Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas -Chapter 6-end

Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas
December 2010
By Teekabell

Chapter 6

Harry woke up in his crib hugging his Teddy and sucking on his pacifier. As he woke up more, he started playing with the activity box hanging on his crib. Daddy came in and changed Harry’s diaper, then brought him down and put him in his Highchair. Leaving Harry with some toys to play with on the tray, Daddy kissed his forehead and told him to be good for Mommy today. Daddy left for work while Harry happily played and Mommy worked on breakfast.

Sitting atop the Christmas tree on the shoulders of the Christmas Angel, Christmas Fairies Ollie and Pippen watched the humans in the Kitchen.

“Now Ollie,” Pippen explained. “Changing reality for everyone in the world can be a bit tricky. Even trickier, is doing it without Santa finding out. We are technically Christmas Fairies and Santa wants us granting Christmas wishes that cannot be wrapped and put under a tree. As my apprentice however, I am training you to replace me. For a Millennium now, I have secretly done one job each year for Baby New Year.”

“Oh, she is so much fun,” Ollie exclaimed. “I love playing with her as she grows up.”

“Well, she starts January 1st as an infant and grows one year in a month. When she should be entering her teens, she is made to return to babyhood. Long ago, we made a deal; she would not be the only one returning to babyhood each year. So each year in her name, one soul regresses back to babyhood. Santa does not approve and will correct the action if he finds out.”

“Santa sees everything Pippen,” Ollie questioned looking down on Harry eating his eggs with his hands. “How can you hide a regression like this from Santa?”

Pippen watched Harry eat his jelly covered toast, getting Jelly over everything. “Well, over the years I have learned to follow a few rules. The one you regress needs to be a non-believer. Santa does not watch them the same way he watches the believers. The person needs to still be a child, so the name just moves from one list to another, instead of appearing from know where as the child regresses. The household needs to be on the list of believers, so it also doesn’t just appear out of know where.”

“So you picked this house with the Human Lady a strong believer, but the child a non-believer,” Ollie inquired as he watched Harry drinking from his sippy cup. “But how did you decide to regress this boy?”

“With 12 days till Christmas, when our magic is the strongest, the Human Lady made a wish in her heart that her son could find the same joy in Christmas as she does. He left that morning for school, reiterating in his heart, his non-belief in Santa. Christmas Magic made me hear the Human Lady’s wish. Our job for Santa would have us do something to get the Human Child see the magic of Christmas again. But this Human child fit perfectly into the Baby New Year quest. I especially like it when they are 12 years old to begin with, so they never get the experience of being a teenager, just like Baby New Year.”

Harry was brought into the Living Room to play with his toys. He pulled his toy Telephone around the room for a little bit watching the eyes go up and down, then he sat down and pretended to call people.

“It has been 10 days Pippen. How can you change the world every day without Santa noticing?”

“He – He – He. That is actually the trick Ollie, make small changes over time and Santa doesn’t notice. Human Children move from one list to another all the time, making small steps, like changing one age level. Regress a child only one age a day, and Santa and his elves will not notice.” Pippen said while watching Harry crawl around under the tree sucking on his pacifier and looking at the presents.

“Is today the day,” Ollie asked?

“Our magic is able to manipulate the Humans, but no matter what we do they still have free will. If the gift inside that box is not connected with the human child by Christmas day, the regression will reverse itself over the next 12 days. But yes, I believe today is the day, maybe even right now.”

Harry crawled up to the baby gift and patted it. “Mommy. Mine!”

Mommy looked at Harry and then at the card on the mantel. Of course the gift wrapped in baby paper was for her baby boy, how could she not have figured that out before now?

“Hawwy open?”

Mommy again looked at the card on the mantel and down at Harry.

“There are still two days till Christmas Harry,” Mommy stated with hesitation. “But . . .”

“Here it is Ollie. The Human child has finally realized the gift is his. Will the Human Lady let him open it? If the regression happens too fast, she will deep down know her son is not supposed to be a baby and should not be opening a baby gift. Shadows are always left behind with each change we make; most are ignored if the changes are subtle. If we change too much too fast, the shadows conflict too much with their present reality and the shadows remain a level of reality for the human.”

“Hawwy pwesent,” Harry continued banging on the present like it was a drum.

“Yes Harry,” Mommy said. “You can open one present today.”

Harry tore open the present, quickly finding a soft baby blanket.

“That blanket is drenched in Fairy dust Pippen!”

“Well Ollie, that will make the regression stick. If he wraps himself in that blanket, he will be this age from now on, growing up again like a regular human. This Human Child and Baby New Year will both have to restart life in diapers and face the challenges of childhood all over again.”

As the Christmas Fairies watched Harry cuddle up completely under his precious new blankie, Pippen whispered to herself, “Merry Christmas Baby New Year.”


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Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas -Chapter 6-end

Nice story very created with the plot I never would of thought of baby new year in a twist like this and look foward from more of you in the future stories to come.

Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas -Chapter 6-end

:)Great story and thanks for all the hard work during this holiday season!!!

Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas -Chapter 6-end

good endning and I was technically right Harry’s mom didn’t really have anything to do with him becoming younger :slight_smile:

Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas -Chapter 6-end

Well, it was her wish to have Harry believe in Christmas as much as she did, that brought the Fairies to the house.

Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas -Chapter 6-end

But it makes me feel better knowing that she didn’t knowingly choose to have her son be regressed into a baby

Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas -Chapter 6-end

maybe next year both jessica and him can be 2 years old babys together.