushing the load into the diaper.

Suddenly, Samantha’s brother had seen one of the other two boys and was off. Samantha and Hayley darted out from the alcove, calling ‘safe’ just as Samantha’s brother had turned around and seen them. He immediately continued the pursuit of the other boy, blocking his access to the safe zone. Hayley watched the two run back and forth as she shifted uncomfortably, waiting at the safe point with Samantha. She smell the odor building again now that she was standing in place…

Hayley could also feel the load more noticeably now. It was different than doing it in panties. Panties made it kind of stick to you, this was more like having a poop pocket attached to your butt.

“Umm, I gotta go to the bathroom,” Hayley said, trying to excuse herself.

“I gotta go too.” Samantha said nodding, “The bathroom’s over there, Let’s go.”

“Well, I,” Hayley stammered, looking over to where her sister was peacefully reading a novel.

“Umm, I gotta tell my sister.” Hayley said.

“Oh, okay, I’ll go with you.” Samantha replied cheerily.

Hayley wandered towards her sister, Samantha in close proximity, hoping to god the walk would give her some idea of how to get out of this. Too quickly she reached Karen.

“Who’s this?” Karen asked looking up from her book.

“She’s Samantha. I gotta go to the bathroom.” Hayley said, shooting her sister a pleading look. To her immense relief Karen put her book in the backpack.

“I guess I’ll go too.” The three wandered over to the restrooms. The public restrooms were of a grimy and ill-kept sort. Doors were apparently a luxury. Karen walked to the back stall and was glad to see they at least had disposable toilet seat covers. She sat down to do her business as she heard the toilet flush.

“See you out there Hayley!” Samantha called as she took off.

“Okay, hurry.” Hayley said, running into Karen’s stall. Karen glared as she finished peeing.

“Geeze, let me finish in peace, alright.” Karen said, wiping herself, “Did you poop?”

Hayley nodded.

“See, that would have been way more embarrassing if you’d been in panties, right?”

Hayley nodded, more than a little annoyed. She wanted to said she wouldn’t have pooped if she’d been wearing panties, but this had been one of the sneaky ones she hadn’t even felt coming. She’d have definitely pooped her panties. Stupid poop.

Karen got out her backpack and had Hayley hold her dress up above her waist. She tore the tapes of the diaper, pulling the poopy diaper out carefully from between her legs and walking back into the stall to dump the load in the toilet before tossing the used diaper in the trash.

Hayley was incredibly uncomfortable being naked from the waist down with a poopy butt in a restroom of questionable upkeep. She’d been glad Karen had changed her outside of the stall because those were even grimier, but she was also worried someone was going to walk in any second- even if the park wasn’t that busy.

Karen was back quickly though and began the tedious work of cleaning a full load off her sister’s behind. She was three wipes in and almost done when the call came.

“Hayley, where are yo…” The voice asked, but was immediately cut off as Samantha rounded the entrance. She was greeted by the sight of her new friend getting her butt wiped by her older sister. Simultaneously, Samantha and Hayley’s eyes shot down to the backpack and Hayley groaned inwardly as the diaper was visible inside.

“Oh,” Samantha added, flabbergasted.

Hayley felt tears forming as Karen gingerly finished cleaning her. Karen was grimacing in pain for her sister, she knew how embarrassing this must be. She really hadn’t expected to end up like this, she’d covered for the kid as much as she could. At this point all Karen could do was finish her job.

“Why do you wear diapers?” Samantha asked hesitantly.

“She makes me.” Hayley said pissed, fighting off her tears and looking down at Karen.

“That’s mean.” Samantha said firmly, trying not to be intimidated by denouncing someone who was obviously older than even her brother.

“Whoah kid, calm down.” Karen said, as she pulled the fresh diaper up between Hayley’s legs. “She has accidents sometimes, it’s just easier this way.”

“You still have accidents?” Samantha asked in disbelief.

Hayley just nodded, downcast. Samantha immediately realized her mistake. She desperately wanted to make friends with this girl, since as far she knew she was the only girl her age in the neighborhood. Even if she wore diapers, she wanted someone to play with this summer besides her brother.

“Well, I mean, everyone has accidents, right?” Samantha said, half-heartedly. She pondered wetting herself in kindgarten, but that had been three years ago. There was no way that could happen now. Hayley looked younger than her, but it couldn’t be by much.

“You still want to play with me?” Hayley asked tentatively as Karen finished taping up the diaper and helped her step back into the panties she was wearing over the diaper.

“Sure, I mean, diapers aren’t a big deal.” Samantha replied, “Bet it’s cool not to have to go to the bathroom here right?”

“Yeah, it does look kind of icky.” Hayley agreed. “Don’t tell anyone, okay.”

“Sure, the boys would be mean about it all day. It’s a secret.” Samantha agreed.

Karen patted Hayley on the butt, and Hayley shot her a dark look, but got the hint and headed back out to play with Samantha. Karen headed back to the bench pleasantly surprised by how well that had gone.

She’d been quite worried earlier that she was going to have to a spend a lot of the summer entertaining her sister since Hayley wasn’t going to have friends around when they might find out she was wearing diapers. Now, she had at least one friend that didn’t care.

Karen watched the five kids play for another couple of hours until she decided she wanted to get going. It wasn’t that late, but she’d already read ten chapters of her book, and this was a bit boring. Really, she wanted to join in, but it would look ridiculous if some adult walked by and saw her playing with kids when she was already in high school, and a sophomore next year too.

“Hayley, can we get going?” Karen called, walking over to the playset.

“I wanna stay longer,” Hayley whined.

“Come on’, we can come back tomorrow?” Karen bartered hopefully.

“We can?!” Hayley replied excitedly,

“If we go for today.” Karen added, Hayley scowled but nodded, “See you tomorrow?”

“Sure!” Samantha said happily.

The two sister strode across the park the playset falling behind them.

“You wet?” Karen asked causally

“Yeah,” Hayley asked.

“Diapers aren’t so bad, right?” Karen added

“Are you kidding?” Hayley asked indignantly, “That was the most embarrassing thing ever! Samantha saw me getting poop cleaned off my butt! I thought she wasn’t even going to talk to me anymore.”

“Sorry, but what did you want me to do?” Karen replied

“Nothing.” Hayley replied sulkily.

“It’ll be fine.” Karen said happily. The summer was looking to be pretty good. Well, at least, everything hadn’t gone wrong the first day anyway.

No idea if I’ll continue this, it was just something I was playing around with.


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I liked it, i think you should continue

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Great story!! Please continue

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how did he? it was different if you actually read them

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This was….somewhat suprisingly…great! Please continue. This chapter was very well written.

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Well, it was good. Dialogues were well built and the situations were psycologically correct, so to make the whole thing plausible.
I hope you still have some more to add.

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He has fixed it and neglected to say so.

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I would love to see this continue. What would have made it better would be starting it off with the trauma of dad dying and then her body dealing with it by having accidents and move the chapters along till you get to this point. The age of the characters is great with older teen sister and 7 year old little sister. Dont think I have read something similar and I like the fact the sister is nice about the whole thing, so many mean sibling stories.

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Nicely written short story.