Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Hannah in Nappies

Chapter One

Even though Hannah was 18 years old, she still wore nappies. She had pretty much always worn nappies at night, as she had never managed to have more than a handful of dry nights in her life. She had been potty trained for the daytime at about two and a half, but four years ago when Hannah was 14, after the death of her father she started to have accidents in the daytime. Now she wore pull-ups to university and to go out anywhere. She wore nappies at home. She couldn’t change her own nappies, so someone else always had to do it. She could change her own pull-ups though as they pulled on like normal knickers. Hannah had been having nappies changed by her mum, Jackie, for 18 years, so she didn’t mind that her mum saw her half naked everyday. She didn’t mind other adults she knew changing her, but hated it when her friends or someone she didn’t really know had to change her

Although Hannah had to wear the nappies and pull-ups because she had accidents, she liked to wear them and knew that she would want wear them even if she didn’t have accidents. She also liked to be babied occasionally, however her mum didn’t like to baby her and would sometimes tell Hannah off if she started to speak baby talk.

Hannah had an older half brother and half sister. They were from her mum’s first marriage. Her brother Ted was 30 lived about an hour away with his wife Sandra and their three children Jessie who was seven, Michael who was five and Tia who was two. Hannah’s sister Louise was 28 lived only about ten minutes away by car with her girlfriend Allie. They had been living together for three years. When her mum went out in an evening it was Louise and sometimes Allie as well that came over to stay with Hannah. Hannah couldn’t be left on her own if her mum wasn’t going to be back till quite late, as she had to be put into her nappy before bed. If Louise or Allie couldn’t do it, then one of Hannah’s friends would come over or Hannah would stay at a friend’s house. When she was left alone in the house during the day she would just wear pull-ups, but at night this was not possible, as her pull-ups would not hold her nighttime wetting.

Hannah’s mum had been single since Hannah’s dad had died four years ago and as she was at work full time, she joined a popular dating website. Of the men that e-mailed her, she started e-mailing one of them regularly, and within the week they were talking on the phone for ages most evenings. One evening this man who was called Simon called. Jackie went up to her room to talk leaving Hannah downstairs watching TV. She was wearing only her nappy and a t-shirt. Her nappy was already wet, but she hadn’t been changed. She then realised that she needed to poop. She was sat on the sofa so she tried to go like that, but couldn’t. Hannah got off the sofa and kneeling on the floor lent forward holding onto the sofa. She stuck her butt out and was able to poop. She could tell it was quite a big one. When she had done, she sat on the floor and mushed it up making it more comfortable. She was hoping that her mum would come down and take her to be changed. Although Hannah did like to poop in her nappies and she liked to mush it up and sit in it for a while, she hated sitting in it for too long as she would get nappy rash, which she hated. After five minutes Hannah decided to go up to her mums bedroom. She waddled up the stairs and then knocked on her mum’s door. She could hear that her mum was still on the phone.

“Come in” she heard her mum call. Hannah went in. She didn’t want to say that she needed to be changed too loudly as she didn’t want Simon to be able to hear it through the phone. Instead of talking she turned round and lifted up her t-shirt. Jackie saw the problem immediately. Hannah’s nappy had a brown stain at the back. “Sorry about that Simon,” she said into the phone. “No it was just Hannah wanting something. She’s gone now, but I have to pee, so is it all right if I hang up. I will give you a ring back in a couple of minutes…yeah ok. Bye” Jackie said hanging up the phone. She got up off the bed and walked Hannah to her room. Hannah lay down on her changing mat and lifted up her t-shirt. Jackie untaped the nappy. “This is one messy nappy,” she said as she wiped her daughter’s butt.

“I really had to go. I’m sorry,” said Hannah.

“I’m not mad. It’s what the nappy is made for,” said Jackie. She had cleaned Hannah, so she rolled up the nappy and put it in a plastic bag along with the wipes, and then put the bag in the rubbish bin that was used as Hannah’s nappy pail. Hannah lifted up her butt and Jackie put the fresh nappy under, then she powdered Hannah. After this she brought the nappy between Hannah’s open legs and fastened the tabs making sure that it was tight. Then she was finished. She stood up then helped Hannah up. Hannah pulled her t-shirt down. “Will you be alright if I go back and talk to Simon for a bit?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah I’ll be fine,” said Hannah. “I’m just gonna go downstairs and watch TV”. She headed back downstairs and Jackie went back to her room. Once downstairs Hannah lay down on the sofa and put her thumb in her mouth. She had a dummy, but she knew that her mum didn’t like her using it. She would only be allowed to use that or any other baby things as a reward for something. She started to drift off to sleep, but after half an hour Jackie came back downstairs and Hannah woke up again. The first thing she did was wet her nappy. Jackie could tell from the expression on Hannah’s face that she was wetting herself.

“Since you were such a good girl, and let me talk on the phone, and only interrupted me once, I’m going to let you have a bottle. Do you like the sound of that?”

“Yeah” said Hannah. She sat up on the sofa and as she did that, her nappy crinkled.

“I’m going to go get it so you just sit there and I will bring it in for you”. A couple of minutes Jackie came back with a bottle of juice. “Let me sit on the sofa then you can sit on my knee and I will give it to you” said Jackie. Hannah was delighted. On the few occasions that she was allowed a baby bottle, she had to hold it herself. She stood up and allowed her mum to sit down. Then she sat down in her mums lap, her legs stretching across the sofa. Jackie had one arm round Hannah’s back and she held the bottle in the other. Once they were both comfortable, Jackie put the teat in Hannah’s mouth and Hannah suckled her juice. She liked that her mum was treating her like a baby. Hannah took her time in drinking her bottle, wanting to stay there for longer. She was afraid that when the juice was gone, she would have to get off her mum’s knee. However, when the juice was gone, Jackie simply put the bottle aside and allowed her daughter to remain there. She quickly put her hand in between Hannah’s legs to try and shift Hannah upwards, as she had been sliding down, and was practically lying down with her head in Jackie’s lap. This movement took Hannah by surprise. She had been about to wet herself. Instead she managed to hold it and she wet when her mum had moved her hand. What Hannah didn’t anticipate was that Jackie was going to put her hand back just to secure Hannah in place. Hannah was in midflow and couldn’t stop. Jackie smiled as she felt the warmth in Hannah’s nappy. “I guess you are going to need another nappy before bedtime then” she said. Hannah blushed. They stayed in that position for a while longer, until Hannah started to yawn. Jackie walked her upstairs and then changed Hannah’s wet nappy whilst Hannah lay in bed. Hannah was practically asleep before her mum left the room. Jackie then went to her own bedroom.

The next morning Hannah woke up early and she stayed in bed waiting for her mum to come in and change her wet nappy. As she was lying Hannah wet her nappy again, enjoying the warmth between her legs. After she had finished wetting, her mum came back in the room. “Oh, you’re already awake. That’s a change,” she said. She pulled the duvet off Hannah. Hannah pulled up her t-shirt that she slept in. Jackie untaped the nappy and wiped Hannah. “Do you need to go to the toilet before you get your pull-up on, sweetie”

“No I already did it in the nappy whilst I was waiting for you”

“Ok” said Jackie. She put the nappy and wipes in the nappy pail then got out a pull-up. She helped Hannah put her legs through the holes whilst Hannah was still lying down. She couldn’t of course pull it up completely, so Hannah stood up and Jackie pulled it up over Hannah’s bottom. She made sure that it was on properly, and then she left Hannah to get dressed. Hannah then pulled off her t-shirt. She put it on her bed then made her bed. Then she went over to her wardrobe. The wardrobe had a couple of drawers at the bottom where Hannah kept her clothes that didn’t need to be hung up. She opened one and got out a bra and a pair of socks. She had used to keep knickers in that drawer as well, but she didn’t have any now. All she had was a bikini and swimsuit. She put her bra on and then went over to the bed to put her socks on, her pull-up crinkling as she walked. Hannah didn’t notice it. It was only went she was with other people that she sometimes got self-conscious and thought they could tell she was in a pull-up.

Hannah quickly finished getting ready and she packed her bag for university. As well as the things she was going to need for her lecture and seminar Hannah also packed two extra pull-ups and a travel packet of wipes. The pull-ups were only for accidents, so Hannah rarely had to change whilst at university. She would just use the toilet instead. When she was ready she went downstairs where her mum had poured her some cereal. She sat down to eat it. Jackie was already sat down eating hers. Hannah had a class at nine this morning, so had to set off in her car no later than ten past eight. As a result it was not yet half seven as they were eating their breakfast.

Hannah had passed her driving test over the summer and had been given a car for her eighteenth birthday so that she could drive to the local university. She had been at university for two and a half months. She had settled in and had made friends. Some of them were living in the halls of residence, whilst others were from the local area and lived at home. She even had a couple of friends that were mature students with children. So far she hadn’t told any of her friends that she wore pull-ups and was hoping that none of them would find out.

“Have you got some pull-ups with you honey?” Jackie asked. Hannah looked up suddenly. She had been lost in thought.

“Yep. I’ve got two because I’m gonna be there a while today”

“Good. But make sure that you use the toilet when you know that you have to go. The pull-ups are only there in case you have an accident. And remember if you do have an accident then change your pull-up as soon as possible. They aren’t like your nappies”

“Yeah I know mum. You have been saying it at least once a week for almost three and a half years”

“I just don’t want you to forget”

“I’m not gonna mum”

“Good. What time are you going to be in today?”

“Um…seminar nine till eleven. Hour break. Lecture twelve till one. Then we talked about getting lunch at the pub nearby. So I don’t know. Half two threeish” Hannah said.

“I’m finishing at half four all this week, so you will have to wear your pull-ups till I get home and can change you. It will probably be about five”

“Ok. That’s fine”

“Oh and remember that we are going over to your sisters for tea. Allie is trying out a new recipe that she wants opinions on. We are going over at about sixish”. Allie was a chef at a restaurant and they were testing out new recipes to go on the menu. As Allie was a chef she sometimes worked odd hours and was sometimes home during the day. Louise worked in an office so worked the regular nine to five, Monday to Friday.

“Ok. Can I wear nappies or do I have to wear a pull-up?”

“You can wear your nappy since it is Louise and Allie”

“Okay. Thanks”

“Well I’m going to go get a shower and get ready for work. You will probably be gone before I’m finished so bye bye honey. Have a good day,” said Jackie. She put her dish in the sink. On her way out of the room she went over to Hannah and kissed the top of her head quickly. Hannah smiled.

“Bye mum. Have a good day at work”. She carried on eating her cereal, then washed up the few pots in the sink.

“Honey” she heard her mum shouting. Hannah went to the bottom of the stairs. “Do you need to go in the bathroom before I go in and get my shower?”

Even though her mum had not actually said it, Hannah knew that her mum was actually asking whether she needed to go to the toilet. “No mum I’m fine. Remember I told you I already went in my nappy this morning”

“I know, but that was almost an hour ago and you have a half hour drive”. Hannah thought about it then went upstairs just to please her mum. She went in the bathroom and pulled down her jeans and pull-up then sat on the toilet. She was sat there for a minute before she did a small pee. Then she wiped herself clean and pulled up her pull-up and jeans. When she got out of the bathroom her mum was still there. “So did you need to go?”

“Yeah, but it was only a little one and I would have been able to hold it in till uni. Anyway I’m going to set off now, then I can meet my friends before the seminar”

“Ok sweetie. See you later on”.

Hannah went downstairs and grabbed her bag and keys. She went outside locking the door behind her, and then got into her little car.

She set off and then half an hour later she arrived at uni. Her seminar wasn’t going to start for half an hour, so Hannah parked her car and walked over to the canteen, where she normally met her friends if she was early enough. Sure enough she saw them sitting at one of the big tables. Hannah walked over to them. Sat at the table was four of her friends. Paula who was a mature student and had three teenage children. Sammy who was eighteen and lived with her parents five minutes away. Janie who was 19 and lived in the halls of residence. The other person at the table was Georgina. She was a mature student, but was younger than Paula. She had two children who were seven and four. Hannah thought that if any of her friends were likely to find out about her pull-ups it would be Georgina. This was because Georgina had mentioned the previous week that her children were bedwetters and wore pull-ups. The adult ones, which Hannah wore, were similar to child pull-ups.

“Hey Han” Sammy said as Hannah sat down.

“Hey everyone” Hannah said. The five of them began chatting and were soon joined by a couple of other girls who lived in halls. They were Kendra and Stacey who were both eighteen. At ten to nine they set off walking to their seminar. Hannah made sure that she didn’t walk in front of Georgina, just in case she noticed the outline of the pull-up on her butt.

When the seven of them got to the seminar they sat at one of the tables together. Hannah ended up sitting next to Georgina. People were talking until their seminar leader came in, then of course they had to look at the novel they had read for that week. The seminar was quite boring and when they got out just under two hours later Hannah’s pull-up was still dry, which she was pleased about. On most other weeks she had wet her pull-up in that seminar so that she did not have to leave to go to the toilet.

Hannah and her friends went back to the canteen. They had an hour to waste before their lecture. Most of her friends went to go buy drinks, so Hannah took the opportunity to go to the toilet. Georgina followed her. When they got to the toilets, Hannah went into one stall and Georgina went into the one next to her. As Hannah pulled down her trousers and pull-up she was aware of every little sound it made, as she was worried that Georgina would hear it. She sat down and peed. Then she wiped herself. After Hannah had done this she pulled up her pull-up and trousers, hoping Georgina wouldn’t hear her again. When Hannah came out of the stall Georgina was washing her hands. Hannah went over to wash her hands as well. She couldn’t even look at Georgina, as she was positive that Georgina knew she was in a pull-up. Georgina looked around the room quickly then spoke.

“Hannah, can I ask you something? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want”

“Yeah sure, what?” said Hannah trying to act cool even though she knew what was going to be asked.

“This might sound weird, but you know how I said my kids wear pull-ups to bed”


“Well, I sometimes get the idea that you are wearing pull-ups”. Hannah went bright red. Georgina noticed and realised that her theory was correct.

“Hey Han don’t worry about it, I’m not gonna tell anyone else. It’ll be our secret”

“Thanks. Most of my old friends know, but I wanted to make friends with people here without them finding out”

“Honestly I’m not gonna tell anyone. Do you wear them all the time then?” Georgina asked. Hannah did not want to tell Georgina anymore than she had to.

“Yeah. When my dad died four years ago I started having occasional accidents. Then me and my mum decided that I should wear pull-ups so that if I have an accident it doesn’t matter and no one else can tell”.

“So do you have accidents often then?” Georgina asked.

“Not really. The pull-up is there just in case, and I can use it if I have to go in lectures or seminars”. Then the two of them realised they had been in the toilet for quite a while, so they went out to their other friends.

Forty-five minutes later they headed off to their lecture. In the middle of the lecture Hannah realised that she needed to pee again. She knew that she wasn’t going to be able to hold it for another half an hour in the lecture and she did not want to miss some of the lecture by walking out. She began to wet herself, glancing down at her crotch as she did it to make sure that it didn’t leak. Georgina glanced over at Hannah, who was alternating between staring at the wall and looking down into her lap. Georgina wondered if Hannah was wetting her pull-up.

After the lecture, Hannah and her friends walked out of the building. When they were outside a couple of her friends had to go. Paula and Sammy both had to get to their jobs and Stacy had to go and finish an assignment. Therefore it was Hannah, Georgina, Janie and Kendra that were going for lunch at the pub. Hannah drove the four of them down in her car, even though it was only a five-minute walk away telling her friends that it looked as if it was going to be raining. The real reason why she wanted to drive down however was because she didn’t want to have to walk in a soaked pull-up. When they got there, Hannah said she was going to the toilet. This time no one followed her and there was no one in the toilets either. She pulled off her trousers. The pull-up had swelled up in front and the wetness indicator had gone from the front. Hannah pulled it down then wiped herself with the wipes she had in her bag. Then she put the pull-up and the wipes in the sanitary products bin. After she had done this she put on another pull-up and then put her trousers on.

Meanwhile her friends had got a table and were sat down looking at the menu. Hannah came out and sat with them. She noticed Georgina looking at her, but avoided eye contact. She knew that she had been in the toilet for longer than was necessary.

The meal passed without incident and then Hannah drove everyone back to uni. Janie and Kendra walked to the halls together and Georgina went to her car to drive home. Hannah drove home.

Chapter Two

Hannah got back to her house at half two. She went in, went straight up to her room and onto the computer. Her best friend, Marie, who was at a university two hours away, was on MSN so Hannah spoke to her until Marie had to go out. When Hannah finished talking to Marie she was surprised to find that her pull-up was wet. As it was going to be at least an hour and a half before her mum was home Hannah changed into a fresh pull-up. She then watched a bit of TV and was interrupted when the phone rang. It was her mum.

“I’m going to be later back from work than I thought”

“Oh okay. What about going to Louise and Allie’s?” Hannah asked.

“Well, that was the reason I was ringing. Will you go round by yourself? That way I don’t have to come back and get you then go back again. They said we would be eating at about seven. I should make it for then. Allie should be finished work by now, so if you ring and check she is in then you can go round whenever you are ready”

“Ok. I’ll probably go round soon”

“Remember to take your nappy bag with you. If you ask her Allie will probably change you when you get there”

“I will. I don’t have anything at uni in the morning. Can I stay over with Louise and Allie tonight?”

“It’s okay with me, but when you ring, ask Allie. If she says yes then remember to take everything you will need, and take plenty of nappies and a pull-up to put on in the morning. Look sweetie I’m gonna have to get back to work. I’ll see you in a bit. Call me if there are any problems”

“Okay. Bye mum”

“Bye Han”. They both hung up. Hannah then rang up her sister’s flat. Allie was home.

“Hey Allie. It’s Hannah”

“Hey Han”

“Mum is going to be late from work and won’t have time to pick me up before she goes to yours, so I’m going to come over on my own”

“Ok. Do you want to come over earlier then? You can help me make the food if you want”

“That’s what I was going to ask. Also, since I’m going to be in my car and I don’t have anything at uni in the morning”

“You want to stay over” Allie guessed.

“Yeah. Is that alright?”

“It’s fine with me”

“I can bring my stuff and leave it in the car until you check with Louise”

“I’m sure she will be fine with it. Just get all your things together and remember to bring lots of nappies, then come over when you are ready”. They hung up and Hannah went to get her things together. She packed her things together, including clothes for the next day and her t-shirt for sleeping in. She then packed her nappy bag, putting in a full box of wipes, a tub of talcum powder and a several nappies, as well as a pull-up for the morning. She also put in one of her dummies. Then locking up the house, she set off. It only took ten minutes to get to her sisters flat, so Hannah was there fairly quickly. She grabbed her nappy bag out of the car, leaving her clothes bag in the boot. As she walked up to the flat she peed in her pull-up so that she could be put into a nappy straight away. Allie greeted her at the door. They hugged.

“Hey Han”

“Hey Allie. The food smells nice”

“Yep. I hope that you like it. If you, Jackie and Louise like it then it might go on the menu at the restaurant”.

“Cool” said Hannah.

“Are you in a nappy or a pull-up?” Allie asked.

“I’m in a wet pull-up. I’ve bought loads of nappies. Can you change me please?”

“Did you have an accident in your pull-ups, or was it on purpose?”

“On purpose, so that you would put me into a nappy straight away” Hannah said smiling. Allie took the nappy bag and they went through to the spare room. Hannah pulled her trousers down and she lay on the bed. Allie opened up the pull-up. She wiped Hannah’s front then lifted up Hannah’s legs to wipe her bottom. After doing this she removed the wet pull-up and slid a fresh nappy under Hannah. Then she powdered Hannah’s behind. Hannah then put her legs down and Allie powdered her front. The nappy was brought between Hannah’s legs and then Allie taped it. Allie had been living with Louise for three years and had been dating her for two years before that so had been around when Hannah started having accidents. Before meeting Louise she had never really changed a nappy before, but after putting Hannah in her nappy for bed a few times, she had learnt. Now after Hannah had been wearing nappies during the day for three and a half years, Allie was an expert at changing her.

“So have you had any accidents today?” Allie asked as she helped Hannah off the bed. Hannah bent down to pull up her trousers. As she did this, she spoke.

“Yeah I had one earlier on. I was on the computer talking to Marie, then I finished talking to her and realised I was wet”. She stood up and finished pulling up her trousers. However they wouldn’t fit properly over her nappy. “I forgot that these trousers don’t fit over my nappy”

“What about the trousers that you’ve bought for tomorrow?”

“No, because I knew that I would be in a pull-up for most of tomorrow”.

“I guess we should go see if me or Louise have anything you could wear. If not then you will have to just have your shirt and nappy on”

“I like that idea” said Hannah. She loved walking round showing off her nappy, of course only in the house or in Allie and Louise’s flat.

“I thought you would and it makes it easier to change you. I guess you can stay like that until Louise comes home at least” said Allie. Hannah left her trousers with her nappy bag and followed Allie into the kitchen. Allie washed her hands and then started cutting up some vegetables.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Hannah asked.

“You could make me a drink, and get yourself one as well if you want, then Louise will probably be home”. Hannah made the drinks, and then sat on table with her drink next to her.

After about five minutes they heard the door open. Hannah went through to the living room to greet Louise. Allie followed.

“Hey Han, Hey Allie” said Louise. She gave Hannah a hug, then kissed Allie on the cheek. Allie then went back into the kitchen to keep an eye on the food.

“Hey Louise”

“Ok, two questions. One, how come you are here early? Two, what happened to your trousers?”

“In answer to one” said Hannah. Louise began taking off her jacket and shoes. “Mum’s been held up at work, so is coming straight from there to here, so I drove over myself. Two, I came over in a pull-up and a pair of trousers, but when Allie changed me into a nappy the trousers didn’t fit over the nappy”

“Come with me and we’ll see if me or Allie have anything you could wear”

“Ok. Oh and by the way, can I stay over tonight? Mum says it’s alright and Allie said its fine, but she’d have to check with you. I have my things in the car,” Hannah said as they went through to Louise and Allie’s room.

“Yeah it’s fine with me if you stay over. You don’t have anything at uni in the morning, do you?” Louise checked. She opened the two wardrobes and began looking through the clothes. Hannah sat down on the bed.

“I don’t have anything at all tomorrow”

“Well I’ll be at work, but I think Allie is off tomorrow, so you don’t need to get up early or anything. Actually you should check with Allie. She might be doing something for all I know”

“Ok. I’m not bothered about getting up early anyway”. Louise got out a pairs of jeans.

“Will these fit you?” she asked. Hannah got up and pulled them on. They wouldn’t fasten around the nappy.


“Since me and Allie are the same size as you anyway, so I don’t think anything will fit. We have a while till mum is getting here, so we can go back to your house and get you a pair of trousers if you want”

“No I’ll be fine,” said Hannah.

“I’m just going to get changed out of my work clothes. Why don’t you go and ask Allie what she is doing tomorrow”. Hannah went, leaving Louise to get changed in private. Allie was in the kitchen.

“Didn’t manage to find anything to wear then” said Allie as Hannah came into the kitchen.

“Nope, nothing would fit over my nappy. So I will be dressed like this all evening”

“Ok. If your legs get cold then I will get a blanket or something to put over them”

“Thanks. Also, do you have anything planned for tomorrow because Louise said that you aren’t working?”

“Nope nothing planned. I might go into town and look around the shops. If you don’t have anything on tomorrow then you can come as well. We can go to your house to get some extra pull-ups”

“Yeah that sounds cool”. They heard Louise coming out of the bedroom. She joined the two of them in the kitchen.

“Me and Han are going into town tomorrow”

"Oh cool. Do you want to meet me for lunch then?

“Yeah. We can talk about it later” said Allie. The food was almost finished, and was in the oven so the three of them went to watch the TV for a bit. Louise and Allie sat together holding hands on the sofa whilst Hannah sat in the chair. They were just waiting for Jackie to arrive.

Whilst they were waiting Hannah felt the urge to poop and realised that it was better to do it before they had sat down to eat. She got off the chair. Louise and Allie looked over, thinking she was going somewhere. When Hannah squatted down they realised what she was doing and turned their attentions back to the TV.

After filling up her nappy Hannah stood up again and looked over at her sister and Allie sitting on the sofa. “I need a nappy change,” she said feeling the warm poop on her butt cheeks. Allie started to get up, but Louise held her down and got up herself.

“It’s okay I’ll go,” she said to Allie. “Besides you’ve already done it once today and you are cooking”. Louise led Hannah to the spare bedroom. “Just wait here. I’ll go and get the towel for you to lie on. I’m thinking this could get messy,” said Louise. She and Allie had an old towel, which they would use as a changing mat for Hannah sometimes. As Hannah waited for her sister, she wet herself slowly, afraid she might leak onto the floor which Louise and Allie wouldn’t be too happy about. Louise came back and laid out the towel. Hannah slowly laid down on it, making sure that her nappy was in the middle. Louise kneeled down between Hannah’s spread legs and untaped the nappy. She wiped Hannah’s front and was just going to lift up Hannah’s legs to remove the nappy and wipe her bottom when Allie came in the room.

“Jackie just rang to say she is gonna be about ten minutes” she said.

“Ok. Allie do you think you could just hold Hannah’s legs up whilst I wipe underneath. It will make it a bit easier” Louise asked. Allie walked over, leaving the door open. Hannah obediently lifted up her legs slightly. Allie took them and lifted them up further. Louise then proceeded to move the soiled nappy out of the way and wipe the poop of her younger sister’s butt. As she did this Louise remembered when Hannah had been born. Louise had been 10 and her older brother Ted had been 12. When they had found out that their mum was pregnant, Louise had hoped for a little sister so she could play mummy and baby with her. She was so happy when Hannah had come along and would often help her mum out by keeping Hannah occupied whilst their mum was doing something else. She also watched her mum when she changed Hannah and after a couple of years, Louise was allowed to change Hannah, when the nappy was only wet. Of course after Hannah had been potty-trained during the day, Louise still put her in a nappy on some nights. She had never imagined when Hannah was born that she would be changing her nappies 18 years on.

Louise was suddenly pulled out of her memory as she heard the doorbell ringing. Hannah moved her legs back to the floor and Allie went to answer the door. She left the bedroom door open, as she knew that it would probably be Jackie. Louise quickly put Hannah into her nappy whilst Jackie came into the flat. Both girls went out to say hello to their mum. Jackie, of course, immediately noticed Hannah’s lack of trousers.

“Hey mum” said Hannah. Louise went over and gave her mum a hug.

“Hello you two. Hannah sweetie what happened to your trousers? Did you leak into them?”

“No. I came over in a pull-up and the trousers I already had on. Then Allie changed me into a nappy and I remembered that the trousers didn’t fasten over the nappy. And the trousers I brought for tomorrow don’t fit either”

“Ok” said Jackie satisfied with Hannah’s reason. The food was ready so Allie went into the kitchen to serve it. Louise got everyone a drink, and then helped Allie bring the plates through to the table. The four of them then sat down.

“So, how come you were so late leaving work mum” Louise asked as they sat there eating. Jackie worked as an admin assistant for a large firm and never normally had to work later than her normal hours.

“My supervisor Christine just gave everyone a lot of work to do. It had to be done by the end of today so she asked us who would be able to stay later. Some of them have little children they had to get home for, whereas I knew that it wouldn’t matter, so long as I was here for when the food was ready. We did get the work done thankfully,” said Jackie. She took another bit of her food. “Wow Allie this is really nice”

“Thank you. There’s a meeting tomorrow of all the chefs, so I will be able to say that this went down well”.

After the meal, the four of them decided to leave the washing up until later, and they sat down in the living area chatting. Whilst Hannah was sat there she remembered that she had never brought in her bag of clothes from her car. She told the others.

“I’ll come with you to get it if you want” Louise volunteered.

“But I don’t have any trousers on. I can’t go out like this” Hannah said. Although she didn’t mind parading round in just a top and nappy in her own house and Louise’s flat, she didn’t want to go outside with nothing covering up her nappy.

“Put my long coat on if you want. It goes down past your knees. So long as it is fastened, no one will be able to tell what you are wearing underneath,” Allie said. Hannah thanked her and pulled on the long coat. Louise put on her coat and Hannah grabbed her car keys. They walked down to Hannah’s car together. Hannah kept checking the coat to make sure her nappy wasn’t revealed as she walked. Louise noticed this.

“Stop been so paranoid Han. No one is even around and the coat isn’t going to suddenly come undone”

“Can you hear it?” Hannah said quietly. Louise listened for the familiar sound of the nappy crinkling as Hannah walked.

“No not really. Look, the quicker we get the bag out of the car, the quicker you can get back inside and not worry about anyone seeing it” Louise said. As it was the beginning of December it was quite cold and dark outside and Louise wanted to get back to the warmth of the flat. Hannah opened up her car and got out the bag. The two of them then headed back upstairs to the flat.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Three

As they were taking of their coats Hannah realised that she had wet her nappy whilst she had been outside. “I just had an accident,” she said quietly to Louise. Louise looked down at Hannah’s nappy.

“Didn’t you feel it or anything?” Louise asked.

“Nope, I only knew because the nappy was wet. This is the second accident in one day” said Hannah. She was really upset about it, as she had never had two accidents in one day before. Normally she only had a proper accident, where she didn’t even know she needed to go until she was wetting herself, every couple of days. Louise could see that she was upset. She hugged her sister.

“Han, don’t get upset about it” Louise said soothingly. “That’s what the nappy is meant for”. They walked through into the lounge.

“Hannah, what’s wrong?” Jackie and Allie both asked at the same time. They got up from where they had been sat.

“I had an accident whilst I was outside”. Jackie, who didn’t know about earlier accident didn’t really understand why Hannah was so upset.

“Two in one day?” Allie said. Suddenly Jackie understood why Hannah was so upset.

“Yep” Louise said. She led Hannah over to the sofa and Hannah sat down. Jackie sat next to her, and then as if Hannah was a little child, she pulled Hannah onto her knee. Louise and Allie sat down as well and tried to cheer Hannah up. She started to cry softly. Jackie looked concerned. She spoke to Louise and Allie.

“Do you have any of Hannah’s bottle’s or a dummy here? I think it might help her to calm down”

“I saw a dummy in her bag when I was changing her earlier” Allie said.

“Yeah, and I think we have one bottle” Louise added.

“Ok. Allie, can you get the dummy and Louise can you fill the bottle with juice and bring them back”. Allie went through to the spare bedroom and Louise went into the kitchen. Jackie still had Hannah on her knee and she held her close and rocked her slowly as if Hannah were actually a baby. The reason that Hannah had such an extreme reaction was because although she liked wearing nappies and using them, she liked to be in control of this. One accident every few days was no so bad, but by having two accidents in the space of a few hours, Hannah felt as if she were losing control. Allie came back with the dummy and popped it into Hannah’s mouth. It seemed to be helping to calm Hannah down somewhat. Louise then came in with the bottle of juice. Jackie took the dummy out of Hannah’s mouth and inserted the teat of the bottle. Hannah suckled and as she did, she began to calm down considerably. Her mind wondered back to her first accident and how she had freaked out over it.

Hannah’s first accident was the day after the funeral. Her brother Ted and his wife Sandra had taken Jackie out for the day with Ted and Sandra’s children, whilst Louise and Hannah had stayed in the house. Hannah and Louise heard them all get back and went to wait by the front door. Sandra had come in first with her children and had gone upstairs with them. It was at that point when Hannah had started to wet herself. Louise had noticed and asked Hannah why she was wetting herself. Hannah had looked down at her wet crotch in surprise, and then Jackie and Ted had come through the door. Hannah was still wetting herself, which the two of them immediately noticed. When she had finally finished Hannah had burst into tears and ran upstairs. Louise and Jackie had gone after her and found her still wearing her wet trousers curled up in her bed, crying. Jackie managed to get Hannah standing up so she could remove her wet trousers and knickers. Then Louise who had grabbed the wipes, managed to quickly clean Hannah up a bit, before Hannah sat on her mums knee. Jackie had rocked her back and forth as Louise watched. Eventually Hannah stopped crying and they were able to talk about it properly.

Hannah had been drinking from her bottle and sobbing as she remembered. After remembering that occasion and how her mum had rocked her in the same way she was doing now, Hannah felt a lot calmer and stopped crying. She finished off the last of the juice, and then moved her mouth from the teat.

“Are you feeling better now Hannah?” Jackie said. She put the empty bottle on the floor and handed the dummy to Hannah.

“Yeah. I’m sorry I freaked out like that. It was just like that was the first time ever that I have had two accidents in the same day. I just got scared that I was losing control of the situation”. She stood up off her mum’s knee.

“You have been having accidents for four years and this is the first time you have had two accidents in the same day. I think that is pretty good” said Allie.

“Yeah, and besides it was freezing outside. That’s probably why you peed the second time,” Louise added.

“Yeah. You are probably right,” said Hannah. She went into the bathroom to wipe her face. Louise, Allie and Jackie looked at each other; they didn’t really completely understand Hannah’s reaction. It seemed that she had gotten over the whole thing fairly quickly. They waited for Hannah to come out of the bathroom.

In the bathroom Hannah quickly wiped her face, then she sat on the edge of the bath thinking. She was wondering whether wearing nappies during the day was a good thing. It meant that she was wetting herself even when she would have made it to the toilet. “On one hand” she said quietly to herself “I like to wear them and mum doesn’t mind changing me. On the other hand, I just pee wherever I am, so my bladder might be getting used to emptying itself all the time. But when I am in a pull-up I can hold it if I know I am going to get to a toilet soon”. Hannah had thought about this issue before, and whenever she did the conclusion she came to was to continue wearing the nappies, but not wet as soon as she needed to, but instead wait five minutes. These five minutes would have given her time to get to a toilet. At also proved that she was in control of her wetting most of the time. Hannah came to the same conclusion again and left the bathroom. She sat down in the lounge. Allie and Louise were still stood up.

“I might go do the washing up,” Louise said.

“I’ll help you” Allie said. They wanted to give Jackie and Hannah space to talk if they wanted to.

“You cooked so you shouldn’t have to wash up as well. I will help Louise,” said Hannah. She got up and went into the kitchen with Louise. She had completely missed what Louise and Allie were trying to do.

In the kitchen Louise turned the taps on to fill up the sink. Hannah grabbed a tea towel. “Do you still want to stay over tonight?” Louise asked to break the silence.

“Yeah. If you are still willing to have me stay over” Hannah replied. Louise stuck her hands in the soapy water and started to wash the pots.

“Yeah of course I am”. As Louise did this, she pulled a plate out of the water and gave it to Hannah to dry.

“Even though I acted like a complete overdramatic loser before”

“Hey, you had your reasons for it”

“So you don’t think I am a complete idiot then?”

“No, you’re my little sister. I don’t really understand why you freaked out so much, but I’m not going to hate you for it or anything. Anyway can you go get your bottle from before. I might as well wash that too”

“Yeah ok. How did you end up with one of my bottles here anyway?” said Hannah.

“It was when you stayed over once. You brought it over, and then when you had used it, you left it in the sink and forgot to take it back home with you. We were going to give it to you next time you came over, but then we realised that it might as well stay here, then you don’t have to worry about bringing one over”

“Oh ok” said Hannah. She went to fetch the bottle. When she came back into the kitchen Louise had washed the rest of the pots. She took the bottle off Hannah and quickly washed that.

“We might as well leave the pots to dry overnight,” Louise said as she added the bottle to the drying rack. Hannah put down the tea towel she had just picked up and they went back through to the lounge. Louise went to sit next to Allie on the sofa and Jackie beckoned Hannah over.

Although Jackie didn’t normally like to baby Hannah too much, she wanted Hannah to sit on her knee so that she could talk to Hannah.
“Do you want to sit on my knee?” she asked. Hannah looked surprised.

“But my nappy is wet” Hannah said.

“It will have all soaked into the padding by now. I want to talk to you” Jackie said. Hannah turned round and sat on her mums knee, the nappy squishing underneath her as she did so. She turned round so that she was sat at one side and could actually see her mum to talk to her. “Do you still want to stay here tonight?”

“Yeah. I already asked Louise and she says that it’s still alright”

“Good. I’m going to have to go in a bit, but I don’t want to leave if you are still upset”

“I’m not still upset mum. I’m sorry for worrying you in the first place”

“Ok. So long as you aren’t upset. What time are you going to be back tomorrow?”

“Allie has the day off and she mentioned that she might go into town. So I’m going with her. We might even meet Louise for lunch somewhere”

“Ok. I hope you have a nice day. Do you have enough pull-ups to last tomorrow?”

“No I brought over one to wear in the morning, so we are going back to pick some more up before we go into town”

“Good” said Jackie. She leaned back in the chair. Hannah leaned against her. Jackie then started to stroke Hannah’s hair. Allie and Louise switched on the TV and Hannah’s thumb crept to her mouth. “Honey, don’t suck your thumb” Jackie said once she had noticed. Hannah took her thumb out of her mouth. She was kind of disappointed that the babying treatment seemed to have ended. “Allie, just pass me the dummy. Hannah can have that instead”. Hannah smiled. The babying treatment hadn’t ended. Allie passed the dummy over and Jackie put it in Hannah’s mouth. They stayed like that for a while, watching TV, until Jackie had to leave. Hannah reluctantly moved from her mother’s knee. Jackie put on her coat and shoes and grabbed her bag.

“Bye mum” Louise said giving Jackie a hug. Allie hugged her too. Then it was just Hannah left. Jackie couldn’t help thinking how adorable Hannah looked stood there in her nappy with a dummy sticking out of her mouth. She hugged her.

“I’ll see you tomorrow ok sweetie”

“Yeps” said Hannah through her dummy. Jackie then left. Louise, Allie and Hannah went back to the lounge.

Hannah took the dummy out of her mouth so that she would be able to talk properly. “Is it alright if I take a shower?” she asked.

“You don’t need to ask,” said Allie. “This is practically your second home”

“Yeah I know, but I need one of you to take my nappy off before I can get a shower”

“Oh yeah” said Allie. Louise went to go and get some towels out for Hannah to use whilst Allie took Hannah to the spare bedroom to take her nappy off. When they got in there, Hannah wet her nappy. She had been holding on for five minutes already. “Are you going to lie down then?” Allie asked.

“Um…can you wait like a minute?” Hannah asked.

“Why? I thought you wanted a shower”

“Yeah, but I’m just using the nappy right now” said Hannah. Allie then understood and she waited for Hannah to finished wetting herself. “Ok all done” said Hannah lying down. Allie proceeded to untape the wet nappy. She wiped Hannah, and then helped Hannah to her feet. Then Allie put the wipes in the wet nappy and rolled it up. Together they went back out into the main room, with Hannah been naked from the waist down. She wasn’t bothered about it though as Louise and Allie had seen that area of Hannah many times before. Hannah went into the bathroom as Louise was coming out.

“I’ve left a towel on the side for you”

“Thanks Louise”. Hannah went into the bathroom and she closed the door. Then she switched the shower on and got it to the right temperature. She pulled off her top, leaving her stood there in only her bra, which she quickly unfastened and took off. Hannah then stepped into the shower and began to wash herself.

After about twenty minutes she got out. She knew that Louise and Allie would probably want to have a shower. Hannah quickly dried herself and brushed her hair. She wrapped the towel around her body and picked up her top and bra. Hannah went into the lounge.

“If you’re finished I’m gonna go get a quick shower” Allie said getting up. She went past Hannah and into the bathroom.

“Come on Han. Lets go get you into a fresh nappy” said Louise standing up. They went into the spare bedroom and Hannah dropped her clothes next to her bag. She laid down on the bed whilst Louise got the powder and a fresh nappy. Hannah still had the towel wrapped around her. Louise quickly opened the towel leaving Hannah completely naked on the bed. Hannah automatically moved her hands to cover her breasts. Because of the fact that her nappy area wasn’t really private, as people saw it all the time, Hannah liked to keep her breasts private so didn’t really appreciate Louise opening the towel and revealing them. “You can’t tell me you are shy when I have changed you hundreds of times”. Hannah still didn’t move her hands. Louise could have easily put Hannah into her nappy like that, but she didn’t want Hannah to feel uncomfortable. Louise got out the t-shirt that Hannah slept in out of Hannah’s bag and put it on her bed. Then she turned her back. “Just tell me when you have finished and I will put you into a nappy” Hannah sat up and pulled on the t-shirt.

“I’m finished” Hannah said as she lay back on the bed. Louise turned round and quickly put Hannah into a nappy. The fact that she didn’t have to take off a nappy or wipe Hannah made the process a lot faster.

“All done” said Louise. Hannah sat up on the bed.

“What time are you working in the morning?” Hannah asked as she stood up.

“Same as always. Nine to five, Monday to Friday”

“So what time are you setting off?”

“Half eight” said Louise. They went through to the lounge and sat together on the sofa.

“Ok, and what time is your lunch?”

“One till two”

“Are we still meeting?”

“I don’t see why not. But we should wait until Allie is here before we talk about it”

“Okay” Hannah grabbed her dummy from where she had left it before. She popped it in her mouth and Louise smiled at her. Hannah smiled back, then switched on the TV. They watch TV until Allie came out of the bathroom. She went straight through to the bedroom she shared with Louise to get into her pyjama. When she came back into the lounge, she sat down on the sofa next to Hannah.

“Are you gonna get a shower Lou?” Allie asked Louise.

“Na, I’ll get one in the morning. But since you two are ready for bed, I might go get ready for bed as well”. Hannah had been leaning her head against Louise’s shoulder, so she moved it to allow Louise to get up.

“You can lean on my shoulder if you want” Allie offered. Hannah moved slightly so she could rest her head against Allie’s shoulder. Hannah yawned and the dummy fell out of her mouth. Allie grabbed it and passed it back to Hannah. “Do you want to lay down?”

“Yeah” said Hannah. She stretched herself out and laid down with her head in Allie’s lap. She put the dummy back in her mouth. When Louise came out, she moved Hannah’s legs so she could sit down. She sat next to Allie with Hannah on top of her.

“Are you tired sweetie?” Louise asked Hannah.

“A bit, but I don’t wanna go to bed yet”

“Ok. Oh, whilst we are all here, do you want to decide on you two meeting me for lunch tomorrow” Louise said.

“Is your lunch one till two?” Allie asked.


“If you want me and Han can meet you at work at one. We can go to Braiths’ or something and get some lunch from there”. Braiths’ was a café in town, which they went to quite a bit.

“Ok cool” said Louise.

“Hey Han will you remember that?” Allie asked.

“Yep” said Hannah. She then yawned.

“Baby, I think you should go to bed,” said Allie stroking Hannah’s hair. Hannah yawned again then started to get up.

“We’ll see you in the morning” Louise said as Hannah went into the spare bedroom. Hannah quickly moved everything off the bed, dumping it on the floor rather than sorting it out. She climbed into the bed and as she lay there, still sucking on her dummy, she fell asleep.

Chapter Four

Hannah woke up the next morning and looked at the clock. It was eight, so was still early. She knew that Louise wouldn’t have set off to work yet. Hannah got out of the bed and walked out of the room to find Louise, her nappy drooping between her legs. She saw Louise heading towards the kitchen. She was already fully dressed for work.

“Hey Hannah” said Louise when she saw Hannah. “Allie’s sleeping in for a bit. Do you want to come get some breakfast with me?” she asked. Louise then noticed Hannah’s very wet nappy. “Actually it looks as if you need your nappy changing. Lets go get that done, then we can get breakfast”

“Ok” said Hannah and she headed back into the spare room.

“You have only been here less than a day, and already the room looks like a tip,” said Louise moving things aside so she could set down the old towel. “Come on lie down”. Hannah laid down and Louise quickly took off the wet nappy and wiped Hannah. “It is going to be at least a couple of hours until you and Allie go into town, and you only have one pull-up with you. You still have two nappies so I am going to put you into a fresh nappy, then Allie can change you into a pull-up before you leave” said Louise. She grabbed the powder and a nappy. She expertly put the nappy on Hannah and was soon finished. “Ok time for breakfast” she said as she taped up the wet nappy to throw away.

When they were in the kitchen Louise got some bread out and put it in the toaster. Hannah went straight for one of the cupboards and got out the box of cereal that they kept for her. She poured some into a bowl, added milk, grabbed a spoon and sat down at the table. Louise looked at her in surprise. Hannah didn’t notice the look however.

“Geez, you could have waited for me”

“Sorry, I’m hungry,” said Hannah. She stood up and went to the fridge.

“What are you looking for now?” Louise asked. She couldn’t understand how someone could be so energetic so early in a morning.

“I need some juice or something. I’m really thirsty”

“I’m not surprised. The way you saturated your nappy in the night. You probably need to replace the lost liquids,” said Louise with a smile.

Hannah turned her attentions back to the fridge and ignored the comment. She was surprisingly sensitive about her bedwetting and hated people making comments on it. She didn’t mind if people made a comment about her daytime accidents, as they were only every couple of days, so weren’t in Hannah’s eyes as bad as wetting the bed. She also didn’t mind people making comments when she used her nappies during the day when she could use the toilet because Hannah could choose when to use the nappy. But the fact that Hannah was 18 and rarely woke up dry was something that she hated. She wanted to be able wake up and wet her nappy, but most of the time was too scared of her nappy leaking and wetting her sheets. “Come on Han, I was only messing. There’s no need to get so upset over it”.

“I wasn’t” said Hannah. She didn’t want Louise to know what she was really thinking. “I was just getting a drink”. She grabbed a carton of orange juice, then shut the fridge. She went over and got a glass. “Do you want some orange juice too?”

“Yeah, please,” said Louise. The whole atmosphere in the kitchen was weird, and Louise didn’t really understand why. Hannah got out another glass and poured the juice. She picked up her glass and the carton. On the way to the table she put the carton back in the fridge. Then she sat down at the table and concentrated on eating her cereal and drinking her juice.

“Morning” said Allie coming in. She stretched her arms in the air, trying to wake up a bit. As she did, her top came up to reveal her bellybutton and stomach. “What happened in here?”

“Nothing” said Hannah and Louise at the same time.

“Did you two have an argument about something?”

“No” said Louise. Her toast had finished, so she got it out of the toaster and began spreading jam onto it. Allie poured herself a bowl of cereal. Louise and Allie both went to sit down at the same time. Allie sat next to Hannah, and Louise sat at the other side of Allie. Hannah was almost finished, so she left soon after the other two had sat down.

She went through to the spare bedroom and packed up her things in her bags. Whilst making the bed she found her dummy, which she added into the bag of clothes. Then she took off the t-shirt she had slept in and replaced it with her bra and the top she had brought over. The trousers wouldn’t fit over her nappy, so Hannah left them on the bed to put on when she was changed into her pull-up. Once she had packed most of her things up she went back out into the living room. She didn’t want to go into the kitchen and have Allie asking her why she was in a mood. If that happened, then Hannah was going to have to admit why, and it was going to be yet another thing they didn’t understand and she was going to end up sounding pathetic. For that reason she curled up on one of the chairs and switched on the TV. She was there for about ten minutes when Allie and Louise came out of the kitchen.

“Hey Hannah. I’ve got to leave for work now, so I’ll see you at lunchtime” Louise said. She came over and Hannah stood up so that they could hug goodbye. Louise and Allie had already said goodbye in the kitchen, so Louise left.

“I’m just going to go get dressed Han. Oh and are you cold because you have nothing on your legs or your feet”

“No I’m fine,” said Hannah. She went back to watching the TV, and Allie went to get dressed.

They spent a quiet couple of hours in the flat. Allie did some housework and Hannah helped her. Whilst they were doing this Hannah wet her nappy on purpose a couple of times. They decided to stop doing the housework, get ready and go out. That meant they could wander around the shops for a bit before they went to meet Louise. The two of them went through to the spare bedroom and Allie changed Hannah into the pull-up. Whilst Hannah was pulling on her socks and trousers Allie spoke.

“What was all that about this morning in the kitchen?”


“Louise told me what happened”

“Yeah, nothing” said Hannah. She had been hoping that because it hadn’t been mentioned, it had been forgotten about. Obviously not.

“That’s what I thought, but something obviously upset you. I just want to know what”

“Nothing upset me”

“Come off it Hannah. One minute you are all happy, then the next you are moody and acting like something upset you”

“Shouldn’t we be leaving now? We’ve got to go back to my house first to get more pull-ups remember”

“Yeah, I’ve remembered. We don’t need to set off now. We have a couple of hours before meeting Louise. And stop trying to change to subject” Allie replied. She was determined to get Hannah to admit what had upset her. “Shall I tell you what I think happened? I think that you went to get juice, then Louise said something about how much you had wet in the night, and that upset you somehow”

“Fine yeah. That was it,” said Hannah. She was now fully dressed, so she grabbed her two bags and stormed through into the lounge. Allie followed her. Although Allie still didn’t know exactly why that comment had upset Hannah, she decided to leave it.

They took another ten minutes before they were ready to go. They both got into Allie’s car, leaving Hannah’s car there. They chatted in the car, but both avoided the subject of what had upset Hannah that morning. When they got to Hannah’s house they went in and went upstairs to Hannah’s room. Hannah quickly grabbed one pull-up.

“How long are we going to be?” she turned to ask Allie.

“It is another two and a half hours until we meet Louise. Then an hour before she has to go back to work”. Hannah quickly picked up another pull-up. She didn’t actually think she was going to have two accidents, but she always brought spare ones just in case she couldn’t get to a toilet. They quickly took what they wanted and headed into town.

Once they got parked, they headed into the centre and wandered around the shops for a bit. They went into a few, and in one clothes shop they chose some things to try on. Allie and Hannah then went through to the changing rooms. Hannah made sure that the curtain was pulled across properly before she started to undress. She didn’t want anyone to be able to see the white plastic of her pull-up.

After she had tried everything on, and seen Allie in a few of the things she had tried on, Hannah got dressed in her own clothes, and checked that her pull-up couldn’t be seen. Once this was done, she pulled back the curtain and saw Allie stood there waiting for her. Hannah handed the clothes to the changing room assistant, and then walked out with Allie. They still had an hour to kill before they needed to meet Louise, so they wandered round for a bit longer, then ended up going and sitting in the park that was near to Louise’s office. As it was mid morning in the middle of the week the park was practically deserted. There were only a few women pushing babies in prams. Allie and Hannah sat down at one of the benches.

“Can I tell you something?” Hannah asked.

“Yeah sure” said Allie thinking that Hannah was going to explain why that comment had upset her that morning.

“Well, you know yesterday…”


“Well I was at uni and um…one of my friends guessed about the pull-ups”

“How did she guess? What did she do?”

“She’s a mature student and has a couple of young kids and she mentioned last week that her kids wear pull-ups to bed because of bedwetting. Since then I have tried to sort of avoid her, in case she guessed”


“Well we happened to go to the bathroom at the same time yesterday and
I was trying to be really quiet with the pull-up”

“Was the pull-up wet and you were changing it?”

“No, it was dry, but I needed to go to the toilet. Anyway, she must have heard me pulling it down, which I guess confirmed her suspicions. Then before we left the bathroom, she checked that no one was around, then she asked me if I was wearing a pull-up”

“What did you do?”

“I went bright red and didn’t say anything. She said that she wouldn’t say anything to anyone else”

“Does she just know about the pull-ups or about the other stuff as well?”

“I told her that I wore pull-ups all the time because I sometimes had accidents. That was all I told her”

“Ok” said Allie.

“Then when we were in the lecture, I needed to pee, so I went in the pull-up and as I was doing it, she kept looking over at me as if she could tell what I was doing. It was weird”

“She can’t have known what you were doing”

“You’re probably right, but now I know I am going to be uncomfortable around her because she knows”

“Did she say anything else to you when you were in the bathroom?”

“Yeah, she said that she would keep it a secret”

“Do you think that she will?”

“I don’t know. I’m worried that she might accidentally say something. I don’t think she would purposely reveal it. I wanted to go to uni and have no one know about it. I wanted that to last the whole three years, but it hasn’t even lasted the first term”

“From the sounds of it, there was nothing you could have done to have stopped yourself been found out. Also because your friend that found out is older, and also has kids that wet the bed, I don’t think that she is likely to say anything accidentally. If you start acting weird around her, then she is going to know why. Then she might want to talk to you about it. Whereas if you just act normal then there will be no reason for her to bring it up again”

“I kind of understand what you are saying, but what if she asks me about it again? It’s really embarrassing for me to talk about it to her”

“If she asks again, which I don’t think she will, then just say that it is your business”

“That sounds so rude though”

“I don’t honestly think that she will ask. And if you don’t want to say that, then you will have to answer the questions” said Allie. She took a quick look at he watch. “Han, we can talk about this more if you want, but we have to go meet Louise now. I didn’t realise the time”. They got up and walked over to Louise’s office. She was just coming out as they arrived. The three of them then walked over to Braiths’ together.

“So what have you two done this morning?” Louise asked.

“Nothing much. We did clean the flat a bit, then we were wandering around the shops” said Allie looking over at Hannah.

“It’s been fairly quiet at work this morning. I had hardly anything to do” Louise said. They were soon at Braiths’, so they went in and were able to find a table, which was surprising as it was busy.

“If someone comes to take our order can you get me a coke and a white roll with ham, lettuce and cucumber in it please. I’ve just got to go to the toilet,” said Hannah. She got up and went to the back of the café.

Normally she hated to use Braiths’ toilets as they were up quite a steep flight of stairs, but Hannah knew it was either use the toiler or wet in her pull-up later and have to find somewhere to change. She went upstairs to the toilet and was glad to see that no one else was in there. That meant that she didn’t have to cover up the noise of the pull-up.

Once she had finished, Hannah washed her hands and was just about to leave when the door opened. She stepped back to allow the person to come in. When Hannah saw who it was she was completely shocked.

The person that came through the door was Hannah’s friend from university Georgina. The one that Hannah had been talking about with Allie not even half an hour ago.

“Hannah” said Georgina sounding surprised.

“Hi Georgina. I didn’t think you lived round here”

“No I don’t I’m just visiting a friend and we decided to come in and get some lunch”

“Oh right” said Hannah. Having just talked to Allie, Hannah had decided that to help her feel less uncomfortable around Georgina, Hannah was going to try and avoid situations where it was just the two of them, thus making is impossible for Georgina to bring up the subject of pull-ups at all. This situation was completely the opposite of what she wanted. “I’m here with my sister Louise and her girlfriend Allie”

“Oh ok”

“Well. I better go. I don’t want them ordering without me” said Hannah with a little laugh. Georgia moved so that Hannah could get past. Hannah went down the stairs and sat back at the table. As she did, Hannah looked round and tried to figure out which table Georgina would be heading back to.

“Are you alright Han?” Louise asked.

“Not really. I just saw Georgina in the toilets” said Hannah quickly.

“Who is Georgina?” Louise asked.

“Me and Allie were just talking about her in the park” Hannah said. Allie suddenly realised why Hannah was acting the way she was. Louise on the other hand, just looked confused.

“Georgina guessed about Hannah’s protection,” said Allie discreetly to Louise. She didn’t want to explain it further as she didn’t want anyone else in the café to overhear. Louise understood what Allie was trying to say.

“She’s over there,” Hannah said quietly. She was hoping that Georgina would go back to her own table, but she didn’t seem to be as she was heading over to Hannah’s table. Louise looked over, but Allie wasn’t able to as she was facing in the wrong direction.

“Hannah, I forgot to ask you before, when is that assignment for English due in. Is it the last Monday or the last Friday?”

“Um…last Monday I think” said Hannah relieved that Georgina was only asking about that.

“Ok thanks. Sorry to interrupt”

“That’s fine. Oh and Georgina, this is my sister Louise” said Hannah pointing to Louise. She was actually starting to feel better about the whole situation. “And this is Allie” she said pointing at Allie. "Louise, Allie, this is my friend Georgina from uni.

“Hi Georgina” said Louise and Allie at the same time.

“Hi. Anyway it was nice to have met you, but I’m going to have to get back to my friend. He will be wondering where I am”

“Ok bye. I will see you tomorrow” said Hannah. She watched as Georgina went to sit at another table, and then looked at Allie and Louise.

“Having seen her, I don’t think she is going to tell,” said Allie. At that point one of the members of staff came over to take their order. They each said what they wanted, then chatted whilst they waited for their food to arrive. When the food arrived, the topic moved to Jackie, Louise and Hannah’s mum.

“So do you know what is going on with her and the Simon guy from the internet?” Allie asked Hannah.

“She is on the phone to him practically every night for at least an hour. She always goes to her room to talk to him”

“Has she mentioned meeting up with him?”

“Not as yet, but I can’t see it been very far off” Hannah replied. “It’s weird though. I thought that after four years, that would be it”

“Han, mum was on her own for five years in between my dad leaving and her starting to see your dad” Louise said.

“Yeah, but that was different because she had you and Ted to look after so she probably didn’t have time to go out and look for a boyfriend”

“This time around, she still had you to look after. That’s why she used the Internet. Because she didn’t want to be going out with guys and then having nothing come of it, whilst you were at home needing looking after”

“But you and Ted were like four and two when your dad left. You needed more looking after than I did at fourteen”

“Perhaps” said Louise. She was thinking of Hannah needing nappies and having accidents, and also been too old for a babysitter, compared to her and Ted who could be left with a babysitter if Jackie went out. She decided not to mention it as she didn’t want to embarrass Hannah by mentioning it in front of other people, and she also didn’t really want to have an argument about it. “Anyway she has met Simon. Do you think that she spoke to him last night after she left?”

“She did seem to want to leave by a certain time. Maybe she was expecting a call from him” Allie said.

“Possibly” said Louise. They had all finished eating by this point. They got up to pay. Allie treated the two of them, by paying.

“Thanks Allie” Hannah said. She grabbed one of the complimentary mints that were always next to the till. They still had twenty minutes until Louise was due back at work, so they went back to the park. It was busier than it had been before, but they still managed to find a bench.

“Hannah can you explain to me what happened between you and Georgina. I know she guessed about you wearing pull-ups, but how did she guess,” Louise said. Hannah told her what had happened the previous day in the toilets. When she had finished, Louise had to go back to work. Allie and Hannah walked her, and then they walked back to the car.
They were quickly back at the flat. Hannah went in for a bit, but then said she had to get home. She had a bit of university work that she needed to get done. When she got home, she dumped her things in her room, and switched on her computer so that it could begin to load up. She then went downstairs to get a drink. When Hannah went back upstairs she signed onto MSN, then got on with her work. When she was almost finished, her best friend Marie signed onto MSN and messaged her. Hannah remembered that she had wet her pull-up whilst talking to Marie on MSN the previous day, so as they were talking, Hannah kept checking her pull-up for any signs of wetness.

She managed to stay dry, but did have to leave the computer at one point to go to the bathroom. When she and Marie eventually signed off after a couple of hours they had arranged for Hannah to stay over at Marie’s house a couple of days after Marie was getting back for the holidays. Hannah knew that they would have a good time catching up. Even though they had kept in contact through MSN, it would be nice to see Marie in the flesh. The only downside was that Marie would have to put Hannah into her nappy before they went to bed.

Marie and Hannah had been friends since the beginning of primary school and when they had used to stay over at each others houses Marie’s mum used to put Hannah in her nappy when they were at Marie’s house. As Hannah had only been young at the time it wasn’t a big deal. There had also been a few occasions when Marie would wear a nappy as well so that Hannah wouldn’t feel embarrassed. However as Hannah and Marie had got older, Hannah became uncomfortable with Marie’s mum changing her, so for a while hadn’t stayed over at Marie’s house. When Hannah was 13, Marie’s mum found out why Hannah never stayed over. To help Hannah she had shown Marie how to put a nappy onto someone properly. Hannah then agreed to stay over. Whilst she was been changed, she realised that been put into a nappy by her best friend was more embarrassing than been put into one by her best friends mum. So for a couple of years Marie’s mum had put her into her nappy whenever she stayed over. When both girls were 15 Marie’s parents went away for the weekend and let Hannah come to stay for the weekend as company for Marie. Of course there had been no other option but to let Marie change her. Since then whenever she stayed over at Marie’s house, it was Marie who put her into a nappy. Hannah was still uncomfortable, especially in the mornings when Marie had to change her out of a wet nappy.

As Hannah thought about this, she finished off her work then switched off the computer. She knew that her mum would be home soon, and could change her into a nappy.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Five

As Hannah was taking her glass downstairs, she heard her mum come in. “Han, you in” she shouted. Hannah went into the hallway to greet her mum.

“Hey mum”

“Did you have a good time last night?”

“Yeah it was alright. I saw one of my friends from uni whilst I was out today with Allie and Louise” said Hannah.

“That’s nice. Are you in a nappy?” Jackie asked. Hannah shook her head. “Do you want to be put into one?”. Hannah nodded in reply. “OK then, go put that glass in the kitchen. I’m just going to the bathroom. I will meet you in your room”. Hannah quickly put the glass in the kitchen and headed upstairs. She pulled off her trousers in preparation, and then lay on her bed. Jackie then came in and started to put her into a nappy. “Han,”

“Yeah mum”

“Last night after I got back, Simon rang”. Hannah smiled at this comment, remembering the conversation over lunch. Jackie noticed. “What are you smiling at?”

“Nothing really. Just we were talking at lunchtime, wondering if you were rushing back because you were expecting a call from him” said Hannah.

“Actually I wasn’t, because I wasn’t expecting a call from him last night. He rang anyway”

“Ok. So what did he say then?”

“He asked if I wanted to meet up with him in person”

“What did you say?”

“I said yes. We have arranged to meet in a café on Saturday”. Today was Wednesday so it was still a couple of days away.

“What are you going to do?”

“Just see if the chemistry we seem to have over the phone is there in person. We will just have a cup of coffee or something. Ok Han, I’m finished you can sit up now”

“So what’s going to happen if you do have chemistry?” said Hannah sitting up.

“We will probably go out on a few dates I should think. I don’t know. I have never met anyone off the Internet before. I guess we will just do what feels right”. They went downstairs and into the living room. “What did you have for lunch?”

“A sandwich”

“Ok, how do you fancy spaghetti for tea?”

“Yeah, sounds good”. They sat chatting for a bit, and then they both went to make the tea. Whilst they were doing that Hannah told her mum about Georgina finding out about her pull-ups, and running into her at lunch. Jackie told Hannah not to let it affect her friendship with Georgina or anyone else at university.

“I know that you didn’t want anyone to find out, but it has happened, and you can’t take it back now. It is best not to focus on it. When you next see Georgina just act like everything is normal. The last thing you want is for someone else to pick up on the fact that something has happened” she said. They talked about it for a bit longer, then over dinner they moved onto different topics.

They spent the evening together, and as Simon had rang the previous evening, Jackie didn’t have to phone him. To Hannah’s disappointment then evening went by without an offer from her mum to give her a bottle. She had enjoyed it the previous two evenings, and had been hoping that it would continue.

When Hannah went to get a shower later on in the evening, she quickly texted Louise telling her their mum was going to be meeting up with Simon. When Hannah had finished having her shower, she quickly dried herself and pulled on a t-shirt. On the way back to her room she called her mum, who came up to put Hannah into a fresh nappy for bed. When Jackie had finished, Hannah grabbed a book that she had to read for one of her modules and climbed into bed. She intended to read a bit of the book before going to sleep. Just as she had got settled, her phone started to vibrate on her desk indicating that she had a new message. Figuring that it would be Louise replying to Hannah’s earlier message, she climbed out of bed to get her phone. When she looked at the message she found that it was from Kendra, one of her friends from university. It said that they were meeting up half an hour before the lecture if Hannah wanted to come in a bit earlier. Hannah replied, saying that she would try and get there, then she climbed back into bed. After about half an hour she fell asleep with her light still on and the book still in her hand. Fortunately, Jackie noticed Hannah’s light as she was heading into her own room. So she went in, moved Hannah’s book and switched off the light. Hannah didn’t even stir whilst this was going on.

The next morning Hannah woke up when her mum came in to her. It was still quite early, as Jackie had to change Hannah before she went to work. “Come one Han, lets get you into a pull-up then I can get to work”. Hannah allowed her mum to change her. “Do you need to go to the toilet?” Jackie asked, as she did every morning.

“Yeah” said Hannah she stood up and, bare-bottomed went to the bathroom. When she came back Jackie held out a pull-up for her to step into. When Hannah had her legs in it, Jackie pulled it up and made sure it was on properly.

“I’m going to have to go to work ok. What time are you at uni today?”

“I’ve got a lecture then seminar 11 till 1. That’s all. But then we are going to be set an assignment. Depending on what it is, I might stay in the library for a bit and look at a few books”

“So you aren’t going out with your friends again”

“No, oh that reminds me. Kendra texted me last night saying they were all meeting about half an hour before the lecture. So I might go in a bit earlier and meet them”

“Ok. I will see you later on today then” said Jackie leaving. Hannah got up and started getting dressed. She didn’t want to risk staying in bed in case she fell back to sleep. Hannah then went downstairs. It was quarter to nine. If she was meeting her friends at half ten, then she would have to set off at ten at the latest. She watched a bit of TV and did the washing up, and was about to start getting ready to leave when Hannah realised that she had just had an accident in her pull-up. By the time she had cleaned herself up, changed into a dry pull-up and got ready, it was time to set off for uni.

When Hannah got to university she drove into the car park and drove round it for a while trying to find a space. She was driving round for quite a while before she spotted one. By the time she had parked her car it was too late to go and meet her friends, so she went straight to class. They were all sat in there, just waiting for the tutor to arrive.

“Hey Han. How come you didn’t meet us earlier?” said Kendra. She was living in halls and didn’t have a car, so didn’t really understand how bad the parking was.

“I couldn’t find a parking space. By the time I’d got one, I came straight here”

“Ok cool” said Kendra. Hannah got out some paper and a pen so that she would be prepared for when the tutor arrived. “Have you seen all the posters that have
been put up everywhere?”

“For the snowfest thing?” Hannah asked. Snowfest was something that the union put on every year on the last weekend before the term ended in December. They had heard from other students how good it had been the previous years.

“Yeah. Anyway we were talking about that. It goes on for twelve hours and sounds pretty good. It starts at two on the Saturday afternoon, and they’ve even arranged for a dodgems thing to be outside. There is other stuff. Then in the evening it is like a normal club night with a DJ. It finishes at two on Sunday morning”

“It sounds pretty cool”

“Well, we talked about all going together, you know the seven of us. Me, you,
Paula, Stacey, Janie, Sammy and Georgina”

“Ok” said Hannah. She tensed at the mention of Georgina.

“Thing is though Paula already has plans. So she can’t go. Sammy is working on Saturday afternoon, so she said she might come later. Georgina said she would have to find a babysitter for her kids, and then she can come. Me, Janie and Stacey are all going. Do you think you will be able to make it?”

“Yeah I should be, but I’m not going to be able to drink, because I’m going to have to drive back home”

“You can stay at mine. I have a blow up mattress from when my sister stayed. You can just use that, then go home in the morning,” said Kendra. Hannah didn’t really know what to say. She knew that if she stayed over at Kendra’s then Kendra was going to find out about the bedwetting and the pull-ups. There was also the issue of Hannah not been able to put on her own nappies. She had tried in the past, but had never managed to get it right. Hannah was saved from having to answer Kendra when the tutor arrived. “We can talk about it after” Kendra said quietly to her. Hannah tried to concentrate on what the tutor was saying, but was worrying about what she would tell Kendra.

‘How can I stay over at Kendra’s? It’s just not possible. But then again I want to go to snowfest. The only thing I can do is go and not drink so that I can drive home’ Hannah thought.

The seminar went quite quickly, but Hannah missed most of what went on. As they were all walking out, Kendra waited for Hannah to get her coat on. A couple of their other friends waited as well.

“So will you come to snowfest a week on Saturday then?” Kendra asked.

“I don’t know”

"But you said before that you should be able to go. What’s changed?

“Nothing” said Hannah. She didn’t really want to carry on the conversation at all. She walked out with Kendra, Georgina and one of their other friends Janie.

“You can stay at mine so you don’t have to worry about driving home” Kendra said again. The four of them decided to go to the canteen and get a drink before they all went their separate ways. Janie and Kendra went to go and buy a drink, whilst Georgina pulled Hannah to one side.

“Can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Yeah sure” said Hannah. She figured that it would be about her reluctance to go to snowfest. They sat down at a table. It was right in a corner, and no one was sitting on any of the nearby tables.

“Are your pull-ups” said Georgina quietly “the reason why you don’t want to go to snowfest?”

“Yeah kind of” Hannah replied. She wasn’t about to admit to wetting the bed in the canteen.

“Well, I should be able to get a babysitter for that evening and I don’t drink so if you wanted you could stay over in the spare bedroom in my house. That way you don’t have to tell anyone about it”

“Thanks” said Hannah. She knew it was nice of Georgina to offer, but it didn’t really help, as she would still have to be in a nappy throughout the night. A nappy, which she doubted she would be able to get on by herself. Especially if she had, had a bit to drink. “I’ll think about it”

“I thought you two were getting drinks,” said Kendra as she walked over to the table. Georgina got up to go get a drink. “What were you two talking about?”

“She said that I could stay over at hers after snowfest if I wanted to. She has a spare bedroom”

“Oh” said Kendra. She looked almost hurt.

“I told her I would think about it”

“So are you going to say yes to her then”

“I don’t know. I might not even go”

“You have to come. Look if you don’t want to stay at Georgina’s you can have my bed and I will sleep on the blow up mattress”

“I wouldn’t kick you out of your own bed” said Hannah. She saw Janie heading back to the table, so she knew that she had to act quickly. “Oh go I can’t even believe I’m saying this. Can I talk to you after we have finished here? Somewhere really private”

“Yeah sure, you can come to my room,” said Kendra. She was intrigued as to what Hannah was going to say. Hannah didn’t get a drink. Instead she sat there waiting for the other three to finish theirs and thinking of how she was going to tell Kendra. She hoped that Kendra would be able to keep it secret and that she wouldn’t start thinking that Hannah was a different person. Hannah breathed deeply a couple of times, to stop herself panicking.

Hannah sat there in silence for what felt like an hour, but was in fact no more that 15 minutes. When the other three started to get up, Hannah joined them. The walked part of the way together, but then Georgina had to go in one direction for the car park.

“Are you coming Hannah?” she asked.

“No, I’ve just to talk to Kendra for a bit” Hannah replied, knowing that there was no way she could get out of it. The only thing she could do if she didn’t want to tell Kendra was to make up something else to tell her. Georgina then went one way and Hannah walked another way with Kendra and Janie. She let Kendra and Janie talk whilst she stayed silent. When they got to the halls of residence Janie went one way back to her own flat and Hannah carried on walking with Kendra. Within a couple of minutes Kendra was unlocking the door to her flat. They went to Kendra’s room and she unlocked that door too. They both went into the room. Kendra’s room was very tidy as it had been every time Hannah had been there in the past. Kendra sat down on the bed cross-legged. Hannah did the same thing. They were facing each other. Hannah quickly felt her lower back and realised that the top of the pull-up had risen above her trousers. Suddenly she was grateful that Kendra couldn’t tell.

“So you wanted to tell me something?” Kendra asked.

“Yeah” said Hannah. “Um…its about the snowfest thing”

“Ok. What about it?”

“Well, the thing is I want to go and it would be cool to stay over here after, but I couldn’t stay over without you finding out something about me. And I’m afraid that you won’t want me staying in your room when you find out”

“You snore? Because if that’s it, don’t worry about it”

“No it’s not that I snore,” said Hannah. She was struggling to come up with the words.

“What is it then?”

“I um…actually could I have a glass of water?”

“Yeah sure” said Kendra. She was even more confused now. Kendra got up and went into the kitchen. Hannah knew that it was going to be difficult to tell Kendra, but not this difficult. She sat there waiting for Kendra to come back. She heard Kendra come back into the room, and then realised that Kendra could now see her back, and the exposed waistband of the pull-up. Hannah knew that if she tried to hide it, then Kendra would be more likely to notice what she was doing. So instead Hannah sat there and hoped that Kendra wouldn’t notice. Kendra looked over at Hannah, wondering again what it was she wanted to say. She passed the drink over and watched as Hannah drank about half of it in one go. Kendra sat back down on the bed as Hannah held the glass in her lap. “So, what were you going to say before?”

“Oh yeah. That. Well, you see, um…”

“Whatever it is, you can still stay over here after snowfest. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to”

“But you will find out anyway if I stayed over. And I think that you are less likely to have a weird or bad reaction if you know in advance”

“Then I guess you have to tell me, or if you don’t know how to say it, well I don’t really know actually” said Kendra. Hannah braced herself.

“Ok, I am going to say it, then you can ask about it after I have finished” Hannah said.

“Ok that’s fine,” said Kendra. She lent back against her pillow, ready to listen.
“Right, I um…wet the bed. And um…because of that I still wear nappies at night. I can’t put them on myself, but if it were still alright for me to stay here, then I would ask my mum to teach me. Also, since my dad died, I sometimes have accidents during the daytime. It’s normally only every couple of days, but I wear pull-ups every day just in case” said Hannah. She put her glass on the floor, and then pulled down the front of her trousers slightly to show the pull-up underneath. Then she looked up at Kendra, who looked completely stunned.

“Ok, well I still don’t mind if you stay over”

“Really, because I thought you would freak out of something”

“No, does anyone else at uni know?”

“Georgina knows about the pull-ups but she doesn’t know about the bedwetting”

“Han, since you have told me that, I kind of want to tell you something as well”

“Sure, what?”

“Well, I don’t know if you will have done, but have you heard of an ‘AB/DL’”. Hannah went red. She knew from the Internet what an AB/DL was and also knew that she was one.

“Yeah I’ve heard of that before”

“Well, I’m not really an AB, but I am a DL,” said Kendra. She lowered her head, afraid of Hannah’s reaction.

“So do you wear nappies then?” Hannah asked.

“Yeah. I ordered some off the Internet before I came to uni, but I haven’t ordered any since then. I only wear them sometimes so I still have a few left”

“Have you ever worn them in public?”

“No, I am afraid that they would be noticeable”.

“I didn’t really tell you everything before. What I didn’t say is that when I am at home, I am normally in nappies, rather than a pull-up. The reason why I knew what an AB/DL was, is because I guess that’s what I am”

“You mean you like the whole baby thing too. I mean I just like wearing nappies. I never really fancied the baby thing”

“Yeah, but I don’t think my mum likes it too much. She doesn’t mind me been in a nappy during the day or walking round with just a nappy and a top on. But she doesn’t like me having a dummy or a bottle. They are only for special treats”

“Cool. So will you stay after snowfest then?”

“Well, I want to, but I won’t be able to if I can’t put my nappy on myself. And also, I will have been drinking which I’m sure will make the process harder”

“Couldn’t you just were one of those pull-ups overnight?”

“No, they don’t really hold that much, so would probably leak. Have you ever told anyone else about you liking nappies before?”

“No, no one else knows but you. Please don’t tell anyone”

“I’m not going to. Don’t worry”. They carried on chatting about it for quite a while longer. Hannah had never met anyone in real life that liked to wear nappies, and not just because they had to. For this reason Hannah was asking lots of questions. She was also been asked a lot of questions.

When they had been talking for about half an hour Hannah noticed that her pull-up was wet. “Do you mind if I use your bathroom?” she asked. Kendra’s room was en-suite so she had her own bathroom.

“Yeah sure” said Kendra. Hannah was going to take her entire bag with her, but at the last minute she just got out a fresh pull-up, the wipes and a bag to put the wet one into. “Did you have an accident then?”

“Yeah, I just realised that I was wet,” said Hannah. She went into the bathroom and quickly changed. As she did this Hannah thought over the people who knew about her bedwetting and daytime accidents. She realised that hardly anyone knew about her bedwetting. Only her family and a few friends, and now Kendra. There was a similar amount of people who knew about her daytime accidents and nearly all of them either knew from the beginning, or like Georgina had guessed. Kendra was the first person that Hannah had actually told. Hannah went out into Kendra’s room holding the bag in her hand.

“You can throw that in my bin if you want”

“Thanks”. They talked for a while longer, and then Kendra walked Hannah to her car. On the drive home Hannah ran through what had just happened in her head, and could hardly believe that it had actually happened.

Chapter Six

When Hannah got home she went straight to the computer and was glad to see that Marie was online. She needed someone to tell, and there was no one else around. Hannah poured out the whole story to Marie, with Marie making comments in between. One of the things that Marie said was that she was proud of Hannah for been able to tell someone, and that now Hannah wasn’t going to have to miss out on going to snowfest and drinking. They chatted for a while longer and Marie told Hannah about a guy who had asked her out. Hannah was pleased for Marie, but when Marie asked if she had met any guys yet Hannah had to say that she hadn’t. Since she had been in pull-ups, she had hardly dated anyone. She had had a couple of boyfriends before her dad died. Neither had really been very serious as she was only young. Whenever boys had been interested in her after that, she would go out on a few dates, but worried that they would find out her secret, would end it after that. The only serious boyfriend she had had, was her friend first, and so knew about the pull-ups. But they had broken up over a year ago. Since then Hannah hadn’t really dated anyone at all. It was only now when she actually thought about it, when she realised it had been so long. Hannah vowed to try and be more confident with the guys at uni, and not let the pull-ups dictate what she could and couldn’t do. She told Marie this, and Marie was very supportive. They talked until Marie had to leave. By this time it was almost five o’clock, so Jackie would be getting back soon. Hannah went downstairs to wait for her. When Jackie got in, she wanted to speak to Hannah. Hannah assumed that they would talk whilst she was getting her nappy put on, so she was going to go upstairs.

“Honey, I need to talk to you in the lounge” said Jackie. Hannah turned round and walked into the lounge with her mum. “One of the women I work with is leaving. She has decided to have a bit of a leaving do. The thing is, the reason she is leaving is because she is moving house. Anyway, she is moving next week, so the only day we could all get together was tonight. That means that I am going to get ready then I am going. I have already rang Louise to see if you could stay there tonight, since I don’t know what time I am going to be in. But they had already arranged to go out, and they don’t know what time they will be back either. What time are you in uni tomorrow?”


“So you will probably want to get to bed early. The only thing I can think of is if you put your own nappy on,” said Jackie. “Yes I know you can’t get the tapes done properly, but if you do it as best you can, then when I get in, I can come in and check it. Then I can either adjust the tapes or change you”

“I suppose that will have to do then”

“It’s a shame that Marie isn’t here, because you could have probably stayed over at hers”. Suddenly Hannah had an idea.


“What do you mean?” said Jackie, who of course had no idea of what had happened during the day.

“Kendra is one of my friends from uni. And there is this snowfest thing soon. It goes on till quite late and she said I could stay over at her flat, because she lives on campus, and that way I could drink. Anyway, I didn’t really know what to say because I couldn’t really stay over without telling her. I ended up telling her and she was cool about it, so I can stay over after snowfest”

“Ok, so what exactly has all this got to do with tonight?”

“Well, if she wasn’t doing anything I bet she wouldn’t mind if I stayed over, and then I would be at uni for the morning. Also, I could do my nappy myself, it is just the tapes. I don’t think she would mind doing up the tapes”

“Ok, well can you ring her then, whilst I go and get ready?”

“Yeah”. Jackie went upstairs and Hannah rang Kendra up. “Hey Kendra, it’s Hannah…yeah, anyway I was wondering if you had any plans for tonight…well, my mum has to go out and she doesn’t know what time she will be back…yeah, it is just I want someone there in case I can’t get the tapes done properly…no, it would be just fastening the tapes, nothing else…yeah that would be weird…so you don’t mind if I stay over…ok…no I haven’t eaten pizza sounds great…ok, I will probably be about an hour or something…ok, I’ll call you when I get there…thanks bye”. Kendra had said that it was alright for Hannah to stay over. Hannah put the phone away, and then went to gather the things she would need. As well as clothes, she packed two nappies just in case and a few pull-ups, as she would need some for the morning as well. Then Hannah went in to talk to her mum and explain that she would be staying at Kendra’s.

“Oh ok sweetie. What time are you setting off?”

“I am ready now, but I will probably wait for another ten minutes or so. I told her I would be an hour”

“I will see you tomorrow afternoon then Hannah. Have a nice night tonight”

“Yeah you too” said Hannah. They hugged then Hannah left. She put the bags into the boot of her car, and then made herself a drink in the kitchen before she set off.

In the car Hannah began to wonder if it was actually such a good idea for her to stay with Kendra. The fact that Kendra wore nappies for fun helped a little bit. It was better than it been someone else. But Hannah worried that she might be pushing Kendra a bit fast. Kendra had only found out about everything a few hours ago, now she was going to see Hannah wearing a pull-up and going to bed in a nappy. The bit that Hannah was most worried about was the reaction Kendra would have in the morning, when Hannah would wake up in a wet nappy. In the past people had found it to be very weird that Hannah was still wetting the bed. This was a reaction Hannah had come across since she was about twelve. The first time had been when she had been at her brother’s house, and Sandra’s sister was staying at the same time. Sandra’s sister had happened to see her in the morning, and looked disgusted when she saw the wet nappy. Hannah had later heard her talking to Sandra, saying that a twelve year old didn’t need nappies, and was obviously just too lazy to use the toilet in the middle of the night. She had also added that Sandra shouldn’t put her into a nappy, as that would encourage the laziness. Sandra had defended Hannah, which Hannah had been happy about, but the comments that were made really upset her. Since then she had had a few similar reactions, so was worried about what Kendra would think.

When Hannah got to the car park, and had parked she quickly rang Kendra, who said she would walk up and meet her. Hannah then got her bags out of the car, and locked up before she started walking towards the halls of residence.

Hannah was about halfway, when she saw Kendra walking towards her. They both carried on walking until they met each other, then Kendra took one of Hannah’s bags. She turned round and they walked to Kendra’s flat. Hannah could hear voices as they approached the door to the flat, so was not too surprised when Kendra opened the door, to see two guys and a girl chatting in the hallway.

“Hey Kendra” said the girl.

“Hi Dawn. Oh this is my friend Hannah, she’s gonna stay over in my room tonight” said Kendra pointing to Hannah. “Hannah, these are my flatmates Dawn, Rob and Jamie. We also have two other flatmates Kevin and Zara. Zara is never here, and I think Kevin is at the library”

“Yeah he is” said one of the guys. Hannah couldn’t remember which one. “Anyway, hi Hannah”

“Hi” Hannah replied. Kendra unlocked her door, and they both went inside, telling the other three that they might see them later.

“Just dump your stuff on that chair,” Kendra said. She put down the bag she was holding. “So what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. What do you normally do in an evening?”

“Watch TV, go on the Internet or hang out in the kitchen with Rob, Jamie and Dawn”

“Who was it that said hi to me? Was it Rob or Jamie?”

“Um, Jamie, why?”

“Just wondering” said Hannah with a little smile.

“Ok seriously why?”

“He was kinda fit” Hannah admitted.

“Oh, well you will probably be pleased to hear that he is single. Do you want to go and join them in the kitchen, so you can talk to him for a bit?”

“Maybe in a bit”

“So what do you want to do until then?”

“Not sure” said Hannah. She then noticed Kendra’s DVD collection. “Oh can we watch a DVD?”

“Yeah sure, which one?” Kendra replied. Hannah went over to look, and the room was quiet for a while. Hannah’s stomach rumbled, and she remembered that she hadn’t really eaten anything since breakfast earlier that day. “Was that you?”

“Yeah, I guess I am hungry”

“Why don’t we order the pizza, then watch a DVD when that is done?”

“Sounds like a good idea” Kendra got out a menu, and they spent a while deciding which one to go for. Eventually they decided on a medium pepperoni pizza to share between the two of them. Kendra rang, and they said it would be about half an hour until it was delivered. They took Kendra’s mobile number and said that someone would ring back to let her know the pizza was there. Kendra hung up, and then turned to Hannah. “We have like half an hour before the pizza is going to get here. So do you want to start watching a DVD now or do something different?”

“Um…start watching a DVD I guess” said Hannah.

“Ok, well you choose which you want” said Kendra. Both girls wanted to bring up their conversation from the afternoon because of the amount of things that were revealed in such a short space of time, but neither knew how to broach the subject. Hannah picked up a couple of the DVD boxes to read the back. As she did that Kendra looked at her back. Even though Kendra knew that Hannah was wearing a pull-up, she couldn’t really notice it at all. She wanted to ask Hannah about it, as so far Kendra had only worn her nappies in her room. She wanted to be able to go outside in them, but was worried someone would notice. To Kendra pull-ups seemed like an ideal solution. They would feel kind of like a nappy, but would be less obvious to anyone looking. As Kendra was thinking about this Hannah chose a DVD. She passed it over to Kendra. “The Notebook, I love this film”

“Yeah, me too” said Hannah. “I love Ryan Gosling in it”. Kendra nodded in agreement as she put the DVD into the player. They both sat down on the bed as the DVD loaded. Hannah moved about a bit to get comfortable, and Kendra handed her a pillow to lean against. As the film started, Hannah quickly stood up and adjusted her trousers before she sat back down. “Sorry about that. The pull-up, it was in a weird position”. Kendra saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring up what she had been thinking about earlier.

“Do you mind if I just ask you something about the pull-ups?”

“No go ahead”

“Well, so far I have just worn nappies in my room. I haven’t been out anywhere in them in case someone notices the thickness. But you’ve been wearing those the entire time, and I never noticed. Anyway, I was kind of wondering about wearing a pull-up one day, rather than a nappy. And has anyone noticed, I mean I can’t tell, but have other people been able to tell?”

“So far at uni it has only been Georgina, and that was because she was in the toilets at the same time as me. If you want, you can wear one of mine now. I brought quite a few. That way you can see what it feels like” Hannah said. She got off the bed, and went to her bags. She opened one of them and got out one of her pull-ups. “Put it on now, then when we go and meet the pizza guy, you can go in it”. Hannah handed it over to Kendra, who took it and went into the bathroom. Hannah then got back on the bed, and got into a comfy position. When Kendra came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, she looked kind of embarrassed. This was the first time that she had worn a nappy or pull-up in front of anyone.

“Can you tell?” said Kendra turning round.

“No. I have been wearing pull-ups for four years and I think maybe three people have guessed. But I mean, even if someone did notice something, they wouldn’t necessarily think it was a pull-up. We can probably watch about 15 minutes of the film now until we have to go get the pizza, or we can talk, and then watch the film whilst we eat. What do you wanna do?”

“Talk I guess”

“Ok, so what are your flatmates like?”

“They are cool. I mean, as I said before Zara isn’t here a lot. Her boyfriend is in his second year and lives in a house. She spends most of her time there. Then Kevin, he keeps himself to himself. He’s not really a very sociable sort of person. Dawn is lovely. She was the one I first bonded with. Then Rob can be a bit loud at times, but mostly he’s ok. I know that the one you are really interested in hearing about it Jamie” said Kendra with a smile. “He is good mates with Rob. Quite chatty, um…I don’t know what else”

“I know you said he was single, but what about past girlfriends?”

“I know he dated someone from where he lives for a year, but they split up before he came here. It was a mutual thing. They didn’t want to have a long distance relationship”

“What course is he doing?”

“Um, Geography”.

“Do you think he will still be in the kitchen after we’ve watched the film?”

“Yeah I think so. He is normally in there unless he has work to do”. By talking about Jamie, Kendra had almost forgotten that she was going to be going outside wearing a pull-up under her clothes, but when the pizza delivery guy called to say he would be there in a couple of minutes, Kendra suddenly remembered what she was going to be doing. Hannah saw the look on her face.

“Ok one, it is dark outside, so no one will be able to see, two, I have been wearing them and you never noticed even though you wear nappies sometimes, three it doesn’t show. The only way in which it would possibly show would be if you bent over and the waistband showed, but if you wear your long coat, even that won’t happen. Besides he is going to be here in a couple of minutes, so you haven’t really got time to change”

“I guess you’re right,” said Kendra. She pulled on her jacket, and then checked herself in the mirror to make sure that no one could tell. Hannah on the other hand pulled on her jacket, and just checked that the waistband wasn’t showing above her trousers. As Kendra was locking her door, Jamie came out of the kitchen.
“Going somewhere?” he asked. Kendra hadn’t heard him come out of the kitchen, and as she was already on edge because of the pull-up, she was surprised. Then of course she was paranoid that Jamie was automatically going to know what she was wearing.

“Yeah, we ordered pizza,” said Hannah when she saw that Kendra wasn’t going to answer him.

“Oh ok cool. Well I might see you later” he said going into his room. Hannah then led Kendra out of the flat to pick up the pizza.

“See I told you no one would notice. Jamie had no idea,” Hannah said to Kendra once they were outside. They walked up the path to meet the delivery guy. “And that was inside with light”

“I suppose so,” said Kendra. She started to relax. They walked up and met the pizza delivery guy. Hannah paid for the pizza, to say thank you to Kendra for letting her stay over. Hannah held the box as they walked back down to the flat.

“Is it comfortable?” Hannah asked Kendra about the pull-up.

“Yeah, well I mean I can hardly tell that I’m wearing it. Anyway, we should probably walk a bit faster. It is effing freezing out here”. The two girls sped up slightly. They were quickly back in the flat, and this time managed to get into Kendra’s room without running into anyone else. “Do want a plate or something?” said Kendra. Hannah had put the box onto the desk.

“Yeah ok”

“Ok, I’ll just go get them, did you want a drink?”

“Yeah, water’s fine. Do you want me to come as well, to help you carry the plates and drinks?”

“Yeah please,” said Kendra. They both walked down the hallway to the kitchen. Dawn, Rob and Jamie were all sat in there. “Hey guys”. She went to her cupboard and got out two plates and two glasses.

“Hey Kendra, and Hannah wasn’t it” Dawn said.


“So what are you two doing now then?” Dawn asked as Kendra made the drinks.

“We are going to eat pizza and watch The Notebook” Hannah replied, when she saw that Kendra was busy.

“Oh I love that film,” said Dawn. “I haven’t seen it in ages”.

“Are you doing anything now? Because if you want, you could come watch it with us, so long as its alright with Hannah” said Kendra. She had made the drinks, so she handed the plates over to Hannah.

“It’s fine with me” said Hannah. She wondered if Kendra actually remembered that she was still in a pull-up.

“Yeah ok” Dawn said. She stood up.

“Either of you guys want to join us?” Kendra asked Rob and Jamie.

“Um…I’ve got some work to do,” said Rob.

“What’s it about?” Jamie asked.

“Two people fall in love one summer, but then they have to break up, and there is
an old man who tells the story to a woman. Sorry, I didn’t describe it too well,” said Kendra. “You can look at the box if you want”

“No it’s alright. I’ll come watch it, but if I don’t like it then I might not stay” Jamie answered. Everyone left the kitchen. Rob went into his own room, and the other four walked into Kendra’s room. Hannah quickly looked over at her bag, to make sure that it was closed. She couldn’t remember if she had closed it after getting out the pull-up for Kendra, and didn’t want Dawn or Jamie seeing anything. The DVD was already loaded, and the TV was showing the menu.

“Sit down everyone” Kendra said. She had a beanbag on the floor, which Jamie sat down on. Kendra, Dawn and Hannah sat on the bed with Kendra sat at the head, and Hannah at the foot. “Jamie can you reach the pizza?” Kendra asked. Jamie sat up properly and grabbed it from the desk. “Do either of you two want some?” Kendra asked Dawn and Jamie.

“What kind is it?” Dawn asked.


“No thanks then. I don’t really like pepperoni”. Jamie said that he would like a piece. Kendra got one out for herself, and then held out the box so that Hannah and Jamie could get some. For her to do this, Kendra had to lean forward. As she did that the pull-up rose above her trousers. Kendra felt them do this, and suddenly moved back so that Dawn wouldn’t notice. Jamie put the box next to him on the floor, and then Kendra started the film. The room was fairly silent to begin with. There was just the sound of someone getting pizza, and the occasional comment about something in the film. Then about halfway through Hannah got up to go to the toilet.

“Do you want me to pause it?” Kendra asked.

“No, it’s ok,” said Hannah. She figured that if Dawn and Jamie were watching the film, then they were less likely to be able to hear the noise of her pull-up from the bathroom. She went into the bathroom and quickly went to the toilet. Hannah was back watching the film within a couple of minutes.

When the film ended, all three of the girls were looking a little teary. Hannah was kind of embarrassed to be crying at a film in front of a guy, especially Jamie, who she fancied a little bit. Kendra got up to switch off the DVD player, and as she did, the waistband of the pull-up was shown again. Hannah didn’t want Dawn or Jamie to notice.

“That was a good film” she said to distract them. It worked and now both of them were looking at Hannah.

“Yeah, well I have it at home, but I forgot to bring it with me to uni” said Dawn.

“Jamie what about you? Did you enjoy it?” Hannah asked. By this time Kendra had switched off the DVD player and had realised that the pull-up was showing. She had pulled her trousers up, and sat on the bed.

“Yeah it was alright I suppose. Not really my sort of film though really”. The four of them sat and chatted for a while, and then Dawn left, saying she was expecting a phone call from her boyfriend. Jamie left not long after that, leaving just Kendra and Hannah.

“Did either of them notice the pull-up?” Kendra asked nervously.

“No, as soon as I saw that it was showing, I distracted them”

“I can’t believe I invited them to watch the film, wearing it. I mean I was nervous enough been outside in the dark, never mind inside with people I know”

“I’m just so used to wearing them now that I don’t notice. I automatically check the back when I sit down or stand up, but other than that I don’t really notice”

“I might get some, then I can wear them to lectures and seminars”

“If I have enough, you can use another one of mine tomorrow to see what it feels like”.

“Ok thanks. I might try that”. The TV was on, so Kendra quickly flicked through the channels to see what was on. “Do you want to watch something?”

“What time is it?”

“Almost half nine”

“There was a programme I wanted to watch on channel 4, but it started at nine, so we’ve missed half now”. Kendra turned it over. It was a drama, with lots of plot twists and characters. After ten minutes Kendra and Hannah looked at each other. Because they had missed the first half, neither of them knew what was going on. Kendra flicked through the channels again before switching the TV off.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Seven

“So now what?” Kendra asked.

“Don’t know”.

“The thing that you’re going to be sleeping on needs blowing up”.

“Might as well do it now then,” said Hannah. Kendra got off the bed, and kneeled on the floor. She reached under the bed, and pulled out an airbed and pump.

“I’ll do it since you are the guest” Kendra offered.

“Do half each, I mean I’m going to be sleeping on it aren’t I”

“I suppose so”. Kendra opened it out, whilst Hannah moved the stuff that was on the floor. Then Kendra started to blow up the bed with the foot pump.

“So how long have you been into wearing nappies then? If you don’t mind me asking,” Hannah asked.

“No it’s fine, well I have a little sister. She was born when I was six, so she is now 12. Anyway before she was born I got all the attention, but then suddenly she was the centre of attention, and she didn’t even do anything. It really annoyed me, so I took one of her nappies and taped it on myself so I could get my parents attention. I did quite a bad job taping it up though. But my parents didn’t even seem to care that I had put on a nappy. They just took it off me and told me that I was too big to be wearing nappies. I knew that I liked it though, so would take one of my sister’s nappies whenever I could. Of course my sister grew up and was potty trained. She didn’t even really wet the bed either; so all the nappies were gone. That was when I was about nine, I think. Then I sort of forgot about it until I was 14. One of my friend’s parents had just had a baby and when I went there, it suddenly all came back to me and I remembered everything. I managed to get one of the nappies, but then when I got home and wore it, it didn’t fit. Obvious really since it was made for a newborn baby. My mum found it in my room and grounded me. She also made me go round and apologise to my friend’s parents for taking it. That was so embarrassing, because my friend was there as well. But it actually turned out really well, because my friend told me that she had just stopped wetting the bed, and still had some bigger nappies left over. She gave me a couple. Then I decided to look it up on the Internet and found that it wasn’t just me. I used to go into Boots and buy the pull-up training pants for little kids, which still kind of fitted me. I didn’t tell anyone obviously. Then just over a year ago I got a debit card so I could order stuff off the Internet. Since then I have been buying nappies off the Internet”

“Ok cool”

“Sorry that explanation was so long. So how did you get into it? I know that you wet the bed, so did you always like wearing nappies?”

“I don’t know really, I liked the attention. I mean my brother is 12 years older than me and my sister is 10 years older, so when I was born it was a big age gap. So even when I wasn’t a baby, I was still very much the baby of the family. I was potty trained through the day at the normal age, but couldn’t stay dry through the night. It was usually my mum that would get me ready for bed, but sometimes it was my dad or my sister, and I liked the attention that I got for those ten minutes or whatever at the end of the day. Then when I still hadn’t stopped wetting the bed my mum took me to the doctors, and we had a couple of years when I was in pull-ups, or knickers overnight, whilst various things were tried. Bedwetting alarms, been woken up in the middle of the night, not drinking after a certian time in the evening. Then none of it worked so my mum decided to put me back into nappies. I was nine at the time, and really protested. It kind of seemed like a step back. My mum didn’t force it, but waited until I had woken up in a wet bed for a few nights before she asked again. That time I agreed. I remember at the time realising that I liked it, so since then I have known I liked it. After a while I even wanted to wear them in the day. My mum let me a couple of times, but it was only for a couple of hours each time. Then my dad died, and I started having accidents during the day. After three accidents in three and a half weeks my mum took me to the doctor. He couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Then when my mum was ordering my nappies off the Internet, she noticed the pull-ups. She ordered some of those as well, and then I started wearing them in the day. It means that when I do have an accident, it is not so embarrassing as no one else can tell. After I had been wearing them for about a year I think, I asked my mum if I could wear nappies around the house during the day, because I preferred them to the pull-ups. She eventually agreed, but said that I would have to use them for everything. I think she thought I wouldn’t want to, you know, mess in them, so I would forget about the idea. Except that I agreed. So anyway that’s kind of my story”

“You said this afternoon that you were into the baby thing as well. When did that start?”

“I don’t know really, it just sort of happened. I mean my sister always babied me, and she noticed that I had started to suck my thumb, so she got me a dummy. She would let me use it whenever she changed me. My mum found out and wasn’t too happy. But then she came round and my sister bought me some bottles and a couple more dummies one Christmas. I am only allowed them occasionally. It’s normally as a reward, or if I’m really upset. They’re like a comforting thing”

“Yeah, I can understand that” Kendra said. As they had been talking, they had been blowing up the bed. “Bed is done”.

“Ok, cool,” said Hannah. “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever really told anyone all that. Most people who know were around when it was going on, and for a couple that weren’t, I normally give them a condensed version”

“I’ve never told anyone my story either” Kendra replied.

“So have you never fancied the been babied thing?”

“Well, you know like how you were saying that the babying thing was comforting to you. The nappies themselves are the comforting things for me. So what do you want to do now? It’s still only like quarter past ten”

“I don’t know. Normally if I were at home, I would probably be on the Internet, or watching TV with my mum”

“Well, we already know that there is nothing good on TV. Actually, I have been writing this story, and I was kind of thinking about posting it on the forum of one of the nappy sites I go to. Will you read it and tell me what you think?”

“Yeah, ok,” said Hannah. Kendra switched on her computer and waited for it to load up. She then opened up the story.

“I’m going to go wash these plates and glasses up whilst you read it then”. Kendra picked up the things that needed to be washed up, and left the room. Hannah began to read.

When Kendra returned, Hannah had almost finished. “Hey, this is quite good. You should definitely post it”

“Thanks. I’m gonna finish writing it before I post it though”

“Do you mind if I get ready for bed?” Hannah asked. It was quarter to 11.

“No it’s fine. I’m going to get ready for bed as well”

“Ok” said Hannah. She didn’t really know how to bring up the topic of her nappy. She was hoping that Kendra would mention it.

“I tell you what, I will get changed in the bathroom, then you can be in here, then just call me to let me know when you’ve finished”. Kendra grabbed her pyjamas. Hannah heard the pull-up as she did that.

“What are you going to do with the pull-up your wearing?”

“Oh, I’d almost forgot about it. Wear it overnight I guess”

“Um…Kendra, if I do everything else, will you do the tapes up on my nappy so that it’s tight enough”

“Yeah sure. Just call me when you have done everything else” Kendra went over to the door and locked it; whilst Hannah got out everything she was going to need. When Kendra was in the bathroom, Hannah quickly changed into the t-shirt she had brought. Then she took off her trousers and dry pull-up. Hannah quickly wiped herself, then opened up the nappy and slid it underneath herself. After she had applied some powder, she pulled the nappy up, and made sure that it completely covered her.

“Kendra” she called. Kendra came out of the bathroom and began taping up the nappy. She checked that it was tight enough.

“All done” Kendra said, standing up.

“Thanks” Hannah said. She sat up. “I normally sleep like this, but I have some pyjama bottoms with me”

“I don’t mind if you sleep like that,” Kendra said. Kendra stepped over Hannah to get into her bed. They chatted for a bit, mostly about their friends, and the modules they were taking. Hannah started to fall asleep at about half past 11, so Kendra got up to switch off the light. As she did, she noticed that Hannah had her thumb in her mouth and her nappy was showing slightly from under the covers. Kendra couldn’t help but notice that Hannah looked content and peaceful. Kendra switched off the light and got back into bed. Within 15 minutes she was asleep as well.

Kendra woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. She was careful not to disturb Hannah as she got out of bed. When she had finished Kendra climbed back in bed and tried to get back to sleep. After about twenty minutes Kendra had almost drifted back to sleep, when suddenly the fire alarm started. There was an alarm in every room and kitchen in the whole block, so that no matter where you were, you would always be able to hear it. Hannah woke up in surprise. Kendra was completely used it the alarm as in the two and a half months she had been living there, there had been five fire alarms. Three whilst Kendra was asleep.

“What the hell is that?” said Hannah above the noise of the alarm. She realised that her nappy was wet.

“It’s the fire alarm, we’ve got to go outside”

“But I’m only in a top and wet nappy”

“You’ll have to put on the trousers you came over in, or the pyjama bottoms you brought. Your jacket goes over your butt, so no one will know what you are wearing” said Kendra. She grabbed her jacket and trainers. Hannah knew that the trousers she came over in wouldn’t fit over a nappy, especially not a wet one. She grabbed the pyjama bottoms, and because of the elasticised waistband they easily fitted, although her bottom looked puffy. Kendra passed Hannah her trainers and jacket. Hannah quickly had them on.

“Can you tell?” she asked. Kendra looked over quickly as she grabbed her keys.

“No, and besides it’s like you were saying earlier, it is dark outside so who is going to be able to see. Come on we have to get outside”. Hannah reluctantly followed Kendra. Kendra unlocked her door, and then went into the hallway. Dawn was waiting in the hallway; Jamie and Rob were just coming out their rooms. There was another guy in the hallway. Hannah assumed that it was Kevin.

“I am never going to get back to sleep now” Rob commented as they all headed out of the flat. As well as listening to the conversation, Hannah was trying to tell whether her nappy could be heard as she walked. She hoped that it couldn’t, but knew that even if it was heard, it was only likely to be Kendra that would recognise the sound. They went outside and saw lots of people stood in groups. Some were wearing dressing gowns. Others were fully dressed and Hannah even saw a couple of people with their duvets pulled round them. Rob saw someone he recognised, so went over to say hello, whilst Hannah, Kendra, Dawn, Jamie and Kevin stood in a little circle.

“Oh Hannah, this is Kevin” said Kendra realising that the two hadn’t met. “Kevin, this is a friend of mine Hannah”. He put his hand out so that they could shake hands. Hannah had to pull her hands out of her pockets to do this.

“Wow, your hands are really cold” said Kevin. Her hands been cold was to be expected really considering the circumstances. It was the middle of the night in December and she was stood outside having just woken up. Of course those circumstances applied to most of the people, however they did not have a cold, wet nappy on. Hannah was glad that she brought a spare one, as she intended to change as soon as she was back inside. She just hoped that Kendra wouldn’t mind doing up the tapes again.

“Let me feel” Kendra said. Hannah held out her hand, and Kendra touched it. “Yeah it is freezing. Are you ok Hannah?”

“Cold, but alright” Hannah replied. Jamie took Hannah’s hand and began to rub them vigorously to get some warmth into them.

“That’s not too much is it? Just let me know if is starts hurting” Jamie said as he carried on rubbing her hand.

“That’s really nice actually,” Hannah said. She knew that she wanted to get to know Jamie better, but didn’t really know when she would get the chance, except if she saw him when she was with Kendra.

“This is so crappy. I have a lecture at nine” Dawn said. “And this cold is really making me need to pee”. Kendra and Hannah both smiled to themselves when they heard this.

“Yeah me too” Jamie said.

“Well, it’s alright for guys. If you got desperate then it is easy enough for you to go outside. It’s a whole lot harder for girls isn’t it? Kendra, Hannah agree with me here”. Hannah of course had no problem with peeing outside.

“I know it’s harder. I was just saying that I needed to go as well. The cold makes everyone need to go” Jamie replied. He looked to Hannah and Kendra to back him up.

“Yeah” said Kendra, not very convincingly. Hannah realised that she needed to pee as well. She relaxed and then was able to slowly release a stream of urine into the waiting nappy. She made sure to drag it out, just in case it started to leak. Whilst she was doing this Kendra looked over to her, then quickly looked down. Of course through the jacket and pyjamas that Hannah was wearing, there was no way for Kendra to know for sure whether Hannah had been wetting herself.

“I think your hands are warm now” Jamie said to Hannah letting go of her hand. Hannah put her hands back in her pocket, and tried to feel her nappy through her jacket to see how wet it was. She quickly realised that the only way she was going to be able to do that properly would be to lean forward, and Hannah didn’t want anyone else to wonder what she was doing, so she left it.

Rob came back after talking to his friend and joined their little circle. “So what’s been going on here?” he asked.

“Nothing really, we were just wondering whether the coldness makes everyone need to pee”

“I think so, I need to pee. It’s probably a good thing that we have our own bathrooms otherwise we would be queuing”. Rob said.

“Rob, do you know how the fire alarm got set off?”

“One of my friends flatmates said that some drunk guy had managed to get inside and he set off the alarm then went”

“I bet he doesn’t even live in this hall” Dawn said in frustration.

“Probably not, but then again if he doesn’t then how did he get in to set the alarm off?” Jamie replied. They carried on talking for a while longer, then the alarm went silent. All of a sudden there was a rush to the doors, as everyone wanted to get back to their flats. Kevin held the door open to let the others through.

“Thanks Kev” Rob said as he walked through the open door. When everyone was back in the flat Kevin, who was the last in, locked the door.

“See you in the morning at some point” said Dawn disappearing into her room. Everyone else did the same.

Kendra and Hannah went into Kendra’s room and Kendra locked the door again. “We should probably be able to get another few hours sleep before we get up” Kendra said. Both girls took off their jackets and trainers.

“That’s only if we get back to sleep in the first place”

“I hope I get back to sleep. I’m still really tired,” said Kendra. She walked over to her bed.

“Um…Kendra, before you get into bed, my nappy is really wet, so I’m going to change it. Would you do up the tapes on the fresh one?”

“Yeah ok. Do you want me to wait in the bathroom until your done?”

“You can wait in here, so long as you turn round,” said Hannah. She got out her wipes, powder, a bag and spare nappy. Hannah quickly removed the pyjama bottoms, then laid out on the airbed. Kendra sat on her bed and turned to face the wall.

“Is this alright?” she checked.

“Yeah, that’s fine”. Hannah quickly untaped her nappy, then wiped herself. When this was done, she rolled up the nappy with the wipes inside and put it in the bag. Then she put the new nappy under her and powdered herself. When Hannah had brought the nappy between her legs and to her stomach she spoke to Kendra. “I’m done. Can you do the tapes now please?”

“Yep. Just a second” said Kendra getting off the bed. She quickly taped up the sides of the nappy as she had done earlier. “Done”. Kendra climbed into her own bed. Hannah sat up.

“Kendra, what should I do with the used nappy? It’s only in one bag”
“If you open up my wardrobe then there will be another bag in there you can use, then just put it in my bin. I can put the bin out tomorrow and the cleaner will take it”

“Ok thanks” said Hannah. She got out another bag, and then put the nappy and first bag into that, before tying up the handles. Then she put it in the bin before switching out the light and getting back into bed.

“Are you still cold, because I am?”

“Yeah I am still fairly cold,” said Hannah pulling the covers closer round her. Kendra did the same on her bed.

“Han, can I ask you something? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want”

“What’s the question?”

“When we were outside before did you wet your nappy?” Kendra asked. Hannah was grateful that Kendra couldn’t see her going red.

“Um…yeah. I needed to go because of the coldness and if I had waited and gone to the toilet when we were back inside, then it would have taken longer to change my nappy, because I would have had to go to the bathroom halfway through. Do you think anyone else noticed what I was doing?”

“No. I mean I didn’t even know for sure”

“Good. I’ve never done that before, you know deliberately wetting myself in front of so many people. And it was weird doing it with Jamie still rubbing my hands”.

“What was that about actually?”

“What was what about?”

“Jamie rubbing your hand”

“He was trying to warm them up. I don’t know why he did it, but it was quite nice”

“He has never done that for anyone else in a fire alarm”. Hannah was again grateful for the darkness as she smiled broadly. “Maybe he likes you”

“Maybe” Hannah said coyly. “Do you think I will see him again before we go to class at nine?”

“He has a class at nine, so I have ran into him in the kitchen in past weeks. You never know, you could see him in the morning”. They heard a knock at the door.

“Kendra, Hannah are you awake” someone whispered through the door. Kendra got up and went to the door. On the way she switched on the light. Hannah sat up and then checked that her nappy wasn’t showing. Kendra unlocked, and then opened the door. It was Jamie. “I know it is like a ridiculously stupid time in the morning, but I was wondering if I could talk to you for a couple of minutes”. Kendra looked over at Hannah. Hannah was reluctant for him to come into the room because of her nappy. “Please”. Kendra stood aside and let him in.

“Was it both of us you wanted to talk to or just Hannah?”

“Just Hannah really, but I’m not going to kick you out of your own room”

“Ok then, take a seat”. Jamie went over and sat on Kendra’s bed. Kendra sat down as well.

“I can’t really believe that I am doing this, but Hannah, I know I have only know you a few hours. But I think you are really interesting. And well, would you be interested in going out with me sometime?”

“Yeah ok, that sounds cool,” said Hannah trying not to sound too excited. “Um, Kendra said you have a class at nine”


“Ok, so do I, so we can meet in the morning at some point and arrange something and swap numbers or whatever”

“Ok then. I suppose I will see you in the morning then” said Jamie getting up. He headed to the door. “Thank you for letting me use your room Kendra,” he said as he left the room. Kendra got up and locked the door. She then switched off the light as got back into bed.

“I guess he does like you then”

“Yep” Hannah squealed. “I’m glad he didn’t want us to talk in his room though. I doubt he would have asked me out if he had seen my nappy”

“So, if things took off between you two, would you tell him?”

“I don’t know. We haven’t even arranged a first date yet. I will have to wait and see”

“What did you do in the past?”

“I have only had one boyfriend that I was serious with, and he was a friend first so knew about the pull-ups and bedwetting. I told some of the others about the pull-ups. There were two I think that had bad reactions to it. Since then I have kind of been reluctant to tell any boyfriends”

“That’s a shame. Jamie seems like a pretty easygoing sort of guy. I don’t think he would have a bad reaction to it, but I can’t be sure,” Kendra said. She yawned. “Anyway I will speak to you in the morning” she said as she turned to face the wall and closed her eyes. Hannah closed her eyes as well, and thought about what had just happened as she fell asleep.

Chapter Eight

A few hours later Kendra’s alarm went off. Both girls woke up. Kendra switched off the alarm. “I am still tired” Kendra said.

“Me too” said Hannah yawning.

“We’ve got to get up though. Otherwise we will end up falling back to sleep, then missing our lecture. And you will end up not seeing Jamie”

“Oh yeah. I’m glad you said that. I thought that I had imagined it or dreamt it”

“Nope, it happened. I was there,” said Kendra rubbing her eyes. She got out of bed and shivered, as the room was cold. They heard a door been opened then someone walking past their door to the kitchen. “That will be Jamie. You will have to get up and dressed unless you want to go into the kitchen in what you’re wearing now”. Hannah then got out of bed, and realised that her nappy was wet. That meant that she had peed at least twice in her sleep in one night. Kendra noticed it as well. “I’m just gonna go to the toilet and stuff, so that you have privacy to get dressed. Just let me know when you’ve finished”. Kendra went into the bathroom whilst Hannah grabbed the clothes and other things she would need. She laid back down to undo the tapes of her nappy, then wiped herself. She moved the nappy to the side whilst she put on a pull-up. Once she had done that she wrapped up the nappy and put it in a couple of carrier bags then put it in the bin. Once Hannah was dressed, she let Kendra know that she could come out. Hannah couldn’t help but notice that Kendra looked different. To be more specific, it was her bottom and between her legs that looked different. Kendra walked over to her bed, and Hannah noticed a slight waddle in the way she was walking. It was the same waddle Hannah had when she was in a wet pull-up or nappy. Hannah wondered whether or not to mention it, since Kendra hadn’t said anything. Kendra looked over at Hannah, and then looked down. Hannah decided that she was going to mention it.

“Do want to use my wipes to clean yourself up?” she asked. Kendra nodded. “How long have you been wet?”

“I just went in the bathroom. I wanted to see if it would leak”

“Did it leak?”

“Nope. Do you have anymore spare pull-ups? So I could wear one today”. Hannah checked in her bag. She still had three left. She got one out for Kendra.

“There you go,” she said passing it to Kendra. She also got out the wipes that she had just put away and handed those over as well.

“Thanks”. Hannah went into the bathroom, and Kendra ripped open the sides of the sides of the pull-up. She let it fall to the floor, and then she grabbed the wipes, and wiped herself. Once Kendra had done this, she put the fresh one on. She grabbed a couple of carrier bags, and rolled up the wet pull-up to throw away. Then she put the carrier bag into the bin. She lifted the bag out of the bin, and checked that nothing could be seen through it. She didn’t want the cleaner been able to see the nappies or pull-ups that were in there. Kendra quickly dressed, and then let Hannah know that she could come out of the bathroom. Hannah came out.

“Did you put the pull-up on?” she asked.

“Yep” said Kendra, pulling down the waistband of her trousers to show the pull-up underneath. “I’m wear it whilst we are eating breakfast, but I’m not sure if I will wear it to class yet”

“No one has noticed so far”

“But, you said that Georgina noticed you wearing them. What if she notices I’m wearing them too?”

“I have been wearing pull-ups every time Georgina has seen me, and she only noticed me this week when she heard it in the toilets”

“But that could have been because she thought your butt was naturally that shape, so didn’t question it. Whereas my butt isn’t normally this shape so what if she notices the difference”

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve never imagined Georgina to be the sort of person that would go around staring at her friends bottoms, memorizing the shape. And if she does notice and asks you about it, then say that I stayed with you, which is true. Then say that you found out about me having to wear pull-ups, so you thought you would wear one to support me or something. Anyway shouldn’t we go get breakfast? I don’t want Jamie to have gone”

“Yeah ok”. Hannah unlocked the door, and they walked out. They both headed to the kitchen. Jamie was sat at the table, a bowl of cereal in front of him.

“Hey” he said looking up as they walked in. Kendra went over to her cupboard.

“Hey Jamie” Hannah said.

“I’ve got Special K. Is that alright?” Kendra said to Hannah.

“Yeah, that’s fine”. Kendra got out two bowls and poured some cereal.

“You know Han, you don’t have to stand like that. Sit down at the table”
Kendra said as she got out two spoons. Hannah pulled out a chair and sat down. Kendra brought over the bowls and cereal, and then went over to the fridge to get the milk out. She brought it to the table. “There isn’t enough in there for both if us” Kendra said. She looked over at Jamie. Jamie looked up and noticed.

“You can use mine if you want” he volunteered. “It’s the one in the door from ASDA”. Kendra went back over to fridge. She got Jamie’s milk out.

“Is this it?” she said holding it up.

“Yep”. Kendra walked back over to the table. Hannah used the last of Kendra’s milk on her own cereal, so Kendra used Jamie’s, then returned it to the fridge. Kendra then took a seat at the table next to Hannah. Hannah was sat facing Jamie.

“So um…did you manage to get back to sleep after the fire alarm?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, did you?” Hannah replied.

“I was awake for like an hour, then I managed to sleep”. Kendra looked over and watched Jamie and Hannah’s awkward conversation. It was obvious that neither wanted to bring up going on a date in case the other person had changed their mind.

“For god sake guys, just get it over with already” Kendra eventually said. “Jamie where’s your phone?” she asked. Jamie picked it up off the table. “Ok Hannah, do you know your number?”

“Yeah”. Kendra looked at her. “Oh right, yeah” Hannah said and then she gave Jamie her mobile number.

“Do you have your phone with you?” Jamie asked when he had saved Hannah’s number.

“It’s in Kendra’s room”

“I’ll prank you then, so that you have my number as well. Also I think Kendra has my number in her phone”

“Yeah I do,” said Kendra. Jamie rang Hannah’s number and let it ring once before he hung up.

“You should have a missed call when you look at your phone” Jamie said. he put his phone back down. “If you want, I can give you a ring this afternoon or this evening and we can talk about going out somewhere”
“Yeah ok that sounds cool” Hannah replied. Jamie had finished eating his breakfast, and he wasn’t dressed yet so he got up and put his pots by the sink to wash up later.

“Where is your lecture at nine?”

“Naseby building. Are you going that way?”

“Yeah. How about we meet in the hallway at ten to, then the three of us can walk over together”

“Yeah ok, sounds cool. Kendra?” Hannah said.

“Yep. See you at ten to”. When he had gone Hannah looked at Kendra.

“Thanks for doing that. I don’t think anything would have been said, if you hadn’t brought it up,” said Hannah. She finished off her cereal. Kendra finished eating as well.

“I completely forgot to ask, but do you want a drink?” Kendra said suddenly.

“Um…yeah. Do you have orange juice or something?”

“Yep” said Kendra getting up. She picked up the bowls and put them next to the sink. Then she went and got a carton of orange juice out of the fridge. Hannah grabbed two glasses out of Kendra’s cupboard. Kendra poured it, then returned the carton to the fridge. Hannah picked up the two glasses then the two of them went back to Kendra’s room. They still had twenty minutes until they were going to be setting off, so Kendra switched on her computer to check her e-mail. Hannah checked her phone and saved Jamie’s number before packing all her things away. She was going to leave most of her things in Kendra’s room, and pick them up after. She also made sure that everything she was going to need for the day was in one bag.

“Have you got any e-mails?”

“Just one, telling me I have a personal message at one of the forums I go to”

“What forum’s that?”

“Daily Diapers”

“I go to that site too” said Hannah. “What’s your user name?” Kendra said her user name, and then Hannah revealed hers. They were both surprised as they had replied to each other’s posts before.

“That is so weird. Replying to each others posts, and not even knowing” said Kendra. She went onto the website to read her personal message. She didn’t recognise the screen name. “Ok, it’s from someone calling themselves cbass,” said Kendra. She started to read it aloud. “Hi, I have noticed from a few posts that we live in the same sort of area. I am in year 13 doing A levels at Brickworth School. I live in the village of Brickworth. Anyway, you can reply to this if you want, and we can chat or something”

“So he has probably just turned 18 if he is at school. I’ve never heard of Brickworth, have you?”

“Nope, but then again I haven’t heard of many places round here”

“Are you going to message him back?”

“Yeah, I might as well”

“What are going to say?”

“I don’t know,” said Kendra. She read out what she was writing. “Hey, it’s always nice to hear from someone in the same area as me. It would be cool to chat to you sometime. Do you have MSN?”

“That sounds alright,” said Hannah. Kendra read it through again, and then pressed the send button. Kendra then switched off the computer.

“What time is it?”

“Twenty to nine” said Hannah checking her watch. Kendra quickly got ready the things she would need. Hannah went to the toilet again. By ten to nine they were both ready. They went into the hallway and Kendra locked the door to her room. As she was doing that, Jamie came out of his room as well. He locked his door and the three of them headed outside. Both girls were very aware of every little sound that their pull-ups made as they walked. They tried to keep up the conversation so that any noise wouldn’t be so noticeable to Jamie. When they reached the Naseby building, they all stopped.

“I’m off in that direction” said Jamie pointing to another building.

“Ok bye” said Hannah. Kendra went to wait inside.

“So I’ll ring you sometime this afternoon or this evening”

“Ok, I’ll expect your call,” said Hannah.

“Bye then” said Jamie. He walked off and Hannah went into the building. She and Kendra headed towards the classroom.

“What did he say to you?” Kendra asked.

“Nothing really, just said he would ring today at some point” Hannah replied. They reached the room and went inside. Most of their friends were not in this class. It was only them two and Georgina. Georgina was already in there, along with several other people. Hannah and Kendra headed across the room to sit with Georgina.

“Morning” Georgina said as she noticed the two of them.

“Morning” Kendra replied. She walked round to the other side of the table, been careful the entire time not to have her back to Georgina. Hannah noticed this, but Georgina didn’t appear to. Hannah sat down next to Kendra.

“So have you had a good morning so far?” Hannah asked Georgina.

“Not really. I got the kids up and my daughter’s pull-up had leaked. So I had to strip her sheets and everything this morning. It’s not the first time that it has happened either. It is just because the pull-ups aren’t absorbent enough. I’m not sure what to do about it either. I don’t really want to put her back into nappies through the night, because she always used to kick up a fuss whenever she was put into one. I think the pull-ups make her feel more grown up because she isn’t been changed like a little baby, but can do it herself,” Georgina said. Hannah’s expression changed as soon as Georgina made her last comment. Georgina didn’t see this. Kendra was talking to someone on the next table.

“Maybe you should talk to her,” said Hannah trying to appear as if she hadn’t been affected by what Georgina had said. “You never know, she might prefer wearing a nappy to leaking and having wet sheets. Also, you could think of someway in which she is able to be involved in getting a nappy on. That might make her feel less like a baby”

“I could try that. Thanks” said Georgina as the tutor came into the room. Kendra turned round, and the seminar quickly began. Hannah put Georgina’s comment to the back of her mind, so that she would be able to concentrate. She took notes and paid attention. The seminar was two hours long and they were normally given a ten-minute break in the middle. When the break came, Hannah went off to the toilet with Kendra.

“Did you hear what Georgina said?”

“What, when? That comment she made about the book?”

“No, it was at the beginning. I think you were talking to someone else”

“Well, if I was talking to someone else then how would I have heard it?”

“I don’t know”

“What did she say then?”

“Well, you know how her kids wear pull-ups at night. She said that her daughter keeps waking up with wet sheets because the pull-up has leaked”

“What was so special about that comment?”

“No it wasn’t that, it was what she said after,” said Hannah. Kendra looked at her as if to say what was said after. “She said that she is thinking about getting nappies for her daughter because they are more absorbent. But she wasn’t sure how her daughter would react as having a nappy changed is something that happens to babies”

“Georgina doesn’t know that you wear nappies, so she didn’t mean for you to take it like that. And besides she was talking about her daughter, who is young and is going to associate a nappy with babies”

“Yeah I know that, but I mean, is it weird that I am 18 and can’t put a nappy on myself properly”

“I don’t know. I would be willing to bet that any average 18 year old wouldn’t have a clue what to do if you gave them an adult nappy”

“No, maybe not, but I haven been in nappies at night practically my entire life, and I still have to have someone change me. I mean the only reason I chose this university was because it was close enough for me to drive in, and live at home. And one of the reasons I wanted to stay at home was because I needed my mum to change my nappy every evening”

“You can do most of it yourself, it is just the tapes. All you need to do is get them tight enough so that the nappy doesn’t leak. I manage to do it when I wear a nappy. It’s not that difficult. Just ask your mum if you can do it tonight. She can be there as well to do it. Also with the nappies I have, you can adjust the tapes until you get them right. I noticed that the ones you use don’t have that. If you want you can take one of mine and use it tonight, and see if you find it easier”. The ten-minute break was almost finished, so Kendra and Hannah quickly headed back to the seminar.

“You were quite a while” Georgina commented as they sat down.

“Ok, now that everyone is back, we will start again,” said the tutor as another couple of people came through the door. Hannah was pleased that she had spoken to Kendra, although she did have one concern. If she could do her own nappy, did that mean her mum would never change her again. Hannah knew it would be nice if she could change her own nappy occasionally, but didn’t want to have to do it all the time. As the tutor talked Hannah realised that there was an advantage to been able to put on her own nappy. She would be able to wear one whenever she wanted, rather than just when her mum was at home. And there would be no more embarrassing situations when one of her friends had to change her.

When the class finished, the three of them walked out together. Georgina headed in the direction of the car park whilst Hannah and Kendra walked back to Kendra’s room. They ran into Kendra’s flatmate Dawn who was heading in the same direction. She had just gotten out of a class as well.

“So do you have any plans for the day?” Dawn asked them both.

“Not really. That was my only class today” Kendra replied.

“I am just going to pick my stuff up, then get off home,” Hannah said.

“Do you have any plans Dawn” Kendra asked.

“Well, there is a film I wanted to see at the cinema this afternoon. I was supposed to be going with a couple of mates from my course. Except I’ve just seen them and they both bailed on me. And I don’t really want to go to the cinema on my own, so I’m not doing anything”

“How come they bailed on you?”

“One had an assignment to do, and the other had to pick her nephew up from school. And the film wouldn’t have ended until an hour after school finished”

“At least they had reasons then. It wasn’t just because they couldn’t be bothered” Kendra said. Hannah didn’t say anything throughout the walk to Kendra’s flat. Instead she was thinking. Hannah was wondering whether she would ever stop having accidents. She hoped that she would, but as they had been happening for four years, and showed no signs of stopping, Hannah had to conclude that they were going to be happening for quite a while. She knew that wearing pull-ups all the time was better and less embarrassing than wearing knickers and having everyone knowing when she had wet herself. However, it was difficult to keep the pull-ups a secret. Whilst Hannah had been at school, keeping the pull-ups a secret wasn’t really important because most of her friends had been her friends when she had started to have accidents, so knew about the pull-ups. At university it was a lot more difficult however. Hannah felt herself lucky that only Georgina and Kendra knew. She couldn’t believe more people had guessed, especially when she was stood outside that morning during the fire alarm in a wet nappy. She had felt sure that someone would either spot the extra bulk, or be able to smell her. Hannah was forced to interrupt her train of thought when she realised that Kendra was talking to her.

“So do you?” she heard Kendra say. It was obvious that Kendra had asked Hannah if she did something, or was doing something, but Hannah had no idea what it was.

“Do I what?” Hannah had to ask. By this time they were back at the flat, and were stood in the hallway.

“I said, do you have plans for this afternoon? I know that you said you were going home, but do you actually have to be back for a certain time?”

“No not really. Why?”

“Obviously you missed the entire conversation. Dawn was supposed to be going to the cinema with some friends, but they had to pull out”

“I heard that bit of the conversation”

“Good, then after than I said that I wanted to see the film that Dawn was wanting to see. So then we just agreed to go later on together. I asked you if you wanted to come as well, and go home later or did you have specific plans that you get home for”

“Ok, yeah I should be able to come. What time is it?”

“Um…the film is at half two, so we will have to get the half one bus” said Dawn unlocking her bedroom door.

“I can drive us to the cinema” Hannah said.

“Oh ok cool. We should probably set off at about two then. I have got some reading to do, so how about we meet here at ten to two?”

“Yeah ok” said Kendra unlocking her door. Dawn went into her room at the same time that Kendra and Hannah went into Kendra’s room.

“I’m just going to text my mum and let her know that I’m going to be late back,” said Hannah. She got her phone out and took it off silent. She was surprised to see that she already had a message in her inbox. She checked it and found that Marie had texted her. It said that Marie had had a good time on her date the previous evening, and she would tell Hannah all about it the next time they were on MSN at the same time.

Once Hannah had read that, she quickly texted her mum. When she had finished, Hannah put her phone back in her bag, and then sat down on the bed with Kendra. “So what was it like?” she asked.

“What was what like?”

“You know, wearing a pull-up this morning?”

“Alright actually. I mean it was different, and I was more careful when sitting down. Do you think anyone noticed?”

“No. Georgina certainly didn’t, and Dawn probably wouldn’t have known what it was, if she had noticed something. Is it still dry?”

“Yeah. Is yours?”

“Yeah. So are you going to keep it on to go to the cinema?”

“I don’t know”

“It makes sense to keep it on really. I mean what happens if you need to pee in the cinema. You can just pee in it, rather than missing some of the film to go to the toilet”

“Is that what you do?”

“Yeah, then after it has finished I just go into the toilets and change. I still have two pull-ups left, so if I manage to not have an accident before we go to the cinema, then you should be able to put on another one after. Or you can take a pair of knickers and change into them. Dawn didn’t noticed before when we were walking, so how is she going to notice if you are sat down in a dark cinema”

“I guess. Alright then I will keep it on then”

“Good”. Kendra switched on her computer, and put on some music. “I love this song” Hannah commented.

“Me too. Oh I’ll get that thing out for you whilst I remember” Kendra said. Hannah had no idea what she was talking about.

“What thing?”

“You know, I said I would give you one of my nappies so you could see if the adjustable tape thing was easier”

“Oh yeah. I forgot”. Kendra kneeled on the floor.

“Just lift your feet up a sec” Kendra said. Her nappies were hidden at the back of the drawer under her bed, and Hannah’s legs were in front of it. Hannah moved back on the bed, and lifted up her legs. Kendra opened up the drawer and reached in. She pulled out a package of nappies. She was about to grab one out to give to Hannah when there was a knock at the door. Kendra quickly passed the package over to Hannah, who hid it under the duvet. “Come in” Kendra called. The door opened and they saw Dawn. “Hey Dawn” said Kendra closing the drawer and standing up. She sat on the bed.

“Hey. I know we said we were meeting at ten to two, but I was wondering whether you fancied getting some lunch or something in town beforehand”

“Um…” said Kendra looking over at Hannah. At that moment she didn’t really care what they did, she just wanted to get Dawn out her room.

“Yeah that sounds cool,” said Hannah. She looked up at the clock on Kendra’s TV. It was quarter to 12. “How about we meet up in an hour or something?”

“Yeah ok”

“Ok, see you in an hour then” said Hannah. She knew that it probably seemed like she was been rude, but she could tell how much Kendra wanted Dawn gone. Dawn, sensing she wasn’t wanted, turned round and left. Kendra exhaled deeply.

“That was too close” she said.

“Why did you give them to me instead of just putting them back in the drawer and closing it again?”

“The drawer is really heavy, so I knew that you would be able to get them hidden faster than I could close the drawer”. Hannah lifted up the duvet and Kendra got out one of the nappies. She then quickly put the rest of the package back into the drawer. Hannah put the nappy into her bag. “You know, I think we should apologise to Dawn. I bet she thought we were been rude”

“Good idea” said Hannah. They heard the front door of the flat open. Kendra went to her door and looked through the spy hole to see who it was. Before she could tell Hannah that it was Jamie, he knocked on the door. Kendra stepped back, then opened the door.

“Oh, hey I wasn’t expecting you to be in. I just went to the post room. You’ve got a couple of bits of post,” he said giving Kendra two envelopes.

He stuck his head further into the room, and waved to Hannah. Hannah waved back.

“Thanks Jamie. Are you doing anything this afternoon, because me and Hannah are going to the cinema with Dawn if you want to come along”

“I thought Dawn was going with a couple of friends from her course”

“Yeah she was, but they bailed”

“Oh. What film is it?” he asked. Kendra told him the name of the film. “What is it about?”

“I’m not too sure,” said Kendra. Hannah stood up and went over to the doorway, as Kendra moved into the hallway, and knocked on Dawn’s door. Dawn answered fairly quickly. “Hey, sorry about before. We weren’t been rude, it was just…well I can’t really explain it. Anyway, I asked Jamie if he wanted to come to the cinema. He wants to know what the film is about before he decides”. Dawn came out of her room, and explained the film quickly to Jamie. He decided that he would go. Dawn and Kendra then knocked on Rob and Kevin’s doors to ask them if they wanted to go. Kevin wasn’t in, and Rob answered the door in a dressing gown. He had only just woken up, and still had an assignment to finish, so he said that he wouldn’t be able to go. Jamie went into his room, saying he was going to get a quick shower before they went, and Kendra invited Dawn to her room with her and Hannah.

Hannah went into the room first and quickly checked that there was nothing on show that shouldn’t have been. She then went and sat on the bed. Kendra turned her chair to face the bed, and sat on that. Dawn sat down next to Hannah on the bed. The three girls chatted. Dawn wanted to ask what it was that had been going on before, when Kendra and Hannah had wanted to get rid of her. She wasn’t sure how to broach the subject, so she left it. At half past twelve, she left to go and get ready. Hannah and Kendra got ready as well. Hannah put the two spare pull-ups and some wipes in her bag. Kendra grabbed a pair of knickers and pushed them into a side pocket into her bag. The last thing she wanted was for them to come out accidentally when she was getting something else out of her bag. Hannah made sure that she went to the toilet before they left.
Kendra went after Hannah had finished. At quarter to one they went into the hallway. Jamie and Dawn joined them a minute or so later, and they began walking up to the car park, to get to Hannah’s car.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Nine

When they got to the car, Hannah unlocked it. Jamie and Dawn got in the back. Kendra got into the passenger seat and Hannah got into the driving seat. “How long have you been able to drive Hannah” Jamie asked as Hannah started the car.

“I passed over the summer” Hannah replied. “Why? Are you worried about been in the car with me driving?”

“No, I was just wondering” he replied. Hannah reversed out of the parking spot. She drove out of the car park and headed into town. Kendra leaned forward and switched on the radio. As she did that, the waistband of the pull-up was revealed and Dawn who was sat behind Hannah, happened to look across and see it. She stared at it until Kendra leaned back in her seat. Dawn was confused. She didn’t generally go round trying to figure out what type of underwear her friends were wearing, but she couldn’t help but notice that the material was very different to any other types of underwear she had seen.

“Where are we going for lunch?” Hannah asked. She needed to know, so that she would know whereabouts in town to park.

“I don’t know” Dawn said trying to put the issue of Kendra’s underwear out of her head. “Is there anywhere that anyone wants to go to?” she asked everyone. They all shook their heads.

“I’m not bothered,” Hannah answered.

“Ok, so what exactly do we want for lunch? A sandwich type thing, fast food, or like a proper meal?” Kendra said.

“I’ve got some mince to make spaghetti bolognaise tonight, so I would rather not have a proper meal now. But if everyone else wants a proper meal then I can make the spaghetti bolognaise tomorrow” Dawn said.

“I’m not bothered about having a proper meal. A sandwich or McDonalds is fine with me,” Jamie added.

“Ok, Hannah which would you prefer, a sandwich or McDonalds?” Kendra asked.

“I don’t know. Why are you asking me?”

“No reason, but you haven’t said which you prefer. Dawn and Jamie said they would prefer not to have a proper meal”

“Well, since we are going to the cinema, we are likely to get popcorn and stuff like that, so we might be better getting a sandwich as a sandwich is likely to be better for us than McDonalds” Hannah reasoned.

“You’re right” Kendra said. A different song came on the radio.

“Oh my god, turn this over. I hate this song,” Jamie said as soon as he heard the opening line. Kendra lent forward to change the radio station. As she did that Dawn watched as Kendra’s pull-up was revealed again. Of course Dawn still had no idea what it actually was. Hannah stopped at some traffic lights and happened to glance over at Kendra. She immediately noticed that her pull-up was showing. Hannah tapped Kendra on the arm, and Kendra quickly realised what Hannah was trying to tell her. She tugged down the bottom of her top, then lent back in her chair. Jamie, who was looking out of the window, was oblivious to all of this. Dawn noticed it though, and it made her more suspicious. She realised that Hannah knew something and also that Kendra was particularly bothered about anyone seeing what she was wearing.

The traffic light turned green, and Hannah quickly set off. Kendra was very careful for the rest of the journey to keep her back against the chair. She was very paranoid that Dawn or Jamie had seen what she was wearing.

When they got into town, Hannah parked in the main car park. The money did not have to be paid until they came back, so the four of them got out and walked out of the car park. Jamie walked in front of the three girls. They were heading towards the sandwich place Subway. Kendra pulled her purse out of her bag, to check how much money she had. She realised that she was going to need to get some money out. They passed a cash machine. Kendra realised this, and stopped to use it. “Hold on a sec” she said to the other three. Jamie, who was further in front, had to turn around and walk back a little. “I’m just gonna get some money out” Kendra said. They all waited for her, chatting between the three of them.

When Kendra had finished, they walked to Subway. There was no one else been served, so they each got their sandwiches fairly quickly. Dawn had got her sandwich first, so she sat down at a table, in a seat facing the counter. From there she could see the backs of Kendra, Hannah and Jamie who were all still been served. Dawn didn’t want to appear to be overly interested in looking at Kendra, so she kept sneaking glances whilst looking round the rest of the room. However, Kendra made sure that her pull-up was completely covered. When Kendra came over to sit down, she put the sandwich on the table, and then held the bottom of her top as she sat down. Dawn noticed this, and was even more surprised when Hannah did the exact same thing as she sat down. Jamie and Hannah were the ones that were talking the most. Dawn was still trying to figure out what was going on with Kendra and why she seemed to have changed. Dawn was sure that whatever Kendra was wearing under her trousers was to do with this change. Kendra was quiet because she was sure that Dawn had figured out what she was wearing.

After they had finished Hannah needed to go to the toilet. She got up, and Kendra said she needed to go as well. They were about to go, when Dawn said she would join them. Jamie said he would stay there with their bags whilst the three of them went. Hannah knew that both her and Kendra’s pull-ups were going to make some noise as they were pulled down, but hoped that Dawn either wouldn’t hear it, or wouldn’t realised what it was.

The ladies bathroom had three separate stalls. Kendra went in the one on the left. Hannah went into the middle one and Dawn went into the one on the right. Both Kendra and Hannah tried to be as quiet as possible in pulling down their trousers and pull-ups. However, Dawn heard the crinkling and then came to the conclusion that Kendra was in some sort of nappy. Dawn then wondered if Hannah was wearing one too as she had been constantly checking that her top was covering up the bottom of her back. Dawn then began to wonder if they were in nappies, then why. Hannah and Kendra, oblivious to what Dawn was thinking, came out of their separate stalls and went to wash their hands.

“Hey Dawn, are you almost finished?” Kendra called. Dawn quickly cam out of the stall and washed her hands.

“Sorry about that. I think I kind of spaced out for a minute,” said Dawn. She didn’t want to say anything to Kendra or Hannah just in case she was wrong and ended up looking stupid. They three of them left the toilets and went back out to Jamie.

“We should be getting to the cinema now” Jamie said. They walked out of Subway and headed towards the cinema.

Hannah and Jamie walked together, and Kendra walked behind them with Dawn. Hannah and Jamie were talking about when they would be able to go on a date. Kendra was telling Dawn about Jamie asking Hannah out after the fire alarm. Whilst Dawn was listening to Kendra talking, she was also watching Hannah walking to see if there were any signs of a nappy. However Dawn didn’t really know what signs to look out for, other than a bulge. Dawn couldn’t see that Hannah looked any different than she had the day before. It took about ten minutes for them to reach the cinema. They went inside and queued up to get tickets. Once they had done that, they went to the snack area.

“Are we getting things separately, or together?” Dawn asked. “Because after that sandwich I’m not particularly hungry”

“We are probably better getting something to share then,” Kendra said. “How about we get a couple of things of popcorn between us”

“I don’t like popcorn” Jamie said. The other three looked at him.

“How can you not like popcorn?” Hannah asked.

“Don’t know, I just don’t”

“What do you normally have when you come to the cinema then?” Dawn said.

“Malteasers normally. Sometimes other types of chocolate” Jamie said. “So I can get that myself and you three can share popcorn if you want”. They agreed and quickly bought what they wanted. Jamie got a tub of Malteasers and a coke. Dawn, Kendra and Hannah bought a large popcorn between them and three cokes. Kendra went up to pay as Dawn and Hannah had given her their share of the money. They still had twenty minutes before the film was supposed to start.

“We might as well go in and find some seats,” Hannah said. The others agreed and they went into the dark cinema. “Ok where does anyone want to sit” Hannah said as she looked up at the rows of seats. There were already a few people in the cinema, but as it was a weekday afternoon, Hannah didn’t expect at there was going to be many others arriving.

“I don’t want to sit at the front. I don’t want to be craning my neck to see the screen,” said Dawn.

“I don’t have my glasses with me, so I’m not going to be able to see the screen if we are right at the back” Jamie said.

“I guess we are sitting in the middle then” said Hannah.

“I’ve never seen you in glasses before. When are you supposed to wear them?” Kendra said to Jamie.

“I’m a little bit short sighted. I’m supposed to wear them for watching TV, stuff like that, except I hardly ever do” Jamie replied as they walked up the aisle to the seats. Hannah, who was in front, stopped at one of the rows of seats. Jamie went in first, and then Hannah sat next to him. Kendra was next to her, and Dawn was sat in the aisle. Everyone put their drinks in the cup holders attached to each of the seats, then they began to remove their coats. Kendra, who was holding the popcorn, carefully placed it on the floor before she took her coat off. The three girls passed their coats to Jamie, who then put them on the empty chair next to him. “I’m just going to go to the toilet before the film started” said Jamie getting up. Hannah, Kendra and Dawn moved their legs out of the way to let him get passed. As Hannah, Kendra and Dawn had all only just been to the toilet, none of them needed to go. Hannah heard her phone beeping to let her know that she had a new message, so she quickly picked up her bag from the floor and opened it up, completely forgetting about what was in her bag. Dawn was talking to Kendra, so was facing Hannah’s direction. Hannah got her phone, and then left her bag on her knee whilst she looked at the message. The top of the bag was facing Kendra and Dawn, and it was open. Dawn happened to glance at Hannah, then down to the bag in her lap. She could see something white in the bag and wondered if it was a nappy. She didn’t get enough time to figure it out though, as Kendra realised that Dawn’s attention had been diverted by something. She followed Dawn’s gaze and realised immediately what she was looking at. Kendra nudged Hannah and looked down to bring Hannah’s attention to what was showing. Hannah quickly moved her bag, so that the opening was facing to other way. Kendra then started to talk to Dawn again. Through this happening Dawn’s suspicions were confirmed. She wasn’t sure that Hannah and Kendra were wearing nappies, but she knew that something was going on which involved Hannah and Kendra and something white in Hannah’s bag.

Jamie came back and as he was walking past Dawn and Kendra, Hannah put her phone away and closed her bag. Jamie sat down and the trailers started. There was still a bit of talking in the cinema until the film started.

When it started everyone settled down and it was quiet. Jamie was slurping at his drink. Hannah was eating some popcorn, Kendra was trying to get comfortable and Dawn was making the decision to ask Kendra what was going on, and if she was wearing a nappy.

After about five minutes of the film Hannah reached for her drink. She had forgotten though that she had put her drink on her left hand side, between her and Kendra. So Hannah was reaching to her right and to Jamie’s drink. As she did that, Jamie went to grab his drink. Their hands brushed together, and Hannah looked over in shock.

“You’re drink is on the other side” Jamie whispered.

“Sssshhhh” they heard from somewhere in the cinema.

“Sorry” said Hannah to Jamie, moving her hand. She grabbed her drink and quickly put the straw in her mouth. Jamie picked up his drink and turned his attentions back to the film, whilst Hannah smiled to herself.

She had liked it when their hands had brushed against each other. She put her drink back and turned her attentions back to the screen. That was the way she stayed for most of the film, occasionally glancing over at Kendra or Jamie, and occasionally reaching for popcorn or her drink.

About twenty minutes before the film ended, Hannah realised that she needed to pee. She didn’t think that she would be able to hold on until the film finished, so she was going to wet her pull-up. Hannah tried to relax, but the presence of Jamie next to her made it difficult. The last thing she wanted was for him to see something or hear something. The reason for this was because she liked him, and wanted something to happen between them. She felt that him finding out she was wearing a pull-up would significantly decrease any chance they had of something happening between them. Hannah shifted around slightly in her chair, and was able to find a comfortable position. She slowly began to pee, whilst watching the screen. Hannah was wearing dark coloured trousers, but even so she hoped that she hadn’t leaked.

When the film finished, Jamie passed the coats across. Dawn stood up and put hers on, whilst Kendra and Hannah both put theirs on whilst they were sitting. They looked at each other and smiled. Hannah knew that Kendra must be wet, and that was why she was sat down as well. Hannah stood up and made sure that her coat was covering her up. Kendra did the same thing.

“Ok, is everyone ready?” said Jamie.

“Yep” said Hannah. Dawn walked down the aisle and the other three followed her. “I’m just going to go to the toilet before we leave” Hannah said.

“Me too” Kendra said smiling at Hannah. Dawn noticed this smile.

“Yeah me as well” she said.

“Ok, I’ll wait out here for you then” said Jamie. He sat down in a seat that was opposite the toilet door. Hannah, Kendra and Dawn went into the ladies toilets. There were three women at the sinks and three of the five stalls were in use.

“Do you two want to go first, and I’ll wait” Dawn said.

“No it’s ok. I don’t mind waiting. You go,” said Hannah. The last thing she
wanted was for Dawn to be stood outside when she was going to have to change her pull-up. Hannah knew that Kendra wouldn’t want that either.

“Alright” said Dawn going in one of the stalls. She didn’t even really need to pee; she just wanted to be there when Hannah and Kendra went to the toilet in the hope that she would be able to tell for sure if one or both of them were in nappies. Hannah had both the spare pull-ups, and the wipes in her bag, but she couldn’t get them out of her bag because of the people that were at the sinks. Hannah grabbed Kendra’s arm and pulled her into the empty stall. She opened up her bag, and silently gave Kendra a couple of wipes. She then got out one of the pull-ups. Kendra shook her head, and indicated that she was just going to put on the knickers that she had brought with her. Hannah nodded to let Kendra know that she understood, and then Hannah walked out of the stall to let Kendra change. She looked around the toilets, and was pleased to see that the women that had been stood by the sink were gone. There was also an empty stall. Hannah went into it, and then locked the door. She put down the seat of the toilet, pulled down her trousers, and then ripped open the seams of the pull-up. She put the wet pull-up on the covered toilet, and then took off her trousers. She held them, whilst she got out the fresh pull-up out of her bag. Hannah pulled it on, and then put her trousers back on.

When Hannah had finished, she opened the door, and came out of the stall. Dawn and Kendra were already finished and were just washing their hands. Hannah started to wash her hands as well. They then walked out together. Jamie was still sat in the same place. He stood up when he saw them come out of the bathroom, and the four of them headed out of the cinema. They were heading towards the car park and Hannah’s car. Jamie was walking in front, Dawn was just behind him and Kendra and Hannah were walking behind her. Kendra grabbed Hannah’s arm and whispered urgently to her.

“Dawn knows”.

“Knows what?” Hannah said, not understanding what Kendra was trying to say. They started walking again, so that they would not be too far behind Jamie and Dawn.

“She thinks me and you have been in nappies all day”

“Oh my god. When did she say this?” Hannah said. She knew that if Dawn asked her about it, she would just be able to say that she had a medical need for them, and had been in them all the time. Kendra didn’t have this excuse, so it would be more difficult for her to explain it.

“It was when you were still in the toilet. We were washing our hands, and she said to me that she had guessed the secret that us two, had. I asked her what she meant by that, and she said that she had seen the secret looks and she knew that one, if not both of use were in some sort of nappy today. I showed her the waistband of my knickers to prove her wrong, but at the exact same time we both heard you ripping open the sides of your pull-up. So she said that I had probably taken mine off. I didn’t exactly know what to say. She said that she wasn’t going to tell anyone else, but she did wonder why. I didn’t really want to have to explain it, and I didn’t want to admit to it, especially not in such a public place. So I stayed silent, then you came out and she went quiet as well,” Kendra said.

“She doesn’t know for certain, so my guess is that she won’t actually say anything to anyone else. If she wants to talk to me or you about it then we will deal with that, if or when that happens”. They were soon at the car. Hannah opened it up and they all got in. On the ride back to campus, Kendra, Hannah and Dawn were all deep in thought. Jamie was trying to carry on a conversation, but was finding it difficult, so he eventually stopped even attempting to ask anyone else anything.

They got back to university. Hannah’s stuff was still in Kendra’s room, so she walked with them back to the flat. She didn’t really want to stay long, but she also didn’t want to leave Kendra to answer Dawn’s questions by herself. When they were in the flat, Jamie’s phone started to ring, and he waved bye to the three girls, and went into his room to answer it. Kendra, Hannah and Dawn were left standing awkwardly in the hallway. Hannah wondered whether to talk to Dawn and admit the truth, or to ignore it and let Dawn think of her own explanation.

Chapter Ten

Eventually one of them said something. “Maybe we should explain it to you” Kendra said. The last thing she wanted was for Dawn to come up with her own conclusions and tell someone.

“Ok” said Dawn. Kendra unlocked her room, and the three girls walked inside. Hannah was wondering what exactly Kendra was going to say. Hannah didn’t exactly want Dawn knowing that she wet the bed, as she hardly knew Dawn. Hannah sat down on her bed, and Dawn sat next to her. Kendra sat on Dawn’s other side.

“So I guess you want to know what’s been going on,” Kendra said. Hannah wasn’t planning to say anything, until she knew what Kendra was going to say.

“Well, I mean, you don’t have to. Didn’t I already work it out?”

“Well, kind of. Not really. Anyway I think you should know the reason,” said Kendra awkwardly. “I wouldn’t want you thinking something that wasn’t true”

“Ok, I can understand that. What’s the truth then?”

“Well the truth is…um,” said Kendra wondering what to say.

“It was a dare,” Hannah said suddenly. She could see that Kendra was struggling to figure out what to say to Dawn.

“It was a dare?”

“Yeah” said Kendra realising what Hannah was doing. “Well, you know how Hannah stayed over last night, well it was planned. You see we were talking yesterday afternoon, and we dared each other to wear a nappy for the day. So Hannah went to buy some after she left yesterday. Except Boots apparently don’t sell them, so she got a pack of pull-ups instead”

“And we put them on when I came back yesterday evening. We have been wearing them since then”

“Really” said Dawn. She didn’t know whether to believe them or not, but as she couldn’t think of any other reason why two 18 year old girls would be wearing pull-ups, she decided to believe them.

“Yeah, I mean why else would we be wearing them?” Hannah said.

“So are you still wearing one now?”

“I am, but Kendra isn’t. She thought to take underwear to the cinema, but I didn’t” Hannah said.

“Why don’t you go and change then. It can’t be very nice wearing it,” said Dawn. Hannah didn’t really know what to do. She didn’t have any knickers that she could change into just until Dawn went.

“I might do a bit later” Hannah decided to say. Dawn looked at her, as if she couldn’t believe Hannah was going to stay in the pull-up when she apparently didn’t have to.

“Will you keep it to yourself Dawn. It was only a supposed to be a private dare sort of thing. We never meant anyone else to find out about it” Kendra said. She didn’t want anyone else finding out, that may not so easily believe their excuse.

“Yeah sure” said Dawn. “Anyway, I’m gonna go now” she said getting up.
“Oh right ok,” said Kendra. Dawn left them both sitting on the bed. She opened up Kendra’s door and was gone. “Thanks for not telling her the truth” Kendra said to Hannah.

“That’s ok. I didn’t want her knowing the truth anymore than you did” Hannah replied.

“So what now then?” Kendra said. “Do you want to stick around for a bit, or do you want to go home?”

“I bet that you’re sick of me. We have been together for most of the past twenty-four hours”

“No, I don’t care how long you stay. It’s kind of cool having you around” said Kendra.

“Then I guess I might stay around for a bit, but I only have one pull-up left, so if I have an accident or something, I am going to have to go”

“Ok. I’m just going to check my e-mail,” said Kendra switching on her computer.

“Can I check mine when you’ve done?”

“Yeah sure” said Kendra waiting for the computer to load. “So what did you think of the film?”

“It was good. I liked it” Hannah replied. Kendra went onto the Internet, and then opened her inbox.

“I’ve got another private message from that guy” Kendra said as she opened one of her emails.

“What guy?” asked Hannah struggling to remember what Kendra was talking about.

“You know. When I checked my email this morning, I had a private message from that guy, cbass. And I replied. He has sent me another one back,” said Kendra. She went to the forum and opened up her message.

“What has he said?”

“Nothing really. Just said that he has MSN, and has given his MSN name.
It’s Jbizzle06”


“Yep” said Kendra. She signed onto MSN and added him to her contacts. Then she sent him a private message letting him know that she had added him. “Ok, I’m finished now,” said Kendra standing up. Hannah quickly checked her email. She had one from her niece Jessie.

“My niece has sent me an email,” she told Kendra.

“I didn’t know you had a niece”

“Yep. My brother Ted is married and has three kids. Jessie is seven, Michael is five and Tia is two. Jessie is the one that has emailed me,” said Hannah looking at the email. “She has told me that she got ten out of ten on a spelling test at school”. Hannah replied saying well done. She logged off her email, and then turned round to face Kendra. “I think she really looks up to me or something. It’s a shame I don’t get to see her more often. They live about an hour away. But we are going up to their house for Christmas”

“I bet that will be nice for you. I get to see my sister every time I’m at home, so I never really miss her. Plus she is twelve and apparently is getting into a really argumentative stage” said Kendra. “So that should be fun at Christmas” she added, sarcastically.

“Hearing stuff like that kind of makes me glad that I don’t have any younger brothers or sisters. But then again when I was going through a really moody and argumentative stage, I had no one really to argue with” Hannah said.

“Nor did I, only my parents. My sister was just a little kid so it was kind of difficult to argue with her”

“I suppose that your parents were grateful for that,” said Hannah. She looked at the clock on Kendra’s TV. “There was something I wanted to ask you actually”

“Oh yeah, what is it?”

“Well, you know how you gave me one of your nappies, with the adjustable tapes. When my mum sees it, she is going to wonder where I have got it. Do you want me to say that you like wearing them and that’s why you have one, or a can say you need them for bedwetting”

“Well, how likely is it that I am going to ever going to meet your mum”

“I don’t know”

“Tell her the truth. Say that I like to wear them. I mean she knows that you like to wear them doesn’t she?”

“Yeah. And she seems to be fine with it. I kind of think she would be happy for me that I found a friend with the same interest”

“Your mum sounds so cool. I could never imagine my mum been so cool with it, if she found out”

“I think its because I have always been in nappies, and the wearing in the day just sort of happened”. Hannah looked at the clock again. Kendra noticed. “I’m sorry if it looks like I’m been rude, but my mum wanted me to be back for tea. It’s almost six now”

“I guess you should be going then”

“Probably. I will see you after the weekend, and I might speak to you one MSN at some point” said Hannah. She got together her things.

“I’ll walk you up to your car” Kendra said. She pulled her shoes on, and grabbed her jacket and keys. Hannah picked up her things, and they set off. They were at the car park and next to Hannah’s car within ten minutes. Hannah put her things on the back seat, and got in.

“Thanks for letting me stay over last night” she said to Kendra through the window.

“That’s alright. I hope you will want to stay over again,” Kendra said. She moved away from the car. Hannah started her car, waved to Kendra then drove off.

When Hannah got home, she got her stuff of the backseat, and went inside. “Hey mum, I’m back” she called as she opened the front door. Her mum came out of the kitchen.

“Hello sweetie. Tea will be about half an hour. Why don’t we take your things upstairs, and you can tell me what you’ve been up to”. Jackie took one of the bags off Hannah, and then went upstairs. Hannah followed her. They both went into Hannah’s room. “If you get your trousers off I can put you into a nappy”. Hannah put down the things she was carrying. She began to take of her trousers.

“Mum, I wanted to show you something”

“Ok. What is it?” Jackie said. Hannah opened her bag, and reached in for the nappy Kendra had given her. “A nappy?” said Jackie when she saw it.


“You have nappies here, what is so special about this one”

“It has adjustable tapes. And you know the only reason I can’t do my own nappy is because I can’t get the tapes right. So I thought that this might help”

“Where did you get it from?”

“Um…Kendra. Well, you know I told her, and I stayed over in her room last night”. Jackie nodded. “Well, you know how I wear nappies in the daytime, even though I don’t need them” Jackie nodded again. “She likes to wear them sometimes, even though she has no need for them at all, and she uses these. Anyway, we were talking, and I told her that I always had to be changed by someone else, because I couldn’t get the tapes right. She told me that her nappies have adjustable tapes so you can get it right. Anyway she gave me one to test it out”

“Ok, do you want to put it on now? Then if it works we can get you those instead, so you can change your own nappies all the time”

“Yeah ok” said Hannah. She was a bit worried about the statement her mum had just made. Although Hannah wanted to be able to change her own nappies when she was staying at a friends house, or there wasn’t anybody around to change her, the last thing Hannah wanted was to have to change herself all the time. She liked her mum changing her sometimes.

“Get on the bed then. I will just stand here, if you need help”. Hannah took off her pull-up and then got on the bed. She put the nappy next to her leg. “Here you go,” said her mum passing Hannah the wipes and powder. Hannah quickly wiped herself. She then opened out the nappy, and then slid it underneath herself. Hannah then powdered herself. She handed the powder back to her mum, who put it away. Hannah brought the nappy up between her legs, and then she grabbed the tapes and began to fasten them. She had to adjust each of the tapes a few times before it was right.

“I think I’m done” Hannah said, sitting up. Jackie checked that it was tight enough.

“Good job Han. We will have to see how good these nappies are before we get some. If they aren’t very absorbent, then we can look for others that have the adjustable tapes”. Hannah got off the bed. “So how was your evening last night, and your day today?”

“Last night I had pizza, and we watched The Notebook with a couple of Kendra’s flatmates. We had a fire alarm in the middle of the night as well. Then Kendra and me had our class this morning. It was only two hours, then I was just gonna go over to Kendra’s and get my stuff and come back home, but then we ran into one of Kendra’s flatmates walking to Kendra’s room. She said she had been supposed to be going to the cinema with some friends, but they had backed out. So me and Kendra ended up going with her, along with another flatmate Jamie” said Hannah smiling as she mentioned Jamie’s name.

“Jamie?” said her mum noticing the smile.

“Yeah. He asked me out”

“He asked you out?”

“Yep. After the fire alarm, he asked me out then this morning we swapped numbers”

“What did you do in the fire alarm?”

“What do you mean?”

“With your nappy”

“I had to go outside in it. I didn’t have time to take it off”

“Was it wet?”


“So you went outside in a wet nappy?”


“How was it, did anyone else notice?”

“Nope, and I even peed a little bit in it whilst I was outside” Hannah said.

Jackie smiled and remembered how Hannah hated to go outside wearing a nappy.

“So you might be going outside in a nappy more often in the future, now you know that no one else can tell?”

“Maybe. I don’t know. I mean what if I go out and then need to change. Changing a nappy in a public toilet is going to be a hell of a lot harder than changing a pull-up”. They went downstairs. The meal that Jackie had made was almost ready, so Hannah started to lay the table. Jackie stood there looking at her daughter, pleased that a boy had asked her out and that she had been outside in a nappy.

Jackie served the food onto two plates, and then put the plates on the table. They both sat down to eat. “So I’ve told you about my evening last night and my day today. Now you have to tell me about yours. How was the leaving party?”

“It was good”

“Where did you go? Who was there?” Hannah asked.

“We just went to a local bar and got a meal and a few drinks. It was just the people from the team at work. There were six of us. I wasn’t even that late back. It was about eleven when I got in”

“So how was work today?”

“It was alright. Normal I suppose”

“Good” said Hannah. “Oh I got an email off Jessie today. She said she got a ten out of ten on a spelling test. I sent her a message saying well done”

“That’s nice. I spoke to Ted and Sandra earlier on before you came home, and we agreed on Christmas plans. I will just need to speak to Louise and Allie to find out what they’re doing. They might have plans with Allie’s family over Christmas”

“So what are we doing at Christmas then?”

“We are going on Christmas Eve. Then we can stay over on and be there when the kids open their presents on Christmas morning”. Hannah’s face fell when she heard this. She hated sleeping over at her brother and Sandra’s house. The reason for this was that she knew how much her nieces and nephew looked up to her, and she didn’t want them to find out that she wet the bed and wore pull-ups during the day. So far she had managed to get away with it, but she didn’t know how long her luck would last for. Jackie saw the face. “Don’t worry, the kids aren’t going to find out”

“But on Christmas morning they are going to be up early, coming to wake everyone up”

“We stayed there a couple of Christmases ago with no trouble”

“But this time they are older, plus last time Tia wasn’t around”

“I’m sure we can sort something out so that they don’t find out, and of course you could change into a pull-up before you go downstairs. Don’t worry about it ok Han” said Jackie, although she knew that Hannah probably would worry about it. They finished eating, and put the pots in the sink. “How’s the nappy?”

“It’s alright. Still dry, so I don’t know how absorbent it is yet”. Hannah went over to the kitchen and turned on the tap. She started to wash up the pots whilst Jackie dried them and put them away.

“After we have finished this I am going to go upstairs and ring Simon. We are going to finalise the details for tomorrow. Then after that we will go on the Internet and look at buying you some nappies with adjustable tapes ok”

“Alright ok mum”. They finished washing up. Jackie quickly tidied up the kitchen whilst Hannah went upstairs. She switched on the computer and signed onto MSN. There were a couple of her online friends there, but none of her real life friends were around. She began chatting to one of them, and then she heard her mum coming upstairs. Her mum went into her own room. Hannah chatted for about fifteen minutes, and then her friend had to leave. Hannah checked her email, and then looked at a few websites. Once she was bored of that, she looked at the clock again. Her mum had been on the phone with Simon for almost three quarters of an hour. Hannah leaned back in the seat, and wet her nappy. She had been holding on for a while, as she was determined to test the nappy out properly. Hannah was pleased when it didn’t leak at all. Just as she finished, she heard Jackie walking across the hallway. Jackie knocked softly a couple of times, and then came in. She had her debit card in her hand. “The nappy seems to be fairly absorbent” Hannah said when she saw her mum.

“Good, then we might as well get a pack of those. Just a small pack then to test them out properly. What are they?” Jackie asked. Hannah told her the brand, then she found their website. They looked at the sizes and then ordered a trial pack of the right size. Jackie typed in her card details, then the address. It said they would be there within the week. “Since it is Friday evening already, they are not going to be here before Monday, if not Tuesday, so it looks like I’m going to be changing you for the next few days”

“So does that mean that you aren’t going to change me again once I have those nappies?” said Hannah, voicing her concerns.

“No, not if you don’t want me to. If you want me to stop changing you then I will” Jackie said. She sat down on Hannah’s bed, and Hannah swivelled around the desk chair to face her mum.

“I don’t want you to. I kind of like it sometimes, but I only like it when it is you, Louise or Allie. I hate most other people doing it”

“Ok then, I will do it whenever you want. But if you want to do it yourself even when I’m around then just tell me” Jackie said. Hannah nodded to let her mum know that she would. “Ok, why don’t we go downstairs and watch a bit of TV?” Jackie asked. Hannah started to close down the computer. “Do you need a nappy change before we go downstairs Hannah?”

“I’ve only wet in it once, so I think it should be alright,” Hannah said standing up. After Jackie had seen the nappy, she agreed with Hannah and they both went downstairs.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Eleven

When they were downstairs, Jackie went to make herself a drink. “Do you want something to drink as well?” she asked Hannah.

“Juice please” Hannah said.

“Ok, why don’t you choose something to watch, whilst I get the drinks”.

Jackie went into the kitchen whilst Hannah went through to the lounge. Hannah grabbed the remote as she sank down into the sofa. She lent back on the cushions, and then switched the TV on. Hannah flicked through the channels until she settled on a programme she liked. As she started to watch Jackie came in with a glass of juice for Hannah, and a cup of tea for herself. She sat down in the armchair and nursed the cup in her hands, as it was too hot to drink. Hannah drank some of her juice, and then she put it on the floor. “Be careful that doesn’t fall over,” said Jackie when she noticed what Hannah was doing.

“I am been careful,” said Hannah looking up at her mum. Hannah then sat up on the sofa again, having left the glass on the floor.

“What is it we are watching anyway?” Jackie said noticing what was on the screen.

“Will and Grace. You’ve heard of Will and Grace. I normally watch it every week”

“Oh yeah” said Jackie. She looked at the screen again. “So which one is Will and which is Grace”. Hannah pointed them out, and also told her mum the names of the other main characters. They both sat and watched it for the next half an hour with the only conversation been when Hannah had to explain something about the show to her mum. By the end of the programme, Hannah had finished her juice. She went and put the glass in the kitchen. When she came back into the lounge, her mum had moved over to the sofa. “I took your place, sorry” she said. Hannah had previously been sprawled over the entire sofa, whereas Jackie was now just sat at one side. Hannah sat down next to her, and watched as her mum flicked through the TV channels, looking for something to watch.

Jackie eventually settled on something, and she put the remote down. They both started to watch. Hannah wasn’t really interested in the programme, but she didn’t say anything as she knew that her mum had just sat through Will and Grace, which Hannah had wanted to watch.

When the adverts came on, Jackie turned to face Hannah. “Have you remembered that I’m meeting Simon tomorrow?”

“Yeah. You mentioned it a few hours ago. How could I have forgotten?”

“Well, I’m meeting him at one o’clock, at a café in town”

“Oh right, ok”

“So, I don’t know what time I’m going to be back”

“I am eighteen, so I can look after myself. I don’t care what time you get back”

“I know that”

“Make sure you are safe as well. You don’t know this guy in real life so you don’t know what he’s going to be like” Hannah warned.

“I do know,” said Jackie. The TV show came back on, and Jackie turned her attentions back to it. Hannah laid her head against the armrest of the sofa. “Are you tired sweetie?” Jackie asked, when she noticed what Hannah had done.

“No. It’s just more comfortable like this”

“Are you sure? It doesn’t look that comfortable,” said Jackie. The armrests were quite hard. Hannah had to eventually agree. She sat up, and realised she needed to go to pee. She relaxed, and then started to wet her nappy. When Hannah had finished, she looked over to her mum.

“I think I need a nappy change,” she said. Jackie looked over and figured that Hannah had just wet her nappy again.

“Come on then. Upstairs” said Jackie getting up.

Once Hannah was laid down on her changing mat, on her bed, Jackie started to untape the nappy.

“I think I’m going to get a shower after you’ve taken this nappy off me” Hannah said.

“Ok” said Jackie. She quickly removed the nappy, and wiped her daughter. “I’m going back downstairs. Just give me a shout when you are finished in the bathroom”. Jackie disposed of the nappy, and then left the room. Hannah took off the rest of her clothes, and then slipped on her dressing gown. Hannah padded across to the bathroom, and quickly took a shower.

On the way back to her room, she leaned over the banister and called her mum. Jackie quickly came upstairs, and put Hannah into a nappy. When she had left, Hannah looked at the clock and realised that it was too early to be going to bed, so she switched on the computer and spoke to a couple of friends through MSN for a while, before she went to bed.

When Hannah woke up the next morning, she stretched out in bed, and then looked over to the clock. Hannah had slept in for quite a while. It was ten in the morning. Hannah had slept for almost ten hours without stirring. She sat up in bed, figuring she would wait and see if her mum came into her, or if Hannah was going to have to go and find her. After five minutes Hannah decided to get up and look for her mum. It was quite cold so she pulled on her dressing gown and walked out of her room. “Mum” she called. Hannah quickly checked her mum’s room.
Finding that empty, she went downstairs. Hannah eventually found her mum sat in the kitchen. She was sat at the kitchen table, reading the paper, with a mug of coffee next to her. “Mum” Hannah said again. Jackie turned around and saw Hannah standing there.

“Morning sweetie. Are you going to get some breakfast?”

“Yeah” said Hannah. She quickly got herself some cereal and juice, then sat down at the table with her mum, still in her wet nappy. Whist Hannah was eating Jackie got up and made herself another cup of coffee. “Are you nervous about meeting Simon later on?”

“A bit I guess” Jackie replied. “I’m going to be setting off in a about an hour and a half, then I can wander round town for a bit before I go and meet him. What are your plans for the day?”

“I don’t know. Do nothing I guess. I might go on the computer for a bit later on,” said Hannah. She never normally did much on a weekend, unless she had an assignment due in.

“Have you got no uni work to do?”

“I have an assignment, but it’s not due in until after the Christmas holidays. I might look at it, but I am not going to be able to do much as I don’t have any books or anything,” said Hannah. She finished off her cereal and then drained the last of her glass of juice.

“Come on upstairs, then I will get you into a pull-up, then I’m going to get a shower and get ready”. They both went upstairs and into Hannah’s bedroom. Hannah lay down on her bed, the changing mat underneath her. Jackie quickly took of Hannah’s wet nappy, and wiped her clean. Then she got Hannah’s legs into a pull-up. She pulled it up her legs, and then Hannah stood up. She stood in front of her mum, and Jackie finished pulling it up. “All done”

“Thank you mum” Hannah said. She began to get dressed, and Jackie left the room to get ready.

Once Hannah was dressed, she went back downstairs and quickly washed up the breakfast pots. When that was done, she went into the lounge and switched on the TV. Hannah idly flicked through the channels then settled on some cartoons. Even though Hannah was 18, she still loved watching cartoons on a Saturday morning, just as she had done when she was a kid.

Hannah was sat downstairs alone for an hour and a quarter before Jackie came down. “You look really nice mum” Hannah said when she saw her.

“Thanks sweetie. It is only a casual daytime meeting for lunch so I didn’t want to go too dressed up”. Jackie sat down next to Hannah as she put on her shoes.

“I hope you get on with him,” Hannah said looking at her mum.

“We seem to get on quite well on the phone,” Jackie said. She slipped on her shoes, and then was ready to go. She waited about five minutes, and then got up. “I’m going to set off now Hannah. I will see you in a few hours”.

“Ok mum, have a good time,” said Hannah. She stood up to hug her mum. As she did that, Hannah started to wet herself.

“I’m sure I will. Do you need anything from town, since I’m going to be there?”

“No it’s alright. I’m just going to go and change my pull-up”

“When did you wet?”

“Just now when I hugged you”

“Ok, you go get changed and I will see you later”. They both walked out of the lounge. Hannah went upstairs and Jackie went out of the front door.

Once Hannah had changed her pull-up, she went back downstairs and started watching the TV again. She expected that the day was going to be fairly boring. Therefore when the doorbell rang, she wasn’t expecting it. As Hannah walked to the door, she was relieved that she had put on her trousers again after changing her pull-up. When Hannah got to the door, she unlocked it, and then opened it.

“Hey” she said once she had seen who it was. It was her best friend Marie. The same best friend that she had been talking to online for months, because she was at a university far away. The same best friend who wasn’t supposed to be back from that university for another week. “What are you doing here?”

“Can I come in and I will explain?” Marie asked. Hannah nodded, then stepped aside to let Marie in. Marie walked in the house, and Hannah shut the door behind her. They walked through to the lounge and sat down.

“I thought you weren’t coming back until next week”

“That’s what I thought, but then most of my tutors decided not to hold a class next week because it was the last week. There was only one that was still doing a proper seminar and that is on the Friday. I didn’t really want to stick around for just that, so I packed up my things and drove back last night”

“Last night, and you are just telling me now?”

“Yeah, sorry. Once I had packed my things, and got back here it was fairly late. I would have told you on MSN last night, but you didn’t come on, whilst I was on” Marie explained. “When do you finish uni?”

“Another couple of weeks. But guess what happened to me yesterday”


“Well, I ended up staying at uni, with one of my friends and there was a fire alarm in the middle of the night. After the fire alarm one of Kendra’s…”


“My friend. It was her room that I was staying in. Anyway one of her flatmates asked me out”

“Really, what did you say?”

“I said yes”

“What is he like?”

“He’s called Jamie. He broke up with a girl over the summer and hasn’t seen anyone since then. He is really fit. I fancied him practically from when I saw him. We even went to the cinema with Kendra and another of their flatmates yesterday. And on Thursday evening he watched The Notebook with us”

“The Notebook. Wow. I’ve never got a guy to watch that. He sounds really sweet”

“Yep” said Hannah smiling.

“Does he know about your you know?” said Marie gesturing towards Hannah’s crotch. Hannah knew that Marie was talking about her pull-ups and bedwetting.

“No. I didn’t want to scare him away before I even went out with him. Although when the fire alarm went off I had to go outside with a wet nappy on under my clothes. He was there then, but he didn’t realise”

“You went outside in a wet nappy?”

“Yeah, I had no choice. Oh I just realised something else I wanted to tell you”


"I am getting some nappies that I can put on myself. They have adjustable tapes. I ordered them of the Internet last night.

“Cool. So does that mean that your mum won’t be changing you again?”

“She’s still going to do it sometimes. It means that when I stay over at your house or something, then I can do it myself. Its kind of embarrassing having a friend change me. And I know that you get uncomfortable having to do it”

“You noticed then,” said Marie.

“Yeah. Its kinda obvious when you are looking up at the ceiling to avoid
looking at what you are doing” said Hannah.

“So what did you do when you stayed over at uni with Kendra?”

“I did most of it, then she just fastened the tapes”

“Why did we never do that when you stayed over at mine?”

“I don’t know. I never really thought of it. Anyway, I have known you longer. Even though it is embarrassing when you change me, it would be more embarrassing if Kendra had to do it, because I have only known her for about two and a half months”.

“Ok, I guess you’re right. Are you here by yourself?”

“Yep” said Hannah. She then proceeded fill Marie in on where her mum was. After that was explained, they chatted about other things, that they hadn’t had time to say on MSN.

Chapter Twelve

After Hannah and Marie had finished catching up, it was lunchtime. “Do you want a sandwich or something?” Hannah said.
“Yeah please” Marie said. They both went into the kitchen and made something to eat. Then they went back into the lounge and ate their sandwiches in front of the TV. “So do you have any plans for the rest of the day?”
“Nope. I was just going to do nothing all day. Do you have any plans?”
“No. I kind of want to go into town and see what’s changed. I mean I’ve been away for three months”
“Ok cool. Do you fancy some company?” Hannah asked.
“Yeah. Why do you think I came round here before I went into town?” Marie joked. They finished eating then Hannah went upstairs to get ready to go out. Marie followed her. That morning Hannah had dressed in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a baggy top. She didn’t really want to go out like that, so Hannah had to get changed as well. Marie sat down on Hannah’s bed. Both girls heard the plastic sheet crinkling as Marie sat down, but Hannah wasn’t bothered. She probably would be if it had been another friend. Hannah went over to her wardrobe and grabbed a pair of jeans and a top. Throughout this she carried on the conversation with Marie. Then she turned round so that her back was to Marie and pulled off her top. She quickly slipped on her other top. Then she turned round and went over to the bed. She pulled down her trousers, and then sat down to take them off. Hannah dropped them on the floor, figuring that she would pick them up later. Hannah went to grab her jeans off the bed, but realised that she had left them on the desk, so she had to get up to fetch them. She walked over to her desk in a top and her pull-up. “Do you want to go out tonight Han? I could text some of our friends, to see if they want to come as well” Marie asked. Hannah grabbed her jeans and walked back over to the bed, the pull-up crinkling as she moved. Hannah was just glad that the pull-up was dry. She sat down and started to put her jeans on.
“Yeah. After we’ve finished in town, we could come back here or go to your house and get some tea, then get ready to go out”
“Sounds cool. It would probably be easier if we went to mine. Besides my parents have been asking about you. If you want you could stay over at mine as well”
“Ok. It would probably make more sense if I took everything I was going to need now and left it in the car. That way we don’t have to come back here when we’ve finished in town”
“Good idea” Marie said. Hannah got out a bag. The same bag that she had used twice already that week. Once when she slept over at Louise and Allie’s flat, and once when she slept over at Kendra’s. She got out the clothes that she was going to wear the next day.
“Where are we going to be going tonight?”
“Don’t know. Probably a few bars in town ending up at Time” said Marie. Time was the only club in town. Hannah looked into her wardrobe finding something to wear. She knew that Marie as well as other people were probably likely to be wearing short skirts and little tops. Hannah had a few nice little tops that she could choose from, but she didn’t like wearing short skirts in case someone noticed her pull-up. She picked out her nice pair of jeans and then threw them over to Marie. Marie caught them, and then put them on Hannah’s bed. “You know I bet you could wear a short skirt and have no one notice what you are wearing underneath,” said Marie. Hannah was quite surprised that Marie had mentioned it, as Hannah had never told her the reason why she never wore short skirts.
“But since I am most likely to be getting drunk, I don’t want to run the risk of accidentally showing it. I think as well that it would make me more self-conscious. And besides it’s not like I’m going out to meet a guy. I already have a date with Jamie”
“I suppose so. But if you ever wanted to wear something like that then you could borrow something of mine”
“Thanks” said Hannah. She went over to where her nappies and pull-ups were kept. Hannah got out two nappies then tossed them over to Marie.
“Two nappies for one night?” she questioned.
“Yeah, just in case. You never know I could wake up in the middle of the night in a wet nappy and need a change. And I will probably wet loads because I will have been drinking. It would be so embarrassing if I leaked at your house” said Hannah. Marie had a double bed and whenever Hannah stayed over, they both slept in it. Hannah then got out quite a few pull-ups. She put two aside to take with her that afternoon, then handed the rest over to Marie. Once she had got everything else she was going to need, she began to put it all in the bag.
Eventually they were ready to go. Hannah quickly texted her mum, letting her know that she was going out, then staying over at Marie’s house. Jackie replied quickly, telling Hannah to have a good time that evening, and that she would see her at some point the next day. Hannah quickly went to the toilet, and then they went out to Hannah’s car. Marie had walked over to Hannah’s house, so she got into the passenger seat. Hannah put her big bag in the boot of her car and then got into the drivers seat. Marie took Hannah’s small bag and then put it at her feet with her own handbag. Of course Hannah’s bag was a bit bigger than Marie’s because it had to have room to fit pull-ups and wipes.
“So what do you want to do in town?” said Hannah. She started the car and then drove off.
“I don’t know. Wander round for a bit”
“Wandering sounds cool”. Marie grabbed her bag off the floor. “What you doing?”
“If me and you are going to be at mine for tea, I should probably let my mum know”. She got her mobile out of her bag, and then rang her mum. “Hey mum, its me…yeah…we are going to wander round town for a bit, then we are gonna go out…ok. Is it all right if the two of us come back for something to eat before we go out…half six ok we should be back be back before then…thanks mum…ok bye” Marie said. She hung up the phone, and then put it back in her bag. “She said it’s cool for us to come back for something to eat. She’s making tea for half six”
“I should think we will be back by then. The shops will be shut by half five anyway. What else did she say?”
“Not much really. Oh I forgot to say that you were going to stay over tonight”
“You can tell her when we go later on can’t you”
“Yeah. It’s not like she’s gonna mind anyway. She did say that she was looking forward to seeing you. Actually when I told her that I was coming round to see you this morning she asked me to ask you why you hadn’t been round to visit her”
“I saw her once in the shop. Mum asked me to go out and get some bread I think and because the parking is really bad by the shop I decided to walk. Then I had an accident just before I got there, so I couldn’t really stop and chat to her in case I started to leak. I haven’t seen her since then”
“Did you tell her why you couldn’t talk?”
“Not really, I just said I had to get home. I wasn’t going to tell her that I had wet myself and needed to change my pull-up. We were in the middle of the shop”. She was actually looking forward to seeing Marie’s mum. After all Hannah and Marie had been friends for years and Marie’s mum Sylvia was practically Hannah’s second mum.
“Ok, I guess you had a reason then” said Marie as Hannah stopped at a set of traffic lights. They both heard a phone beeping. Marie picked up her bag and got out her phone. “It was me,” she said to Hannah. “Oh it’s Sally” Marie said. Sally was one of their friends from school. “She said that she can go out tonight. She’s gonna meet us in Wetherspoons at half eight. If we are eating at half six do you think we will be in town by half eight? I mean we will have to get ready”
“But we will be back at your house by half five at the latest, so we can start getting ready before we go out” Hannah reasoned. Marie then texted Sally back saying that they would see her at half eight. They were in town by that point, so Hannah went into one of the car parks, and began looking for a space. As it was a Saturday afternoon it took a bit of time before they spotted one. Hannah went into it, and Marie got out to buy a ticket. Hannah sat there waiting for Marie to get back. She looked to the car next to her and realised that it was her mum’s car. Hannah then saw Marie heading back to the car, a ticket in hand. Marie had her bag with her, so Hannah grabbed her bag and got out of the car. Marie came over and stuck the ticket to the windscreen. Hannah then locked up her car and they set off into town.
The first place they went was WHSmith to check out the CDs and DVDs. On their way there, the girls ran into Hannah’s mum with a guy who Hannah assumed was Simon. “Hello Hannah, Marie it’s nice to see you again” Jackie said.
“Hey mum” Hannah said. She then looked over to the guy.
“Oh sorry. Simon this is my daughter Hannah” Jackie said indicating Hannah. “And this is Hannah’s friend Marie. Marie, Hannah this is Simon”. They all said hello to each other.
“We best get going,” said Jackie. The situation was very awkward.
“Yeah us too” Hannah said quickly.
“Ok sweetie. I will see you tomorrow” Jackie said. Hannah nodded, and they went in their separate directions.
“They obviously got on ok,” Hannah said to Marie.
“Yep”. They walked into WHSmith and went over to the magazines. Once they had spent some time there, they went to look at the new CDs and DVDs. After they had finished in WHSmith Hannah and Marie went to some of the clothes shops. They tried on some clothes. When Hannah was in the changing rooms, she checked her pull-up and was pleased that she was still dry.
A couple of hours later they headed back to Hannah’s car to go back to Marie’s house. Marie got into the passenger side, and Hannah got into the drivers side. Over the course of the afternoon Marie had received a couple of texts from other friends, both saying that they would be able to go out that night. As a result it was going to be Hannah, Marie, Sally and two other friends Eliza and Donna. Eliza lived near Marie’s house so she was going to be coming round so that they could go into town together.
When they got to Marie’s house, Hannah grabbed the bag out of the boot of her car and they walked into the house. Marie’s mum Sylvia came up to them both and then hugged Hannah. When she stepped back, she greeted her own daughter. “Hello Hannah. It’s nice to see you finally. Apart from that time in the shop I haven’t seen you since Marie was last home”
“Mum, I forgot to say earlier, but it is alright if Hannah stays here tonight”
“Of course” said Sylvia noticing Hannah’s bag. “Why don’t you go upstairs and put your stuff down”. Sylvia then looked at her watch. “Tea’s gonna be about another three quarters of an hour”
“Ok thanks mum” said Marie. The two girls then went upstairs to Marie’s room. Hannah dropped her bag in the corner. Marie went over to her wardrobe and began looking for something to wear that evening. Hannah got out the clothes she was going to wear and put them on Marie’s bed. She looked up and saw Marie holding out a top. “What do you think of this?”
“Its really nice. When did you get it?”
“When I was at uni”
“You should wear it tonight. With a skirt or something” Hannah suggested.
“Yeah, I think I’m gonna. I might go take a shower though before we go and eat”
“Do you mind if I take a shower after you?”
“No that’s fine”
“Ok, I’m gonna go sit downstairs with your parents. Just call me when you are finished”. Marie went to the bathroom and Hannah went downstairs.
“Oh hello Hannah” Sylvia said as Hannah walked into the lounge. Sylvia was sat on the sofa and Marie’s dad Martin was sat in his armchair. “Where’s Marie?”
“She’s just taking a shower”. Hannah went to sit on the sofa next to Sylvia. They chatted, with Hannah filling Sylvia in on what she’s been doing, until they heard Marie calling Hannah. Hannah went back upstairs. Marie was sat on her bed. She had put back on the clothes she was wearing before she shower and her hair was damp.
“I’m finished in the bathroom, if you want to go for a shower,” Marie said.
“I left out a towel for you” Marie said. Hannah thanked her again, and then walked to the bathroom. She locked the door, and then switched on the shower. Hannah took off all her clothes and left them in a pile. Normally when she took a shower at home, she would go into the bathroom in her dressing gown, leaving her clothes in her room. Therefore she didn’t think that the pull-up might get wet because of the steam from the shower. Hannah sat on the toilet. The last thing she wanted to do was pee in her friend’s shower. Once Hannah had peed and then wiped herself she got into the shower. Hannah smiled when she realised that Marie had left out her shampoo and shower gel for Hannah to use. Hannah made sure that her hair was wet, before she put the shampoo in it.
Once Hannah had washed her hair, and her body she just let the water run over her body for a while. After been in a pull-up all day she was kind of glad to be free of it. After ten minutes Hannah switched off the water and then stepped out and wrapped a towel round her body. She put another smaller towel round her shoulders so that her hair didn’t drip onto her body. Hannah dried herself, and then dropping the towel on the floor, she reached for her pull-up. Hannah quickly realised that she had left her clothes too near to the shower. The pull-up wasn’t just damp from the steam. Evidently she had splashed water about, which had wet the pull-up. Hannah knew that she couldn’t put it on again. She sat on the side of the bath and put on her socks, then standing up she pulled on her jeans and dried her hair a bit with the smaller towel. When it had stopped dripping she put on her bra and top.
Hannah tidied up the bathroom, and put her towels on the towel rack to dry, next to the towels Marie had used. Then she picked up the ruined pull-up and rolled it up. Carrying it, she left the bathroom and went through to Marie’s bedroom.
“Did you have an accident?” said Marie when she saw Hannah walking in holding the pull-up in her hands.
“No, I left it too near the shower and it got wet from that” said Hannah. Marie handed her a carrier bag. “Where did you get that from?”
“I figured that you would probably need some for pull-ups and your nappy, so I went and got some whilst you were in the shower. We have loads downstairs”
“Oh thanks,” said Hannah. She took the bag from Marie, put the pull-up in it and then put the bag in the bin.
“So if the pull-up was ruined, what are you wearing under your jeans?”
“Nothing at the moment. I need to put a new pull-up on” Hannah replied. She went over to her bag and got out a new pull-up. Marie turned round whilst Hannah took off her jeans. She put them on the floor whilst she got the pull-up on. “You can turn round now. I’m just putting my jeans on,” Hannah said. Marie turned round and Hannah pulled her jeans back on.
“You know when we get back from town” Marie said.
“Well are you gonna want me to put a nappy on you, or just do up the tapes?” Marie asked.
“Just do up the tapes so that they are tight enough” Hannah said. She saw no reason for Marie to completely put her into her nappy. After all it would only embarrass them both.
“Ok. I think I can manage that,” Marie said smiling. At that point they heard voices from downstairs. Marie got up and opened the door then realised that her mum was called both her and Hannah downstairs because tea was ready. They both headed downstairs.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Thirteen

“Girls, we’re in the kitchen” they heard Sylvia call when they got to the bottom of the stairs. “Come and sit down at the table” she said when they walked into the kitchen. “Oh actually Marie can you just get some drinks for everyone”. Marie nodded, and then went to get some glasses out. As Hannah hadn’t been asked to do anything she went and sat at the table with Martin. The food and drinks were put on the table. Sylvia and Marie sat down and everyone began to eat.
“This food is really nice” Hannah said. Sylvia had made spaghetti bolognaise.
“Thank you Hannah” Sylvia said. “So where are you two girls planning to go tonight?”
“Eliza is coming round here later on, then we will get a bus, or a taxi into town and we are meeting Sally and Donna in Wetherspoons at half eight” Marie explained. “Then we might go onto somewhere else after that”. Marie put a fork full of food into her mouth.
“Instead of you having to pay for a taxi or the bus, your dad will take you in,” Sylvia said. She looked over to her husband Martin. “Just let him know when you want to go in”
“Ok thanks dad” said Marie, even though it had been her mum’s idea.
“Remember to take your keys with you, so that you can get back in. We will have probably gone to bed,” Sylvia added.
“Ok will do mum” Marie said. They carried on chatting until everyone had finished eating. Marie stood up and started to pick up the plates.
“Marie, why don’t you and Hannah go and get ready to go out. Your dad and me will clear these things away. If Eliza comes, we will send her up to your room ok”
“Ok thanks mum”. Hannah stood up and they both walked out of the kitchen. Hannah was walking in front. When they were out of the kitchen Marie spoke. “Han,”
“You might want to pull up your jeans a bit, the waistband of the pull-up is showing”. Hannah folded over the top of the pull-up, and then pulled her jeans over it. They then started walking up the stairs.
“How long has it been showing?”
“I don’t know. I just noticed it now. It probably rode up when you stood up or something”. They went into Marie’s room. Hannah sat on the bed, then lent against the pillows. Marie sat down next to her.
“That means that your mum and dad probably saw it then” said Hannah.
“I don’t know, maybe. But they both already know that you wear them”
“I know, but just because they know, it doesn’t mean that I want them to see it”
“I doubt they even noticed. I mean they were clearing the table. They were hardly likely to have watched us walking out of the room. Even if by some chance, they did watch us walk out of the room, I was behind you, so they wouldn’t have even been able to tell. Anyway, we should probably start getting ready,” said Marie. She knew that Hannah sometimes got worried about anyone outside of her family seeing her pull-up or nappy even if they knew that she wore them. Hannah had told Marie in the past that she walked around with nothing covering up her nappy at home in front of her family, but she had always covered them up around anyone else including Marie. Hannah stood up and grabbed her clothes. Marie stayed on the bed, deep in thought. She began to wonder why Hannah didn’t feel as if she could be completely open with her. They were practically sisters.
“Han, can I ask you something?”
“Yeah” said Hannah turning round. Seeing Marie’s face, Hannah went back to sit on the bed.
“Why do you hide your pull-ups?” Marie asked.
“What do you mean, hide my pull-up? I don’t want any random person seeing them in my room”
“No, not hide them in your room. I mean hide them from me”
“I don’t hide them from you” said Hannah. She was very confused, and didn’t really understand why Marie was talking about it.
“So this morning if it was your mum in your house rather than me would you have been wearing the trousers covering up your pull-up?”
“No probably not. I would have just been in a nappy and a top”
“So why couldn’t you just wear a pull-up then. If that’s what your are more comfortable wearing”
“Because I didn’t know whether you would be comfortable with it. I mean I have told you before that I kind of like to wear them”. Hannah had told Marie two years ago that she liked to wear nappies, even when she didn’t have to. Hannah had never intended to tell Marie, but had to when Marie had turned up at Hannah’s house unexpectedly in the middle of the day and Hannah had been wearing only a nappy and top. However Hannah had never confessed to Marie about her liking of baby things. “And you’ve always been uncomfortable having to put me into a nappy for bed. So I didn’t want you to be awkward. It’s nothing to do with how close we are. I mean I know that my mum is fine with me walking round in just a nappy. And I know Louise and Allie are fine with it. But I would never walk around in just a nappy if Ted and Sandra were around, even if the kids weren’t with them. They are not comfortable with the idea of me wearing a nappy when I don’t really need to”
“So it wasn’t that you didn’t feel comfortable been around me with nothing covering your pull-up, it was just that you didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable”
“Yeah” said Hannah. “If you’re sure that your not going to be uncomfortable with it then I will take my jeans off, at least until Eliza shows up”. Hannah stood up and undid her jeans. Then she pulled them down and stepped out of them. It was at that point that Hannah realised that she must have had an accident whilst she had been talking to Marie. The front of the pull-up was yellow. Hannah went bright red.
She looked up at Marie, who was staring at Hannah’s pull-up. At that point Hannah had two thoughts: one that it was very embarrassing to discover she had wet her pull-up at the same time that Marie discovered it; two that it was her second accident of the day. At the minute however Hannah knew that she had to concentrate on the first thing. Marie grabbed Hannah’s bag and passed it over. Hannah quickly held it in front of her pull-up, and then got out a pull-up and some wipes. Hannah was mortified as her dummy fell out of the bag as she got out the things. It was still in there from when she had stayed over at Louise and Allie’s flat, as she hadn’t needed it since then. Marie looked down at it, just as Hannah hurriedly snatched it up. However Hannah realised that Marie already knew what it was.
“I’m gonna go change” Hannah said trying to avoid a conversation with Marie. She didn’t even think about the fact that Marie’s mum or dad would be able to see her in a wet pull-up when she walked across the landing. Instead she just wanted to leave the room, as she was worried about Marie was going to say. Fortunately she managed to get to the bathroom and lock the door without running into anyone else. She put the lid on the toilet seat and sat down still wearing her wet pull-up. It squished beneath her as she sat down. “How can I go out tonight now?” she said quietly to herself. Hannah couldn’t believe she had been completely embarrassed in front of Marie two times in less than two minutes. “How can I even face Marie now? She has seen me in a wet pull-up and has seen my dummy”. Hannah stayed in the bathroom thinking about this for almost ten minutes. Then she decided to get her act together and face Marie. “After all she has seen me in a wet nappy loads of times. A wet pull-up is no different I suppose. And I can just explain the baby thing. I mean she was fine when I told her that I liked to wear nappies, and she has just said that she doesn’t mind me walking round with just a pull-up and top on. Hopefully she will just take the baby thing in her stride”. Hannah then quickly changed her pull-up, thinking that if she’d already had two accidents she might be able to get through the night out without wetting herself. As she was changing, Hannah turned her thoughts to the fact that her accidents seemed to be getting more frequent. For almost four years she had wet once every couple of days. “But I have had two accidents in the same day on about three or four days this week” Hannah said to herself. “What if it carry’s on like this. That means in a few years I might never make it to the toilet. I might have to be in nappies permanently, having to go outside in them”. Hannah had finished changing her pull-up, so she rolled up the wet one and grabbed her wipes. Then she walked back across the landing to Marie’s room. She resolved to put the thought of her more frequent accidents to the back of her mind for the night to concentrate on telling Marie and trying to have a good time with her friends. Hannah managed to get back into Marie’s room without running into anyone else. Marie was still sat on the bed. She looked up when Hannah walked in. Hannah grabbed a carrier bag so she could throw away the wet pull-up she was holding. Once that was in the bin, Hannah went to sit next to Marie on the bed. “I think I need to explain”. Marie nodded slightly. “Well as well as liking wearing nappies, I kind of like some other things. Like baby things”
“Baby things?”
“Yeah. The dummy you saw, I have a couple of baby bottles as well. And I kind of like been babied”
“By someone else?”
“Yeah, my mum does it sometimes. She doesn’t really like doing it, but she tends to do it as a reward for something. Or if I’m really upset. Louise and Allie sometimes baby me as well”
“So how come there was a dummy in your bag?”
“I slept over at my sisters earlier in the week and took it there. Then I haven’t used it since then. I kind of forgot it was in the bag. If I had known, then I would have taken it out”
“Thanks for explaining all that to me” said Marie. She hugged Hannah. “You know if you want to use your dummy, I don’t mind”
“I don’t know. Don’t you think it would be kind of weird? And what happens when Eliza walks in”
“You know how polite my mum is to visitors. She will walk Eliza up here, and will knock on the door before she walks in, just in case we are changing or something. So no one else will find out”
“It’s ok. Maybe we should just get ready to go out”. Marie looked up at the clock.
“Yeah. We have like three quarters of an hour now until we will have to set off”. Both girls began to get ready. As Hannah only had one outfit with her to wear, it didn’t take her very long to get dressed. Marie however took longer. Whilst Hannah was waiting for Marie to finished getting dressed, she put everything she was going to need in her bag. Whenever Hannah went out, knowing she was going to end up at a club, she always made sure to put her spare pull-ups in a zipped up part of the bag. The last thing she wanted was for a bouncer to check her bag and find those. Hannah also put in her purse and phone. By the time Hannah had done all this, Marie had finished getting dressed. Hannah got out the bit of make up she had brought with her and put it on Marie’s desk. They each did their own make up. Marie was really good at doing people’s hair and normally did her friends’ hair before they went out, so she styled Hannah’s hair, and made it look really nice. Just as she was finishing Hannah’s hair, there was a knock on the door. Hannah quickly scanned the room, checking to see that there was nothing out that should have been hidden, such as her pull-ups or the dummy. “Come in” Marie said. The door opened and Sylvia walked in followed by Eliza.
“Hello girls. Oh, you both look really pretty. Anyway here is Eliza”.
“Thanks mum” Marie said. Sylvia left the three girls alone. Eliza went to sit on the bed.
“Han, your hair looks really nice,” she said.
“Thanks Eliza. Marie did it”. Eliza hadn’t done anything with her hair.
“Do you want me to do something with your hair? I think we have a bit of time before we need to set off,” Marie offered.
“Yeah that would cool”. Marie quickly finished of sorting her hair out, then started working on Eliza’s. Hannah decided to go downstairs and get a quick drink.
“I’ll be back in a couple of minutes. Just going to go get a drink,” she said as she headed to the door. Hannah headed downstairs and into the kitchen. She was surprised to see Sylvia stood in there.
“Hello Hannah. Are you ready to go then?”
“Almost, Marie’s just doing Eliza’s hair. I just came down to get a drink”
“What do you want to drink? Just water or milk to line your stomach”
“Milk I think. I don’t really want to get too drunk tonight. Just a little tipsy”. Sylvia made Hannah a glass of milk then handed it over. She sipped at it whilst Sylvia talked. Hannah knew that if she were at home her mum would probably be reminding her to change her pull-up if she wet herself, no matter how much she had drank. Hannah was grateful that Sylvia didn’t bring this up at all. When Hannah had finished her glass of milk she went back upstairs and into Marie’s room. Marie had finished doing Eliza’s hair and was just putting her things into a bag. Hannah picked up her bag, and then slipped on her shoes. As she did that, Marie and Eliza stood up from the bed.
“I think we are all ready to go now” Marie said. She put on her shoes and the three girls walked out of the room, and down the stairs. They walked into the lounge, where Martin and Sylvia were sat. “Dad, can you take us into town now please?”
“Yep, come on then,” said Martin. He stood up and followed the three girls out of the room. He quickly slipped on some shoes and a jacket, and then picked up his car keys. Sylvia had come out of the lounge.
“I’ll see you in a bit Martin. And you three girls have a good time tonight. I will see you two in the morning,” Sylvia said gesturing to Hannah and Marie. The three girls and Martin went to the car. Marie got into the front seat alongside her dad. Hannah and Eliza both got into the back. Marie switched on the radio and found a good station. Martin started the car, and then drove off.
When Martin got into town, he asked the girls where they wanted to be dropped off. Once he had his answer he headed in that direction. They had told him that they wanted to be dropped off on the street next to the one that Wetherspoons was on. When the car stopped, the girls got out, thanked Martin, and then set off walking to Wetherspoons.
“My god it’s freezing out here,” said Eliza. She was wearing a sleeveless low cut top and skirt, which wasn’t really appropriate for the cold December night.
“Well, get a move on then. The quicker we walk, the quicker we will be in the warmth” Marie said. They were soon at Wetherspoons. It was fairly busy as it was a Saturday night. They all quickly scanned the busy bar, and not seeing Sally or Donna headed to the bar. Hannah managed to get served first once she had her drink, she moved out of the crowd round the bar and waited for Marie and Eliza to get served. Whilst she was stood there, she noticed Sally coming into the bar. Sally looked round and spotted Hannah. Hannah then saw Sally walking over.
“Hey Sally” Hannah said hugging her friend. “Marie and Eliza are just getting a drink. I haven’t seen Donna yet” she told Sally.
“Oh ok. I didn’t know Donna was coming” Sally said. There was a bit of a troubled history in the friendship of Sally and Donna. They had had big falling out just under a year ago. Because they had the same friends, it had become very difficult for everyone for quite a while, as they had refused to hang out together. Eventually they had agreed to be around each other as long as other people were there. Hannah knew that the situation hadn’t changed since then. They still barely tolerated each other. The last time they had been out together, then had ended up drinking too much and having a huge argument which had ruined the night out for everyone else.
“Yeah. I think she texted Marie after you’d texted her. So Marie just told her when and where we were meeting”
“I’m just gonna get a drink then we can find somewhere to sit or something” said Sally. She went to the bar, leaving Hannah stood there. Hannah wasn’t stood there alone for long though. Marie had got her drink and joined her. They weren’t stood there long before Eliza and Sally came back. The four of them managed to find a table, and they sat down. As they hadn’t seen each other for a while, they spend a bit of time catching up. Eliza had been at a university quite far away. She had only got back home earlier in the day. Sally wasn’t at university. Instead she had a job in an office. Hannah had been seen her a few times because they had both been in the area. However Sally hadn’t seen either of the other two.
By the time the four girls had finished their drinks Donna had arrived. She hadn’t looked very pleased when she had seen Sally sat there, but had managed to sit down without saying anything. Hannah, Marie, Sally and Eliza went back up to the bar; leaving Donna sat at the table. As they walked to the bar Hannah decided to go to the toilet. Hannah didn’t actually need to pee, but knew that going to the toilet every so often just to see if she did anything, was much easier than wetting her pull-up and having to change it in the bathrooms, especially when she had, had a bit to drink and was unsteady on her feet. She told her friends where she was going. Eliza said she needed to go as well. Hannah and Eliza headed off to the toilets. Sally and Marie went to the bar, saying they would buy drinks for the other two and meet them back at the table.
When they were all back at the table, Donna downed the rest of drink and got up to get another.
“So you’re still not on very friendly terms with Donna” Eliza said to Sally once Donna had gone.
“No. I haven’t really seen her since summer. I would be willing to put it all behind us and get on, but I think she still has a grudge against me”
“I suppose now that we aren’t seeing each other everyday like when we were at school, it takes longer for things to happen” Marie said.
“But we were at school when all this happened and we still managed not to make up” Sally commented.
“If I had known you were still funny with each other then I wouldn’t have asked you both out,” Marie said. “It’s just I didn’t think Donna was going to be able to come, and I didn’t really want her finding out then we all went out and didn’t even ask her”
“Look, its ok. I certainly don’t intend to ruin everyone’s evening by starting anything with her. If she starts on me then I am just going to ignore it” said Sally. She spotted Donna walking over from the bar, so stopped talking. Donna sat down, and began chatting, not realising what had been said in her absence. Hannah tried to join in on the conversation, but couldn’t help thinking about things. She was very worried that she would have an accident in the bar and have to change; she was also sort of upset that her friends were still not getting along, and underneath all that had feelings of dread at the conversation she was going to have with her mum when she got back home. Hannah was going to sit down and tell her mum that her accidents were becoming more frequent to see what her mum had to say about it.
Hannah suddenly started paying attention to what was going on in front of her. She knew that Donna was a lightweight and tended to get drunk quickly. After her two drinks, she had started to verbally attack Sally. Marie was trying to calm Donna down, whilst Eliza was holding Sally back. She didn’t actually think Sally was going to do anything, but wanted to make sure all the same.

Chapter Fourteen

Hannah was actually quite good at handling situations like this. Marie and Eliza both knew this and were looking at her expecting her to do something. Hannah got up and put her hand on Donna’s shoulder. Donna looked up to see who it was.
“Donna can you come with me to the toilets for a minute?” Hannah said. Donna looked at her strangely and for a minute Hannah thought that Donna was going to start having a go at her. Eventually Donna looked back to Sally, and then stood up. She walked with Hannah, away from the table and into the toilets.
“What did you want then?” Donna said when they were both in the toilets.
“I figured that after you had sobered up you might come to regret your little performance out there. Look, I don’t think you are going to have a good time tonight with Sally been there. Is that right?”
“I don’t know. Maybe” said Donna avoiding Hannah’s look.
“So how about you go home now, then maybe we can go out next week sometime without Sally. That way you can have a good time as well. Ok. Why don’t we go to the taxi rank and I will text you tomorrow about going out next week” said Hannah, praying that Donna would like that plan. Donna appeared to be mulling it over.
“Ok. Will you walk with me to the taxi rank then?”
“Yeah. Look why don’t you just wait here and I will go and fetch your bag” said Hannah. Donna nodded to say she would stay there, and Hannah left. When she got back to the table, her other friends asked her what was happening. She explained the situation and then asked if Eliza or Marie would go with her and Donna to the taxi rank, so that Hannah didn’t have to talk back alone. Marie stood up.
“We will back in about five or so minutes ok”
“Ok, and thanks Hannah for sorting that out” Sally said. Hannah and Marie went to the bathroom to get Donna.

After Donna had gone, the rest of the girls had a good night and were all quite drunk by the end of it. By going to the toilet regularly, Hannah had even managed to keep her pull-up dry. The club didn’t close until three in the morning, but by two all four girls were ready to go home. Sally lived fairly close to town, so they all walked back there, planning to get a taxi from her house as they normally did.
Sally made everyone some food, and then they all sat in the lounge talking about Donna. The walk to Sally’s house had sobered them all up somewhat. After they had eaten, Marie rang for a taxi, and was told it was going to be at least twenty minutes. As Eliza and Marie lived so close, they were just going to use the same taxi.
“I can’t believe the way she was acting tonight” Eliza said about Donna.
“I know, what did you say to her in the toilets to get her to go home Hannah?”
“Um…I just said that she would probably regret what she had said, when she was sober. Then I said you know that she wasn’t going to have a good time, and maybe it would be better if she went home. And also, that since she wasn’t going to be out with us tonight, then we would go out with her next week some time”
“What do you mean ‘we’?”
“Well, not you Sally obviously. The rest is open to interpretation. I said we, so Donna could have either seen it as me and her, or as me and her and you two” said Hannah, gesturing to Eliza and Marie. “Anyway I said I would text her at some point tomorrow about it. Plus it is going to be a weeknight, so it is not like we are going to be out really late with her”
“Why is it going to be a weeknight?”
“I have plans on Saturday night”
“With who?”
“Some friends from uni. There is like a snowfest thing on at the union. We are all going. I would say you could come, but one of my friends lives on campus so I’m going to be staying over at hers so that I don’t have to drive back”. Marie already knew about this, but both Sally and Eliza looked surprised. Hannah saw the looks and knew exactly what they were trying to say. Both girls knew about her bedwetting and were wondering whether Hannah had told, or whether she had stopped wetting the bed. “She knows” Hannah said to make it clear for Eliza and Sally.
“I thought you weren’t going to tell anyone at uni about it” Sally said.
“I managed to go until Tuesday without anyone finding out, but then on Tuesday one of my friends guessed about the pull-ups during the day. Then my other friend Kendra asked me about snowfest and whether I wanted to stay over at hers after. So I ended up telling her about me needing nappies at night. She was cool with it, so I told her that I wore pull-ups in the day. None of my other friends know though”
“I can’t believe you managed to keep it secret for so long”
“Why? The only reason that you lot knew about me wetting at night was because I told you so that I could sleep over at your houses without worrying. And the only reason you knew that I started wearing pull-ups during the day was because you were there at the beginning” said Hannah. After she had said that she began to remember what was one of the most embarrassing occasions of her life.

It was two weeks after Hannah’s dad’s funeral, and almost two weeks since Hannah had wet herself in the hallway in front of her family. As it hadn’t happened again since then, Hannah and her family just thought that it was a one-time thing. Hannah had been back at school a few days and Marie, Sally and Eliza had come round to spend time with her. The four of them were sat in Hannah’s room chatting. Marie and Eliza were sat on Hannah’s bed leaning against the wall. Hannah was sat on the floor leaning against half of her beanbag. Sally was sat next to her, leaning against the other half. They had been in the same positions for about half an hour, and for the last five minutes had been debating who should go downstairs and get drinks and snacks for everyone. All of them were comfortable in their positions so didn’t want to have to move. Hannah eventually agreed to go downstairs and get the things. Sally went with her.
They came back up ten minutes later and sat down again. After about ten minutes it happened. Hannah started to wet herself, except of course she had no idea she was doing it, and didn’t even realise that she needed to pee. Marie happened to look over to Hannah and noticed the growing wet patch on the crotch of Hannah’s light blue jeans. She then looked at Hannah’s face and realised that Hannah had no idea what she was doing. At that point Eliza noticed.
“Hannah what are you doing?” she asked. The wet patch was no longer getting any bigger, so Hannah had obviously stopped wetting herself.
“What do you mean?” Hannah said. As she was already quite warm, she hadn’t even been able to feel the warmth against her skin.
“It looks like you’ve just wet yourself”. At that moment Sally looked across, and Hannah looked down. Hannah realised that she had just had another accident, and this time it was in front of her friends. She was completely mortified and couldn’t even look at her friends. Instead she ran out of the room and into the bathroom. Because of the position she had been sitting in, her jeans took most of the wetting, but there was still a very noticeable wet patch on her carpet.
She lent against the door, feeling disgusted with herself, and hating the feeling of her wet clothes against her skin. Unfortunately because she had ran out of her room so fast, she didn’t even have anything to change into. Instead Hannah started to cry. She didn’t know how she was ever going to be able to look her friends in the eye, after they had just seen her wet herself when she was supposed to be fourteen years old. ‘Normally I am worried that they will think I’m weird because I still wet the bed, but this is ten times worse than them knowing I wet the bed, or them seeing me with a nappy on under my pyjamas’ Hannah thought as she stood there. ‘At least with that it was my choice to tell them about it. It wasn’t like I slept over at one of their houses without a nappy and peed the bed’. As she was thinking this, there was a knock on the door.
“Han, it’s me, Marie. Can you let me in?” a voice said. “I’ve got some clothes for you to change into”. Hannah moved aside, and then opened the door to let Marie in. Marie handed her a different pair of jeans and some knickers. “Here you go”
“Thanks Marie”
“Your mum is still out, and your sister isn’t in. Also Sally and Eliza wanted to know if you wanted them to go home”
“I am really embarrassed at what happened. It’s bad enough having to face you, but I don’t want to have to face Sally and Eliza at the same time”
“Ok, I’ll go tell them. Why don’t you get changed?” said Marie leaving. Hannah quickly peeled off her jeans and soaked knickers leaving them on the floor. Knowing that Marie was probably going to be coming back, Hannah hid the knickers in between the jeans and made sure that there was no wetness showing. Then she got on the dry knickers that Marie had brought her. Just as Marie knocked on the door Hannah pulled on her jeans. She then had to endure one of the most embarrassing conversations of her life. It was up there on a level with the birds and bees chat her mum had, had with her when Hannah had been eleven.
Marie asked her why she had wet herself and whether it was connected to her bedwetting. Marie also asked if it had happened before, meaning Hannah had to confess about her earlier accident. That was something Hannah had wanted to keep quiet from all her friends.

“I guess you’re right,” said Sally. Hannah momentarily looked confused. She was completely caught up in the memory and had forgotten what had led her to think of it in the first place. At that point all four of them heard a car horn. Eliza got up looked out of the window.
“Taxi’s here” she said. Sally hugged the other three girls goodbye, promising to see them again soon. She walked them to the front door.
They all got into the taxi, with all of them in the backseat. Marie was in the middle. It didn’t really take all that long to get home. Hannah was silent for most of the trip, whilst Marie and Eliza chatted to the taxi driver. He stopped to let Eliza out first. Eliza handed Marie some money to go towards the fare as she got out. Then the taxi driver set off for Marie’s house. They were there within a couple of minutes. Marie gave the driver Eliza’s money and added in the rest of it from her own money.
They got out of the taxi and walked up to Marie’s house. It was past three in the morning, so they went straight up to Marie’s room. Marie’s parents were asleep, so Hannah and Marie made sure that they were fairly quiet. Luckily Marie’s room was at the other end of the hallway to her parents, meaning that Marie and Hannah could talk, without running the risk of waking up someone else.
“I’m just going to go pee,” Hannah said. She didn’t want to put on her nappy and have to wet it before she went to bed.
“Ok, I’m gonna get ready for bed then” Marie said. Hannah went into the bathroom and went to sit on the toilet. As she pulled down her trousers and pull-up, she felt the inside of her pull-up and smiled when she realised it was completely dry. It wasn’t even damp, apart from the sweat because of been next to her skin in a hot environment for a few hours.
After Hannah had finished peeing, she pulled up her pull-up and trousers without wiping herself, as she knew that she was going to wiping herself ready for her nappy as soon as she got back into Marie’s room. When she went back into Marie’s room, Marie was ready for bed, in a t-shirt and shorts. “I’m just going to go pee. Why don’t you get ready and then I can come help you if you need it”
“Ok thanks”. Marie left the room, and Hannah got her bag. She didn’t want to get powder on the bed, so decided to do it on the floor. She took off her trousers and pull-up, then wiped herself. She put the nappy underneath her butt, then grabbed the powder. She was just about to start powdering herself when she heard the door open. Instinctively she grabbed the nappy, and pulled it between her legs to cover herself up. Marie came over and saw Hannah holding the powder.
“Do you want me to tape you up, or do you still need to use the powder?” she asked.
“I still need to powder” Hannah replied. Marie turned her back, and Hannah began to powder her skin. When she had done she put the powder to one side, then got the nappy in place. “Can you do the tapes now please?” she asked. Marie turned round, bent down and fastened the tapes into place.
“All done” said Marie standing up again. Hannah sat up, and then looked down at her nappy.
“Thanks. I’ve just got to change my top, then I’m ready for bed,” said Hannah. She grabbed the top out of her bag, then pulled off the one she was wearing. Marie got into bed as Hannah put on the t-shirt she was going to sleep in.
Even though Marie had a double bed, it was in the corner of her room, with one side against the wall. It also had a footboard at the end, meaning that the only way to get in was from the side that was facing into the room. Marie was currently lying across this side of the bed. “Are you letting me get into bed then? You’ve either got to roll over to the other side or get out and let me get across,” Hannah asked.
“You know that you always sleep on the wall side when you sleep over. Because I will probably wake up in the night to pee. And you probably aren’t going to get up are you. Just climb over me, I don’t mind”
“Ok, but don’t complain if I hurt you” said Hannah. She knew that she probably would have been able to get to the other side of the bed, by just standing on the bed and stepping over Marie, but instead she put her hands on the bed, and then crawled over Marie. Marie couldn’t help but giggle as Hannah climbed over her, her butt sticking in the air. Because Hannah’s top half was now lower down that her bottom half, her shirt had slid up, and was completely revealing her nappy and stomach. Eventually Hannah collapsed onto the other side of the bed, next to Marie. She got under the covers and then laid her head on the pillow facing Marie. She closed her eyes and then put her thumb in her mouth.
“Are you going to sleep then?” Marie asked.
“It’s not like there is anything else to do, unless you want to talk or something,” said Hannah as she opened her eyes and removing her thumb from her mouth.
“I’m not bothered”
“I didn’t hurt you did I, when I crawled over you. I’m thinking no, because you were giggling”
“No. And I was giggling at the sight of you. With your nappy up in the air”. Hannah blushed as Marie said this, then began to picture what that must have looked like and began laughing as well.
“Shush, you don’t want to wake up my parents” Marie said. Hannah quietened down, and put her thumb back in her mouth. Suddenly remembering something Hannah sat up and removed her thumb from her mouth again. When she had been at Sally’s house and had been remembering having an accident in front of her friends when she had been fourteen, it had suddenly struck her how long she had been in the bathroom before Marie came. Hannah had been wondering what had been going on in her room whilst she was in the bathroom. She decided to ask Marie and see if she could remember.
“You know before I started having to wear pull-ups?”
“Well, you know that time when me and you, Sally and Eliza were in my room. And it was just after my dad died”
“Yeah I remember,” said Marie. Hannah was glad that Marie remembered the day, as she didn’t really want to have to say that it was the day she had wet herself.
“Well, you know how I went to the bathroom. Well do you remember what happened in my room in between me leaving, and you coming into the bathroom?”
“I remember bits of it. Um…you went, and we sort of looked at each other. Sally asked whether you’d ever done that before. And I said I that I didn’t think so. Then Eliza wondered if it was connected to your bedwetting. Sally pointed out that you weren’t asleep. I said that maybe we should do something, so Sally went downstairs to see if your mum or sister were in, so we could tell them. I got out some clothes for you and Eliza wondered if we should just go. She thought that you would probably be really embarrassed at what had happened. Then I said I would take you some clothes and asked if you wanted us to go. Sally came back up saying no one else was in, then I came to see you. That was it. How come you wanted to know?”
“I was just thinking about it earlier”
“How come you like wearing nappies? I mean have you always liked it?” Marie asked.
“Whoa, where did that come from?” said Hannah surprised. They had never really had this sort of conversation with Marie before.
“I was just wondering. Because I mean, I don’t really see the appeal”
“It’s a whole lot better than waking up in a wet bed” Hannah joked.
“Come on Han, be serious. Surely there is more to it than that”
“Well yeah. I mean I like to wear them in the day because it takes away the stress. When I am in a pull-up I have to keep thinking about whether I need to pee. And then if I do have an accident, I have to worry about it leaking before I can go change. And they are difficult to change, even when I am home because I have to take off my trousers. In a nappy it doesn’t matter if I have an accident because the nappy can hold it easily. And so long as I get it changed after two or three wettings, its not going to leak. I mean tonight because I was in a pull-up I went to the toilet loads because I was so worried about wetting myself and then having to get changed”
“So its like a security type thing then?”
“Yeah I guess” Hannah said.
“I kind of understand why you like them then”
“But I mean other people have different reasons for liking them” said Hannah. She yawned.
“Did you want to go to sleep?”
“No I’m fine if you want to talk some more. So long as you don’t intend on waking me up early in the morning”
“Don’t worry, I won’t. I’m probably still going to be asleep myself,” Marie said. Marie then yawned. “I’m just going to get a drink. Do you want anything?”
“Yeah, just a juice or something” Hannah said. Marie got out of the bed and left the room.
Hannah laid there contemplating getting out of bed and fetching her dummy. Marie had said she was fine with it, if Hannah wanted to use it. But Hannah didn’t know how Marie would react if she walked back into the room and saw Hannah sucking on a dummy. Hannah decided not to get her dummy. After all she didn’t actually need it to get to sleep or anything.
Marie walked in with two glasses. She handed one to Hannah, who sat up to drink it. Marie put hers on the table and switched on her lamp. Then she switched off the main light. “Han, do you want your dummy before I get into bed?” Marie asked.
“Um…I don’t know. I mean I don’t need it, and I don’t want you to be weird seeing me with it”
“I’m not going to be weird about it. I already said that I was cool with it,” said Marie. “Besides I want to see what you look like with it”
“Ok, can you get it out of my bag then?”
“Yep” said Marie. She picked up Hannah’s bag and rooted around in it for a bit before she found the dummy. “I’m just going to run it under the tap. It’s been at the bottom of your bag so it’s probably dirty”. Marie walked out of the room with it in her hand, whilst Hannah sat there stunned. She had thought that Marie would just pass it to her, not that she would go and clean it first. Hannah carried on drinking her juice waiting for Marie to come back into the room.
Marie came back and got back into the bed. She held out the dummy for Hannah to take. Hannah took it, and not wanted to actually put it in her mouth in case Marie wanted to talk, she just held onto it. “Aren’t you going to use it?”
“I don’t know. I can’t exactly talk to you with it in my mouth can I?”
“No I suppose not. Do you want to carry on talking then, or do you want to go to sleep? I mean it is past four in the morning,” Marie said looking at the clock on her bedside table.
“I’m not tired now. I want to carry on chatting. I mean so long as you don’t want to sleep”
“Chatting sounds good. We just need to have something to say”
“Well, I have told you loads of stuff about me that you never knew about me tonight. You found out about the baby thing and why I like wearing nappies. Is there anything about you that you want to share?”
“Um…well actually yeah”
“Ok, cool. Can you just hold on a second? I kind of need to go to the bathroom”
“You’re in a nappy. Why don’t you just use that?”
“Because I know that I need to go, and I would rather not have to go to sleep in a wet nappy. I can just pull it down and go,” said Hannah. She handed her glass to Marie, who put it on the bedside table next to her own. Hannah then climbed over Marie and got off the bed. She handed Marie the dummy.
“Can you just hold this? I don’t want to get it dirty again”
“Yeah sure” Marie replied… She walked out of the room in only her top and nappy. She knew that Marie’s parents’ bedroom had an en-suite bathroom so it was highly unlikely that she would run into either of them on the landing. Hannah made it to the bathroom. She switched on the light and went over to the toilet. She carefully pulled down her nappy, so that she would still be able to wear it to bed. She sat down and peed. When Hannah had finished, she wiped herself then pulled her nappy back up. Once she had flushed, she washed her hands and then walked back out on to the landing, switching off the bathroom light on the way.
As Hannah was walking to Marie’s room, she practically jumped out of her skin when she heard a door opening behind her. She knew that it was Marie’s parents door that was opening, meaning that it was either Sylvia or Martin. Hannah didn’t particularly want either of them seeing her in her nappy, but if it had to be one, then she would have preferred that it was Sylvia. Hannah was in luck. It was Sylvia.
“Hannah, what are you doing up? Did you just come from the bathroom? Does that mean that you woke up and managed to make it without wetting your nappy?” Sylvia asked. She waited with anticipation for Hannah’s answer. Hannah knew that Sylvia was thinking something that wasn’t true, and Hannah hated to have to disappoint her by telling her the truth. She didn’t want Sylvia to think that she was waking up to pee when she wasn’t.
“Me and Marie aren’t asleep yet, so I knew that I needed to go. And I didn’t want to wet my nappy when I was still awake”
“Oh, I just thought that…”
“Yeah. Maybe someday, but not tonight” said Hannah. Sylvia nodded, and then took Hannah by surprise by hugging her. Hannah hugged her back. When they both pulled away, Sylvia headed downstairs. Hannah assumed that she was going to get a drink. Hannah went back into Marie’s room.
“How come you were so long?”
“I ran into your mum on the landing. She kind of thought we had been asleep and I had woken up to go to the toilet. I almost didn’t want to disappoint her with the truth”
“But you did tell her the truth thought right?”
“Yeah. She hugged me. I did say that maybe it would happen someday. You know me actually waking up to go to the toilet, but after eighteen years I’m not so sure that it is ever going to happen”
“Maybe not, but at least you are better off than some other people that wet the bed”
“How am I better off?” Hannah asked.
“Well, there are probably some people that still wet the bed and hate having to wear nappies. At least you enjoy wearing them”
“I never looked at it that way before. I guess I am better off”
“I just remembered that you were going to tell me something, before I had to go to the toilet. What was it?”
“I’m not so sure I want to say anything now”
“Come on, it’s me. Whatever you tell me stays between me and you” Hannah said trying to reassure Marie.
“I’m not worried about you not keeping it secret. It’s just I’m not sure that I want to say it”
“You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want, but maybe it would help to talk about whatever it is”
“It’s not really anything to talk about. Look, don’t worry about it. It’s not important. Can we talk about something else?”
“Yeah sure. But if you want to talk about it, then I am here to listen ok”

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Fifteen

“So do you have any plans for tomorrow? I mean are you going to want me gone by a certain time?” said Hannah. She realised that Marie was still holding the dummy, so she took it off her and held it in her hand, not wanting to put it in her mouth whilst they were still talking.
“No. I have no plans. I think my parents are going out. Some friends have invited them round for lunch or something. So it doesn’t really matter what time we get up”. There was a knock at the door.
“Girls are you still awake. Is it ok if I come in?”
“Yeah mum we are still awake. Come in” Marie said. Marie looked over at Hannah and noticed the dummy in her hand. “Han,” she hissed pointing at the dummy. Hannah quickly put her hand under the covers to hide the dummy. It had been embarrassing enough when Marie had seen it, and it would have been even more embarrassing if Sylvia were to see it.
“Hello girls. Your dad and me are going out at about eleven in the morning. We probably won’t be back until half two or three in the afternoon. There is some food in the fridge if you are hungry when you get up”
“Ok thanks mum” Marie said.
“Try and get some sleep ok girls”
“We will mum,” said Marie. Sylvia left Marie’s room and Hannah got out her dummy again. “That was well close. Did you just forget you were holding it?”
“Yeah. Thanks for pointing it out. I can’t imagine what your mum would have said if she had seen me holding a dummy”
“She would probably have pretended like she hadn’t seen it, that way she wouldn’t have to mention it. Or she wouldn’t have realised what it was” Marie said after thinking about it.
“It’s kind of cool that she doesn’t expect us to be up in the morning. My mum would have woken us up if we were at mine. If she were going out, like your parents are, then she would have woken us up before she went out”
“Yeah, but it’s not like she would be doing it to be harsh or anything. It would just be so she could change your nappy. That way you didn’t have to do it yourself” said Marie. “You know that thing I wanted to talk about?”
“Well, I kind of think I want to tell you now”
“Oh ok”
“Well, um…I kind of want to try it. To see what it feels like” Marie eventually said.
“Try what?”
“Wearing a you know,” said Marie. She wanted to be able to Hannah what she wanted to try without actually using the word. She pointed to the covers. Hannah couldn’t understand what Marie was talking about. Then she realised what was under the covers, in the exact place that Marie was pointing. Hannah’s nappy.
“You want to try wearing a nappy?”
“Yeah. I mean I know that I used to wear them sometimes when we were little and we stayed over at each others houses, just so you didn’t feel bad about been the only one in a nappy, but I mean that sort of stopped when we were about six or seven. And I mean since then I have sort of seen you in them, and even put you in one a few times, but never worn one myself. Then you know when you were talking earlier about why you liked them, it sort of made me realise that maybe I would want to try them. I mean at least once, just to see if I like it or not”
“I have a spare one with me here. If you want you can have it”
“Really. What happens if you need the spare one?”
“The only way I would need the spare one is if I wake up and am really wet. And I am hardly likely to wake up, no matter how wet I am”
“Ok, well I mean, are you going to put me in it? Because I’m not sure that I would want that. I mean could we just do it like we did yours earlier on” said Marie. She could barely believe that she was even having this conversation.
“I can just do up the tapes for you. You can do the rest,” said Hannah. “That is if you are sure that you want to try it”
“Yeah” said Marie. She knew that if she backed out if it now, then she would never be able to pluck up the nerve to ask again. Then she would never know whether it was something she liked or not.
“Ok, come on then,” said Hannah. She pushed the covers off them both. “You will have to do it on the floor. You don’t want to get powder on the bed”. They both got off the bed. “Ok, I’ll turn round and you will need to wipe yourself, then put the nappy under you, then powder…” said Hannah before she was interrupted by Marie.
“I have changed you enough times. I know what to”
“Ok, I was just making sure. Just let me know when you want me to do up the tapes” said Hannah. She grabbed her bag and got out the spare nappy, wipes and powder then handed them to Marie. Hannah then sat on the bed and faced towards the wall. As she sat there, she suddenly realised that Kendra had sat the same way when Hannah had stayed over in her room, and she was waiting to do up the tapes on Hannah’s nappy. Hannah stuck the dummy in her mouth and waited for Marie to say that she needed Hannah to do up the tapes.
Hannah could barely believe that she was in this situation. She had been completely surprised that Marie had said she wanted to try wearing a nappy. Hannah remembered the first time she had slept over at Marie’s house. They had both been five years old. Marie had stayed over at Hannah’s a couple of times already so already knew about her bedwetting, although Jackie had never put Marie into a nappy. Sylvia had insisted that Hannah stay over one night. Hannah was reluctant to go, because it meant having someone else change her into her nappy. Jackie had rang Sylvia up to explain this, and Sylvia had asked whether Hannah would feel better about it if Marie were wearing a nappy as well. Jackie had spoken to Hannah about this, and Hannah had said she would sleep over, but if she didn’t like Sylvia changing her nappy then she didn’t want to have to sleep over again. Hannah didn’t particularly care whether Marie was in a nappy or not, but Jackie had taken her over to Marie’s house with an extra nappy. When it came to the time when they were getting ready for bed and Marie had realised that she was going to have to wear a nappy, she started to argument with her mum saying that she didn’t need a nappy and didn’t see why she had to wear one. She had eventually agreed, but only when her mum had reminded her that Hannah was stood there, and had mentioned that Hannah could have been hurt when Marie referred to nappies, as been something that only babies wore. As Hannah thought about that, it suddenly hit her, that Marie had referred to them as something for babies, and now Hannah was sat there in a nappy and sucking on a dummy. She also couldn’t believe that Marie had once kicked up such a fuss about wearing a nappy and was now voluntarily putting one on herself.
“Han, I’ve done everything but the tapes. Can you just come and fasten it up please?”
“Yep” said Hannah. She got of the bed, and looked down at Marie lying on the floor. The shorts that Marie had been wearing were at her side, and her top was pulled up. Hannah was used to herself been in the nappies and Marie been in normal clothes so it was kind of weird for her to see Marie lying on the floor holding her nappy in place. Hannah quickly bent down and taped the nappy in place.
“I’m dones,” she lisped through her dummy. Hannah stood up and sat on the edge of the bed, watching Marie. Marie slowly got up, and then stood with her legs apart. She wasn’t used to the bulk of the nappy between her legs. Marie waddled over to her full-length mirror. Hannah couldn’t help but laugh as she saw Marie’s waddling. As her mouth was open, the dummy fell out and landed in her lap. Hannah wondered if she looked like that when she was walking in her nappy. As Hannah had been wearing them for a long time, she thought that she had learnt to walk normally. Deciding to check, Hannah got up and walked over to the mirror watching herself. They stood side by side.
“Sorry for laughing, but you just looked so funny waddling around your room” Hannah said.
“Waddling? I was not waddling. That’s something that ducks or penguins do. Not people”
“People wearing nappies which they aren’t used to tend to waddle as well. It’s just because you aren’t used to the padding between your legs. If you wear them often enough, then you get used to it”
“I haven’t even said if I like it yet, never mind getting used to it”
“So do you like it then?”
“I don’t know. It kind of feels weird at the moment” said Marie. She gently touched the front of the nappy. “It is so bizarre, because I am used to you wearing them, and now I am wearing one as well” said Marie. Hannah shivered. “Maybe we should get back into bed. And try and get to sleep”
“So you’re going to sleep in it then?”
“Yeah. If I took it off now, then it would be a waste wouldn’t it?”
“Ok, but it might take you a while to get to sleep. I mean, it is different sleeping with one on. Not that I would know what it is like to sleep without one or anything” Hannah said. They both got into the bed. Even though they were both now wearing a nappy, Hannah was still lying on the side next to the wall. Hannah yawned, and Marie grabbed the dummy from Hannah’s hand. She stuck it in Hannah’s mouth, just as she closed it. Hannah smiled. They both lay down in the bed. Marie moved around a bit, trying to get comfortable. Hannah closed her eyes, and was quickly asleep. She had been very tired. Marie adjusted her position and looked over at Hannah. Eventually Marie turned and slept on her stomach.

When Hannah eventually woke up, it was twelve in the afternoon. She knew that Sylvia and Martin would have already gone to their friend’s house. Hannah knew that her nappy was wet, but couldn’t be bothered to change it. Marie was still asleep. Hannah realised that her dummy wasn’t in her mouth, so she sat up and looked around for it. She lifted up the covers and eventually found it, but was surprised to see that Marie was no longer wearing her nappy. She was back in the shorts she had originally been wearing. Hannah put the dummy back in her mouth, and lied back down. She decided to wait for Marie to wake up.
As Hannah was waiting, she deliberately wet her nappy, hoping that the nappy would be able to hold it. Hannah would have been mortified if she had leaked onto Marie’s sheets. Marie woke up about twenty minutes after Hannah.
“Morning” she said rubbing her eyes.
“Morning” Hannah replied. She had taken the dummy out of her mouth before Marie spoke. “How come you’re not wearing the nappy?”
“Oh that” said Marie. She knew that Hannah would ask her about it, but didn’t realise that it would be the first thing that was said. “I kind of realised that I sort of didn’t like it. I woke up about three hours after we fell asleep needed to pee. I tried to go in the nappy so that I wouldn’t have to get out of bed. But I couldn’t, even when I tried sitting up. So I got up and went to the bathroom. And I sat there on the toilet with the nappy still on. I tried to relax so that I could go. Anyway I managed to go a little bit, but it felt really weird, because all the wetness was going to the same place. So I ended up struggling to pull the nappy down, so that I could sit on the toilet and go properly. I ended up ripping the nappy in the rush to get it off. So I couldn’t put it back on. So I came back in here and wrapped it in a bag, then put on some knickers and my shorts”
“Ok. So you didn’t like peeing in the nappy then?”
“No. I mean it might have been different if I could have changed my position and kind of spread the wetness around. I might try it again, but not use it to see what it feels like. Because I mean I fell asleep right after I put it on, so I didn’t really get a chance to figure out if I liked the way it felt. Do you think you would mind me having another of your nappies at some point?”
“No. Just say when you are ready to try it again”
“Thanks” said Marie as her stomach rumbled. “Are you hungry? Because I am”
“Yeah. Starving actually” said Hannah.
“My parents will have gone by now so we can go and get something. Do you think it would be weird to have cereal? Because it is lunchtime”
“I’m not in the mood to have cereal. We can look when we go downstairs and see what there is,” said Hannah. “But before I go anywhere, I need to take off this nappy. I kind of wet it again whilst I was waiting for you to wake up”.
“I’ll meet you downstairs then. Unless you need some help”
“No I’m fine,” said Hannah. They both got out of the bed. Marie went to go to the toilet before she went downstairs. Hannah got out everything she was going to need, and put it on the floor next to where she was going to take her nappy off. She sat on the floor, with her legs spread apart and ripped the nappy open using the tapes. She wiped herself, then pulled the nappy from underneath her. She put her legs through the holes of her pull-up and got it up her legs and up to her thighs, at which point she stood up, and pulled it up completely. Once she had disposed of the pee soaked nappy, she grabbed the trousers she had brought to wear. Hannah thought of Marie, and in particular Marie saying that she didn’t mind Hannah not covering up her pull-up. Hannah spent a bit of time debating in her head whether or not to wear the trousers. On one hand it would be more comfortable without the trousers and she would be able to tell easier if she had an accident. On the other hand Marie would also be able to tell if Hannah had an accident. Hannah decided to leave her pull-up exposed.
“After all” she said as she walked down the stairs “I only wet my nappy a bit ago, so its not like I am going to need to go for a while”. She walked into the kitchen and Marie smiled when she saw Hannah wearing only her pull-up and a top.
“So what do you want to eat? I’m gonna have a bacon sandwich. Do you want me to make one for you as well?”
“Yeah thanks”. Marie started making the sandwiches. “Do you want any help?”
“No it’s ok. Just sit down, and I will sort it out,” Marie said. Hannah went over to the kitchen table and sat down at one of the seats. She turned the seat round slightly so that she could watch Marie. Marie moved around the kitchen and had quickly made some bacon sandwiches. She brought them over and sat down at the table opposite Hannah.
“This is really nice” Hannah said.
“Um…can I talk to you about something?” Hannah said.
“Yeah. You can talk to me about anything. You don’t have to ask”
“Well, it is kind of embarrassing. I am going to try and speak to my mum about it later on today I think, but it is really worrying me”
“What is it Han?”
“I don’t want your parents walking in or anything whilst we are talking, so can we go back up to your room after we have finished” said Hannah. She was intending to tell Marie about her accidents becoming more frequent, and that she was worried that she might end up having to wear nappies all the time rather than just at home and at night. Even though Hannah knew that Marie wasn’t going to be able to offer medical advice, she would hopefully be able to think of a way for Hannah to tell her mum.
When they had finished eating Marie just left all the pots in the sink. They both went back upstairs. “I’m just gonna go to the toilet before I we talk” Hannah said. She wanted to make sure that her bladder was empty before she got involved in talking to Marie.
Hannah pulled down her pull-up and sat down on the toilet. Hannah didn’t actually think that she needed to go to the toilet, but she hoped that she might be able to do something anyway. After sitting there for five minutes without even a drip coming out of her, she decided to get up from the toilet. As she bent down to grab her pull-up, which had fallen round her ankles, Hannah hoped that she would be able to keep her pull-up dry at least until after she had finished talking to Marie. She remembered that she had wet her pull-up when she had told Kendra about her pull-ups and bedwetting a couple of days before. After Hannah had finished in the bathroom she went into Marie’s room. Marie was sat on her bed leaning against the wall. She was still wearing her pyjamas. Hannah went and sat cross-legged on the bed facing Marie. She was very aware that her pull-up was completely on show, and if she had and accident whilst she was talking, then it was probably going to be very obvious to Marie.
“Ok” said Hannah breathing out loudly.
“Um…I know that you aren’t going to be able to help really, beyond just listening, but I am going to have to tell my mum, so maybe you could just sort of help me figure out a way to help me tell my mum. I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to. But I mean it will help me just organise my thoughts and what I want to say to my mum”
“You are really confusing me. I mean what sort of thing is it that is embarrassing, and that you have to tell your mum. I mean is it going to be embarrassing to tell your mum or embarrassing for you to tell anyone?”
“Embarrassing for me to tell anyone. It’s kind of about my accidents during the day”
“Oh right ok. What is it about them?”

Chapter Sixteen

“Well, um…I used to have about one accident every couple of days”
“Yeah” said Marie nodding her head.
“In the last few days I have noticed them becoming more frequent. I mean, do you remember when I spoke to you on MSN on Tuesday?”
“Well, after we both signed off I noticed that my pull-up was wet. Then I spent the evening at my sister’s flat. I was in a nappy so I deliberately wet myself a couple of times. And I even pooped on purpose” said Hannah. She noticed Marie’s expression change as she said that, and Hannah wondered if she had actually mentioned to Marie that when she was in a nappy at home, she didn’t use the toilet at all. “But I was in a dry nappy at the time, and I had just been outside with my sister. When we got back inside I realised that I had accidentally wet myself. As soon as I realised that it was the second time in one day I completely freaked out. Seriously I was crying and everything. I ended up sitting on my mum’s knee with her rocking me back and forth to try and calm me down. Allie went to get my dummy from my bag, and Louise went to get a bottle of juice. You know, a baby bottle”. Marie was really shocked at the reaction Hannah was describing.
“Wow, so what happened? I mean how did you manage to calm down”
“My mum put the nipple of the bottle in my mouth, and I started to suck at it. Doing that sort of took my mind away from what I was actually freaking out about. I mean the reason I was actually freaking out so much was because it was the first time that I had accidentally wet myself twice in the same day. And then after I had calmed down, I wondered if my nappies were the problem. I mean the fact that I was wearing them when I didn’t need them”
“So did you decide to stop wearing your nappies so much?”
“Not really. But then on Thursday I had an accident before I left for uni, then I ended up telling my friend Kendra about everything, and after I had finished telling her I noticed I was wet. That meant that I had wet twice in the same day for the second time in a week. Then of course yesterday I wet twice,” said Hannah. She blushed as she remembered discovering her second accident. “But yesterday it didn’t seem so bad, because I managed to get the night out without wetting. I’ve only been able to manage that a couple of times before. All in all it means that I have had two accidents a day on three different days. In less than a week”
“So you are thinking that they are going to carry on getting more frequent?”
“Well, how frequent were your accidents four years ago?”
“Um…I had the first one, two weeks later I had the second. Then a week after that I had the third. Then my mum took me to the doctor. Then the fourth accident was about three days after the third. At that point I got some pull-ups and then pretty much since then my accidents were about every other day”
“And you have been in pull-ups for four years having accidents every other day. So it is not like the amount of accidents you have has increased a lot over a short time. It has taken four years”
“What has that got to do with anything?”
“Well, if anything is going to happen, then it is going to take a fair few years. I mean you could carry on having two accidents a day on occasional days for the next few years before they get more frequent again. If they actually get more frequent at all”
“I never really thought of it that way. I was just thinking that it was going to happen suddenly. Like within a couple of months. And that freaked me out”
“I think you have the right idea about telling your mum. And maybe she will be able to help you” said Marie.
“That’s what I was thinking”
“She might want to take you to the doctor again”
“I hope not. It was a complete waste of time going the first time” Hannah said.
“Why, what happened?” said Marie. She had never heard what had happened when they had been younger, as at the time Hannah had been embarrassed and had never wanted to talk about anything to do with her wetting. Whenever something was said she had used to go red and refuse to talk about it with her friends. It was only in the last year or so that Hannah had began to talk to her friends, and specifically Marie about it.
“Well, I had the third accident,” said Hannah. She remembered that she had never told Marie what had happened when she had wet herself for the third time. “I never told you about what happened then did I?”
“No, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to”
“I don’t mind. It was certainly less embarrassing than the first two. I mean it wasn’t completely out of the blue like the first one, and it wasn’t in front of you and other friends like the second one,” said Hannah. She began to describe it to Marie.

After Hannah’s second accident, she had begun going to the toilet more often. Even if she didn’t actually think that she needed to pee, she would normally go and sit on the toilet every hour and a half. Most of the time she did not actually manage to do anything in the toilet. After a couple of days Jackie had noticed what Hannah was doing, and decided to speak to her. The next chance Jackie got, she told Hannah not to worry about having an accident, and that there was no point interrupting what she was doing to go and sit on the toilet. Hannah stopped going to the toilet so often. She changed it to every two hours. After the two days of going every hour and a half, and four days of going every two hours, Hannah’s visits to the bathroom became less frequent. She had decided only to go if she actually needed to use the toilet. The next day she was in her bedroom when her sister had called her to come downstairs. Hannah came out of her room and went to the stairs. Louise was stood at the bottom. Hannah had started to walk down the stairs. When she was about halfway down, she had begun wetting herself. Of course, she did not notice, but Louise noticed straight away.
“Just stay where you are a second Han” she said. Louise thought that if Hannah were stood in the same place, then the wetness on the carpet would only be in one place, rather than having a trail down the stairs. Louise didn’t want to tell Hannah what she was doing just in case Hannah freaked out again. It was too late really, as Hannah began to feel the wetness against her skin. By that time Hannah had finished wetting, so she turned round on the stairs and went to the bathroom. Louise called Jackie and told her what had happened, and then went upstairs to Hannah. She got some dry clothes for Hannah out of Hannah’s wardrobe and also grabbed some wipes to clean Hannah up with. Then she went to the bathroom door. “Han, it’s me. Can you let me in?” she said knocking at the door.
“It’s not locked so you can come in,” said Hannah. Louise opened the door and saw Hannah sat on the side of the bath. Louise sat down next to here.
“Are you alright?” Louise asked. She was still holding the things in her arms.
“Yep. At least this time none of my friends were here to see it”
“I brought you some clothes to change into,” Louise said handing them over. The wipes were on top of the trousers and knickers. Hannah stood up and put the toilet seat lid down so that she would have somewhere to put the clothes. Hannah then looked at Louise, trying to say that she wanted Louise to leave. “Oh right yeah,” said Louise eventually understanding what Hannah was trying to say. She got up and walked out of the bathroom. Hannah was glad that Louise had left, although she was not sure why. Louise had changed her nappy loads of times, even in a morning when Hannah was wet, so it was not like Hannah did not want Louise seeing her half naked. Hannah just knew that she wanted to be on her own whilst she changed. Hannah peeled off her wet clothes and then threw them onto the floor. She wondered what was going to happen, as that had been her third accident in three weeks. Hannah got out a wipe and cleaned herself up. She had to wipe down her legs as well, from where the pee had travelled down her legs to the floor. After Hannah had put on the dry clothes, she picked up her wet things and headed downstairs to put them in the washing machine. Louise was in the kitchen getting some things to clean the stairs up with. Hannah put her things in the washing machine, and set them to wash, then she went to help Louise to clean up the wet patch.

“So that was basically it” said Hannah finishing her explanation. “No freaking out, and no crying in the bathroom. At that time Louise was the one who normally put me in my nappy for bed. The only time mum did it really was when Louise was out, or was too busy to do it. That evening, even though Louise was in and wasn’t doing anything, my mum took me upstairs to get me ready for bed. And whilst she was putting me in my nappy, she told me that she thought it might be a good idea for me to go and see the doctor to see whether anything was wrong with me. I said that I would go. The main reason I said this was because I wanted to get it sorted out, preferably before I had another accident”
“So what happened at the doctors then?”
“Well, mum rang up the next morning and made an appointment for later that day. When we went she asked what the problem was. My mum was in the room, but I had to explain. It was so embarrassing to tell her that I had wet myself in the daytime, especially when she already knew that I was fourteen and wetting the bed. She asked some questions and did some stuff, then said that it was probably just related to the fact that dad had just died. She said that it would probably go away on it’s own”
“Does she know that it is still going on?”
“Yeah. It was never added to my notes, but on one time when I went, I had to show her something on my leg. It was about halfway between my knee and the top of my leg so I couldn’t get my trouser leg that high, so I had to pull them down. I did it without a second thought. She was really surprised when she saw what I was wearing. And then I had to explain everything to her, you know, about my mum buying me pull-ups so if I did have an accident then at least I was the only one that knew”
“What did she do?”
“She just got it added to my notes, and didn’t really mention it. I was just relieved that I managed to stay dry. I mean can you imagine how embarrassing that would have been, if I had wet myself with my trousers round my knees, and my pull-up completely showing”
“I can see that it would have been fairly embarrassing if that had happened” said Marie, even though she had no experience of anything like that.
“Uh oh toilet!” said Hannah. She jumped of the bed, and ran out of the room.
Marie watched her in surprise. Unfortunately for Hannah, the landing had no carpet, and was just wooden floorboards with a couple of rugs over the top. One of the rugs was right outside Marie’s room. Hannah ran on to it, and was taken by surprise when it moved slightly along the floor. Hannah ended up falling backwards onto her butt.
From her room, Marie heard the noise of Hannah falling and went out to see if she was all right. She found Hannah sat on the floor. “Are you ok?” she asked.
“Yeah, I just slipped when the rug moved because I was rushing,” said Hannah. Marie helped Hannah to stand up again.
“Are you hurt or anything?”
“No. I fell onto my butt, so the pull-up provided some padding to impact the fall”
“Do you still need to go to the toilet?” Marie asked. She suspected that the answer would be no.
“I kind of already went,” said Hannah looking down at her pull-up. “I could feel myself doing it after I had slipped, but I couldn’t stop it”. They went into Marie’s room and Hannah got out a pull-up and her wipes from her bag. “I’ll be back in a minute,” she said leaving the room to go to the bathroom again. She was careful not to slip and managed to make it to the bathroom without anything else happening. Marie sat on her bed and waited for Hannah to come back. When Hannah came back into the room she sat back on the bed, next to Marie. “So what were we talking about before all that happened?”
“Don’t know. I can’t remember,” said Marie shrugging her shoulders. “My mum and dad will probably be back from their friends house soon”
“Oh right. Well I will finish getting dressed when they get back” said Hannah referring to the fact that she wasn’t wearing any trousers.
“What happened to your dummy?” Marie said, suddenly realising that she had not seen it since she had woken up and Hannah had it in her mouth.
“I don’t know. I took it out of my mouth when you woke up so that I would be able to talk to you properly. And I had it in my hand, but I don’t remember putting it anywhere”. They both got off the bed, and lifted the duvet up. Marie was the one that found it. Hannah must have just left it where she had been laying when she got out of bed. Hannah picked it up, and then put it next to her bag so that she didn’t forget to take it home. “Can you imagine if I forgot about it, and left it here? I wonder what your mum would say if she would it”
“She would have been fairly confused,” said Marie laughing at that image. Hannah laughed a little bit as well.
“So what do you want to do now then?” Marie asked.
“I don’t know. Watch TV or something”
“Ok. We might as well go downstairs since there will be more channels” said Marie. They both went downstairs, with Hannah not wearing anything over her pull-up. They went into the lounge and sat down on the sofa. Marie switched on the TV and flicked through a few channels before finally settling on something.
After about fifteen minutes Hannah wanted a drink. “I’m going to get a drink. Do you want anything?”
“No I’m ok” Marie said. Hannah went to the kitchen to get a drink. When she came back Marie had turned over the channel.
“What is this?” said Hannah. She had never seen it before. Marie began to quickly explain it whilst Hannah sat down and got comfortable again. Once Hannah knew what the programme was, she began to get into it, only asking Marie the occasional question when she didn’t know a character or didn’t understand something that someone had said. Half an hour later the programme finished and Marie began looking for something else to watch.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Seventeen

She eventually flipped it over to the music channels, and they sat there watching those for a while, turning over the channel every time a video that they didn’t like came on. After they had been watching music videos for a while, Marie heard a car pulling up outside. She got up and looked out of the window to check who it was. It was Marie’s parents Sylvia and Martin coming back home. The car was in the driveway and they were just getting out.
“Han, it’s my parents” Marie said.
“Oh right ok” said Hannah completely forgetting that she was sat there in just her pull-up and top.
“Uh Han” Marie said gesturing to what Hannah was wearing.
“Oh shit,” Hannah exclaimed. She stood up quickly, ran for the door. In order to get some trousers on, she had to go upstairs, which meant going into the hallway. The front door to the house opened up into the hallway as well.
“They are still outside. You can make it if you quick” Marie said peeking out of the window again.
“Thanks” said Hannah. She shot out of the room, and quickly got up the stairs. She was at the top of the stairs when the front door opened. Marie went out into the hallway to greet her parents and to distract them to give Hannah enough time to get dressed.
“Hi mum. Hi dad” she said, looking up the stairs quickly to check that Hannah had disappeared from sight.
“Hello Marie. Is Hannah still here?” Sylvia said.
“Yeah. She’s just upstairs”
“So what time were you both up this morning?” said Sylvia with a smile on her face.
“I think it was about twelve or something,” said Marie.
Upstairs Hannah had gone straight into Marie’s room and shut the door behind her just in case Sylvia or Martin came upstairs. She grabbed her trousers and sat down on the bed to pull them on. Once they were on, Hannah made sure that her dummy was put away in her bag rather than just lying next to it. She then went back downstairs. Marie and Sylvia were still stood in the hallway, but Martin had gone into the kitchen to get a drink.
“Hello Hannah” Sylvia said when she saw Hannah coming down the stairs.
“Hi” said Hannah when she got to the bottom of the stairs.
“Have you two had something to eat?” asked Sylvia addressing both of them.
“Yeah mum, we had a bacon sandwich when we got up”
“Good, so you will probably be wanting something to eat later on”
“I don’t know probably,” Marie said. “But I can make something since you have already eaten a proper meal”. Sylvia turned to Hannah who was stood on the bottom step.
“Do you need to be back for any particular time?” she asked.
“Not really. Just tell me when you are sick of me and I will go,” said Hannah smiling.
“You’re welcome here for as long as you want,” said Sylvia. She went to join Martin in the kitchen. Marie and Hannah looked at each other.
“Mum and dad will probably be wanting to watch the TV in the lounge now. So what do you want to do?”
“I don’t know. Do you have any new DVD’s?” asked Hannah. Marie had quite an extensive list of DVD’s.
“Um…I’m not sure. What is the last one we watched?”
“I don’t know” said Hannah. She thought about it for a minute. “No wait, I do. It was last time you were home for the weekend and you stayed over at mine. We watched two of your old films, um…Heathers and Almost Famous”
“Oh yeah. Heathers was cool wasn’t it”
“Yup. It was so funny. I’m glad that you bought it” Hannah said smiling as she thought of one of the funny parts of the film. They both went upstairs. Marie went to the toilet whilst Hannah went to look at Marie’s DVD collection. When Marie had finished, she headed to her room. “Hey Marie where are the rest of your DVD’s?” Hannah asked when she noticed Marie standing next to her.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you, I left some at uni over the holidays. And also I left my DVD player there as well. We can watch one on my laptop if you have found one that you want to watch though. Have you found one that you want to watch?”
“I can’t decide between Mean Girls, Bring It On and 10 Things I Hate About You. I know that I have seen all three of them tons of times before, but I really fancy watching a high school comedy sort of film”
“They all sound good. Just choose whichever one you want whilst I get the laptop set up” Marie said. Hannah grabbed the three DVD cases of the shelf and sat on the bed whilst Marie switched on the laptop. “Um Han, I was just thinking that this screen is smaller than a TV screen so it will be more difficult to see if it is on the desk and we are sat on my bed”
“Could you bring it and put it on the bed at the end, then we can sit leaning against the pillows or lie down to watch it?”
“Good idea” said Marie picking up the computer. Hannah stood up, so that Marie could put it on the bed. The wire that was plugging it into the electrical socket was stretched across the room. Hannah eventually managed to pick one of the DVD’s. She handed it to Marie and then put the other two on the desk. “Mean Girls. Good choice” said Marie. Hannah got on the bed and lay down on her stomach facing the laptop screen. Marie put the DVD into the laptop. It started to load up. Whilst it was loading up, she sat on the bed, leaning against the pillows. Once it had finished loading, Hannah pressed play as she was the nearest to the computer. “Han can you just move the screen up a bit. I can’t see it properly,” said Marie.
“But if I move it up then I’m not going to be able to see it” Hannah pointed out. “Why don’t you just lie down like I’m doing, then we will both be in the same position so should be able to see the screen”
“Ok” said Marie. Hannah paused the film whilst Marie moved about. Once she was comfortable again, Hannah started the film again. She looked over at Marie quickly, and was taken off guard when she realised that Marie was looking at her at the same time. They smiled at each other, and then turned back to the screen just as the opening lines of the film were said.
About half way through the film both girls were getting uncomfortable with lying on their stomachs, so they paused the DVD so that they could change their positions. They both moved so that they were sitting on the bed with their heads against the pillows. Marie then lent forward to pull the laptop closer. She adjusted the screen and then pressed play.
They both stayed in pretty much the same positions for the rest of the film, so when it finished, Marie just lent forward again and took the DVD out of the laptop. She put it back in the box, then lent backwards again. Hannah looked at the clock on Marie’s wall.
“Wow, it’s already half four in the afternoon” she said when she realised the time.
“Man, how did it get so late? It still feels really early”
“Probably because we have only been up for like four hours, so it still feels like the morning”
“Ah, maybe that’s it then” said Marie.
“I think I should probably be getting back home soon. My mum will probably be wondering what has happened to me”
“What time do you want to get home for?”
“I don’t know. My mum normally makes a meal about half six sevenish. I should probably be back by then”
“Oh ok. Is all your stuff together?” Marie asked.
“Yep. I already checked that when I was up here before”
“So if we’ve got at least an hour and a half, what do you want to do?”
“I don’t know. I could go and take my stuff home and check what time my mum is making something to eat for, and then we would know how long we had to do something. That is if you want to do something”
“Yeah I want to do something. If you weren’t here then I would be just doing nothing. You know just getting bored and wishing I had something to do”
“If I wasn’t here, then I would probably just be doing the same thing at home”. They decided to go along with Hannah’s plan and take Hannah’s stuff back to her house before they decided if or what they wanted to do. Hannah grabbed her bag and they headed downstairs.
Before they left, Hannah dropped her bag in the hallway, and went into the lounge to say goodbye to Sylvia and Martin.
“I’ve just come in to say goodbye to you” she said once she was in the lounge.
“Oh are you leaving Hannah” Sylvia said.
“Oh ok” said Sylvia standing up. She walked over to Hannah and gave her a hug. “Don’t leave it so long next time. You can come round here even when Marie isn’t here”
“I know, and after Christmas I might be able to,” said Hannah smiling. Hannah and Marie then went back into the hallway, and then outside. Hannah unlocked her car, which was still parked outside Marie’s house and they both got in. Marie turned on the C.D that was in the player, even though they were only going to be in the car for about five minutes.
“This has been a weird weekend” Marie suddenly commented. Hannah didn’t know if she was just saying it because neither of them had said anything for a while, or because Marie genuinely thought that the weekend had been weird.
“What do you mean? Weird how?” Hannah eventually asked.
“Well, just telling each other stuff. I don’t think we have ever shared that much stuff with each other at one time ever. Well, I mean it was kind of you sharing stuff about yourself”
“It is probably because we haven’t spent that much time together in a while. I mean it was mid morning yesterday when you came round to mine, so we have been together for over a day”. By this time they were at Hannah’s house. Hannah pulled up in the driveway and then switched off the engine.

Surprisingly it did not look as if anyone were inside Hannah’s house, which Hannah found strange. She turned and mentioned it to Marie.
“Maybe your mum is in a room at the back of the house or something” Marie replied when she had heard what Hannah said.
“Oh yeah probably” Hannah said. She opened her door and started to get out. Marie did the same thing at the other side of the car. Once Hannah was out of the car, she went to open the boot. She had put her bag in the boot, so needed to get it out. Marie waited at the front of the car whilst Hannah did this.
When Hannah had her bag, she walked up to the front door with Marie. The door was locked, so Hannah rang the doorbell. She was relieved when she heard footsteps and then saw the door been opened.
“Hi mum” she said when Jackie had opened the door.
“Hi sweetie. And hello Marie” Jackie said. She stood aside to let the two girls into the house. Hannah dropped her bag in the porch.
“Mum, what time are you making tea for?”
“I don’t know, I mean what time did you have lunch?”
“We got to bed late last night, so woke up really late. So I got a bacon sandwich when we both got up” Hannah said, without revealing to her mum the actual time when she woke up. Marie stood watching the exchange.
“So what time was that then?” Jackie asked.
“Um…bout half twelve” said Hannah quietly.
“Half twelve” Jackie repeated in surprise.
“Ok. I am going to make tea for about sevenish. If you want, you can get something to eat now, if you are hungry”
“I am actually kind of hungry,” Hannah said. That fact that she was hungry had suddenly occurred to her. “Do you want something to eat Marie?”
“Yeah ok” said Marie. Jackie went into the lounge whilst Hannah and Marie went into the kitchen. Hannah opened up the fridge, and looked inside. Marie stood next to her.
“Nope, nothing in here” said Hannah. She headed to one of the cupboards and reached in to get out a packet of crisps. “Do you want a packet of crisps as well?” she asked Marie. Marie nodded, and Hannah grabbed a packet for her as well. “Do you want a drink? Because I’m kind of thirsty”
“Yeah, a drink sounds good”. Hannah quickly made two drinks.
“We can go up to my room for a bit if you want. At least until we have finished the crisps and drink”
“Oh ok” said Marie. They both left the kitchen and headed upstairs. Hannah passed her drink to Marie in the hallway, so that she could take her bag upstairs. When they both got to Hannah’s room, Hannah dropped her bag onto her bed and then sat down next to it. Marie followed suit by sitting down next to Hannah. She handed Hannah’s drink back to Hannah who took a sip, then lent forward to put it on her desk. She then shuffled back on the bed, until she was leaning again the wall. Marie turned round and looked at her.
“Oh sorry” said Hannah. She had shaken the bed, as she had been moving around. Marie smiled. “Actually I might just go to the toilet. I don’t think I’ve been for a while,” Hannah said. She shuffled around on the bed so that her feet could actually reach the ground. Once her feet were touching the carpet she stood up. “I’ll be back in a minute or so”
“Ok”. Hannah walked out of her bedroom and into the bathroom across the landing. She went over to the toilet and undid her trousers so that she could pull them down. Hannah was pleased that she was still dry. She pulled down her pull-up and sat on the toilet and was able to pee unlike when she had sat on the toilet earlier that morning. After finishing and getting her pull-up back on, Hannah decided to go without trousers, at least until she knew whether she and Marie were going to be doing anything. She stepped out of her trousers and then bent down to pick them up. She walked out of the bathroom with the trousers over her arm at the same time that her mum was walking up the stairs.
“Hi mum” she said when she saw Jackie. Jackie looked at Hannah carrying her trousers.
“Did you leak onto your trousers?” Jackie asked.
“No. I didn’t even have an accident. Well at least not just now. It’s just I was talking to Marie last night and she asked me why I always covered up my pull-up or nappy when I was with her, but not with you or Louise and Allie. I said it was because I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable with it. And she said that she wouldn’t be uncomfortable with it. So it doesn’t matter if I don’t wear anything over them” Hannah explained.
“Oh ok. And are you comfortable with it?” Jackie asked. Hannah was about to reply that yes of course she was comfortable with it, but she paused to think about her answer.
“I don’t know. Yeah I suppose so”
“Why do you suppose so? Are you not sure?”
“Well I don’t know. I mean I am not normally in just a pull-up around you. Normally it is a nappy, and if I wet in the nappy it is not as noticeable, or if I have an accident, then I could just say that I did it on purpose if I wanted to. In the pull-up if I wet it, then it is an accident and it is obvious what I have done. And it is kind of embarrassing to have Marie see it as well. And last night when we were talking about it, I pulled off my trousers and kind of realised that my pull-up was wet at the same time that Marie realised it”
“Maybe it would be better if you were wearing a nappy then, rather than the pull-up”
“I don’t know. I mean I don’t know if me and Marie are going to be doing anything,” said Hannah. She realised that she had left Marie alone for quite a while, so should probably get back to her.
“Well, if you change your mind about wanting to wear a nappy, and you want me to do it, then just come and tell me ok”
“Ok thanks mum” said Hannah. She couldn’t believe that her mum was so accepting of Hannah wanting to wear nappies when she didn’t really need to. Jackie went round Hannah and into her own room. Hannah went into her room. She immediately looked at Marie, to watch Marie’s reaction. If Marie reacted funnily to Hannah suddenly been without trousers, then Hannah could always put them back on again. Fortunately for Hannah, Marie’s expression did not even change. Hannah threw her trousers on the floor and went to sit back on the bed.

Chapter Eighteen

“So you are still dry then?” said Marie as Hannah sat down.
“Yep. So do you want to do something now?”
“I don’t know. I can’t really be bothered to do anything. Besides there is nothing really to do. Can we just hang around here or something?”
“Thank god you said it. I was dreading you saying that you wanted to do something. Because I really can’t be bothered doing anything. I’m actually really tired”
“So do you just want to lounge out here for a while then?”
“Yeah. Do you want to stay for tea?”
“Ok so long as your mum doesn’t mind”
“I’ll go check with her” said Hannah. “Oh wait. Before I go, um do you mind if I change into a nappy?”
“No. Are you going to get your mum to do it, or are you going to do it yourself?”
“I’ll get mum to do it” Hannah said. “It’s easier that way”
“Oh ok. If I’m staying here, then I should probably ring home and let mum know that I’m not going to be home”.
“You can use the phone downstairs if you want” Hannah said.
“Oh ok thanks”. They both stood up and walked out of the room. Once they were downstairs, Hannah found her mum fairly quickly.
“Mum” she said. “Is it alright if Marie stays for tea?”
“Yeah of course” Jackie said. “Do you want to use the phone to let your mum know?” Jackie asked Marie.
“Yeah thank you” Marie said.
“Ok and can you um change me into a nappy?” Hannah asked her mum.
“Yep. Come on upstairs then” Jackie said. Marie stayed downstairs to give Hannah and Jackie some privacy, and also so that she could ring her house. When Hannah and Jackie were in Hannah’s room, Hannah put the changing mat on the bed whilst Jackie got out the things she was going to need. “How long have you been wearing this pull-up?”
“Um a couple of hours I think. Maybe longer”
“Well, why don’t you just pull it down, because you might be able to wear it tomorrow since it isn’t wet”
“Oh ok” said Hannah. She removed her pull-up and left it on the floor, then got onto the bed. Jackie wiped Hannah, then quickly got a nappy underneath her and powdered her. Hannah was quickly taped into the nappy.
“I’m all done,” said Jackie standing up. She had previously been sat on the side of the bed.
“Thank you” said Hannah sitting up and looking down.
“Is it ok to come in?” they both heard from outside the door. Marie had finished on the phone, but did not want to barge into the room without checking that Hannah and Jackie had finished.
“Yeah. Come in” said Hannah. Marie opened the door and came into the room.
“Ok, I’ll leave you girls to it” said Jackie walking towards the door. “Just come and let me know if you need changing”.
“Ok” said Hannah as Jackie left the room. Marie moved aside to let Jackie past, and then went to sit on the bed. Hannah stood up and moved the changing mat and other things then sat back down again. Marie couldn’t help but look at Hannah’s nappy the whole time that Hannah was moving around. She just wasn’t used to seeing Hannah in a nappy in the middle of the day. “Do you mind if I quickly check my email? Its just I haven’t been on since Friday night I think” Hannah said. “I know it’s probably really rude to have you here, but just leave you on your own”
“You’re hardly leaving me on my own are you. The computer is just over there,” said Marie gesturing to desk where the computer was. “Can I check my email as well once you are done?”
“Yep” said Hannah. She stood up, went over to the computer and switched it on. Hannah sat down on the desk chair, and then turned it round so that she was facing Marie whilst the computer loaded up. As Hannah turned round suddenly, she noticed Marie quickly move her head. “Are you ok?” Hannah asked. She had not really noticed that Marie was looking at her nappy, but knew that she was acting differently.
“Yeah, I’m fine” Marie said almost too quickly.
“Really, because you seem a little distracted. As if something is on your mind”
“Nope” said Marie. She didn’t really want to tell Hannah that it was the fact that Hannah seemed to enjoy been in just her nappy that was distracting her. After her experience, Marie couldn’t really understand why someone would actually enjoy wearing a nappy when they did not actually have to. Hannah turned back round to the computer and pressed the button to load up the Internet. Hannah was quickly opening her email inbox to check her emails. She had four new ones. Two were junk, which she quickly deleted. Another was an email from one of her online friends. Hannah quickly opened it, and seeing that it was fairly long, she closed it again, deciding to reply when she had more time. The fourth was a message from Daily Diapers, saying that she had a personal message. The email also said who the personal message was from, and Hannah immediately realised that it was Kendra’s screen name. Hannah wondered why Kendra would have sent her a personal message through the site when she had Hannah’s email address and phone number. Hannah was intrigued, but was reluctant to check the message with Marie sat behind her, as she did not want freak Marie out by having her see the site. “Have you got any emails?” Marie asked. Hannah was taken by surprise as she had just been debating in her head whether or not to look at the personal message.
“Um, a couple of junk, and one from one of my online friends that I will reply to later. That’s it really,” Hannah said, quickly flicking the screen back to her inbox instead of it been on the email from Daily Diapers. “Do you want to check your emails now then?” Hannah said. She quickly signed out, and then stood up to allow Marie to sit down. Marie got off the bed, and the two girls switched places. Marie quickly signed in to view her emails, whilst Hannah lay down on her bed. “You got anything interesting?” Hannah asked as her thumb found its way into her mouth.
“Not really. Just one from one of my friends from uni. I’ll read it later” said Marie. She signed out. “Do you want me to switch the computer off?”
“Yeah you might as well,” said Hannah taking her thumb out of her mouth. Marie turned the computer off, then spun round in the chair to see Hannah lying on her bed with her thumb in her mouth, and eyes half closed.
“Are you tired or something?” Marie asked.
“Yeah I’m completely knackered. I’m glad that I’m already wearing a nappy because I feel as if I am going to fall asleep”
“Do you want me to go so that you can get some sleep?” asked Marie. The computer had switched itself off, so Marie got up and went to sit on the end of the bed.
“No of course not. I like having you here. Besides you are supposed to be staying for something to eat. If I start to fall asleep, then you have my permission to wake me up” Hannah said.
Hannah sat up slightly so that she was less likely to fall asleep. It also gave Marie some more room to sit on the bed.
“If you fall asleep then I will just leave you. I’m not going to wake you up,” said Marie. “I’ll just let you sleep”. Hannah loudly yawned, then blinked a couple of times.
“Are you not tired? Because we both had the same amount of sleep last night I should think”
“No. I guess I need less sleep than you or something,” Marie said.
“Its all that going out with your uni mates for the last three months” Hannah said smiling. She had heard many times about the drunken nights out Marie had enjoyed with her friends. “You have gotten used to having less sleep”
“I don’t go out that much” Marie said. “Do I?” she said thinking aloud.
“Probably not compared to other uni students, but it seems a lot compared to me because don’t seem to go out a lot with my friends from uni”
“You should go out more with your friends from uni. I mean the social side of things is part of what is cool about uni”
“I would have done, but it has always been difficult to arrange, since I don’t exactly live near, and was reluctant to stay over at any with any of my friends because they would find out about you know” said Hannah indicating her nappy. “But now Kendra knows, then I can stay over at hers”
“So you will be going out more after Christmas then?”
“I don’t know. I hope so,” said Hannah. She yawned again then stretched her arms out. “Kendra and some of my other friends are always going on about the places that they go to. It would be cool to actually go, even if it was just once”
“I’m sure that you will Han. As long as Kendra is happy to let you stay over. And maybe next year you could live over there. Get a house with Kendra and a few friends or something”
“I don’t know. I mean it is ok having Kendra knowing about it, but I don’t really want anyone else knowing. And it would be difficult to live in a house with someone for a year without them finding out. Also, I would hardly ever get to wear them in the daytime as well”
“I guess so”
“Have you decided where you will be living next year? I mean like will you be living in a house or staying in halls?”
“Definitely a house. And I will either move in with my flatmates from this year. Although I am not actually sure about that. A couple of them have a tendency to leave their pots stacked next to the sink for a couple of weeks before they get round to washing them”
“A couple of weeks?”
“Yep. The pots tend to get kind of gross by the end of the two weeks. And I mean in halls it isn’t so bad because at least we have a cleaner who can clean around the pile. In a house we will have to do it ourselves”
“So if you don’t move in with your flatmates then who would you live with? Your friends from your course?”
“Yeah maybe. I don’t know, I haven’t really talked about it with them” said Marie. She looked away.
“Oh ok” Hannah said. She again noticed that Marie was distracted. “Marie, seriously what are you so distracted over?”
“Nothing” said Marie suddenly moving her head so that she was looking at Hannah.
“Come on. Something is up with you. Don’t try and pretend that nothing is wrong”
“I’m not,” Marie protested. “Can we talk about something else?”
“Yeah. I’m not going to push it, if you obviously don’t want to talk about it” said Hannah. She moved slightly on the bed, her nappy crinkling as she did so. Marie stood up.
“Toilet” she said to explain, as she walked out of the room. Hannah got off the bed, and grabbed her drink. She took a few sips of it, then put the glass on her desk. Hannah quickly adjusted her nappy before she sat back on the bed.
In the bathroom, Marie was splashing water on her face. She had not actually needed to go to the toilet, but she had just wanted to get out of Hannah’s room. Marie was afraid that if she actually confessed that what was wrong with her was that she thought it was weird to be wearing a nappy in the middle of the day, then she would end up hurting Hannah, which she did not want to end up doing. She had also come very close to revealing something about herself that she was not sure that she wanted Hannah to know. After splashing water on her face, Marie flushed the toilet, and walked out of the bathroom. She took a deep breath and then opened the door to Hannah’s room. Hannah was sat on her bed leaning against the wall, her knees drawn up underneath her chin, which of course gave Marie a perfect view of Hannah’s nappy.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Nineteen

Marie coughed, to inform Hannah that she was back. Hannah looked up. “Oh hi” Hannah said. Marie walked over to sit on the bed. As she got closer she was relieved to see that Hannah’s nappy still looked dry. Marie was dreading the time when Hannah actually wet it on purpose, as she didn’t know how she would react. As Marie sat down she remembered something that Hannah had said to her earlier. That Hannah had pooped her nappy when she had been at Louise’s flat earlier in the week. As Marie sat on the edge of Hannah’s bed, she wondered if Hannah regularly pooped her nappies or if that was a one-time thing. This got Marie thinking that if Hannah did it all the time, would she do it with Marie there. The thought of Hannah purposely wetting her nappy was freaking Marie out enough without thinking that Hannah might purposely poop in it as well. “So what do you think?” Marie suddenly heard Hannah say. Marie turned round. “So?” Hannah asked again. Marie had been so lost in thought that she had no idea what Hannah was asking about.
“What do I think about what?” Marie said.
“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” Hannah said looking at Marie.
“No sorry. I was completely lost in thought. What were you talking about?”
“Well, I said that I don’t have anything at uni until tomorrow afternoon, so I was asking if you wanted to stay over tonight. You can borrow my clothes if you want or we can go back to yours and get you some clothes. That is if you actually want to stay over”
“Um…yeah staying over sounds cool. Borrowing your clothes is probably easier, since you are well, you know” said Marie. What she meant was that since Hannah was in a nappy, she probably did not want to go out again, but Marie was reluctant to use the word nappy.
“Oh yeah” said Hannah realising what Marie meant. “You know, you can actually say the word nappy if you want. You aren’t going to be embarrassing me by mentioning it”.
“Ok” said Marie non-committal. It wasn’t Hannah that she was worried about embarrassing. “So what do you want to do until tea is ready?”
“Don’t know. TV I guess. Unless there is something you want to tell me” Hannah said referring to the reason why Marie had been distracted earlier.
“No. So what’s on TV?” Marie asked. She knew exactly what Hannah was referring to. Hannah got off the bed and went over to her TV. She switched it on and then grabbed the remote before sitting back down again.
“What do you want to watch?” said Hannah. She pressed teletext and then brought up a list of what was on the channels at that moment. There was an omnibus of Eastenders on one channel, some random science programme on the second, an old film on the third and horse racing on the fourth.
“Might as well watch Eastenders. There’s nothing else on,” Marie said. Hannah quickly turned it over. “Have you seen it this week?”
“I think I saw it on Monday. That was it. You?”
“No. I haven’t seen it all week I think”. They both shifted around, trying to get comfortable on the bed. Hannah had a day bed, meaning that it had bars on three sides. Hannah handed Marie a pillow so that she could lean back against the side of the bed that was against the wall. Once both girls were comfortable, they both focused on the television. Marie did not particularly want to talk, and Hannah was trying to figure out why Marie was been so weird. They had started watched Eastenders when it was over half way through, so it was only three quarters of an hour before it finished. After it had finished, Hannah switched on the listings again, and on seeing that there was nothing much on, she turned off the TV. “So there’s nothing on then,” Marie pointed out.
“Nope” said Hannah messing about with the remote control. “And we still have a while before tea is going to be ready”
“So…” Marie said to fill up the silence.
“I can’t believe that we have nothing to talk about” Hannah said. She dropped the remote control onto her bed and then picked it up again.
“Do you mind if I ask you something?” Marie said.
“No. Go ahead. What is it?”
“Well, when did you realise that you liked nappies and when did you realise that you liked to be babied?”
“Um…the liking nappies thing. I’m not too sure. I know that when I was nine and mum tried some method to get me to stop wetting the bed, I was really reluctant to go back into nappies when it wasn’t working, but then the next time she tried something, I think I was about ten. My mum had been trying to get me to stop wetting the bed by taking me out of nappies and waking me up a couple of times in the night. But it wasn’t really working as I was just wetting in between going to the toilet. And also, I was tired, and so were mum and dad. So we talked about it and decided that I would go back to wearing nappies. That first night back in nappies I sort of realised that I liked the security it offered, and I knew that when I woke up in the morning my sheets weren’t going to be wet. I think I have liked wearing them since then”
“So what about the babying thing?”
“Well, I have always been babied to a certain extent because I am the youngest. Anyway Louise noticed that I sucked my thumb, so she got me a dummy that I used whenever she changed me. And she would really baby me whilst she was changing me. I kind of realised that I liked it. I don’t really know when that was though”
“Oh. Why did you never tell me before?”
“Because I didn’t know how you react. I didn’t want you to think I was weird. Especially after you found out that I wore nappies during the day” said Hannah. She switched on the TV again even though she knew that there probably was not going to be anything different on. Once Hannah had confirmed this, she flicked the TV off again.
“So when you wear your nappies during the day, I mean like now, do you um use them for everything?” Marie managed to say. She was not sure that she actually wanted to hear the answer, but figured that it might be better to be prepared just in case Hannah was planning to poop her nappy with Marie there.
“Um…well yeah” Hannah admitted. “That was the deal that my mum came up with”
“The deal?”
“Yeah. She knew that I wanted to start wearing them in the day, but she was kinda reluctant to let me. So she said that I could only do it if I did everything in them. I said that I would try it. It was kind of weird at first, and I think mum expected me to forget the idea of wearing them in the day. But then I well, got used to it I guess. When it became clear that having to poop my nappy wasn’t really a deterrent, she said that I didn’t have to do it if I didn’t want to. Sometimes I will go to the toilet, but um…most of the time I just go in my nappy and then get changed” Hannah explained. She watched Marie’s face throughout her entire speech, looking for a reaction. Hannah wondered if Marie would be disgusted by it.
“So you don’t have to do it, but you do it anyway?” said Marie trying to process that information. “Why, do you like it or something?” Marie hesitantly asked.
“I don’t know. I mean it is easier just to go in the nappy than try and get the nappy down without wrecking it” said Hannah not wanting to admit that she did actually kind of like it.
“Oh ok” said Marie. She was glad that Hannah had not said that she actually liked to poop her nappies.
“I might go and get another drink,” said Hannah. She did not really want another drink. In fact she still had some of her old one left. Hannah just wanted to leave the room before there was another uncomfortable silence. She grabbed her glass and drained the last of it. “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes”
“Oh ok” said Marie. Hannah walked out of the room with her glass.
When she got downstairs Jackie was in the kitchen. “Hello Han” Jackie said turning round. Jackie immediately glanced down to Hannah’s nappy and smiled when she noticed that it still appeared to be dry. Hannah saw her doing this, so waited until Jackie was finished, before she said hello.
“Hello mum. Marie is gonna stay over tonight. At least I think she is going to anyway”
“What do you mean you think she’s going to?”
“Well, I asked her and she said that she would, but she has been really distracted so I’m kind of thinking that she might change her mind”
“Ok. Where is Marie now?”
“Upstairs. I said I was coming down to get a drink,” Hannah said. She put her glass on the counter and grabbed the orange squash. Hannah concentrated on pouring the squash into the glass, so that she could avoid looking at her mum. She did not want Jackie asking her any questions about whether something had happened between her and Marie, simply because Hannah was not really sure if anything had happened.
“How come she is distracted?” Jackie finally said.
“Um, I don’t know. She wouldn’t say,” said Hannah. She filled her glass with water, and then took a sip.
“Maybe she has something on her mind”
“Yeah probably” Hannah said.
“Ok. I will call you down when tea is ready”
“Ok thanks mum” Hannah said. She walked out of the kitchen and headed back up the stairs.
She slowly walked towards her door, and pushed it open. Marie was still sat in exactly the same position on the bed.
“Oh, I just realised that I never asked if you wanted a drink as well” Hannah said. Marie looked up at Hannah.
“No, I didn’t want one” Marie said. Hannah went to sit on her bed, after putting the drink on her desk.
“Are you still sure about staying over tonight?” Hannah asked, wanting to check.
“Yeah, why would I have changed my mind?” Marie said. Her expression was one of confusion.
“I don’t know. Because you have seemed distracted by something, which you won’t tell me”
“I’m still gonna stay over. I will put the thing that was distracting me to the back of my mind ok,” Marie said. Although the thought of Hannah purposely using her nappy was still on Marie’s mind, she sort of felt a little better about it. This was because she figured that if Hannah needed to poop then she would probably go to the toilet because Marie was there. After she had thought about that, Marie realised that Hannah was still going to be purposely wetting herself.
“Good” Hannah said. She moved about on the bed again trying to get comfortable.
“What on earth are you doing?” Marie asked looking at Hannah as she moved around.
“Just trying to get comfortable,” Hannah said. She finally managed to find a comfortable position to sit in. When she was finally sitting still, Marie stood up and went over to where she had left her bag. She pulled out her mobile, and checked to see whether she had any messages. “Have you got any messages?”
“Yeah. From one of my friends at uni. Wanting to know if I’m having fun been back at home” said Marie with a smile on her face.
“Oh shit,” Hannah exclaimed suddenly.
“What?” said Marie turning round.
“Well, you know when we were out last night, and there was that whole thing with Donna”
“Well, don’t you remember I said that I would text her. And I haven’t” Hannah said.
“Just do it now. But she might have forgotten what you said, then you texting her will remind her that you agreed to go out with her some time this week”
“I will text her asking if she managed to get back home last night ok. That way if she has forgotten about it, then I won’t be reminding her, will I”
“Nope. Go for it then” said Marie. She started texting a response to her message whilst Hannah grabbed her phone and started to type a message to Donna. Whilst both girls were using their phones, they walked back over to the bed and sat down. Hannah was finished first, so she put her phone beside her on the bed, and lent back. She had been needing to pee for a bit, but was slightly nervous about doing it in front of Marie. Whilst Marie was occupied texting on her phone, Hannah relaxed her bladder and then felt the padding of the nappy become wet and warm. Hannah looked over at Marie when she had finished and was pleased to see that Marie was still looking at her phone. Hannah quickly grabbed a big tigger teddy that she had on her bed, and held it in her lap to cover up her wet nappy. Marie finally finished with her phone, so she put it next to her on the bed and looked over at Hannah. She was surprised to see Hannah cradling the tigger in her lap. Hannah noticed where Marie was looking, and figured that she might as well explain it since Hannah was going to have to stand up eventually revealing the wet nappy.
“I um, wet the nappy. The tigger is to cover it up,” she quickly explained.
“Oh ok. Did you have an accident or do it on purpose?”
“Uh, on purpose” said Hannah watching Marie’s face carefully for any sign of a reaction to that information.
“Oh” said Marie, been careful to keep her expression the same. Inside however, she felt almost disgusted. ‘Hannah just deliberately went to the toilet on herself’ Marie thought. Marie had been around many times before when Hannah had had an accident, and had obviously slept in the same bed as Hannah with Hannah wetting in the night. All of those times Marie had managed not to feel remotely disgusted, but Marie felt very different because she knew that Hannah had done it on purpose. Marie was reminded of her night, and peeing in the nappy that Hannah had given her.
“Are you alright?” Hannah asked when Marie had not said anything for a while.
“What? Oh yeah I’m fine” Marie said. She still had absolutely no wish to tell Hannah what she was feeling, as she did not want to deliberately hurt her feelings in that way.
“Yeah ok” said Hannah not believing her at all.
“I’m getting the idea that you don’t believe me,” Marie said.
“Well, there is definitely something up with you today. And I thought you were going to put it to the back of your mind” Hannah said remembering what Marie had said only a few minutes before. “Wait, unless something has just brought it back to your attention again” said Hannah. “Is it my nappy? Do you have some sort of problem with it? Because you know, thinking about it, you didn’t start acting distracted until I had my nappy on”
“God no. It’s nothing to do with that,” Marie denied immediately.
“Oh, good” said Hannah. “So what is it then?”
“Well, I wasn’t sure that I was going to tell you this, but I guess I’m going to have to. You see I have been kind of keeping something from you for a while. I was sort of afraid of your reaction,” said Marie. She decided that it was going to be easier to tell Hannah the thing that she had almost revealed to her earlier. Plus, it meant that Marie would not have to hide it any longer.
“What is it Marie?” Hannah asked. She was actually really concerned that something might be wrong with Marie.

Chapter Twenty

“Right, well I kind of realised something about myself when I was away at uni” Marie said. Hannah leaned in closer to Marie to show that she was listening.
“Oh ok”
“Well” said Marie. She breathed out heavily. “Um, alright ok,” said Marie stalling for time. She did not actually think that Hannah would have a bad reaction to what she was going to say, but this was going to be the first time that she had actually told someone who she did not know from university. Hannah nodded as Marie stalled. Marie turned away from Hannah. She thought that it might be easier to tell Hannah, if she did not actually have to look her in the face. “Ok, well when I got to uni I kind really hit it off with one of my flatmates. Her name is Jo. And well, she sort of told me that she was bisexual, but was really shy about it. Anyway the uni has an LGBT group. You know lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender group. Jo wanted to go along, but was really nervous. I was the only person that she had told, and to be honest the group sort of intrigued me. So I said I would go along for moral support. I went and really enjoyed it, and got chatting to some other people. And sort of over the course of the next couple of weeks, some stuff I had been feeling kind of fell into place” Marie said, pausing briefly.
“What do you mean? What had you been feeling and how did it fall into place?”
“Well, I know I never told you this, but well, um…” said Marie. “I uh. Well when we were in school, I was sometimes attracted to girls”. Hannah was surprised; she had thought that Marie would have told her something that big. Now Hannah could pretty much guess what Marie was going to say.
“Why did you never say anything to me?” Hannah asked.
“I didn’t know if it was normal. I mean for all I knew, everyone felt like that but just didn’t say anything. And also to be honest it kind of confused me. I ended up talking to Jo about it after a few weeks of term. She was so good and I’m glad that I had her to turn to. She could relate to some of the stuff that I was feeling. She sort of told me that things would work themselves out and that I shouldn’t worry too much over them. So I carried on going to the LGBT group, and if anyone asked I would say that I was bi-curious. There was another girl at the group called Leah. And one week, I think it was about five or six weeks into the term, the group all went to a gay club. I got fairly drunk and ended up making out with Leah. I was too drunk to realise it at the time, but that was almost like the turning point. I talked to Jo again, and told her that I was fairly sure that I was actually bi. Then I actually ended up going out with Leah for a couple of weeks. We split up because I was still really going through the whole accepting been bi thing and was not ready to actually date other girls. We are still really good friends” said Marie. She turned round again to look at Hannah.
“Wow” said Hannah, not sure what else to say. She was still trying to absorb all the information that she had just received.
“So what do you think?” Marie said. She needed Hannah to say that she was okay with it, and that it would not affect their friendship.
“Just wow” said Hannah. She still had no idea how to respond.
“‘Wow’, that’s all you have to say? I mean, it’s not going to affect our friendship is it?” Marie said. She was getting rather worried.
“No. Of course it won’t” said Hannah. She put the tigger teddy to one side, and then moved slightly on the bed. This allowed her to reach over to Marie. Hannah hugged Marie tightly. “How could you think that?”
“I don’t know,” said Marie still holding onto Hannah. “Just because you weren’t saying anything”
“We are still friends Marie. How come you didn’t tell me sooner?” said Hannah. They both pulled away from the hug at the same time.
“I don’t know. I didn’t have anything to tell you for a while at least. I mean, besides the fact that I was going to the LGBT group with my flatmate Jo. And then when I sort of realised I wasn’t sure if I was ready to tell someone else outside of that group, and I would have wanted to tell you in person anyway. And now I have” Marie finished. “I almost told you earlier without meaning to” Marie admitted.
“When?” Hannah asked.
“When we were talking about houses for next year. I said that I probably wouldn’t move in with all of my flatmates. And then you asked if I would move in with my friends from my course. I almost said that I was thinking about moving in with my friends from the LGBT group”
“Are you really? So you a good friends with them obviously?”
“Yeah, well at the last meeting I ended up talking to Jo, Leah and another girl who we are friends with, Phoebe. We sort of talked about all finding a house together next year”
“So you would be living with the girl you went out with for a couple of weeks?”
“Yeah, but I mean its not like we did anything when we were going out. Making out was as far as we got. And now she is probably the person I am second closest to. Jo is the person I am closest to” Marie said. As Marie said this, Hannah was suddenly aware of a feeling of warmth. She was in the middle of having an accident. Hannah looked down, then decided to concentrate on the conversation.
“So when do you need to start looking?” she asked hoping that Marie would not notice what had just happened.
“A few weeks after we get back I think. That way we will be more available. We will need a four bedroomed one and there are loads available for students, but some are not really nice, so we don’t want to end up with one of those” Marie said. She had noticed Hannah looking down at her nappy, but did not want to ask Hannah about it.
“Am I ever going to get a chance to meet your friends from uni?” Hannah asked. She looked down again quickly and knew that she needed a change.
“I don’t know. It would be cool if you could come and stay with me for a weekend or something. That way you would get to meet Jo and everyone, and we could take you out or something”
“Yeah. That would be cool”
“Talking of meeting friends, am I going to get to meet your friends from uni?”
“I don’t know. Its more difficult to arrange really since I travel in, rather than live there. If you aren’t doing anything one day next week you could come. I don’t know what you would do when I was in lectures and seminars and stuff,” Hannah said, trying to think of something. “I mean you could sit in on lectures no problem. I mean it would probably be really boring for you, but you could do it. Although you wouldn’t be able to sit in on a seminar. I don’t know. We can try and figure something out,” said Hannah. She out her hands by her side on the bed then used them to lift her butt off the bed slightly.
“Do you want me to get your mum, Han?” Marie asked. It was fairly obvious to her by that point that Hannah needed changing.
“Um…yeah thanks” Hannah said. Marie got up and went to fetch Jackie, whilst Hannah got everything that her mum was going to need.
By the time Hannah had got out everything that Jackie was going to need, Marie was headed back up the stairs with Jackie in tow. Marie stayed outside to give Hannah some privacy, whilst Jackie went into Hannah’s room. Hannah was stood next to her bed. The changing mat was already laid out on the bed.
“Get on the bed then, and I will change you” said Jackie. Hannah got up on her bed and Jackie began to change her wet nappy. Whilst Hannah was been changed she decided to tell her mum about her accidents becoming more frequent.
“Mum” she said softly.
“Yes sweetie” Jackie said.
“I have to tell you sometime”
“What is it?”
“Well, you remember when we were at Louise and Allie’s on Tuesday. And I completely freaked out because I had two accidents in the same day”
“Well, it has happened a few more times since then”
“What has happened a few more times? You freaking out or having two accidents in the same day?” Jackie asked.
“Me having two accidents in the same day. Well, the first time was Tuesday obviously. Then it happened on Thursday as well. And on Saturday. And today” Hannah said. “It’s really worrying me” she continued with a slight quiver in her voice. By this point, Jackie had already removed the wet nappy and wiped Hannah. She left Hannah on the bed whilst she threw the nappy into the nappy pail.
“Why didn’t you tell me sooner honey?” Jackie said.
“Well, because it didn’t seem so important on Thursday and then I haven’t seen you since Saturday morning” Hannah replied. Her legs were lifted of the bed and a fresh nappy was placed underneath her.
“Maybe it would be best if you went to see the doctor about it. Just to check that it isn’t the start of something more serious”
“But mum…” Hannah started to say. She knew that it would be embarrassing to go to see the doctor to say that her accidents were getting worse.
“I will ring up in the morning and I should be able to get you an appointment for sometime before you have to go to university” Jackie said, not giving Hannah a chance to back out of it. “I will have to go to work, but I want you to ring me as soon as you get out to let me know what the doctor said ok. If you want someone to go with you, so that you aren’t on your own, then maybe Marie might go with you” she finished. Jackie had carried on getting Hannah into her nappy throughout her little speech, so by the time she had finished talking, Hannah was taped into her fresh nappy. Hannah sat up on the bed.
“But it will be really embarrassing having to tell the doctor all that stuff” Hannah was finally able to say.
“She is a doctor, I’m sure that she will have other patients with similar problems to you. And besides she will be able to tell you if anything is wrong with you. And that means that you can find out whether you actually need to be worrying about something or not. If there is something to worry about then we can start doing something about it. And if it is nothing, then you will be able to stop worrying about it. Right?” Jackie said.
“I don’t know. I guess you are right”
“Ok, well I will ring up when the surgery opens and get you an appointment. Then I will wake you up and let you know what time it is” Jackie said. She got up off the bed. “Tea will be ready in a bit. I will call you down ok” she said as she walked out of the door. Once Jackie had gone, Marie came into the room. Hannah was just getting off the bed. Although Jackie had put away the wipes and powder, she had left Hannah sitting on the changing mat. Hannah quickly picked it up and put it away.
“How come you took so long?” Marie asked.
“Well, I told my mum about having more accidents. She is going to make me an appointment at the doctors tomorrow. So I guess I can drop you back home on the way. I mean depending on what time it is”
“Will you be going on your own then?” Marie asked.
“Well, I kind of have to. Mum is going to be at work,” Hannah said. She knew that her mum had suggested taking Marie, but Hannah was reluctant to mention that idea to Marie.
“What about me?” Marie asked, “I could just sit in the waiting room and be there when you get out from seeing the doctor,” she added. Hannah was pleased that Marie had said that, as she kind of wanted someone to go with her, but she didn’t really want Marie to go in to the doctor’s room with her. It was going to be embarrassing enough having to explain it to her doctor without Marie listening as well.
“Really. Yeah that would be cool. I kinda didn’t want to ask you in case you said no”
“I’m your best friend Han. This is what best friends are supposed to do. You know, support their friend and be there when she needs it” Marie said.
“Wow, thanks” said Hannah. “Its good to know I can count on you then”. She settled back down on the bed. “So what are your friends from uni like then. Jo and Leah, and what was the other one called” said Hannah. She wanted to get back to a normal conversation and move on from the topic of accidents and doctors.
“Yeah Phoebe. So what are they like?”
“What do you want to know?”
“I don’t know. What do they look like for a start?”
“Well Leah has really long hair. It is like a dirty blonde colour. She has brown eyes. She’s about the same height as you I think,” said Marie looking at Hannah as if to compare her height to Leah’s. Hannah was about 5’5 whereas Marie was a little taller at 5’8"
“So what about Jo and Phoebe?” Hannah asked.
“Well, Phoebe. You know Michelle Williams. Jen in Dawson’s Creek. She is always getting told that she looks like her. And Jo, she is about 5’2 I think. Her hair is like a dark reddish colour, but she does dye it sometimes” said Marie. She was about to carry on talking when they both heard Jackie shouting them both downstairs. The meal was ready. They both stood up to go downstairs. Marie was first out of the room, as Hannah paused briefly to look down and check her nappy. She did not expect it to be wet, but wanted to make sure before going downstairs.
Once both girls were downstairs, they went into the kitchen. Jackie was just serving up the food.
“Oh, Marie I’m glad you are here. Now what vegetables do you eat? I’ve made carrots, peas and cauliflower”
“I like cauliflower and peas, but not carrots” Marie replied. Hannah got out three glasses to make drinks for them all. All three of them were soon sat at the table, their plates of food in front of them.
The meal was a fairly quiet affair. No one had much to talk about. Hannah would have asked her mum how it had gone with Simon, the guy she had met from the internet the previous day, but wanted to wait until Marie wasn’t there so they would be have time to talk about it properly. Jackie asked Marie how she was getting on at university. Marie said that she liked her course and had made some friends; although she avoided saying that she had made friends at the LGBT group. She had not told her parents about that as yet, so did not want to tell anyone else. When everyone had finished eating, Hannah cleared away the plates, and asked whether anyone wanted dessert.
“Actually Han, I bought a chocolate pudding. It just goes in the microwave. It’s in the fridge,” Jackie said.
“Oh ok” said Hannah. She it out of the fridge, quickly read the instructions then put it in the microwave. Whilst it was in the microwave, Hannah got out bowls and spoons for everyone. She put them on the table.
Once the chocolate pudding had finished in the microwave, Hannah got it out, and brought it over to the table so that Jackie could share it out between the three of them. She shared it out between the three bowls, then passed one each over to Marie and Hannah.
As they were eating, the conversation picked up slightly, and Jackie asked Marie if she had any plans for over the Christmas holidays.
“Well, my friend Jo might come over for a couple of days or something. But nothing is really sorted yet” Marie said.
“That will be nice for you” Jackie said. Meanwhile Hannah was enjoying her chocolate pudding. She licked the spoon before putting it back down to the bowl, and managed to get a little dab of chocolate sauce on her nose. Hannah didn’t noticed however and carried on eating. Jackie looked over at Hannah and smiled. Marie then looked over at Hannah and smiled at the site of her with a spoon in her mouth and chocolate sauce on her nose. Hannah realised that both of them were staring at her, and withdrew the spoon from her mouth.
“What?” she asked.
“Sweetie, you have chocolate sauce on your nose” Jackie said pointing to Hannah’s nose.
“Oh” said Hannah, feeling quite embarrassed. She used her finger to wipe off the sauce, and then stuck the finger in her mouth. “Did I get it all?” she asked.
“Yeah” Marie said. They all went back to eating their own dessert. When everyone had finished, Hannah again cleared the table.
“Mum, is it alright if I do the washing up tomorrow or something?” she asked.
“Since you have Marie here, I guess its ok” Jackie said. “I’m going to go to my room and ring Simon ok. If you need another change then you can either come and get me or ask Marie if she will help you,” Jackie said. She did not expect that Hannah would need changing since her nappy had remained dry throughout the meal. Jackie went upstairs, whilst Hannah and Marie went into the lounge. Hannah grabbed the TV remote as she sat down on the sofa.
“Do you mind just watching TV?” Hannah asked, suddenly wondering whether Marie was getting bored since they had not really done anything.
“No. Watching TV is cool. That’s all I would be doing if I were at home”. They watched TV for about half an hour, then Hannah remembered that she was supposed to have researched something for her class the next day. She thought about it and realised that she had a number of options. The first was to leave Marie sitting downstairs whilst she went on the Internet. The second was to take mare upstairs and keep Marie entertained whilst she did her work. The third was to go into university early and do it tomorrow. Hannah immediately dismissed the third idea on the basis that she did not know what time her doctors appointment was, so might not have time to go in early. She decided to ask Marie whether she wanted to go upstairs or stay watching TV.
“I just remembered that I have to look something up on the Internet for tomorrow. So do you wanna stay watching TV whilst I do it, or come upstairs with me. I mean I will only be about twenty minutes or so”
“I will stay sat down here then. I mean that way you won’t be distracted so you will be able to get your work done faster” Marie said.
“Ok. Well I will be upstairs if you need me for anything” Hannah said. She handed the TV control over to Marie then headed upstairs. On the way up the stairs, she paused briefly so that she could start wetting her nappy. As she carried on wetting, she walked up the rest of the stairs. By the time Hannah got into her room, she had finished peeing. She switched on her computer and sat down at the desk.
Once it had loaded up, Hannah quickly loaded up the Internet. The first thing she did was check her email. The email from Daily Diapers about her private message from Kendra was still there. Hannah got up and closed her door, before going to the site to look at the message. The last thing she wanted was for Marie to walk in whilst she had that site up, as she had no idea how Marie would react to it.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Twenty One

Hannah went on the site and opened up the message.
‘Hey Han’ it read, ‘I know I could have emailed you or texted you or something, but I was on the site anyway, so thought I would contact you this way. You know that story that you read of mine the other day? Yeah, well check out the story section. I finally plucked up the courage to post it. Kendra. P.S, do you remember that guy I added to my MSN, he is cbass on here? Well, I chatted to him for almost two hours yesterday’. Hannah closed the message and smiled. She then went to the story forum to see how much Kendra had posted and whether anyone had left any comments. Hannah quickly scanned through the story. She did not really need to read it as she had already read it a few days before. However, she did look at the end of the story to see where Kendra had finished it. Then Hannah looked at the comments that had been left. The first was from someone with the screen name diamondback688. It read ‘Good job for your first story. I’m gonna keep reading’. Hannah smiled, and then read the second post. It was from the diaper mike and read ‘More plz’. Hannah added her own comment saying ‘I agree. More please. I really enjoyed it’. She looked around the site a bit more and read some of the new posts. She completely forgot about doing the research for her class the next day, and she completely forgot about Marie waiting downstairs on her own. Hannah did not even heat Marie coming up the stairs to go to the bathroom. It was only when Hannah’s door suddenly opened that Hannah remembered what she was supposed to have been doing. She hurriedly minimised the Daily Diapers window, and hoped that Marie had not seen it.
“I got a bit bored downstairs. There wasn’t really anything on. So I figured that I would come up and see if you had almost finished what you were supposed to be doing” Marie said. Hannah did not want to admit that she had not even started it, as she knew that Marie would probably then ask what Hannah had been doing.
“Um, I just have a bit more to do” Hannah said. Marie sat down on the bed.
“What was that site you were on when I came in the room? The one that you quickly minimised as soon as you saw me” Marie asked casually.
“Nothing” Hannah said. She turned back to the computer so that Marie wouldn’t see her going red. Hannah then went on google and typed in what she was supposed to be researching.
“Oh ok” said Marie. She now of course that it was something, but it was something that Hannah appeared to be embarrassed at been caught on. Hannah quickly did her research as Marie watched. There was a bit of chatting between the two of them, but neither mentioned the website. Hannah quickly finished the research and saved it.
“Ok I’m done” Hannah said. She went to switch off the computer then stood up. Marie immediately noticed Hannah’s wet nappy, which Hannah had forgotten all about. Hannah looked down to see what Marie was looking at and suddenly remembered that she had wet her nappy as she had come up the stairs. She sat down on the bed cross-legged and pulled the tigger onto her lap as she had done earlier. “So what do you want to do?”
“I don’t know. I’m not bothered” Marie replied. They decided to go back downstairs and watch TV.

When they had been sat downstairs for about quarter of an hour, Hannah realised that she needed to poop. Normally she would have just gone in her nappy without a second thought, but the presence of Marie was making Hannah rethink it. Hannah knew that she could go in her nappy and then get her mum to change her, or she could go and ask her mum to take off her nappy so she could go to the toilet. After thinking about it, Hannah realised that it would be easier to go in her nappy then ask for a change. As she did not know how Marie was going to react, Hannah decided to go up to her room away from Marie to do it.
“I’ll be back in a bit” Hannah said, getting up. Marie looked over to her.
“Where are you going?”
“Um, toilet” Hannah said wondering if Marie would understand that Hannah was talking about going in her nappy in privacy.
“Han, I thought that’s what the nappy was meant for” Marie said, completely missing what Hannah actually meant.
“Well, I don’t have to pee” Hannah said slowly, trying to get the point across that she was going to poop in her nappy, without having to say the words to avoid embarrassing both of them.
“What?” said Marie not catching on again. She then thought it through. “Oh” Marie said suddenly understanding everything. Hannah nodded and then headed out of the room. She went into her room leaving the door open.
Downstairs Marie tried to concentrate on the television. She was relieved that Hannah had left the room, rather than pooping her nappy in front of her. She just hoped that Jackie would be able to change Hannah before Hannah came back downstairs.

When Hannah had finished messing her nappy, she headed to her mums room to ask for a change. Unlike Monday evening, Hannah did not actually have to interrupt the phone call as Jackie was just coming out of her room as Hannah went to knock on the door.
“Oh Hannah, do you mind if I go out for a couple of hours. Simon has invited me to go for a couple of drinks with him” Jackie said.
“No, its fine, but before you go, can you change me please?” Hannah asked.
“Oh, is that what the smell is. Yep. Come on then” Jackie said noticing the smell in the air. Hannah turned round and went back to her own room with Jackie following her. “If you need another change before I get back, then you will have to get Marie to change you, if you can’t do it yourself ok”
“Yep” Hannah said. “When are the nappies like Kendra’s supposed to be coming?”
“What nappies?” said Jackie.
“You know, the ones with adjustable tapes”
“Did we order some?” Jackie said trying to remember.
“Oh yes of course. Well, they will probably be here next week sometime. Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. Then you can test them out and we can get some more if you like them. You will still have to use up the rest of these ones without the adjustable tapes as well though,” Jackie said.
“Yeah, I will” Hannah replied.
When Jackie had finished changing Hannah, she went to quickly get ready to go out whilst Hannah went downstairs. She sat back down on the sofa next to Marie.
“Hey” she said. “What are you watching?”
“I don’t know really. I was just flicking through the channels” Marie replied. She carried on flicking through the channels for a while, pausing briefly on a few before turning it over again. After about 25 minutes Jackie came downstairs, all ready to go out.
“I’m not sure what time I will be back, so if you two have already gone to bed, then I will see you in the morning ok”
“Ok. So are you still going to ring the doctor?” Hannah asked.
“Yes. And I will wake you up before I leave for work if you are not already awake” Jackie said. “I’m going to have to leave now. Han, will you be ok changing your nappy?” she checked.
“Yeah mum, I will be fine. I’ll see you later” Hannah said. Jackie went over and kissed the top of Hannah’s head.
“Be good” Jackie said as she walked out of the room. A couple of minutes later Hannah and Marie both heard the front door opening and then shutting to signal that Jackie had gone.
“So we have the house to ourselves. What do you want to do?” Hannah asked.
“I don’t know. We could have a girly night. Like watch chick flicks or something” Marie said vaguely.
“We could. But I don’t really have many chick flick type of films” Hannah said.
“Oh ok then” Marie said. “I guess it is TV then”.

They did not end up doing much, just staying in and watching TV. Both girls were feeling quite tired by about half ten, so ended up going up to bed. Hannah’s nappy was wet, so she changed it whilst Marie was in the bathroom. Marie came in at the end to fasten the tapes. Hannah didn’t have a double bed, but she did have a spare bed under hers, which was on wheels. When they were both ready for bed, they pulled the bed out and then quickly put some sheets on it, so that Marie would have somewhere to sleep. Hannah was the first to fall asleep. She didn’t have her dummy, so ended up sleeping with her thumb in her mouth. Marie was awake for about half an hour after Hannah fell asleep. She heard Jackie coming in, and then started to drift off.

The next morning, Marie woke up when she heard knocking on Hannah’s bedroom door. It took her a moment to remember where she was. Marie looked over to Hannah who was still sleeping. “Come in” Marie said to Jackie. She came in.
“I didn’t know if either of you would be awake, so I didn’t want to just barge in” Jackie said. She looked as if she was completely ready for work.
“I just woke up” Marie said.
“Right, well I’ve got to set off to work in ten minutes, so I will just change Hannah and tell her about her doctors appointment” Jackie said. She walked over to Hannah’s bed and gently shook her to wake her up. As Hannah started to stir, Marie got up and went to the bathroom, figuring that she would give Hannah some privacy whilst she was having her nappy changed.
Whilst Hannah rubbed her eyes, Jackie got the changing supplies. “I rang the doctor this morning when the surgery opened. You have an appointment at quarter to eleven ok” Jackie said. When she got no reply or acknowledgement from Hannah, she repeated the time of the appointment.
“Yeah mum, I heard you the first time” Hannah said. She hated been woken up when she did not actually need to be awake.
“Ok, I was just making sure that you didn’t forget. The appointment is with Doctor Roberts ok. Make sure that you tell her everything. Don’t leave it out because you are embarrassed to tell her. The only way she will be able to help you is if she knows what is really happening”
“Yeah ok mum, I got it. I don’t need the lecture. I will tell her everything,” Hannah said. She wanted her mum to leave her to go back to bed. Jackie quickly changed Hannah into a pull-up, which of course involved Hannah having to get out of bed and stand up. By the time Hannah had done that, she was more awake.
“Remember, quarter to eleven at the surgery. I’ve got to leave for work ok. Text me or ring me when you get out of the doctors to let me know how it went”
“I will,” said Hannah watching her mum walk out of her room.
On her way downstairs, Jackie saw Marie coming out of the bathroom. “Hannah’s appointment is quarter to eleven. Can you make sure that she is there on time please?” Jackie asked. “And don’t let her fall back to sleep in that pull-up, just in case she wets again”
“Ok” Marie said. “Will do”
Hannah was just starting to get dressed when Marie came back into the room.
“I figured that since I am awake, I might as well get dressed as well” Hannah explained. “And that way I am not tempted to go back to bed”
“Oh ok” Marie replied. “I might as well get dressed as well,” she said. “Although I don’t actually have anything to wear. I mean besides what I was wearing yesterday”
“You borrowed a shirt of mine to sleep in, so you can borrow some clothes to wear today as well. Its not as if I’m not going to see you again. You can even have a pull-up so that you don’t have to wear the same knickers again,” said Hannah. It was said in a very lighthearted tone, so that Hannah could laugh it off as a joke if Marie hated the idea. The look on Marie’s face seemed to say that Marie thought that Hannah was been completely insane by even suggesting the idea. Therefore when Marie gave her reply, it came as a huge shock to both of them.
“Really. Ok. I mean it is kinda skanky to wear the same underwear two days in a row”
“I thought you would say no” Hannah admitted.
“I thought I would say no as well to be honest. But I mean a pull-up isn’t like a nappy. I can still go to the toilet when I need to” Marie said.
“Oh ok” said Hannah. She got up to get out a pull-up for Marie. Once she had done that, Hannah finished getting dressed. “I will go and make some breakfast. Give you some privacy to get dressed”
“Thanks” said Marie. She was still holding the pull-up in her hands.
As Hannah walked downstairs, she wondered whether Marie would actually end up wearing the pull-up or whether she would change her mind about it at the last minute.
Hannah was just getting a box of cereal out of the cupboard when she heard Marie coming down the stairs. “I’m in here” she called, to let Marie know where she was. Marie came into the room. “So are you wearing it?” Hannah asked, trying to look for any signs of a pull-up.
“Yeah” said Marie. She pulled down the waistband of her jeans to show Hannah the pull-up underneath. After that was done they both resumed making their cereal.
“Are you still ok with going to the doctors with me later?” Hannah asked.
“Yeah. I’m not going to leave you alone for something like that,” Marie said.

They spent the morning, lounging around the house, not really doing much. Hannah made sure to put another pull-up in her bag just in case. Marie had kept her pull-up on all morning. “Are you going to keep the pull-up on to go out?” Hannah asked about five minutes before they were going to be setting off.
“Yeah. I mean no one ever notices yours do they”
“No not really” Hannah said. They both quickly got ready and went out to Hannah’s car. Hannah made sure to go to the toilet before she left as she did not want to end up having an accident at the doctors.
Hannah was fairly nervous as she was driving the short distance to the surgery. She knew that she was going to be fairly embarrassed having to tell her doctor everything about her accidents.
Hannah parked outside the surgery and slowly got out. When she and Marie were inside, Hannah went up to the receptionist’s desk.
“Hannah Adams. Here for an appointment with Doctor Roberts” she told the receptionist.
“Ok Hannah. If you take a seat in the waiting room. Doctor Roberts will call you when she is ready”. Hannah and Marie went through to the waiting room, and sat down next to each other. There were a few other people in the room. An elderly man, and young woman with a baby. There was also a toddler playing on the floor, which Hannah assumed belonged to the lady. The first to be called was the elderly man. Hannah sat there tapping her foot on the floor nervously waiting for it to be her turn. Eventually the woman was called in, leaving just Hannah and Marie in the waiting room.
“Hannah Adams” she heard her doctor calling out.
“I’ll see you in a bit ok,” Marie said as Hannah got up.
“Yeah”. Hannah got up and followed Doctor Roberts to her room. “Take a seat” Doctor Roberts said as Hannah closed the door. Hannah did as she was asked. “So why have you come to see me today?” the doctor asked.
“Well, um, I” Hannah managed to stutter out.
“Its ok. Just relax and tell me,” Doctor Roberts said. Hannah smiled. She couldn’t believe Doctor Roberts was been so nice to her.
“Well, um…it’s my wetting accidents. They have been getting more frequent” Hannah managed to say.
“Ok. Why don’t you tell me about it? How frequent are they?”
“Well, they started four years ago. When I was fourteen After my dad died. And I came here and saw another doctor. And he said that they were related to what had just happened, and that they would go away on their own. But then they didn’t so I started wearing pull-ups in the day so that having an accident wouldn’t be so embarrassing” Hannah said. She took a breath and looked up at the doctor who nodded encouragingly. “And I still have to wear them now. And well, I have normally had an accident once every couple of days. And I have never had more than one accident in a day. At least before this week. Then on Tuesday I had two accidents in one day. The same thing happened on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday as well. It is kind of worrying me, because they seemed to have increased quickly”
“So you said that the accidents started just after your dad died?”
“Yeah. The first one was like the day after the funeral,” Hannah confirmed.
“What about at night? Did you start having problems with bed-wetting at the same time?” the doctor said, as she read about the bedwetting on Hannah’s file.
“No. I have always wet the bed. I never stopped doing it” Hannah said.
“From what you have said, it doesn’t sound as if the doctor you saw the first time was right. If it was just related to what you were going through at that time then the accidents should have stopped by now rather than be increasing. And also, it doesn’t explain the bedwetting”
“So what is it then?”
“From what you have said it sounds as if you have an underdeveloped bladder”
“An underdeveloped bladder?” Hannah said.
“Yes. I mean I couldn’t be sure until you had some tests done. But usually if someone has an underdeveloped bladder, it does begin to cause problems in puberty. The fact that your dad died around the same time could have been coincidence, or it could have been that the stress caused by that started it off”
“So what exactly is an underdeveloped bladder?”
“Well, it could be that it is smaller than it should be, which means that it can’t hold as much urine. Which would explain why you wet the bed. It could also be that the nerves don’t work properly sometimes which means that your bladder isn’t able to transmit the message to your brain to let you know to go to the toilet”
“So that would explain the accidents in the day” Hannah realised.
“Yes. And also, an underdeveloped bladder can get worse over time, which would explain why the accidents have been getting more frequent”
“Are they going to carry on getting more frequent then?”
“I don’t know. It would be difficult to say” Doctor Roberts said. “I want to send you to the hospital for more tests. That way you can know for certain”
“Oh ok then” Hannah said. She was still trying to take in the fact that she hadn’t been given a definite answer about whether the accidents were going to get worse.
Doctor Roberts got on the phone and started talking to someone on the other end. Hannah looked around the office nervously. She was glad that the embarrassing bit of having to explain everything was over.
When Hannah left the doctor’s room, she had an appointment with an urologist at the hospital. It was for over the Christmas holidays, as they had managed to fit her in where someone else had cancelled.
Marie was still waiting in the waiting room, flicking through a magazine. “Marie, I’m finished,” she said. Marie looked up, and then stood up. They walked out of the surgery together.

Chapter Twenty Two

“Well, how did it go? What did she say?”
“She said that she thinks I have an underdeveloped bladder,” Hannah said. They both got in the car.
“What is that then?”
“It means that it might be smaller, or it might not be sending the messages to my brain properly. And also, if it is that, then it also explains the bedwetting thing”
“How do you find out if it is actually that?”
“I have to go for some tests”
“So how come the accidents have got more frequent?”
“She said that with an underdeveloped bladder, they could do that”
“Are they going to carry on getting more frequent?”
“I don’t know. She didn’t really say”. Hannah started the car. “Are you coming back to mine, or do you want me to drop you at home?”
“Yours. I have some stuff still there. I mean unless you have to go to uni or something?”
“Well I will have to set off in about an hour. I can drop you home on my way to uni”
“Oh ok cool” Marie said. Hannah noticed that Marie was jiggling about in her seat a bit. Hannah wondered why Marie seemed unable to sit still, but didn’t want to say anything. Eventually Hannah set off.

When they got back to Hannah’s house they both went inside. “Got to pee” Marie said urgently as soon as she got in the house. Hannah let Marie go past her and up the stairs. As Marie disappeared around the corner at the top of the stairs, Hannah couldn’t help but wonder why Marie had waited until she was so obviously desperate, why hadn’t she just gone at the doctors surgery, or even used the pull-up. Hannah went upstairs as well to get her things ready for when she went to university so that she did not have to do it later.
She was just looking for a folder of work trying to find a particular sheet of information when Marie walked into the room.
“How come you didn’t go to the toilet at the doctors if you were so desperate?” Hannah asked.
“Well, I didn’t want you to come out and wonder where I had gone. And then when you did come out I thought that I would be able to hold it until we came back”
“Did you manage to hold it?”
“Yeah. The pull-up is still dry” Marie said. “What are you doing?”
“Trying to find this random sheet I need for my class this afternoon. I thought that I put it in this folder, but I can’t find it” Hannah explained.
“Where else would it be?”
“I don’t know”. Hannah explained what the sheet looked like and handed Marie a pile of paper to look through.
With both of them looking, the sheet was found fairly quickly. Hannah put it in her bag so that she wouldn’t forget it. “You know if your accidents get worse, will you have to wear nappies all the time?” Marie suddenly asked.
“I don’t know. I mean it is annoying having to change after every time I have an accident in the pull-ups. If I wore nappies all the time then at least I wouldn’t have to bother changing all time” Hannah said after she had thought about it for a minute.
“What about wearing them in public?”
“I suppose I would get used to it. I mean no one ever notices my pull-ups”. Hannah picked up her bag. “Are you coming downstairs?”
“Yeah” said Marie. She quickly picked up her things that were lying around on Hannah’s floor.
Once downstairs Hannah dropped her bag by the door, and went through to the kitchen. She quickly made sandwiches for her and Marie. They only just managed to finish them before Hannah needed to set off. She had to set off slightly earlier than she normally would have done as she had to drop Marie off on the way.

When Hannah got to university she parked and then walked to the building that her class was in. She shared the class with her friends Paula, Sammy and Stacey. When the class started Hannah found it quite difficult to concentrate on what was going on as she was thinking about how her life would be different if she had to wear nappies full time. Hannah knew that she was going to have to quickly get over her phobia of going outside with a nappy on. She was also going to have to get a lot better at changing herself. Another thing that worried Hannah was that it might be difficult to get to the toilet if she knew that she needed to go. An advantage that Hannah thought of was that she was not going to need to change every time she wet herself, and she wouldn’t have to completely remove her trousers to change, as she now had to do with the pull-ups. Trying to get her mind off that topic, Hannah tried to concentrate on what the tutor was saying. She even managed to write a few notes down, so that she had something to show for those two hours. After concentrating on the class for about twenty minutes, her thoughts began to drift again, but this time to Kendra’s flat mate Jamie, and their date on Thursday night.
Hannah was going to go home on Thursday after her class, then come back for the date. Rather than go back home afterwards she was going to spend the night in Kendra’s room. Hannah hoped that the date went well, otherwise it could be quite uncomfortable seeing him the next morning, and whenever she spent time at Kendra’s flat.
When the class finished, she walked out of the room with Paula, Sammy and Stacey. “Are you ok Han? You seemed to be in your own world for the entire class,” Sammy asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine. I just have something on my mind” Hannah replied. She tried to put to the back of her mind everything that she had spent the last two hours thinking about.
“Oh ok. So what are you doing now?”
“No idea. Probably going home to do nothing,” Hannah said. Paula and Stacey were walking slightly in front of Hannah and Sammy. “How about you?”
“Probably the same thing as you, walking home and doing nothing” Sammy replied. She lived only a five-minute walk away. Paula and Stacey stopped to let Hannah and Sammy catch up.
“So have you got any plans for the rest of the afternoon?” Hannah asked Paula and Stacey.
“Not much. I’m going out tonight with a couple of my flatmates” Stacey replied.
“I’ve got to get home. My youngest son is turning 14 tomorrow. We are going out tonight for a family meal” Paula replied. She had three teenage children. A girl and two boys. The four of them carried on walking, until Stacey turned to head towards the halls of residence. Paula, Hannah and Sammy walked to the car park. As they were walking, it started to rain. By the time they were in the car park it was raining rather heavily, and Sammy did not look too pleased at the thought of having to walk home in the rain.
“Sammy, do you want a lift home?” Hannah asked.
“Yeah thanks” Sammy replied. She and Hannah headed towards Hannah’s car whilst Paula went to hers. When they were at the car they both got in and Hannah set off. It was only a couple of minutes before they were at Sammy’s house. It was still raining. “Do you want to come in for a bit? That way you won’t have to be driving in the heavy rain”
“Ok thanks” Hannah said. They both got out, Hannah making sure to bring her bag with her just in case she needed to change her pull-up.
“There is no one else in, so we have the house to ourselves” Sammy said. She unlocked the front door and walked into the house.
“Oh ok cool”
“Do you want something to drink, or whatever?” Sammy asked, trying to be a good hostess.
“Yeah thanks,” said Hannah. She followed Sammy through to the kitchen.
“Ok, we have all the usual stuff. You know, juice, water, coffee, tea, milk, and we might even have some coke”
“Water will be fine” Hannah said. Sammy poured her a glass, and then handed it to Hannah. Hannah drank down a couple of sips whilst Sammy got herself a drink.
“We can go through to the lounge. And watch TV or something” Sammy said. She led the way through to the lounge. She sat down on one of the chairs. Hannah sat down on the sofa. She realised that she was still holding her bag, so she put it down on the cushion next to her.
The two girls started talking. They talked about a couple of assignments that they had due in after Christmas, and about other things as well. Hannah was just in the middle of telling Sammy about her upcoming date with Jamie when she realised that her pull-up was wet. She froze and stopped speaking.
“Are you ok?” Sammy asked when Hannah stopped speaking. Hannah blinked a couple of times.
“What, oh yeah I’m fine. Where is the bathroom?” Hannah asked.
“Um, go up the stairs and it is the door right in front of you” Sammy told her. Hannah put her drink down and then grabbed her bag. As she was walking out of the room, she noticed the confused look on Sammy’s face. Sammy was looking at Hannah carrying her bag.
“Time of the month” Hannah explained as she walked out of the room.
“Oh right”

Hannah made her way upstairs and easily managed to find the bathroom. She went into it and locked the door behind her, then fell back onto the closed door. She was mortified that she had had an accident at the house of someone who didn’t know that she wore pull-ups. The fact that it was also the first accident after her visit to the doctors upset her slightly as well. After standing there for a couple of minutes feeling like she was going to start crying, Hannah got to work changing her pull-up. She got the wipes and a fresh pull-up out of her bag. Hannah then pulled down her trousers and dropped them on the floor. She ripped open the sides of the wet pull-up and also dropped it onto the floor. She wiped herself then got the dry pull-up on. Hannah pulled her trousers back on and then crouched down on the floor to roll up her wet pull-up. She put it in the plastic bag that she always kept in her bag. Then having no where to dispose of the pull-up she put it back in her bag to throw away when she got the chance.
Once all that was done, she made sure that the pull-up she was wearing wasn’t showing at all. She flushed the toilet just in case Sammy was listening, washed her hands then left the bathroom, bag in hand. She headed back downstairs and left her bag at the bottom of the stairs.
Hannah walked back into the lounge and sat down again on the sofa. Hannah shuffled backwards into the back of the sofa, and then crossed her legs in front of her. Once she was comfortable she lent forward to grab her drink from the floor where she had left it. As Hannah sat back up properly, she looked over to Sammy, who again had the confused look on her face. Hannah quickly put her hand behind her back to check whether her pull-up had been showing. Her eyes widened as she felt that the back of the pull-up had risen above her trousers. Hannah hoped that Sammy was looking confused for another reason, and not because she had seen Hannah’s pull-up. Hannah sat there tentatively waiting to see whether Sammy was going to mention anything.
“Do you want to watch TV or something?” Sammy finally said.
“Yeah ok” said Hannah trying to sound relaxed. Sammy grabbed the remote control and switched the TV on. As it was almost half past four on a weekday afternoon there was not much on the TV. Sammy didn’t have Sky, which meant that they had to choose between two channels of children’s programmes, a cooking show and a game show. They eventually settled on one of the children’s programmes. Hannah was pleased as whenever she was at home on a weekday afternoon she would choose to watch the children’s programmes. Usually curled up in the chair with her thumb in her mouth.
As they sat watching TV, Hannah kept looking out of the window to see whether the rain had subsided.
“Do you have to be home for anything in particular?” Sammy asked when she saw Hannah’s eyes move towards the window for the fifth time.
“No, not really. I just don’t want to be a burden to you or anything”
“You aren’t been a burden to me. Honestly” Sammy said. “You can stay as long as you want to”
“Oh thanks” Hannah said. “So what time will your parents be home?”
“Well I live with my dad and step mum…” Sammy said. Hannah interrupted her.
“I didn’t know that you had a step mum. I thought you lived with your mum and dad”
“Well, my mum died when I was about three. My dad remarried when I was about eight”
“Oh right”
“Yeah, I don’t really remember my real mum because I was young”
“So do you get on with your step mum then?”
“Yeah. Anyway, what I was going to say was that I live with them two and my stepbrother. He is 16. He was supposed to be going to a friend’s house after school, so he won’t be back for a while. And my parents both get in at about half six. So we are going to be alone for a while”
“Oh right ok”
“And my dad said that he was going to bring home something for tea. So you can stay for that as well if you want” Sammy offered.
“I don’t know if I will be able to do that. My mum will probably be expecting me home. I have something that I kind of need to talk to her about as well,” said Hannah referring to her trip to the doctors.
“What do you need to talk to her about?” Sammy asked. “Oh, I’m sorry, is it personal. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to”
“Well, it is quite personal. I went to the doctors this morning and I kind of have to tell my mum what the doctor said”
“Is something wrong with you?” Sammy asked.
“Kind of. I mean I have to go for more tests at the hospital so they can figure out if it is what the doctor thinks it is”
“Are you really sick or something?” Sammy asked, her eyes going wide.
“No, don’t worry about it. I’m fine” Hannah said.
“Oh ok” said Sammy. She did not sound convinced by Hannah saying that she was fine.
“Seriously. It is something that I have had to deal with for my entire life really. It is just changing. That’s all”
“Are you epileptic or something?”
“No. If I was then I probably wouldn’t even be able to drive. It is just embarrassing. That’s why hardly any people know about it”
“Oh ok. Well, if you ever want someone else to talk to it about, then I am here” Sammy said.
“Thanks” said Hannah looking out of the window again. “It looks like the rain has almost stopped, so I should probably be heading home”. She stood up. “I’ll see you tomorrow ok”
“What, oh yeah ok” Sammy said. She stood up to walk Hannah to the front door. They walked into the hallway, and Hannah bent down to pick her bag up. As soon as she stood up again, her hand automatically to her lower bag, and she again felt that the top of the pull-up had come up over the top of her trousers. Still trying to tuck it in, she spun round to look at Sammy. This time there was no mistaking the fact that Sammy had seen it. She had been stood right behind Hannah, so there was no way that she could have missed it. As soon as Hannah saw the look on Sammy’s face she went bright red. “What are you wearing?” Sammy asked.
“Well…um” said Hannah trying to think of something to say.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Twenty Three

“Because it sure didn’t look like any sort of underwear I’ve ever seen,” Sammy said.
“I should be getting home,” Hannah said, trying to avoid talking to Sammy.
“Come on Han, what is it?”
“Nothing. I’m just wearing regular knickers”
“But you aren’t. I won’t tell anyone if it is supposed to be a secret”
“Ok fine. Can we talk in the lounge or something?”
“Yeah fine” Sammy said. She turned round to walk into the lounge. Hannah reluctantly followed her, wishing that she could have gone back in time and not left her bag in a place where she was going to have to bend down to get it. Sammy sat on one end of the sofa and Hannah sat on the other. Hannah turned round to face Sammy and crossed her legs in front of her.
“I guess I owe you an explanation,” Hannah said slowly. She grabbed a cushion and held it in her lap. “Well, it is kind of related to what I went to see the doctor about”
“So what was it that I saw? That you are wearing” Sammy asked.
“Um…a pull-up”
“A pull-up?”
“Yeah, it’s kind of like the sort of thing a parent might use if they were potty training their kid”
“So how come you are wearing one? Aren’t you potty trained?”
“Yeah, I was potty trained at the normal age. But then I started having accidents when I was 14. They started off fairly slow. Like I had the first one, then it was two weeks before the second one. I ended up wearing pull-ups so that it wouldn’t be so embarrassing when I had an accident. And since then I have averaged at about an accident every other day” Hannah said trying to avoid looking at Sammy.
“Whoa. I would never have known” Sammy said. “I mean you can’t tell from your clothes and stuff”
“Yeah, well I wear stuff that won’t show what I am wearing underneath”
“So how come you went to the doctor about it?”
“The um accidents have sort of been increasing. I went because the doctor I saw when I was 14 originally said that the accidents were stress related because they started right after my dad died, so I was wondering why they were getting worse. The doctor I saw this morning said that it might be that I have an underdeveloped bladder. That’s why I wanted to go home really. Because I haven’t seen my mum and really need to talk to her about it”
“Oh right. You can go if you want. And don’t worry I won’t tell anyone what you just told me”
“Thanks” Hannah said. She stood up again, and automatically checked whether her pull-up was showing. Even though Sammy knew that she was wearing it, it didn’t mean Hannah wanted to show it off. Sammy stood up as well, and walked Hannah to the front door. Hannah picked up her bag. Sammy was about to open the front door to let Hannah out, when it opened from the other side.
“Hi Sam” said the guy that came through the door. Hannah figured that it was Sammy’s stepbrother.
“Hi Dean. This is my friend Hannah from uni”
“Oh hi Hannah” Dean said.
“Hi” said Hannah. Dean walked past both of the girls and into the kitchen. “So I’ll see you tomorrow then” Hannah said.
“Yeah. Will you be in the canteen before the seminar?”
“I don’t know. It depends on what time I leave home” Hannah replied.
“Oh ok then” Sammy said. Hannah walked out of the door. As she walked out to her car, she thought about her aim when she started university. To keep the fact that she wore pull-ups from the people that she made friends with. She had almost managed to go a term without anyone finding out, but then in the space of a week three of her friends had found out.
Hannah got into her car and threw her bag on to the passenger seat. She quickly started the car and drove off. She switched on the radio. It was on her favourite station and as well as that, it was one of her favourite songs as well. As she drove home, Hannah tried to put the conversation she had just had with Sammy to the back of her mind.
On her way home she popped into the local shop. It was a shop she had been going to since she was a baby. In fact as a toddler and child she used to walk round with her brother and sister sometimes, and get sweets.
Hannah parked her car, and then grabbed her bag. As soon as she picked it up, she remembered the wet pull-up that was still in there. She had not yet had a chance to throw it out. As she was walking into the shop she reached into her bag and got out her purse. The last thing she wanted to happen was for the shop assistant to see in her bag if she opened it at the counter. If anyone did see into it, they would see the bag with the used pull-up, the wipes and a fresh pull-up that was in there as well.
The first place that Hannah went to was the magazines. She looked at them, even picking up a few to look at them in more detail. Eventually she decided on the one she wanted, so she picked it up and walked around the rest of the small shop.
By the time Hannah got to the counter, she had added a small bottle of coke and a bar of chocolate to the things she was carrying. There was a woman and a schoolboy just ahead of her so Hannah waited.
Eventually Hannah got to the front of the queue, and she put her things on the counter.
“Hello Han” she heard someone say. Hannah spun round to see who was talking to her.
“Chloe, hey” Hannah said when she had seen that it was someone that she had used to go to school with. She and Chloe were not really friends at school, but had shared some classes, and were friends with some of the same people.
“So what have you been up to recently?” Chloe asked.
“Three fifty please” the shop assistant said. Hannah quickly got out a five-pound note and handed it over.
“I’ve not really been up to much. I am at the local uni,” Hannah said as she waited for her change. Hannah was handed her change and a carrier bag. She dropped the change into her purse and then put the purse into the carrier bag so that she was able to avoid opening her bag. Hannah then moved aside to let Chloe pay for her things. They walked out together, and Hannah found out that Chloe had got a job in an office in town, and was saving up money so that she would be able to move out of her parent’s house.
They said goodbye when Hannah got to her car. Chloe had walked to the shop and lived in the opposite direction to Hannah. When Hannah got into the car, she dumped her bag and the carrier bag on the passenger seat. As Hannah started her car, she saw Chloe crossing the street.
When Hannah got home she put the used pull-up in the wheelie bin outside the back door. She knew that her mum was working late all this week meaning that she was not going to be home until about half past six. Hannah checked the time as she headed up to her room. It was quarter to six, meaning that she had about three quarters of an hour. Once she was in her room, Hannah laid on her stomach on her bed and spread out the magazine in front of her. She grabbed the bottle of coke and the chocolate bar. Hannah quickly realised that it was kind of tricky to drink whilst lying on her front, so she decided to leave the coke until she was sat up. However she did open the chocolate bar and start eating that.

Hannah stayed lying on her bed until she heard her mum coming home. When she heard the front door opening, she lifted herself of the bed to go downstairs. As she stood up Hannah felt wet. She looked down, but as she was still wearing trousers she couldn’t see anything. She walked out onto the landing, and looked down the stairs. Jackie was just stood in the hallway taking off her jacket. “Hi mum” Hannah called. Jackie turned round and looked up the stairs.
“Hello sweetie. Are you coming downstairs?”
“Um, can you change me into a nappy?”
“What’s the urgency?”
“My pull-up is wet, so I figured it makes more sense to have a nappy put on now rather than changing into a fresh pull-up and having a nappy put on later”
“How long have you been wet?” Jackie asked as she walked up the stairs.
“I don’t know. It was some time in the last three quarters of an hour”. They both walked into Hannah’s room and Hannah quickly moved the magazine so that she could lie down. She then took off her trousers, leaving her standing there in her wet pull-up and top.
“So what happened at the doctors this morning?” Jackie asked as Hannah laid down. Hannah explained everything whilst she was been changed into her nappy.
“So I have an appointment at the hospital over the Christmas holidays” Hannah finished. Jackie had already finished changing Hannah, so they were both just sat on Hannah’s bed.
“So if it is an underdeveloped bladder that you have, will they be able to cure it”
“I don’t know. Doctor Roberts couldn’t even tell me whether the accidents were going to become more frequent”
“How many have you had today? Was it just that one?”
“No, I had another one earlier” Hannah said. “So that makes it three days in a row that I’ve had two accidents”
“Why don’t you try and put it to the back of your mind. At least until the appointment at the doctors. And don’t start worrying about how many accidents you are having”
“I’m trying not to, but I can’t really help it”
“Ok, so what do you want for tea?” Jackie asked.
“I don’t know. What are the choices?”
“Well, I think I have some pork chops in the fridge. Or we can go to McDonalds if you want”
“But I’m wearing a nappy” Hannah pointed out.
“Just put on some loose trousers and a long top and no one will know any different,” Jackie said. She got up and went over to Hannah’s wardrobe and quickly found a long top for Hannah to wear. She then quickly found some loose trousers. “Here you go. Put these on and see what you feel like in them. I’ll be downstairs, so you can come down when you have tried on these clothes and tell me what you feel like doing”
“Ok” Hannah said. Jackie walked out of the room and left Hannah alone with the clothes on her bed. Hannah quickly slipped the trousers on and then walked over to her mirror. As she was walking across her room, she heard the phone ringing, then heard it stop, when her mum obviously picked it up. Hannah realised that she could barely hear the crinkling as she walked. After checking herself out in the mirror from various angles, Hannah finally concluded that her nappy could not really be seen. She switched her top so that it did not matter if the nappy rose above her trousers and then headed downstairs.
When she went into the lounge, Jackie was on the phone. Hannah just sat down and waited for her mum to finish. Hannah was trying to figure out whom her mum was actually talking to.
“So what have you decided?” Jackie asked when she had finished on the phone.
“Yeah. I will be ok going out”
“Good. I was just on the phone with Louise. Allie is working late tonight, so we are going to pick her up on the way because she is coming to McDonalds with us”
“Oh ok. But how did you know that I was going to say that I wanted to go out?” Hannah asked.
“I didn’t really. If you said no, then I was going to suggest we go and get a drive through. That way you didn’t have to get out of the car if you didn’t want to”
“Oh. I didn’t even know that was an option,” Hannah said.
“So do you have a change with you?” Jackie said to change the subject.
“We won’t be out that long so I think I will be able to last. And also, I don’t want to have my nappy changed at McDonalds”
“Yes you might be able to last without a change whilst we are at McDonalds, but we might end up going to Louise’s when we drop her off, in which case you might need a change. Now why don’t you go upstairs and put a couple of nappies and the other things that you might need in a bag”. Hannah went back upstairs and quickly put the things in a bag.
They were both in the car within five minutes. Hannah was wearing a long coat that covered up her bum just so she didn’t feel so self-conscious about the nappy. When they got to Louise’s flat, she had obviously been looking out of the window for them as she came out fairly quickly. She quickly opened the back door and climbed in. Jackie then drove off, heading towards McDonalds.

Chapter Twenty Four

“Hi Louise” Hannah said, turning round to look at Louise.
“Hi Hannah. Thanks for picking me up to come with you mum” Louise said. She fastened her seat belt and leaned forward in the chair so that she could join in with the conversation.
When they were almost at McDonalds, Jackie interrupted Hannah as she was talking to Louise about her having a date with Jamie. “So what are you both having at McDonalds?” Jackie asked.
“Can I have a medium McChicken sandwich meal with coke?” Louise said.
“Can I have a big Mac meal? With chocolate milkshake” Hannah answered.
“Yes, you can both have those things” Jackie said as she pulled into the car park. They all got out and after Jackie had locked the car, walked into McDonalds together. Hannah suddenly became aware again of the fact that she was wearing a nappy, and became self-conscious. Hannah quickly scanned the room, looking to see whether there was anyone she knew, or whether there was anyone looking at her. Hannah was relieved to realise that there was no one in there that she knew. However there was someone who was looking over at Hannah. It was a girl, who looked about the same age as Hannah. She had been looking over to the door, but had looked down as soon as Hannah had looked in her direction.
Jackie went up to the counter to order the food. Louise looked over at Hannah. “Why don’t you go get a table? I’ll help mum,” Louise said. She walked towards the counter leaving Hannah stood by the door. Hannah quickly grabbed straws and napkins, and found a table. She managed to get a booth, which she gratefully slid into. Normally Hannah preferred sitting at a table with proper chairs, but on this particular occasion she did not want her butt showing at all.
As Hannah sat there waiting for her mum and Louise to come over, she took off the paper from one of the straws and then put the end of the straw in her mouth. She began chewing on it, looking round again at the other people whilst she did it. Hannah noticed the same girl looking at her again. However Hannah didn’t have time to think about it, when Jackie and Louise came over, Jackie carrying the tray. Louise sat down next to Hannah whilst Jackie sat down opposite them both. Jackie handed each of her daughters their food, and Hannah took the straw out of her mouth to put it into her drink.
They each ate their food, carrying on a conversation throughout the entire time they were eating. Hannah was the first to finish her food, so she put the end of the straw in her mouth and alternated between drinking the chocolate milkshake and chewing on the straw.
When Jackie and Louise had finished eating, Louise got up to throw the rubbish away. Whilst Louise was doing that, Hannah and Jackie stood up and pulled on their coats. As Hannah was doing that she realised that she needed to pee, but she decided to try and wait until she was at least sat in the car rather than wetting her nappy in front of everyone that was in the room. Jackie decided to go and get some desserts for the three of them. She handed the keys to Louise so that Louise and Hannah could get in the car.
Hannah walked out of McDonalds with Louise. It was pitch black outside and really cold outside. Hannah shivered slightly as the cold hit her. She decided to wet her nappy, as there was no one else around and she thought that it might warm her up a bit. Hannah paused briefly in the car park to start peeing, and then quickly caught up with Louise.
“What did you stop for?” Louise asked as she unlocked the car.
“Um, I’ll tell you in the car” said Hannah not wanted to admit that she had just peed her nappy in the middle of the car park. Louise got in the passenger seat and Hannah climbed into the back seat.
“So how come you stopped then?” Louise asked as she pulled her door shut.
“I needed to pee” Hannah said simply. She didn’t know whether or not Louise knew that she was wearing a nappy.
“Are you in a pull-up?” Louise asked, sounding confused. She didn’t understand why Hannah hadn’t just gone to the toilet if she had needed to go. It was fairly obvious that Hannah hadn’t had an accident; otherwise she wouldn’t have needed to stop walking to do it.
“No, I’m wearing a nappy”
“How come you are in a nappy? Are you wearing them all the time now or something?”
“No, mum changed me and then decided that we were going out for tea. So I decided to wear the nappy”
“But you were completely stressing on Tuesday evening when all you had to do was go out to the car in a nappy” Louise pointed out remembering about paranoid Hannah had been when they had only been outside for less than five minutes.
“That was kind of different because I only had the nappy on under the jacket didn’t I. And plus, if my accidents carry on getting more frequent then I could end up in them full time”
“What do you mean?” Louise said.
“Well, you know how I told you about going to the doctors” Hannah said. She had filled Louise in on that on the journey to McDonalds. “She didn’t know what would happen, so I might end up in nappies full time and also” Hannah said. She had been about to say something else, but was interrupted by her mum opening the door to the driver’s side of the car. Louise turned round in her seat and took the three McFlurrys’ from Jackie. She handed one of them and a spoon back to Hannah. Louise decided to leave her ice cream until she was back home, since she also had to hold Jackie’s ice cream.
When they got to Louise’s flat, Hannah and Jackie got out of the car as well to go up to the flat for a bit as well. Hannah made sure to grab her bag as well just in case she needed a change.
Hannah had finished her ice cream in the car, so went to put the rubbish in the bin when she got into the flat, whilst Louise and Jackie went to sit down and eat their slightly melted ice cream. Hannah went to sit with them and switched on the TV as well to see if there was anything good on.
After flicking through the channels a couple of times she eventually settled on something. Her thumb found its way to her mouth as she snuggled down into the sofa. Her eyes flickered a couple of times. “Are you tired Han?” Jackie asked seeing Hannah looking like she was falling asleep.
“No, I’m fine” Hannah replied.
When Jackie and Louise had finished their ice creams, Louise went to throw away the rubbish.
They chatted and watched TV for about half an hour before Jackie announced that it was time that she and Hannah should be getting home.
“Actually mum, do you mind if I drop Hannah off at home in a bit. There is something I need to talk to her about” Louise said. Hannah who had just been getting off the sofa was surprised to hear Louise saying this, as she wasn’t aware of anything she particularly needed to talk to Louise about.
“I can wait if you want” Jackie said looking over at Hannah.
“No, I don’t know how long it’s going to take and there is no need for you to be waiting round. I will drive her back after we have finished talking” Louise said.
“Well ok then” said Jackie. “I guess I will see you in a bit then Han”. She hugged Louise and then went to the front door.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Twenty Five

Louise waited until Jackie had gone before she turned to Hannah and spoke to her.
“So what were you going to say earlier?” Louise asked. Hannah looked confused. She didn’t know what Louise was talking about. “You know. In the car. You were in the middle of saying something and mum opened the door and you stopped talking. What were you going to say?” Louise said to clarify what she was talking about.
“Oh yeah, that”
“So” Louise prompted.
“Well, I was going to say that I actually wouldn’t mind it if I had to wear nappies all the time”
“How come you wouldn’t mind it?” Louise asked. She stood up and then put her legs down on the sofa, so that when she sat down again, her legs were tucked underneath her body.
“Well whenever I am in a pull-up I have to concentrate on when I need to go. And I don’t need to worry about that in a nappy. And also, it is really annoying to have to change the pull-up every time I have an accident especially because I have to completely take off what I am wearing to get a dry pull-up on. Changing a nappy would be a lot easier”
“What about the fact that you would have to change yourself sometimes?” Louise pointed out.
“It shouldn’t be too difficult. I mean other people manage it don’t they. If they can do it, then there is no reason why I can’t”
“Ok, one question. Why did you stop talking about this when mum opened the car door? Why not just carry on talking?”
“I don’t know. I guess I don’t want mum knowing that I would prefer been in nappies full time”
“Why not? She is fine with you been in them at home now isn’t she”
“I suppose so. But I mean it would be a whole different thing if I was in them full time” Hannah said. “And I’m sure she wants me to grow up, and by wearing nappies all the time it would be like taking a step back, and she might think that I would be becoming more dependent on her rather than becoming independent. That’s really why I didn’t want mum to find out about it. Also, I don’t want to tell her that I want to be in nappies full time, and then do it and find that I prefer the pull-ups”
“I have an idea,” Louise suddenly said. “But I would have to check with Allie first”
“What’s the idea?”
“Well, why don’t you stay here for a couple of days? You can wear nappies full time and change yourself. Then you can see whether you prefer the nappies to the pull-ups and you can do it all without mum finding out”
“Really? When?”
“I don’t know. I would need to talk to Allie about it. Maybe I could ring you tomorrow or something. What time will you be in?”
“I should be finished at uni by one, so can probably be home for half one”
“Ok. My lunch tomorrow is half one till half two, so I might be able to give you a ring then. If not then, it will be after work”
“Oh ok then. Is that really why you wanted me to stay after mum had gone?”
“Um, yeah” said Louise sounding kind of uncertain.
“Come on Lou, what ever else is on your mind, you can tell me”
“There isn’t anything else on my mind”
“Ok. Well if there is, you know I am here to listen. I mean it is the least I can do, the amount of times you have done stuff for me over the years”
“Thanks. It’s just I don’t know if I can tell you. I mean I am supposed to be the big sister. So you talking to me about stuff makes sense, but to me it doesn’t seem to work the opposite way. If you know what I mean”
“I don’t know. I think I know what you mean. You think that I look up to you, and by telling me your problems I will see you as been more vulnerable and not the strong, unbeatable sister I thought you were, so I won’t be able to look up to you in the same way again” Hannah said smiling. “Is that right?”
“I don’t know. Yeah probably”
“Well, I should probably let you know that the way I think of you isn’t going to change just because you open up to me a bit”
“Maybe I should drive you home” Louise said to change the subject. “I think Allie will be back soon so I want to be back before her”
“So will you tell me what it is, when we are in the car?” Hannah said.
“I don’t know. It probably isn’t such a good idea to tell you at all. I should never have mentioned anything,” Louise said. “Come on. Get your shoes and jacket on”. Hannah decided to drop the subject, as it was fairly obvious that Louise wasn’t going to tell her what ever it was anytime soon. She stood up and went to put her shoes and jacket on. Louise quickly grabbed her keys and her phone and then got on some shoes and a coat. She was glad that Hannah had chosen not to say anything more on the subject of what Louise was going to say.
They walked out of the flat, Louise locking the door behind them. When they got to the car, they both got in and Hannah leaned forward to switch on the radio. Louise looked over at Hannah whilst she started the car. Hannah was leaning against the side of the car, clearly not in a mood to talk.
“Look Han, the thing. Well, it’s kind of not something that I am ready to tell anyone yet ok. Not even Allie. So it’s not like I am just keeping it from you”
“Yeah ok whatever,” said Hannah quickly. As Hannah said those words she realised how juvenile she was acting. She was in a mood with her sister, simply because Louise hadn’t told her something. Hannah realised that she was acting like a child that had been told she wasn’t allowed something.
“Han, I hate it that you’re mad at me,” Louise said. She looked over at Hannah and then patted her on the arm.
“I’m not mad at you” Hannah said, turning in her chair to look at Louise. “I mean I can hardly be mad at you for not telling me something can I” she added.
“Oh ok. It seemed like you were mad at me” Louise said.
“Yeah, well I sort of realised that I was acting like a bit of a baby. And I mean just because I am wearing a nappy it doesn’t mean that I need to act like a baby” Hannah said. “I mean at least not all the time,” she added. Hannah was surprised at herself as normally she didn’t really mention the fact that she liked to act babish.
“So you aren’t mad at me then”
“Nope” Hannah said. By this time they were almost at Hannah’s house. “Are you coming into the house when you drop me off?” Hannah asked.
“No. I should probably get back home just in case Allie gets home and wonders where I am,” Louise said. She pulled into the driveway, but because of Hannah and Jackie’s cars that were already in there, she was not able to get fully into it. “I will speak to you tomorrow at some point ok” Louise said. Hannah opened her door and grabbed her bag. Hannah quickly leaned over and gave Louise a quick hug before getting out of the car.
Hannah walked up to the house and went to grab the door handle. She expected that it would be open, so was surprised to find that it was locked. Hannah rang the doorbell and then turned round. Louise was still in the driveway. She had been waiting to see Hannah go in the house before she drove off. Hannah rang the doorbell a couple more times and still got no answer. She shivered and then decided to go back to the car and ring the home phone from there.
When she opened the car door, Louise looked at her. “What’s going on?” she asked.
“I have no idea. The door is locked and mum isn’t answering the doorbell. And I forgot to bring my key with me because I thought that I was going to be going home at the same time as mum” Hannah answered. She got the phone out of her bag and quickly pressed the button to ring the home number. Hannah was expecting her mum to answer, so was surprised when it went to the answer machine. “Mum, it’s me. Are you there? Pick up. Mum. Well, call me when you get this” Hannah ended up saying. Once she had hung up the phone, she turned round so that she could see Louise. “She’s not picking up the phone. I don’t suppose you have your key on you?”
“Not on me no. It’s at the flat. I’ll drive us back and get it” Louise said. She started the car, and took another look towards the windows as she reversed out of the driveway.

Within ten minutes they were back parked outside Louise’s flat. They walked up the stairs, and Hannah waited in the lounge whilst Louise went to find the set of keys she had for Jackie and Hannah’s house. Hannah wondered what would happen if she couldn’t get into her house for some reason. Obviously she would have to stay over at Louise’s flat, but she had already peed in the nappy she was wearing, and she only had one other in her bag.
After about ten minutes Louise appeared again holding a key in her hand. “Come on Han. I’ve found the key. Lets get going” she said. Hannah stood up and they walked out of the flat. As they were walking down the stairs, they saw Allie walking up them. All three of them stopped and Louise quickly told Allie where she and Hannah were going. “I’ll see you in a bit” Louise finished. Hannah started walking down the stairs whilst Louise quickly kissed Allie.
They both quickly got into the car and Louise drove them back to Hannah’s house.
“What happens if I can’t get in still?” Hannah asked.
“Well, you will have to come back to the flat and stay there. You can sleep there as well and go home in the morning”
“But I only have one nappy. Besides the one I am wearing. And there is no way that they will last all that time”. Louise sighed. If this were any other person, then there would be no problem what so ever with them having to stay over at short notice with none of their things. With Hannah they had to take into account whether or not she had enough nappies or pull-ups.
“It will be ok. I think we might have a couple of spare nappies and pull-ups somewhere,” Louise said.
“Oh yeah of course” said Hannah. She suddenly remembered something that had happened six months ago. She had been in town on her own and as she had only intended to be there for about an hour, she didn’t bring a spare pull-up with her. Hannah had happened to run into Louise in town and ended up going back to Louise’s flat. Hannah had been there for quite a while, and had had an accident in her pull-ups. Not only had she had an accident, but also Hannah hadn’t even noticed for quite a while. It had only been when Hannah stood up, that Louise had noticed that a bit of wetness had leaked through onto her trousers. Hannah had ended up driving back home sat on an old towel, the wet patch visible on her trousers. After that had happened, Jackie had taken over a couple of pull-ups and a couple of nappies for Hannah to use in an emergency.
When they got to Hannah’s house, both of them got out of the car and walked up to the door. Louise quickly put the key in the lock and was pleasantly surprised when she was able to unlock the door. They both walked into the house.
“Mum, hello. Are you in?” Hannah shouted. She stood at the bottom of the stairs and shouted again. After not getting an answer Louise and Hannah walked around the house trying to find their mum. They found that the bathroom door was locked.
“Mum” said Louise knocking on the door.
“Hannah” they both heard.
“Mum, its me and Louise” Hannah said. “How come the door was locked and you didn’t answer the phone?”
“Well, I thought you had you key with you. I am in the bath, so that’s why I locked the door. And I forgot to bring the portable phone in here with me. So I couldn’t answer when you called” Jackie said loudly. “Is it alright if I talk to you later. I am almost finished,” she said.
“Yeah ok” said Hannah. She and Louise turned round and went downstairs. When they were halfway down the stairs Hannah suddenly stopped, causing Louise to almost walk into her.
“How come you stopped?” Louise asked.
“I gotta go to the toilet,” Hannah said. “Mum’s in the bathroom so I will have to go in my nappy. I need to poop, so can you wait and change me before you go. Please?” Hannah asked.
“Yeah. Do you want to go to your room and I will come in a couple of minutes,” Louise said. She moved to the side to let Hannah get past her. Hannah managed to make it to the top of the stairs before she squatted down suddenly. It was fairly obvious to Louise what she was doing. When Hannah had finished, she turned round to look at Louise.
“I guess you don’t need to wait a couple of minutes before you come to my room,” she said blushing slightly. Louise walked up the stairs and followed Hannah into her room.

Chapter Twenty Six

“Did you purposely do it at the top of the stairs rather than in here?” Louise asked as Hannah laid down on her changing mat and Louise got everything she was going to need.
“No. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. I did try” Hannah protested.
“When did you first realise that you needed to go?” Louise asked. She untaped Hannah’s nappy and proceeded to wipe her.
“Just before we went to go downstairs. I thought I would be able to hold it for a bit. But then I stopped on the stairs because I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to hold it at all” Hannah said.
“Does that happen when you are in pull-ups? Not getting a lot of warning, even for pooping?” Louise asked. She slid the fresh nappy under Hannah and sprinkled some powder onto Hannah’s skin.
“Yeah sometimes. I’ve only really started to notice it happening in the last couple of weeks or something,” Hannah said. By that time Louise had finished putting Hannah into a fresh nappy. After putting the things away they went downstairs. Louise had to get back to her flat, so she only stayed for five minutes before she left. She hugged Hannah and told her to say goodbye to their mum for her.
Once Louise had gone, Hannah went back up to her room and switched on the computer. As she waited for it to load up, she remembered how she had spent her previous Monday evening, and how much had changed in the one week. Three of her university friends now knew about her pull-ups, she had found out about Kendra liking nappies as well, she had found out that Marie was bi-sexual, she had a date with Jamie and she had found out that she might very possibly have an under-developed bladder.
Hannah was just signing onto the Internet when Jackie knocked on the door. “Come in” Hannah said. Jackie opened the door and came into the room.
“Has Louise gone home?”
“Yeah. She had to get back. Allie was expecting her. She said to say bye”
“Oh ok. What was it you both needed to talk about before?” Jackie asked. Hannah struggled to remember. It seemed like that had been ages ago. Whilst Hannah was thinking, Jackie walked across the room to sit on Hannah’s bed. Hannah twirled her chair around so that she was still facing her mum.
“Um…nothing really. We talked about me maybe going over and staying with her and Allie for a couple of days” Hannah said, leaving out the part about Hannah wearing nappies full time whilst she was there.
“I don’t know. I mean she is my sister. And we thought then you wouldn’t have to worry about me been here alone. Like when you go out with Simon” Hannah quickly made up.
“So have you two decided anything yet then?” Jackie asked.
“No. I mean it was only an idea. She needs to check with Allie that it is ok, before we decide on anything” Hannah said.
“Ok. Well, I’m going to give Simon a quick ring then I’m going to bed. So I will see you in the morning sweetie” said Jackie standing up. “You are at uni for nine tomorrow aren’t you?”
“Yeah” Hannah said. She logged onto MSN to see if there was anyone else online. Jackie walked out of the room. Once Jackie had gone, Hannah noticed that Kendra was online. Hannah quickly sent her a message.
The one she got in return read ‘Hey Han. Guess who is sat in my room at this very moment’.
‘Who?’ Hannah quickly typed.
‘Jamie of course. Who else did you think it would be? And he is really look’ Hannah read. She was confused by the last sentence.
‘He is really look?’ she asked.
‘I was gonna say something else, but he stopped me typing, and then sent the message’ Kendra wrote back. Hannah wondered what it was Kendra was originally going to type. She hoped that it was that Jamie was looking forward to their date. Kendra and Hannah carried on talking for a bit longer, until Kendra said she was going to get a drink. Hannah was not waiting for very long before a new message. It was Jamie that she was talking to her. Hannah and Jamie exchanged messages for a couple of minutes, until Jamie suddenly typed that Kendra was coming back. Hannah waited another minute, and then got another message. This time it was actually from Kendra. Hannah and Kendra carried on talking for a bit longer, until Kendra said that she was going to have to go, because Jamie was looking bored because Kendra was ignoring him.
After Kendra had signed out, Hannah checked to see who else was online. When she saw Louise’s name appear, Hannah was surprised. Even though Louise had MSN under her own e-mail address, she rarely ever signed in under that name, instead she would either not sign in at all, or use Allie’s MSN name. Hannah wasn’t surprised when Louise messaged her. She figured that Louise had spoken to Allie and now knew whether or not Hannah would be able to go and stay there for a couple of days.
Hannah quickly found out that Allie was fine with Hannah staying there, and been in nappies full time, even to go out. As it was Monday, Louise and Hannah arranged for Hannah to go over the next evening and stay until Thursday or Friday. Once that had been finalised, Hannah went to see if her mum was still awake, so she could tell her.
Jackie was still awake and was on the phone talking to Simon when Hannah knocked on her door. “Come in” Hannah heard her mum saying. Hannah opened the door to walk into her mum’s bedroom. “Did you want to speak to me?” Jackie asked.
“Yeah. I will be quick though,” Hannah said. “I just talked to Louise on MSN and we have arranged for me to go over tomorrow afternoon or evening and stay until Thursday or Friday”
“Oh ok sweetie. Why don’t we talk about it more in the morning ok” Jackie said.
“Alright” Hannah said. She turned round to walk out of the room.
“Na night Hannah” Jackie said. Hannah went downstairs and got a glass of water. She was quite thirsty so managed to drain the glass before she even got out of the kitchen, so she went back to fill the glass up again. When that was done, Hannah went back to her room and surfed the Internet for a bit. When she went to bed about half an hour later, Hannah checked her nappy and was pleased to find that it was still dry.
Hannah was actually fairly tired so she managed to get to sleep not long after she actually went to bed.

It was about four in the morning when Hannah woke up again. Normally she didn’t wake up in the night, so it was quite strange for her to be awake at such at time. The first thing Hannah did was check her nappy. It was completely saturated, which Hannah expected since she had drank two glasses of water before she went to bed. Hannah got out of bed and waddled over to the door to switch the light on. She was worried that the nappy might have leaked onto the sheets. Once Hannah had the light on she went back to look at her bed. It still looked dry, but Hannah knew that she wasn’t going to be able to sleep for the rest of the night in the same nappy. She quickly undid the tapes and let the nappy drop to the ground. When that was done, Hannah wiped her self, then got out the powder and a fresh nappy. She laid down on her bed and position the nappy underneath herself. After powdering herself, Hannah brought the front of the nappy between her legs. The tapes were the bit that Hannah normally had trouble with, but since it was four in the morning, she could not go and ask her mum for help, and also could not go back to sleep without a nappy on at all in case she wet herself again.
Hannah managed to get the tapes done fairly easily. “Is that it?” she said to herself. “I can’t believe that I could never do it properly before”. Hannah stood up and adjusted the nappy slightly on her body. She then put the powder away, switched the light off and got back into bed. As she was lying there Hannah decided that she was going to start changing her own nappies a lot more often. “I will change myself all the time when I am at Louise and Allie’s,” she said aloud to the empty room. As she was thinking about staying at Louise and Allie’s, her date with Jamie suddenly popped into her head. Hannah knew that she was going to stay over in Kendra’s room after her date, which meant that she would not be able to stay over at Louise’s. “So I will go back to Louise’s after I am finished at uni on Thursday, then later on leave there and go back to uni to meet Jamie. Then I won’t be going back to Louise’s because I will just come home on Friday after my class” Hannah thought aloud. She was glad that there was no one else around to hear her talking to herself. “So does that mean that I will have to wear a nappy on the date? Or will that be finished so I can wear pull-ups? Because I don’t really want to have to wear a nappy on my first date with him”. Hannah managed to drift back off to sleep, with the issue of whether she would have to wear a nappy on her date weighing heavily on her mind.

About three hours later, Hannah woke up suddenly. She immediately sat up in bed and looked around. She had just been having a bad dream and had woken up, still convinced that it was actually happening. In her dream she had gone on her date with Jamie and had to wear a nappy as well. Jamie had found out what she was wearing and had insisted on taking out of her bag the spare nappies she had brought with her. In the dream they were at the cinema and he had stood up and held the nappy up for the others watching the film to see. Hannah had been so embarrassed that she had run out of the cinema crying. Then the dream had quickly moved forward in time, and Jamie had told everyone at university that Hannah was a baby that still wore nappies. Everywhere she went on campus, people laughed and pointed at her and shouted out baby at her.
As Hannah laid in bed thinking about that dream, she resolved that there was no way that she was going to wear a nappy on the date. She was not going to run the risk of Jamie finding out. Even if he weren’t like her dream, it would still be embarrassing for Hannah if Jamie knew that she wore nappies.
After Hannah had been lying there for a while, she looked over to her clock and realised that her alarm was going to be going off in the next five minutes, so there was no point in trying to get back to sleep. Rather than getting up and starting to get ready for the day Hannah stayed lying in bed waiting for her mum to come into the room. Hannah had checked her nappy and knew that it was only slightly damp.
Hannah’s alarm went off and Hannah reached over and quickly silenced it. “Hannah, are you awake?” Hannah heard from outside her door.
“Yeah. Come in” Hannah called out. Jackie came into Hannah’s room and automatically grabbed the wipes. Hannah wanted to wait to see if her mum said anything about that fact that her nappy was practically dry, before Hannah told her the truth.
“Han, your nappy is hardly wet. Well done” Jackie said as she went to change Hannah. Hannah suddenly wished that she had told her mum sooner, because now her mum seemed so pleased with the thought that Hannah had managed to have a practically dry night. Hannah hoped that her mum would be equally pleased that Hannah had changed herself in the middle of the night.
“Well actually, I um woke up at about four and the nappy was close to leaking, so I took it off and put on a fresh one. So I didn’t exactly have an almost dry night,” Hannah explained.
“You did. And you did a good job with it” Jackie said looking down at the nappy. “Since you changed you nappy, how about you get yourself into your pull-up this morning. That way I can go and make breakfast” said Jackie. She wanted Hannah to be more independent and not reliant on other people constantly, so hearing that Hannah had changed herself made Jackie feel happy, and the last thing she wanted to do was discourage Hannah from doing it herself by not giving her the opportunity.
“Do I have to?” Hannah moaned.
“Yep. If you come downstairs when you are dressed then I might have made something special for breakfast” Jackie said with a smile. She left the wipes on the bed and walked out of the room, leaving Hannah sat in bed. Hannah sat there looking at the door, as if she thought it was a big joke and her mum was going to come back in at any minute and change her. When it became apparent that it wasn’t a joke at all, Hannah quickly changed herself into a pull-up. Rather than getting dressed, Hannah decided to go down to breakfast in only her pull-up and top, and then get dressed after breakfast.

As Hannah walked down the stairs she could hear that her mum was cooking something that was a surprise, as her mum never cooked a breakfast on a weekday morning.
“What are you making?” Hannah asked as she walked into the kitchen.
“Bacon and eggs” Jackie asked, turned round from the hob briefly to look at Hannah. “How come you aren’t dressed? I thought you were at university early today”
“I figured that I could get dressed after I’d eaten” Hannah replied. She went over to one of the cupboards and got out a couple of plates. She then got out cutlery and made some drinks. By the time that Hannah had done that, Jackie had almost finished making the food. Hannah set the table and then sat down.
“Are you going to be changing your nappy more now then?” Jackie wondered aloud.
“Well, you want me to don’t you” Hannah said. “That way I am more independent. You know I can do stuff without worrying about how I am going to get my nappy changed”
“I do want you to be more independent yes. The last thing I would want is for you to be still living here ten years from now because you still need me changing you or something”
“I won’t be” Hannah said. “But will you still change me sometimes”
“Yes of course. If that’s what you want” Jackie said.
“Yeah it is. Only sometimes though. Like if I am really tired or something. I am going to try and change myself every time when I am at Louise and Allie’s. That way I am not going to be causing them anymore trouble than I already will be” Hannah said, carefully leaving out the fact that she would be in nappies all the time. Jackie started to put the food onto the two plates that Hannah had got out.

Breakfast took slightly longer to take than Jackie had anticipated, so they both ended up having to eat it fairly quickly. Once they had finished, they left the pots and both went to get ready. Hannah went in the bathroom first as she had not gone to the toilet when she had woken up. When she had finished in the bathroom, she went to get dressed and put the stuff she was going to need in her bag. As Hannah had a bit of time left, she started to get out what she was going to need for staying at Louise and Allie’s.
After doing this for about ten minutes Hannah had to leave it, as she wanted to make sure she said goodbye to her mum since she would probably be gone before her mum got back from work that afternoon. Hannah went across the landing and knocked on her mum’s bedroom door.
“Mum” Hannah said. She pushed the door open and went inside. “I’m probably not going to see you again. Since I will be going over to Louise’s this afternoon”
“Oh. I didn’t realise that you would be going over so early,” Jackie said. She walked over and gave Hannah a hug. “When will I be seeing you again then?”
“Um, I’m at Louise’s for the next couple of days and then at Kendra’s on Thursday night. So I will be back after class on Friday. The next time will be on Friday when you get back from work” Hannah worked out.
“Friday evening” Jackie repeated. She hugged Hannah again.
“Yeah. But that means that you have three evenings to do what you want to do. You can go out with Simon whenever you want and you don’t have to worry about been home for me or something”
“Yeah. But I’m still going to miss you, aren’t I. Even if it is still only going to be a couple of days,” Jackie said. She looked over at her alarm clock. Hannah looked over as well.
“I have to set off. Like now” Hannah said. She gave her mum another quick hug and then ran out of the room. She had her bag with her already, so Hannah just headed straight downstairs. She paused briefly to put some shoes and a jacket on, and then went out to her car.
The ride to university was fairly uneventful. Hannah had some music on and was driving along wondering what it was going to be like for her at university. Three of her friends now knew that she would be in a pull-up. Hannah wondered if any of them were going to be different to her. If anyone was going to be different, Hannah thought that it would most likely to be Sammy, as Sammy was the one that had knew for the least time and was the one that had found out without been told or already having suspicions.
Hannah eventually found a parking space and walked through the campus to the canteen where she knew that some of her friends would be sat. Before going over to sit with them she got a cup of coffee. Coffee wasn’t a drink that she had too often, but for some reason she suddenly felt in the mood for coffee.
When Hannah had paid for her coffee she went over to sit with her friends. Paula and Janie both move their chairs aside to make room for Hannah to sit at the table. All of her friends were already sat down. As well as Paula and Janie, there was also Kendra, Georgina, Sammy and Stacey. Hannah looked over to Sammy, but did not notice any weird or funny looks coming from her.
As there was such a big group of them, it was often difficult to have one conversation involving them all, so quite often there would be two or three different conversations going on at once. On this particular occasion Hannah ended up talking to Paula and Kendra. They ended up talking about Hannah’s upcoming date with Kendra’s flatmate Jamie. Hannah said that she was fairly nervous about it.
“You don’t need to be nervous. I’m sure that it will go fine” Paula reassured Hannah.
“Yeah. And you know that Jamie is really looking forward to it as well” Kendra said. “He keeps asking me what I know about you”.
“Guys, we should be getting going” Georgina said to the group as a whole. Hannah quickly finished off the last of her coffee and then grabbing her bag, she stood up.
“I’m all ready,” she said.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Twenty Seven

They all walked to the classroom for their seminar. This week Hannah sat down next to Kendra and was able to quickly tell her that she was going to be spending the next couple of days at Louise’s house. Hannah wasn’t able to tell Kendra why she was staying with Louise though in case anyone else heard their conversation.
The seminar was fairly routine. They were given some questions to answer on the book that they had read, and had to work on it in small groups. Hannah was put into a group with Janie and a boy from the class who she did not actually know very well. Whilst they were working, Hannah got the urge to pee. As she still had over half the seminar left, and Hannah did not feel like sitting in a wet pull-up for that long, Hannah quickly excused herself and went to the toilets. She managed to make it before she wet herself, which Hannah was glad about, as she had left her bag in the classroom.
When Hannah had finished in the bathroom, she went back into the classroom and got back to work.

After the seminar had finished, the class was told that the lecture had been cancelled as the lecturer who was supposed to be taking it had phoned in sick. No one else had the notes for it either. This meant that Hannah and everyone else could go home earlier. Paula and Sammy didn’t stick around at all, and headed home straight out of the classroom. The rest of them went back to the canteen for a bit. The five of them were only there for ten minutes before Georgina decided to head home as well.
As Stacey, Janie and Kendra all lived in the halls of residence, Hannah decided to walk back with the three of them then walk to the car park to go home. She was hoping that it might give her an opportunity to talk to Kendra alone, or maybe even go to Kendra’s flat and run into Jamie.
The first flat that they walked past was Stacey’s. Then it was Janie’s. Finally there was just Kendra and Hannah left.
“Do you want to come in for a bit?” Kendra asked.
“Yeah ok. Um, will Jamie be around?”
“I don’t know. He might be” said Kendra smiling. They both went into the flat. Hannah looked over towards Jamie’s door as Kendra unlocked her door. When Kendra had opened her door, they both went in the room. Kendra moved some things off the bed, and then sat down. Hannah sat down as well and dropped her bag onto the floor.
As Hannah had not seen Kendra since before she went to see the doctor, Hannah filled Kendra in on what had happened.
“So what is going to happen now then?” Kendra asked.
“I have to go to the hospital. I am going over the Christmas holidays to see a urologist” Hannah replied.
“Will you let me know what happens? Give me a ring or an email or something” Kendra asked.
“Yeah. Oh and guess what”
“I am going to my sisters for a couple of days,” Hannah said.
“Oh. Ok”
“Well, you know the whole me having more accidents thing. Well, I wanted to try um, wearing nappies full time. That way I don’t have to change every time I pee”
“So what does this have to do with going to your sister’s?”
“I didn’t really want to do the whole wearing all the time thing at home in case I decided that I preferred pull-ups when I am out. And I don’t really know how my mum is going to react to it. This way if I change my mind my mum doesn’t need to know anything about it. And if I want to carry on with wearing nappies then at least I can say that I have experienced it for a couple of days to my mum” Hannah explained.
“Oh right ok. So how long are you staying at your sisters for then?”
“Um, I will go back there after class on Thursday and then pack up my stuff and come over here for the date and staying over with you”
“Are you going to wear a nappy on your date with Jamie then?” Kendra asked.
“I don’t think so. I mean even if I come over here in a nappy, I can always change into a pull-up can’t I”
“Yeah I suppose so. So you don’t want to go out on the date in a nappy then? But will you be coming to uni on Thursday in one?”
“I don’t want to go on the date in one in case Jamie notices it and yeah I’m going to be in one in the day. That is the whole point of wearing them all the time really. So that I can see what it is like to wear them out of the house” Hannah said.
“What are you doing tomorrow then?” Kendra asked.
“Um. Nothing really. Why?”
“I don’t have any classes tomorrow, so do you want to do something? Or is to too far for you to travel, when you are not actually coming for a class”
“It’s not too far. What sort of thing do you have in mind then?”
“I don’t know. We could work on the assignment for a bit, then go into town and look around the shops for a bit”
“That sounds cool. I will have to wait and see what my sister and Allie have in mind for tomorrow though. Louise will be at work, but I don’t know what Allie will be doing”
“Oh ok. When will you know then?”
“Some time tonight probably,” Hannah answered. “I will give you a ring, or text you and let you know”
“Cool” said Kendra. They moved onto another topic in their conversation. Kendra told Hannah about how she had worn a nappy over night and had even gone into the kitchen in it to get breakfast the next morning.
“So did you see anyone else?”
“Yep. I ran into Kevin” Kendra said. Kevin was the flatmate that Hannah had met during the fire alarm when she had stayed over in Kendra’s room.
“Did he notice?”
“Nope. But I was really paranoid. I was sat at the table when he walked in, and I ended up sitting there until he left as well because I didn’t want to get up”
“You will get more used to it, once you start wearing them more often”
“Yeah. I still want to get some pull-ups though,” Kendra said. “And that way I might not be so paranoid about people been able to tell all the time”
“So how come you don’t get some then?”
“I don’t really want to get them delivered here. You know, just in case anyone sees it and asks what it is. Besides I will be going home for Christmas at the end of the week. If I have enough money I should be able to get some then”
“Won’t your parents wonder what it is?”
“My dad is at work every day so I don’t have to worry about him. It is just my mum and my sister that I need to worry about”
“If you wanted, you could get them sent to my house and then I could bring them into uni for you. Although I don’t know if there would be enough time before you go home. We could do it when term starts again though”
“Ok. Thanks” Kendra said. At that point Hannah realised that she had not been to the toilet in almost two hours. As she was thinking that, Hannah suddenly became aware of how warm her pull-up felt.
“Um, is it alright if I use your toilet” she said.
“Yeah go ahead,” said Kendra. Hannah carefully got off the bed, and then turned round to look at the spot where she had been sat. Hannah didn’t know how long she had been wet for, so wanted to check that her pull-up hadn’t leaked onto Kendra’s bed. Once Hannah was satisfied that she hadn’t leaked onto Kendra’s bed, she bent down to pick up her bag.
“I um, well. I kinda need my bag with me” Hannah said. She was reluctant to actually tell Kendra that she had wet her pull-up, even though Hannah knew that it was blatantly obvious.
“That’s fine. I will be here when you are finished,” said Kendra. She grabbed her TV remote and turned on the TV, so that Hannah didn’t have to be worried about Kendra hearing any noises from the bathroom.

After Hannah finished in the bathroom, it was not very long before she decided to head back home. Kendra said that she would walk Hannah to the car park. The reason that Hannah wanted to leave was because she had felt really awkward about the fact that she had wet herself in Kendra’s room and had not even noticed for ages afterwards. Even though Hannah had had accidents and worn nappies around Kendra before, this one occasion made Hannah more awkward and uncomfortable than any accident had done before. Kendra had told her not to worry about it, but Hannah couldn’t help but do just that. The fact that she was nervous about staying at Louise and Allie’s did not exactly help either.
Once Hannah and Kendra got to Hannah’s car, Hannah unlocked it and then hugged Kendra goodbye. The last thing Hannah said before she drove off was that she would ring or text Kendra at some point that evening about doing something tomorrow.

When Hannah got home she went straight up to her room and began packing up everything she was going to need. She made sure to take some clothes that would disguise her nappy when she went out. After the clothes and other things were packed, Hannah went over to the cupboard where her nappies, pull-ups and other changing things were kept. She put a couple of pull-ups in her bag, as well as some powder and a packet of wipes. When it came to the nappies, Hannah wasn’t sure how many to pack. As she had never worn them full time before she had no idea how many she would actually use in a full day. She tried to work it out based on how many times she went to the toilet in a day, including the times that she went in a nappy. Eventually Hannah decided to pack five nappies per day, plus three for the rest of Tuesday. That meant that she was taking 13 with her.
“I can always come back and get more if I need to” she said to herself. Hannah decided to change into a nappy now, so that she would be ready to go and would not need to change into a nappy when she got to Louise’s flat. Also she would be able to show Allie and Louise that she was finally able to get her own nappy on. She moved her bags onto the floor so that she was able to lie out on the bed.

Once Hannah had packed up her things and put a nappy on, she took her two bags downstairs. She dropped them both by the front door and then went to make a drink. Hannah knew that Allie wouldn’t be back home for quite a while so she had some time to waste.
“Uni stuff!” she suddenly said as she stood at the kitchen sink drinking a glass of water. Hannah had forgotten to pack any of the things she would need for university over the next couple of days, including a book that she had to read for her seminar next Tuesday. Hannah put her glass on the side, and then went upstairs to get what she would need. When that was done, she put the other bag next to the two that were already by the front door.
Hannah still had some time to kill however, which was largely due to the fact that she had not had her lecture that morning. Even though she had been at Kendra’s for a while, she had still gotten home a lot earlier than she had expected to. Hannah decided to go on the Internet for a bit, until she was going to ring and see if Allie was at home.

A couple of hours later Hannah switched off the computer and went to ring Louise and Allie’s flat. As she stood up Hannah looked down at her nappy, and was disappointed to see that it was wet. She had wet herself again because she was concentrating on what she was doing on the computer rather than thinking about needing to pee. It didn’t really concern Hannah too much as she was already in a nappy, so it was not as if she had to bother changing herself before she went over to Louise’s flat. Hannah went to use the phone in her mum’s room to ring Allie.
Allie had already been in for half an hour when Hannah rang, so she said that Hannah could come round whenever she was ready. Hannah made sure that she had everything that she was going to need, and then she put on her jacket and shoes. The last thing Hannah did before she left the house was looking at herself in the mirror, which was on the wall in the hallway. She was checking to see whether the wet nappy she was wearing was visible, or if there was any kind of noticeable bulge.
When Hannah was satisfied that no one was going to notice what she was wearing she picked up her bags and headed out of the house.
She locked up the house and then unlocked her car door. Hannah put the bags in the boot of the car and then got in the drivers seat to drive to Louise and Allie’s flat.

Chapter Twenty Eight

On the car journey over to the flat, Hannah was apprehensive about the whole thing. She knew that she wanted to try wearing nappies full time, but couldn’t believe that it was actually going to happen.
When Hannah got to Louise and Allie’s flat, she grabbed her bags out of the boot and walked up to the flat. She managed to knock on the door, despite holding the three bags and her car keys. Allie quickly answered the door and took a couple of the bags from Hannah.
“We might as well put these in the spare room now” Allie said. Hannah walked in the flat and closed the door behind her. She then followed Allie into the spare bedroom. Allie dropped the bags she was holding onto the floor. Hannah did the same thing. “Louise said that I should put you in a nappy straight away, even if your pull-up is dry”
“Um, I am already wearing a nappy. I put it on before I left home,” Hannah said.
“You did. So does that mean that you are going to be changing yourself whilst you are here?”
“I’m going to have to at least some of the time. Like when you and Louise aren’t around. Actually have you planned anything for tomorrow?”
“Nope. Lou will be at work. And I might have to go into work for a couple of hours at least”
“Well, my friend Kendra has asked if I want to go over tomorrow so we can work on this assignment that’s due in after Christmas. And also maybe to go into town”
“Oh ok. Well, that will probably be good. I mean there is no point you staying here to wear nappies full time, and then not go anywhere really”
“Nope” Hannah said. “This way I am going to be at uni for a bit and in town. So what’s happening tonight?”
“Well, we talked about ordering a takeaway. Maybe renting a DVD from Blockbuster. You and me could walk up to the shops and look in Blockbuster later on. Is there anything out now that you want to see?”
“Um, I don’t know. We can look round and see can’t we” Hannah said. She put her car keys in her handbag, and then dropped the bag onto her bed.
“Yeah. We will have to wait until Louise gets back first though. It will probably be a couple of hours until then. So what do you want to do until then?”
“I don’t know. What would you be doing if I weren’t here?”
“Nothing probably. I need to wash up the breakfast pots from this morning”
“I can help you. You wash and I will dry and put away then,” Hannah said decisively. They both went into the kitchen and Allie started to put the water in the sink.

An hour and a half later when Louise arrived home, Allie and Hannah were sitting on the sofa chatting. The TV was on in the background, but neither of them appeared to be watching it.
“Hey you two. What you watching?” Louise said as she put her bag on the side and took of her coat. “Allie, did you tell Han about our plans for the evening?” she asked as she walked across the room. She bent down and gave Allie a quick kiss.
“Yeah. Hannah and me are going to walk over to Blockbuster later on. Do you fancy coming round as well? Help choose what we are going to watch tonight?”
“Yeah ok. When are you going?” Louise asked.
“Um, its half five now. How about we go in an hour or something. Then we can ring for some food when we get back”
“Ok. Sounds like a plan” Louise said. “I’m just gonna go get changed quickly”. She went into the bedroom leaving Hannah and Allie alone again.
“Is there anything better on TV?” Hannah said. Allie handed over the remote control and Hannah flicked through the channels, eventually settling on one channel.
When Louise came back into the main room of the flat, she said down next to Allie.
“Are you looking forward to the next couple of days?” she said to Hannah.
“I don’t know. It will be good to know what it is like to be in nappies all the time”
“Yeah. Are you doing anything tomorrow?”
“Yep. I’m going into uni and spending some time with Kendra. We are going into town to look around for a bit”
“There is one thing that I’m wondering about the whole me wearing nappies”
“What’s that?”
“When does it end? I mean I know I am doing it for a trial period now to see if it is something that I would want to try permanently. Well I am going out on the date with Jamie on Thursday evening, and I don’t really want to have to wear a nappy then”
“That’s fine. You can change into a pull-up before you leave here. But Han,”
“If you decide that wearing nappies full time is something that you want to do, then you will have to wait until you have had a chance to talk to mum. She will want to know about it if you are deciding to change something like that”
“I am going to talk to mum about it. I wouldn’t just do something like that and not even tell her,” said Hannah. She knew that her nappy was fairly wet, but she didn’t see the point in changing until just before she was going to be going out. That way it would be guaranteed that she would at least be going out in a dry nappy.
For the next forty minutes the three of them chatted and watched the TV.
“How about we get going?” Allie suddenly said.
“Yeah” Louise said. Allie stood up to fetch her shoes.
“I’m just going to go change,” Hannah said. Louise watched in amazement as Hannah walked into her bedroom and closed the door. Louise had not been told about Hannah been able to change herself. Allie quickly explained it to Louise, whilst Hannah changed herself.
Once Hannah was in a dry nappy, and everyone had their coats and shoes on, they set of walking. It was a fifteen-minute walk to Blockbuster and the other local shops.
As they walked to the shopping area Louise slipped her arm through Hannah’s. “Well done for doing your you know what earlier on” Louise said to Hannah.
“Thanks. I figured I needed to do it myself more often, because I am going to need to do it when I am out at some point” Hannah said.

When they got to Blockbuster, they began looking at the rows of DVD’s, trying to decide which one to pick.
Eventually the three of them decided on a couple of films. They went up to the counter to pay, grabbing a bottle of coke and a bag of popcorn on the way. Allie paid for the things whilst Louise and Hannah stood just behind her.
As Hannah was stood there she realised that she needed to pee. Hannah was quite bothered by this, as the only times she had wet her nappies in public had been when it was fairly dark so no one would have been able to see. The lights in Blockbuster were fairly bright, and even outside there was the light coming from some of the shops and the streetlights. However Hannah knew that there was no way that she was going to be able to hold it for the fifteen-minute walk back to the flat. In fact as she stood there, Hannah doubted that she was going to be able to hold it in until she got out of the shop. Hannah looked over to the counter where the guy was just putting the money in the till. He slowly got out the change. As he was doing that Hannah came to the conclusion that she was going to have to pee her nappy in the middle of Blockbuster. She subtly moved her legs slightly further apart and then felt herself peeing.
“Hannah are you coming?” she heard Allie saying. The guy behind the counter had finished giving Allie her change, so they were ready to leave.
“Um, yeah” she said. Hannah walked fairly slowly, waiting for the stream of pee to stop. When Hannah had finished, she quickly caught up with Allie and Louise.
“What was that about?” Louise asked when Hannah was walking next to her.
“Uh nothing” said Hannah going slightly red. “Aren’t we going to go back to the flat?” she said to change the subject.
“Yeah”. Hannah went ahead of Louise and Allie so that she didn’t have to look at them. Hannah was walking fairly fast, which meant that she was getting more and more ahead of Allie and Louise who were strolling along fairly slowly.
“Han, slow down will you” Louise called out. Hannah stopped and turned round. She waited until Louise and Allie had caught up with her. Hannah waited to see if either of them was going to ask her again what had happened. When neither of them said anything, Hannah decided that it would be ok if she carried on walking with them both.
“What sort of food are we ordering?” Hannah asked.
“Um, we could have pizza. Or Chinese. Or Indian” Allie said. “Or something else. What are you in the mood for?”
“Chinese sounds good. But I mean what do you two want?” Hannah said.
“I was actually in the mood for Chinese” Louise said. “Al?”
“Chinese it is then” Louise said.

When they got back to the flat, they took of their coats and jackets. Allie went into the kitchen and found the menu for the Chinese place. Once she had found it, she brought it back out to let the other two look at it.
Once they had decided what to get Louise rang up and was told that it would be delivered within half an hour.
“Is it ok if I um, have my nappy uncovered?” Hannah asked when Louise had hung up the phone. Hannah was used to wearing only a nappy so it was rather strange for her to be wearing trousers over it. “It’s just I’m not used to wearing clothes over my nappy” she explained.
“Yes that’s fine. Why don’t you go do it now? Then we can start watching one of the films,” Louise said. Allie went to get a blanket whilst Hannah went into her room to take her trousers off.
As Hannah started to undo her trousers, she realised that her wet nappy would be completely on show. This meant that Allie and Louise would immediately realise what Hannah had been doing at Blockbuster, if they didn’t already know it.
Hannah laid her trousers on the bed, and then decided to change into a different t-shirt. The one she was wearing was not particularly long, so Hannah wanted to change into one that was a bit longer. She settled on the one that she had brought to sleep in. That way if Louise or Allie asked why she had changed, Hannah could say that she had decided to get ready for bed.
When Hannah went back into the lounge, Louise and Allie were sat on the sofa with a blanket over them. The TV was on and one of the DVD’s that they had rented was ready to play. Louise lifted up the side of the blanket.
“Are you coming to sit down?” she asked Hannah.
“Yep” said Hannah. She went to sit down next to Louise, who then put the blanket over Hannah as well. Allie pressed play on the control and the DVD started to play.
There was very little conversation once the DVD was playing. Louise asked what one of the actresses had been in before because she looked familiar.
It was Allie who got up to get the food when it arrived. Whilst she paid, Louise went to get some plates to eat it from. Hannah stayed sitting under the blanket waiting for them both to come back.
When Allie and Louise sat back down and got comfortable, Hannah started the DVD again. The three of them began eating.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Twenty Nine

An hour later the DVD finished. Hannah got up to take it out of the machine and put the other one in. Whilst she was doing that Allie cleared up the plates, and grabbed the popcorn. Louise got up to go to the toilet.
Once the three were settled again, Hannah started the DVD and they sat and watched it. The only sounds were of one of them munching on popcorn or drinking their glasses of coke.
About half way through the film Hannah realised that she needed to poop. She knew that she probably wouldn’t be able to do it sat on the sofa, but she also did not particularly want to stand up or squat down in front of Allie and Louise. Even though a week ago, Hannah had had no issues with doing that, for some reason it was not something that she wanted to do tonight.
“I’ll be back in a couple of minutes,” she said lifting the blanket off herself and standing up.
“Do you want us to pause the DVD for you?” Allie asked.
“Yeah ok” Hannah said. She went into her bedroom and closed the door behind her. Then she stood next to the bed and soon was messing herself. Before she started to change herself, Hannah got out her phone and quickly rang Kendra so they could decide what time Hannah should go over in the morning.
“Hey Kendra, it’s Hannah” she said.
“Hi Han” Kendra said.
“I can come over tomorrow, if you still want me to”
“Yeah cool. What time do you want to come over?”
“I don’t know. I mean Louise and Allie will both be at work first thing in the morning. So I can come over whatever time”
“Ok. How about you come over for about eleven. We can work on the assignment for a bit, and then go into town. We can get lunch here, or we can get something in town” Kendra said.
“Alright. I’ll give you a ring when I get to the car park”
“Ok. See you tomorrow” Kendra said. They both hung up and Hannah dropped her phone onto the bed.
Once Hannah had finished she was left with the dilemma of what to do next. Although Hannah could change herself now she was reluctant to clean up a messy nappy because she would not be able to be sure that she had cleaned herself up properly. On the other hand Hannah didn’t really want to go and ask Allie or Louise to change her, because she was trying to be more independent. “I will do it myself,” she said out loud. She grabbed the wipes from her bag and put them on her bed. Then she noticed the old towel that was on the chest of drawers. Hannah realised that Louise and Allie had put it in there for her, or it had been left over from when it was used the previous week. Hannah untaped her nappy and she lowered it gently onto the towel. She carefully grabbed the wipes and began to wipe herself, dropping the used wipes into the nappy.
When Hannah was satisfied that she was clean, she bent down to clear away the used nappy, so that she would be able to lie down on the towel to put a fresh nappy on.

In the lounge, Louise and Allie were sat there waiting for Hannah to come out of the bedroom so that they could start the DVD again. “How do you think it’s going so far? With Hannah in the nappies?” Louise asked quietly. “What was she like when she first arrived?”
“I think it’s going well so far. She didn’t put up any objections to having to go out. When she got here she couldn’t wait to tell me that she had changed herself”
“Aw, that’s sweet. What is taking her so long?” Louise said, turning around so that she could look at the bedroom door.
“I don’t know. Maybe she needed to change or something”
“Yeah. Did you see her in Blockbuster? She was obviously peeing”
“I know. But I don’t think anyone else would have noticed because they wouldn’t have been looking out for it” Allie said.
“No. But Hannah was obviously uncomfortable with what she did. I mean the way she walked off at top speed shows that”
“She will probably get more used to it” said Allie. They heard the bedroom door opening, so they both turned round to see Hannah walking out. “Are you alright? You were gone for quite a while”
“Yeah I’m fine. I just needed a change,” Hannah said. She had a bag with her. “What do you want me to do with this?”
“Just put it in the bin in the kitchen. We can throw it outside tomorrow,” Allie said. Hannah quickly took the bag into the kitchen. When she came back into the lounge she went over to the sofa and sat down next to Louise again. Allie started the DVD again and they all resumed watching it.

“I’m gonna go to bed” Louise said when the DVD finished. “I’ve got to be up for work in the morning”
“I think I’ll go to bed as well,” Allie said. They both stood up. “Will you be up in the morning before we leave?” Allie asked Hannah.
“I don’t know. Probably since I am meeting Kendra at eleven. I will have to set off between ten and half past”
“Oh ok. I might see you in the morning then” said Louise. She and Allie went into their bedroom leaving Hannah alone, with only the TV for company.
Hannah flicked through the channels, but couldn’t find anything that she actually wanted to watch. She ended up heading to bed about ten minutes after Louise and Allie had gone.
After setting her alarm on her phone and switching off the light Hannah moved the things off the bed, and then climbed in under the sheets. Her nappy was still dry from when she had changed it earlier so Hannah did not need to bother changing before going to bed. She stretched out in bed, enjoying the extra room. At home she a single bed, whereas the one she was sleeping in now was a double.

When Hannah’s alarm went off the next morning, she sleepily fumbled around, trying to find her phone to switch it off. As soon as the room was silent again, Hannah pulled the covers off of her body, and shivered. Her nappy was really wet, but Hannah couldn’t be bothered to change it. She got out of bed and went out into the lounge. Allie and Louise were both fully dressed and sat eating breakfast at the table.
“Morning” she said as she headed into the kitchen to get something to eat.
“Morning Han. Did you sleep well?” Louise said.
“Yep” Hannah called from the kitchen. “Is the milk on the table?”
“Yeah”. Hannah came back into the room. She put the bowl of cereal on the table and pulled out the chair. She sat down and grabbed the cereal.
“Did you want one of us to change you before we leave for work?” Louise asked Hannah.
“No it’s ok. I’m gonna have breakfast then take it off before I go take a shower” Hannah said. “Thanks for offering though” she added.
Hannah was halfway through her bowl of cereal when Louise had to leave for work. Louise gave Hannah a quick hug, and kiss Allie before leaving the flat. Allie still had half an hour before she had to leave.
As Hannah and Allie were talking, Hannah felt happy. She was happy that Louise and Allie were a couple, and that she got on really well with Allie. It was like having two older sisters rather than just one and it went some way to make up for the fact that Hannah was not particularly close to her older brother Ted. Hannah was actually closer to Ted’s wife Sandra than she was to her brother.
Hannah stayed at the table chatting to Allie until Allie had to leave for work. When that happened Hannah went into the bathroom. She needed to pee, but knew that there was little chance of her nappy taking another wetting and not leaking, and she also knew that there was no way she would be able to hold and took off her nappy. Leaving the nappy on the floor to deal with later, Hannah got into the shower.

An hour later Hannah was ready to leave the flat. In her bag were two extra nappies as well as wipes, powder and a couple of carrier bags to put any used nappies in. Her bag was barely able to fit all that stuff in alone with her phone and purse. There was no way that any of the things she needed to take to work on the assignment would fit in there as well, so Hannah ended up carrying those things loose.
Hannah had her own key to the flat, which she had been given when Allie and Louise had moved in there. It meant that she could get in when she came over. However Hannah had hardly ever used it, except to let herself out on those times when Louise and Allie left before her after she stayed over.
Hannah left the flat locking the door behind her, and then headed down to her car. After dumping her bag and work on the passenger seat, Hannah got in the car and drove off.
On the drive to university Hannah was wondering what was going to happen when she was walking around the shops. She wondered whether she would act differently, or change the way she walked to better hide that fact that she was wearing a nappy under her clothes. Whilst Hannah was thinking about these things, the thought of how she was going to change her nappy suddenly struck her. Hannah had only just learnt how to change her nappy when she was lying down. Hannah realised that laying down would be impossible in the public toilet, either because there would not be enough room, or because the floor was dirty. This would mean that any changes would need to be done whilst she was stood up. “I don’t know if I will be able to do that,” Hannah said to herself. “Having to hold the nappy in place whilst I tape it up sounds kinda difficult”. After mulling it over, Hannah decided to try and change just before going into town, and then hopefully she wouldn’t need to change again in town.
When Hannah got to university, she parked and then grabbed her things off the passenger seat. She began walking to Kendra’s flat, getting out her phone and ringing Kendra as she walked. “Hey Kendra. I’m walking to yours now” she said.
“Ok. I’ll just put some shoes on and come up to meet you” Kendra said. They both hung up and Hannah carried on walking.
Hannah was practically at Kendra’s flat before she spotted Kendra walking towards her.
“Hey Kendra”
“Hi Han” Kendra said. “Do you want me to carry something?”
“No I’m ok” Hannah replied. “So where do you want to work on the assignment? In your room or in the library or something?”
“I don’t mind. But we will have to go to my room first anyway. Just so I can get my books”
“We might as well work in your room then” Hannah said. They both walked towards Kendra’s flat. “Is Jamie in?”
“Nope. He went out to a lecture. Then he said he had plans with some friends”
“Oh ok. I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow then,” Hannah said, smiling as she thought about her date.
“You are really looking forward to this aren’t you” Kendra said noticing her smile.
“Yeah. I haven’t been on a date for ages and Jamie seems really nice. I just hope it goes ok”
“Oh, it will” Kendra said. By this time they were at Kendra’s flat. Kendra opened the door and they both walked in. Kendra then opened her door. As they went in, Hannah dropped her things on the chair, before going to sit on the bed. Kendra got some papers from her shelves before she joined Hannah on the bed. “I really can’t be bothered with this assignment,” Kendra said before she had even looked down at the papers that lay in her lap. Hannah stood up and got her things.
“Come on. We don’t have to bother writing anything. If we just talk about it, then we will have more of an idea for when we do actually have to write it,” Hannah said, trying to encourage Kendra.
“Oh ok” Kendra said. She got out the sheet that everyone had been given about the assignment, and started reading it out.

Three quarters of an hour both girls were bored. They both knew the sorts of things that they needed to put into their assignments, but couldn’t really do any more work on it without actually starting to write it.
“Are you ready to go into town then?” Kendra asked.
“I guess. I just want to change first,” Hannah said.
“Oh yeah. I forgot about that. How’s it been going so far?”
“Ok I guess” Hannah said uncertainly.
“You guess?”
“Well, we were in Blockbuster last night and I needed to, you know, pee. And I didn’t really want to do it in there because there were people around that would have seen. I tried to wait until we got outside, then that way it would have been dark so no one would have been able to see my face. But I couldn’t hold it. Right in the middle Allie and Louise wanted to leave, and I was just stood there waiting to finish what I was doing. It was so embarrassing and it was so obvious to them both what I had been doing. I’m just grateful that neither of them really said anything about it”
“Oh man. I would hate for something like that to happen to me,” Kendra said.
“But you would probably at least be able to hold it until you got outside. I couldn’t even manage that,” Hannah pointed out.
“Yeah probably. So were do you want to get changed? And do you need me to help you like last time?”
“No you’re alright. I can do it myself now. I figured that I had to learn since I might need to change when there was no one else there. But I can only do it lying down, so I kind of need to do it in here”
“Ok that’s fine. I’m just gonna go to the toilet. Just let me know when you’ve finished” Kendra said. “You can use my bed if you want. Rather than laying on the floor”
“Thanks”. Kendra locked the door to her bedroom, and then went into the bathroom shutting the door behind her whilst Hannah got out a fresh nappy and everything else she would need. Hannah then went back to the bed and undid her jeans. Pulling them down and then stepping out of them, Hannah got to work on changing her wet nappy.
When Hannah had changed into a dry nappy, she pulled her jeans back on and made sure that the nappy couldn’t be seen. When Hannah had done all that and put everything away, she knocked on the bathroom door to let Kendra know that she had finished.
Ten minutes after that, the two girls were ready to go. Hannah took all her things with her so that she didn’t need to bother going back to Kendra’s if she didn’t want to.
They both walked up to the car park. Hannah dropped her books onto the backseat along with her bag. Once they were both in the car Hannah switched on the stereo and started the car.
“So where do you want to go first?” Kendra said.
“I don’t know. I mean it is kind of early to be getting lunch,” Hannah said looking at the clock on the dashboard. It was only just after twelve.
“Yeah I suppose so. How about if we look around a couple of shops then go to subway or something to get a sandwich?”
“Yep. Ok. Sounds good” Hannah replied. For the next couple of minutes there was no conversation between the two of them. Hannah concentrated on driving, whilst Kendra appeared to be deep in thought.
“What are you going to do if you need to change whilst we are in town?” Kendra said suddenly to break the silence.
“I’m hoping I will be able to avoid it. That’s why I changed at yours”
“Oh right. So didn’t you actually need a change before then?”
“Well, if I hadn’t have been doing anything else, I would probably have waited a bit longer to change” Hannah said. “It was fairly wet though,” she added.
“So did you wear a nappy last night?”
“No. I couldn’t because I ended up hanging out with one of the girls that lives in the flat next to mine. We watched a couple of DVD’s. I was actually at hers when you called. By the time I got back to mine, it was fairly late, and I knew that I would have to get up this morning to be ready for you coming” Kendra explained. “I will probably wait for the weekend and wear one then”
“You could wear one when I stay over on Thursday” Hannah suggested.
“But you will probably be getting back late, and we will have a class first thing on Friday” Kendra pointed out.
“Oh yeah”.

After Hannah had parked, they headed to one of the clothes shops that were on the way to Subway, which was where they had decided to have lunch. They both picked out a few things to try on, then headed for the changing rooms. Kendra and Hannah went into booths next to each other. Before Hannah even took off her jacket she made sure that the curtain was closed and no one would be able to see in.
When that was done Hannah took of her jacket, and then took off the rest of her clothes until she was down to only her sock, bra and nappy. Hannah had picked out a top, skirt and a pair of jeans to try on. The first thing she did was pull the top on. Following that, she put the skirt on, but was disappointed when she looked in the mirror. Hannah quickly realised that the nappy was very obvious under the skirt.
“Han,” she heard Kendra saying. “I’m wearing that pair of jeans and the t-shirt. Are you in the clothes yet?”
“Um, almost. Just a second” said Hannah. She didn’t know what to do. There was no way Hannah had time to change into the trousers, and even if she did have time, there was no guarantee that the nappy wouldn’t show with them on. “Kendra” Hannah said. She opened the curtain a little bit and motioned for Kendra to come in. Kendra immediately noticed that the nappy was obvious through the skirt. “I like that t-shirt. It looks really nice” Hannah said.
“Thanks. I don’t really have the money to buy it though”
“I don’t really feel like trying the jeans on,” Hannah said. “Why don’t we both just change into our own clothes and go for some lunch”. Hannah wondered what would happen if she did start wearing nappies all the time.
“Ok” said Kendra. She left Hannah alone, and went to change her clothes. Hannah checked the curtain again then looked at herself in the mirror again. Her eyes focused on her waist and hips.
‘Am I going to need to change my entire wardrobe?’ she thought as she started to take off the skirt. ‘Will I not be able to wear certain types of clothes again?’. As she pulled off the skirt, Hannah was surprised that her nappy looked wet. It had been dry when she had put the skirt on.
Hannah quickly got dressed and put the clothes back on their hangers, then pulled back the curtain. Kendra had already changed and was waiting for Hannah. They quickly hung up the clothes then walked out of the shop, heading for Subway.

Chapter Thirty

When they got to Subway, Hannah and Kendra went over to the counter. There were a couple of people in front of them, so the two girls had to wait. Whilst they were waiting, they chatting about what sort of sandwich they wanted. Another couple of people came into the shop and joined the queue behind Hannah and Kendra.
“How long have you two been waiting?” one of them asked.
“Um, only a couple of minutes” Kendra replied.
“Good. I’m starving,” said the same guy. Hannah was called up to the counter, leaving Kendra talking to the two guys.
Just as Hannah got to the cash register, Kendra spoke to her. “Han, Alex and Ollie are going to pay”. Hannah assumed that Alex and Ollie were the two guys that Kendra was talking to. “These two are paying for our sandwiches” Kendra said to the woman that was stood behind the cash register. Kendra grabbed her sandwich.
“Ok” the women said.
“Come on Han. Lets find a table whilst Alex and Ollie pay” Kendra said. She grabbed Hannah’s arm and pulled her over to a table. It had four seats around it. “You don’t mind if they join us for lunch do you. I figured it was only fair since they paid for it”
“Oh ok” Hannah said. The two guys came over and sat down at the table. One of them had longish brown hair and the other had black hair.
“Alex, Ollie, this is Hannah” Kendra said. “Han, this is Alex,” she said indicating the one that was sat opposite Hannah. It was the one with the brown hair. “And this is Ollie” she said indicating the other one. “I got that the right way round didn’t I?” she asked the two guys.
“Yeah” Alex said. “Hi Hannah”
“Hi” Hannah said. At any other time, Hannah would have been fine with this situation. The two guys seemed fairly nice, and both were good looking. But today, Hannah didn’t really feel up to chatting to two guys. She would have rather sat with Kendra and felt under no pressure to have a conversation. The fact that she felt very self-conscious because she was wearing a nappy did not help either.
For the first few minutes, Hannah sat there eating her sandwich and listening to the conversation that Kendra was having with Alex and Ollie.
“So are you at uni then?” Kendra asked.
“Yeah. But not the one here. We went to school together, and are both at home for Christmas and thought we would meet up and check out if anything had changed since September”
“Oh right. Has anything changed then?” Kendra asked.
“Nope not really” Alex replied.
“Yeah, everything still looks the same” Ollie added. “So are at uni here then?”
“Yeah, we both are” Kendra said. Both the guys looked over at Hannah.
“We both do the same course,” Hannah said. As soon as she had said it, Hannah felt like an idiot. She felt as if she had just said something stupid and now Alex and Ollie would think she was stupid.
“Really. What course is that?” Alex said smiling at Hannah.
“Um, English Literature and Education Studies” Hannah replied.
“Cool. I do English Literature at my uni as well” Alex said.
“What uni are you at? Are you both at the same one?” Kendra asked.
“No, we’re not at the same one. I’m at Leeds” Ollie said.
“And I’m at Swansea”
“So you are not exactly near to each other then” Hannah commented.
“Nope” Ollie said. From then on, the conversation flowed fairly easily between the four of the, and Hannah had completely changed her mind on eating lunch with the two of them.
“So are you both living in halls then?” Alex asked.
“I am, but Hannah drives in from home”
“Really. How far away do you live?”
“Um, it usually takes about half an hour to get over. Depending on the traffic” Hannah answered. She then looked over at Kendra and was surprised that she looked deep in conversation with Ollie. Both of them were leaning in across the table. Hannah realised that she was going to have to carry on talking to Alex whilst Kendra was talking to Ollie.
“Oh right cool” Alex said.
“Yep” Hannah said.
“So how come you decided to stay at home, rather than living in halls?”
“Well, it is only me and my mum at home, and we are quite close, so I didn’t want to be living to far away from her” said Hannah. ‘Man, I sound like such a complete loser’ she thought.
“So are your parents divorced then?” Alex asked.
“No. My dad died four years ago” Hannah said quickly.
“Oh, I’m sorry”
“So do you have any brothers or sisters?” Alex asked.
“Yeah. One older brother and one older sister. My brother lives quite far away with his wife and three kids. And my sister lives about ten minutes away from me and my mum”
“Your brother is married with kids? How old is he?”
“30. And my sister is 28. They have a different dad to me”
“Oh right. So does your sister have any kids?”
“Nope” Hannah said.
“I’m just going to refill my drink,” Alex said. “Do you want me to refill yours as well?”
"Yea…"said Hannah. At that point she remembered her nappy, and that anything she drank would end up in there. Hannah did not want to have to wet her nappy when she was with people that she did not know very well. As Hannah didn’t know how long she was going to be hanging around with Alex and Ollie, she realised that it would be better not to drink a lot and then she would be less likely to need to pee. “Um, actually no, I’m good”
“Ok” Alex said. He got up leaving Hannah with Kendra and Ollie.
“I’m just going to refill my drink as well,” Ollie said when he noticed that Alex had gone.
“Did you mind them joining us? I mean I didn’t really give you a chance to object to it before” Kendra said.
“I wasn’t too thrilled to start with, but they both seem really cool” Hannah replied. “So is something happening between you and Ollie, because the way you were leaning in towards each other over the table, made it look as if the two of you were practically kissing”.
“Really” said Kendra. She sounded surprised. At that point the two girls noticed Alex and Ollie walking back to the table. Hannah couldn’t help but notice that Alex was the taller of the two by a couple of inches. They both sat back down again.
“So do either of you have plans for the rest of the afternoon?” Ollie asked. On hearing this Hannah began to get a bit worried. The nappy she was wearing was already wet, and Hannah didn’t want to end up having to change in town. If that happened then she would have no nappies left, so would have to stay in it until she got back to Louise and Allie’s flat.
“Not really” Kendra said. “We were just going to wonder around some shops. How about you?”
“Nothing really. We have already looked around for a bit. We were just going to go home”. Hannah didn’t know whether or not to be relieved at hearing this. On one hand they could just leave and then Hannah wouldn’t have to worry about using her nappy. On the other hand, because they didn’t have any other plans they could decide to hang around with her and Kendra for longer.
“Oh. So I guess this is goodbye” Kendra said. “I mean unless…” she added.
“Unless?” Ollie said.
“Yeah. I mean do you want to do something”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know” Kendra said. The conversation was now between Ollie and Kendra. Hannah and Alex were stood to the side waiting for them both to finish talking. Alex looked towards Hannah and rolled his eyes. Hannah smiled.
Eventually Kendra and Ollie came to a decision. They were all going to go to the cinema. That is if Hannah and Alex wanted to go as well. Alex had no choice really since he was relying on Ollie to get back home. And Hannah didn’t want to leave Kendra in town, even though Kendra could have gotten the bus back.
“Yeah I’ll go,” she said.
“Ok. But before we set off, I have to go pee” Kendra said. She went through to the toilets leaving Hannah stood there with Alex and Ollie.
“Didn’t you have to go?” Alex asked.
“No. I’m fine” Hannah said.
“Oh, strong bladder is it then?” Alex said smiling. Hannah smiled weakly back at him.
‘Nope, the complete opposite’ Hannah thought.

When Kendra had finished in the toilets, the four of them started walking to the cinema. Alex and Ollie were walking in front whilst Kendra walked behind with.
“Are you ok with going to the cinema?” Kendra quickly asked Hannah.
“Yeah I’m fine”
“Even with the whole you know” Kendra said. She didn’t really want to say the word ‘nappy’ in case Alex or Ollie, or someone else walking past heard it.
“Yeah. But I will probably need to use your room before I get home. I don’t think it will last until I get back to Louise’s. I just hope it lasts until we get back to the car”
“I will keep an eye on it for you. And if it doesn’t last, you could just tie your jacket round your waist”
“Thanks. Make sure to check when we stand up after the film is over”
“I will do”
“And tell me discreetly. The last thing I want is anyone else overhearing, and then looking to see what we are talking about”
“I will be discreet. I promise. Now, we should probably catch up to Alex and Ollie before they think we have changed our minds and gone somewhere else”. They both sped up slightly and were soon caught up with Alex and Ollie.
“Where did you two go?” Ollie said looking at Kendra.
“We just had something to talk about” Kendra said. “You know. Girl stuff”

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Thirty One

When the four got to the cinema, they went to look at the listings. “So what do you fancy seeing?” Alex said looking at the list of films and times.
“Well me and Kendra saw this one last week” Hannah said pointing at the name of one of the films. It was the film that she and Kendra had watched with Jamie and Dawn the previous week. The one where Hannah and Kendra had both worn pull-ups.
“Oh ok. So is there another one that you fancy watching?” Alex asked.
“Um, what do you think of this one” Kendra said, pointing at another of the titles.
“Yeah it sounds cool. And there is a showing in like half an hour” Ollie said. “Alex, Hannah, are you cool with seeing this film?”
“Yep” Hannah said. She noticed that the film was only 90 minutes long, which looked better to her than the one that was 110 minutes long, as it would mean they could leave sooner, and Hannah could change sooner if she needed to.
“It’s fine with me as well” Alex said.
“Right, we need to get some tickets. Then we will have a bit of time to waste before we can go in,” Ollie said. He led the other three to the ticket office.
All four of them paid for their own tickets. “Ok, we have like 20 minutes to waste before we can go into the cinema” Alex said.
“We need popcorn and stuff,” Ollie said. The four of them walked over to the snack area. They spent a bit of time in there, and eventually came out with one small cokes for Hannah and three medium cokes for Kendra, Ollie and Alex. Hannah had only wanted a small one because she knew that she was not going to be able to use the toilet, and she didn’t want her nappy to start leaking. They also bought two medium popcorns to share between the four of them.
They were each carrying their own drink. Ollie and Hannah had ended up carrying the popcorn. Alex offered to pay for everything rather than everyone paying for themselves, and having to pay for half of one of the popcorns each.
“Thanks” Hannah said to Alex as they walked out of the snack area.
“It’s ok” Alex replied.
As they had been quite a while getting their food and drinks, they could get their tickets checked and go through to their screen already. They went in and chose some seats. They ended up sitting about three quarters of the way up, and about half way across the aisle, so that they were sat looking at the middle of the screen. Hannah wanted to make sure that she was sat next to Kendra so that Kendra would easily be able to check Hannah for any leaks when the film finished and they all stood up to leave. Alex ended up sitting on the other side of Hannah, and Ollie sat down next to Kendra.
“I guess you and me are sharing popcorn then” Alex commented after he saw Kendra grabbing a piece of popcorn from the bucket that Ollie was holding. Hannah looked over towards Kendra and Ollie, and then turned back to Alex.
“Yep, I guess we are” Hannah said. She lifted up the bucket and offered it to Alex. He took a couple of pieces and put them in his mouth.
“The popcorn is nice. Its still warm” he commented.
“Really” Hannah said. She took a couple of pieces and put them into her mouth. “Oh yeah they are”. Kendra and Ollie were busy talking between themselves, so Hannah carried on talking with Alex.
Alex checked his watch. “Only about five minutes now before the trailers will start,” he commented.
“Five minutes?” Ollie said. He had just overheard what Alex had said.
“I’ll be back in a couple of minutes then” Ollie said. He stood up and began to make his way out of the cinema.
“He is probably going to the toilet” Alex said. “Actually I might go as well. That way I don’t have to miss any of the film”. Alex stood up and walked towards the door. Kendra looked around quickly, to check how close the other people in the cinema were to her and Hannah, and whether they were likely to be able to hear Kendra talking. Once Kendra had decided that no one would be able to hear her, she spoke to Hannah.
“How are you doing? I mean how is the you know holding up?”
“Well I used it once in the changing rooms at the shop, and I need to use it again”
“Well, why don’t you use it now, whilst Ollie and Alex are gone. That way neither of them can notice anything”
“I think I’m going to have to. I can’t hold it” Hannah said. Kendra turned away and let Hannah have a bit of privacy. Or at least as much privacy as she could have with Kendra sat right next to her. “I’m done” Hannah said a minute later. Kendra turned back round. As she did that, they both saw Ollie and Alex heading back up to the seats.
Ollie and Alex sat down just as the lights started to dim out and the curtains in front of the screen opened. Hannah moved slightly in her chair to get comfortable just as a trailer for an upcoming film started.
Alex leaned over and grabbed a handful of popcorn and then looked up at Hannah and smiled. As Hannah saw this she was reminded of the previous week when she was at the cinema with Jamie, and their hands had brushed whilst reaching for their drinks.
Hannah then started to think about Jamie. She still liked him, and was looking forward to their date. But now Alex had appeared, and Hannah liked him as well. She had no way of knowing whether Alex liked her, or if he would want to see her again after this afternoon, but it didn’t stop Hannah thinking about it. Since Hannah had not even been on one date with Jamie, it could hardly be seen as cheating, but Hannah couldn’t help but feel a little guilty for wanting to see more of Alex.

Throughout the film, Hannah had thoughts of Alex and Jamie in her head. She did try to concentrate on the film as well, but found it difficult. When the film was about two thirds of the way through, Hannah decided to put her thoughts of Alex and Jamie to the back of her mind. She started to concentrate on the film and was soon caught up with what she had missed in the early part of it.
Hannah held onto the popcorn for the entire film. She occasionally glimpsed Alex grabbing some out of the corner of her eye. Hannah also kept reaching for her drink. She managed to finish it all before the end of the film, but didn’t realise so she put the cup back down in the cup holder at the side of the seat. The next time that Hannah reached for it, she put the end of the straw to her parted lips and tried to take a sip. When no liquid appeared Hannah broke her concentration from the film to look down at the cup. Alex noticed this and realised that Hannah must have finished all of her drink.
“I still have a bit left if you want some of it,” he whispered to her. He then grabbed his drink and passed it over to Hannah. “Here you go”
“Thanks” Hannah said taking the drink from him.
“I don’t want anymore, so you can finish it if you want” Alex whispered.
“Ssshhh” they both heard from somewhere in the cinema. Alex turned back to the film and Hannah took a sip of his drink.

By the end of the film Hannah had completely finished off Alex’s drink, and was beginning to regret it, as she knew that she would need to pee fairly soon. When the credits started to roll, a few people stood up and started to make their way to the doors. Alex and Ollie both stood up to put their jackets on.
“I can take that if you want” Alex said to Hannah. She had picked up the empty bucket from the popcorn and the two cups, and was holding them. “Then you can get your jacket on” he finished.
“Oh thanks” Hannah said, handing the rubbish over. Alex headed for the aisle. Ollie followed him with the rubbish from the things that he and Kendra had had. As soon as Ollie had started walking down the stairs, Hannah stood up and turned her back to Kendra, so that Kendra could check to see if there were any wet spots on the back of Hannah’s trousers.
“No you are ok” Kendra said.
“Good” Hannah said. She picked up her jacket and put it on. Kendra put on her own jacket as well. Once both of them had their bags, they walked down the stairs and then made their way towards Ollie and Alex who were waiting at the bottom of the stairs, having already thrown the rubbish away.
“So do you two have time to do something else now? Or do you have to get back home?” Ollie asked as they walked out of the cinema.
“Actually, I have to get back” Hannah said. She didn’t really want to leave as she was having a good time with Alex and Ollie. But if she stayed then Hannah would have to change her nappy.
“Oh” Alex said.
“Yeah. I have plans with my sister later on” Hannah lied.
“So does that mean that I won’t see you again?” Ollie said to Kendra.
“You can have my number. You know, if you want” Kendra said. Hannah wondered whether Alex would ask for her number.
“Yeah. I mean if that’s ok with you” Ollie said.
“Yeah” Kendra said. They both got their mobiles out and Ollie began typing in Kendra’s number.
“Um, Hannah, could I have your number?” Alex asked whilst Kendra and Ollie were swapping numbers.
“Um” said Hannah. Even though she had spent time wondering whether or not Alex would ask for her number, now it had actually happened, she wasn’t sure how to reply.
“I mean, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to” Alex said quickly.
“No I do. It’s just, well I have a date with this other guy tomorrow. It will be the first time we will have gone out. And well, I mean I want to see how it goes with him” Hannah burbled.
“Oh right ok” said Alex. Ollie and Kendra had finished swapping numbers by this point, and were ready to go off in their separate directions.
“It’s not that I don’t like you. Because I do,” Hannah said quickly. “How about I get your number? And then I can give you a call” Hannah said.
“Oh ok” Alex said. As Hannah said that, Alex got the idea that he would only be getting a call if things with the other guy didn’t work out. He still got out his phone to give Hannah his number.
After Hannah had Alex’s number, she went to stand next to Kendra, whilst Alex went to stand with Ollie.
“So bye then” Ollie said when no one else appeared to want to talk.
“Yeah bye” Kendra said.
“I’ll give you a ring,” Ollie said.
“Ok”. Hannah was beginning to get worried as she needed to pee, but didn’t want to do it in front of Alex and Ollie in case the nappy started to leak.
“Kendra, I’ve got to get back” Hannah said quietly.
“Oh right yeah,” said Kendra suddenly. “Bye you two” she said to Ollie and Alex. As Kendra and Hannah turned round to walk to the car park, Hannah tugged down her jacket, so that Alex and Ollie wouldn’t be able to see her bum.
The two girls quickly made their way to the car. Once they were there, Hannah unlocked the car to let Kendra get in, and then she opened up the boot of the car. Hannah kept a bag in the boot of her car with supplies in it. One of the things that was in the bag was an old towel to put on the seat if she thought that she was going to leak. After closing the boot, Hannah came round to the driver’s side and opened up the door. She laid down the towel before getting in the car herself.
“What’s with the towel?” Kendra asked.
“It’s just in case I leak. So that the seat doesn’t get wet,” Hannah explained going slightly red. It was embarrassing for her to have to say that to Kendra.
“Oh right. So will you still want to use my room to change?”
“It depends. If I leak then I don’t really want to have to walk down to your flat. But if I don’t leak then yeah, would it be ok if I used your room?”
“Yeah that will be fine” Kendra said. Hannah switched on the radio and Kendra turned to look out of the window. Whilst Kendra was distracted Hannah released her bladder and lifted herself slightly off the seat.
When Hannah had finished she tried to check whether or not her trousers were wet, but it was impossible to check the back of her trousers whilst she was still sat down.
“What are you doing?” Kendra asked when she turned round and saw Hannah wriggling about on her seat.
“Just trying to check if I have leaked. But I can’t really tell. So will you be able to have a quick look when we get to the uni car park?”
“Yeah of course I will” Kendra said.
“Thanks” said Hannah. She started the car and then began to pull out of the parking space.

Chapter Thirty Two

When they got back to the car park at the university, Hannah switched off the car engine and then turned to Kendra.
“If I just kind of half get out of the car or something, then will you be able to check” she said quietly. It was fairly embarrassing for Hannah to have to ask Kendra to do something like this for her.
“Yeah that’s fine” Kendra said. Hannah opened up her door and then put one foot out of the car and onto the ground. She then got up slowly so as to give Kendra time to look. “You are fine” Kendra said just as Hannah stepped fully out of the car.
“Good” Hannah said. She turned round, grabbed the towel and then threw it onto the back seat. She didn’t want anyone walking past the car and seeing a towel on the seat, and then wondering why it was there. Whilst Hannah did that, Kendra grabbed both her own and Hannah’s bags and then got out of the car.
“Do you have everything that you are going to need in here?” Kendra asked Hannah, as she walked around the car.
“Yeah” Hannah said taking her bag from Kendra. They walked down to the halls, and Kendra’s flat.
When they were in Kendra’s flat, Hannah looked over towards Jamie’s door, wondering whether he was in or not. She did not particularly want to see him, at least not until she had changed out of her wet nappy. Therefore Hannah was grateful when Kendra unlocked her door, and they were both able to go inside, closing the door behind them.
“So where do you want to do it then? If you want to use my room then I can wait in the bathroom”
“Yeah that would be cool. So long as you don’t mind” Hannah said.
“No its fine” Kendra said. She locked the bedroom door and then went into the bathroom. “Just let me know when you have finished. Oh and there are carrier bags in the wardrobe,” Kendra said as she closed the door.
Once Hannah was alone, she closed the curtains and then opened up her bag. She got out the things that she would need and put them on the bed. Then she undid her trousers. She untaped the nappy and then let it fall to the floor. After that was on the floor she grabbed the small pack of wipes and wiped herself. Hannah then dropped the wipes into the used nappy, and rolled it up. She then opened out the fresh nappy on the floor and put some powder onto her skin. She then sat down in the middle of the nappy, before lying back and adjusting it slightly before easily taping up the sides.
After Hannah had done that, she pulled her trousers back up and made sure that none of the nappy was sticking out. She then knocked on the bathroom door to let Kendra know that it was ok for her to come out. Hannah then put her things away and put the nappy in a carrier bag, before putting it into Kendra’s bin.
“So you are all changed then?” Kendra said as she went to sit on her bed.
“Yep” Hannah said. “Was it alright for me to put the old one in your bin?”
“Yeah. I will just get it emptied tomorrow. So do you have anything planned with your sister for today then?”
“She won’t be back home from work for another couple of hours. But I think Allie will be home”
“Oh right ok”
“And I don’t have any more nappies with me, so I should probably be getting back”
“Yeah. I will walk you back up to your car”
“Thanks”. Hannah picked up her bag and was ready to go. They left Kendra’s room and Kendra locked the door. Just as Hannah and Kendra were about to walk out of the flat Dawn came out of her room.
“Hey Dawn” Kendra said.
“Oh hiya Kendra. Oh and Hannah hi as well” Dawn said. “Are you going out?”
“Well, no I’m just going to walk Hannah back to her car”
“Oh. Didn’t you just come in?”
“Yeah” said Kendra.
“We were in town, and then I was just dropping Kendra off, and she needed to give me some notes that she borrowed” Hannah made up quickly. “Anyway, I have to get going. I need to get back home”.
“Oh ok bye” Dawn said. She walked to the kitchen as Kendra and Hannah walked out of the flat.
“That was some quickly thinking back there,” Kendra said as they walked up to the car park.
“Thanks” Hannah said. “I’m just glad that she saw us after I had changed. I don’t think I would have been so quick thinking before that”.
“No, not if you were wanting get out of it,” said Kendra referring to Hannah’s nappy, but not wanting to say the word nappy in case someone else overheard.
“Yeah. Oh I might just stop in at the shop,” said Hannah. The university had a shop that sold many things. There were things such as frozen ready meals that were aimed at those students that lived on campus. As well as those sorts of things it had other things as well which those students that did not live on campus could buy.
“Oh ok” Kendra said. They headed off in the direction of the shop. “What are you buying?”
“I really want some chewing gum. I don’t normally buy it, but for some reason I am really in the mood for it”
“If you’d have said that before, I could have given you some of mine. I think I have a couple of packs in my room” Kendra said. They walked into the shop.
“Did you need anything?” Hannah asked.
“No I’m ok” Kendra said. Hannah then grabbed a couple of packs of chewing gum and went up to the counter to pay for them.
Once she had paid, Hannah and Kendra walked out of the shop and carried on walking to Hannah’s car. “I will see you tomorrow then” Hannah said. “Is it still ok for me to stay over in your room after the date with Jamie?”
“Yeah of course” Kendra said. “Are you going to ring Alex? Because I saw you taking his number before”
“I don’t know. I want to see what happens with Jamie first. How about you? Do you think something is going to happen between you and Ollie?”
“I don’t know I hope so,” Kendra said as a huge grin spread across her face.
“Aww, you like him” Hannah said when she saw Kendra’s grin.
“Yep. It sounds stupid doesn’t it, since I have only known him for a couple of hours”
“No it doesn’t sound stupid” Hannah said. They were both stood next to Hannah’s car, so Hannah quickly unlocked the door. She then unwrapped one of the packets of chewing gum before putting a piece in her mouth. “Do you want a piece?”
“Yeah thanks” Kendra said. She took a piece and then put it in her mouth. Hannah then put the pack in her bag.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then” Hannah said, opening up her car door.
“Yep, bye” said Kendra. She walked out of the way of the car, and then waited until Hannah had backed out of the parking spot before she turned and walked back to her flat.

When Hannah arrived back at Louise and Allie’s flat, she parked her car, and then put the towel back in the boot. She then walked up to the flat. Allie had already gotten home from work so Hannah didn’t need to use her key. Hannah walked in and took of her trainers, then went to her room to put her bag down.
“Han, is that you?” Hannah heard from the kitchen. She knew that it must be Allie. Therefore once Hannah had put her bag in her room, she went through to the kitchen.
“Hiya Allie” Hannah said as she walked into the kitchen and saw Allie stood leaning against the counter. “What are you doing?”
“Just making a cup of coffee. Did you have a good time with your friend?”
“Yeah. We actually ended up meeting these two guys. Alex and Ollie. And then we ended up going to the cinema with them”
“Really. Where did you meet them then?” Allie asked. The kettle boiled and Allie poured the boiling water into the waiting cup. “Do you want some as well?”
“Yeah thanks” Hannah said. Allie got out another mug. “We met at Subway. They were behind us in the queue and then ended up offering to pay for our sandwiches. So we sat at a table with them. Kendra really hit it off with Ollie so I spent most of the time talking to Alex. After we had finished eating, we went to the cinema. Anyway, after the cinema Ollie and Kendra swapped numbers. And Alex asked for mine. I was kind of reluctant because of having this date with Jamie tomorrow. I ended up taking his number and I said I might give him a call. I think he realised though, that I wasn’t going to call him if things went well with Jamie”. Allie handed Hannah the mug of coffee and picked up her own mug. They walked through to the lounge and sat down on the sofa.
“Han, you could always ring Alex and go on a date with him as well. That way you will know who you like the best. It’s not as if it would be cheating on Jamie”
“I might do that. But I want to have the date with Jamie first” Hannah said.
“Ok. Oh, how did it go with the wearing nappies thing?” Allie asked.
“It was ok. I didn’t really want to have to change when we were in town. So I changed before me and Kendra went into town. Then we ended up been in town longer than I thought, so I was really worried that it would leak. Especially since I had a drink at Subway and then had another one at the cinema. I had planned to quickly drop Kendra off and then come back here, but I ended up having to use Kendra’s room to change in otherwise I would have probably leaked on the way back here”
“So you had enough with you then? Nappies I mean”
“Yeah. I mean the one I am wearing now is the last one I took with me,” Hannah said as she took a quick sip of her coffee.
“That’s good then. So you were ok wearing them when you were out then?”
“Yeah. I mean until I started to worry that it would leak. Until then, I kind of forgot about it almost. It was kind of like when I started having to wear pull-ups when I was out. The first few times I had to wear them I was worried that people could tell, but then no one noticed anything and I got used to wearing them. If I do start wearing nappies full time then I will just get used to it, and it will become normal” Hannah said. She had spent some time thinking about that issue as she had drove back from the university.
“It sounds like you have thought about this before”
“Well, not really. I mean only on the way back here,” Hannah said. She took another sip of her coffee and realised a trickle of pee into her nappy. “So is there anything planned for this evening then?”
“Well, we should probably have mentioned this before, but me and Louise were invited round to a friends tonight. They are having a bit of a party. We already said that we would go before we knew that you were going to be here, but you can come as well if you want to. Our friend Carla will be fine with you coming too” said Allie. She didn’t want to force Hannah to go, so decided to give Hannah another option. “Or if you want you can stay here. It is completely up to you. If you want to go, but are worried about been in nappies, then if you want you can wear pull-ups”
“No I wouldn’t do that. I mean the whole point of me been here is to wear nappies no matter where I go” Hannah said. “Can I think about whether I want to go or not?”
“Yeah sure” Allie said.
“Is it ok if I walk around in just my nappy?” Hannah said.
“Yeah of course” Allie said. Hannah put her cup of coffee down and went into the bedroom to take off her trousers. She wanted to check how wet her nappy was at the same time.
Hannah quickly undid her trousers and pulled them off. She then dropped them onto the bed before pulling up her nappy and walking over to the mirror.
“You can hardly tell that I’m wet” Hannah said to herself as she grabbed the door handle.
When Hannah went back out into the lounge Allie was still sat on the sofa drinking her coffee. Hannah sat back down and picked up her cup. “So this party. What sort of party is it?” Hannah asked.
“It is a housewarming party. Carla has just bought a house, so she is having a few friends round”
“So how many people will be there?”
“Not many. Me, Lou, Carla and I think no more than ten more” Allie said.
“And you are sure that it is ok if I go?” Hannah asked.
“Yeah it’s fine. Louise spoke to her after we knew that you were going to be here and she said that it was fine if you came along as well”
“And you and Lou won’t mind if I came as well?”
“No of course not. Lou has actually said that she would prefer you came, rather than having to spend the evening alone”
“I will go then, but I don’t have anything I can wear. I bought two pairs of jeans with me. And I am saving one pair to wear tomorrow night” Hannah said. “I will have to go back home and get something from my wardrobe”
“Ok that’s fine. Do you want me to come as well?”
“Yeah could you. Because I don’t know what sort of thing I should wear. You can help me decide”
“Yeah ok. Do you want to go over now? That way we can be back for when Louise gets home”
“Oh ok” Hannah said.
“Come on then. Finish your coffee and go and get your jeans back on. That is unless you are planning to go outside in only your top and your nappy,” Allie said, putting her cup up to her mouth. Hannah quickly finished the last of her coffee and then went back into her bedroom.
She pulled her jeans back on and made sure that none of the nappy was sticking out of the top. Hannah then grabbed her bag and took out the wipes and powder. “Even if I do need a change when I am at home, I have everything I need already there” she thought out loud. Hannah then went back out to the lounge. “Ok, I’m ready to go” she said. Allie had already put her shoes on and was also ready to go. Hannah quickly grabbed her trainers from near the front door, where she had taken them off.
Once Hannah had her trainers on, she checked to make sure that her house keys were in her bag. Then Allie and Hannah left the flat and headed down to the street. They were going to take Allie’s car.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Thirty Three

Allie and Hannah both got in the car, and Allie drove off. “What sort of thing do I need to wear?” Hannah said.
“Whatever you have is fine. It is only a casual thing so it doesn’t need to be anything fancy”
“Oh ok”
“But if you are sure that you are going to wear a nappy then whatever you wear has to be able to fit over that. And without it been really obvious what you are wearing” Allie said.
“Yeah I do want to wear a nappy. Otherwise there would have been no point in me staying at yours,” said Hannah. “I mean aside from getting to spend time with you and Lou. Which I always like doing” she adding.
“And we like having you around. But I know what you mean about there been no point. The whole point of you coming was to see what it was like wearing nappies full time. That doesn’t really work if you don’t wear them when it would be inconvenient” Allie said. She pulled into Hannah’s driveway and switched off the engine. Hannah and Allie both got out and Hannah walked to the front door and unlocked it.
“Did you want a drink or something first?” Hannah said as they both walked in the house.
“No I’m ok” Allie said.
“Alright then. Come on upstairs then” Hannah said. Allie followed Hannah up the stairs.
“Why don’t you just have a look at what you have whilst I just go to the toilet” Allie said once they were at the top of the stairs.
“Oh ok” said Hannah. She went into her room and opened up her wardrobe.
By the time Hannah had pulled a few things out of the wardrobe, Allie had finished in the bathroom. Allie sat down on the bed and Hannah started to pull her top off so that she could try on the clothes. Hannah then suddenly realised that the curtains were wide open. She let her top fall back down and went to pull the curtains closed.
“I didn’t want people to be able to see in when I am going to be changing and wearing a nappy as well,” Hannah explained. She then lifted off her top and grabbed a dress from the pile of clothes that were draped over her bed. She quickly put the dress over her head and then put her arms into it and tugged it down over her nappy.
Once Hannah had it on properly she turned round to look at Allie. “How does it look?” she asked.
“Er Han, you might want to have a look in the mirror” was the only comment Allie made. Hannah’s face fell and she turned to look in the mirror. The nappy was very obvious under the dress. Her whole middle looked puffy.
“I guess this one is out then,” Hannah said as she began to pull the dress up to get it back over her head. She looked fairly upset about the fact that she wasn’t going to get to wear the dress. Allie passed Hannah a pair of trousers, which Hannah quickly stepped into after passing the dress to Allie. She pulled them up her legs, but was frustrated to find that she couldn’t even get the trousers over her nappy properly. Hannah pulled them off and instead of passing them to Allie; she threw them down onto the bed.
“Han,” Allie said in surprise. “You don’t need to get so worked up about it”
“It’s frustrating” Hannah said. “Why don’t you pass me the next thing?”

After trying on another two pairs of trousers and been no closer to finding something which would fit properly over her nappy, Hannah was really frustrated and upset. “Han, don’t get upset about it. You can just wear the jeans that you had on today if you want to” Allie said. As Allie said that, she noticed that Hannah’s eyes were looking very teary. “Aww Hannah come here,” said Allie. Hannah went and sat next to Allie on the bed. Allie put an arm round her. “Come on, don’t start crying about it. It’s nothing to get upset about,” Allie said.
“What was I thinking” Hannah exclaimed. “Why would anything I own fit me? I mean what sort of shop sells clothes for 18 year old with extra room to fit a nappy. Only baby clothes are made with extra room for a nappy”. At that point Hannah started to cry. Allie stood up and reached for the box of tissues that were on Hannah’s desk. She put them on the bed next to her and then grabbed one to wipe Hannah’s eyes with.
“Han, I’m sure you aren’t the only 18 year old that wears nappies,” Allie said, not really knowing how else to comfort Hannah.
“Well it sure feels like it” Hannah said through her tears.
“It might seem like that at times Hannah. This is just a temporary thing though. You hating the nappies. Pretty soon you will have forgotten all about this. And even if you don’t, you can easily stop wearing nappies during the day. You have managed with pull-ups before. So if you decided to stick with pull-ups during the day then you would manage again” Allie said. She threw the tissue in the bin and let Hannah carry on crying. There was no point in her trying to wipe up Hannah’s tears whilst she was still crying.
“But I can’t manage with the pull-ups” Hannah sniffled. “It is more difficult to change them. And I worry about leaking a lot more”
“I don’t really know what else to say to you then Han” Allie said gently as she rubbed Hannah’s back. “We can go shopping if you want. This weekend maybe, and we can get you some more clothes. In the next size up so that they will fit over your nappy”
“Thanks. But that doesn’t exactly help tonight does it” Hannah said. She was still crying.
“No I suppose not,” Allie said. “I tell you what. I will have another look through your wardrobe. To see if I can find anything”. Allie stood up, even though she was reluctant to leave Hannah sitting there alone whilst she was crying. Allie began looking through the things that were left in Hannah’s wardrobe.
“Do you know something?” Hannah said suddenly. “I already have to buy some clothes in the size bigger just to fit over my pull-ups. So if I have to buy them in the size bigger than that, then it means I am going to be wearing clothes that are two sizes too big for me”. Hannah finished talking and started to cry even harder. Allie went back over to sit next to Hannah. She put her arm around Hannah’s shoulders. Whilst she was crying Hannah accidentally messed herself and on realising what she had done, Hannah cried even more. She tried to stand up off the bed slightly so that she wasn’t sat in her mess. As Hannah was trying to stand up, Allie was suddenly able to smell what Hannah had done.
“Han” Allie said.
“Yeah” Hannah said as she took a sharp intake of breath.
“I found a skirt in your wardrobe which I think will fit over your nappy. Do you want to try it on?” Allie asked. She hoped that Hannah would admit that she needed a new nappy on, rather than Allie having to ask her about it, which would probably cause Hannah more embarrassment.
“Yeah” Hannah said, slowly nodding her head. “But I um…” she said.
“That’s ok. I can do it for you if you want” Allie said.
“I can do it for myself”
“Yeah. I know you can. I just wanted to let you know that I can help you if you want. If not, I can wait outside your room until you have finished. That way you will have some privacy,” Allie said. She waited, as Hannah appeared to be thinking it over.
“Can you help me please?” Hannah eventually said.
“Of course” Allie said. She let Hannah sit back down on the bed whilst she grabbed the changing mat and other things she was going to need. Allie put the changing mat on the bed and Hannah moved so that she was lying on top of it. Allie then quickly changed Hannah.
Once Hannah was in a clean and dry nappy and Allie had thrown away the old nappy, Allie put the things away. Whilst she was doing this Hannah was able to stop crying. She had been quietly sniffling throughout the change.
“Here you go” Allie said as she passed Hannah the box of tissues. “Why don’t you dry your eyes?”
“Thanks” Hannah said.
“Once you have dried your eyes you can try on that skirt and see if that fits you properly,” said Allie.

Chapter Thirty Four

Hannah wiped her eyes and then balled up the tissue in her hand. “Ok, pass me the skirt then” Hannah said holding out her hands. Allie took the skirt off the hanger and then handed it over. Hannah stood up and then stepped into the skirt. Once it was pulled up, Allie zipped it up at the back and then stepped backwards to check whether the skirt covered up the nappy properly. “Is the skirt ok?” Hannah asked. She looked down and smoothed out the skirt with her hands.
“Yeah. There is no visible bulge or anything,” Allie said. “Why don’t you have a look in the mirror and see if it is ok” she suggested. Hannah walked over to the mirror. She looked in it and was surprised with what she saw. Because the skirt was flared from the waist down, there was no bulge. Hannah walked back over to the bed, and listened for the sound of the nappy crinkling.
“There is a bit of crinkling” Hannah mentioned as she sat back down on the bed.
“Yeah, but not enough that anyone else would notice. And also there will be music playing at the party, which would mask the sound anyway”
“Are you sure?”
“Yep. You will just need a top now. And some sort of shoes to wear with it as well” Allie said. Hannah went over to her chest of drawers and opened one of them.
“Can you look in my wardrobe, to see if there are any tops in there that will go with this skirt whilst I look in the drawer?” Hannah asked Allie.
“Yeah of course” Allie said. She began looking through the clothes in the wardrobe. “What top do you normally wear with the skirt?”
“I have only worn the skirt a couple of times I think. And both times I wore this shirt I have. But I wore the shirt the other day so it is still in the wash” Hannah said. She rooted through the tops in her drawer.
“Will this shirt be ok” Allie said holding out a shirt on a hanger for Hannah to look at. Hannah took it, and then held it up against her body.
“Does it go with the skirt?” Hannah asked.
“Yeah. Why don’t you try it on and see how far down it goes. Just in case the waistband of the nappy comes above the skirt” Allie said. Hannah was already wearing just her bra and the skirt, so she quickly pulled the shirt on. It reached just below the top of the skirt, which meant that it would hide it if the nappy showed above the top of the skirt. “They look nice together”
“They do? Good” Hannah said. She glanced over towards the mirror to look at her reflection. “So this is what I’m going to wear tonight then” Hannah said. “How long are we going to be before we go?”
“Quite a while. You would probably be better to change back into your jeans. Just in case” Allie said. Hannah quickly pulled off the skirt and shirt and then pulled back on her jeans and top.
“Ok. I’m all ready” Hannah said. She picked the clothes up off the bed.
“Shoes” Allie said to remind her. Hannah quickly bent down and looked under bed, where most of her shoes were kept. She quickly chose a pair and then stood up again.
“Ok, now I’m ready. I mean unless there is something else you can think of that I need”
“Nope. You do have enough nappies at the flat to last for the rest of today and most of tomorrow, don’t you? Because if not, we might as well pick some up whilst we are here”
“I have enough at the flat,” Hannah said.
“Ok then. We should probably be getting back then. We will probably beat Louise back home” Allie said. They walked out of the room and down the stairs.
Both of them were quickly out of the house and in the car. Allie drove them back to the flat. During the car ride, Allie switched on the radio and Hannah appeared to be deep in thought. As Allie pulled up outside the flat, Hannah spoke.
“I’m sorry about getting upset before. You know stressing out because nothing was fitting me” Hannah apologised.
“That’s ok. Wearing them full time, if it comes down to that, is going to mean that you are going to have to go through some stuff in the rest of your life that other people wouldn’t have to do. You just need to get used to those types of things,” Allie said. Although, obviously she had never gone through anything like that, she was trying to be understanding towards Hannah going through it.
“Thanks. I’m glad that it was you there and not one of my uni friends or something. Even in front of Kendra, that would have been so embarrassing. Actually, even in front of you it was embarrassing” Hannah said. She went slightly red as she thought through what had happened.
“Don’t worry about it ok. I’m not going to tell anyone else about it”
“What about Louise?”
“Nope. I won’t even tell her,” Allie said. “Unless you want her to know what happened” she added.
“No, please don’t tell her. It would be so embarrassing if my older sister knew that I had got stressed out because nothing was fitting me, and then ended up crying about it and shitting myself as well” Hannah said. She looked as if she was on the verge of crying again.
“We are here now, so do you want to get out of the car” Allie said trying to distract Hannah.
“Yeah ok” Hannah said. She opened the door and then got out and grabbed the clothes, which she had put on the back seat. Allie then got out of the car. Once it was locked up, the both went upstairs to the flat.

When they were inside, Hannah walked through to her bedroom and laid down her clothes on the bed carefully, so as to avoid wrinkling them. She then went back out into the lounge. Allie was straightening the cushions on the sofa.
“So what are we going to do now?” Hannah said to get Allie’s attention.
“It’s up to you Han. I’m going to get a drink and then watch a bit of TV until Lou gets home”
“Oh ok. Do you mind if I use the Internet then?” Hannah asked. “To check my email and stuff”
“Go ahead” Allie said. Hannah went into the spare bedroom, which was where the computer was. As soon as she was in the room Hannah pulled down her jeans and then neatly stepped out of them, using her foot to fling them up onto the bed. Feeling more comfortable without the trousers on, Hannah looked down at her nappy to try and tell if it was still dry. She couldn’t tell properly, so she walked over the computer desk and sat down. Hannah switched on the computer and the screen on. Whilst it was loading up, Hannah parted her legs and looked down again. This time she was properly able to see the wetness indicator want was able to tell that she was still dry.
By that time, the computer had loaded up, so Hannah quickly clicked on the internet. Once the internet page was displayed Hannah decided to go on MSN and see if any of her friends were online. She clicked open the MSN screen and then quickly typed in her email address and password. She then signed in. Hannah then checked her email. She had three, none of which needed replying to.
As Hannah was typing the web address for Daily Diapers, Marie messaged her. Hannah’s hand quickly moved away from the keyboard as if she thought Marie would be able to tell what she was looking at just by messaging her. Hannah replied to Marie, and then clicked on to view the Daily Diapers forums.
In between talking to Marie, Hannah was able to look at some of the posts that had been posted since she had last been on the site. She was pleased to see that Kendra had posted another part of her story. So far it had three replies to it. Two were from the same people that had posted replies to the first part of the story, diamondback688 and the diaper mike. The third reply was from someone calling themselves Alex Nappy. The name immediately reminded Hannah of Alex. She thought of his phone number and again wondered whether or not to ring him. Hannah explained it wall to Marie, who’s first comment was ‘Wow, you haven’t been out with anyone for ages and now you have two guys wanting to go out with you’. Marie advised Hannah to wait until after she had been out with Jamie before ringing Alex to see if he still wanted to go on a date.
Hannah carried on looking at other websites, whilst talking to Marie. After a while Hannah decided to go out and sit with Allie for a bit. She knew that Louise would be back from work soon. After Hannah had decided to do that, she told Marie that she had to go, and then switched off the computer. Once the computer was switched off, Hannah stood up and then went into the lounge. She looked briefly at her jeans as she walked across the room, but decided to go without them.
Allie was sat with her legs curled under her, on the sofa. A mug was in her hand and the TV was on.
“Have you come to join me?” Allie said when she heard the door opening.
“Yep. I have finished on the computer now” she said going to sit in the armchair.
“Good. So did you have any email then?” Allie asked.
“Three, but nothing that was important” Hannah said.
“Oh ok” Allie said. Hannah decided to go and sit with Allie, so she stood up from the chair and walked over to the sofa before sitting down. “So you’ve come to join me now then” Allie commented.
“Yep” Hannah said. She shifted back in her seat, and then lifted up her legs so that they were on sofa. Hannah then quickly crossed her legs in front of her and briefly looked down. She was disappointed to see that her nappy was slightly wet. Allie noticed Hannah looking down and realised what she was doing.
“Are you ok?” Allie asked.
“Yeah of course” Hannah said looking up quickly. She felt kind of embarrassed to have been caught checking her nappy by Allie.
“Good” Allie said turning back to the TV. Hannah looked over to the TV and started watching it as well.

They were both still sat watching TV when Louise got home half an hour later. “Hello you two” Louise said as she walked in the room. “Have you been sat there all afternoon?”
“No” Allie said. Louise walked over and sat on the arm of the sofa. Allie pulled her down so Louise was sat in Allie’s lap. “Only for like the last half hour or so” Allie finished.
"So what else have you been doing this afternoon then? Louise said. She lent forward and quickly hugged Hannah.
“We went to Hannah’s house”
“Why?” Louise said looking confused.
“To find me something to wear tonight,” Hannah said. “You know for that party thing you are going to. Allie said it was alright for me to go. So I needed to go and find something nice to wear that wouldn’t show my nappy” Hannah said.
“Didn’t Allie say that we thought that it would be ok if you just wore a pull-up for the party?” Louise asked. Hannah realised then that Louise and Allie must have actually discussed it.
“Yeah, but the whole point of me been here for this couple of days is to see what it is like full time. And I am going to have to deal with going to parties after this anyway”
“Oh ok. I wouldn’t have thought you would have said that. I would have thought you would have been grateful to get back into a pull-up, even if it was just for the evening” Louise said. Hannah started to wonder if Louise was saying that because she wanted Hannah to wear a pull-up.
“No. I don’t want to have to worry about wetting and then having it leak. And I don’t want to worry about going to the toilet” Hannah said. “Would you prefer it if I wore a pull-up?” Hannah asked to check what Louise thought of it.
“It is up to you Han” Louise said.
“Ok. Well I want to wear a nappy. And you won’t have to worry about me or anything. I can change myself in the bathroom or something”
“What are you going to go with the used nappies?” Louise asked.
“I am taking my bag with me. The one with all the pockets and the two main compartments. So if I just take some carrier bags as well, then I can just put the nappies in the carrier bags and then in one of the compartments of my bag” Hannah said quickly. She hadn’t really thought of that kind of stuff so was glad that Louise had brought it up.
“Ok. That seems like it would work” Louise said.
“So what time do we have to set off then?” Hannah asked.
“About half sevenish” Louise said. Allie looked at her watch.
“We have almost two hours then” she said.
“In a couple of minutes I am going to go and make something for tea” Louise said.
“Ok. Whilst you are doing that, I’m gonna go and get a shower” Allie said.
“Han, do you want to help me make the tea, or are you doing something else” Louise said.
“Nope, I’m not doing anything” Hannah replied. After planning what they were going to be doing, none of them got up.
“Lou, you are sat on me. I can’t get up to shower until you get up,” Allie said after they had all sat in silence for a minute.
“Oh yeah right” Louise said. She still didn’t get up.
“Ok seriously Lou. If you don’t get up then you probably won’t have time to shower,” Allie said. Hannah stood up and waited for Louise to stand up as well. Louise slid off Allie’s knee and then put her hand on Allie’s knee to stand up.
“Ouf” Allie said as Louise pushed down on Allie’s knee to stand up. “Geez, did you have to do that?”
“Sorry” Louise said, smiling. Allie then stood up and received a hug from Louise before she headed into the bathroom. Louise and Hannah went through to the kitchen.
“So what’s for tea then?” Hannah asked. She sat down on the kitchen counter whilst Louise opened up the fridge.
“Breaded chicken pieces, potatoes and vegetables” Louise said. She got the chicken out of the fridge.
“So what do you need me to do to help?”
“Um, you could pass me the potatoes” Louise said. Hannah was able to reach the potatoes from where she was sat, so she quickly passed them over.
“Here you go”
“Thanks Han” Louise said. She put the chicken pieces into the oven and then grabbed the chopping board to cut up the potatoes.
“Anything else you need help with Lou?” Hannah asked.
“Not really. I just need to put these potatoes in a pan and then that’s it basically” Louise said.
“Oh” Hannah said. “So what are you going to do after you have done that then?”
“There are other bits to do. The chicken things don’t take that long so I can’t exactly do anything else in between” Louise explained. She put the pan of potatoes on the hob and switched them on. “Han, can you go and set the table and do the drinks. Allie will have a glass of water”
“Ok. Consider it done” Hannah said. She slid off the counter and then walked over to the cutlery drawer. Hannah quickly pulled up her nappy before she got out the knifes and forks.
Hannah went through to the next room and the table. She put the cutlery down and then walked back through to get the drinks.

By the time the tea was ready, Allie had finished having her shower. She came out in her dressing gown with her hair in her towel. They all ate their food, then when they had finished, Hannah volunteered to wash up whilst Louise went for a shower and Allie went to go and get ready.
Once Hannah had cleaned up, she went into her room and made sure that all her clothes were out. Louise still hadn’t finished in the bathroom, so Hannah then went to watch TV for a bit.
When Hannah heard Louise coming out of the bathroom, Hannah went into her room and untaped her nappy. She rolled it up and then dropped it into a carrier bag. She then pulled off her top and put her dressing gown on the walk through to the bathroom. Once Hannah was in the bathroom she let her dressing gown fall to the floor. She then switched on the shower, gave her hair a quick brush and unhooked her bra. After Hannah was completely naked she sat down on the toilet. She wanted to make sure that her bladder was empty, so that she wouldn’t be as likely to have an accident whilst in the shower or getting dry afterwards. Hannah managed to dribble out a little bit before she wiped herself and then flushed the toilet. She then checked the temperature of the water before getting in the shower.

After Hannah had finished washing herself in the shower, she got out and quickly dried herself off and brushed her wet hair into a ponytail so that it wouldn’t drip down her neck. She slipped her dressing gown back on and then grabbed her bra and walked back through the lounge to her room. The lounge was empty so Hannah assumed that Louise and Allie were still in their room getting ready. As Hannah walked into her room she heard them both talking. She was going to ignore it and go to get ready, but hearing her own name stopped Hannah.
“It is up to Hannah” she heard. It was Allie’s voice.
“I just think that mum should know” Louise said back. Hannah began to wonder what it was that her mum should know.
“But Hannah didn’t want her to know. That’s why she came here to do it”
“Why. I mean why didn’t she want to tell mum. Really I shouldn’t have offered to let her stay here,” Louise said. “Neither of us is able to deal with this sort of stuff”
“Why not. You’ve been around it for 18 years and I was there when she was 14 and it started during the daytime”. By that time Hannah had completely worked out what it was that Louise and Allie were talking about. Hannah realised that Louise wanted to tell there mum the real reason why Hannah was staying with her and Allie. As Hannah stood there in the doorway between her room and the lounge, listening to Allie and Louise’s conversation, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit betrayed by Louise.
‘Lou is supposed to be my sister, but yet Allie is the one sticking up for me’ Hannah thought. ’ Why does mum need to know. She doesn’t. Yeah I will tell her if I decide to wear full time, or even if I decide to wear them more often than I was doing. It’s not like I could keep it a secret from her anyway. But I don’t want to tell her about this if I decide to go back to pull-ups’ Hannah thought angrily. She couldn’t believe that Louise was talking about this to Allie, when it was Hannah she should have been talking to.
“Yeah, but mum has had to deal with it everyday. We’ve been living here away from it all” Hannah heard Louise saying. Hannah turned her attentions back to the conversation.
“I still think that it should be up to Hannah” Allie said. Hannah nodded when she heard this, despite the fact that there was no one around to see her nodding. Allie and Louise’s voices were becoming slightly raised by this point. “She has her own reason for not wanted to tell your mum about it”
“What exactly are those reasons Al? That she doesn’t want mum to think she is some sort of baby that can’t look after herself”
“I don’t know. I think that is part of it. I mean she is 18 and is treated differently from most of her friends. Having your mum knowing that she is now wearing nappies full time would mean she would be treated even more differently” Allie. “Even if Hannah decides to go back to pull-ups”
“But been treated differently doesn’t necessarily mean something bad. She is probably closer to mum than most of her friends are to their parents. And she is certainly closer to mum than I was at her age. That is a good thing”
“Yeah I know it is. Look I really think that we should just wait. Han is going home like tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow we talk to her about it. Ask her what she has decided to do. If she has decided to leave it and let things go back to the way they were, then we can all forget about the whole thing. If she has decided to let things change, then we can offer to help her talk to your mum” Allie reasoned. Hannah was happy with this idea.
“So what do you think she is going to decide?” Louise asked. It seemed like Louise was willing to go along with the idea as well, which pleased Hannah.
“I don’t know” Allie said.
“You spent all afternoon with her. Didn’t she say anything?”
“Not really. She ended up been in town longer than she thought, so was worried that she would leak. And she didn’t want to have to change in town. In a pull-up she would have probably gone to the toilet every so often. So both really have their own advantages”
“What about when you were with her? Did anything happen?” Louise asked. Hannah held her breath and waited to hear what Allie would say. She wondered whether Allie remembered saying that she wouldn’t tell Louise.
“Um…not really” Allie said. “We went to her house to get her something to wear. She got a little bit stressed because stuff either wasn’t fitting, or it was making her nappy obvious”
“Oh right ok. Han will probably be almost out of the shower by now. We should probably just get ready. She doesn’t need to know that we have been talking about all this” Louise said.
“Ok” Allie said. “I’m just going to fetch my bag. There is some make up in there that I need”. On hearing that Hannah shot into her room. She was grateful that she had been stood in the doorway the entire time.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Thirty Five

Unfortunately for Hannah, Allie noticed Hannah’s door closing. Allie grabbed her bag and then went back to her room to tell Louise that Hannah had probably heard their conversation.
Meanwhile Hannah sat down on her bed, still dressed in just her dressing gown. She watched the door waiting for it to open, or for someone to knock. It was only after about five minutes that Hannah came to the conclusion that either Louise and Allie didn’t know that she had been listening to their conversation or that they didn’t want to talk to her about it. It was at that point that Hannah realised that she wasn’t wearing a nappy. She stood up quickly and then checked the spot where she had just been sat. Luckily she hadn’t wet herself. She grabbed a nappy and the powder. Then unfolded the nappy and laid it out on her bed. Just as she was about to pull her dressing gown off and put some powder on her skin, someone e knocked on the door.
“Han, it’s Louise. Is it alright if I come in?”
“Yeah come in,” Hannah said. Louise opened the door and saw Hannah stood next to her bed holding the powder with the nappy on the bed.
“Were you just in the middle of changing?”
“Yeah” said Hannah hoping that Louise would leave to give her a bit of privacy.
“Do you want some help?” Louise asked hopefully.
“No I’m ok. I can manage. But could you um…you know” said Hannah looking towards the door. Louise looked surprised when she realised what Hannah was trying to say.
“Hannah I’ve seen you naked loads of times. I changed you only last week. It’s no big deal for you to put your nappy on in front of me. Besides, I can speak to you whilst you do it”
“But I don’t want to put my nappy on in front of you. So you will have to leave because I need to put it on now,” Hannah said firmly. Louise turned round and walked out of the door. Hannah closed the door and then undid her dressing gown. She quickly put her nappy on, and then looked over at her clothes. She then looked at her phone, and more specifically at the time on the phone.
When Hannah realised that she had a bit of time before she needed to get ready, Hannah laid back on her bed and put her hands behind her head. She knew that if she was ready early, then Louise would want to talk to her about the conversation that Hannah had overheard. Hannah had managed to get out of talking about it once, but didn’t think she would be able to manage it for a second time.
After Hannah had been lying there for a couple of minutes, there was another knock on the door.
“Han, I assume that you have finished by now. So is it ok if I come in to talk to you” Louise said from outside the door.
“I’m just getting dressed” Hannah lied.
“Ok. Well I am coming in. We have to talk before we go out,” Louise said. Hannah quickly sat up and grabbed her dressing gown to cover herself with.
Louise opened the door and walked into the room. She then shut the door behind her. “I thought you were getting dressed” she said when she saw Hannah sat there holding up her dressing gown.
“Yeah I was” Hannah said.
“Look, Allie saw your door closing earlier. So I wanted to know if you heard any of the conversation that me and Allie were having?” Louise asked.
“Um…yeah I heard a bit as I walked through the lounge,” Hannah said, not wanting to admit that she had deliberately listened in on their conversation.
“Well, just so you know, the only reason we were talking about it then was because mum rang whilst you were in the shower. She wanted to speak to you, but I said you were in the shower. She then asked if you were ok. Mum did say that she missed you been around. I feel guilty that you are doing this big thing and mum has no idea about it. I would never have told her without talking to you first”
“But why did you go and talk to Allie about it? Why not just come straight to me if you felt guilty about lying to mum?”
“Allie is my partner. I share stuff like this with her. And I know you and her are like sisters anyway, so I wanted her perspective on it as well”
“You still should have come to me first,” Hannah said coldly.
“Yeah I probably should have done”
“Especially if you wanted to find out why I wanted to keep all this from mum”
“Ok. Well I am talking to you. So why don’t you clearly explain your reasons?”
“I already explained it all on Monday when we talked about me staying here. I don’t want to tell mum in case I change my mind, and because she might see it as me becoming less independent or something”
“And those are the only reasons?” Louise asked.
“Did you hear what me and Allie eventually decided on?”
“Um…yeah kinda” Hannah said.
“So what did you think of that idea”
“It was good. And it would be nice if you would talk to mum with me. I might need you there. It’s not exactly going to be easy for me to talk about”
“I will be there for you Han. Don’t worry about that” Louise said. “So are you fine with me now then?” Louise asked.
“Yeah, I suppose so” Hannah said.
“Hug?” Louise said holding out her arms.
“Um” said Hannah. She was still clasping the dressing gown round her body. “Maybe when I am not practically naked”
“Alright then. I will leave you to get dressed” Louise said. “We are setting off in half an hour, so you need to be ready before then”
“Ok, will do” Hannah said. Louise walked out of the room, and Hannah dropped the dressing gown and then peeked at the wetness indicator on her nappy. Her nappy was slightly damp, meaning that she must have dribbled slightly whilst talking to Louise.
Hannah began getting dressed. Once she was dressed Hannah went to stand in front of her mirror. She lifted up her top and then held it under her chin. This left her hands free to fold over the top of her nappy and pull her skirt over it, so that the top of the nappy was less likely to be spotted. Hannah then put her top back in place.
Once Hannah was satisfied with her clothes and her nappy, she started working on her hair and make up. Her hair was still in a ponytail from when she had gotten out of the shower. So Hannah quickly let her hair down and then brushed it. It was wet, so Hannah quickly dried it and then brushed it out again. Fortunately Hannah was blessed with naturally straight hair, so she didn’t have to put too much effort into straightening it. She just straightened the ends of it, before moving on to her make up.
Hannah only tended to wear simple make up, so it didn’t really take her too long to do that. She did put on a bit more than normal, because it was a party and not just a day at university.
After make up and a spray of perfume, Hannah was ready to go. She got all the way to her closed bedroom door before she realised that she didn’t have any kind of bag with her. As she had to take spare nappies and other changing supplies Hannah needed to take her big bag with her. She got out a couple of nappies, the wipes and powder.
“Bags” she said to herself. Hannah walked out into the lounge. “I need some bags to take with me tonight” she announced to Allie and Louise who were sat on the sofa chatting and waited for Hannah to be ready.
“What for?”
“My nappies. I’m not going to be able to chuck them away. Oh and do you think two will be enough. How long are we going to be there?”
“You might be better to take three. I mean you are going to be drinking, so will pee more” Allie pointed.
“Ok” Hannah said nodding. She went into the kitchen to get a couple of carrier bags, and then went back into her room. She added another nappy to the stuff that was on her bed and then put everything into her bag.

About ten minutes after Hannah had finished getting ready, the three of them left the flat. As all three wanted to be able to have a few drinks, and because Carla’s house wasn’t too far away, they all walked. The night was rather cold, so all three were glad of the warm jackets they were wearing.
Hannah didn’t know how far away Carla’s house was, so was pleasantly surprised when twenty minutes after they set off, they were knocking on Carla’s door.
Someone opened up the door and stepped back away from the door to let the three of them into the house.
“So you must be the little sister then?” the woman said to Hannah. Hannah resented been called little, since she was the same height as Louise.
“Yep. I’m Hannah,” Hannah replied, not wanting to make a fuss over it, and embarrass Louise and Allie.
“Hiya, I’m Carla” she replied. Carla quickly hugged Louise and Allie. “Come with me, I will show you were to put your jackets and bags” she said, looking at Hannah’s oversized bag.
Hannah followed the three of them through the house. She wanted to make sure that she knew where her bag was, for when she needed to change. Hannah was very aware of the crinkling of her nappy. She had been expecting music to be playing, which would have covered up any noise, but evidentially Carla had yet to start any music playing. She looked towards Carla to see if she appeared to have noticed anything. She didn’t appear to be able to hear the noise, so Hannah was able to relax a little bit. Carla led them to a bedroom.
“Just dump your stuff on the bed,” she said. The three of them dropped the jackets onto the bed. Hannah then put the bag down as well.
“So are we the first ones here then?” Louise asked.
“Yep. Do you want a drink?”
“A drink would be good” Allie said. Carla led them out of the bedroom.

When they were in the kitchen, Carla pointed out the table. It was pushed against the wall and filled with many types of drinks. Most were alcoholic, but there were things like Coke and Lemonade on the table as well, which were there mainly to mix with the spirits.
“Ok, what do you lot want to drink?” Carla asked.
“Bacardi and coke is fine for me” Allie said.
“A white wine please” Louise said. Carla quickly made those drinks and handed them over.
“Han, what do you want?” Allie asked.
“Vodka and coke please”. Carla quickly poured it and handed it over to Hannah. The four of them then went though to the lounge. Carla switched on some music. Hannah sat down on one of the chairs, whilst Carla sat on another and Allie and Louise settled themselves onto the sofa. Hannah began to take sips of her drink and listened to the conversation going on between the other three in the room.
As Hannah wasn’t really taking any part in the conversation, she finished her drink a lot quicker than the others, and after sitting there for a few minutes nursing her empty glass, she decided to go and fetch herself another vodka and coke.
It was whilst Hannah was in the kitchen that she heard Carla talking to someone at the door. Hannah assumed that someone else had arrived for the party.
Sure enough when Hannah walked back into the lounge, there was a guy sat in the seat she had just been sitting in.
“Oh Hannah, this is Dane” Louise said. “Dane this is my sister Hannah. She’s staying with me and Allie for a couple of days”
“Hi Dane” Hannah said from the doorway.
“Hello” he said. Hannah walked into the room, and sat down on the sofa next to Allie.
“I might go and get a drink,” Dane said. He stood up and left the room.
By the time the party had properly kicked off, Hannah had drunk four vodka and cokes, and was really feeling the effects of it. Her nappy was the last thing on her mind as she danced near the stereo with Dane. Because of the amount of liquids she had consumed in the short space of time, Hannah had actually wet her nappy a couple of times. Normally when she was drinking alcohol she constantly worried about going to the bathroom and trying not to wet herself. Hannah thought that the nappy gave her more freedom.
Allie and Louise were both worried about the amount Hannah appeared to be drinking. When Hannah took a break from dancing to go and freshen her drink, Louise followed Hannah into the kitchen whilst Allie tried to make sure everyone else stayed in the lounge.
“Han, come with me a minute” Louise said.
“Ok, can I take my drink with me?” Hannah said. She was slurring slightly.
“Yeah come on,” Louise said. She led Hannah into the hallway and then helped her up the stairs. Once they were upstairs, Louise went into the bedroom they had been in earlier and grabbed Hannah’s nappy bag. She briefly thought about changing Hannah in the bedroom, but didn’t really want anyone walking in on it, so she decided to go to the bathroom because it had a lock.
Once in the bathroom Louise locked the door and managed to get Hannah lying down on the floor. It was kind of cramped so Hannah ended up with her head pushed against the side of the bath.
“You are really wet Han. You need to keep a better eye on when you need changing. If I hadn’t brought you upstairs now then you might have ended up leaking and having everyone find out that you are in nappies” Louise lectured. She looked up at Hannah, but didn’t think that Hannah had paid any attention to what she had just said.
Louise started to change Hannah, but it took longer than normal because Hannah was drunk. When Louise had finally finished and put the used nappy in her bag, she helped Hannah to stand up again. Hannah’s drink was still on the floor, and before Louise was able to get Hannah out of the room, Hannah managed to pick it up.
Louise managed to get Hannah back into the bedroom where she put the bag on the floor. They then both headed downstairs. Hannah went back to dancing with Dane whilst Louise went over to Allie.
“I did it” Louise said. “But we are going to have to keep an eye on her. I don’t think she is going to be capable of doing it herself for the rest of the party”
“Ok. Well I can take the next one if you want” Allie replied.
“Yeah thanks” Louise said. They both went to talk to some other people. Both Louise and Allie were beginning to regret bringing Hannah to the party. Louise wished that she had either left Hannah in the flat or sent her home for the evening. Allie meanwhile was wishing that Hannah were in a pull-up so that she would not be able to drink as much.

A couple of hours later Hannah had drunk even more, and was no longer able to even dance, or stand. She was lying down on one of the sofas. Allie was sat with her, and was trying to figure out how she was going to get Hannah upstairs to change her. Allie didn’t want to completely embarrass Hannah by changing her downstairs in front of everyone. Louise came over and sat next to Allie.
“How’s she doing?”
“She is completely wasted. And I can’t figure out how I am going to get her upstairs to change her. She can barely stand. I don’t really want her to leak on the sofa”
“No me neither. Do you think we should just take her home?”
“How’s she doing?” Carla said coming over.
“No better. She’s not really used to drinking a lot. Normally when she goes out, she is the most sober one” Louise explained.
“Do you want to lie her down upstairs?” Carla asked. “Dane can carry her upstairs if you want. And that way you two don’t have to leave”
“Yeah that would be good” Allie said, thinking that she would be able to change Hannah when she was upstairs.
“Dane” Carla called. Dane walked over to the sofa. “Would you be able to carry Hannah upstairs and put her on my bed?”
“Yeah I should be able to” Dane said. Louise and Allie moved off the sofa to allow Dane to get to Hannah.

Chapter Thirty Six

Dane put his hands under Hannah’s body and then scooped her up. He lifted her to his chest, holding her under the knees and behind the bag. As soon as he started walking Hannah’s skirt began to move. The back of it fell towards the floor. The other people at the party moved out of the way as soon as they saw everyone walking towards the stairs. Louise was in the front, followed by Dane carrying Hannah, with Allie and Carla behind. What Louise and Allie failed to notice was that Hannah’s wet nappy was visible to anyone that happened to turn to look at Hannah. It was only when they were almost at the top of the stairs that Louise happened to turn round to check that Dane was managing the stairs with Hannah in his arms. She realised that Hannah’s nappy was showing. Dane’s arm had slipped slightly, meaning that it was a bit further up Hannah’s leg.
Louise didn’t want to say anything because then she would be drawing everyone’s attention to Hannah, so they would be more likely to notice the nappy. She did make an attempt to pull Hannah’s skirt down a bit.
Dane walked along the landing until they got to the door to the bedroom. Louise and Allie quickly moved the coats and jackets to one side of the bed to allow Dane to lie Hannah down on the other side.
“Thanks for that Dane” Louise said when Dane had put Hannah onto the bed. Hannah didn’t appear to have been disturbed at all.
The four of them stayed in the room standing around the bed. “You two don’t have to stay here with her. She is our responsibility not yours” Allie said to Carla and Dane after a couple of minutes had passed.
“It’s fine. I don’t mind staying here,” Carla said.
“But it’s your party. You should be downstairs with the others,” Louise said. Carla and Dane reluctantly left the room. Once they were gone Allie walked over and closed the door.
“I said I would change her if you want” Allie said when she saw Louise reaching for the bag.
“Yeah ok” Louise said. She put the bag on the bed and then sat down on the top of some of the coats. Allie went over to Hannah and managed to tug her skirt up allowing Allie to get to the nappy underneath. “We should probably put something down on the bed. We don’t want powder or something to end up on Carla’s bed” Louise suddenly said jumping up from the bed. “I’ll go see if I can find a towel or something. That should do it”. Louise quickly opened the door and slipped out. Allie meanwhile hitched Hannah’s skirt a bit higher. She didn’t want it getting in the way.
When Allie heard a little knock at the door she assumed that it was Louise, so told them to come in. When it was Dane that appeared through the door, Allie was very surprised. She hurriedly pulled Hannah’s skirt back down, even though she suspected that Dane had noticed the nappy anyway. When he had come through the door, the first thing he did was to look down at Hannah on the bed.
“I um, brought some water up for Hannah,” he said holding out his arm to show the glass. Allie could tell by the way he was acting, that he had seen the nappy. Dane moved over towards Allie.
“Al, I found a towel to change Han …oh” Louise said as she walked in the door. She came to a stop when she saw Dane stood there.
Neither Louise nor Allie knew what to say to Dane. They were both grateful at that point that Hannah was so drunk that she had no idea what was going on. She would have been mortified.
“Here you go” Dane said shoving the glass of water at Louise. “I’ll leave you alone”. He was completely out of the door before Louise and Allie looked at each other then called him back. They didn’t particularly want to have to explain everything to Dane, but they also didn’t want him to go away thinking things that weren’t true or asking other people about it.
“Look, we should probably explain”
“No that’s fine. You don’t have to say anything. It doesn’t matter to me what Hannah is wearing”
“She needs them” Allie blurted out.
“Oh ok” Dane said. He looked really uncomfortable. “So, can I go now?”
“I um…” Allie said. She was unsure of what to do in this sort of situation.
“Yeah. But Hannah is kind of private about all this. So she would appreciate it if you kept it to yourself. And it would probably be better for her if you didn’t let on to her that you have found out” Louise said.
“That’s fine” Dane replied.
“Ok thanks” Louise said. Dane left the room. Louise was still holding the glass of water and the towel. She set the water down on the dresser and passed Allie the towel. “I’ll stand by the door to stop anyone coming in whilst you get her changed” Louise said.
“Alright” Allie replied. She quickly lifted Hannah’s skirt back up and then lifted her up slightly to get the towel underneath her. Louise meanwhile opened the door slightly and looked out. There was someone walking down to the bathroom, so Louise quickly closed the door.
“What do you reckon we should do after you have finished?” Louise asked.
“I don’t know. I mean Hannah should be fine here. But I kind of think we should get home”
“How are we going to get her home? The plan was to walk back, and there is no way Hannah is going to be able to walk” Louise pointed out.
“I have no idea. I guess we could stay here for a while. Then see if Hannah is going to be able to walk once she has sobered up a bit,” Allie suggested. By that time Allie had changed Hannah. She taped up the used nappy and then put it in the bag. “Pass us that water. I’ll try and see if she will drink some”. Louise walked over with the water in her hand. Allie held Hannah up and put the glass to her lips. Hannah was able to drink some.
“This would be one of the times when Hannah’s bottle would actually come in useful” Louise remarked when she noticed how carefully Allie was having to be with the glass to avoid spilling any water on Hannah or the bed.

As Hannah was slowly drinking the water, she suddenly spluttered and then coughed a couple of times.
“Han, are you alright?” Allie asked, setting the cup down on the bedside table.
“What happened to the music?” was the first thing Hannah said. She didn’t really sound that drunk at all.
“Han, Dane carried you upstairs. You were passed out on the sofa,” Louise said walking over to the bed.
“Dane carried me upstairs?” Hannah repeated.
“Yeah. We thought you would probably be better off up here” Allie explained.
“So what do you want to do now?” Louise asked.
“What do you mean?”
“Well do you want to go home or stay up here for a bit?”
“It’s a party. I want to go back downstairs and have a good time and get a drink” Hannah replied.
“You are not drinking anymore,” Louise said firmly.
“What! I’m 18 and you are my sister, not my mum. You can’t tell me what to do”
“I know I’m not your mum. But I don’t think it would be a very good idea for you to drink any more. I mean you were practically passed out on the sofa earlier. So who knows how many people might have glanced over and been able to see what you are wearing” Louise said.
“Yeah, and Dane probably found out as well since he carried you upstairs” Allie added, not letting on that Dane knew for sure.
“I want to go” Hannah said in a small voice. “Now” she added with the sound of urgency in her voice.
“Ok Han that’s fine” Louise said. As she said that there was a knock on the door. Allie and Louise looked at each other both hoping that it wasn’t Dane.
“It’s Carla. Can I come in?” the three of them heard.
“Yeah come in,” Louise said.
“I just came up to see how Hannah is,” Carla said coming into the room.
“She’s feeling a little bit better now. But I think we are gonna head home” Louise said.
“Really. Well ok” Carla said. She was disappointed to see Louise and Allie leaving whilst the party was in full flow.
“Thanks for being so understanding about this Carla” Allie said as Hannah got off the bed and Louise picked up the jackets and bag.
They all walked out of the room. Louise was still holding everything whilst Allie followed Hannah to make sure that she didn’t stumble or trip over.

When they were at the bottom of the stairs, Hannah went to wait by the front door whilst Allie and Louise went to say a quick goodbye to their friends. Hannah didn’t particularly want to see anyone from the party in case they knew she was wearing a nappy.
Louise and Allie were about 10 minutes saying goodbye to everyone. Of course they didn’t reveal the whole truth as to why they had to leave. Instead they told everyone that Hannah felt embarrassed that she had got so drunk and wanted to leave.
“But she’s an 18 year old girl. Isn’t she going out with her friends and getting drink all the time” one person said.
“Not really. When she goes out with friends she is usually the most sober one there” Allie explained.

Once Allie and Louise had said goodbye to their friends including an awkward goodbye with Dane, they went to the front door where Hannah was still waiting. Hannah had taken the jackets off Louise before and had put her own no. She sling the nappy bag over her shoulder and wobbled slightly on her feet as she did so. Louise instinctively reached out to grab her in case Hannah had done anything more than wobble. When Hannah had steadied herself, Louise and Allie pulled their jackets on and each other them quickly hugged Carla, who had come to say goodbye to them.
Hannah opened up the front door and stepped outside. Allie and Louise quickly joined her. Louise and Allie both shivered and pulled their jackets tighter around themselves, whereas Hannah didn’t really feel the cold because of all the alcohol she had consumed.

The walk home took quite a bit longer than it had taken to get to Carla’s earlier on that evening. Allie and Louise were both trying to get Hannah to hurry up, but she seemed intend on strolling slowly for most of the way home and they were reluctant to let her get too far behind them both.
“Come on Han, I want to get home” Louise said. “You have to be up early in the morning to go to university” she added.
“Will she be able to drive?” Allie asked Louise. “I mean it is like half 11 now. And she will probably have to set off at about eight in the morning. Which only gives all that alcohol eight and a half hours to work its way out of her body”
“I never thought of that. Are you working tomorrow morning?”
“Yeah. I have to be there to help with lunch,” Allie said.
“So it’s not like either of us could take her if she can’t drive” Louise said. Hannah had finally caught up to the both of them, so Louise and Allie both grabbed one of her arms each which forced her to keep up with their pace so that she couldn’t dawdle.

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Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Thirty Seven

When they got back to the flat, Allie went to get some drinks for everyone whilst Hannah and Louise sat on the sofa.
“Han, don’t think that I have let you get away with what you did tonight,” Louise said. “But I am not in the mood to talk about it now, and I honestly think you won’t take it in now anyway”
“Ok” Hannah said. She yawned.
“Maybe it would be better if you went to bed now. I will wake you up in the morning so that we can see if you are all right to drive to university. Will you be ok to get to bed on your own?” Louise asked.
“And you were only changed just before we left Carla’s so you should be ok without change now. I mean unless you have used it since then”
“No I don’t think I have done,” said Hannah, even though she wasn’t really sure.
“Good. Night night Han. I will see you in the morning”. Hannah got up and went into her bedroom just as Allie came out of the kitchen carrying three glasses of water. She handed one to Hannah who took it in her room.
Allie then walked over to the sofa and sat down next to Louise. Louise started to explain what she had said to Hannah.

Hannah closed the door and went over to her bed. She could hear the hushed voices of Louise and Allie and realised that they were talking about her.
“All I did was have a few drinks,” Hannah said to herself. She was annoyed at the way Louise and Allie had treated her. “And now I have to be lectured about it tomorrow. It’s not fair” Hannah said as she took her clothes off and then wearing only her nappy she switched the light off and got into bed.

In the lounge Louise and Allie talked about what they were going to say to Hannah in the morning.
“I don’t know whether or not to be hard on her,” Louise said.
“I don’t think you should be too hard on her”
“But I don’t want her to think she has got away with acting like that. The thing is, that I can’t really tell mum. And I mean this is completely out of character for Hannah”
“Yep. I think it is that she felt more protected in a nappy. Maybe if we just sit her down and say that she is not going to have us around to change her when she is out”
“Yeah, and she is going to have to at least stay sober enough to know to change herself before she starts leaking, and she is going to have to change”
“I can see her saying that all her friends are going out and getting drunk,” Allie said.
“Yep. We will just have to say that as much as she might hate it at times, she is different from her friends, and at the minutes there is nothing she can do about it”

The next morning, Louise and Allie both got up when their alarm went off. Louise went to go and get a shower, whilst Allie went to wake Hannah up.
Hannah was still fast asleep when Allie pushed open the door.
“Han, its time to get up. We have to see whether or not you will be able to go to class today” Allie said. She pulled back the duvet off Hannah. There was a wet patch on the bed where Hannah had obviously leaked. “Han, come on. The bed is wet” Allie said. She was glad now that she and Louise had invested in a plastic sheet for whenever Hannah stayed over.
Hannah still didn’t stir, so Allie shook her and eventually Hannah mumbled something.
“Han are you awake?”
“Al?” Hannah said quietly.
“Yep. You leaked, so we will have to strip the bed”
“Wha” Hannah said. It was clear that she had a pretty bad hangover.
“Get up Hannah” Allie said. Hannah reluctantly crawled out of the bed. Allie immediately pushed the duvet onto the floor and began to pull the sheet off. “Hannah why don’t you change your nappy and then come and get some breakfast. Louise will be finished in the shower soon as well”. Hannah didn’t move from where she was stood. “Han, get cleaned up and changed whilst I go put this sheet on to wash then when you are finished I will have some nurofen and a glass of water ready for you” Allie said. Allie walked out of the room, with the sheet in her arms.
Hannah lied back down on the bed, feeling a bit stunned at what had happened. When she had seen it was Allie who had come in to wake her, Hannah had expected Allie to be nicer to her, and even change her. Hannah began to suspect that Allie and Louise had planned it out.

Ten minutes later Hannah had managed to change herself into a fresh nappy. She walked out of her room and through to the kitchen. Louise and Allie were both eating breakfast. Louise was in a dressing gown with her hair in a towel. There were a couple of nurofen tablets and a glass of water on the table. Hannah walked over to them and took the tablets.
“Morning Hannah” Louise said. “How are you feeling this morning?”
“Not good” Hannah said slowly.
“Why don’t you get some breakfast?” Louise said once Hannah had set the glass back down. Hannah poured herself a bowl of cereal, and then added milk before sitting down at the table.
“Han, I know you don’t need a lecture this morning. So I’m not going to give you one” Hannah smiled. “But that doesn’t mean I am not going to say anything to you”
“Ok” Hannah said.
“Right. I understand that you want to be like your friends and just be able to get drunk. But even though you are more protected in a nappy, you still have to stay sober enough both to be able to tell when you need a change, and to be able to change yourself. I don’t know what would have ended up happening if you were with your friends rather than me an Allie”
“I know I acted like an idiot,” Hannah admitted.
“Yes. But at least you know that now, so you aren’t likely to do it again”
“No I don’t think so”
“Good. Do you think you are going to be able to drive? Because you probably still have alcohol in your system”
“I don’t know”
“And you only have one thing this morning?”
“Yeah, but I can get the notes from Kendra later”
“Ok stay here this morning then” Louise said.

Whilst Allie and Louise rushed around getting ready, Hannah washed up the pots and then sat on the sofa. She really wanted to go back to bed, but couldn’t because her bed had no sheet on it. Hannah also texted Kendra to say that she wouldn’t be at class, but would be in later ready for her date with Jamie.
A couple of minutes later Kendra replied asking why Hannah wasn’t going to be in for the morning class. Hannah quickly answered that she wasn’t feeling very well. She didn’t really want to explain the real reason through a text message.

Once Louise and Allie had left for work, Hannah laid down on the sofa. She knew that she wasn’t really supposed to sleep on the sofa, but as she was so tired Hannah didn’t really care.
Hannah quickly fell back to sleep without thinking to set any sort of alarm to make sure that she would be up in time to get ready to go over to the university.

Luckily for her, she woke up a couple of hours later. After looking round and feeling a bit disorientated for a while, Hannah remembered where she was and how she came to be sleeping on the sofa. She sat up and stretched out then checked the time on the clock that was on the wall.
“I still have a while before I need to set off,” she said to herself. “Shower” she thought out loud.
Hannah was only wearing a nappy and a t-shirt, so she quickly lifted the t-shirt up to check on her nappy. She would have to take it off anyway since she was going for a shower, but she didn’t want to rip the tapes off and ruin it, if it were still dry.
However, Hannah had wet whilst she was asleep. She stood up and was able to feel the bulk of her nappy between her legs. Hannah walked into her bedroom then, whilst she was stood in the doorway, she untaped it and let it fall to the floor. She then bent down, her t-shirt rising up quite a bit as she did that. Hannah rolled up the nappy and then went to the bathroom. She didn’t bother to wipe herself because she was about to have a shower.

Once Hannah had finished in the shower, she got out and quickly dried herself. Getting dry was the part she hated most about having a shower. Mainly due to the fact that over the years she had got more and more worried about having an accident on the bathroom floor whilst she wasn’t wearing any sort of protection. For that reason Hannah always made sure that she could get to the toilet easily if she did start to wet.
After Hannah was dry, she wrapped the towel around herself and then put another over her hair. She walked through the lounge and into her bedroom. Her old nappy was still on the floor, so Hannah quickly pushed it to the side with her foot before walking fully into the room and shutting the door behind her. She grabbed a fresh nappy and the powder then spread out the nappy on the bed. She sprayed some powder onto the nappy, then undid her towel and let it fall to the floor. Hannah carefully lowered herself down onto the nappy then applied a bit of powder to her front. She quickly taped the nappy up then lifted her bum off the bed so that she could adjust it slightly.
Hannah felt much safer with the nappy on, so she stood up and began to get dressed. As she got dressed she began to wonder what she was going to wear on her date with Jamie.
“Why didn’t I plan this out earlier?” she said. She looked at the clothes she had brought with her. “I could go back home and get something else, and since I don’t really want to wear a nappy on the date I don’t have to worry about stuff not fitting me properly”

Hannah packed up all her things, even going into the rest of the flat to check for anything she might have moved. Once she had her things into two separate bags, one to leave at home, and the other to take to Kendra’s, she left the flat. Hannah walked down the stairs and onto the street where she then headed for her car.

When Hannah got home she went inside and went upstairs to her room. She dropped the bag onto her bed, then looked round. When she and Allie had left the previous afternoon, they hadn’t put any of the clothes away. Half of Hannah’s wardrobe was strewed about her room. She began picking them up. She had to lift her bag from the bed to get to a top that was underneath it. As she did that, she happened to see her changing mat, which was pushed down at the side of her bed.

Hannah felt her cheeks grow warm as she remembered what had happened the previous day.

“I can’t believe how I acted,” she said. “I was like a toddler having a temper tantrum. I’m surprised Allie was so nice to me about it”

Hannah quickly picked out the clothes she wanted to wear that evening and then left the house.

She made sure to lock up on her way out, then put the key in her bag. As she did that, her fingers brushed against the packet of chewing gum she had bought the afternoon before.

Hannah pulled the packet out of her bag and then popped a piece into her mouth. As she chewed on it, she got into her car and started driving.

When Hannah got to the university, she quickly rang Kendra as she was getting out of the car. By the time Hannah had grabbed her bag from the boot of the car she had finished talking to Kendra. Hannah started to make her way to Kendra’s flat. Kendra was going to meet her at the door because there was no need for Kendra to come out into the cold only to have to walk back now that Hannah knew the way to Kendra’s flat.

As Hannah walked with her bag in her hand she pulled her jacket closer to her body. She was really cold. It didn’t really help that she had wet her nappy a while ago and it was now starting to go cold as well.

When Hannah got to the flat, Kendra let her in and they went straight to Kendra’s room. Hannah was glad about this, because she didn’t want Jamie to see her whilst she was wearing a nappy under her clothes.

“I take it that’s not what you are wearing tonight” Kendra said, looking at the comfy tracksuit bottoms Hannah was wearing.

“No of course not. They are comfortable and I still have a bit of a hangover. Plus they are quite good at hiding the bulge”

“The bulge?” Kendra said. She had forgotten about Hannah wearing nappies full time and thought she was talking about being overweight, which Hannah wasn’t.

“Yeah, you know. Because of what I am wearing” Hannah said hoping that Kendra would understand her without Hannah having to spell it out for her.

“Oh yeah” said Kendra suddenly remembering. “I forgot that you were still doing that. So are going to be wearing one tonight?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t even want Jamie finding out that I wear pull-ups, never mind that I wear nappies. Plus the pull-ups are more discreet”

“So your bladder and stuff are just the same even though you haven’t even thought about using a toilet for the past couple of days?” Kendra wondered.

“I don’t know. I think so,” said Hannah. She hadn’t really thought about. “I will take a couple of spare pull-ups with me and a nappy just in case” she said.

“Your bag is going to be quite big then”

“My bags normally are” said Hannah. She looked at the one slung over her shoulder. “I mean wherever I go I have to take pull-ups with me. I wouldn’t want to be out and have an accident and then have nothing to change into. The pull-up would probably end up leaking and then I would feel really embarrassed because people would know that I had wet myself”

“Oh yeah” Kendra said. As she very rarely wore nappies or pull-ups, she didn’t really think about things like that. Plus she knew that if she were wearing a pull-up whilst she was out, then she would easily just be able to take it off and not worry about wetting again.

“Anyway, I still have a couple of hours before we are going. So I am going to put a pull up on now. Then I have a couple of hours before we go out to get used to the pull-ups” Hannah said. She knew her nappy needed changing anyway.

“Ok. If you want to get changed then I will leave you in peace. I will be in the kitchen. Just come in when you have finished” Kendra said.

“Thanks Kendra” said Hannah. She was glad that she had a friend like Kendra, as she was sure not everyone would be so accepting of someone that wore nappies at 18. Kendra left the room, leaving Hannah to change her nappy.

Chapter Thirty Eight

Hannah got a pull-up and everything else she was going to need out of her bag. Then she went over and locked the door.

Hannah quickly slipped off her shoes and then pulled down her tracksuit bottoms. The nappy was sagging between her legs. Hannah undid it and then slowly dropped it to the floor. She then wiped herself and stepped out of her trousers. This meant that she could step into the pull-up.

Without even bothering to put her trousers back on, Hannah began clearing away the wet nappy. She wrapped it in a couple of carrier bags, and then put it into Kendra’s bin. Once that was cleaned away, Hannah went into the bathroom and pulled her pull-up down her legs. She sat down on the toilet. As she was sat there she realised that she had not actually sat on the toilet to try and pee in a couple of days. Hannah tried to relax, and then felt a trickle of pee come out. She figured that that was all she had in her, so quickly wiped herself and then got her pull-up and trousers back on.

Hannah then left Kendra’s room and went into the kitchen. Kendra was the only one in there. She was stood next to the sink with a glass of water in her hand.

“You finished then?” Kendra said when she saw Hannah.

“Yep. All done” Hannah said.

“So what do you want to do now? You still have a couple of hours before you are going out”.

“It’s up to you. I’m not fussed” Hannah said. Kendra gulped down the rest of her water, and then filled the glass up again.

“Do you want a drink?” Kendra asked.

“Yeah thanks. Water is fine” Hannah said. She grabbed a glass out of Kendra’s cupboard and passed it over so that Kendra could fill it up. Once it was full, Kendra handed the glass back to

Hannah gulped that down quickly and handed the glass back to Kendra who filled it up again. “You were obviously thirsty” Kendra said as she filled up the glass. “Here you go”. Hannah took longer to drink that one. “Good thinking” Kendra said.

“What do you mean?” Hannah asked.

“Well, you don’t really want to load up on liquids now. Because then your bladder is more likely to be full. And you might be more likely to have an accident on your date” Kendra said.

“Ssshhhh” Hannah hissed. Even though there was no one in the room, she didn’t want anyone hearing what Kendra had just said through the walls.

“Sorry” Kendra said. “I didn’t think”. She picked up her drink and walked out of the kitchen with Hannah. They quickly walked to Kendra’s room. Kendra noticed the extra bag in her rubbish bin straight away. Hannah noticed her looking at it.

“It was alright to put that in your bin wasn’t it?”

“Yeah of course” Kendra said. “I wouldn’t expect you to put it in the kitchen bin or something”.

Hannah still had a while until she needed to get ready to go out, so she and Kendra decided to watch a DVD. They chose one and then both got comfy on the bed to watch it.

During the DVD Hannah thought that she felt the urge to pee, and rather than waiting, she immediately stood up to go to the bathroom. When Kendra saw her getting up, she quickly picked up the remote and paused the DVD.

Hannah switched on the light then stepped into the bathroom. She pulled down her trousers and then her pull-up. She smiled when she saw that her pull-up was completely dry. ‘Hopefully I can keep it dry tonight as well’ she thought as she sat down on the cold toilet seat.

She was sat there for a couple of minutes before she started to pee. And then when she did, it wasn’t much at all. Feeling kind of disappointed that she hadn’t done a proper pee in the toilet, Hannah wiped herself and then stood up to get her pull-up and trousers back on. She quickly washed her hands before heading back out into Kendra’s room.

“Should I start it again?” Kendra asked. She wasn’t sure whether or not to ask whether Hannah had made it to the toilet in it. Since Hannah came to sit down and didn’t grab a new pull-up and head back into the bathroom, Kendra assumed that she had made it.

“Yeah, that sounds good” Hannah said. Kendra pressed play then leant back against the wall. Hannah did the same.

Just as the film ended, Hannah felt another urge to go to the toilet. Not wanting to have an accident, she headed back to the bathroom. But again she was only able to pee a little bit. When she was done, she went back into the bedroom. Kendra was putting the DVD away.

“I hope I’m not having to go to the toilet like this tonight” Hannah said. “Jamie will probably think that something is wrong with me”

“I don’t know. I mean it was an hour between the two bathroom visits then. Although that is a bit more than a normal person I think, it isn’t like every half hour or something”.

“Yeah. And in that hour I didn’t even drink anything. So I probably will be going every half hour if I have anything to drink” Hannah said. She was starting to worry herself by thinking about it.

“I’m sure that Jamie won’t even notice. He is a guy”

“Yeah, but its not like we would be in a group or anything” Hannah said. “It will be just the two of us, so when I’m not there because I’ve gone to the bathroom, it will be obvious”

Kendra was wondering what to say to try and reassure Hannah. “It is probably just your bladder getting used to the fact that it can’t just pee whenever it wants now. Because it has become used to the nappies. But as soon as it realises that it needs to hold for a bit then you will be fine”

“I guess so,” said Hannah. She wasn’t all that convinced by what Kendra had just said.

“It will be fine” Kendra repeated when she could tell that Hannah was uncertain. “What are you taking with you tonight?”

“I don’t know. I hadn’t really thought about it”

“What sort of supplies would you normally take when you were going out for the evening?”

“Two pull-ups and some wipes probably” Hannah said.

“Ok then. Take the two pull-ups and then take a nappy with you or an extra pull-up in case you have more accidents”

“I don’t know if what I’m gonna wear will fit a nappy underneath it” Hannah said.

“What are you planning to wear?”. Hannah went over to her bag and got out the jeans and shirt had got. “How much space is there when you wear them with pull-ups?” Kendra asked.

“Hold on a sec and I will show you” Hannah said. She quickly removed the trousers she was wearing, leaving her stood there in her pull-up as she opened up the jeans and put them out in front of her to step into. “This much space” she said once they were up her leg and fastened. She held out the back of the jeans to demonstrate.

“I think you could fit a nappy under there” Kendra said. “How long is the top you will be wearing? Will it cover the waistband of the jeans?”

“Yeah. I don’t like wearing tops that don’t do that in case my pull-up rides above whatever trousers I’m wearing” Hannah said. “So you really think that a nappy will be ok under these?”

“Yeah, and really you probably won’t end up needing the nappy. It will just be in case you have accidents or if you find that you are going to the toilet too much” Kendra said. She looked up at the clock on the wall. “You should start getting ready really”

Hannah followed Kendra’s gaze towards the clock. “Oh yeah. I really should”

“Do you want me to leave you to get ready then?” Kendra said.

“It’s your room. You can stay if you want to” Hannah said with a smile. As she was already wearing the jeans, she took her shirt out of the bag as well as the other things she was going to need like her hair straighteners and make up.

“Do you want me to help you straighten your hair?” Kendra asked. She had done it for her flatmate Dawn and other friends quite a few times. “I could do the difficult bit at the back”

“Yeah thanks. That would be cool. My mum sometimes does that for me. The back bit”

“Really. I’ve done it for friends. And my sister a few times. Although she is only 12 so she doesn’t ever really go anywhere where she would actually need to have really straight hair. And I don’t think my mum has ever done it for me”

“My mum only does it for me because at home there is no one else to do it. Unless I do it myself, which I do do sometimes,” Hannah said. She decided to go into the bathroom to change her top. She put down the make up and straighteners and then picked up her deodorant. “I’ll be back in a sec,” she said. Kendra switched on her computer. She knew that she could go on it whilst Hannah was getting ready then just leave it on until Hannah had left.

In the bathroom, Hannah quickly slipped off the top she was wearing. She hung it over the edge of the sink. Then she quickly put on some deodorant before slipping the other shirt on. She looked down to button it up, and realised that the top of her pull-up was sticking out of the top of her trousers slightly. She quickly folded it down under her trousers.

Once Hannah was fully dressed, she walked back out into Kendra’s room. Kendra was sat on her bed with the straighteners in her hand. “Wow, I really like that top on you. You look really pretty”

“Thanks” said Hannah. She smiled shyly, and then tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“The straighteners are ready now, if you want me to do your hair”

“Oh great” Hannah said. She put down the things she was holding then went to sit on the floor in front of Kendra. Kendra first brushed Hannah’s hair then got started with straightening it properly.

Twenty minutes later, they were finished. Kendra stood up and unplugged the straighteners then put them on the floor to cool down. Hannah meanwhile, took a bit longer to get up. And when she did, the first thing she did was check to see if her pull-up was showing. Then she went and picked up her make-up.

“Is it ok if I just use your bathroom again? To do my make-up?”

“I have a mirror on the inside of my wardrobe you can use if you want. Then you don’t have the sink getting in the way”

“Yeah that would be good thanks,” Hannah said. Kendra opened up her wardrobe and Hannah walked over to it. Kendra sat down at her desk, intending to use the computer whilst Hannah was busy.

Kendra checked her emails and then started to reply to an email from a friend back home. She was still writing when Hannah turned round having finished putting on her make-up. Kendra turned round in her chair and watched as Hannah sorted out the things to go in the bag she was taking.

“I hope you have fun tonight” Kendra said.

“Thanks Kendra. I hope I do too,” Hannah said. “What time is it?”

Kendra looked at the corner of the computer screen. “You have about 5 or 10 minutes,” Kendra answered.

“Ok, that’s good. I think I’m just going to go to the toilet quickly and then I will be practically ready,” Hannah said. She dropped her bag on the bed then went into the bathroom. Kendra looked over and noticed that Hannah’s bag was open and what was inside was showing. She lent across and grabbed the bag and made sure it was closed properly before she put it back on the bed.

Meanwhile, Hannah was trying to pee. She didn’t really feel the urge to go, but she didn’t want to not even try and then need to go when she was in the car.

After a couple of minutes with nothing coming out, Hannah stood up and pulled her pull-up and trousers back on. She checked herself in the mirror then went out and sat on Kendra’s bed. She and Jamie were going to meet in the hallway in a minute, so as both girls sat there, they were listening for the sound of Jamie’s door opening.

Hannah in Nappies Chapters 1 - 39 (Repost)

Chapter Thirty Nine

Hannah stood up as soon as she heard the creak of Jamie’s door. She picked up her bag and quickly hugged Kendra.

“I’ll see you later on,” Kendra said. “Have fun tonight”

"“I’m sure I will do” Hannah said with a big smile on her face. She headed towards the door, taking a quick look in the mirror at her hair as she walked past it.

As she opened the door to the hallway, Jamie turned around and watched her walk out of Kendra’s room.

“Hello” he said simply.

“Hey” Hannah replied. She was surprised to find that she was really nervous. ‘Come on Han’ she thought as she and Jamie walked out of the flat. ‘Get over it. It’s not as if you’ve never gone on a date before. Yes, it has been a while since you have gone out with someone. And even longer really since you have been out with someone who didn’t know about the nappies and pull-ups. But you can do this. He won’t find out.’

They walked up to the car park together. And as Jamie didn’t have a car, Hannah was going to drive them both to the bowling alley. Jamie had booked a lane for a couple of games already, just in case it was busy.

When they were in the car, Hannah told Jamie to put some music on, whilst she started driving. Looking through the CD’s in her car provided them with some conversation about music, and eventually one CD was picked and put into the stereo.

The talking about what music each other liked led on to other things, and the conversation flowed fairly well. Hannah was pleased about that, as she was wondering what on earth they would talk about in the car.

They were soon at the bowling alley, where they both got out and headed inside. It hadn’t taken as long to get there as they had expected, so they were a bit early. When they went to see if the lanes were free yet, the guy behind the counter told them that it would be a few minutes yet before the lane would be free. So they headed to the arcade part of the bowling alley.

“You fancy a game of air hockey whilst we wait?” Jamie asked, seeing the air hockey table.

“Yeah ok,” Hannah said. They walked over to it, and as they were walking, Hannah realised that whilst she was bending down her pull-up might show. She tried to put it to the back of her mind, figuring that no one else was in the room to see, and Jamie was going to be at the other side of the table, so would be unlikely to notice anything.

Hannah put her bag on the floor next to where she was stood waiting for Jamie to put the money in. When the money was in, the puck came out at her side so she picked it up and they started to play.

The game finished, with Jamie winning 7 to 5. And as they were walking back to the counter, Hannah realised that she had had fun, and hadn’t even thought about whether her pull-up was showing or not. Although as they were walking, she did quickly check. And she was pleased to find that the pull-up was still tucked away inside her jeans.

The guy behind the counter told them that their lane was free, so they were both given shoes and they went over to the lane. Jamie sat down to enter the names onto the screen. And Hannah sat down to change her shoes.

When the names were entered, Hannah looked up to the screen and saw that Jamie had put her name in first. So she put her bag to one side and went up to bowl the ball. She did feel self-conscious at first, feeling as if Jamie would be looking at her.

‘What if he sees the outline of the pull-up when he is looking at me bending down bowling the ball’ she worried as she walked up there. As a result the first ball she bowled wasn’t a good one. And if the bumpers hadn’t been there, it would have being a gutter ball. Since they were there, she did manage to knock down a couple of pins.

“I haven’t gone bowling in a while,” she explained as she walked back to get another ball.

“That’s alright. I’m not all that good at it either,” he said with a smile. Hannah headed back to the lane with a smile on her face. And the second ball she bowled was slightly better than the first. Meaning that she managed to knock down seven pins in total.

Once she had done, she sat down again and let Jamie take his turn. He managed to knock down 7 pins with his first ball. So Hannah realised that this game was going to be quite unmatched. She felt sure that Jamie would win. But it didn’t matter to her. She was having a good time anyway. And was sure that she was going to carry on having a good time, no matter who won the game.

The two of them carried on playing. Hannah did get better as they were going along, and by her fifth turn, she managed to get a spare. Despite the fact that Jamie had just got a strike on his previous go, he still clapped her achievement. And she had a wide smile on her face as she walked back to sit down.

Jamie got up to take his go and Hannah quickly checked that her pull-up was still hidden. She had been careful to only check when she knew that he wasn’t looking. When Jamie had finished his go, he asked Hannah if she wanted a drink. She told him that she would have a small coke. She didn’t want to have too much liquid just in case.

Jamie went to get the drinks whilst Hannah bowled and by the time she was done, having knocked 8 pins down over the two balls, Jamie was back with the drinks. He took a long sip of his before going to take his go. Hannah picked up her drink and drank a little bit of it.

The game finished, and Jamie had won by 30 points. “Congratulations Jamie,” Hannah said.

“Thanks” he replied, and he pressed the button on the keypad to start the next game. On the screen, the scores cleared. “Your go again,” he said, sitting down.

This game went a lot slower because both of them had relaxed quite a bit, so there was more talking between the two of them in between bowling. Hannah had totally forgotten to keep checking her pull-up. And she hadn’t gone to the toilet.

She suddenly remembered as she was bowling a ball, and decided to go to the toilet straight away, just in case. As she walked back to Jamie, she tried to figure out if she was wet. But she couldn’t tell. ‘So do I take my bag with me to the toilets, just in case I need a change. Or do I leave it here, and then have to stay in the same pull-up if I am wet,’ she thought, as Jamie got up to take his go. “I’m just going to the toilet,” she said. Jamie nodded, to let her know that he had heard her. She walked away from the aisle, deciding to leave her bag there.

When Hannah got to the bathroom, she went into one of the stalls and locked the door. Pulling down her jeans and pull-up, she realised that she was slightly damp, but not damp enough to require a change. Hannah felt quite relieved about that as she sat down.

Hannah walked back out to the lane. Jamie had taken his go, and was sat on the bench with her bag by his side. Hannah didn’t remember leaving her bag there, so she was quite confused as she walked over to Jamie.

“Hey,” she said when he looked up and saw her.

“Hi,” he said. He saw Hannah looking at her bag. “It fell off the bench. It was on top of your jacket, and I must have just pulled your jacket or something when I saw down. So I picked the bag up.”

“Oh right ok. I wasn’t bothered anyway,” she lied. She didn’t want him to know why she was so bothered about the idea of him touching her bag.

“Ok. And it’s your go,” Jamie said. Hannah went and took her go. The mood between the two of them had changed. And although the reason for the mood change was obvious to Hannah, it left Jamie feeling confused.

Within ten minutes, Hannah slowly relaxed and returned to normal. She started to enjoy the bowling again, and she began to forget about her pull-up and the fact that Jamie had been near her bag.

By the end of the game, which Jamie won again, but there was less of a gap between their scores, Hannah was smiling and laughing. She seemed to be her normal self again, which Jamie was pleased about.

“So where do you want to go eat?” Jamie asked, after they’d handed in their shoes.

“I don’t really have much money on me now after the bowling, so where ever we go better involve a stop at a cash machine,” Hannah said.

“If we drive through town, you can get cash out, then we can figure out where to go after that,” Jamie said.

“Good plan,” Hannah said. They were at the car by that point, so Hannah unlocked it and they both got in.

Again, they both found that the conversation flowed easily between the two of them. Hannah was pleased and also relieved about this. She had been dreading the car parts of the date the most because there would be nothing to distract either of them, and any silence would seem more obvious.

“There is a cash machine on the left here,” Jamie suddenly said. As Hannah lived further away from this town, she didn’t know where things like cash machines were located, so she was glad that Jamie had pointed one out to her. She pulled over and stopped the car. Grabbing her bag from the back seat, she climbed out of the car and walked to the cash machine. She had totally forgot about the fact that she was wearing a pull-up, and that she was trying to keep it dry, so when she felt the urge to pee a little bit, rather than holding on until she got to a toilet, she let go and wet herself slightly as she waited for the machine to hand over the money.

Almost as soon as she’d done it, she realised what she had done. She managed to rationalise it in her head as she walked back to the car. ‘I only peed a little bit. And I am in a pull-up. These things have held full on accidents before, so I doubt it will leak from a little bit like that. When we get to where we are eating, I can go and change before we eat. No need to panic about it and stress yourself out’.

“What do you think about a pub? To eat I mean,” Jamie asked when Hannah was settled back in the car.

“Yeah. A pub sounds like a good idea. Do you know one with good food? Or do you want to take a risk with a random pub?”

“I do know one. I’ve been a couple of times with mates. I can direct you.”

“Ok,” Hannah said. She was pleased with the idea of a pub, because that way they could stay there after they’d eating, whereas in a proper restaurant they would probably have to leave. She started the car and listened to Jamie’s instructions.

At first he seemed to be directing them in the direction of the university campus, which worried Hannah a little bit, as she didn’t want to go to a pub where she or Jamie might run into friends. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be seen with Jamie, but more that she wanted him to herself. She smiled when she noticed that they were no longer on the road to university, but instead Jamie had directed her to turn off onto another road.

Within 15 minutes they were pulling up in the car park of the pub. Hannah grabbed her bag out of the back of the car, and got out.

“I’m impressed,” Jamie said, as he stretched his arms above his head.

“Impressed? With what?” Hannah asked, feeling confused.

"The other week my sister came to visit me, and I suggested this place for lunch. She was driving, and I was directing. We managed to get totally lost. I don’t know if it was her, or my directions though. But I’m impressed that the two of us managed to find it so easily.

They walked into the pub together. As Jamie had been there before, he didn’t feel the need to look around as they entered, but Hannah did. Not only was she looking to see what the place looked like, and what sort of people were there, she was also looking so that she could figure out where the bathrooms were. She was intending to go to the toilet as soon as the two of them had their table.

“So whereabouts do you want to sit?” Jamie asked, when Hannah’s face was looking straight ahead, instead of all around her.

“Um, that side looks slightly quieter,” she said, indicating the left hand side. “So somewhere there might be good,” she added.

They walked over, and found a table. When they were sat down Jamie grabbed the menus and handed one over to Hannah. “Here you go. What do you fancy having?”

“Actually, before I look, I’m just going to go to the bathroom” she said.


She had never let go of the handle of her bag, so it was fairly easy to just stand up and carry the bag along with her. As she turned the corner to get to the bathrooms, she looked over at Jamie. He seemed pretty engrossed in the menu, so Hannah reckoned that he hadn’t even noticed the fact that she had taken her bag with her.