Happy Easter

Hope everyone enjoyed it.

Re: Happy Easter

Hope everyone’s was better than mine… I got sick yesterday and still went into work at 7am this morning to help set up the Brunch at work… because I was sick, and that I’d be going out around customers and putting plates out- the boss felt it best I go home after I get the brunch line set up.

I was willing to stay all day though- because that’s the restaurant game. I am feeling better now- still sick, but feeling better.


Re: Happy Easter


Easter is really the pinnacle of Christian observances. So thank you for your good wishes; but aren’t you Jewish?

Re: Happy Easter

Indeed I am and I don’t celebrate Easter. I don’t need to, obviously, in order to wish someone else a happy holiday. Also, since Guinevere has been doing posts for the Jewish holidays, I thought I’d reciprocate for the Christian ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Happy Easter

thank you for your warm wishes. As a Christian Easter is very important to me.