Hatake Hanku - Diapered Ninja Prologue

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Prologue – Arrival

As Sauske prepares to shove his chidori through my chest I can’t help but remember how I came to be in this world and my life before it, I was a nobody a loser who everyone hated. But than I came here and slowly it changed I am a ninja of konoha and I proudly die to give my comrades time to escape, I may not be as strong as Naruto but I am still willing to place my life on the line.

I would have been able to beat him to if it wasn’t for that dammed curse seal, but it as if fate itself is against me…if only I could try again, try and keep all this from happening but I know it can not be. As my father used to say to me this is the way it was meant to be, the raikiri in my hand dies down and the sharingan in my eyes fades away I do not have the chakra left to maintain them. I prepare for it this is the end, everything I know now is an honor a boy like me should never have received but I am happy all the same for all the good I did…Kakashi’s sharingan no longer causes him pain, Lee can use chakra, the Hyuuga are starting to get along, and Naruto and the Kyuubi have become friends…I will die with no regrets.


“Good Bye Fool,” says Sauske as he pulls his arm out of me…

Hanku woke up his chest heaving; he had been having that exact dream for the last month every single night. It made no sense since he didn’t have the sharingan and niisan refused to teach him even chidori, Hanku sighed and he threw the covers off himself and lifted himself into a sitting position, unbuttoning his onsie he lifted it off and looked down at his heavy urine filled nighttime diaper.

Hanku sighed he was getting used to waking up like this but it still annoyed him, his medical problem may force him to wear diapers but he would still become a great ninja like his niisan. Hatake Hanku climbed out of bed and walked over to his closet; opening it he grabbed a new diaper, baby powder, oil, and the changing mat.

He wandered back to beside his bed and spread the changing mat out on top of it, lying down on the changing pad he ripped the sides of his diaper open and tossed it into the pail beside his bed. Grabbing a few wipes he cleaned himself off and unfolded the new diaper, lifting up he pushed the cloth diaper under himself and sat back down on it. He than unscrewed the lid of the oil and spread a little over his backside, than he powdered himself and rubbed it in.

Finally he lifted the sides of the diaper around his waist and sealed them together with chakra and stood up, checking to make sure his diaper was snug he walked over to his closet and began to get dressed. Today was the final exam at the academy and he wanted to look like a ninja, so he grabbed a pair of black combat pants and boots, a black mask, a black top, his long black cloak and his empty weapon pouch.

Once dressed he began to fill his weapon pouch, directly into it he placed ten kunai, ten shurikan, a pack of smoke bombs, a pack of soldier pills, ten senbon, and twenty exploding notes. He also placed two combat scrolls into the pouch, he liked his combat scrolls cause they were filled with the exact things he packed his pouch with incase he ran out.

He also grabbed a changing scroll that was filled with cloth diapers, a bottle of power, a can of oil, and wipes and put it in the pouch. Smiling he grabbed the chakra fang off the shelf and clipped it onto his pants, Kakashi-niisan had reformed the chakra fang and given it to him as a birthday present a month ago. He had already mastered a few techniques and was slowly mastering the kenjutsu style that was used with the fang, smiling Naruto turned and walked out of his room.


“Today you will all be sorted into teams of three,” says Iruka looking out at the class.

Everyone in the class leaned forward in suspense as Iruka talked about why they would be sorted into teams an how it had been done, Hanku looked around the class and saw Sauske leaning his head on his hands looking board, Sakura staring at him with hearts in her eyes, Naruto simmering beside Sakura after being attacked.

“Team 7…Naruto Uzumaki”

Naruto leans forward begging in his mind that Sakura would be in his group as well, Sakura was begging she would be with Sauske.

“Hanku Hatake…Sauske Uchiha, your jounin sensei is Hatake Kakashi,” finish Iruka

Three Hours Later…

“How come our sensei isn’t here yet, he’s your brother Hanku do you know why?” questions Naruto

“Kakashi-niisan is always three hours late to everything,” says Hanku with a shrug as he continues to walk along the roof using chakra.

“Why are you doing that Hanku?” questions Naruto confused

“It’s a style of chakra control training, it increases your chakra reserves and fine tunes control,” explains Hanku.

That seems to answer Naruto’s question and Hanku looks at Sauske, who was sitting in his seat not bothering to do anything. Sighing Hanku looked at Naruto again and his eyes widened as he saw him stick a chalk eraser in the door, shacking his head Hanku sighed an emo brat and a prankster just how much worse could it have been.

Hanku looked down towards the door as he felt his niisan’s chakra signature appear by the door, slowly it began to open and Kakashi stuck his head in the door. The eraser fell down and Kakashi caught it in his hand muttered a quick “Who could have left this here,” and placed it down on the chalkboard. He turned and looked at the three genin in the room, his eye suddenly turned into an upside down U and he spoke.

“My first impression…is I hate you,” says Kakashi before turning around and starting to walk up to the roof.

“Meet me on the roof,” says Kakashi walking up the stairs.

Hanku lets himself fall form the ceiling and land on the ground standing and wandering out the door, smiling under his mask he knew his niisan was enjoying this. He was first onto the roof and sat down on the railing, wincing as he felt a mess he hadn’t known was there spread around his buttocks inside his diaper.

Seconds later Naruto and Sauske walked up onto the roof and moved to sit on the railing, Hanku noticed Naruto sat right beside him and Sauske sat as far away from him as he could. Kakashi looked at each of them and suggested they introduce themselves, Hanku decided he would start it off.

“My name is Hatake Hanku, I like my niisan, kenjutsu, learning jutsu, and my mask, I dislike people who judge others without knowing them, people who look down on others cause of problems they may have, and people who try to remove my mask…my hobbies are kenjutsu training and chakra control training…my dreams for the future are to become as great a ninja as my niisan,” says Hanku in a clear voice.

“Yosh, my name is Naruto Uzumaki, what I like is cup ramen, what I like even more is when Iruka-sensei pays for my ramen, I dislike waiting for ramen to cook, and my dream…IS TO BECOME THE GREATEST HOKAGE,” says Naruto in a loud exited voice.

“My name is Sauske Uchiha, I don’t really like anything, I dislike a lot of things, and my dream…is more of an ambition, I want to resurrect my clan…and kill a certain someone,” mutters Sauske quietly.

Hanku stops paying attention as he finishes listening to his teammates talk, finally once Kakashi is done explaining about the survival test he hands the three of them some papers and disappears in a swirl of leaves. Hanku stands and turns to look at his two teammates Sauske had already jumped off the roof and was walking away, Hanku sighed and looked at Naruto asking if he wanted to go do a little training.

Naruto nods and stands with an exited look on his face, Hanku smiles he knew nothing of Naruto’s fighting style it would be interesting to train with him…

Training Field 24

“I’ve never seen this training field before,” says Naruto looking around in awe.

“That’s cause this is the Hayate personal training field, but I figured since we’re teammates you can train here to,” says Hanku his eyes becoming upside down U’s.

Naruto wanders around for a few minutes before deciding it was time for training, Hanku suggested that they start with some basic taijutsu training against dummies so they can get a view of each other’s styles. Naruto nods and runs for a training dummy starting to pummel it with hit’s from his fists, Hanku’s eyes widen as he observes Naruto’s style…all he was doing was throwing punches…like he had no idea what a taijutsu style even was.

Naruto stopped and stepped back, Hanku looked at him and asked him what his taijutsu style was called. Naruto looked confused for a minute and than asked him what a taijutsu style was, Hanku frowned and asked him if the teachers had ever taught him basic taijutsu. Naruto nods and drops to the ground starting to do pushups, Hanku’s eyes widen.

“Naruto, is that what they told you taijutsu training was?” questions Hanku

“Yep,” nods Naruto with a proud grin.

Hanku frowns and tells Naruto they have a lot to work on but that he needed to go change first, Naruto’s eyes widen but he nods and Hanku wanders over to the small hut near the edge of the training area. Kakashi-niisan had set this up so he could change his diaper here instead of having to go home than come back, Hanku jumps up onto the pad covered changing table and runs a hand over the seems of his cloth diaper pulling the chakra out of it.

His diaper falls open and he starts cleaning himself off, once he was cleaned he pulled the diaper out from under him and dumped it in a pail beside the table. He than grabbed one of his thicker cloth diapers that he used for training and pushed it under himself as he lifted his body up, he than oiled his buttocks and spread powder over his diaper area.

Than he lifted the diaper together and sealed it again with chakra, smiling he jumped off the table and pulled his pants back on it felt good to be clean…

Two hours later…

Naruto spun around and blocked a spinning kick from Hanku and than jumped backwards and performed a handseal summoning fifty shadow clones, Hanku spun and proceeded to destroy the clones one after another. Hanku jumped back and prepared to do a jutsu only to suddenly be tackled to the ground by a smug looking Naruto, Hanku smiled under his mask and his eye’s turned into upside down U’s.

“Good job Naruto, in only two hours you’ve learned the basics of the Goken style, but if you could please get off my wet diaper is uncomfortable with you on me,” says Hanku.

Naruto stood up with a sheepish look on his face and helped Hanku to his feet; Hanku smiled and thanked him saying that they could probably go home now. Naruto nodded and they proceeded to walk home together, Hanku couldn’t help but notice how Naruto kept glancing down at his pants like he was expecting to see a wet spot or something.

Hanku had told everyone at the academy that he was required to wear diapers and Naruto seemed to be the only person who didn’t really care, other than Shikamaru. Hanku and Naruto reached a fork in the road and Hanku turned to go home only to find Naruto following him, he stopped and asked why.

“I’ve never seen your house, and I’d like to,” says Naruto with a grin.

Hanku nods and they soon find themselves walking through the door into the house; Naruto wanders around as Hanku excuses himself to his room. Naruto waits in the leaving room and turns when he hears a sound in the hallway, his eyes widen as he sees Hanku standing in the hall wearing nothing but a black t-shirt and a fresh white cloth diaper.

“Umm Hanku, you aren’t wearing pants,” observes Naruto.

“Yah I never do at home, it’s more comfortable like this,” says Hanku.

“Really?” questions Naruto

“Yep,” answers Hanku with a smile.

“So what’s it like to wear them!” blurts out Naruto before turning red and bolting from the house.

Hanku stares after him eyes wide no one had ever asked him that before not even niisan, shacking his head Hanku turns and heads to bed it was going to be a long day tomorrow.

Hatake Hanku - Diapered Ninja Prologue

It is a well written story, though it is a little confusing in the second section. I believe you might have gotten Hanku and Naruto mixed up.

Hatake Hanku - Diapered Ninja Prologue

very good keep it going

Hatake Hanku - Diapered Ninja Prologue

when is the next one :frowning:

Hatake Hanku - Diapered Ninja Prologue

Awesome! you misspelled a few things but keep it going. A4 you migh be able to tell from my screenname i’m a Naruto-fan.