Had to make a hard decision...

Due to some health issues such as my knees, legs, and back bothering me a lot I had to put in my two-weeks notice at a job I’ve held for six years. Plus, due to my CP, incontinence is a part of my life again. Hello, diapers… UGH. Sorry, just not thrilled about having to wear diapers all the time again like I had to a while back.

I also put the notice in because the boss was not willing to work with me the way he did with other guys I worked with in the past. I got a schedule option that I didn’t like and I decided after a long chat with two former bosses that know me well through the place I work at now, ‘Get out while you can, so you can take care of yourself first and foremost,’.

The big reason is that I can’t be doing the closing shifts anymore. I’ve got a lot of early appointments and working nights has made it hard for me to keep appointments. I get very wired when I have to close and I have a hard time dealing with those shifts. I feel I’ve made the right choice. This will make it easier for me to do what I have to do. As for money, I’m on disability and that helps out a lot with my decision.

I think that things will work good after I leave where I work and it would give me a chance to get back to doing certain things that I love to do.

It’s time for me to think about myself and not the restaurant I work at now. I’ve put that restaurant first for the past six years, and that has caused me to lose out on a lot of opportunities that I will never get back.

Life goes on. And it will for me too.


Re: Had to make a hard decision…

It’s generally hard to reply to a topic such as this other than to say that I hope the best for you and your condition. Not having to deal personally with it, no one can truly feel what you do. I hope that the doctors are able to get the symptoms lessened.

Re: Had to make a hard decision…

It’ll be fine: life goes on and this means that something else has to come along. Inevitability.

Well done: you have to take the plunge.