Greetings from Denver, we are all a mile high.

So I had an account here before but I lost the email tied to it and cant remember passwords for the life of me. (Actually see my old one and its few posts)
But I never formally came out and said Hi!

Lived in Denver most of my life
Been caught up in sales work in the Oil industry in Weld County, CO. Its booming out here so plenty of room for profits and 60% margins all around.
Aside from that I went on a hiatus from the community and all that comes with it.
I seldom get into age play or diaper fetish but at my age I feel like being a parent.
I figure since I hate actual children I may become a daddy for AB some day, or just offer services to whomever needs/wants it, but maybe I am not in the right mindset since anyone can be a child.

Anyways more later, I am digging through stories.

Re: Greetings from Denver, we are all a mile high.

Old profile name?