Happy Children


I’d like to introduce the next sequel of Happy Family where our heroes meet again in the villa.



[chat]Herewell City Council[/chat][chat]
Excerpt of the monthly report

The villa confiscated the last month could be reopened and the Happy Children Foundation started its activity. On the 24-th the Happy Children Center was opened. The county provided the building and the Foundation provided necessary resources to rebuild the interior as well as operating costs. Some members of the Foundation took the babysitting jobs. [/chat]

Five months later:

[chat]Herewell City University[/chat][chat]
Regresser research report

An extensive research has been undertaken on the regression machine. The machine was confiscated in the villa owned by the former Happy Family Company.

At the University research labs several experiments were performed with animals. Unfortunately no test on humans could be performed.

The test subjects (dogs mostly) were regressed successfully; their bodies changed to puppies and their behavior changed accordingly. The periods of adult behavior appeared as well.

The machine could be setup to revert the regressed puppies to normal puppies. In most cases the aging ability has been restored and the adult behavior periods disappeared.

According to the experiment results the machine could be used to restore the aging ability of the regressed children. However there still is an issue; mental abilities couldn’t be tested thoroughly; volunteers would be necessary for further experiments.[/chat]

Re: Happy Children

Part 1:

The sun peeked into a bedroom in the second floor of Happy Children. This bedroom was the former nursery and now it became the home of Ellen and Mike. Mike was the true name of Charlie and he was a good student of IT. As soon as the villa was reopened, Ellen and Mike decided to live there. They became close friends even if their condition didn’t allow them the intimate relationship. Despite of their experience they liked the villa and they wanted to help other children.

After closing the Happy Family Company,Ellen and Mike could spend several weeks at Browns. It was a great time for both friends. Browns took care of them and considered them their own children even if Ellen’s mother came back and Mike’s family was found. Mrs. Brown taught them how to change their own diapers and how to perform the daily routine; she liked it very much.

When the Brown’s twins were given back, all four regressed children lived with Browns. Ellen and Mike had adult minds and they could stay alone at home and even take care of the twins Esther and Heather. The twins often were in the adult mode and they had lots of fun then. When the villa was re-opened, Ellen and Mike moved there. Their own parents and siblings provided all necessary help and support.

The nursery was re equipped according to their needs. The walls were re-painted in neutral colors and the childish pictures have gone. Instead of cribs they slept in small beds. For now the beds were separated, but Mike sometimes imagined putting them together and asked Ellen. Ellen didn’t like the idea and the beds stayed at the opposite walls.

Besides the beds there were cabinets with clothing at the wall and two smaller working tables with computers near the window. Ellen was working on a book about their experience and Mike tried to develop some support software for the regressed children.

Ellen woke up and stretched her small limbs on the bed. She checked her diaper first and stood up quietly. Just like before, cloth diapers were used in the villa; it was easier for Ellen and Mike to change on their own as they didn’t have to fumble with tapes. On the other hand the cloth diapers were thicker and had to be changed more often. However there were disposable diapers available for outside activities.

The diaper was quite wet and heavy; however it wasn’t soaked yet and Ellen didn’t have to get changed immediately. In either case Jessica, the babysitter didn’t come and Ellen didn’t like changing herself. The thick night time diaper was holding her legs a bit apart, so shehad to waddle. The first step also caused her bladder to void itself and the diaper dropped between her legs.

Ellen walked over to Mike and watched him. He was still asleep and Ellen wanted to tease him a little. She involuntarily reached to his crotch to check his diaper and to her utter shock Mike smiled. She pulled her hand away and grabbed his nose: “Wake up, sleeping beauty!”

Mike woke up, pushed her hand away and grinned: “Ellen, good morning. If you mentioned the sleeping beauty, you should have waked me up in another way. You also interrupted a very pleasant dream. Unfortunately I don’t remember it exactly.” He sat up and checked his diaper as well: “Let’s find Jessica. I’m quite wet.”

Ellen nodded: “Both of us should have clean diapers.” At the same moment she realized she did a mistake.

Mike laughed: “How do you know about my diaper? Did you check me? Was it you in my dream?” Ellen blushed.

At that moment Jessica opened the door. “Good morning, kids.” She opened the window and turned to Ellen: “Changing table round, lady’s first.”

Ellen grinned: “Which kids; I’m older than you are.”
“I know, but you don’t look like it and I’m about to change the wet package between your legs.”

Ellen nodded and followed Jessica; it was the regular morning ritual and she liked it; particularly with Jessica. The changing process was even pleasant and Ellen wasn’t sure if she should try the potty training at all.

Mike waited until Jessica finished changing Ellen and he hurried up to the bathroom as well. He liked the changing process even more and the cleaning by a girl made him feel like in paradise even if he wasn’t able to have sex. He closed his eyes and daydreamed.

Jessica finished changing his diaper and sent him back to get dressed. When he came to the room, Ellen was dressed in a T-shirt and denim pants. He opened his cabinet and got dressed as well. They tidied up the room and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. Before the other children arrive, they wanted to be ready to help.

Mike and Ellen were skilled enough to eat quickly; their motor skills were almost intact except the bladder and bowels control. They finished the breakfast, did the dishes and hurried up to the entrance hall. They didn’t have to waddle anymore; the diapers weren’t that thick.

The doorbell rang and Ellen pushed the button to unlock the entrance. The first client today was the little Sean and Alice was pushing the stroller. Sean apparently was in his baby mode and he kept smiling at everyone around. Alice proceeded through the entrance hall into the large day room. The villa has been re equipped and the former office was changed to the day room so the babysitters didn’t have to carry the children upstairs anymore. One of the upstairs nurseries was changed to Ellen and Mike’s room and the other one to a working room. Another large bathroom was built in the ground floor.

While Alice was putting Sean into the large playpen, Ellen opened the door again. Mrs. Brown was leading Esther and Heather, the former Ann and Mary. Both twins ran towards Ellen as soon as Mrs. Brown let go of them. Ellen hugged the girls and led them towards the day room. They sat down next to the playpen and Ellen turned to them:
“Anyone of you in your adult mode today? “

Esther nodded: “Yeah, Ellen, I am in my adult mode today.”

Esther and Heather were adopted by a rich family and they were given back immediately after closing the villa. Their adoptive parents didn’t want to have more problems and gave the twins back willingly. Browns became temporary parents of four toddlers and liked this role very much. Both twins accepted their condition and they enjoyed the company of Ellen and Mike. However there was a little difference in comparison to the villa.

Their adoptive parents and Browns didn’t use cloth diapers and the twins got used to the disposable ones very quickly. The adoptive parents didn’t notice the adult mode and kept the girls in diapers the whole time. Both girls got used to the comfort and stayed in diapers even if they got back home. Mike, Ellen and their parents tried to re-train them, but the adult time periods were too short and both girls weren’t willing to get trained quickly.

Ellen looked at Esther’s diapered bottom: “Did you go in your diaper again?”

Esther shrugged: “Does it matter?” She had peed in her diaper earlier while they were walking from the car. Esther felt the pressure, but she didn’t care and let go.

The door opened and Jessica entered the room along with Joan. Joan was wearing the childish-looking dress and thick tights, her hair arranged in a ponytail. Her mental age was about 18 months, she wasn’t able to speak or feed herself except drinking from the baby bottle. When her mother took her from the villa, she didn’t have any idea what to do with her regressed daughter. She had to work and Joan’s older sister was busy at school. They hired a babysitter to take care of Joan, but it was a difficult task. Most of the babysitters weren’t willing to take care of a big and strong toddler. Joan’s mother was glad when the villa was re-opened and she could work again without worries.

Joan smiled at everyone and sat down to Heather. Both girls took dolls and started playing.

The doorbell rang again and Josh arrived. He was one of the children who were regressed earlier and his body was about 2 years old. His mother drove him to the Centre; Josh got off the car and walked to the Centre alone; he was in his adult mode todayand he wasn’t wearing a diaper. In the entrance hall he greeted everyone and proceeded to the dining room directly.

The last child was Charity. Her mother was pushing the stroller. When Mike noticed her, he took the stroller and drove it to the day room. Charity smiled at him. She liked the Happy Children center even more than her home. Her older brother was reluctant to take care of his baby sister. The teenager considered it women’s affairs and hated the babysitting tasks, particularly changing her diapers.

Re: Happy Children

Part 2:

Five minutes later Jessica entered the room and called the children to breakfast. She lifted Sean from the playpen and carried him to thedining room and put him onto a high chair. Josh was sitting at a small table already and Esther with Heather sat down next to him. Joan followed themand Alice pointed at the chair nextto Sean. Mike pushed the stroller with Charity.

Some of the children were able to eat on their own; Josh and Esther ate their portions and they assisted Heather. Ellen was feeding Sean, Alice was feeding Joan and Mike gave Charity her bottle.

After breakfast Jessica sent the children back to the day room to start their activities. Alice carried Sean into the playpen and turned to the children: “Let’s check your diapees and we can play then.”

Josh headed towards the bathroom; he was the only one who wasn’t diapered today. He also didn’t need any assistance. Mike and Ellen followed him. They were about to take care of smaller children, but Mike’s diaper was both wet and messy after the breakfast and Ellen was quite wet.

The bathroom was well equipped with everything necessary to perform diaper changes quickly. There were two toddler-sized changing tables and one adult-sized one at the back wall and two small toilets on the left side along with two cubicles for the staff. A small cabinet with spare diapers, rubber pants and cleaning wipes was located under each of the changing tables and two big pails were located on the right side to put the soiled diapers in. A bathtub and shower was also available.

Ellen cleaned herself quickly and put on a clean diaper. She babysat earlier and she was quite skilled; however she still preferred to be changed by one of the babysitters. However they had to hurry up and start their duties. Mike lied down onto a changing table and Ellen cleaned him. Mike was smiling secretly; he liked to be changed by Ellen, but he didn’t want to tell her it.

As soon as they finished changing themselves, Alice led Joan and helped her onto the adult-sized changing table while Esther and Heather followed them. Esther ran over to Ellen and Heather walked to Mike.

Ellen couldn’t resist the temptation to remind Esther of her adult mode: “Esther, would you really like to spend the whole day in diapers? Isn’t it more comfortable to go to the toilet?”

Esther shrugged. She felt the urge but she liked the diaper comfort very much and the feeling of wet diaper was even pleasant. However, she didn’t want to admit it:
“Ellen, I’m not sure. I often don’t make it in time. However, I have to poop just now.”

Ellen sighed; she guessed what was going on, but she didn’t want to spoil Esther’s fun. After all one more diapered child wasn’t a big difference. She undid the soaked disposable diaper and let Esther down and to the toilet. After that she put a thick cloth diaper onto her and both girls left the bathroom.

Mike cleaned Heather; she was both wet and messy after the breakfast. He also learned babysitting skills, but he wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. He secretly preferred changing girls and the girls in baby mode liked him.

When he finished changing Heather, he went for Charity. Charity liked him as well; he was nice to her and he accepted her adult mind.

After the diaper change those in the adult mode headed towards the adult mode room. It was equipped with computers, game consoles and a library. Josh was sitting at a game console already and he was playing a complex RPG. Esther sat down and started an accounting program; just like Heather she was an excellent business academy student and could do all necessary bookkeping. Almost every day one of the girls was in her adult mode and Happy Children Company didn’t need any extra accountant.

Mike took care of Charity and carried her to the adult mode room as well. There was a high chair located next to his computer and Mike put her onto that chair:

“Charity, let’s have a look at today’s mail.”

Charity nodded and Mike opened theinbox folder. The message from city university caught his eye immediately. The first test of the regression machine on a human volunteer could be performed. Mike and Charity read the mail carefully and Mike turned to Charity:

“Charity, I’m not sure, but you would be a good candidate. Your disproportion between body and mind is quite big. Think of it. Even if you turned back to a baby, you could grow up again and get the second childhood.”

Charity shrugged; she wasn’t sure about her real intention yet. In either case she didn’t want to be the very first testing subject. However she got an idea; she wanted to show Mike another candidate. Charity pointed at herself and shook her head and pointed at the day room.

Mike got the message, lifted her from the chair and carried to the day room. Charity looked around and turned her head towards Joan. Mike nodded instantly:

“Charity, you are right; Joan is the only one who can win only. She probably can’t get worse even in case of a failure. We’ll ask her mother in the afternoon.”

They returned and Mike browsed the remaining mail. There wasn’t anything interesting else there and Mike decided to have a cup of tea. He turned to Charity:

“Charity, let’s have some tea. Do you need a clean diaper before we go to the dining room?”

Charity nodded; she didn’t feel shame anymore and Mike was nice to her already. He carried her to thebathroom and changed both her and himself.

In the dining room they met Esther; she also made a break and wanted a cup of juice. She was waddling and her diaper was wet, but she didn’t ask anyone to change her.

Jessica prepared a bottle for Charity and poured tea and juice for Esther and Mike. Mike was holding the bottle or Charity and drank his tea afterwards.

The rest of morning was uneventful. After lunch Sean, Josh, Esther, Heather and Charity were put to their afternoon nap. Mike and Ellen didn’t need the nap and Joan didn’t want to sleep.

In the afternoon the modes changed as usually. Sean was the only one in his adult mode. As soon as Mike found it out, he showed Sean the e-mail and asked him about his opinion. Sean nodded and typed on the keyboard:

‘I don’t know yet. Let’s wait for Joan first. I’m not sure if I want to grow up and learn everything again.’

Later in the afternoon the parents arrived and took the children home. Joan’s mother agreed with the proposal.It was a hope for Joan to come back to her normal life.

When the parents left and Jessica with Alice was about to finish her shift, Mike’s brother appeared and he gave Mike a small package. Mike grinned, thanked him and carried the package to his cabinet. Ellen noticed it and asked Mike; Mike winked at her:

“Wait until evening.”

Re: Happy Children

Part 3:

Jessica prepared a light dinner for Ellen and Mike and waited until they ate their portions. After dinner they did the dishes, checked all rooms and tidied them up.

Before Jessica left, she asked Ellen and Mike about their diapers. Ellen’s diaper was quite full and Jessica had to clean her thoroughly. Mike asked Jessica for a thick night-time diaper and Jessica was surprised:

“Why, Mike? You change yourself before going to bed though.”

Mike nodded and grinned a bit. Jessica shrugged only and put the thick diaper on him. However she was aware of Mike’s brother’s visit and the small package and realized it was the right reason even if she didn’t know exactly about the package.

As soon as Jessica and Alice left, Mike went over to his cabinet and opened the package:

“Ellen, look at my surprise!” He revealed a small bottle of wine.

Ellen stared at him in an utter disbelief: “Mike, it’s a foolish idea. We can get drugged; our bodies are toddler bodies and not used to alcohol.”

Mike grinned: “Ellen, it is a single small bottle. To be honest; I’m curious about the response of such toddler body. Don’t tell me you don’t want to make a folly sometimes.”

Ellen sighed; even if she was afraid a bit, her curiosity took over. After all it was a small bottle only. She brought two glasses and a bottle of water.

Mike poured the wine and raised his glass: “Cheers!” Ellen raised her glass and both toddler-sized adults drank them up.

The effect of the wine appeared almost immediately. Ellen’s throat was on fire and so was her stomach; her little body wasn’t used to alcohol at all. She filled her cup with water and drank it up. Mike had similar feelings and he drank a cup of water as well. It wasn’t as good as before their change.

Five minutes later Ellen started feeling dizzy and she wasn’t able to stand up. However her mood improved, her eyes started gleaming and she started talking and smiling. Mike stared at her, but his mood improved as well:

“What happened to you, Ellen?” he grinned: “I don’t remember you that happy.”
“I don’t know; it’s been a funny idea to bring the wine,” Ellen replied and laughed.

Ellen and Mike talked for awhile and they laughed alot. They tried to recall their memories about the whoopees in their former life. All of sudden Ellen stopped:

“Mike, I’ve just pissed myself and I’m all wet. Could you change me?”

Mike was taken aback. Ellen usually didn’t like to be changed by him; it was a surprise. He stood up, leaned to the wall and waddled to the bathroom to get a clean diaper for Ellen. He grabbed a thick one, a wet cloth to clean her and returned to the bedroom.

Ellen managed to get to her bed and lie down. She was trying to unzip her pants, but her fingers refused to respond. She grinned at Mike:

“I need your help, Mike.”

Mike unzipped the pants, pulled them down and revealed the soggy diaper. He pulled down the rubber pants and exposed her crotch. Before he pulled the wet diaper from beneath Ellen, she stopped him:

“Could you clean me thoroughly, please?”

The request was a bit unexpected; Mike wanted to clean her anyway. He nodded and rubbed her crotch and Ellen closed her eyes: “More.” It was a pleasant feeling for her.

Mike finished the changing process and Ellen sobered up a bit. She stood up and returned to the table: “Let’s have another cup …wait, Mike. Are you wet? I change you as well.”

Without waiting she grabbed Mike’s crotch and pulled him to his bed:“Lie down and wait.” She waddled to the bathroom, fetched a thick diaper and came back. Mike was waiting indeed and he suddenly enjoyed being changed by Ellen; she rubbed his crotch a little more than necessary and he was feeling like in heaven. Neither of them was able to get aroused, but rubbing their crotches felt wonderful anyway.

Fortunately for the toddlers the bottle was small and they could drink one more cup only. However Ellen was getting drunk seriously. Mike helped her to her bed and changed her wet diaper again. This time she was almost asleep and didn’t show the arousal anymore. He also was tired, changed his own diaper and walked over to Ellen. Suddenly he wanted to be with her. He switched off the light, lied down, and hugged Ellen and his eyes closed. Ellen hugged him back involuntarily.

In the morning Mike got up early. He was having a slight hangover and his diaper was soaked. Ellen was still asleep and Mike decided to wake her up with a kiss:

“Morning, sleeping beauty.”

Ellen opened her eyes and returned the kiss, but she frowned instantly: “Oh, my head!” She apparently had a hangover too. Her diaper was heavy and soaked as well:

“Mike, the sleeping beauty is soaked. Could you clean her like yesterday?”

She reached down, pulled down her pajama pants and exposed the rubber pants and wet package. Mike grinned and hurried up to the bathroom. All of sudden he enjoyed diaper changes as long as he was changing Ellen.He pulled down her rubber pants, lifted the diaper front and cleaned her crotch as thoroughly as the day before. Ellen closed her eyes and smiled.

When he finished, Mike carried the wet diaper to the diaper pail and came back; he lied down onto his bed and waited for Ellen. She repaid him the favor and his mood improved. He thanked Ellen, hugged her and gave her a long kiss:

“We should change each other more often, shouldn’t we?”

“Yeah, but the drinking isn’t necessary anymore,” Ellen grinned.

They opened the window to air the room and tidied up everything. Before Alice appeared, the hangovers were over as well and they could start another day.

When Alice arrived half an hour later, she was a bit surprised; she usually had to wake up Mike and Ellen, but that morning they were awake already and their room was clean and tidy. She didn’t ask them and started making breakfast.

Re: Happy Children

Part 4:

The next days were quite uneventful, but there were slight changes in Ellen’s and Mike’s relationship. Ellen agreed with Mike’s proposal to put the beds together. Jessica and Alice were surprised, but they helped at moving Mike’s bed. Ellen wanted to be changed by Mike whenever possible and Mike did the same. However both Ellen and Mike were careful and didn’t clean each other more than necessary during the day.

However, a slight problem appeared. Mike sometimes was changing Charity or the twins and he involuntarily rubbed their crotches more than necessary. Charity was in her adult mode and she smiled at him widely. Ellen noticed it and she talked to Mike in the evening:

“Mike, are you cheating me?”

Mike stared at her in an utter surprise: “W … w … what did me do?”

“You were rubbing Charity’s crotch and she smiled at you!”

Mike hugged her tightly: “Ellen, I did it involuntarily. Charity always wants me to take care of her. Don’t worry,” he gave Ellen a passionate kiss: “Should I make up for it now?”

Ellen grinned: “Not necessary just now, but you will clean me thoroughly before going to bed.” All of sudden she wanted to tease Mike by changing the boys in their adult mode; unfortunately they didn’t wear diapers in their adult modes.

Mike smiled and gave Ellen another kiss. They spent a pleasant evening and before going to bed Ellen lied down on her bed, got undressed and exposed her wet diaper:

“Mike, I’m waiting,” she grinned.

Mike brought the cleaning rag, a new thick diaper and started cleaning Ellen. As he was rubbing her crotch, Ellen closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasant feeling. Mike remembered his former affairs and he got an idea; he tried to rub Ellen’s tiny clitoris with his finger. He didn’t know if Ellen could get aroused in her toddler condition, but her response was surprising. She lifted her groin and pressed against his finger. Mike smiled and rubbed her clitoris even more. Ellen was breathing heavily and moaning. Suddenly she cramped and a stream of pee emerged from her body. Mike grabbed the wet diaper and covered her crotch just in time. He had to control himself not to laugh.

Ellen needed several minutes to calm down; she smiled widely at Mike: “Thank you, Mike. I never imagined I could get aroused in the toddler body. Diaper me and I try to repay you it.”

Mike put the clean diaper no her and Ellen put a pajama on. Mike undressed himself and lied down on his bed, waiting for Ellen. She brought another thick diaper, pulled down his rubber pants, removed the diaper and started cleaning him thoroughly; she grabbed his tiny penis and massaged it a little. Mike closed his eyes as well; the feeling was great. In about two minutes he cramped and Ellen had to grab the diaper to catch the urine.

Half an hour later they lied down, hugged each other, Mike pulled a blanket over them and gave Ellen a long and passionate kiss: “Good night, my love. It’s been wonderful. I know it was odd, but I liked it even more than earlier when I was a young man.”

Ellen nodded and smiled: “Mike, I love this condition too. As soon as we arrange the legal issues, we can stay like this forever.” She talked with Cathy earlier and Cathy promised her to ask her teachers. The next day Cathy would take Ellen to the university and Ellen can talk with an excellent lawyer.

The next morning after breakfast Cathy arrived at the villa. Jessica changed Ellen into a disposable diaper and gave some spare ones to Cathy. They also fetched a car seat; despite of her adult mode Ellen’s body was small and she couldn’t use the regular safety belt.

Cathy drove Ellen to the university. Suddenly Ellen realized they could check the laboratories and ask the research team members about the results. Cathy nodded, but she proposed to visit Professor Johnson first; he was a family law expert.

Professor Johnson was familiar with Ellen’s case already, but he was really taken aback when he was talking with a toddler sized and diapered journalist. They were talking almost for an hour and he was willing to prove Ellen’s maturity and ability to act as an adult; however he needed a psychological expert testimony; fortunately his close friend was an expert psychologist. Ellen also asked him about Mike and he agreed that both Ellen and Mike could come to the psychologist’s session together. All necessary costs should be covered by the Foundation; however Professor Johnson didn’t require money; he wanted an exclusive right to publish their case in the National Law Magazine.

Ellen thanked him and agreed to the exclusive right. Of course her mother had to sign the contract for now. Cathy took her to the laboratory; however she reminded Ellen of her diaper. The disposable diaper was able to absorb a lot of urine, but Ellen didn’t feel any wetness. Ellen nodded and she realized the package between her legs was dropping down already. They stopped at the toilets and Cathy changed Ellen; changing the disposable diaper was a bit trickier due to the tapes.

In the research department they learned about the last results and the team leader informed Ellen about Joan; her mother agreed to do the first experiment on Joan. It was scheduled in three days. Ellen asked the leader about the research details and she was curious about her own possibilities. According to the leader the most probable result would be regression of her mind to match her body size. Mike’s result would be the same.

Before Cathy drove Ellen back to the villa, they stopped at a café. Ellen didn’t drink coffee for long and Cathy didn’t object as well. They sat down; the waiter brought a high chair, but she was surprised by Ellen’s wish. While Ellen was explaining about her real condition, the waiter was staring at her wide-eyed.

Ellen sipped her coffee and talked with Cathy for awhile; however her toddler body wasn’t used to the coffee and the consequence appeared almost immediately. As soon as she finished, she felt grumbling in her stomach; in five minutes the rear of her diaper exploded. Cathy paid for the coffee and brought Ellen to the family bathroom to clean her.

Ellen grinned; she remembered the wine with Mike; however she didn’t regret it at all. Soiled diapers couldn’t discourage her from having some small pleasures.

Back at the villa Ellen told Mike about her visit; Mike was quite excited about the psychologist’s session and he was curious about its results already. In the evening they couldn’t fall asleep; Ellen still felt the caffeine effect and Mike was curious and excited.

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