Hakuna Matata

(This story is noticeably sexual, but still has ABDL content and everything listed in the tags. If I missed any important tags, please correct it, and if this belongs in a different category, feel free to correct it. I prioritize cuteness, wholesomeness and other more important things over unnecessary things like sex scenes. I’m still new to this site and writing as a whole. I accept criticism, just don’t be harsh or rude about it. My vocabulary isn’t anything special and I mostly just write for fun and to entertain or make other people smile. If you don’t like the tags, don’t read the story.)

And yes, the title is a reference to The Lion King. I couldn’t resist it.

23 year old Austin awoke in a hospital bed, feeling an excruciating pain in his head as he sat up. He mostly felt awful, like he just came out of a car crash, though he had the strength to sit up and move. He quickly examined his body as he suppressed the throbbing ache in his head, finding no major bruises or scars. It couldn’t have been more obvious that he was in a hospital and he certainly wasn’t a doctor. The last thing he remembered was going to work in the morning after scrambling to make it on time.

The word “work” puzzled him. He couldn’t recall ever working anywhere or having a job. He thought of all the possible jobs he could’ve had, but none of them rang a bell in his aching head. Thinking seemed to have worsened his headache even more, so he laid back and tried to go back to sleep. By what he thought was a miracle, he managed to fall asleep despite the lack of comfort and the prominent pain he was feeling.

“You think he’ll be okay?”

“Of course I do, he almost fully healed in a week. Though he does need some more monitoring. We’ve been testing a new chemical compound for healing wounds and it seemed to have worked, though it makes the patient exhausted. Not only is he the first test subject for this new miracle worker, but he’ll also be testing our more advanced… well, I was about to say incontinence briefs or underwear, but that’s simply a lie, they’re adult diapers in every sense of the word. Tapes and everything, though they clearly aren’t made for babies. I could rant about the many features and strengths, but I’ll spare you the boredom.”

“Does he know about this?”

“Obviously. He signed up for this with an official form. Not this in specific, just testing in general. It’s not violating human rights if they physically signed up for it on their own accord. With all the melatonin you gave him, he should be sound asleep right now.”

“Should I stay here until he wakes up?”

“Not much else to do. Keep an eye on him and don’t do anything stupid.”

“You can count on me, Doc.”

Austin rubbed his eyes and slowly looked around the disappointingly bland room.
“You’re awake! I swear I gave you sedatives, it’s quite impressive that you aren’t in a deep sleep. Never thought I’d be caring for you in a hospital.”
Austin looked at the young woman standing a few feet from his hospital bed. She looked familiar, very familiar.
“You look puzzled. I’m your girlfriend, remember? I had to move away and we just separated, but here I am. Maybe we could get back together again once you get better. And don’t worry, all your hospital expenses are already paid off and you’re being given a $10,000 reward for your testing participation. Well deserved if you ask me.”

“Wait, was that doctor saying that I’ll be wearing diapers?”

“Yup, and you’ll have to use them. I’ll be the one taking care of you for the next week or so, after that you’ll be outta here. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I moved here, I just wanted it to be surprise.”

“A surprise, huh? I assume this isn’t what you had in mind.” Austin said, rubbing his head and peeking under the blanket to see the incredibly thick diaper Brook had mentioned.

“Of course not, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Well, unless they like being diapered by a pretty nurse.”

“Is there any way I could… not wear diapers? The last time I wore anything even close to that was in 8th grade when I had diarrhea. Not a good memory to think about.”

“I think I forgot to mention how you’re currently wearing a diaper, but it’s surprisingly clean. If you happen to lose a portion of your potty training, we’re not at fault. You will wear them, no exceptions. And if you’re caught without one, we take extra precautions to make sure it stays on.”

“That’s it?”

“You sound very nonchalant about having to wear diapers, and the fact that I’ll be changing them. I’ll try not to make it awkward. Nobody else here knows we were ever together, though that doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want. Nothing sexual, but they don’t care about flirting. If they find out we’re kinda still together, they’ll probably put someone else in my place. And I know you well enough to know you’d want me to change you more than anyone else.”

“Can’t I just do it myself?”

“No. No you can’t. I’m a nurse, I was trained to do this. Don’t give me any bullshit excuses.”

“I’ll make up so many excuses just to stay with you.”

“You flatterer. You’re a little less flattering in a hospital bed, but you still stop me from keeping a straight face. I assume you don’t need changed?”

“And I assume you aren’t gonna check it if I say no.”

“You have no reason to lie to me, unless you like being in a dirty diaper.”

“That’s mildly disgusting.”

“You’ll get used to it. If you need to ‘use the bathroom’ I suggest doing it now while I’m here to change you. Also, that necklace you’re wearing has a little button on it that you can press if you need anything. I’ll come if I’m available, which I probably will be.”

“Are you asking me to piss myself in front of you?”

“Not necessarily. I won’t be able to tell unless I hear or smell it.”

Austin felt turned on by the idea of being forced to wear diapers by his own girlfriend, and he only felt it more and more as he thought about how wonderful it would feel to actually use it. He tried his best to hide his embarrassment from his girlfriend.
“Austin?” She snapped her fingers in front of his face, “Is something wrong?”

“No! Not at all.” He quickly responded, sounding much more defensive than he would’ve liked.

“Your red cheeks aren’t helping your case. I would ask why, but you’re probably too embarrassed to admit it.”

“Can we not talk about this in a hospital?”

“If it’s not appropriate enough to talk about here, then you probably shouldn’t be thinking about it. I can’t blame you for it, since you went a long time without me. You held up pretty well though.”

“You think I can’t hold my own? I definitely missed you, but I wasn’t crying. I had a feeling we’d meet again, even though your parents forced you away from me. I have some other things to attend to. Just press that button if you need anything, I won’t be far.”

Austin sighed contently, laying back down in the reasonably comfortable hospital bed. He knew he had no reason to complain when he was staying there for free. Though he really didn’t what to admit it, he wanted to wear diapers or even pull-ups more than any normal underwear. Every time he imagined Brooklyn, his girlfriend, changing his diaper it only got more amusing and enjoyable. No matter how hard he tried not to think of such things, he couldn’t get it out of his head. He wasn’t perverted enough to constantly think about dirty things, and neither was Brooklyn, but he wasn’t entirely innocent.

“His diaper is clean, he’s well fed so far, and he seems to be turned on by me. This could be a problem for future testing.”

“Is he turned on by diapers, perhaps?”

“I wish I knew. We have many resources and techniques, testing will go on. The question is, what will we do with him, how will we approach it, and will we continue after his stay is over?”

“You’re the boss of this project. I suggest we go all out and see what it does, and if it’s too much, we tone it down for the next test.”

“No, too risky, both for morality and legal reasons. We could just turn him into an obedient sissy girl, just make him addicted to diapers, etc. We need to take our time, but we don’t have long. Take a nice balance of time, continue testing after his stay, and we’ll go from there. He obviously loves you and will likely feel more comfortable with discussing things with you. After his stay, report any notable actions when possible. Don’t tell him anything about what’s going on, but we always have technology if things go wrong.”

“Yes ma’am. I’ll try my best.”

Austin rubbed his brown eyes with a yawn. He heard a faint crinkling sound and witnessed Brooklyn squeeze a thick diaper with a audible chuckle. She was clearly amused by the impressively thick adult diaper. Brook grabbed a bottle of rash cream, a bottle of powder, and a package of wet wipes.
“Brook? What are you doing?”

“I’m gonna change your diaper, silly. I already checked it while you were snoozing. It’s pretty wet, but it would likely hold another full bladder. That was a temporary substitute for these diapers, which are much more effective. Less leaks, more capacity, and they’re slightly more comfortable. Don’t worry, there’s no childish designs on them, they’re a plain white with a blue stripe. These beds have bedwetting proof sheets just in case, though I doubt they’ll be needed with these massive things. I’ll get you cleaned up and in a new diaper in no time.”

Austin’s cheeks were flushed again, which made Brook have to hold back a giggle. All she hoped was that Austin was enjoying everything and that his fate would give him happiness. She was unsure what her boss was planning, or if she even had a plan in the first place.

“I hope you aren’t grossed out by these, I wouldn’t wanna wear 'em either.”

“I don’t mind it, really. I’d rather have you do it than any random stranger.”

“Of course you would. If I were in your place, I’d feel the same way. Let’s just get this over with.”
Brook lifted the soft sheet that covered Austin, then began taking off his diaper. Undoing the four tapes and quickly disposing of the wet diaper was easy, but she doubted Austin would be very comfortable with someone wiping his privates.
Austin relaxed and tried not to think about how his entire crotch was now clearly exposed in front of his own girlfriend. He slowly breathed in and out to keep himself calm.

“Relax, it’s just a diaper change. Nothing special. Don’t think too much about it, I’m your girlfriend anyways. Just let me take care of you, it’s my job. See? Already done.”
Brook playfully patted Austin’s padded buttocks when he didn’t speak, but that only made his cheeks redder.

“No need to be shy. Doesn’t that feel nice?”

“I guess it is more comfortable than normal underwear…”

“Of course it is. These aren’t those crappy ones you buy at Walmart, these are legitimately good diapers that’ll be perfect for future patients. They’re pretty affordable, and with the new kind of rash cream that was invented recently, they quite rarely cause rashes. The custom waistbands even prevent chafing, which isn’t that rare these days, but it’s a very convenient feature. Anyways, I made breakfast for you, so stay put while I go get that.”

“Enough diaper talk, it’s hurting my brain.”

“Hurting your brain? You mean it’s making you horny?” Brook joked, barely holding back a laugh.

“Can we talk about this some other time?”

“You promise that when you go home, you’re gonna tell me? I’m moving in by the way, whether you like it or not. Don’t tell me you don’t have room, I know you do.”

“What? How do you know where-”

“You think your own girlfriend doesn’t know where you live? You still live in the same house you lived in two years ago.”

“Oh. Right. Memory’s a little fuzzy, I think. Can’t even remember where I worked, or what happened to me, but I remembered you clearly. I’m surprised I still know my name.”

“They didn’t tell you? I don’t know, probably some classified shit that they don’t want you to know about. Then again, that might be illegal to hide something like that from the victim.”

“The term ‘victim’ makes it sound like I got attacked.”

“Well, whatever happened to you, it didn’t seem to change very much. What really matters is that you’re okay. I’ll go get your breakfast now.”

As Brook was leaving, Austin felt his body telling him he needed to “go #2”. He sighed and realized he had no choice but to use his diaper. Laying down in a hospital bed wasn’t his idea of a comfortable position to do it, especially when he was 100% potty trained and hadn’t used anything but a toilet since he was 5 years old, though he was secretly aroused by the idea of being completely diaper dependant. It was a chance for him to finally experience what it was like, not just to use them, but to have his own girlfriend change them.

“Austin, I’m back. A breakfast sandwich, 2 slices of bacon, and a hashbrown. Your favorite.”
His mouth watered at the sight of the heavenly smelling meal. He suddenly felt much more hungry than he did a few minutes ago.
“And no, I’m not gonna spoon-feed you. You may be wearing a diaper, but you can feed yourself, assuming your hands still work.”
Without saying a word, Austin began detouring every bite with no regard for cleanliness. Brook simply chuckled and let him eat in privacy.

“Austin, wake up. I don’t know how you possibly fell asleep, but I hope you enjoyed your food.”

“I don’t know who cooked it, but they clearly had a higher budget than I do.” Austin said, rubbing his eyes and looking at the empty plate in front of him.

“It’s a hospital, what did you expect? And judging by the stench, you need changed.”

“What!? Did I-”

“Yes, yes you did. Couldn’t tell you how you managed to crap yourself in your sleep, but it’s a good thing you’re wearing a diaper.”

“Just… get this over with. It’s embarrassing as it is.”

“I’ll try my best.” Brook grabbed a fresh diaper and the necessary changing supplies.
Austin felt a little disappointed that he didn’t get to experience the feeling of messing his diaper, but he was glad he still got to experience the aftermath.
Brook carefully changed Austin’s diaper, being as gentle and swift as she could. She still wondered if Austin enjoyed wearing diapers, since he was blushing and his facial expressions made it hard to believe that he disliked it. She knew he didn’t hate it, but she was determined to make him like it one way or another.

“There, all done. That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“Not really. You did all the work.”

“Exactly. So far you haven’t squirmed or complained at all.”

“I have no reason to. Could be worse.”

Brook kissed his cheek, “I’ll let you keep napping now, okay? I’ll wake you up in a bit.”

Austin laid his head on a soft pillow and let himself drift off to sleep.

“How has your newly diapered lover been?”

“Oh, yeah, Austin. Obviously no signs of regression, but he had a messy accident in his sleep. I’m confident that he’s enjoying being diapered, though he still hasn’t told me directly.”

“We have 5 more days to do this, then it’s mostly in your hands. I’m still unsure how we should pace him. Don’t baby him, but perhaps be a little more motherly and caring, two things I know you’re very capable of. Give him these modified melatonin gummies, they’re ordinary 10 milligrams, but we put a little something in them that’ll weaken his bladder while he’s sleeping. If there’s anything in his bladder when he falls asleep, it’ll end up in his diaper by the time he wakes up. Give him two every night, and if he acts suspicious of them, try to convince him that he needs them. Attend to your normal duties until he needs you.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Brook slowly opened the door to Austin’s room to see him fully asleep in his bed. She covered her mouth and almost let out a laugh when she saw his fully exposed diaper.
Almost instinctively, she went over to check it, since it’d been half an hour since she last checked. Carefully feeling the front of his diaper, she thought it seemed completely dry. She grabbed a large bottle of milk from her bag and contemplated just putting it in his mouth before waking him up, but she didn’t want to startle him and make him choke.
“Time to wake up, honey. Don’t want you to be dehydrated now do we?”

“No…” Austin groaned, stretching his arms and hearing a rather loud pop come from each arm. He found it a little satisfying, but his train of thought was interrupted by Brook stuffing the tip of a bottle in his mouth.

“Shhhhh, just drink it all, you’ll like it.” She held the bottle with one hand and helped him sit up with the other. He found being bottle-fed by his girlfriend quite enjoyable, so much that the thought of getting it out of his mouth didn’t even come to his mind.

“Good boy.” She said, as if congratulating a toddler for using the potty. “I’ll probably have to reward you soon for being so well behaved.”

Austin couldn’t hold back an erection, which made an obvious bulge in his diaper. He felt like she was dominating him in some way, but he was unsure if she was doing it on purpose.
“I really expected you to squirm and resist, but I guess I was very wrong. Looks like you’re really enjoying this too.” She smiled.
Austin slowly drank every drop of the warm milk, surprised at how flavourful it was. He always saw milk as very bland and unappealing.
“This’ll last a few more hours, then it’ll be feeding time again. We installed a TV in here so you actually have some entertainment. The remote is right next to you on that table.”

“There, all done. Was it good?”

“Yeah. Didn’t expect being bottle-fed to be fun.”

“I was half expecting you to lie to me, but I already know you liked it. In fact, you still have an erection.”
Austin blushed even deeper…

“You can keep napping now if you want, just don’t be staying up all night. I could always help you go to sleep.”

“And how would you do that?”

“A soothing lullaby, a bottle of warm milk, melatonin, a bedtime story perhaps.”

“I’m not 3 years old, you know.”

“I know you aren’t, but you’re still cute and you enjoyed being bottle fed. I can’t wait to go home with you.”

“Why can’t I just go today?”

“The higher-ups want you to stay a little while longer for testing, but once your stay is over you’re free to leave and they can’t tell you otherwise. I wouldn’t wanna stay here for very long either.”

“So far it’s been way better than I expected. I’ve never been to the ER, but I did get close when I was 3 years old.”

“Oh, what happened?”

“I was playing with my cousin and accidentally slammed my head into a door frame. Hurt pretty bad when it happened, I had to get stitches, but I only cried when I actually hit my head. And I already told you how I walked barefoot on broken glass and didn’t get a single cut.”

“Your stories are quite interesting, but I’m sure someone else needs me elsewhere. As always, just press that little button whenever you need anything.”

“I’m gonna be pissed if a random lady comes in and asks me if I need my diaper changed.”

“The only way that’ll happen is if I’m doing something else here that’s a little more important, if I’m at home sleeping, or if I’m sick, and it’s unlikely that any of those will happen. Generally you won’t need much at night unless I somehow forget to change you before you go to sleep, and I have healthy hygiene habits.”

“That doesn’t mean you won’t get sick.”

“You’re right, but it is less likely. I’ll let you be now, okay?”
Austin nodded and laid down again, already feeling sleepier from the warm milk Brook gave him.
Just as he was about to fall asleep, he felt someone gently shaking him.

“I got something for you, sweetie.”

“Huh? What is it…?” He mumbled.

“This.” Brook put a stuffed bunny in front of him. “It’s all yours. Soft and extremely huggable. Squeeze it all you want, it’ll last a lot longer than the stuffed animals you had as a kid. I cried for twenty minutes straight when I lost a stuffed animal once, but I was three years old and didn’t understand the concept of having 12 other ones that I could also snuggle with.”

“How did-?”

“I bought this after I got off work yesterday. If you lose it or sell it, I’ll teach you the meaning of respecting your own girlfriend.”

“It is pretty soft, but it’s a little-”

“Childish? You’re never too old for stuffed animals, so don’t give me that excuse. It’ll help you sleep, I promise.”
Austin gave in to his desires and hugged the stuffed bunny, his arms wrapped around it like he was stopping someone from stealing it.

“See? I knew you’d like it. Now hold still please, I need to check your diaper.”
Austin closed his eyes and hugged his stuffed bunny while she check if his diaper was wet. Just the fact that she didn’t bother to ask and did it completely on her authority made him blush.
He almost wanted to just suck his thumb, since he was already hugging a stuffed animal and getting his diaper checked, but he decided that would be too embarrassing.
“Wet already. Probably doesn’t need changed yet though. I know you wouldn’t mind being in a wet diaper for a little while.”

He turned over on his side, still hugging the stuffed bunny, then closed his eyes.
“Sweet dreams, honey. I’ll wake you up for lunch soon.”
She planted a soft kiss on his cheek, “I’ve got big plans for you when we go home, you’re gonna love it. I’ve learned a lot about you in the past few days and I know exactly what your true desires are. There’s no point in hiding it anymore, no point in being shy about it, I already know. Don’t you worry, because I’ll make all your worries disappear soon.”

Her voice sounded caring, soft, and quite motherly. With another brief kiss before leaving his room, Brook left Austin feeling flustered and slightly humiliated. His mind was filled with dirty thoughts, too many to ignore. He longed to please himself and give himself the sweet orgasm his body needed, but the idea of masturbating through his diaper while in a hospital felt wrong. Despite his circumstances, he reached a hand under the blanket and began rubbing the front of his diaper, beginning slow but quickly speeding up.

After desperately rubbing the thick padding around his crotch, he realized it wasn’t enough. He only recognized three options. He could keep rubbing and hope it eventually works, try to ignore the urge, or press the button on his necklace and hope Brook can help. He took a deep breath, in and out, then pressed the small button. He glanced at at a clock reading 10:32, a whole 10 minutes since Brook left.
“That can’t be right, it only felt like a couple minutes.” He thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted by the door opening.

“I got the notification and came right away, honey. Is there something you need?”

“Yeah, I… uhh…”

“Spit it out. I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s wrong. Does something hurt? Do you feel sick?”

“No, I just really need your help on something…”

“Well what is it? I told you to not be shy. Oh! You must need a diaper change. You should’ve just said so, silly!”

“W-wait, no, it’s not that!”

“Hush, it’ll only take a few moments. Don’t be so nervous about a simple diaper change.”
Before Austin could calm down, Brook was already undoing the tapes of his diaper.

“You’re really overreacting, we’ve done this before. Just don’t hyperventilate.”

“N-no, stop I don’t need changed right now!”

“Uh-huh. I beg to differ. Oh… I see why you didn’t want me to. You should’ve just told me.” She said, gesturing at Austin’s erection.

“Just relax, I’ll help. It’s not your fault, it’s normal to have these feelings. I know you can’t help it, don’t feel guilty about it.”

“You said nothing sexual…”

“I know I did. They specifically told me I could ignore that rule, as long as it doesn’t disrupt anyone else and there’s no mess.”

“What’s going on with all this testing stuff? Other than you and the diapers, it’s been relatively normal, but- ahhhh…

“I said relax. Don’t make me give you melatonin, because I will if you don’t listen. You’re supposed to listen to nurses, especially your own girlfriend.”
Filled with a mix of arousal, embarrassment, confusion, and a little helplessness, Austin gave in and laid back.

“I’ll keep rubbing it, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll think of something else. Those diapers would fit me if I put one on.”

“What? You don’t wear an underwear size even close to me.”

“Oh I know. Shut it and let me do my job.” She said, her tone stern and serious. He was quite fond of her no-nonsense tone that made it seem like she was trying to dominate him in some way, but she didn’t sound rude. Almost instinctively, he obeyed and became silent apart from moans of pleasure.
“There you go. Doesn’t that feel good?”

“Y-yeah. Thanks for this, I really needed it…” His voice was shaky and a little quieter than usual.

“I could tell. Already so wet…”

After four minutes of Brook pleasuring Austin, they both felt exhausted since Brook had decided to start touching herself halfway through. She had practically collapsed onto him after orgasming, head on his chest and her legs mostly on the bed.
“I’m really glad I got to do that. It was exhausting, but I’ve never felt so much pleasure at once.”

“You’re such a pervert, you know that?”

“Whatever. You enjoyed that anyways, don’t give me any excuses. I could’ve just let you suffer.”

“Are you gonna fall asleep on top of me?”

“Are you gonna fall asleep while I’m on top of you?”

“Answer me first.”

“Fine. I might. It is surprisingly comfy.”

“I wouldn’t mind it. You can’t be that tired though, right?”

“I could do it if I wanted to. I’d hate to accidentally wet myself in my sleep though.”

“I remember when you actually did that, while on top of me.”

“Not a memory I’m fond of, but it is pretty funny. Reminds me of a Reddit story I read.”

“Not this again.”

“What? It was funny as hell.”

“For you it was.”

“I should probably get a pull-up on if I’m actually gonna fall asleep.”

“Good idea. Then we can both be diapered.”

“It’s not a diaper, it’s just for bedwetting!”

“If it’s not a diaper, then what is it? A ‘pull-up’? They’re just diapers for people who can actually change themselves and aren’t completely incontinent.”

“Yeah, so they aren’t diapers. If they were diapers, they’d be called diapers.”

“You’re exhausting.”

“Says you!” She says, holding back a giggle.

You weren’t the one changing your sheets after I moved in with you, were you?”

“That only happened a few times.”

“I counted and remembered 16 times that you had a leaky ‘pull-up’ and ended up getting the bed wet too. Then you complained about me helping you after you asked me to help you.”

“I was embarrassed, okay? You’d feel the same way.”

“There’s no need to feel embarrassed about it, you can’t control it. Obviously you can’t take most medication for it since the last time you did you felt awful. You still hate just having bed protection that does nothing for your clothes, which I fully understand. I used to have those issues and I hated waking up wet. Always put me in a bad mood every morning, but it went away a few years ago. Couldn’t be more thankful that I don’t have to deal with that.”

“You’ve dealt with much worse, I’m sure you could handle it.”

“‘much’ is an understatement.”

“Wanna talk about it? I can understand if you don’t, it’s just I’m really curious. Sorry if I’m invading your privacy, I just really care about you…”

“I’d feel the same way if I were you, don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re probably better than a therapist anyways.”

“A therapist wouldn’t be fully willing to change your dirty diapers, so that’s probably true.”

“And I thought therapists were supposed to help bad feelings go away, you only make good ones appear.”

“I couldn’t be happier to hear that.” Her voice was interrupted by a long yawn, but she was still understandable.

“I think I’ll just fall asleep right here, right now…”

“I wouldn’t mind it. I’ll help.” She snuggled closer to him and positioned her arms so that she’s partially pinning him down. Though he tried not to show it, he enjoyed every second of it. He still had no idea what her intentions were, but he didn’t care enough to ask.
Brook quickly checked Austin’s diaper while he was falling asleep, a smile forming as she noticed it was considerably wetter than the last time she checked.

“Austin? Still awake?”
She heard a quiet yawn, but Austin was nearly silent.
“I’m gonna change your diaper, okay? I don’t wanna hear any excuses or complaints, but I don’t expect them since you’re probably half awake.”
Once again, no response. Not a peep from her sleepy boyfriend.
After grabbing the necessary changing supplies, she untaped his diaper. He still didn’t seem to care, so she continued.

“Legs up, honey.”
She heard him groan, but he still didn’t put his legs up.
“Legs up!” She said, more demanding this time.

A little rattled by her slightly aggressive tone, he obediently put his legs up and patiently waited for her to finish.

“There. Much easier when you listen.” She gave the front of his diaper a few firm pats, then covered him back up. “Sweet dreams.”
Brook gave Austin another soft kiss. His half-closed eyes looked desperate, like he needed something but couldn’t communicate.
“Hmm? Do you want me to sleep with you?”
He nodded slightly.
“I’ll help you go to sleep again, okay? I’ll be here when you wake up.”
Austin really didn’t want her to leave, but he couldn’t get out the words.
“I know you want me to lay with you, but my boss said she needs to speak to me. I’ll see you later, I promise.”
Brook kissed his cheek again. Austin fell asleep before she even left the room.

“Has he behaved, Brook?”

“Very much so. Polite and obedient as I expected.”

“You mentioned something about him being mentally scarred. Has he told you more about this?”

“Not at all. He trusts me but he clearly doesn’t want to talk about whatever happened. I’ll try to get it out of him.”

“I expect no less from you. In your time working here, you’ve been an excellent employee, which is why I’m trusting you with such an important job. Exploit his weaknesses, gain his trust, make him feel more comfortable with wearing diapers, and discreetly find out how he feels about you and how he would react to our… experiments. And by the way, we have a change of plans. I will be in charge of this operation and you will not do anything without my consent. It’s not that you haven’t been doing well, because you couldn’t have done any better in my opinion, it’s just that I want more control over what happens. I’ll give you freedom to make decisions when I see fit, but ultimately you’ll have less control over your dear Austin’s fate. I assure you, he’ll still be the happiest man on Earth, but-”

"Will I still take care of him? You said it in the deal, you promised. If I don’t get to be his caretaker, you’ll never see an angrier woman in your life.

“We cannot legally take him away from you without your permission. Which means we won’t do it under any circumstances. Think of him as yours, but we’re merely borrowing him for a little while. In the end, he’ll forget all those awful memories he has. Perhaps we’ll even bring back the infantile thoughts he had stowed away for so long.”

“Just don’t do anything too bad. I don’t want him getting permanently damaged.”

“Aside from the top of his head being the only place he’ll have any hair ever again, there’s not much. All of his body hair has been cut down and will never grow back, and he is physically incapable of aging. Sit down, have a drink, relax. Your lover is in good hands.”

Chapter 2 coming eventually. I can’t really say when since I am very inconsistent with writing. I might go through this again and polish it a bit, but I consider it “mostly finished”. I fully accept tips and criticism, just don’t be harsh and actually think about it before you post it. Still new to writing, don’t expect an actual fully functional story from a guy who hated writing in high school.