Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas - Chapter 5

Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas
December 2010
By Teekabell

Chapter 5

Harry was woken up the next morning as his mom was lowering the bed-rail. Only partially awake, still hugging Teddy tight, Mommy changed Harry’s wet diaper and put him in a new one. She redressed him in his Pajamas and carried him down to the living room couch. Using the blanket on the couch she covered him up and turned on Playhouse Disney for him to watch. A few minutes later she came back into the room, took his thumb out of his mouth and replaced it with a pacifier. Harry’s eyes were more closed than open as he lay there on the couch watching Handy Manny.

It took Harry another hour to truly wake up. Daddy had left for work, and Mommy had given Harry a sippy cup of milk to drink while watching TV. Harry would take his pacifier out just long enough to take a drink. Teddy and him sat watching TV.

“Harry sweety, is my baby boy ready to have some breakfast?” Mommy said entering the room. She was about to sit down next to Harry when she sniffed two times. “Oh Harry, even in a diaper you are supposed to tell me when you need to go poopy, so I can get you to the potty.”

Harry just sucked on his pacifier watching Playhouse Disney. Mommy picked him up; teddy, blanket, and sippy cup all being held tight by Harry. She carried him up to his room and laid him down on his changing table. Flipping the bottom of the blanket up over Harry’s head, she started to change his poopy diaper.

Harry giggled, as he pushed the blanket off of him.

“Now Harry,” Mommy said wiping him clean. “When I put your Pull-Up on, you need to pay attention to your body and make sure you get your pee-pee and poopy in the potty.”

“Otay Mommy.”

Harry was quickly changed into a Pull-Up and dressed for the day. Mommy carried him down to the Kitchen on her hip. She put him in his booster seat and poured him a bowl of Fruit Loops. She took the pacifier out of his mouth as she handed him a Buzz Lightyear spoon.

“Do you want a bib Harry?”

“No Mommy, me big boy,” Harry said with his mouth full.

After breakfast Mommy cleaned Harry up and brought him over to the Countdown calendar. “Look Harry, let’s count how many days we have left till Christmas.” Mommy took his hand and together they pointed and counted, “One, two, three, four. Only four sleeps left till Santa comes, Harry.”

“Me four Mommy,” Harry clapped with glee.

“Yes Harry, you are Mommy’s big four year old boy. You are growing up so fast,” Mommy thought something sounded strange about that statement but couldn’t figure out what.

Mommy took the day four chocolate snowman out of the calendar and gave it to Harry to eat. Harry then went into the Living Room and played with his Duplos.

After building a tall tower and knocking it down, Harry explored the presents under the tree. He found one he hadn’t seen before.

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy,” Harry shouted!

“What is it Harry,” she said calmly walking into the room.

“Wook Mommy! New Pwesent! It for me?”

“Look at the tag Harry. Does it have your name on it? What letter does the top name start with?”


“Whose name starts with ‘H’?”

“Hawwy! My name. Me Hawwy. Pwesent for me.”

“That is right Harry, it has your name on it and it is for you.”

“Can I open it Mommy, Pwwwwweeeeeease?”

“You need to wait four more sleeps before you can open your presents Harry.”


“Do you want to play a game of Candy Land.”

“Yeah, Candy Wand.”

Mommy and Harry played two games of Candy Land, with Harry winning both games. He then got to watch Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

Harry had an enjoyable morning, followed by a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. When he was changed into a diaper for his nap, he got a Thomas The Tank sticker for keeping his Pull-ups clean and dry all morning. He had managed to get to the potty every time, all morning long. Harry went down for his nap with a big smile on his face.

After his nap, Harry was changed out of his wet diaper and into a Pull-Up. He then went to play with his toys. While crawling around on the living room floor playing, he often went up to the baby gift and looked it over. There was no name on this present. Harry gifts had an “H”, Mommy gifts had an “M”, and Daddy gifts had a “D”. This gift however, didn’t have any letters. It was for a baby. He was a big boy. Mommy told him he wasn’t getting a baby brother or sister for Christmas, so who was it for? Mommy wouldn’t tell him.

At bed time Harry got another sticker when he was changed into his Night-Time diaper and dressed for bed. Harry was hugging Teddy, as Daddy read him a Christmas story as his bedtime story. He kissed Harry on the forehead and put up the bed-rail.

The next morning Harry woke up hugging his Teddy Bear. Finding his pacifier on the bed next to him, he stuck it in his mouth. Harry played with Teddy and Panda Bear for a few minutes and then crawled around the Bedrail and played on the floor with his Jack-in-the-Box.

“Morning Sweety,” Mommy said coming in and turning off the baby monitor. “Ready for some fun today?”


“No, not today Harry. There are still three more sleeps till Santa comes and you can open up the presents,” Mommy said as she picked Harry up and laid him down on the changing table.

Harry was quickly changed out of his wet diaper and into a Pull-Up. Mommy then carried him to the bathroom and put him on his Winnie-The-Pooh potty chair. Mommy read Harry Once Upon A Potty, while Harry sat there. When the story was done, they checked to see if Harry had gone. Nothing was in the Potty, he was redressed and Mommy carried him to his booster seat for Breakfast. She put a bib on him and a bowl of Cream of Wheat in front of him. When she brought over his Big Bird cup half full of orange juice he took it with both hands and started to drink, with much of it spilling down into his bib.

“Slow down Harry. Don’t try to drink it all at once, remember this is a big boy cup. It doesn’t have a top on it.”

“Me big boy. Me three,” Harry said holding up three fingers.

After breakfast Mommy cleaned Harry up and took off his bib. Then she took him over to the countdown calendar and they counted the days left till Santa. Taking a chocolate kiss out of day 3, Harry got a treat. Mommy then sent him into the living room to play.

Harry went immediately to his square shape sorter. After sorting the shapes twice, he noticed a new present under the tree. Crawling over to it, he picked it up and shook it.

“Mommy, can I open it?” Harry asked loudly. “Mommy, Mommy, wook new pwesent. Me open?”

“No Harry,” Mommy said coming into the room and sitting down on the couch. “Not for two more days – two more sleeps Harry. Come on over here sweety, let’s watch Ciallou.”

“Ciallou?” Harry asked running over and climbing up onto the couch next to Mommy.

Mommy took the remote and turned on the TV to PBS Kids. Clifford The Big Red Dog was just ending. Mommy and Harry watched the show together. When the show was over, Mommy took Harry to the bathroom and put him down on the potty. The rocket ships had faded, but Mommy encouraged Harry to try as she got a new pull-up off the shelf.

Mommy read Harry; Potty Time with Elmo. Harry liked pressing the buttons during the story. When she was done they checked to potty and found some pee-pee. Mommy and Harry clapped, and Harry got a special sticker on his sticker chart. Harry was wiped clean, put into a new Pull-Up and sent out to play as Mommy cleaned the potty.

The morning was taken up with Harry playing and Mommy taking him to the potty. He got two more stickers before lunch and only needed his Pull-ups changed once. After Mac and Cheese for lunch, Mommy used a wash cloth to get the cheese off his face, hands, and out of his hair. Harry’s bib protected most of his clothes. Harry’s Pull-up was changed to a diaper for his nap and he was put down to rest.

Harry woke up to someone rubbing his back. He turned over to see Jenifer.

“Hello little guy,” Jenifer said as Harry slowly woke up. “Your Mommy said it was time to get up from your nap.”

“Jenifew,” Harry said giving his neighbor a big hug. “Jenifew pway wif Hawwy?”

“I can play with you for a little bit Harry. My mom sent me over to pick up some Christmas cookies from your Mommy.”

“I think my little guy probably needs a diaper change before you two start playing,” Mommy said coming into the room.

“Can I do it,” Jenifer asked? “Mom says I need to know how to change diapers before I start Babysitting when I turn 12 next year. Harry’s the only baby I know to practice on.”

“Me big boy, not baby.”

“Sorry Harry,” Jenifer apologized. “Big boy Harry is the only one I know still in diapers.”

Mommy smiled as she lifted Harry up onto the changing table. “Sure Jenifer, it is important to know how to change a diaper before you start babysitting. Harry should be out of diapers by the time you turn 12 and you start babysitting him, but you will need to learn for when you babysit younger kids.”

“Will you let me babysit little Harry?”

“When you turn 12 Jenifer, you can babysit Harry. Your mom and I have already talked about it, but that is ten months away. For now Jenifer, let’s teach you about diapers.”

Mommy gave Jenifer directions on each step. When Harry started to get squirmy, Jenifer was instructed to put his pacifier in his mouth and give him a small toy to play with.

“Is Harry wearing Diapers or Pull-Ups this afternoon,” Jenifer inquired.

“He was in Pull-Ups this morning working on getting to the potty, but with you here this afternoon I think the efforts would be in vein. So, let’s put him in another diaper.”

Harry was quickly diapered and redressed. Jenifer took him to the living room to play. For an hour they played with a variety of Harry’s toys. The two of them were trapped in the world of play and make believe, guided by Jenifer, and directed by Harry’s short attention span. While playing with the Little People House and School Bus, Harry pointed out all his presents and the mystery baby gift.

“It not me pwesent. Me big boy,” Harry proudly declared. “It baby pwesent. Jenifew pwesent?”

“No silly little boy,” Jenifer said giggling. “I am not a baby. You’re the only baby around here.”

“Me no baby. Me BIG boy.”

“Does my Big boy and Jenifer want a Christmas cookie as a snack?”

“Cookies!” Harry shouted with glee.

Mommy put Harry in his booster seat and gave him a Snowman cookie and a sippy cup with milk. She gave Jenifer a Santa cookie and a cup of milk. The two kids feasted while Mommy packed up a bunch of cookies for Jenifer to take home. When they were done, Sesame Street was put on for Harry to watch, and Jenifer headed home.

When dad got home that evening, Harry pointed out the gifts under the tree and made an extra effort to show him the baby gift, proudly letting him know he wasn’t a baby. This had limited impact on Daddy, as he needed to take his non-baby up to get a poopy diaper changed.

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