Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas - Chapter 3

Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas
December 2010
By Teekabell

Chapter 3

“Time to wake up Harry,” Mommy said coming into Harry’s room. “Today is your last day of school this year. So it is time for all the little 8 year olds to get up.”

“Ow Mommy, do I have to go to school today. It is only a half day,” Harry yawned, held tight onto Teddy, and rolled over away from Mommy.

“Tomorrow is your first day of vacation, then you can sleep in as long as you like, but right now you need to get up and dressed for school.”

Mommy went about getting the baby wipes, underwear, socks, pants, and a shirt for Harry to wear. She usually left the choice of what to wear up to Harry, but on days like this, it was just easier to dress him. Many times when Harry resisted getting up and going in the morning, she considered sending him to school still dressed in his pajamas and night-time diaper, but she knew she couldn’t really do that. Although threatening it was usually a good way to get him moving in the morning, it was never anything more than a threat.

“Up and Adam.”

“Mom-mmmmmyyyyyyy” Harry complained when the sheets were pulled down.

With an experienced hand, Mommy quickly had Harry out of his night-time diaper and dressed for the day. Taking his hand, she brought him to the living room where he sat on the couch with his Teddy till Breakfast was ready.

Looking around, Harry found 5 gifts under the tree. Although curious about who the new one was for, he was too tired to get up and look. He sat there looking at all the presents, but focused on the baby gift. He thought about how he could find out what was inside. He wondered if he could unwrap and then rewrap the present when Mommy wasn’t looking.

“Morning Sport,” Dad said as he walked by. “Hope Teddy isn’t talking you into going back to sleep.”

“Hi Daddy.”

In no time at all, all three were sitting down to scrambled eggs for breakfast. Afterwards, Harry took the next chocolate out of day eight on the countdown calendar and put it with his lunch for school. Mom kissed him goodbye and stood in the doorway as she watched him walk down to the bus stop. She only stopped watching when she saw that Jenifer and Lenny were there, they were big 5th graders who would make sure the little kids were safe.

Harry got to come home after lunch today, being the last day before Christmas Break. His backpack was bursting at the seams with various art projects he had made over the last month. Mom quickly took some of them and used them to help decorate the house, with Harry giving advice on exactly where they should go. That afternoon it was slightly snowing, and Harry enjoyed playing outside in the snow. When he came in from the snow, he had some warm apple cider waiting for him.

Once warmed up, Harry explored the presents under the tree. There were 5 just like this morning. The 5th present had Harry’s name on it from Grandma. It was wrapped in reindeer wrapping paper, and was really light. Harry guessed a sweater, since Grandma often gave him sweaters. A boring present, but that baby gift was much more interesting. He carefully looked at how it was taped shut. Could he unwrap it and rewrap it without Mommy finding out?

“Do you want to watch a Christmas video Harry?” Mom asked walking into the room.

“Frosty?” Harry shouted as he jumped on to his feet.

“Okay, Frosty The Snowman it is.”

Harry ran to get a snowman stuffed animal that was in the hallway guarding the front door. He quickly returned and plopped himself down in front of the TV. Harry enjoyed watching and singing along to the show. Afterwards, he made Christmas Cookies with Mommy.

That night Harry wrote his letter to Santa, so he would have it to give to him the next day when he visited. Dad offered to help, but Harry insisted he was a big boy and didn’t need any help. When the letter was finished, Mommy put Harry’s night-time diaper on and tucked him into bed.

“Nighty-Night Harry, tomorrows a big day,” Mommy said kissing him on his forehead. “You will get to deliver your letter in person to Santa.”

“I can’t wait Mommy. Are you sure he is going to be there?”

“I’m sure he will be there. Now you and Teddy get some sleep so you’re all ready for tomorrow.”

Harry was awoken the next morning by Christmas music playing. He lay in bed for a while hugging Teddy before getting up and going into the living room. Before sitting down to watch cartoons, he checked the presents under the tree and noticed another present with his name on it. Six presents under the tree and three of them were his.

“Morning sweety,” Mom said coming into the living room and ruffling Harry’s hair. “How about some pancakes for breakfast?”

“Snowman Pancakes?”

“Okay sweety, if you want.”

While Mommy made breakfast, Harry enjoyed the Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Harry knew today was extra special. He got to visit Santa today. It was also the big test, he would find out if Santa thought he was good or bad this year. He really hoped that he was on the Good Kid list, but Harry thought of several ways he got in trouble this year and wondered if that would put him on the Naughty List. Hugging Teddy tight, Harry contemplated his fate if Santa thought he was naughty. Would the only presents he got this year be the three currently under the tree. Would Mommy and Daddy take those away if they found out Santa had him on the Naughty List. What was enough to put him on the Naughty List? When he wouldn’t clean his room when Mommy or Daddy told him too, or what about that time he got spanked for kicking that other kid. How about his bedwetting, did Santa view that as naughty for a 7 year old? Oh no, what about what he did to Santa last year when he visited Santa? Yeah he got presents last Christmas, but maybe once Santa had time to think about it he decided that was just too naughty and he belonged on the naughty list forever. Harry sat looking at the baby gift hugging Teddy really tight.

“Harry,” Mommy called. “I have a snowman here ready for a little boy to eat all up.”

After breakfast, Harry and Mommy went upstairs to get him dressed for the day. Harry sat on his bed with Teddy while Mommy picked the perfect outfit for him to wear for Santa pictures. She decided on a Turtleneck, a red and green sweater, and brown pants. She then got the changing supplies and headed over to the bed. Quickly Harry was out of his wet night-time diaper and wiped down, before proceeding, she paused and looked down at her little boy laying there hugging his teddy bear.

“Harry,” Mommy questioned looking down at the underwear in her hand. “Do you think maybe you should wear a Pull-Up today when we go to visit Santa?”

“Mommy, I am a big boy, not a baby,” Harry said thinking about the proposal and wondering if maybe she was right.

“Are you sure sweety? We are going out to see Santa Claus today, and . . .”

“But that was last year Mommy,” Harry interrupted. “That was when I was a little 6 year old. I am a big 7 year old now. I am not going to pee my pants on his lap again. Big 7 year olds don’t do that, only little kids do.”

“Okay, underwear it is, but be very careful. We don’t want Santa to get a wet lap again this year,” Mom went with Harry’s decision, but thought about the trip down to Grandma’s House on Thanksgiving where they were all very thankful that Harry had Pull-Ups on for the trip.

It took Dad a while to get up, dressed, and ready to go, but Harry really didn’t mind. It gave him the chance to watch his favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons. Harry also spent more time watching over the mystery baby gift. He tried to figure out a way to open it and find out what was inside.

Harry got to take the next chocolate out of day seven on the Countdown calendar. Before getting his coat on to go, Mom insisted that Harry go potty before they left for Santa.

Santa visits included a trip to a toy store to buy a gift for Toys-For-Tots, visit with Santa, and either lunch or dinner depending on the day. The stop at the toy store put Harry in charge. He was the one responsible for picking out the perfect gift for a kid his age. The guidance was that it had to be the perfect gift for a kid who may only get one gift for Christmas. This year, Harry picked a 400 piece Lego set. It looked hard, but a really fun toy to play with. Before getting in line for Santa, Mommy brought Harry to the bathroom again. She didn’t want a repeat of last year.

While waiting in line, Harry could barely stand still. He would watch the animated Christmas displays and go back and forth between Mom and Dad’s hands. It took 20 minutes to get to the front of the line. During that time Harry was deep in thought as to whether he was on the Naughty or Nice list. One other thought continually drifted into his head, the mystery gift under the tree. He contemplated how he could open it up and see what was inside. He also wondered what Santa would say about him opening the present. It didn’t have his name on it, it didn’t have any ones name on it. Would he end up on the Naughty list if he opened the present?

Harry didn’t know what it was that attracted him to the present, but he kept going back to it under the tree. It wasn’t very big, and it was wrapped in wrapping paper obviously for a baby. Harry had shaken it, smelled it, examined every corner of it, and even measured it. He rearranged the presents and put the baby gift in a special spot under the tree. He had asked his mom who it was for, but she only said it was for a special little kid. Harry would check on the package before leaving the house, and as soon as he came back. He would check it before going to bed and again in the morning. He knew it couldn’t be for him, he was seven years old and even though mommy called him her little baby boy, not even she would give him a baby gift. Would she?

As they stood there, next in line, Harry found himself with a problem. He was finally getting to see Santa, but . . . but . . . he had to pee. He thought he could hold it, but after last Christmas, should he risk it? Harry started moving from one foot to the other in order to hold it in.

“Looks like someone needs to go Potty before visiting Santa,” the kind elf at the front of the line said.

“What! Harry, you need to tell us when you need to go potty. We don’t want another episode like last year, do we?” Mom exclaimed looking at Harry and then up to the elf. “Miss, where can I find the bathrooms?”

“But Mommy,” Harry interrupted.

“They are just over there Mam. When you are done, come back to me and I will get you in next.”

“Thank You Miss, Harry here doesn’t always remember to go when he is supposed to.”


Harry and Mommy got out of line leaving Daddy behind, as they headed to the bathrooms. Quickly they were back and Harry found himself sitting on Santa’s lap. Mommy and Daddy were over with one of the Elves taking pictures.

“So Harry,” Santa said as they posed for pictures. “What do you want for Christmas?”

Harry told Santa a few toys he really wanted and gave him the letter he had written. Before getting off his lap however, he had to ask a few more questions. First was the big one, Harry needed to know if he was on the naughty or nice list? Santa told Harry that he was sure he had seen Harry on the Nice List, but Harry needed to make sure he continued to be nice. Harry wasn’t sure he wanted to ask this next question, but he needed to know.

“Santa,” Harry hesitantly questioned? “If I open a present before Christmas, will I end up on the naughty list?”

“Good little boys don’t open up their presents before Christmas.”

“But this present isn’t for me, and I will rewrap it once I see what is inside.”

“You want to open someone else’s present Harry? That is certainly a very Naughty thing to do. Who’s present do you want to open?”

“I don’t know who’s present it is Santa, it doesn’t have a name on it. It is wrapped in baby wrapping paper, so it is for a baby. I am not a baby so it is not for me. It was the first present under the tree this year, I just want to know what is inside.”

“It is naughty to open someone else’s present and you will end up on the naughty list if you do. If it is the first gift of Christmas, it is a magical gift made especially for one person. If you open it, you could cause the magic to leave the gift early and not work for the person getting the gift. Don’t be a naughty boy Harry, be a good boy and leave the gift alone. I will be keeping an eye on you. Now here’s a Candy Cane. Thank you for visiting. Be a good boy for Santa.”

Next they delivered the gift to Toys-for-Tots and then headed home. On the way home Harry told Mommy and Daddy how Santa said he was on the Nice List and if he continued to be good, he would stay on the nice list. Harry also proudly let Mommy and Daddy know that he didn’t wet his pants on Santa’s lap this time like he did last year when he was a little 6 year old. He informed then that he was a big 7 year old now who doesn’t do stuff like that anymore.

“See Mom,” Harry said with pride. “I didn’t need to wear Little Kid Pull-ups to visit Santa. I am a big boy now.”

When they got home, Harry looked in on the presents. He still wanted to know what was in the baby gift, but he didn’t want to risk ending up on the Naughty list. He wasn’t going to try to open it, but he still sat and stared at it wondering what was inside.

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Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas - Chapter 3

Nice new chapter this story is getting really good and I got feeling harry age is going to keep droping every time get cholocate out of the calander.

Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas - Chapter 3

Yay! I really enjoyed this chapter, I can’t wait for more ;D

Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas - Chapter 3

Another great chapter thanks for all the hard work!!! :wink:

Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas - Chapter 3

Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Ollie Teekabell!

This is a fun piece, I must say. I’m looking for the undertone of spooky… it’s quite hidden this time.

Loads of questions to answer, though; Mom is obviously instigating ths (I think), but is dad fully in on it, or as blind to the changes as everyone else? Do the teachers know, or are they helping guide the changed kids (assuming there are more)? In fact… ARE there others? Will Harry have moments of clarity, remembering his past… and has this happend to him before?

Or is this just one single mother acting alone?

Is there a shooter in the grassy knoll?

Please; do continue!

Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas - Chapter 3

Well, as the author of this story, I am not allowed to answer most of the questions you asked or commented about. There is really only one question I can answer:

“Is there a shooter in the grassy knoll?”

Well you see, . . . oh yeah, sorry. The CIA has decided that me anwering that question would violate Top Secret Clearance, so I guess I can’t answer that one either.

Sorry, you have loads of questions and I can’t answer any of them. I guess you will just have to keep reading.

I do have one question for you however, who is Ollie?

Re: Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas - Chapter 3

Who is Ollie…

At risk of dating myself (not that I would go out with a loser like me!), that was a reference to a really old comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy (my parents listend to them as kids, and I heard about them through my Dad, mostly).

Oliver (Ollie) Hardy was a total idiot and screwed everything up, causing Laurel to yell the signature line, “Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Ollie!!”.

The real question here is why did I reference a 1940’s screwball comedy duo on a modern-day abdl site?

I can’t answer that, which means this thread is just packed with unanswerable interrogatives. Whee.

I will let my original questions stand, to be answered as you add more chapters to this most entertaining story.

Thanks for writing!