Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas

NOTE: This story is 20 pages long in Microsoft Word. It is a regression story.
Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas
December 2010
By Teekabell

Chapter 1

Harry rolled his eyes at his mother when she told him to be a good boy at school today, or Santa wouldn’t bring him presents. At twelve, he knew his parents got the presents. He liked getting presents at Christmas, but felt his mom got carried away a bit at Christmas pretending about the existence of Santa. She would massively decorate the house inside and out. But on the twelfth day she would start making a big deal out of everything. On the Twelfth day, Harry’s mom would get out the countdown calendar, play The Twelve Days of Christmas, and start putting presents under the tree. Over the days leading up to Christmas, she would make Christmas treats, finish the decorating, and take Harry to go see Santa. Presents would start to collect under the tree.

On the way out the door to get on the school bus, he was reminded to take the first piece of chocolate out of the countdown calendar and put it in his lunch for dessert. He was tempted to tell his mom he didn’t want to do the calendar this year, but his mom had always said that if you stopped believing in Santa, he would stop getting presents from Santa. Although he knew he would still get presents from people, the best presents were always labeled as coming from Santa. He took a chocolate kiss out of day 12, and headed out to the school bus for another annoying day of seventh grade.

When Harry got home from school, the house was in full Christmas mode. It looked like Mom had put up more Christmas stuff this year than last. Everything was decorated throughout the house, except for the tree. That was always a family affair. Under the tree was one present. It was a small rectangular shaped box wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper obviously for a baby. Harry didn’t know any babies, so the gift was a puzzle. To add to the mystery, there was no name on the present. He asked his mom who it was for, but she only said it was for a special little kid. Leaving Mom to putting Christmas candles around the house, he went up to his room to play before he was made to do his homework.

After Dinner, Dad got the boxes of ornaments and the three of them went about decorating the tree. No matter how silly Harry thought Mom was about Christmas, he still loved decorating the tree. The Christmas music was playing and the three of them would remember old times with different ornaments.

“When are we buying this year’s ornament Mom?”

“I thought we might do it Wednesday after school with 10 days till Christmas, and our trip to see Santa will be Saturday so Dad can be there too.”

“Oh Mom, I am not a little 7 year old. I don’t need to go see Santa. I will look silly sitting on his lap at my age.”

“Well, Harry, let’s wait till Saturday before you make up your mind.”

Mom quickly changed the topic to when Dad would finish setting up the lights outside the house. Dad grumbled about doing it so close to Christmas and he would only have to take them down again so soon, but Mom won and he would start work on them tomorrow when he got home from work. Dad always put up the lights trimming the house the weekend after Thanksgiving, but stuff like a lighted Snowman and animated characters always waited till somewhere in the 12 days of Christmas countdown. Dad grumbled every year wanting to put them up that weekend after Thanksgiving, but Mom always won.

The next morning after Breakfast Harry took a chocolate snowman out of Day 11 of the countdown calendar and put it with his lunch in his backpack. On the way out the door to another day of 6th grade, he smiled at the tree in the living room and looked curiously down at the one present under it, the baby gift. Hearing the bus, he quickly ran out the door and down the street. Harry didn’t want to miss the bus, he had heard that the Principal at the Middle School always wore silly outfits the last 4 days before Christmas Break, he really wanted to see what she was going to be wearing, or if the older kids were just playing jokes on the 6th graders.

Harry reached the bus just as it was starting to close the doors. He sat down and looked out the window, watching the Elementary aged kids starting to collect for their bus which came about five minutes after the Middle School bus. Smiling down at the little kids as the bus pulled away, Harry heard discussions of Santa, presents, and the Elementary Christmas Program.

When Harry got home that afternoon, he immediately went to find Mom to tell her all about the Principal. He was dressed as an elf all day, and ate lunch in the cafeteria with the Grade Level reps for each grade. Mom sat him down for Christmas cookies, while he continued to tell her with abundant glee all about his day. Once the cookies were gone, Harry headed up to his room to play before having to do his homework. On the way, he stopped by the tree and saw that there were now two gifts under the tree; the baby gift and one wrapped in snowman wrapping paper. That new gift, had his name on it. As he was reaching out to pick it up, Mom stopped him and told him to leave the gift alone. Reluctantly, he left the tree and headed toward his room. Before leaving the living room however, he turned around and looked at the two gifts one more time. Although he started by looking at his gift, his focus wondered over to the baby gift. He so wanted to know what was inside and who it was for.

After doing his homework, Harry got to go help Dad set up the outside light sets. This was his second year of being able to help Dad with the outside lights. Dad had always said that only people with double digit ages can help set up outside lights. They started with a snowman, then put some lighted gift boxes, and lined the driveway with candy canes. Dad cringed at what was next, but it was Harry’s favorite and the one that caused Mom to win the argument every year for waiting till this time each year to set it up – Santa Clause in his sleigh with reindeer pulling it. It took a while, but eventually Santa was in the front yard, with his sleigh taking off.

Harry got to go out and look at all the lights lit up on the house before being sent up to bed. Coming back in, he had a huge smile on his face.

“We did that Daddy,” Harry said giving dad a big hug and then running to his room.

******************************************* Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas
December 2010
By Teekabell

Chapter 2

The next morning Harry jumped out of bed with almost as much excitement as Christmas Day. “Mom, today’s the day. It’s today Mom. Today’s the Christmas Program.”

“Yes Harry,” Mom replied. “You have been in many Christmas Programs Harry.”

“Yeah, but as a 5th grader, we are on stage for the whole program, helping with the little kids. Our class was also chosen as the class to do the opening and closing songs.”

Harry was dressed and down to breakfast with no prompting from Mom or Dad. When he saw that breakfast wasn’t ready, he went into the living room and sat down in front of the tree looking at the lights, decorations, and the two presents under the tree. He initially picked up the present with his name and shook it, but couldn’t figure out what it was. He then looked at the baby gift. He reached out and touched it, with the care that someone approaches a stove burner that might be hot. Backing off, he sat down and just stared at it till he was called to breakfast.

Taking a bell shaped chocolate out of number 10 on the countdown calendar, Harry’s face lit up with glee.

“Cool Dad. See, I am 10 and there are 10 days left till Christmas.”

“That is neat Harry,” Dad commented has he continued to get ready for work. “But you better get going or you will miss the bus.”

Harry quickly headed out the door and down the street to the bus stop. He got there just as the Middle School bus was pulling away. He looked up at the big kids on the bus, wondering what it will be like to go to Middle School.

“Harry . . . Harry . . . Harry . . . Earth to Harry.”

“What . . . Oh . . . hi Jenifer.”

“Harry, what you thinking about? Worried about the Christmas Program?”

“No, I was just thinking something was wrong,” Harry looked at the Middle School bus down the street. “Shouldn’t I be on that bus?”

“Yeah, in your dreams silly,” Jenifer said with a smirk on her face. “I know you can’t wait to grow up Harry, but I am glad we are still in Elementary School. Middle School kind of scares me. Anyways it is much more fun being a 10 year old at Christmas than a big Middle Schooler. We get cool toys to play with, they get yucky stuff like books, clothes, and perfume. My older sister got nothing fun for Christmas last year.”

“I guess you’re right,” Harry said still looking at the Middle School bus as it turned the corner down the street. “I really want some Lego models for Christmas to play with, but as a Middle Schooler I guess I wouldn’t get fun stuff like that.”

Harry and Jenifer talked about what they wanted for Christmas and their family traditions around Christmas. As the Elementary School bus pulled up, Lenny joined them and he changed the topic to the Christmas Program that afternoon.

On the drive home from school that afternoon, Harry couldn’t stop talking about how much fun it was to be a 5th grader in the Christmas Program. He would ask her if she saw different things, or tell her about something silly that happened on stage with one of the little kids. Instead of going straight home, they went to the Hallmark store to pick out a Christmas Orniment.

Harry loved the Christmas Ornament shopping trip each year. It was always just him and Mom remembering things that happened that year and trying to find the right ornament to represent the year.

“What about this one Harry?” Mom asked showing him one of with three kids next to each other, a baby, a little kid and a bigger kid.

“That would be silly Mom, I am an only child.”

“It could represent you growing up and no longer being my baby.”

“You’re silly Mommy,” Harry said as he continued to look through the ornaments.

They spent at least a half an hour going through ornaments and remembering the year. The final choice was a little boy singing, to represent Harry in the Christmas Program.

When they got home, Harry immediately went and hung the ornament in a prominent spot on the tree. He then just sat down in front of the tree and looked at it. There were three presents under the tree now. Harry crawled up to the third one, noticing it was for Mommy from Daddy. While down on his hands and knees, he positioned himself directly over the baby gift and sniffed it. It didn’t smell like a baby. Harry wasn’t quite sure what a baby stuff smelled like, but this just smelled like the other wrapped presents. He sat back down and looked at the presents. He kept looking at the baby gift, wondering what it could be and who it was for.

After being read a Christmas story and tucked into bed, Mommy gave Harry and his Teddy a kiss goodnight.


“What sweetheart?”

Harry wanted to ask about the baby gift. He wanted to know who it was for and what was inside it. He wanted to ask Mom all about it, but he was a big 10 year old. Even if Mommy was crazy about Christmas and Christmas Magic, he knew there was no such thing as Santa Claus. He was a big kid who should not be interested in baby stuff, so he just hugged his Teddy.

“Teddy wanted to say Nighty Night,” Harry said holding his Teddy up to Mommy, with his mind full of questions he knew he couldn’t ask.

Mommy came back and gave both Teddy and Harry another kiss and hug.

“Nighty Night you two.”

Harry drifted off to sleep thinking about the baby gift.

The next morning Harry was woken up by his Mom.

“You and Teddy sleep well sweety?”

Harry stretched and gave out a big yawn, “uhhhh, huuuuhhhh.”

“That’s good,” Mommy said as she grabbed a tub out of Harry’s top dresser drawer and headed over to his bed. “Let’s get you out of your night time diaper and ready for your 4th grade Christmas Party.”

While Mommy took Harry’s wet diaper off and wiped him clean, Harry asked her about the cookies she had made for the party.

“There are snowmen, stars, bells, and reindeer all frosted and ready to eat.”

“Yummy, yum yum,” Harry exclaimed as he took his underwear and went to get some pants to wear.

The morning progressed as usual with Mom making breakfast and Harry waiting for it watching the tree and the presents under it. There were now four presents under the tree. The new present was for Daddy from Mommy. There was one present for Mommy, Daddy, and Harry. Then there was that Baby gift. Harry examined his present for a minute or two, but his focus drifted to the Baby gift. The examination of the baby gift was interrupted by Mommy calling him to Breakfast.

Getting ready to go out to the bus for school, Harry took the next chocolate out of the Countdown calendar, before grabbing the container of cookies for the party.

“Look Mommy,” Harry gleefully said pointing at the nine, where he just got the chocolate Santa from. “It is nine days till Christmas and I am nine years old. Neat-oooooooo”

“Be a good boy at school today, you want Santa to see you being good so he brings you lots of presents.”

“I will Mommy. He won’t catch me being bad,” Harry hugged his Mommy and headed for the bus.

After school Harry played with his Space Battle Cruiser in the living room, so he could keep an eye on the gifts. He protected them from several attacks by Lego men, gigantic octopuses, and the infamous Mr. Potato Head. Extra effort was put on by the Space Battle Cruiser to protect the baby gift and Harry’s gift. Although Dad’s gift was safe in the end, there was a time that the Lego men made a base of it. They were successful there, till Mom came in and insisted that the battle move away from the tree.

That night when Mommy was putting Harry’s night time diaper on Harry asked, “Mommy, who is the baby gift for?”

“The baby gift?” she asked as she lifted up his legs to put the diaper underneath.

“The gift under the tree with the baby wrapping paper, what baby is getting it?”

“Oh,” Mommy said with a big smile. “The first gift of Christmas. It is for a very special little boy. The first Christmas gift has Christmas magic in it.”

“But who is it for Mommy?”

“You’ll see sweety, you’ll see.”

Harry could not keep his thoughts off the gift as he was read his bed-time story that night. Once Mommy left, Harry asked Teddy if he had any idea who the present was for, but Teddy didn’t answer and just tried to fall asleep.

******************************************* Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas
December 2010
By Teekabell

Chapter 3

“Time to wake up Harry,” Mommy said coming into Harry’s room. “Today is your last day of school this year. So it is time for all the little 8 year olds to get up.”

“Ow Mommy, do I have to go to school today. It is only a half day,” Harry yawned, held tight onto Teddy, and rolled over away from Mommy.

“Tomorrow is your first day of vacation, then you can sleep in as long as you like, but right now you need to get up and dressed for school.”

Mommy went about getting the baby wipes, underwear, socks, pants, and a shirt for Harry to wear. She usually left the choice of what to wear up to Harry, but on days like this, it was just easier to dress him. Many times when Harry resisted getting up and going in the morning, she considered sending him to school still dressed in his pajamas and night-time diaper, but she knew she couldn’t really do that. Although threatening it was usually a good way to get him moving in the morning, it was never anything more than a threat.

“Up and Adam.”

“Mom-mmmmmyyyyyyy” Harry complained when the sheets were pulled down.

With an experienced hand, Mommy quickly had Harry out of his night-time diaper and dressed for the day. Taking his hand, she brought him to the living room where he sat on the couch with his Teddy till Breakfast was ready.

Looking around, Harry found 5 gifts under the tree. Although curious about who the new one was for, he was too tired to get up and look. He sat there looking at all the presents, but focused on the baby gift. He thought about how he could find out what was inside. He wondered if he could unwrap and then rewrap the present when Mommy wasn’t looking.

“Morning Sport,” Dad said as he walked by. “Hope Teddy isn’t talking you into going back to sleep.”

“Hi Daddy.”

In no time at all, all three were sitting down to scrambled eggs for breakfast. Afterwards, Harry took the next chocolate out of day eight on the countdown calendar and put it with his lunch for school. Mom kissed him goodbye and stood in the doorway as she watched him walk down to the bus stop. She only stopped watching when she saw that Jenifer and Lenny were there, they were big 5th graders who would make sure the little kids were safe.

Harry got to come home after lunch today, being the last day before Christmas Break. His backpack was bursting at the seams with various art projects he had made over the last month. Mom quickly took some of them and used them to help decorate the house, with Harry giving advice on exactly where they should go. That afternoon it was slightly snowing, and Harry enjoyed playing outside in the snow. When he came in from the snow, he had some warm apple cider waiting for him.

Once warmed up, Harry explored the presents under the tree. There were 5 just like this morning. The 5th present had Harry’s name on it from Grandma. It was wrapped in reindeer wrapping paper, and was really light. Harry guessed a sweater, since Grandma often gave him sweaters. A boring present, but that baby gift was much more interesting. He carefully looked at how it was taped shut. Could he unwrap it and rewrap it without Mommy finding out?

“Do you want to watch a Christmas video Harry?” Mom asked walking into the room.

“Frosty?” Harry shouted as he jumped on to his feet.

“Okay, Frosty The Snowman it is.”

Harry ran to get a snowman stuffed animal that was in the hallway guarding the front door. He quickly returned and plopped himself down in front of the TV. Harry enjoyed watching and singing along to the show. Afterwards, he made Christmas Cookies with Mommy.

That night Harry wrote his letter to Santa, so he would have it to give to him the next day when he visited. Dad offered to help, but Harry insisted he was a big boy and didn’t need any help. When the letter was finished, Mommy put Harry’s night-time diaper on and tucked him into bed.

“Nighty-Night Harry, tomorrows a big day,” Mommy said kissing him on his forehead. “You will get to deliver your letter in person to Santa.”

“I can’t wait Mommy. Are you sure he is going to be there?”

“I’m sure he will be there. Now you and Teddy get some sleep so you’re all ready for tomorrow.”

Harry was awoken the next morning by Christmas music playing. He lay in bed for a while hugging Teddy before getting up and going into the living room. Before sitting down to watch cartoons, he checked the presents under the tree and noticed another present with his name on it. Six presents under the tree and three of them were his.

“Morning sweety,” Mom said coming into the living room and ruffling Harry’s hair. “How about some pancakes for breakfast?”

“Snowman Pancakes?”

“Okay sweety, if you want.”

While Mommy made breakfast, Harry enjoyed the Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Harry knew today was extra special. He got to visit Santa today. It was also the big test, he would find out if Santa thought he was good or bad this year. He really hoped that he was on the Good Kid list, but Harry thought of several ways he got in trouble this year and wondered if that would put him on the Naughty List. Hugging Teddy tight, Harry contemplated his fate if Santa thought he was naughty. Would the only presents he got this year be the three currently under the tree. Would Mommy and Daddy take those away if they found out Santa had him on the Naughty List. What was enough to put him on the Naughty List? When he wouldn’t clean his room when Mommy or Daddy told him too, or what about that time he got spanked for kicking that other kid. How about his bedwetting, did Santa view that as naughty for a 7 year old? Oh no, what about what he did to Santa last year when he visited Santa? Yeah he got presents last Christmas, but maybe once Santa had time to think about it he decided that was just too naughty and he belonged on the naughty list forever. Harry sat looking at the baby gift hugging Teddy really tight.

“Harry,” Mommy called. “I have a snowman here ready for a little boy to eat all up.”

After breakfast, Harry and Mommy went upstairs to get him dressed for the day. Harry sat on his bed with Teddy while Mommy picked the perfect outfit for him to wear for Santa pictures. She decided on a Turtleneck, a red and green sweater, and brown pants. She then got the changing supplies and headed over to the bed. Quickly Harry was out of his wet night-time diaper and wiped down, before proceeding, she paused and looked down at her little boy laying there hugging his teddy bear.

“Harry,” Mommy questioned looking down at the underwear in her hand. “Do you think maybe you should wear a Pull-Up today when we go to visit Santa?”

“Mommy, I am a big boy, not a baby,” Harry said thinking about the proposal and wondering if maybe she was right.

“Are you sure sweety? We are going out to see Santa Claus today, and . . .”

“But that was last year Mommy,” Harry interrupted. “That was when I was a little 6 year old. I am a big 7 year old now. I am not going to pee my pants on his lap again. Big 7 year olds don’t do that, only little kids do.”

“Okay, underwear it is, but be very careful. We don’t want Santa to get a wet lap again this year,” Mom went with Harry’s decision, but thought about the trip down to Grandma’s House on Thanksgiving where they were all very thankful that Harry had Pull-Ups on for the trip.

It took Dad a while to get up, dressed, and ready to go, but Harry really didn’t mind. It gave him the chance to watch his favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons. Harry also spent more time watching over the mystery baby gift. He tried to figure out a way to open it and find out what was inside.

Harry got to take the next chocolate out of day seven on the Countdown calendar. Before getting his coat on to go, Mom insisted that Harry go potty before they left for Santa.

Santa visits included a trip to a toy store to buy a gift for Toys-For-Tots, visit with Santa, and either lunch or dinner depending on the day. The stop at the toy store put Harry in charge. He was the one responsible for picking out the perfect gift for a kid his age. The guidance was that it had to be the perfect gift for a kid who may only get one gift for Christmas. This year, Harry picked a 400 piece Lego set. It looked hard, but a really fun toy to play with. Before getting in line for Santa, Mommy brought Harry to the bathroom again. She didn’t want a repeat of last year.

While waiting in line, Harry could barely stand still. He would watch the animated Christmas displays and go back and forth between Mom and Dad’s hands. It took 20 minutes to get to the front of the line. During that time Harry was deep in thought as to whether he was on the Naughty or Nice list. One other thought continually drifted into his head, the mystery gift under the tree. He contemplated how he could open it up and see what was inside. He also wondered what Santa would say about him opening the present. It didn’t have his name on it, it didn’t have any ones name on it. Would he end up on the Naughty list if he opened the present?

Harry didn’t know what it was that attracted him to the present, but he kept going back to it under the tree. It wasn’t very big, and it was wrapped in wrapping paper obviously for a baby. Harry had shaken it, smelled it, examined every corner of it, and even measured it. He rearranged the presents and put the baby gift in a special spot under the tree. He had asked his mom who it was for, but she only said it was for a special little kid. Harry would check on the package before leaving the house, and as soon as he came back. He would check it before going to bed and again in the morning. He knew it couldn’t be for him, he was seven years old and even though mommy called him her little baby boy, not even she would give him a baby gift. Would she?

As they stood there, next in line, Harry found himself with a problem. He was finally getting to see Santa, but . . . but . . . he had to pee. He thought he could hold it, but after last Christmas, should he risk it? Harry started moving from one foot to the other in order to hold it in.

“Looks like someone needs to go Potty before visiting Santa,” the kind elf at the front of the line said.

“What! Harry, you need to tell us when you need to go potty. We don’t want another episode like last year, do we?” Mom exclaimed looking at Harry and then up to the elf. “Miss, where can I find the bathrooms?”

“But Mommy,” Harry interrupted.

“They are just over there Mam. When you are done, come back to me and I will get you in next.”

“Thank You Miss, Harry here doesn’t always remember to go when he is supposed to.”


Harry and Mommy got out of line leaving Daddy behind, as they headed to the bathrooms. Quickly they were back and Harry found himself sitting on Santa’s lap. Mommy and Daddy were over with one of the Elves taking pictures.

“So Harry,” Santa said as they posed for pictures. “What do you want for Christmas?”

Harry told Santa a few toys he really wanted and gave him the letter he had written. Before getting off his lap however, he had to ask a few more questions. First was the big one, Harry needed to know if he was on the naughty or nice list? Santa told Harry that he was sure he had seen Harry on the Nice List, but Harry needed to make sure he continued to be nice. Harry wasn’t sure he wanted to ask this next question, but he needed to know.

“Santa,” Harry hesitantly questioned? “If I open a present before Christmas, will I end up on the naughty list?”

“Good little boys don’t open up their presents before Christmas.”

“But this present isn’t for me, and I will rewrap it once I see what is inside.”

“You want to open someone else’s present Harry? That is certainly a very Naughty thing to do. Who’s present do you want to open?”

“I don’t know who’s present it is Santa, it doesn’t have a name on it. It is wrapped in baby wrapping paper, so it is for a baby. I am not a baby so it is not for me. It was the first present under the tree this year, I just want to know what is inside.”

“It is naughty to open someone else’s present and you will end up on the naughty list if you do. If it is the first gift of Christmas, it is a magical gift made especially for one person. If you open it, you could cause the magic to leave the gift early and not work for the person getting the gift. Don’t be a naughty boy Harry, be a good boy and leave the gift alone. I will be keeping an eye on you. Now here’s a Candy Cane. Thank you for visiting. Be a good boy for Santa.”

Next they delivered the gift to Toys-for-Tots and then headed home. On the way home Harry told Mommy and Daddy how Santa said he was on the Nice List and if he continued to be good, he would stay on the nice list. Harry also proudly let Mommy and Daddy know that he didn’t wet his pants on Santa’s lap this time like he did last year when he was a little 6 year old. He informed then that he was a big 7 year old now who doesn’t do stuff like that anymore.

“See Mom,” Harry said with pride. “I didn’t need to wear Little Kid Pull-ups to visit Santa. I am a big boy now.”

When they got home, Harry looked in on the presents. He still wanted to know what was in the baby gift, but he didn’t want to risk ending up on the Naughty list. He wasn’t going to try to open it, but he still sat and stared at it wondering what was inside.

Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas

Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas
December 2010
By Teekabell

Chapter 4

Harry woke up Sunday morning in his favorite footed sleeper, hugging Teddy. They both went down to find Mommy. On his way to the kitchen where he heard Mommy working, he found a new present under the tree and it had Harry’s name on it. That meant he had five gifts. The new one was leaning up against the mystery baby gift. He took it off the baby gift and laid it down next to it. He shook the new gift, and it rattled like his Legos do. Harry was excited, for he was now certain he was getting some Legos for Christmas. Harry’s focus went back to the baby gift. He checked it over to make sure it wasn’t damaged by the new gift leaning up against it. It appeared to be undamaged.

Harry continued his way to the Kitchen to find Mommy. He climbed up into one of the Kitchen chairs and sat hugging Teddy and watching Mommy working on breakfast.

“Morning Harry, the Oatmeal is almost done.”

Harry hugged Teddy tight and looked around the Kitchen. Spotting the Countdown calendar Harry jumped up and went over to it.

“Look Mommy, it’s a special day. Six days till Christmas and I am six years old.”

“Wow Harry, it must be a special day then.”

“Can I have the chocolate kiss now Mommy. Pwease.”

“Since it is such a special day, I guess you can.”

Harry quickly devoured the chocolate kiss and sat back down at the Kitchen table. In no time at all he found a bowl of oatmeal placed in front of him with brown sugar sprinkled on top, with a swirl of maple syrup. Harry smiled as he picked up his spoon and took his first bite. Then Mommy brought over an Elmo cup with milk in it.

After breakfast Harry sat down to watch Sesame Street, but was pulled away shortly after sitting down to go get his diaper changed.

“Awww Mommy, I want to watch Sesame Street.”

“Then let’s quickly get you out of your wet night-time diaper and dressed for the day so you can come back and watch.”

Harry was quickly dressed into dark pants, a white button down shirt with clip on tie, and a dark blue blazer. It was Sunday, and this was one of three outfits that Harry wore to Church. Harry liked this one a lot more than the green one, for he usually wore the green one when he had to wear Pull-Ups to church. Harry didn’t like wearing Pull-Ups to church. He was a big 6 year old, and big 6 year olds aren’t supposed to wear Pull-Ups to church.

Harry watched Sesame Street and then Sid the Science Kid before they had to leave for church. He was sent to go potty before getting into his Booster Seat in the car. Harry was in the Kindergarten / First Grade Sunday School Class.

“Quiet class,” The Sunday School Teacher clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention. “Our Big Kid helper this week is Jenifer.”

“I know Jenifer,” Harry proudly announced. “She in my cwass at school.”

The other kids started to laugh.

“Silly little Harry,” Jenifer giggled. “I am a big 5th grader, not a little 1st grader, but we do ride the same bus Harry.”

Harry knew this, he didn’t know why he said she was in his class. Jenifer wasn’t a first grader, but he also knew they had gone to school together. Maybe it was just in a dream. Harry was distracted from his thoughts as the teacher got out some Little People toys, it was a Nativity Set. Today’s lesson was on the first Christmas.

Shortly before class was over, Jenifer came up to Harry and took his hand leading him to the door, “Come with me Harry, looks like you need to go potty. We don’t want to have any accidents now, do we?”

Jenifer took Harry to the bathroom and then back to class. Jenifer liked working with little kids, even if they were silly at times. She had known Harry for years, they lived two houses apart, rode the same bus to school, and their moms were friends.

After Church, they went home and Mommy immediately took Harry upstairs to get changed out of his Sunday clothes. She had him strip down to his underwear while she found some Christmas fashion for him to change into. When she headed back to Harry, she stopped and took a deep breath.

“Harry,” Mom said taking another deep breath. “Looks like you had a little accident. Take your underwear off and I’ll get you some new ones. You need to work harder at keeping your underwear dry and clean sweety.”

Harry looked down and saw a small wet spot on his underwear. “I sorry Mommy. It was an accident. It won’t happen again.”

“It is okay Harry, let’s just get you into some dry underwear, unless you think we need to have you wear Pull-Ups for the rest of the day.”

“No Mommy, I am a big boy. Underwear today, Pwease.”

Mommy took Harry’s wet underwear and handed him a baby wipe telling him to wipe clean. She then helped him get dressed.

Harry spent the afternoon playing with his Thomas The Tank train set in the living room so he could keep an eye on the presents. At one point he managed to put the baby present in the middle of the train tracks, so Thomas could go around protecting it. Mommy unfortunately made him put the present back under the tree. Shortly before Dinner, he got to watch another Christmas video. This time he picked Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

At bed time, Harry was dressed in his footed pajamas, night-time diaper, and hugging his Teddy, when he asked the question again. “Mommy, who is the baby gift for? What’s inside it?”

“It is a gift for a special little kid. It is full of Christmas Magic being the first gift of Christmas.” Mommy kissed Harry and Teddy and left them to go to sleep.

Once Harry was asleep, Mommy got a card off the mantel and sat on the couch looking at the first gift of Christmas. It was very obviously a gift for a baby. She didn’t know where it came from and was very confused by it. She looked at the card in her hands which came with the gift, it was addressed to her. Opening it up, she again read what it said. ‘This gift is for a very special little kid. It is the first gift of Christmas full of Christmas magic, and needs to be treated with care. The one this gift is for will know it is for them. They will let you know that and want to open it. When that happens, it is time to open the first gift of Christmas and your Christmas wish will be answered.’ The card wasn’t signed; it just had a stamp at the bottom of a Christmas fairy.

Harry was six. It obviously wasn’t for him, but who then? No one with a baby was invited for Christmas or expected to visit within the next week. Who could it be for? She thought about what Christmas wish might be answered, but this puzzled her also. Her biggest Christmas wish is that Harry would love Christmas as much as she does, and the puzzling thing is that he does. Although when she thinks about it, she has an odd memory of Harry not believing in Christmas, but this makes no sense to her so she ignores it. Like most six year olds, Christmas for Harry is full of magic and awe. She put the card back on the mantel and went to help her husband who was cleaning up the dinner dishes.

The next day Harry enjoyed his French Toast sitting in his booster seat at the Kitchen table. Before being allowed to get down from the table, Mommy took his syrup covered bib off and cleaned him up with a damp washcloth. He got a chocolate Santa out of Day 5 on the Countdown calendar and then went to watch the Little Einsteins on TV.

“Okay,” Mommy announced as she entered the room. “Time for all little 5 year olds to get dressed for the day.”

“Jammie day?”

“Jammie day . . Jammie day . . . Jammie day,” Mommy said as she creeped up to Harry with wiggling fingers extended. “You want to have a Jammie day?”

Harry started giggling even before Mommy reached him. She scooped him up and pretended to eat his tummy. She carried him up to his room and dropped him down on his bed. He bounced in a fit of giggles. Mommy quickly grabbed supplies to change Harry.

“Sorry Harry,” Mommy stated. “No Jammie day today, maybe tomorrow. We have to go out shopping this morning.”

“Shopping? Toy Shopping?”

“No silly,” Mommy said taking his pajamas off. “Food shopping, we have to get everything for Christmas Dinner. Now let’s get you out of this soaked diaper. Hmmm - - Maybe we should put you into a Pull-up this morning. We have to go to a few different stores and we will not always be able to easily get to a potty.”

Harry knew Mommy was always doing things, ‘just in case’. He often wore Pull-Ups on outings ‘just in case’ he couldn’t get to the potty in time. He liked the Pull-Ups because they had his favorite Disney character on them. None of his underwear had that character on them.

Harry was dressed in his Pull-ups, a pair of pants, and a sweatshirt with Santa on it. Patting him on his bottom, she sent him down to play with his toys while she got ready. Harry turned on Sesame Street and got out his Little People House and School Bus. Harry would pick the Little People up from the house and deliver them in the School Bus to the Baby gift, occasionally stopping to watch the show or sing along to a song. Oscar the Grouch always caused him to laugh.

The morning was full of Harry being put in and taken out of his car seat. In most of the stores he had to go around holding onto Mommy, but at the Grocery Store, the last stop, he got to sit in the seat of the shopping cart. Mommy complained that he was getting too big for the seat as she lifted him up into it, but he didn’t think so. He could see stuff from up here, which he couldn’t see when walking next to Mommy.

Half way through the Grocery store they passed the bathrooms. Mommy looked at her watch and down at Harry who was smiling up at her. They had been out three hours and Harry hadn’t asked to go potty. She knew Harry could not go that long; therefore, his Pull-Ups were most certainly wet. She continued shopping, knowing the next stop was home.

When they finally did get home, Harry was changed out of his wet Pull-up into some underwear. He was made a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich for lunch, and given some chocolate milk in a Disney cup. After lunch, he went back to playing with his Little People in the Living Room.

Harry had an enjoyable afternoon playing with his toys, guarding the baby gift, and watching Christmas videos. That night Daddy read Harry a Christmas bedtime story and kissed him goodnight.

Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas
December 2010
By Teekabell

Chapter 5

Harry was woken up the next morning as his mom was lowering the bed-rail. Only partially awake, still hugging Teddy tight, Mommy changed Harry’s wet diaper and put him in a new one. She redressed him in his Pajamas and carried him down to the living room couch. Using the blanket on the couch she covered him up and turned on Playhouse Disney for him to watch. A few minutes later she came back into the room, took his thumb out of his mouth and replaced it with a pacifier. Harry’s eyes were more closed than open as he lay there on the couch watching Handy Manny.

It took Harry another hour to truly wake up. Daddy had left for work, and Mommy had given Harry a sippy cup of milk to drink while watching TV. Harry would take his pacifier out just long enough to take a drink. Teddy and him sat watching TV.

“Harry sweety, is my baby boy ready to have some breakfast?” Mommy said entering the room. She was about to sit down next to Harry when she sniffed two times. “Oh Harry, even in a diaper you are supposed to tell me when you need to go poopy, so I can get you to the potty.”

Harry just sucked on his pacifier watching Playhouse Disney. Mommy picked him up; teddy, blanket, and sippy cup all being held tight by Harry. She carried him up to his room and laid him down on his changing table. Flipping the bottom of the blanket up over Harry’s head, she started to change his poopy diaper.

Harry giggled, as he pushed the blanket off of him.

“Now Harry,” Mommy said wiping him clean. “When I put your Pull-Up on, you need to pay attention to your body and make sure you get your pee-pee and poopy in the potty.”

“Otay Mommy.”

Harry was quickly changed into a Pull-Up and dressed for the day. Mommy carried him down to the Kitchen on her hip. She put him in his booster seat and poured him a bowl of Fruit Loops. She took the pacifier out of his mouth as she handed him a Buzz Lightyear spoon.

“Do you want a bib Harry?”

“No Mommy, me big boy,” Harry said with his mouth full.

After breakfast Mommy cleaned Harry up and brought him over to the Countdown calendar. “Look Harry, let’s count how many days we have left till Christmas.” Mommy took his hand and together they pointed and counted, “One, two, three, four. Only four sleeps left till Santa comes, Harry.”

“Me four Mommy,” Harry clapped with glee.

“Yes Harry, you are Mommy’s big four year old boy. You are growing up so fast,” Mommy thought something sounded strange about that statement but couldn’t figure out what.

Mommy took the day four chocolate snowman out of the calendar and gave it to Harry to eat. Harry then went into the Living Room and played with his Duplos.

After building a tall tower and knocking it down, Harry explored the presents under the tree. He found one he hadn’t seen before.

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy,” Harry shouted!

“What is it Harry,” she said calmly walking into the room.

“Wook Mommy! New Pwesent! It for me?”

“Look at the tag Harry. Does it have your name on it? What letter does the top name start with?”


“Whose name starts with ‘H’?”

“Hawwy! My name. Me Hawwy. Pwesent for me.”

“That is right Harry, it has your name on it and it is for you.”

“Can I open it Mommy, Pwwwwweeeeeease?”

“You need to wait four more sleeps before you can open your presents Harry.”


“Do you want to play a game of Candy Land.”

“Yeah, Candy Wand.”

Mommy and Harry played two games of Candy Land, with Harry winning both games. He then got to watch Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

Harry had an enjoyable morning, followed by a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. When he was changed into a diaper for his nap, he got a Thomas The Tank sticker for keeping his Pull-ups clean and dry all morning. He had managed to get to the potty every time, all morning long. Harry went down for his nap with a big smile on his face.

After his nap, Harry was changed out of his wet diaper and into a Pull-Up. He then went to play with his toys. While crawling around on the living room floor playing, he often went up to the baby gift and looked it over. There was no name on this present. Harry gifts had an “H”, Mommy gifts had an “M”, and Daddy gifts had a “D”. This gift however, didn’t have any letters. It was for a baby. He was a big boy. Mommy told him he wasn’t getting a baby brother or sister for Christmas, so who was it for? Mommy wouldn’t tell him.

At bed time Harry got another sticker when he was changed into his Night-Time diaper and dressed for bed. Harry was hugging Teddy, as Daddy read him a Christmas story as his bedtime story. He kissed Harry on the forehead and put up the bed-rail.

The next morning Harry woke up hugging his Teddy Bear. Finding his pacifier on the bed next to him, he stuck it in his mouth. Harry played with Teddy and Panda Bear for a few minutes and then crawled around the Bedrail and played on the floor with his Jack-in-the-Box.

“Morning Sweety,” Mommy said coming in and turning off the baby monitor. “Ready for some fun today?”


“No, not today Harry. There are still three more sleeps till Santa comes and you can open up the presents,” Mommy said as she picked Harry up and laid him down on the changing table.

Harry was quickly changed out of his wet diaper and into a Pull-Up. Mommy then carried him to the bathroom and put him on his Winnie-The-Pooh potty chair. Mommy read Harry Once Upon A Potty, while Harry sat there. When the story was done, they checked to see if Harry had gone. Nothing was in the Potty, he was redressed and Mommy carried him to his booster seat for Breakfast. She put a bib on him and a bowl of Cream of Wheat in front of him. When she brought over his Big Bird cup half full of orange juice he took it with both hands and started to drink, with much of it spilling down into his bib.

“Slow down Harry. Don’t try to drink it all at once, remember this is a big boy cup. It doesn’t have a top on it.”

“Me big boy. Me three,” Harry said holding up three fingers.

After breakfast Mommy cleaned Harry up and took off his bib. Then she took him over to the countdown calendar and they counted the days left till Santa. Taking a chocolate kiss out of day 3, Harry got a treat. Mommy then sent him into the living room to play.

Harry went immediately to his square shape sorter. After sorting the shapes twice, he noticed a new present under the tree. Crawling over to it, he picked it up and shook it.

“Mommy, can I open it?” Harry asked loudly. “Mommy, Mommy, wook new pwesent. Me open?”

“No Harry,” Mommy said coming into the room and sitting down on the couch. “Not for two more days – two more sleeps Harry. Come on over here sweety, let’s watch Ciallou.”

“Ciallou?” Harry asked running over and climbing up onto the couch next to Mommy.

Mommy took the remote and turned on the TV to PBS Kids. Clifford The Big Red Dog was just ending. Mommy and Harry watched the show together. When the show was over, Mommy took Harry to the bathroom and put him down on the potty. The rocket ships had faded, but Mommy encouraged Harry to try as she got a new pull-up off the shelf.

Mommy read Harry; Potty Time with Elmo. Harry liked pressing the buttons during the story. When she was done they checked to potty and found some pee-pee. Mommy and Harry clapped, and Harry got a special sticker on his sticker chart. Harry was wiped clean, put into a new Pull-Up and sent out to play as Mommy cleaned the potty.

The morning was taken up with Harry playing and Mommy taking him to the potty. He got two more stickers before lunch and only needed his Pull-ups changed once. After Mac and Cheese for lunch, Mommy used a wash cloth to get the cheese off his face, hands, and out of his hair. Harry’s bib protected most of his clothes. Harry’s Pull-up was changed to a diaper for his nap and he was put down to rest.

Harry woke up to someone rubbing his back. He turned over to see Jenifer.

“Hello little guy,” Jenifer said as Harry slowly woke up. “Your Mommy said it was time to get up from your nap.”

“Jenifew,” Harry said giving his neighbor a big hug. “Jenifew pway wif Hawwy?”

“I can play with you for a little bit Harry. My mom sent me over to pick up some Christmas cookies from your Mommy.”

“I think my little guy probably needs a diaper change before you two start playing,” Mommy said coming into the room.

“Can I do it,” Jenifer asked? “Mom says I need to know how to change diapers before I start Babysitting when I turn 12 next year. Harry’s the only baby I know to practice on.”

“Me big boy, not baby.”

“Sorry Harry,” Jenifer apologized. “Big boy Harry is the only one I know still in diapers.”

Mommy smiled as she lifted Harry up onto the changing table. “Sure Jenifer, it is important to know how to change a diaper before you start babysitting. Harry should be out of diapers by the time you turn 12 and you start babysitting him, but you will need to learn for when you babysit younger kids.”

“Will you let me babysit little Harry?”

“When you turn 12 Jenifer, you can babysit Harry. Your mom and I have already talked about it, but that is ten months away. For now Jenifer, let’s teach you about diapers.”

Mommy gave Jenifer directions on each step. When Harry started to get squirmy, Jenifer was instructed to put his pacifier in his mouth and give him a small toy to play with.

“Is Harry wearing Diapers or Pull-Ups this afternoon,” Jenifer inquired.

“He was in Pull-Ups this morning working on getting to the potty, but with you here this afternoon I think the efforts would be in vein. So, let’s put him in another diaper.”

Harry was quickly diapered and redressed. Jenifer took him to the living room to play. For an hour they played with a variety of Harry’s toys. The two of them were trapped in the world of play and make believe, guided by Jenifer, and directed by Harry’s short attention span. While playing with the Little People House and School Bus, Harry pointed out all his presents and the mystery baby gift.

“It not me pwesent. Me big boy,” Harry proudly declared. “It baby pwesent. Jenifew pwesent?”

“No silly little boy,” Jenifer said giggling. “I am not a baby. You’re the only baby around here.”

“Me no baby. Me BIG boy.”

“Does my Big boy and Jenifer want a Christmas cookie as a snack?”

“Cookies!” Harry shouted with glee.

Mommy put Harry in his booster seat and gave him a Snowman cookie and a sippy cup with milk. She gave Jenifer a Santa cookie and a cup of milk. The two kids feasted while Mommy packed up a bunch of cookies for Jenifer to take home. When they were done, Sesame Street was put on for Harry to watch, and Jenifer headed home.

When dad got home that evening, Harry pointed out the gifts under the tree and made an extra effort to show him the baby gift, proudly letting him know he wasn’t a baby. This had limited impact on Daddy, as he needed to take his non-baby up to get a poopy diaper changed.

Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas
December 2010
By Teekabell

Chapter 6

Harry woke up in his crib hugging his Teddy and sucking on his pacifier. As he woke up more, he started playing with the activity box hanging on his crib. Daddy came in and changed Harry’s diaper, then brought him down and put him in his Highchair. Leaving Harry with some toys to play with on the tray, Daddy kissed his forehead and told him to be good for Mommy today. Daddy left for work while Harry happily played and Mommy worked on breakfast.

Sitting atop the Christmas tree on the shoulders of the Christmas Angel, Christmas Fairies Ollie and Pippen watched the humans in the Kitchen.

“Now Ollie,” Pippen explained. “Changing reality for everyone in the world can be a bit tricky. Even trickier, is doing it without Santa finding out. We are technically Christmas Fairies and Santa wants us granting Christmas wishes that cannot be wrapped and put under a tree. As my apprentice however, I am training you to replace me. For a Millennium now, I have secretly done one job each year for Baby New Year.”

“Oh, she is so much fun,” Ollie exclaimed. “I love playing with her as she grows up.”

“Well, she starts January 1st as an infant and grows one year in a month. When she should be entering her teens, she is made to return to babyhood. Long ago, we made a deal; she would not be the only one returning to babyhood each year. So each year in her name, one soul regresses back to babyhood. Santa does not approve and will correct the action if he finds out.”

“Santa sees everything Pippen,” Ollie questioned looking down on Harry eating his eggs with his hands. “How can you hide a regression like this from Santa?”

Pippen watched Harry eat his jelly covered toast, getting Jelly over everything. “Well, over the years I have learned to follow a few rules. The one you regress needs to be a non-believer. Santa does not watch them the same way he watches the believers. The person needs to still be a child, so the name just moves from one list to another, instead of appearing from know where as the child regresses. The household needs to be on the list of believers, so it also doesn’t just appear out of know where.”

“So you picked this house with the Human Lady a strong believer, but the child a non-believer,” Ollie inquired as he watched Harry drinking from his sippy cup. “But how did you decide to regress this boy?”

“With 12 days till Christmas, when our magic is the strongest, the Human Lady made a wish in her heart that her son could find the same joy in Christmas as she does. He left that morning for school, reiterating in his heart, his non-belief in Santa. Christmas Magic made me hear the Human Lady’s wish. Our job for Santa would have us do something to get the Human Child see the magic of Christmas again. But this Human child fit perfectly into the Baby New Year quest. I especially like it when they are 12 years old to begin with, so they never get the experience of being a teenager, just like Baby New Year.”

Harry was brought into the Living Room to play with his toys. He pulled his toy Telephone around the room for a little bit watching the eyes go up and down, then he sat down and pretended to call people.

“It has been 10 days Pippen. How can you change the world every day without Santa noticing?”

“He – He – He. That is actually the trick Ollie, make small changes over time and Santa doesn’t notice. Human Children move from one list to another all the time, making small steps, like changing one age level. Regress a child only one age a day, and Santa and his elves will not notice.” Pippen said while watching Harry crawl around under the tree sucking on his pacifier and looking at the presents.

“Is today the day,” Ollie asked?

“Our magic is able to manipulate the Humans, but no matter what we do they still have free will. If the gift inside that box is not connected with the human child by Christmas day, the regression will reverse itself over the next 12 days. But yes, I believe today is the day, maybe even right now.”

Harry crawled up to the baby gift and patted it. “Mommy. Mine!”

Mommy looked at Harry and then at the card on the mantel. Of course the gift wrapped in baby paper was for her baby boy, how could she not have figured that out before now?

“Hawwy open?”

Mommy again looked at the card on the mantel and down at Harry.

“There are still two days till Christmas Harry,” Mommy stated with hesitation. “But . . .”

“Here it is Ollie. The Human child has finally realized the gift is his. Will the Human Lady let him open it? If the regression happens too fast, she will deep down know her son is not supposed to be a baby and should not be opening a baby gift. Shadows are always left behind with each change we make; most are ignored if the changes are subtle. If we change too much too fast, the shadows conflict too much with their present reality and the shadows remain a level of reality for the human.”

“Hawwy pwesent,” Harry continued banging on the present like it was a drum.

“Yes Harry,” Mommy said. “You can open one present today.”

Harry tore open the present, quickly finding a soft baby blanket.

“That blanket is drenched in Fairy dust Pippen!”

“Well Ollie, that will make the regression stick. If he wraps himself in that blanket, he will be this age from now on, growing up again like a regular human. This Human Child and Baby New Year will both have to restart life in diapers and face the challenges of childhood all over again.”

As the Christmas Fairies watched Harry cuddle up completely under his precious new blankie, Pippen whispered to herself, “Merry Christmas Baby New Year.”


Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas

Very sweet christmas story, kinda makes me sad that I did not wait until the Holidays to read it.