Has blizzard gone insane?


Lets take away one of the key features that made Starcraft so unbelievably popular, LAN parties.

I would go so far as to say this is about as bad as it would be if they replaced one of the three races with a different one.

Has blizzard gone insane?

I guess it’s a pain, but with the proliferation of household wireless networks, having everyone get together in the same room to play online is not unfeasible. Not sure what the bandwith drain would be like, but I feel that it’s something that Blizzard would plan for. This is not a company that’s known for letting its customers down.

Has blizzard gone insane?

Most of the time during lan the bandwidth isn’t drained that much, only when transferring over an “enterprise” connection, over lan you are considered “AD HOC”

but blizzard is jerking around, my dealings with them for WoW have not been truly pleasant at times, but they did remedy the situation that I was having. It was an in game bug issue years ago.

I cannot figure out why you cannot do LAN, I went to a lan party back in April and we played Star Craft (classic) it was fun.

I am assuming they are doing this because it will be a way to profit. I know battle.net is free, but Blizzard does sponsor their own parties.