*grumble* stupid assistant managers....

Gotta vent.

A few weeks ago I was called in to work at the Atwater Suwbay (just giving you the name Atwater for labeling purpose), when I normally work at Landmark subway.

Sure, no problem, it’s an easy 4 hour shift.

So now, a few weeks later, I figure since todays paycheck day, it’s probably going to be on the payroll by now so I’d call up and ask. Couldn’t find Atwaters number through google because they used a different street name, so I call up Landmark and speak to Bitchasaurus-Rex, Kalli. Word for word, this is the stupid conversation-

Kalli: Landmark Subway, this is Kalli
Me: Hey Kalli, it’s Josh. I’m just calling to ask for Atwaters phone number real quick.
Kalli: Why do you wanna know Atwaters phone number?
Me: I worked there a few weeks ago and wanted to ask about how I’m going to get my check, I didn’t know if it was gonna be direct deposit like normal or if it’s going to be a regular check.
Kalli: Well, I dunno what’s gonna happen but you’ll probably get a check since they keep the payroll separate…
Me: Alrighty, can I have Atwaters phone number?
Kalli: Wait…what?
Me: You said you don’t know what’d happen with my check so I want to call them and find out to make sure. Can I please just have Atwaters phone number.
Kalli: FINE! ###-####, go fuck yourself.

Woot! God how the fuck does she still have a job there?

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You gotta love rude ignorant people.

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i would tell Kalli boss she told you to go fuck yourself

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Nah, I’ll take a more deceptive approach. I have a tape recorder, I’ll just use that.

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I agree. My parents said the same thing to me after something similar happened. I was thinking about telling a manager, but I didn’t bother because I didn’t want that reputation.

ETA: You might want to check your state laws before you record, Jaks. In some states it’s illegal to record a conversation unless both parties give consent.

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ETA: You might want to check your state laws before you record, Jaks. In some states it’s illegal to record a conversation unless both parties give consent.

There are security cameras with microphones all over the store, that’s not an issue. However…I watch them erase the tapes every day, usually without reviewing them. I’m just going to have my own personal copy.

And no, I wouldn’t intentionally manipulate anything out of context just to settle a vendetta, but if she keeps pushing me, I really have no problem playing the tapes for the District Managers and even a lawyer if I have to.

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Wow. Maybe she curses when the manager isn’t around and no one has ever complained.

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No reasonable expectation of privacy eh? Well I think in a building with employees and customers, that statement is very true.

Wow. Maybe she curses when the manager isn’t around and no one has ever complained.

Profanity isn’t the problem, I’ve said far worse things at that store…just never directly to anyone.

Plus, this is when they were getting a truck to restock their inventory, thus the manager was present and she -is- a manager. What’s worse, she’s actually going beyond Assistant manager and is going to try and become GM of the store. She does not deserve the position she’s in. She’s a recovered crack addict cut off from parents superbitch. I have no sympathy, compassion or leniency to anyone like that and if a tape recorder can help prevent her from becoming manager….all the better.

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Apparently I was wrong. They have so many rumors juggling through that place it’s hard to tell what’s true and fiction anymore.

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Some battles just aren’t worth fighting.

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Another scenario…

Guy A has been standing in line for five minutes to get a sandwich, not complaining or anything but he was waiting for a while.

Drive Through Guy B orders and has been waiting all of about 10 seconds. I receive the drive through ticket to make the order and get some gloves on.

Because of the first guy, my instinct is to go for him first. We don’t have any rules about treating drive through as a priority nor do we have actual timers for this sort of thing, so it’s always a judgement call. I go with the guy who’s been waiting.

Kalli: Umm, Josh, you can’t just forget about the drive through!
Me: Yeah…I know, but he’s been waiting longer so I’m going to get him first.
Kalli: Are you back talking me, do you wanna get wrote up?!
Me: Oh my god, quit overreacting and just leave me the hell alone.

Thankfully nothing happened to me after that statement but I really have to wonder sometimes how she lives with herself being in a constant haze of stupidity.

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K, two things. Didn’t curse at her, because I didn’t use any profanities to insult or offend her, I used a profanity to emphasize a statement to her. There’s a HUGE difference between that and telling me to go fuck myself.

Secondly…you don’t know the situation with me and her, or rather her and the entire staff including the GM. The hypothetical of “I’d have written you up” doesn’t work because you are not my manager and you don’t know the full gravity of the situation. This woman is a hose beast and treats us like slaves while she sits pretty doing whatever the fuck she wants and worse, the GM doesn’t usually see this because she’s not working with us all the time.

This subway is a shithole and she’s the main cause, and I guarantee you that at least 5 of the other 8 employees would agree, if not all of them. She’s not just a bitch, she’s literally out of her fucking mind and should be committed.

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When you use a profanity to “emphasize a statement”, it isn’t cursing at someone?

It is not. The statement was not directed at her. I know you know semantics so I have no idea why you’re arguing something so stupid.

EDIT: To elaborate and prevent this part of the argument from continuing.

Both sentences “go fuck yourself” and “leave me the hell alone” are imperative sentences and their similarities are the commands given i.e. the words “go” and “leave” in this case. Fuck is the focal point of the former sentence and cannot be removed, only replaced, and is therefore to be considered “Cursing at someone” whereas hell can be removed as it is only being used as an intensifier and has no direct bearing on the structure of the sentence.

Again…to the statement “leave me the hell alone is cursing at someone,” it is not.

I don’t care what you think the situation is, what the other employees think of her, or any of that. She’s your boss; you do what she tells you.

She’s an assistant manager, i.e. a person that assists the -actual- manager. She is NOT my boss, and that is a quote from the -actual- manager. She does not have the authority to write me up, nor to suspend or fire me.

As I said, you DON’T know how things work, and to automatically assume that an assistant manager in this franchise works like assistant managers in whatever franchise you worked in proves that. Her range of authority is to call people in to work, make the schedule, and run a shift in place of the manager. Any disciplinary actions are basically her telling the manager about a situation and the manager deciding what to do. This is all in the employee handbook we received, so stop assuming she’s my boss.

Manager or not, she has yet to receive any real level of authority and won’t until it’s confirmed that the GM is moving to another store, which is currently still a rumor.

Now this is hardly the only time you have had a run in with her. You told us what you did a month ago to her, or did you forget that? Then you were celebrating because you heard a rumor (which turned out to be untrue apparently) that she got demoted. After what you said and actually got away with, you ought to be on your best behavior, yet you are like a little child, pushing the limits and testing what you can get away with because Mommy gave you a break instead of spanking you.

So…basically I get yelled at by her for absolutely no fucking reason, tell her to leave me alone, and I’m at fault and not just at fault but “acting like a child.”

Wow…ya know, maybe my GM was wrong to tell me that I had an appropriate reaction to that situation, maybe she was wrong to tell me that Kalli is a bit of a bitch and the best thing I can do is just try to get through the day without completely going off on her, and just try to forget that particular event.

Yeah…I’ll trust a guy I don’t know from a state I’ve never been to currently preaching a religion I don’t agree to over the actual GM. Makes perfect sense to me.

Seriously, stop acting like you know everything that’s going on. Most of the employees including the GM really hate working with her but she has yet to do anything so out of bounds to deserve any form of disciplinary action, she’s constantly being lazy texting on her cell phone and taking up to a couple hours worth of breaks in a 6 hour shift just to talk to a few friends who happen to come inside for a sandwich, and she’s a mostly recovered crack addict.

Yeah, I’m the one who’s acting weird in this situation, that makes total sense; /sarcasm.

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I’m done arguing.

I haven’t read your latest post and don’t intend to. This thread was for me to vent and nothing more. Typing things out and sharing it with this forum, as selfish as this may seem is a stress reliever for me, and I really don’t care about it nor do I need/want approval or disapproval from anyone.

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Jaks, if you aren’t interested in peoples’ responses to your posts, don’t post. This is a public forum, not a one-way conversation between you and cyberspace. If you’re posting just to vent, a blog would probably be more suitable.

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I should elaborate, it was the selfish bit that I don’t care about but then lots of people have these types of threads so this isn’t that farfetched a concept.

In any case, yeah I could do a blog sort of thing but that would be yet another site out of the several dozen I have floating around as it is, I really need to simplify. However, while I normally don’t care if people side with or against me, that doesn’t mean comments are unwelcome and I refuse to read them or anything, as if that were the case I wouldn’t have posted this at all.

Comments, like in any thread are welcome but not always necessary.

LOL! Sure you didn’t, Jaks. Sure you didn’t.

Nice baiting tactic. I thought I was supposed to be the immature one? Guess I was wrong.

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Heh…the “who’s online” feature is so inaccurate. Click on any thread in this forum, then go to a completely different website or just shut down your browser and it’ll still say you’re viewing that thread.