Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Recently I was contacted by a long time member who wishes to remain anonymous about having a Halloween contest this year. He has agreed to put up cash for prizes for this one. I was actually hesitant to agree for various reasons. Mostly those reasons were due to the fact that October is a pretty busy month for NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaisons. :slight_smile:

Obviously I decided it was worth it. Basically the rules are the same as the 2010 contest with a few minor changes.

  1. Stories must be about Halloween. There will be separate prizes for scary and non-scary stories. (Specifics will be announced later)

  2. Each author may submit one story in each category, but you can only win a prize in one of them to keep it fair.

  3. Stories can be submitted one of these ways

  • PM them to Renko Yanagi
  • Email them to [email]halloween@abdlstoryforum.info[/email]
  • If you have a Google account, sharing from Google Docs/Drive to that address
  • Uploading them to Dropbox via this link.
4. Stories must be submitted by 11:59pm CST on November 8th, 2016. They will be posted anonymously.
  1. Stories can be any length, but MUST be complete when submitted. It also must be a new story, never posted before. We suggest not to make your story too long, as this may discourage reading and voting.

  2. Voting will follow, by member polling, through 11:59pm CST, November 25th, 2016.

When submitting your story please include the following the information at the top formatted as shown, and yes even if submit via PM:

Username: yourusername
Email: youraccount’semailaddress
Title: Story’s Title

So if I was submitting a story it would be

Username: Renko Yanagi
Email: issues@abdlstories.club
Title: My Crappy Halloween Story

If you have any questions please feel free to post them here. You can also email me at the submissions address above if you don’t want to post your question publicly. Please do not PM me with questions as there’s a good chance I may not see it as quickly as I will a post here or an email.

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Well, here’s a motivation for CK to finish Tricky Treats….

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

In the spirit of trick or treating, I think this should be the consolation prize.


Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Posted anonymously? What does that mean?

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

You send in the story, it gets posted here, without your name.
In the end, we get a list of stories with no known author, you have to vote solely on the story itself.

I imagine the actual authors will be revealed once the winner(s) are declared.

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

I can’t see me getting anywhere with this one. Anything I’d do for a Halloween type of theme would be way too far outside the “warm and fuzzy” zone for anyone to vote for.

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Which is why I think the “Scary” and “Non-Scary” ideas are great.
I’m just hoping that Long_Rifle doesn’t show up and take the scary category by the balls. (Just kidding LR, your stuff is unnerving, but intriguing :P)

I’m bumping around some ideas. All of them are horrible, either by quality, or by concept.
My participation really hinges on when I can complete my current projects. (or if :o )

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Yep. And specifically they’ll be posted with my test account. One difference though is that when the reveals happen I’ll actually modify the database to change the topics to be owned by the author’s account so they don’t have to be reposted later. :slight_smile:

Just don’t make it “a bunch of witches rape and torture a kid in diapers” and you’ll probably be fine :slight_smile:

(don’t ask, because that example exists and it was not on an ABDL forum…)

Sadly, as the person administering it I won’t be posting the stories I was considering. I’ll probably just save them for NaNoWriMo. Probably better as I could probably scare some people with how absolutely sadistic I can be to my characters while technically keeping a PG-13 rating :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Ooh this sounds interesting. I know of at least one person who’d been working on a halloween-ish story lately that can probably swing into the groove of things cough Sasha and her corn maze cough.

Maybe I’ll try my hand at writing again. A short story would be much less mentally daunting.

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Hahaha thanks :smiley: It has to be new though, but I am alllllll over this. Ideas are spinning. (Could also be the wine I had, maybe I shouldn’t drink and write.) Can it be a diaper dimension story or does it have to be SUPER original? Eg. no fanfics. Is the D.D. considered a fanfic?

And dumb question, but does it have to be a diaper story?

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Only requirement is it has to be Halloween themed. ABDL themed preferred but not 100% required. Fanfics and stories set in other preexisting universes are fine. :slight_smile:

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Holy crap. I’m surprised but I actually got a submission via the Dropbox link already. Had some technical issues that needed fixing by the author, but that’s still pretty impressive :slight_smile:

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a contest, and it was a fun the last time I participated. Hopefully we get a lot of submissions this year! The previous Halloween contests yielded some really good short stories.

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

That’s one of the reasons the person who put up the cash for the prizes wanted to do it. Partially to hopefully get people writing and posting again. If you look at this forum in particular it’s very obvious that there’s really just a few truly active authors lately and there are way too many unfinished stories running around. I’ve been slowly but surely reaching out to some of the authors but so far only three of the 25 I’ve contacted have replied. Sadly two asked for their accounts and stories to be removed. :frowning:

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Contests aren’t the same without Elizabeth. However, maybe I might get a chance to win.

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Her absence is partly why it’s been so long since the last contest.

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

How Halloween themed are we talking about? Does it have to revolve around Halloween and/or a Halloween event (trick-or-treating, party, reminiscing, etc.)? Or can it just take place on Halloween with the decorations and costumes in the background whilst a less Halloween-centric story happens in the foreground?

I’m sorry if this seems like an obvious question but I would prefer this rule be made clear from the start.

My guess is that Halloween must be front-and-center based on the wording of the post but I want to know how prominent it has to be.

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Front and center preferred, but if it’s it a bit in the background it’s not a deal breaker for this contest.

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

Just a heads up, but I removed some unnecessary posts by a banned user and the related replies.

EDIT: stupid autocorrect decided I meant repeated when I typed related O_o!

Re: Halloween Story Contest 2016 Edition

If you already submitted something and haven’t heard back from me yet look for reply later today or tomorrow. I’ve had a few people who submitted rough drafts to make sure they were within the rules so I’ve been reading those.

And to address a question that was asked in one of those submission emails (and I didn’t realize I forgot this in the original post) the reason the exact amount of the prizes hasn’t been determined yet is because how it gets split will be partially determined by the number of submissions. For example if there aren’t enough submissions in either category for a 1st/2nd/3rd then it’ll have to be distributed differently than if there are, and of course if there are no submissions in one category at all then that will obviously affect the amount of the prizes in the other.

I should be able to give you a better idea of the amounts in early October. :slight_smile: