GreatNites on Campus

Jessica was just about finished moving her last box into her dorm. This was Jessica’s junior year in college and she finally managed to land herself a single dorm. She was looking forward to this semester. Jessica liked her past roommates and they remained friends, sure, but one thing she never liked about college was sharing her space.

Jessica liked her privacy. She was never able to get any of it when she was living at home. Jessica was the oldest of seven in her family, the youngest being three and a half. Every moment she had alone she savored.

When Jessica first started college, she adjusted better than a lot of the friends she made. They were from small families and were nervous being out on their own. While Jessica was also a little nervous to leave home, the idea of her getting to have a room that was only shared by one other person was enough for her to jump headfirst.

“Last box.” Said Jace walking through Jessica’s dorm room door, a big box in his hand.

Jace was Jessica’s longest friend she had at college. She met Jace when she was trying to find her first class freshman year. She saw this dorky looking kid with his hand’s full papers and books in a stack that was taller than his head. Jessica walked over to help the poor boy and scared him nearly to death causing his papers to fly everywhere.

Jace was very embarrassed about the incident, but Jessica thought he was cute, and he reminded her of her little brothers. It turned out that Jace was only sixteen but had graduated high school early and was attending college. Jace knew the campus from summer classes and helped Jessica find her classroom. They agreed to get lunch together that day and have remained friends ever since.

Now that two years have passed, they remain close to one another. Jessica loved having Jace around, watching him blossom from an awkward sixteen-year-old to a handsome man. Both are juniors this year and since Jace turned eighteen this year he was finally able to move into the on-campus housing.

“Thank you Jace!” Jessica replied smiling. “Just throw it with the rest of them.”

“You would think.” Started Jace setting the box down on the pile of other boxes. “That after doing this for three years now you would be more organized. And what do you have in here bricks?”

“What is the point of having all those muscles if you are not going to use them?” Asked Jessica.

Jace looked down at his arm and flexed, he had put on a lot of muscle over the summer. He was not huge by any means but had toned noticeably.

“They are for the ladies.” Said Jace.

“You have never had a girlfriend in your life!” Jessica teased.

“Hence the muscles Jessica!” Jace replied.

Jessica walked up to Jace and put her hand on his bicep. “Meh… I’ve seen bigger.”

“WOW!” Replied Jace.

“What I am just being honest!” Jessica said smiling turning back to her unpacking.

“Alright, that’s it!” Jace said picking Jessica up with ease and tossing her onto the bed playfully.

“Hey!” Jessica screamed. “What was that for!”

“If you are going to be a brat then I get to throw you on the bed.” Jace smirked, crossing his arms.

“SO RUDE!” Jessica said climbing off the bed and walking up to Jace and poked him in the chest. “You listen here mister. I have never been a brat and never will be do you understand me?”

Jace looked down at Jessica. Jace had had a few growth spurts since they first met. Before Jessica and Jace were about the same size, but he shot up the most in the summer between freshmen and sophomore year. He now stood at a comfortable 5’9 while Jessica was 4’10.

“I hate that you are this much taller than me now…” Responded Jessica looking up at Jace.

“You know, I am kinda liking it though.” Jace said patting her head.

“Oh, get out of here!” Jessica said. “Don’t you have your own room to unpack?”

“I did already. My parents helped me move in like two hours before you even showed up.” Jace replied.

“Why didn’t you call me?” Jessica said. “I would have loved to see your parents.”

“Ehh… it’s probably a good thing you didn’t. My mom is having a really hard time ‘ letting her little baby genius go to college’.

“Awe… I know your mom is going to miss you.” Said Jessica. “Did she ever let you redecorate your room before you moved out?”

“Nope! Still baby blue with the same mural she painted for me as a baby.” Replied Jace.

“But that is so cute! I love little baby Jace around all his baby animal friends.”

“You and my mom are the only ones.” Jace smirked. “I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she turned it back into my old nursery while I’m gone.”

“If she does, I am coming to see it!” Jessica smiled.

“Ha! Deal!” Jace stated.

“So, you got a single dorm this year too? How did you manage that?”

“I have connections you know.” Jace replied slyly.

“Oh whatever. I was on the wait list for two years before I got a single and you just get one handed to you right away.” Jessica stated.

“Is that jealousy I am sensing?” Asked Jace.

“It is just not fair is all.” Jessica said.

“Tell you what, you can come over and watch movies on my projector to make it up to you.”

“Done! You sir are going to love this awful horror movie I found.” Replied Jessica.

Jace laughed and shook his head at Jessica.

“I am meeting some friends for dinner at the cafeteria. You want to come?” Asked Jace.

“No, you go ahead. I am going to unpack and enjoy my earned single room.” Jessica stated.

“Suit yourself. Text me if you want me to bring you back anything or hang out later.”

“I will do. Bye!”

“See you later.” Jace left Jessica’s dorm.

Jessica looked around at all the boxes she had to unpack. Looking at everything she decided that this was a chore better left to another day. She quickly threw a blanket over her bed, changed into some yoga pants and turned on her computer. She would get to the boxes tomorrow.

Jessica pulled up Netflix and hit play; fully intending on binging at least a season of something.

“Ahh…” Jessica signed as she got comfortable in bed. “This is going to be my year.”


Jessica was awoken to her phone vibrating. She looked over and saw that it was already 9 o’clock. She had slept the entire afternoon and evening away. Groggily she reached and grabbed her phone.


She read the caller ID seeing that Jace’s mom was calling her.

“Hello…” Jessica answered the phone, her voice raspy from waking up.

“I am sorry dear did I wake you?” Mrs. Harrison asked.

“No, well yeah but it is fine. What’s up?” Jessica asked.

“I am sorry to bug you. And I know this is just me being a worried mother with my only baby son gone…” She started to tear up on the phone. “I just always check on him when he is in bed and he isn’t here… and he isn’t answering my calls or texts… and… and…”

“Oh… Mrs. Harrison, that is so sweet. I can go and tell Jace to call you, I am sure he is just excited being his first day and didn’t mean to ignore you.” Jessica responded softly. “My mom was just as worried on my first night at school.”

“She was?” Asked Mrs. Harrison.

“Of course!” Jessica lied. Her parents did not call her till day three to tell her she forgot her toothbrush.

“That makes me feel less crazy.” Mrs. Harrison replied.

“Do not worry one bit. You are not crazy.” Jessica replied. “What is his room number? I haven’t made it over there yet.”

“He is on room 4B.”

“That is too funny! He is on the same floor as me, just on the other end of the building.”

“Oh, how lucky!” Replied Mrs. Harrison. “So, you will check on him then?”

“Absolutely. I am getting up now and will text you when I have confirmed your son is alive and well.” Said Jessica.

“Thank you so much Jess! I owe you another dinner!” Mrs. Harrison replied. “Just make sure that he followed his bedtime routine and that he is wearing the pajamas that I put in his drawer for him.”

“Okay.” Jessica chuckled. “Will go tuck him into bed for you.”

“I know you are kidding but thank you!” Said Mrs. Harrison.

“Anytime.” Replied Jessica hanging up the phone.

Jessica turned her light on and found some slip-on sandals to wear. She walked with purpose to the end of the hall to Jace’s room. She was looking forward to making fun of him for this one. She arrived and knocked on his door.

“Jace! Let me in! I am here to tuck you in on behalf of your mother!” Jessica yelled through the door.

Jessica heard a stumble and small crash from the inside of the room. Jace opened the door slightly so that just his head was sticking out.

“Be quiet!” Jace said. “Do you want to whole floor to hear you? What do you want?”

“Your mother called me to make sure that her baby boy was still alive. Did you like not call her or something?” Jessica asked.

“I was playing some games earlier and didn’t pick up. What the hell is the matter with her?” Jace replied.

“I don’t know.” Jessica shrugged her hands and shoulders. “But I do know this is the longest I have ever stood at a guy’s door room without being invited in.”

“Okay, hold on a second. I just need to put a shirt on.”

“For what?” Jessica said pushing her way into the room. “You’re a guy in a dorm now, you should practically never have a shirt on.”

“Hey wait!” Jace said in response.

But it was no use, Jessica had already made her way into the room. Jace quickly pulled his pajama pants up. Jessica looked around the room seeing that Jace had turned one wall into a giant projector screen and had set up surround sound. She saw that he had calendars and whiteboards up with equations already written on them.

“You do know that classes don’t start till tomorrow, right?” Asked Jessica.

“I was just getting a head start.” Jace replied bending down at his knees instead of his waist to pick his shirt up from off the ground.

After examining his room Jessica turned to Jace, he as just standing back up bending at his knees like a ballerina. Jace had one hand on his pants making sure that they stayed up to his belly button throughout the process.

“Jeepers man. Your pants are so high you look like a ripped Erkel.” Jessica said. “You can relax a little. You look good without your shirt on, actually. You should be proud of that body.”

“Thanks…” Jace said sliding his shirt on. “Guess just still self-conscious.”

“You look better than most of the guys I have seen in this place. Seriously we need to focus on getting you a girlfriend this semester.”

“Yeah…” Jace replied meekly. “Anyway, sorry about my mom calling you to come over here.”

“You don’t need to apologize to me.” Jessica replied, pinching Jace’s cheek. “She is just worried about her baby boy.”

“Stop… please…” Jace said looking back at Jessica defeated.

“I think it is adorable that your mom still puts you to bed at night.” Jessica said smiling and sitting in Jace’s desk chair.

“She does NOT put me to bed… She just likes to think I am still four years old and need to be put to bed.”

“Well, she wanted me to make sure that you completed your bedtime routine. So, Mr. Man, have you brushed your teeth? And washed your face?”

“Oh. My. God. Stop.” Jace replied. “I am perfectly capable of getting myself ready for bed.”

“You didn’t answer my questions Mr. Man…” Jessica said looking at Jace as though she were interrogating a toddler.

“Jessica!” Jace whined.

“Jace – ica!” replied Jessica. “Come on tell me so I can drop it.”

“Yes, I followed my bedtime routine, okay? Are you satisfied?” Asked Jace.

“Almost!” Replied Jessica hoping up from Jace’s chair. “I just need to make sure that you are wearing the pajamas your mommy put in your drawer for you.”

Jessica moved towards Jace’s dresser before Jace blocked her and held the drawer shut.

“Jessica, NO! I have answered your questions, now will you please leave. I was just about to go to bed before you got here.” Jace said finally.

“Wow. Someone is sensitive. I have seen guy’s underwear before. What do you have in their sex toys?” Replied Jessica.

“I have some… personal things that I don’t want you to see.” Jace dogged the question.

“Alright then, keep your secrets.” Jessica flicked his peck.

“Thank you.” Jace guided Jessica to the door. “Now how about I get you breakfast tomorrow for your trouble?”

“I am holding you to that!” Replied Jessica stepping out of Jace’s dorm and turned to face him. “For next time you need a babysitter my going rate is seventeen dollars per hour. Twenty if they are not potty trained.”

“Goodnight Jessica May!” Jace shut the door on Jessica.

“Call your mother!” Jessica screamed into the door.

Jessica laughed and walked back to her dorm. She saw that there was a flyer tapped to her door when she arrived. Someone must have tapped it there while Jessica was sleeping.



Jessica ripped the flyer off her door and entered her room. She kicked off her shoes and got back into bed. She pulled out her phone and texted Jace’s mom.

‘Your baby boy is alive and well, I made sure he brushed his teeth and washed his face. He wouldn’t let me into his drawer to see if he was wearing the pajamas you laid out for him :frowning: ~Jess’

‘THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Seriously Jess, next time you come over for dinner I will make you anything you want! He is probably just being embarrassed about having great nights is all. He gets so shy around pretty girls. Thx again! xoxo ~MOM’

‘He does get shy! I am sure he will still have a great night! ~Jess’

Jessica put her phone away and plugged it in setting the flyer under it. She opened back up her laptop and turned back on Netflix to fall asleep to.

She smiled as she looked around her. She has a room to herself. She has her best friend on the same floor. Things were on an upward swing for Jessica. Or… so she thought.


Great start! Can’t wait to read more.

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I think Jessica didn’t catch that greatnights is jace bedtime pants rsrsrs

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Shh!! Spoilers!

I’m liking it. I can relate to having a single dorm room and thinking about what I can do alone in my spare time, since I’m doing that right now. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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Thank you for the feedback!

Any comments on the writing is always appreciated.

Please enjoy.


Then next morning Jessica woke up to the bright morning sun shining through her window. She opened her eyes sat up and stretched her arms out.

“YAWN!” Jessica said out loud. “Ahh! I haven’t slept that well in forever!”

She took a deep breath and stood up from bed. She stretched her arms out and then reached down.


Jessica opened the message.

‘Hey babysitter! Woke up early to go for a run. Let me know when you are awake, and I will carry you to get breakfast. ~Jace Windu’

‘Good morning secret boy! Did you call your mommy last night? ~Jess’

Jessica looked over and grabbed the flyer that was on her door last night. She liked to read them every year. Companies always tested new products on her campus. She thought back to some of the funnier ones from the last two years. They brought in caffeinated breath spray that left your teeth blue; you could tell who pulled an all-nighter to study because they all looked like they chewed a Smurf.


Jessica’s phone buzzed.

‘Yes, I did. Please do not validate her behavior by saying that was normal. And way to tell her we were on the same floor… She is going to ask you to spy on me and you ARE NOT to do so. I have like 15 mins left in my run. You cool if I don’t shower before we grab food? ~Jace Windu’

‘Only if you don’t care that I also don’t shower and need to put underwear on. ~Jess’

‘Why… aren’t you wearing underwear Jessica? ~Jace Windu’

‘Oh, I got super turned-on last night after I saw you without a shirt on and I just soaked them as I masturbated with my vibrator set to pussy crusher. ~Jess’

Jessica watched the message bubble in her phone keep appearing and disappearing. Jessica smiled at Jace not being able to think of a response. She liked that she could get him frazzled, he is so witty all the time that he comes off as condescending to a lot of people. Jessica knows he cannot help it, so she tries to put him in his place when she can.

‘Make that 16 mins… need to take care of something in the bathroom really quick. ~Jace Windu’

‘hmm… Only one minute? I bet we can get that down to premature ejaculation if we try hard enough! So, was the little boy I babysat last night a good boy? Or was he naughty… did he reach down his pants… grabbing his throbbing cock… and pumping himself to the thought of babysitter getting on top of him… Thrusting… Moaning… Oh GOD JACE! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! YES! YES! YES! AHH!.. ~Jess’

Again, Jessica watched as the message bubble popped up and then disappeared again. She smirked knowing how this must be driving him crazy. She liked to tease Jace, she felt that he needed to come out of his shell a bit more and does more than hug a girl.

She opened the flyer. It listed all the new products that they were going to start selling.







Now offering direct to dorm delivery!

Jessica giggled at the new offerings. She never bought any of them, but they were funny to see. Especially when the items that she thought would never make it to the store wind up on the store shelfs back home.

‘Make that 30 mins… I need to go change my pants now. ~Jace Windu’

‘Uh-oh! Looks like your mommy switched you to big boy pants a little too, fast didn’t she? ~Jess’

‘Yeah… so anyway can we get going? I am getting hungry. ~Jace Windu’

‘Sounds like you are getting hangry. Sure crabby-pants. Will meet you downstairs in five. ~Jess’

‘K. ~Jace Windu’

Jessica looked at her phone, she despised it when someone responds to a text with ‘K’ it is so annoying. Jessica typed back an emoji of the middle finger.

She jumped out of bed again and looked in the mirror.

“Yikes!” Jessica said to her reflection.

She pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail and slipped on her shoes. She locked up her door and headed to the elevator. Walking down the hall Jessica found that there were boxes with groceries outside of some of the resident’s doors.

Must be the delivery the flyer said Jessica thought glancing into the boxes seeing what people had ordered. She saw several cases of ramen noodles, sodas, some of the newly advertised items. She saw that someone had ordered a large box, she stopped to look at it. ‘ GreatNites’ the box read. It had an image of a woman that looked to be in her twenties posing with her hip popped out in a tight fitting dark pink T-shirt and underwear on.

Jessica examined the box further. They were not regular underwear like she had initially thought. They were like the pull on diapers that her little brothers and sisters had to wear when they wet the bed. The only difference is these ones looked to be aimed at a much older audience. There were two patterns shown on the box. One was black with a pink frill pattern around the top and legs, it had bows on the front and writing on it with different handwriting.

Will wake for wine…

The older I get the less I care.

Need my beauty sleep.

Too old for your drama.

Bad Bitch!

Jessica looked at them and saw they were designed like panties that she would wear. The other pattern was the one that the model was wearing on the box. They were a light pink color almost white. They had a lacey pattern on them making them look more like lingerie Jessica would get at Victoria Secret than diapers for bedwetting.

“Interesting…” Jessica said moving past the box.

Jessica called the elevator and rode it down to the ground level. She walked out onto the campus and looked for Jace. She saw him jogging down the sidewalk to her.

“RUN FASTER!” Jessica yelled to Jace.

Jace shook his head and smiled, but still did pick up hi speed. He arrived at Jessica.

“Hey…” Jace said slightly winded. “You ready to go?”

“For sure!”

They walked towards the cafeteria.

“The way you are such an overachiever literally sickens me.” Jessica said to Jace.

“The way that you just roll out of bed, see THAT and think it is alright to go in public makes me embarrassed to be with you.” Jace said using his arms to reference to Jessica’s whole body.

“Welcome to mornings on a college campus. You have no idea how freeing it is to put in such little effort.”

“If I get to that level and I still don’t have a girlfriend. Please give me a pity bang and shoot me.” Said Jace.

“Ha! We are going to get you a girlfriend this year no doubt. We can’t have you turning into the forty-year-old virgin.” Replied Jessica.

They arrived at the cafeteria.

“This place is dead.” Jace said opening the door for Jessica.

“Dude, it is like 7:30. The only people awake are the weirdos that take morning classes and fo on runs.” Jessica stated.

“Hilarious. What do you want?” Asked Jace as they got to the service line.

“I’ll have a vegetarian omelet please.” Jessica ordered.

“I’ll take the meat lovers.” Jace ordered.

Jace and Jessica walked up to the register and Jace paid as promised. They walked to a booth that far away from the food service to give them some privacy.

“When is your first class?” Jace asked taking a bite of his food.

“Not till ten, you?” Replied Jessica also eating.

“First one at 9. I have so many practical labs this year it is crazy.” Replied Jace.

“That’s right! Now that you are eighteen you can take all the labs required for your major! Look at you all grown up.” Jessica smiled back to Jace.

“And ridiculously busy. Barely have time to run to the bathroom between classes.” Said Jace.

“That sucks! Those are three-hour labs, too right?” Jessica asked eating her omelet.

“Ugh! Do not remind me. First one starts today.” Jace said exasperated.

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that first day is always safety demos and syllabus.” Replied Jessica.

“At least I have one day to relax then…” Jace grumbled picking at his food.

“You are would up so tight you know that? Your mom is at home; you need to loosen up a bit.”

“I have literally no idea how to do that.” Jace replied.

“Well for starters, don’t get so nervous when a girl walks into your dorm. You were so rigid last night I thought you were going to break something.” Said Jessica.

“Well… I mean… Last night does not count. I didn’t know you were coming over; I would have prepared better.” Jace stammered out an excuse.

“Prepared for what? See, that is what I am talking about. You need to go with the flow more and learn to roll with the unexpected.” Said Jessica.

“Easy for you to say you don’t…” Jace cut himself off.

“I don’t what?” Asked Jessica.

“Never mind… Please drop it…” Jace stated looking down at his food.

“Hey…” Jessica responded, her tone shifting to be more gentle. “Is everything alright with you? If something were wrong you could talk to me you know.”

“It’s nothing, really.” Jace looked up and smiled. “But thank you for the pep talk. I think I am just having a harder time than I thought adjusting to life on campus.”

Jessica could tell that Jace was not telling her everything, but she wanted to respect his privacy.

“Tell you what.” Jessica started. “My sorority and another frat are hosting a freshmen mixer tonight to meet the new little sisters and brothers. Why don’t you be my plus one?”

“I am not really the partying type Jess…” Responded Jace rubbing the back of his neck.

“Look you need to meet people and to do that you go to parties. I will be there, and I will have my new little sister with me. I can introduce you two before it starts, and you will at least know one person.” Said Jessica.

“Your new little sister?” Asked Jace.

“Yeah, every year the juniors in my sorority get assigned a little sister. They are freshmen just joining the sorority, we act as a mentor for their first semester. Help them out answer any questions. You know take them under our wing.” Jessica explained.

“Oh, I understand now. So, who is this poor girl?” Asked Jace.

“You think you are funny!” Jessica replied pulling out her phone and opening her email. “Her name is Amy Applegate. Have you heard of her?”

“Nope. Is she hot?”

Jessica kicked him from under the table.

“OUCH!!” Jace screamed. “What the hell was that for?”

“For being gross.” Jessica replied standing up. “Now if you will excuse me. It takes work to get this face ready for the day.”

“And a metric ton of make-up.” Jace replied.

Jessica walked over to Jace and grabbed his ear causing him to wince.

“Now that wasn’t a very nice thing to say young man!” Jessica responded a firm grip on Jace’s ear. “I think I need you to apologize to the nice girl that is taking you to a party tonight.”

“Fine! I’m sorry!” Jace said.

“And?” Jessica said still holding on to his ear.

“And! I don’t know! Let go of my ear!” Jace whined.

“Ugh… fine.” Jessica said releasing his ear. “And thank you for brining me to the party. You are going to need to toughen up or any girl you meet is going to walk all over you. Kicking and screaming it is my mission to make you boyfriend material this semester.”

“Lucky me…” Jace replied under his breath.

“What’s that?” Jessica asked quickly.

“Nothing!” Jace replied.

“That’s what I thought… Looks like you spilled.” Jessica stated, pointing down to Jace’s shorts.

“What?” Jace asked alarmed looking down at the spot. “Oh, yeah. Thanks.”

“No worries!” Jessica said. “It’s just a small spot so no one will think you peed your pants. See you later.”

Jessica turned to leave Jace.

Jace looked down again at his shorts. He slid his hand underneath his butt and felt a big crescent shaped wet spot on the back.

“Not again…” Jace sighed with a defeated familiarity.

Jace stood up and left the cafeteria quickly trying not to attract attention to himself. He left through a side door.

A girl with brunette hair tied into two loose pigtails worn down at either side, wearing plaid skirt overalls, white leggings and a tight white turtleneck stopped to watch Jace as he was leaving. She had an empty tray and was going to return it when she saw a familiar spot and Jace’s butt as he left. She craned her neck a bit to look behind her before shaking her head and continuing to her business. A slight crinkling could be heard with every step she took. She smiled and walked away excitedly.


The plot thickens just like his pants in the future I think someone found a playmate and a babysitter heheheheh
Great chapter ! Ansious to see the next one


This story was inspired by the announcement that GoodNites were coming out with a stand alone XL size. I kept thinking that a lot of college students would fit that size so I cam up with the story.

Always looking for feedback on the writing style and tips. I am trying to focus on the dialogue more for this story, so feed back on that would be appreciated!

Please enjoy!


Jessica arrived at her dorm and dug through her boxes to find her shower caddy along with her toiletries. She grabbed her outfit for the day, something simple, shorts and a blouse. Jessica was in her third year of college and did not need to show off to anyone.

She stripped off her clothes and wrapped herself in her towel and put on her sandals. She walked into the hallway seeing that almost everyone had retrieved their grocery boxes. At the showers she walked down the isle to find an empty stall. She passed the first two, but then something caught her eye in the third.

She took a quick step back and looked around to make sure she was alone. She peered into the changing area separating the shower and the rest of the lockers. She saw a pair of black and pink underwear with white writing on them on the ground, it looked as though they had rolled off the bench.

Jessica could see that they had swollen to triple their size. The water splashing from beneath the showers getting absorbed by the discarded garment. Jessica looked on the bench and saw that there was another white and pink pair tucked into the girl’s pants.

“Umm, excuse me.” Jessica called into the stall. “I think you dropped your… umm underwear.”

“Oh! Shoot! Shoot! Thank you!” The girl replied reaching down and grabbing her absorbent underwear.

“Just doing my part, miss.” Jessica mocked tipping her hat to the curtain separating the girls and continued to an empty stall.

“I’m a college girl and can take care of myself.” The girl said quietly from behind the curtain. She repeated it like a mantra.

Jessica stepped into the changing area and closed the curtain behind her. She turned on the water and removed her robe. She chuckled to herself as she stepped into the water.

“Thought you needed to be potty trained to get into college.” She said to herself shaking her head.

Jessica finished her shower without issue; laughing about the stereotypical erotic scene that always takes place when a college girl takes a shower.

She dried off, got dressed and put her hair up into her towel. She reached for her shower caddy and walked toward the exit. The showers were getting busy as people were starting to wake up. As soon as she left another girl ran in after her.

Jessica knew the panic and struggle. It is like the whole floor needs to align their schedules over the first week of classes. The first day is always a mad dash.

Jessica exited the lockers and walked back to her dorm and deposited her shower caddy and towel. She sat at her desk and started brushing her hair. She opened a browser and played some music to listen to while she got ready.

After her hair, Jessica went to do her make-up.

‘I’m a college girl and can take care of myself!’

“Hold up!” Jessica stopped what she was doing and turned to her computer and paused the video.

There was an advertisement playing it was the same woman that Jessica had seen on the box of GreatNites she saw outside the door and that the girl had in the locker rooms. Jessica rewound the ad and played it from the start.

A woman in her twenties is in her home looking miserable outside a window where there is a rainstorm going on.

‘I can’t be the only one on campus with a wetting problem? What If everyone finds out?’

Her phone rings.

‘Go out tonight? But what if I…. A GreatNite? What is that?

A package of GreatNites falls into her lap. She pulls one out and in a flash, she is wearing it. She gets flung out the door in just her shirt and GreatNite.

‘How did I get here? Ahh! Where are my pants!’

The woman looks around and sees that everyone at the party is wearing just a GreatNite and a T-shirt.


Music starts to break out and the rain clears up. The party moves to a roof where there are people dancing and drinking all in different patterns of GreatNites.

The woman looks back to the camera.

‘So, what if I have trouble making it on time? Millions of people my age struggle to make it to the bathroom on time, but that is not going to hold me back; not anymore!’

There is cheering and then cuts to the same group in a classroom.

‘Because whether I am partying or hitting the books.’

Cuts to just the woman sitting up in her bed in front of her laptop.

‘I can take whatever life throws at me! Because I’m a college girl and I can take care of myself.’

The last scene cuts to a montage of people saying the tag line I’m a college girl/boy and I can take care of myself.

Jessica stared dumbfounded at the screen. It was not that she saw that there was an advertisement aimed at an older audience. It was that the whole scene was completely normalizing the fact that everyone was wearing what is essentially a diaper. It was not like these were being sold as just for bedwetting, but something to wear day and night. Like there were thousands of people in college that could not make it to the bathroom on time like potty training toddlers.

Jessica sat back in her chair and thought back to the girl in the locker room and the box she saw outside the other room. There was at least one person on her floor that wore these 24/7.

“Whatever floats your boat I guess.” Jessica said going back to getting ready.

She was glad to see that a company was taking notice to an issue that she had not known about, but otherwise did not pay it any further thought.

Jessica went to her first class and found it to be dull and uneventful as she anticipated it would be. She knew the drill by this point; the only reason you show up to the first week of class is to get marked in attendance.


‘What the hell is going on here today? ~Jace Windu’

‘What are you talking about? ~Jess’

‘I think I have died and gone to heaven.’ ~Jace Windu’

‘Or dropped on your head. What are you talking about? ~Jess’

‘There is a bunch of girls dressed like schoolgirls on campus right now. ~Jace Windu’

‘What are you smoking? ~Jess’

‘Seriously, look around they are everywhere!’ ~Jace Windu’

Jessica looked around her classroom.

‘Nope. Fairly sure you are just high. ~Jess’

‘I SWEAR I am not making this up. Maybe it is just the lower classmen? But for real I have seen at least ten of them. ~Jace Windu’

‘Maybe there was a sale? ~Jess’

‘Yeah… of Sexy co-eds! ~Jace Windu’

‘Cool! You go shopping and we will bring her to the party tonight :smiley: ~Jess’

‘Fine! I will find one! You just wait! ~Jace Windu’

‘Happy hunting :wink: ~Jess’

Jessica put her phone away and looked up at her professor. He was going over slides of the syllabus. Jessica signed the attendance sheet as it came by and then slipped out of the back without being noticed.

Jessica looked around at her campus and smiled.

“HEY!” A girl called from down the hallway. “Jessica!”

Jessica turned to see Kelly one of her sorority sister strut down the hallway.

“Hey Kelly!” Jessica said gleefully.

“Jessica!” Kelly hugged her. “I missed you! Are you busy right now? Did you just cut class? I love it! I love you! Let’s get lunch! Is it lunch? Oh, well! Let’s get something to drink at least! How was your summer?”

Jessica smiled at her friend. Kelly was one of the ditsiest girls that she knew. She had a heart full of gold, but a head that could not keep up with her mouth. Jessica walked with her to get a coffee. Jessica ordered for her while she continued to talk.

“Large blended iced coffee and a medium double.” Jessica ordered and paid, still nodding at Kelly talking.

They say down at a table and Jessica handed Kelly a straw. Kelly started to drink and finally allowed Jessica to talk.

“I knew that would do the trick!” Jessica laughed at her friend.

“Oh, my gosh!” Kelly responded. “Was I doing it again?”

“At least you got a coffee out of it.” Jessica responded with a smile.

“Thank you!” Kelly smiled back taking another sip.

“Huh, I guess Jace was right.” Jessica said looking around. “It is like every tenth girl is dressed like a schoolgirl.”

“You like it?” Kelly asked with a sinister smile on her face. “That is our doing. Didn’t you get the email?”

“What?! No! I haven’t checked yet!” What did we do?” Jessica asked.

“Well, you read the flyer, right?”

“Naturally.” Replied Jessica.

“So, we are having all our little sisters dress up as schoolgirls for the party and they need to wear Poofs all day!” Kelly said giggling.

“Poofs? Wait, what were those again?” Jessica asked.

“Party diapers!” Kelly said giggling harder.

“Wait, hold on what now?” Jessica asked.

“Well, they came out with these new things for like ravers and whatever. They are literally just diapers and they have like adorable designs on them.” Kelly replied sipping her drink.

“And people actually wear these? Like outside a sorority initiation I mean.” Jessica asked.

“I know right! But for real a bunch of partiers swear by them.” Kelly replied.

“I guess that’s none of my business?” Jessica asked shaking her head and drinking her coffee.

“You are so funny!” Kelly said. “Have you met your little yet?”

“Not yet.” Replied Jessica. “We are meeting for lunch later.”

“Oh, you are mean!” Kelly said.

“What, why?” Asked Jessica.

“Seriously Jess, read you email… Our little sisters are only allowed to wear Poofs for the day, no bathrooms and can only change if their big sister says it is okay or if they ask a boy to change them. No one expects the girls to use them. Most of us just clued them in this morning.” Said Kelly.

“You don’t seriously think she will just walk around and wet herself till I say she can change herslef, do you?” Asked Jessica.

“I don’t know. I told mine that she could use the bathroom and that this was just a prank. Any girl can walk by and ask for proof of compliance otherwise I would have told her not to wear one.” Kelly said.

“Who the hell comes up with these things?” Jessica said taking out her phone.

‘Hey Amy! I am sorry! I just found out about this diaper thing; please know you don’t need to use the diaper! It is just a stupid initiation thing! ~Jess’

Jessica turned back up to Kelly. “I swear if this poor girl has been sitting in a wet diaper all morning, I am going to be so pissed at you!”

“Ha! Pissed! You seriously don’t think she would have wet herself, do you?” Kelly laughed.


‘Oh… Thank you… ~Applesauce.’

Jessica looked down at her phone and then back to Kelly.

“She probably hates me! Look at this!” Jessica showed Kelly her phone.

“Awe! The girl probably did not know what to do and did not want to screw up her chances of getting into the sorority. Who did you get this year?” Asked Kelly.

“A girl named Amy Applegate.” Said Jessica.

“Oh yeah! You got little Amy!” Kelly said excitedly.

“You know her?” Jessica asked.

“Just from her video and pictures. She is only 4’9, meaning you are not the shortest one anymore.”

“For real?!” Jessica asked excitedly.

“Yup!” Replied Kelly. “I think that’s why they assigned her to you.”

“Oh, my heart.” Jessica said hugging her phone to her chest. “I need to make things right!”

“What are you going to do?” Kelly asked.

“Bring her a new Poof to change into if she needs it! Where can I get one?” Jessica asked standing up.

“Ha! You are so funny Jess! Here I have an extra one for my little sister you can have if you want. Do you really think she wet herself though?” Kelly said handing Jessica the Poof.

“These things are so big! And I am not sure, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone took a prank too far.” Jessica said putting the diaper into her purse. “And it has unicorns on it?”

“I told you they were adorable!” Kelly stated.

Jessica pulled out her phone.

‘Hey girl! I feel bad about this and want to make it up to you. Where are you now? ~Jess.’

‘I am just sitting in the library… working up the courage to stand up and go to the bathroom. ~Applesauce.’

‘You poor thing! I am so sorry! Let me come meet you! What floor are you on? Can I get anything else for you? ~Jess’

‘Top floor… A new skirt please… I am sorry! I did not know what I was supposed to do! ~Applesauce’

‘Absolutely! Nothing to apologize about! I am on my way and we will get you cleaned up. Be there as fast as I can! ~Jess’

“You know you guys can be real assholes.” Jessica said back to Kelly grabbing her bag.

“What? Come on Jess, don’t be like that!” Kelly said. “Did she actually use her diaper or something?”

Jessica kept her head down and walked away.

“She did!?!” Kelly yelled to Jessica as she walked away.

Jessica arrived at the library and started riding the elevator up to the to floor. She pulled out her phone.

‘Hey… No questions asked. I need you to go to the school store and buy me one of the plaid skirts they sell and bring it to the top floor of the library. ~Jess’

‘Please tell me you are going to also change into a schoolgirl outfit. ~Jace Windu.’

‘I said no questions! Now just please do this for me. ~Jess’

‘I am on my way! ~Jace Windu.’

Jessica returned her phone to her back pocket and stepped off the elevator. This floor was almost always dead, hardly anyone even knew this floor was up here. Jessica looked around and saw a girl sitting on a chair, her feet not quite touching the ground. She had her brunette hair in loose pigtails worn down at either side. She had plaid overalls on with white leggings that had yellow stains running down them and a tight white turtleneck. She looked as though she had been crying.

“Amy?” Jessica asked softly making her way toward the crying girl.

The girl looked up at her. “Jessica?”

Jessica shook her head yes and walked over to her making sure no one was around. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah… well no… but I will be fine now I guess.” Amy replied.

“What happened?” Jessica asked.

“I couldn’t get it to fit right… So I wore tights to try to make it stay. I really had to go pee this morning and I was having trouble holding it. I finished breakfast and saw a boy that must have been a pledge from the fraternity had soaked through to his shorts and that made me feel a little better about myself.” Amy started.

“Okay and then what happened?” Jessica asked, thinking about the frat guy that also took a prank too far.

“Then someone dropped a tray and… well I get excited easy and I lost control into my Poof… I guess I did not tape it on right because it started running down my legs and then I just ran away and made it here… I have been too embarrassed to leave. And I need to wear a Poof otherwise one of the other sisters might find out… And I didn’t know it was just a prank…” Amy finished.

“Alright. So here is what we are going to do.” Jessica replied standing up. “We are going to get you to the bathroom and get you cleaned up.”

“Okay…” Amy shook her head yes.

“Here.” Jessica reached out her hands to help Amy up. She looked at her skirt and saw that she had went through the back. “The bathroom is right over there. I’ll clean this up.”

“Okay, thank you.” Amy said as she waddled to the bathroom.

Jessica grabbed some wet wipes that she kept in her purse and bent over to wipe down the chair.

“Come on girl.” Jessica said. “Who just wets themselves at eighteen?”

“What’s that now?” Jace said walking up behind Jessica.

“Oh! Jace, did not hear you. It was nothing.” Replied Jessica.

“Alright.” Replied Jace, looking around. “Here is your skirt as requested. And they were giving out samples of these as well.”

Jace handed over a skirt and a pair of girls small GreatNites.

“What the hell?” Jessica said grabbing the GreatNites.

They were grey with pictures of rainbows on them.

“They can’t be serious with these!” Jessica said standing up.

“What?” Replied Jace. “Some people need those you know…”

“It’s not that.” Jessica said giggling. “It’s just that these look so cute. Like I would have worn these in high school.”

“I think that is the point…” Jace replied. “To make sure that people who need these have it accessible…”

“I know, it’s just not what I was expecting. I have only seen the large size ones.” Jessica said.

“You have seen the large size ones?” Jace asked nervous, but curious.

“Yeah, some girl on my floor wears them.” Jessica replied.

“Oh, I get it now.” Jace said.

“You thought I wore them?” Jessica asked accusatorially.

“I wasn’t sure… You did ask me to buy you a new skirt.” Jace replied.

“It’s not for me. Like you I was potty trained a long time ago.” Jessica said.

“Yeah… Who are these for then?” Jace asked.

“Promise not to tell anyone?” Jessica asked.

“I promise.” Jace replied.

“Well, the initiation for my sorority and I guess another frat is to make the little brother’s and sisters wear those Poof diaper things. They weren’t supposed to use them, but I guess some of them took it a little too far.” Jessica finished. “Don’t make fun of her, okay?”

“I wouldn’t dream of it!” Jace replied.

“Good. Can you please just stand guard here? I am just going to bring these into Amy.” Jessica said.

“Yeah, for sure.” Jace replied.

Jessica walked into the restroom.

“Knock, knock.” Jessica called.

“In here…” Amy replied.

“I have a new skirt for you.” Said Jessica.

“Oh my God! Thank you so much Jessica!” Amy replied.

“It is no problem really. Here you go.” Jessica slid the new skirt under the stall door.

“Umm… Jessica? You wouldn’t happen to have brought a change of underwear, would you?” Amy asked sheepishly.

“I have a GreatNite and I have a Poof.” Jessica replied.

“That’s all you have?” Amy asked.

“Well, you should be wearing a Poof anyway you know.” Jessica said.

“I know… but what if there is a cute boy? I want to make a good first impression.” Amy said.

“Oh girl, it is day one. You do not need to worry about that.” Jessica said shaking her head. “Now here. Put this on.”

Jessica slid her a new Poof to put on.

“Oh, thanks… here can you?” Amy slid her used Poof under the stall door.

Jessica saw that the used one had designs of honeybees and honey combs that looked to disappear when it got wet. Jessica could only see a few of them left on the diaper.

“Sure…” Jessica said picking up the saturated Poof and dripping it into the trash can.

Jessica went to wash her hands.

“Well, how do I look?” Amy asked stepping out of the bathroom stall.

Jessica saw that the skirt was too short on Amy and that it was just barely long enough to cover her diaper fully.

“You look like you are about two years old.” Jessica said examining her.

“Is it really that bad?” Amy asked turning to look at her butt in the mirror. “I guess the unicorns’ kind of look like they could be panties from a distance.”

“Yeah… for a two-year-old. Turn around.” Jessica ordered.

Jessica tried to pull down her skirt enough so that the Poof was not showing as much.

“That is as best as we are going to get it.” Jessica stood back up.

“Thank you, Jessica. I really owe you one.” Amy replied.

“Don’t mention it. Just make sure you go in the potty the next time, alright?” Jessica asked.

“Alright, I will do.” Amy replied. “Ready to go?”

“Yup, you can meet Jace. He is my best friend in the world.” Jessica said opening the door.

“So, he… knows what happened.” Amy asked.

“I have no idea what you are talking about!” Jace announced hearing Amy’s comment. “I am Jace, who are you?”

“I… am hot. AMY! I am Amy, Amy Applegate.” Amy said flustered and reaching her hand out.

“Nice to meat you!” Jace shook her hand. “I am Jace, Jace Harrison.”

“Jace has been working out all summer so we need to get him a girlfriend this year.” Jessica said.

“Jessica!” Moaned Jace.

“And he is a little shy.” Jessica said.

“I think that is cute. And totally working for you!” Amy said referencing to Jace’s body.

“Thank you.” Jace smiled at Amy. “I am sorry, but I do need to get to my next class. Will you two ladies be alright without me?”

“It will be hard… But we will live.” Jessica said.

Jace turned to leave.

“I could watch that ass walk away all day…” Amy said absentmindedly.

“Amy!” Jessica said with a laugh.

“What? Sorry! I saw him this morning and didn’t get a good look at him he was running out so fast.” Amy replied.

“Was that before or after you wet yourself?” Jessica asked.

Amy turned beat red.

“Hey! I saw that he had wet himself too!” Amy protested.

“Who? Jace? No, he just spilt something on him at breakfast.” Jessica responded.

“I swear it looks like he had leaked in a diaper.” Amy replied.

“Jace? In a diaper? Ha! No. His overbearing mother might try to treat him like a baby, but I don’t think she has succeeded in diapering him just yet.” Jessica replied.

“I suppose you are right…” Amy said. “Will he be at the party?”

“You bet! He is my plus one.” Jessica replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Just… curious.” Amy responded.

“Maybe I’ll have you ask him to change you later.” Jessica teased.

“Hey if I had those arms changing my diaper I would not be complaining.” Amy retorted.

“Amy!” Jessica laughed. “I can tell I am going to like you. Now let me show you where you can get the best ice cream on campus.”

“Deal!” Amy replied.


Oh my I think jace has girfriend /playmate ehehhe

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Fantastic story. Can’t wait for the next update.
Would be awesome if Jace gets a spanking from Jessica but I realize that doesn’t make sense in this story

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As always, thank you for the kind words!

Please enjoy.


The rest of the school day was uneventful. Jessica left Amy to return to her last class now that she was in some dry clothes. Jessica had told Amy to text her once she was finished with class so that they could get ready together.

Jessica just had her last class let out at five in the afternoon. She pulled out her phone.

‘Well, this is going to be a long semester. ~Jess.’

‘Why, what did you have? ~Jace Windu.’

‘Early childhood development and care. ~Jess’

‘Like you are learning how to take care of kids? ~Jace Windu.’

‘Yes, but like young kids. Ones that are not yet potty trained. ~Jess’

‘Oh, so like you little sister? ~Jace Windu.’

‘Jace! That is not funny! That was just an accident and you promised you would not say anything. ~Jess’

‘And I won’t! I promise. It was just a joke! ~Jace Windu’

‘Just be by my dorm in two hours. I am going to get ready with Amy and we can all head together. ~Jess.’

‘What will I wear? ~Jace Windu.’

‘Just wear a buttoned shirt and nice jeans. ~Jess.’

‘I can manage that. ~Jace Windu.’

‘Good. Now be here by 6:45 so I can tell you to change if I need to. ~Jess.’

‘Yes, mom… ~Jace Windu.’

‘Not your mom. Just your unpaid babysitter remember? ~Jess.’

‘I don’t think you are ever going to let me forget. ~Jace Windu.’

‘You have that right! Now be here with something presentable or I am picking your clothes out! I am not against making you wear a Poof with Amy! You two could match! ~Jess.’

‘You THINK you are funny. ~Jace Windu.’

‘And deep down we both know that I am! ~Jess.’

‘And humble! ~Jace Windu.’

‘Just please wear something nice alright. I already have one kid in diapers, I do not need the other one whining about little thing. ~Jess’

‘I like that you are referring to us as your kids, like you are the one in charge of us. ~Jace Windu.’

‘Am I not? ~Jess.’

‘I guess… you have a point. ~Jace Windu.’

‘Of course, I do! Now be here by 6:45! Or I will have Amy give you a spanking! ~Jess’

‘Promise? ~Jace Windu.’

‘Stop being gross! ~Jess’

‘Can’t help it! I’m a dirty boy :wink: ~Jace Windu.’

Jessica shook her head at her phone as the dorm elevator opened to her floor. She barely realized she had gotten to her floor already since she was so enthralled in her phone.

She walked to her room and tossed her backpack and purse haphazardly onto her bed. She looked over to her box of clothes, still having not unpacked. Jessica dug in a box and found a red dress and matching heels. She could not find a purse that goes with it so she decided she would need to use the one from today.

She finished dressing and was re-doing her make-up for the night when she heard a knock at the door.

“It’s open!” Jessica called.

Amy stepped in.

“Hey Amy!” Jessica said gleefully.

“Hi Jessica.” Amy replied.

“Don’t you look adorable! I love the pink pastel color!” Jessica commented on Amy’s dress.

“Thanks… you don’t think it looks… too innocent?” Amy asked twirling her lacey dress.

“A little bit, but that is the point. I think you wear it beautifully.” Jessica asked.

“It is a bit short…” Amy pulling at the hem.

“Yeah, but you can always use that to your advantage if you see a cute guy.” Jessica said giving Amy a wink and standing up. “You sit. I’ll work.”

Amy sat in Jessica’s chair.

“Yeah… but it doesn’t really help me much when I am wearing a diaper… I really appreciate you helping me, by the way, but you can finish getting ready first. I can do my own hair if I need to…” Amy said quietly as Jessica started styling her hair.

“Nonsense! It is tradition for the big sisters to do their little sister’s hair before the first party. It takes me like five minutes to do my hair anyway.” Jessica replied.

“Thank you…” Amy replied.

“You are exceptionally soft spoken, you know that? You need to be more forceful when you talk if you are going to have anyone take you seriously.” Jessica said.

“You think so?” Amy asked.

“Definitely!” Jessica replied. “Take a guy like Jace for example. He is super shy and is not the type of guy to make the first move. So, if you were to say make the first move…”

“You think Jace would really like me?” Amy asked excitedly.

“I just mean that it wouldn’t hurt your chances if you were to take charge a little bit more with him.” Jessica hinted.

“I can be in charge.” Amy said and punched her hand. “I can kick his butt if I need to.”

“That’s the spirit!” Jessica laughed. “Alright, what do you think?”

Amy looked in the mirror and saw that Jessica had curled her hair and tied it to off to one side.

“It looks amazing!” Amy replied. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome. I couldn’t go too sexy. The girls sent out an email that they wanted all the little’s hair to be cute, I think you will look the most grown up out of all of them.” Jessica said.

“You are the best!” Amy said standing up and hugging her.

“Of course! Now Jace should be here in like twenty minutes, if you want to watch something while we wait for him?” Jessica handed Amy her computer.

“Oh sure!” Amy pulled up some music videos and sat back on Jessica’s bed, her dress riding up exposing her unicorn Poof.

“Knock, knock!” Jace called through the door while knocking.

“Door is open!” Jessica called.

“Ahh! Shoot! Shoot!” Amy said as she struggled to get up from the bed and hide her diaper.

Jace walked into the room.

“Hi!.. Oh! Sorry!” Jace turned his head to look away seeing Amy’s diaper sticking out from under her dress.

“Too late now!” Jessica said.

“I’m sorry!” Jace said with his back to Amy.

“It is alright, really. You can turn around.” Amy said.

Jace slowly turned around.

“Might as well get it over with, I am going to be flashing everyone in this dress tonight.” Amy laughed.

“I like your unicorns.” Jace replied.

“I also like your unicorns!” Jessica chimed in.

“Thank you.” Amy giggled.

Jace smiled. “Can I ask why you are wearing that?”

“Sorority initiation.” Jessica replied. “And I thought we agreed you weren’t going to ask about it.”

“Oh, that is alright Jessica, I don’t mind.” Amy interjected.

“Sometimes Jace says things that he shouldn’t say.” Jessica said glaring at Jace.

“I am sorry!” Jace said raising his hands. “How can someone so short be so scary at the same time?”

“Ever seen a chihuahua? We’re vicious!” Amy said playfully putting her hands up like paws and gently growled at Jace.

“That was so adorable I think one of my ovaries just burst.” Jessica said looking back from her chair. “Alright, I need to do something about this before I adopt a child. Amy you go stand by Jace.”

“Okay…” Amy said stepping over to Jace.

Jessica stood up and grabbed her phone.

“Jace, I want you to pick her up and cradle her.” Jessica instructed.

“Okay…” Jace chuckled picking up Amy with ease.

“Oh! My!” Amy said taken aback. “You are strong.”

Amy rubbed Jace’s peck lightly. Jace smiled back at her. Jessica started taking pictures. Noticing that the Amy’s dress had ridden up so that her diaper was on full display for the camera.

“Okay! I am satisfied.” Jessica said smiling putting her phone down.

Jace set Amy down on the ground.

“You could do that again if you would like…” Amy said a hand lingering on Jace’s arm.

“Enough! No more of this Disney crap! I am already sick of it. Time to go! Now I need a drink.” Jessica said pushing past the pair.

Jace and Amy looked at each other for a moment being left alone in Jessica’s room.

“Come along children or I will get a leash!” Jessica called from the hallway.

Jace and Amy quickly followed behind her.

The trio walked for about fifteen minutes before arriving at a large house. They saw that there were several girls in the same dress as Amy many of them had their hair tied in pigtails or something equally as childish.

“Hey Jess!” A girl standing at the door greeted Jessica.

“Hey Rachel!” Jessica replied hugging her.

“Your little is already paired?” Rachel asked.

“What are you talking about?” Jessica asked.

“Seriously? Did you get the email?”

“I skimmed it…” Jessica replied. “But refresh my memory.”

“Every year with you Jess… Well, the new girls need to find a boy to pair up with. There is a little brother and baby sister. Then the big sister becomes the mom and the guy she is with becomes the dad you both then ‘watch your kids for the night’ and there are games to play. Here are the name tags that go together.” Rachel finished.

“That is a cute idea!” Jessica said handing the nametags to Jace and Amy.

“It was all explained in the email.” Rachel said. “So, if your little is already paired off do you have a guy you are with?”

“Nope, I’m a single mother. I put a lot of stress on my little boy to pick up the slack with his baby sister since his father walked out on us.” Jessica said dramatically putting her nametag on.

“This is why I love you Jess!” Rachel said laughing. “Alright, we have Mommy Jessica, Little Boy Jace and Baby Amy.”

“That is all of us!” Jessica announced rubbing her hands together. “Now where is the bar? Mama needs a drink!”

“Wait, here take these.” Rachel said handing over a plastic wine glass, a sippy cup, and a baby bottle. “It’s all you can drink with these cups inside. Don’t tell anyone I let you skip on the cover.”

Jessica hugged Rachel tightly. “It is reasons like these that gives us single mothers hope.”

“Stop! You are being ridiculous!” Rachel said laughing pushing Jessica away. “You guys have fun.”

Jessica took Jace and Amy’s hand and plowed her way through the party. They saw that there were lots of groups of four standing around noticing that the guy’s equivalent glass was a plastic beer mug.

“Finally! Hey! Francis!” Jessica stood up reaching her way over the bar waving her glass.

“Not again Jess!” Francis laughed pushing her off the bar. “I am not having you get super wasted again.”

“Relax Francis! I have my kids with me.” Jessica said gesturing to Jace and Amy. “It is the first party of the year I am not going to get that wasted.”

Francis looked at her sternly. “Alright, Jess. I believe you. What will you be having?”

“I will be having these.” Jessica said taking the baby bottle and sippy cup away from Jace and Amy. “And you two will go find us a table.”

Jessica put Amy and Jace’s hand together and pushed them away from the bar. Jace and Amy stumbled away from the bar looking around for a place to go. The house was large and there were a lot of people everywhere.

“I think there is a table open over there!” Jace pointed.

“Okay!” Amy yelled over the crowd letting Jace take the lead.

They arrived at a stand-up table and made claim to it.

“Do you come to these parties often?” Amy asked.

“No, first one. You?” Jace asked.

“Well, it is my second day in college.” Amy replied.

“Oh! Right! What am I thinking, sorry.” Jace replied.

“That is alright!” Amy giggled grabbing on to her hair. “You are a junior right?”

“Only in year! I actually just turned eighteen last month.”

“So, you must be like super smart then!” Amy said.

“Well… my mom says so…” Jace scratched the back of his neck. “But I just really like math and physics is all.”

“Does that mean you could tutor me in calculous this semester then? I can already tell I am going to struggle.”

“Of course, he will!” Jessica said setting all the cups on to the table causing both Jace and Amy to jump. “You two are both jumpy.”

“You did just sneak up on us.” Jace accused.

“Oh! I am sorry for brining you drinks! Show some respect for your mother!” Jessica said.

“Oh, Lord…” Jace said. “It’s already starting.”

“What is?” Amy asked looking between Jace and Jessica.

“She gets on this kick when she turns into a mother hen after a few drinks.” Jace explained laughing. “Jeepers, Jess, how much have you had already?”

“Not important!” Jessica announced throwing her hand into the air. “What is important is that we drink!”

Jessica slid the bottle to Amy and the Sippy cup to Jace.

“To college?” Jace said holding his cup up to Amy.

“To college!” Amy said smiling holding her bottle up.

“I have the best kids!” Jessica said finishing the trio holding up her glass.


Good chapter

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Ambitious night tonight; after reading a comment I was inspired.

Please enjoy.


Both Jace and Amy made faces at each other like they had both drank something gross.

“What the hell is in this?” Jace asked putting his sippy cup down at the table.

“You don’t like it?” Jessica asked polishing off her drink.

“Not really…” Amy said shyly setting her bottle on the table.

“You I am not surprised about.” Jessica said pointing to Amy. “The have a special drink for all the little sisters. But Jace I just had them pour you spiced rum.”

“You just got me a cup full of rum?” Jace asked laughing.

“Yeah, why?” Jessica asked genuinely wondering why Jace did not like her selection.

“Nothing!” Jace said taking another sip. “It is perfect, thank you.”

“What is in mine then?” Amy asked.

“No idea! But you need to drink it in the next ten minutes!” Jessica said putting the bottle back into Amy’s mouth.

“Why?” Amy said grabbing the bottle and drinking on her own.

“I was told that all little sisters need to finish their first drink before they start explain the rules.” Jessica answered.

“This is freaking weird man.” Jace said chuckling nursing his drink.

“Don’t think you are out of this either little boy!” Jessica said to Jace. “You need to finish that before it starts too.”

“What? Come on, I can’t drink all this at once.” Jace replied.

“Sorry bucko, but thems the rules for this party.” Jessica said. “Oh also, you are both to call me Mommy for the rest of the night.”

Amy and Jace were both drinking their respective drinks and then looked at each other confused.

“So, you are already drunk then?” Jace asked accusingly.

“I’m not drunk! Not yet anyway.” Jessica began. “It is part of the game, so just call me Mommy.”

Amy shook her head yes looking between Jace and Jessica, still sucking her bottle.

“I swear I don’t know how I let you get me into these things.” Jace said unscrewing the sippy cup to drink easier.

“Stop!” Jessica reached and screwed the top back on Jace’s sippy cup.

“What are you doing now? If I need to finish that in ten minutes just let me chug it.” Jace complained.

“Rules!” Jessica said handing the cup back to Jace.

“Alright, I am getting confused… What are these rules?” Jace asked tapping his forehead with his pointer finger.

“Here!” Jessica said smiling.

Jessica put an arm around Amy’s shoulder and Jace’s waist turning them. Looking up they saw a TV screen that had been mounted high in the center room. It looked like where a scoreboard would be had this been a basketball court.

“Those are the rules!” Jessica said pointing to the screen.

“Rule 1! Mommies and Daddies take care of their kids. Rule 2! Big brothers watch your baby sister. Rule 3! Babies act like it” Jessica began listing the rules. “They are going to explain them any minute. I just had Francis tell me what they were.”

Amy looked from behind her bottle confused finishing the contents.

“Ahh.” Amy said setting her bottle down. “Okay Mommy, what does rule three mean?”

“You aren’t going to like it…” Jessica replied raising her inflection on her last words.

“Why?” Amy looked around confused then seeing the bottle. “What was in that drink?”

“Okay please don’t be mad!” Jessica said turning to face Amy.

“What did you give me?” Amy asked.

“I think something is starting.” Jace said pointing to a staircase.

“ALRIGHT LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS!” A woman announced through the sound system, cutting out the music.

“We are going to have some fun this year!”

There were loud cheers from the crowd.

“Have all our little sisters finished their bottles?”

The announcer held a hand up to her ear and girls from the crowd cheered loudly. Amy remained silent.

“Very good girls! We have the most perfect babies, don’t we?”

There were cheers from the older members of the sorority.

“Now I am sure you are all wondering what was in that first drink. Sorry to break it to you girls but you had some extraordinarily strong diuretic laced in with that cocktail.”

The room started laughing with the girls in pastel dresses looking around confused. Amy turned to Jace and buried her face in Jace’s side; Jace put his arm around her.

“That means that in the fifteen minutes all our little baby sisters can say bye-bye potty training and hello diapers. But don’t worry girls we have plenty of Poofs here for the whole night!”

Several people in the audience hollered as there were several cases of Poofs and GreatNites rolled out onto the main floor.

“We are nice to our sisters though! We have converted our three changing rooms into actual changing rooms!”

Three doors behind the dance floor where the diapers were rolled out opened revealing baby pink rooms with large tables.

“So here are the rules! Rule 1! Mommies and Daddies take care of your kids, that means that you get all the drinks and clean up any messes! If one of your kids spills, doesn’t call you by Mommy or Daddy, misbehaves or doesn’t follow any of the rules it is your job as stern Mommies and Daddies to punish them!”

The announcer pointed to a chair being brought onto the floor with a whipping crop.

“Rule 2! I need all the baby sisters to come out with their selected big brothers!”

Amy looked up at Jace, with an expression of embarrassment and longing on her face. There were people shining lights in the crowd illuminating the new sorority sisters. Eventually one landed on Jace and Amy.

“Go!” Jessica pushed the two from behind.

All the sorority sisters made it out to the floor with their dates. All the girls had Poof diapers on and dresses that were just a bit too short to hide them. Amy saw that almost all of them had a different pattern on their diaper.

The girls looked at each other with confusion and worry on their faces. Many of them, Amy included, holding on to their dates arm tightly.

“Okay! Big brothers grab your baby sister’s hand and hold it up!”

They did as they were instructed. All at once several men ran up and handcuffed the boys to the girls. The chains connecting them about two feet long.

Amy and Jace looked at each other. Amy’s right hand and Jace’s left hand were now cuffed at the wrist.

“That’s right boys! As big brothers you need to be there to protect your baby sisters, so that means you never let her out of her sight for the whole evening! That means that you get to help Mommy and Daddy with diaper changes and baby sister gets to come watch you on the potty! Maybe she can learn something by watching you.”

Jace looked to Amy his eyes wide almost popping out of his head. Amy was turning beat red; she was looking intently at the floor burning with embarrassment.

“Finally, Rule 3! Babies act like it! That means to all our baby sisters that the bathrooms are now off limits! And if you need to tinkle… well, that is why you are all wearing adorable diapers.”

All the girls looked to the floor in embarrassment. Their dates trying to console them but failing.

“Now I need all the mommies and daddies to come to the floor!”

All the older sorority sisters went to join their littles. Each of them had boyfriends with them that looked to be enjoying themselves, obviously filled in prior.

Jessica walked up behind Amy and Jace. Both looked at her and glared. Jessica smiled back.

“Jessica no daddy?” The announcer asked Jessica.

“Bastard walked out on me!” Jessica shouted back to the laughter of the crowd.

“Alright then! If anyone is looking for a single mother of two, please direct your calls to Jessica.”

“I put out on the first date!” Jessica screamed, Jace trying to get her to be quiet. “I give the best head!”

“Jessica! Listen to your son and be quiet! Will you please get your mommy under control young man?”

Jace got behind Jessica and picked her up making her calm down. All the while Amy is handcuffed to Jace dying of embarrassment. The crowd eventually died down after the outburst.

“Getting back to it! Everyone was given three bows at the beginning of the night, correct?”

The crowed mumbled pulling small pink clip on bows out of their pockets.

“Those are drink tokens to be used exclusively for our little girls hear! We do not want to see any baby’s bottle empty so make sure that all our little girls have plenty of bows to go home with! And don’t forget about their big brothers either!”

“Mommies and Daddies, you are responsible for your kids. Make sure they get home safe tonight and that you tuck them in nice and tight with their big brother. Tomorrow morning, we will text you the combinations to undo the locks.”

“Now Mommies and Daddies! Let start the party!”

“I am so, so sorry for this!” Jessica said to Amy as she lifted her dress and pulled out the butt of her diaper.

All the other sisters did the same to their respective littles; some with the help of their Daddies. As soon as the girls had their diapers on display and open several men ran up with funnels and liquid and filled each girl’s diaper.

“Ahh!” Amy jumped as liquid starting filling her diaper causing it to expand.

“Something to get you girls used to having a wet diaper tonight!”

The announcer cut out and the music and lights started back up. The littles all looked at each other not sure what to do. The rest of the party goers started making their way back out to the dance floor.

“Come on! This way! I have drinks.” Jessica grabbed Amy and Jace and led them back to the table.

“Did you know about this?” Jace demanded when they got back to the table.

“I swear I didn’t!” Jessica said taking a drink from her glass handing the bottle to Amy and the sippy cup to Jace. “I don’t read the emails.”

Amy looked at her bottle curiously.

“Its white wine cut with grape juice.” Jessica said. “The girls made special drinks for you, so you don’t get super wasted with everyone giving you drinks.”

“Wait. Then why did you make me chug rum?” Jace asked.

“So that you would relax a bit man!” Jessica said laughing “I got you beer this time. Oh! And I almost forgot!”

Jessica reached into her pocket and pulled out two pink bows and out them in Amy’s hair.

“There we go sweety, you look adorable!” Jessica said.

“Thanks Mommy…” Amy said smiling at Jessica.

“You are welcome dear!” Jessica said tapping her noise. “Would you like that diaper changed now? Or wait a bit?”

Amy looked up to Jace nervously. “Maybe…. Maybe, let’s wait a bit.”

“Suit yourself! But we are going to need to change you at some point!” Jessica said cheerily.

“Why are you so happy about this?” Jace asked.

“I just think this is a fun idea is all and I love that you two get to have fun together.” Jessica replied.

Amy blushed and looked towards the floor, drinking from her bottle.

“You didn’t ask me if I was alright with it.” Jace snapped.

“Calm down Jace.” Jessica said in a warning tone. “Everything is not about you tonight alright.”

Jessica nodded over to Amy. Who looked somewhat offended about Jace’s comment.

“Oh! No! Amy, I am so sorry! That is not what I meant.” Jace said to Amy.

“It is alright…” Amy said somewhat defeated.

Jessica communicated with her eyes to Jace pointing him to make thing right with Amy. Jace tried to convey something looking down to his crotch, however, Jessica was not understanding.

“Ahh!” Amy shrieked looking down to her feet.

A little stream was dripping on the floor at Amy’s feet.

“Oh baby! You’re leaking!” Jessica said noticing what had happened.

“Did I just…” Amy said spreading her legs apart.

“Looks like it.” Jace said.

“This is so humiliating…” Amy replied looking to the floor once more.

Jessica again conveyed to Jace with her eyes to do something with Amy. Jace again trying to motion to his crotch.

“Hey girl…” Jessica said. “Let’s get you cleaned up; I know what they gave you was strong so this is unfortunately going to keep happening tonight.”

“Joy…” Amy replied, Jessica turning her by the shoulder towards the changing room.

“What the hell is going on with you?” Jessica whispered in Jace’s ear as they were walking to the changing room.

“I need to tell you something.” Jace whispered back.

“What?!” Jessica whispered back angerly. “This is her big night! Stop being selfish!”

“It’s not!” Jace started, then pulled out his phone.

Jace texted with one hand while the other was still handcuffed to Amy.


Jessica looked down at her phone.

‘I wear GreatNites. ~Jace Windu’

Jessica looked down at her phone with confusion and then up at Jace. Jace shaking his head yes with a pained expression on his face.

‘Like you wet the bed? ~Jess’

‘YES! And… in general. Look my mom never potty trained me and I only just got to start wearing GreatNites when I moved out. ~Jace Windu.’

Jessica read Jace’s text message then looked up at Jace then re-read it again.

‘So… like you are wearing a diaper right now? ~Jess.’

“I am wearing a GreatNite, they are not the same as regular diapers. ~Jace Windu.’

‘They are both freaking diapers! Why didn’t you tell me this? I would have been understanding and helped you! ~Jess.’

‘I was embarrassed! But now I need your help. ~Jace Windu.’

‘Please tell me you do not also need a diaper change… ~Jess.’

‘Stop! No, I don’t just get me out of this. I cannot let Amy know I wear GreatNites! ~Jace Windu.’

“Here we are.” Amy said stepping in front of the changing room and sighing.

“Looks like you get to pick which design you want.” Jessica said pointing to the rows of diapers.

“These look good I guess.” Amy said holding up a diaper with baby animals also in diapers. “What do you think Jace?”

“I think those are adorable and look like the mural my mom still has in my room from when I was a baby.” Jace replied.

“Ha, ha! Seriously?!” Amy giggled at Jace.

“Yup, and I have seen it! It is ever bit as adorable as you think.” Jessica said.

“Then it needs to be these ones!” Amy said excitedly.

“Great choice!” Jace said.

Jace, Jessica and Amy walked to the changing rooms and waited their turns. A door opened and a foursome walked out.


Someone played airhorns on the speakers.

“How was it, baby?” The announcer reached the mike over for the girl to speak.

“Umm…” The girl began. “I… I kinda liked it.”

The girl laughed and smiled, the crowd cheering.

“Someone get our girl a drink!”

Jessica pushed Jace and Amy into the changing room closing the door behind them.

“Alright girl, take you place of honor.” Jessica said motioning to the changing table.

Amy waddled her way over and tried to lift herself up onto the table but was struggling.

“Jace.” Jessica said conveying for Jace to lift Amy up onto the table.

“Up we go!” Jace said lifting Amy up.

“You are really good at doing that.” Amy smiled.

“Is someone getting a bit tipsy already?” Jessica cooed to Amy.

“Maybe…” Amy smiled.

“I love you!” Jessica said to Amy grinning before turning to Jace. “Now no peaking from you! Understand?”

“What am I supposed to do?” Jace asked.

“Here. Drink this and try not to spring a leak.” Jessica replied handing Jace his sippy cup and pointing to his crotch. “Can only deal with one thing at a time.”

Jace blushed and turned to face away from Amy.

Jessica undid the tapes to Amy’s diaper. She reached over and grabbed some wipes and started cleaning Amy.

“That’s so cold!” Amy said as she wiggled at Jessica’s touch.

Jace giggled at Amy’s predicament.

“You think this is funny?” Amy asked Jace.

“A little yes.” Jace chuckled his reply.

“Butt up baby girl.” Jessica said and Amy complied.

“I would love to see what you would do if you needed to get your diaper changed!” Amy said sticking her tongue out to Jace’s back.

“Oh boy…” Jessica whispered under her back as she powdered Amy looking at Jace seeing him go rigid.

“Good thing that I don’t need to wear diapers then…” Jace retorted.

“Playing with so much fire right now…” Jessica whispered again pulling the front of Amy’s diaper up.

“Oh yeah!” Amy said sitting up. “Ope! Excuse me Mommy.”

“Back down, baby girl.” Jessica said pushing Amy back onto the changing table. “We are almost done.”

“And then I am giving Jace a diaper change!” Amy said crossing her arms.

“Well, Jace did you need Amy to give you a diaper change?” Jessica asked looking at Jace with her eyes wide.

“No… I don’t need a diaper change.” Jace replied flatly.

“Alright little girl! You are fresh and clean!” Jessica said patting Amy in the butt.

“Ahh! Much better!” Amy said hoping off the changing table, wobbling causing Jace to catch her.

“Careful there!” Jace replied steadying Amy.

“I am fine! Where is my bottle!” Amy looked to find her bottle and grabbed it. “Empty.”

“Jace will you please pick her up.” Jessica ordered Jace.

“Sure. Here hold this.” Jace handed Amy his sippy cup and scooped her up at the knees.

“Wee!” Amy screamed.

“This is getting ridiculous…” Jessica said grabbing her forehead picking up Amy’s bottle; she pushed Jace out the door. “Come on, let’s go.”


The announcer called as the trio exited the changing room.

“And look! Our baby girl being carried by her big brother!”

A rounding Awe made its way through the crowd. The announcer held the mic out to Amy.

“What did you think of your first diaper change?”

“I think…” Amy looked around. “I think it’s time for this girl to get a drink!”

“Just what we would expect from the little sister of Jessica!”

The crowd laughed and Jessica shook her hand.

“Woo!” Amy screamed tossing Jace’s sippy cup into the air.

The cup fell. Twirling in an almost slow motion. Everyone in the crowd had stopped to watch it. It dropped to the ground bouncing on plastic. A breath of relief washed over the crowed until, on the last bounce, the sippy cup bust open spilling out its contents.

A loud air horn was played over the speakers.

“Looks like we have our first party foul of the night folks and you know what that means!”

“Punish him! Punish Him!” The crowd started chanting.

“What?” Jace asked. “Why me?”

“It was your sippy cup that spilled little man! Now to the spanking chair!”

Two large men playfully guided the trio over to the chair that was on the dancing floor. The crowd formed into a large circle; someone had shined a spotlight over the chair. One of the men put Jessica in the chair and then handed her the whip. The other man took Amy from Jace and stood her up, making her hold onto the back of the chair. He then pushed Jace to bend his knees and had him lay over Jessica’s lap.

“How many for the first infraction folks? Three? Five? Ten?”

“Ten! Ten! Ten!” The crowd chanted.

“Looks like that is ten spanks for one naughty little boy! Jessica whenever you are ready.”

Jessica held up the whip and went to smack Jace on the butt lightly.

“Come on Jess! We all know you can hit harder than that!”

The crowd jeered Jessica egging her on to hit harder.



The crowd counted on every hit.





“Wait a second folks!”

Jessica stopped spanking Jace and looked up at the announcer. Jace also looked up with Amy.

“I think that since this is our first party foul of the night, why don’t we have the rest of the spanks be with his pants down! What do you say?”

The crowd cheered again. Jace got rigid and Jessica froze. Both knew that Jace was wearing only a GreatNite under his pants and if they went ahead with this everyone would know that Jace wore diapers.

“Umm…” Jessica stammered.

“Too slow Jess! Baby girl would you please help your mommy take off his pants?”

Amy not knowing that anything deeper was going on other than a party prank complied with the announcer. Amy grabbed the side of Jace’s pant and pulled leaving Jace with just a GreatNite patterned with a picture of Captain America’s shield on the butt. Unmistakably a diaper.

The audience gasped at the reveal of Jace’s GreatNite. Then slowly the crowd started cracking up. Amy looked to Jessica with confusion in her eyes. Jessica looked down to Jace unsure of what to do. Jace looked to the crowd, fighting back tears seeing that his worst nightmare had just been realized.


Awesome stuff. Definitely one of my favorites so far. Love that you incorporated spanking in this.

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Ohhh boy poor little guy ! But I think Jess gonna help him saying that he only in a diaper because of Amy to help her rsrs after this I can imagine Jess being a good babysitter for jace heheheh

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Please enjoy.


Jace laid there across Jessica’s lap, his GreatNite on display for the whole party to see. All of them starting to laugh at the site of Jace. Jace started to get up attempting to end his shame.

“Not so fast there!” The announcer said. “Jessica did you put you little sister’s date in a GreatNite to look the part?”

Jessica looked stunned for a beat, then took her opportunity.

“You caught me! There was supposed to be a big reveal later with them both!” Jessica hamming it up for the crowd.

Jace felt a wash of relief as Jessica made up a story for the crowd.

“Jessica you are literally the funniest!” The announcer said laughing.

Amy still looked confused at what was going on. Jace, while relieved, wanted the moment to end.

“Come on! Stand up and take a bow!”

Jessica looked to Jace letting him make his way up from off her lap. Amy still held onto Jace’s pants. Jace slowly stood up and stood next to Amy, them still linked together.

Amy looked down to Jace’s crotch confused at what was happening. Amy studied Jace further and saw that his Captain America themed GreatNites had fade-when-wet designs on the front in the shape of a shield. Amy watched as the design started to fade in front of her eyes.

Jace, seemingly noticing what was happening took a fast and deep bow, trying to hide his quickly swelling GreatNite. The crowd continued to cheer. Amy sprang into action and quickly hugged him trying to hide the front of Jace’s wet GreatNite.

“Awe! Let’s give a big hand to the cutest couple of the night!”

The crowed awed and applauded.

“And let’s hear it for the hardest working Mommy tonight, with not one but two of her kids still in diapers Jessica!”

The crowd laughed and cheered as Jessica stood up on the chair and bowed. Amy took the opportunity to help Jace back into pants while the crowd was distracted.

“I think we can let the boy slide on the rest of his punishment what do you say?”

The crowd cheered in agreement. Jessica stepped down from the chair and grabbed the chain connecting Jace and Amy and pulled them away from the spotlight and back to their table.

“Hey man! You dropped this!” A guy walked up to Jace and handed him his sippy cup back. “You were great up there!”

“Thanks…” Jace muttered as the guy walked away.

Jace and Amy did not say anything to each other and kept looking anywhere but at each other. Jessica kept looking between her kids.

“Oh boy…” Jessica said slamming the rest of her drink.

Both Amy and Jace looked at Jessica.

“How about we get a drink?” Jessica asked.

“Yes!” “Yes, please!” Both Jace and Amy responded over one another.

Jessica walked them both over to the bar and took their cups. Jace had a bit of a waddle in his step.

“Hey! You are Jessica’s little sister, aren’t you?” A girl from the bar looked down to Amy.

“Guilty…” Amy replied kicking her feet to the floor.

“I love Jess! Here, let me get your next drink!” The girl handed Jace one of her pink bows. “And I’ll get you something too! Where is your Mommy?”

Jace pointed to the bar where Jessica was standing, and the girl made her way over. Jace stood awkwardly handcuffed to Amy.

“Oh, darn it!” Amy said stomping her foot.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Jace.

“I wet myself again. I can feel it.” Amy said, more frustrated than embarrassed this time.

“Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing in another second.” Jace replied.

Amy looked down to her diaper, lifting her dress up slightly she could see herself wetting the diaper. The wetness was spreading down the middle, the animal prints on her diaper disappearing. She waited for a second and found that the Poof had absorbed everything, and the feeling of being wet was going away. Amy looked up at Jace with confusion on her face; she dropped the front of her dress.

“Did Jessica really make you wear that diaper?” Amy asked Jace softly.

“No…” Jace answered defeated. “She just covered for me.”

“I didn’t think so… Why are you wearing it?” Amy asked Jace.

“I have trouble making it to the bathroom, so I wear GreatNites just in case when I am out sometimes.” Jace replied thinking all his chance with Amy went out the window.

“Do you need a change?” Amy asked Jace.

“What?” He replied.

“I saw the design start to fade on the front of your diaper when we were in the spotlight. That means you’re wet right? I tried to cover you so no one would see it. I think I was the only one that noticed.” Amy said.

“You did that for me?” Jace asked looking to Amy.

“Of course! I need to look out for my boy!” Amy grinned to Jace.

“Thank you. I have never…” Jace was cut off.

Amy had pulled him in by the bindings that they shared; she reached up to Jace’s head and pulled it close and kissed him. Jace was initially surprised, but then felt his heart pounding and kissed Amy back. They both were enthralled in a passionate embrace ignoring the party going on around them.

“Who taught you two how to kiss?” Jessica asked interrupting Jace and Amy’s embrace.

Amy giggled and looked away while Jace smiled back.

“Uh-huh…” Jessica smiled looking between Jace and Amy, setting the drink on the table. “So, my children are making out now?”

“Jessica! Gross!” Jace laughed back.

Amy continued to blush.

“A mother has a right to know!” Jessica stated handing out the drinks.

“Thank you.” Amy said meekly grabbing her bottle.

“So… do we want to talk about it?” Jessica asked diving into the subject.

All three of them looked at each other then took a drink from their respective cups.

“Alright… fine.” Jace began. “My mom is super overbearing and decided not to potty train me so that I could focus all my efforts on studying. While it did help me excel academically, I now have issues making it to the bathroom on time. Since they came out with GreatNites and our college started selling them I convinced my parents to let me move on campus.”

“So, when I was in your dorm…” Jessica began.

“Yes, I had just changed into a nighttime diaper and I was trying to hide it.” Jace replied.

“And this morning when I saw you with a wet spot on your pants?” Amy asked.

“I had leaked through my GreatNite during breakfast.” Jace replied.

The three looked at each other awkwardly and then all took another drink from their respective cups.

“Holy shit.” Jessica said setting her drink down.

“What?” Jace asked.

Amy looked at her confused.

“Just so many things are making sense now, why you never had a girlfriend and were always so awkward. You were not potty trained! You were waddling around in a wet diaper half the time.” Jessica laughed.

“Hey… it is not as uncommon as you think…” Jace said lowering his head.

“Well, I think you look cute.” Amy said hugging Jace around the waist.

“See Jace you still have girls that are interested in you! You just needed to find one that was also still in diapers.” Jessica laughed.

“Umm… Amy?” Jace asked.

“Hmm?” Amy said looking up to Jace smiling still holding on to his waist.

“I think you’re…” Jace and Amy looked down.

Amy jumped back as far as the binding would allow and scream.

“I just peed on a boy…” Amy said with embarrassment and spite.

“It is alright really.” Jace responded.

“Jess… Mommy…” Amy began walking over and putting her head onto Jessica’s shoulder, her hands on her side.

“Yes, dear?” Jessica said patting the back of Amy’s head.

“I need a diaper change…” Amy answered meekly.

“I can see! That is one soggy diaper!” Jessica said poking Amy’s Poof. “Come on, we should probably check the other kid’s diaper too…”

Jessica handed Amy and Jace their bottle and sippy cup respectively and pushed them back towards the changing rooms.

Amy was waddling heavily and was struggling to keep up with Jace and Jessica.

“Jace. Please carry Amy.” Jessica said noticing Amy struggling.

“I am fine… Oh! Okay!” Amy was picked up by Jace with ease and was now carrying her on his hip, his arm under her diapered butt for support.

Jace carried Amy to the changing rooms with Jessica. They stood in line waiting their turn. Amy looked around at the other girls in line. The all had several bows in their har and looked like they were enjoying themselves. At least enjoying all the attention they were getting. Amy had to admit she also like all the attention she was getting. She was not often the center of attention but being here and having Jace and Jessica made her feel welcome and supported.

“Hey! Finish your bottle!” Jessica said to Amy who was looking around.

Amy complied and put her bottle back into her mouth. Jace was taking small drinks from his sippy cup as they waited.

“I almost forgot!” Jace said pulling the bow he was given out and clipping it to Amy’s hair. “There we go! Very pretty.”

Amy blushed deeply and buried her face into Jace’s shoulder. She gave him a peck on the cheek.

“You know, of all the guys that I could have been with tonight I am happy it was you. Diapers and all.” Amy whispered into Jace’s ear.

Jace smiled and kissed Amy back.

“We’re up!” Jessica said once again interrupting the couple. “Amy pick out a new diaper… and grab a GreatNite for Jace?” Jessica raised her inflection questioning Jace.

Jace shook his head yes, setting Amy down. Amy saw and acknowledged. Amy walked around and grabbed a new Poof, this time it had picture of frogs and swamp animals with lily pads that will fade as you wet it. She walked Jace over to the GreatNites and found that they were only girl style.

“Will this be alright?” Amy asked Jace.

“Not many options… I didn’t bring any changes with me.” Replied Jace.

“Why not? And what is your size?” Amy asked.

“I didn’t have anywhere to put it. And I am a size medium in GreatNites.” Jace answered.

“Oh, I didn’t even think of that.” Amy replied. “Here these ones have dragons on them.”

Amy held up a GreatNite that had pictures of pink and purple dragons flying around colorful castles; the fade when wet design was the fire from the dragon’s mouth. Unlike the pull ups Jace is used to; these had the wetness indicator more towards the middle rather than the front.

“Come on kids! Mommy is waiting!” Jessica called.

Jace and Amy walked over.

“On the table baby girl!” Jessica demanded closing the door.

Amy did not try to get on the table herself this time. Instead, she turned to Jace and held her arms up to be carried.

“Look at you two!” Jessica cooed.

Jace placed Amy down on the table.

“Now! No peaking!” Jessica made Jace turn around. “Here, suck on this.” Jessica handed Amy her bottle.

“So, since you wear diapers all the time you must be really good at changing them then… Cold! Cold!” Amy said screaming at Jessica wiping her down.

“Sorry…” Jessica replied.

“I am alright, I guess. It is better when someone else changes you than when you do it yourself. Makes it fit better and doesn’t leak as easy.” Jace said.

“Butt up!” Jessica commanded and Amy complied.

“Really? I never considered that! But I guess it would be a lot easier with someone changing you rather than you doing it yourself.” Amy said setting her butt into the clean diaper.

“Yeah… not too many college girls would want to change their boyfriend’s diaper, so I try to keep it to myself.” Jace said

“I don’t know Jace!” Jessica said pulling the diaper between Amy’s crotch and winking at her. “I think there would be at least one girl who wouldn’t mind helping you out.”

“You’re hilarious Jessica!” Jace said somehow vocalizing that he was rolling his eyes.

Amy and Jessica giggled to themselves as Jessica finished taping Amy’s diaper shut.

“Alright little boy! You’re next!” Jessica announced. “Do you need to get up on the table?”

“No, just turn around. I need to take my pants off.” Jace replied.

“Is it alright if I just keep laying here?” Amy said laying back down on the changing table putting her bottle in her mouth and extending the arm that was attached to Jace.

“Yeah, that’s fine… just turn your head alright.”

“Okay.” Amy said turning her head slightly.

Jessica turned so that her back was to Jace facing Amy. Jessica could hear Jace struggling taking his pants off with just one hand.

“Need some help their sailor?” Jessica asked mockingly.

“Not funny!” Jace said, tripping as he spoke.

Jessica turned to help Jace.

“Hey!” Jace replied.

“It’s alright; I am here to help you.” Jessica said helping Jace step out of his pants.

“Thanks…” Jace replied standing now only in a soggy GreatNite.

“Jeepers! You have droopy drawers too!” Jessica said commenting on the state of Jace’s diaper.

“Stop!” Jace whined, turning so that his butt was facing Jessica.

Jessica tapped Amy to get her attention to look at Jace.

“Although… that is America’s ass alright.” Said Jessica.

Amy giggled and turned away again.

“Now what are you trying to do?” Jessica asked, seeing Jace fiddle with his GreatNite.

“I am trying to take them off, but it is hard with one hand.” Jace said.

“Fine. Here.” Jessica ripped the sides off the GreatNite causing it to fall to the floor with a plop. “My Jace. A little excited, are we?”

Jace tried to cover his erect penis with his hands. Amy turned her head slightly to catch a peak.

“OH MY GOD. IT’S HUGE!” Amy mouthed to herself turning back to the wall and her bottle.

“I can’t help it…” Jace replied.

“Well, I don’t think you are going to fit with your flagpole standing at full mast.” Jessica said.

Amy started giggling heavily into her bottle. Jace took notice.

“What do you want me to do about it?” Jace asked semi-laughing at the predicament.

“I have an idea!” Jessica said. “Shut your eyes.”

“Jessica, no.” Jace protested.

“Just do it!” Jessica ordered.

Jace complied and now stood naked from the waist down, his penis fully erect in front of his oldest college friend and new girl he really liked. Amy turned back to Jace and started at his hard cock.

“Are you ready?” Jessica asked.

“Ready for… AHHH!” Jace screamed and jumped back.

Jessica had poured the content’s of Jace’s sippy cup onto his penis causing it to deflate immediately.

“Cold shower usually does the trick.” Jessica said laughing, Amy also joining in laughing.

“That was so mean!” Jace said grabbing his crotch.

“But effective. Let us see.” Jessica demanded.

“I don’t want you to look…” Jace replied.

“Come on Jace we already saw you fully loaded.” Jessica teased.

“I liked it.” Amy chimed in smiling.

“Show it to us with the safety on!” Jessica continued.

“Fine…” Jace said removing his hands revealing his un-erect penis.

Jessica and Amy did not say anything for a minute.

“What?” Jace looked between the girls nervously.

“Ah-hem.” Jessica cleared her throat. “You’re… a grower not a shower there Jace?”

Amy started giggling mercilessly.

“Hey!” Jace put his hands back to cover his crotch.

“I am just glad we got to see the erect version first.” Jessica said laughing walking over to Jace with the girl’s GreatNite.

“That is as big as a tic-tac!” Amy laughed.

Jessica held out the GreatNite for Jace to step into. He complied and put his legs through the holes. Jace started to blush, Amy noticed.

“No! I do not mean anything bad by it! I have seen the finished product and I am impressed. But…” Amy started giggling again. “That is definitely the size I would expect to see in a diaper.”

Jessica pulled Jace’s GreatNite up between his crotch, easily sliding it over his un-erected penis.

“This has definitely been an informing night, that is for sure.” Jessica said helping Jace back into his jeans.

Once finished Jessica took a step back from Jace and Amy. Jace went to pick up Amy and Carry her on his hip again.

“Alright, are both my kids happy and dry in their new diapers?” Jessica asked condescendingly.

“Yes, Mother.” “Yes, Mommy!” Jace and Amy responded, respectively.

“You both are adorable!” Jessica smiled turning to open the door leading the trio back to the party.


Hahahaha this story is amazing really love the way you are conducting things i think baby jace gonna have a babysitter and playmate very soon hahaha I can only imagine his mom visiting and showing how to change his pampers after a poppy hahahah


Jace carried Amy back out through the dance floor. They noticed that one of the other little sisters was being spanked for something. Her diaper fully on display, getting hit hard by her Daddy.

“I wonder what she did!” Amy said.

“Didn’t call her big sister’s boyfriend Daddy.” A stranger in the crowd answered.

“Oh…” Amy said surprised. “Mommy I think I need another drink!”

Jessica laughed and took her bottle.

“How about you big kid? Need another?” Jessica asked Jace.

“Sure!” Jace said finishing his drink and handing Jessica his sippy cup.

“Go find a place to sit. I need to get off my feet!” Jessica said leaving Jace and Amy to walk to the bar.

“Over there Jace!” Amy said pointing behind Jace at some couches that were empty.

“Got it!” Jace made his way to the couch and sat down putting Amy across his lab with her feet kicked out sideways on the couch.

“You’re comfy!” Amy said to Jace.

“Thank you! Your extra padding helps!” Jace replied.

“You know we could get out of here…” Amy whispered into Jace’s ear.

“You want to leave your party?” Jace asked.

“Well… leave with you.” Amy replied walking her fingers along Jace’s chest. “Do you think you could take care of my tonight? I can be a bad baby, you know.”

Amy pouted her lip to Jace. Jace could feel himself growing out the top of his GreatNite.

“I… I could take care of you.” Jace tried to sound suave, but his voice cracked.

Amy started to kiss Jace on his neck.

“Are you going to take care of me Jace?” Amy asked seductively.

“Oh… yes baby…” Jace moaned.

Amy moved her hand down to Jace’s crotch.

“There he is…” Amy smiled seductively at Jace flipping the tip of his penis outside of his GreatNite. “Big boy Jace came back out to play.”

“Please Amy… I want you so bad.” Jace said with a pained desire in his voice.

“I want you too…” Amy replied. “Oh, Jace I am dripping wet. Here!”

Amy grabbed Jace’s handcuffed hand and put it on the front of her diaper.

“Do you feel how wet I am for you?” Amy asked.

“I feel… I feel…” Jace looked to his hand that was cupping the front of Amy’s diaper; her hand still on his cock, her eyes closed her grinding on your hand. “I feel you wetting yourself! Amy you are peeing again.”

“I… What!” Amy shrieked almost falling backwards trying to get off Jace’s lap.

“It’s alright Amy, I know you can’t help it.” Jace replied.

“So not the point…” Amy replied crossing her arms.

“What the hell happened here?” Jessica asked setting the drinks down.

“I hate this party…” Amy pouted.

“Okay… Did something happen?” Jessica asked.

“Don’t want to talk about it.” Amy said grabbing her bottle and sucking bottle furiously.

Jessica looked at her with confusion, not knowing what to say.


‘We were getting hot and heavy… like she had her kung fu grip on my mushroom tip heavy. But she wet herself and it kinda killed the mood for her. ~Jace Windu.’

Jessica looked at Jace then to Amy with understanding.

“Are you getting a little frustrated baby?” Jessica teased; Amy glared back almost halfway through her bottle. “Sorry baby, but maybe you should wait to have sex till your potty trained.”

“I also don’t like this party…” Jace said picking his sippy cup back up.

“That goes double for you Mr. Secret diapers! You should also not be having sex till you can go all day and night with dry pants!” Jessica scolded the pair. “Christ, I am turning into my mother.”

“New drink Mommy!” Amy said holding out her bottle; her legs scrunched back up over Jace’s lap.

“Already?” Jessica asked. “But I just sat down!”

“New drink Mommy!” Amy said louder hitting the table.

“Come on! New drink Mommy!” A girl said walking behind Jessica. “I’ll get her this round.”

She tossed Jace a bow and helped Jessica stand up.

“Oh right!” Jessica said spinning around tossing Jace a bow before moving on.

Jace picked up the bows and gently put them into Amy’s hair.

“One, two, three, four, five!” Jace tapped the bows on Amy’s head while counting them.

Amy smiled and hugged Jace.

“You are so cute!” Amy said grinning ear to ear.

Jace took a drink from his sippy cup.

“You finished that bottle fast.” Jace said.

“Well, maybe I just wanted to get rid of our chaperone for a while. Now, where were we?” Amy climbed closer onto Jace’s lap.

“I like where this is going.” Jace said.

Amy again started touching Jace’s chest. This time she jumped onto Jace’s lap her wet diaper resting on Jace’s growing cock.

“Everyone has seen me in a diaper tonight anyway. I might as well get to enjoy it to.” Amy said rubbing Jace’s chest grinding slowly on his lap.

“I like the way you think!” Jace said grabbing onto the back of Amy’s thighs.

Jace pulled her closer grinding together in rhythm of one another. Jace looked down to his crotch.

“What’s wrong baby?” Amy asked with her eyes closed. “I know I am wet, but let’s enjoy it on my wet pussy.”

“That’s not it…” Jace said with concern in his voice.

“What’s wrong? Am I pee… OH! YOU!” Amy jumped off Jace.

Jace had started to pee and unfortunately in all the excitement the head of his penis was over the top of his GreatNite. Jace had started to pee slowly but gained momentum gradually. After Amy had jumped off Jace quickly stuffed his penis back into his GreatNite and stood up causing Amy to topple over slightly.

“I am so sorry!” Jace said inspecting the damage.

Jace saw that he had wet the top of his pants to the back and his shirt was also wet.

Amy rolled away from the wet spot and giggled, her had dangling from Jace’s.

“What is so funny?” Jace asked.

“First, I peed myself, then you peed yourself…. Jace honey. I don’t think we are getting out of these diapers tonight.” Amy said laughing.

“Of course, you are not getting out of them!” Jessica said concerned. “Jace better not be trying to convince you to take it off!”

“I wasn’t!” Jace protested.

Amy giggled again.

“Having fun, are we?” Jessica asked sitting down.

“So much fun Mommy!” Amy replied.

“I got you two bottles this time!” Jessica said handing Amy one and putting the other down on the table. “Here, let me help you.”

Jessica walked over and sat Amy upright noticing that her diaper was once again wet.

“Baby you wet again?” Jessica asked.

“I did?” Amy looked down.

“Jace, you too?” Jessica saw that Jace’s pants were wet. “What the hell am I going to do with you two?”

“I’ll change him!” Amy said excitedly jumping up.

“Yeah?” Jessica asked. “And who will change you?”

“Jace has changed his own diaper lots of times! He can change me! Pleeeeaaasssseeee Mommy?” Amy tried to be cute.

“Yeah! Pleeeeaaaasssseeee Mommy!” Jace also begged.

“You both are cute… but no. Only Mommy gets to change baby’s diapers tonight. And Jace if you can’t keep in in you GreatNite then I am putting your butt in a Poof right with Amy.” Jessica said pointing to Jace.

Both Jace and Amy looked to their feet defeated.

“I don’t know why you both are pouting. You get to sleep in the same bed tonight. They aren’t letting you out till tomorrow remember?” Jessica said.

“Oh yeah!” Amy said excitedly.

“Damn Amy! Make him work for it a little!” Jessica said crossing her legs.

“Now Mommy wants off her feet. So, we are sitting for a bit. I will change you both after.” Jessica said grabbing a drink.

Jace and Amy looked to Jessica then back at each other. They both looked down at each other’s crotch and started laughing hysterically.

“What the hell has gotten into you two?” Jessica asked.

“She… She…” “He… He…” They both laughed. “Wet herself.” “Wet himself.”

The handcuffed pair laughed harder.

“Oh Lord…” Jessica said. “Sit down both of you.”

They complied Amy sitting on Jace’s lap in a chair across from Jessica. They were still giggling to one another. Amy put the bottle back into her mouth and laughed more at Jessica. Jace laughed at Amy laughing.

“Are you both having fun?” Jessica asked.

“You bet!” Jace answered.

“I am glad you are! But we actually do need to leave soon… I have someone I need to meet.”

“We do?” Amy sat up excitedly.

“Yes. But they are handing out some take home bags in a bit so everyone can leave when they want.” Jessica replied.

“Change! Please! Change now!” Amy asked.

“Why what’s wrong?” Jace asked.

“I do not want them to march me back up in front of everyone with a wet diaper!” Amy said almost demanding to be changed.

“She does have a point.” Jace said to Jessica.

“Ugh… fine, but I am putting you both in diapers you understand? I want to leave right after and not stop for leaks.” Jessica said.

“Yeah, whatever. Let’s just go!” Amy said tapping Jace to stand up.

“Wait. I didn’t agree to…” Jace began.

“Oh, whatever Jace, I am in a diaper. You will be fine; they are going to be looking at me anyway. Come on Mommy let us goo!” Amy demanded.

Jace was at a loss for words.

“The lady has spoken.” Jessica said gesturing for them to lead the way to the changing room.

Amy walked quickly and grabbed two diapers, one had images of hearts on it for herself and one was jungle themed for Jace. Amy walked into an empty room.

“Okay!” Jace said. “What’s the rush?”

“Soggy. Diapers. On. Display!” Amy said shaking Jace playfully.

“Got it. Up we go!” Jace said and set her on the table turning to his regular position.

Jessica got to work quickly changing her with ease.

“Okay, now your turn.” Amy said holding her hands out to Jace to be set down.

“Up you go.” Jessica patting the table indicating for Jace to get up.

Jace put Amy on the ground and then hopped up himself. The trio started to hear the announcer start doing checks in the background.

“Do you want to wait?” Jessica asked Amy.

“No! Get him changed so we can leave when we want to!” Amy said ripping Jace’s pants off exposing his wet girls GreatNite.

Jessica started to rip the sides of the GreatNite exposing Jace who was once again hard as a rock.

“Jace!” Amy whined. “Can’t you put that away and save it for later? We need your baby dick right now.”

“Wow.” Jessica said her mouth open at Amy’s comment. “I am fairly sure I can fit this over him. Have you ever diapered yourself hard Jace?”

“Yes… Just make sure… it’s pointing up when you close it.” Jace replied.

Jessica slipped the diaper underneath Jace’s butt.

“Hurry up! I can hear them starting!” Amy said grabbing Jace’s peins and tucking it up to his stomach while Jessica taped his diaper shut around it.

“That was a new experience…” Jace said standing up, Jessica helping him into his pants.

“Alright baby girl! Let’s go!” Jessica said opening the door.

Amy practically ran out dragging Jace along with her.

“Okay girls!” The announcer started as Amy made her way to the front with all the other girls in diapers. “As a final present we have gotten each of you a designer backpacks that also double as adorable diaper bags!”

The crowd cheered and laughed.

“No lie though, those are $400 bags.’ Amy said surprised back to Jace.

“Seriously?” Jace asked. “The look super nice.”

“For sure that is going to become my backpack.” Amy said clapping with the crowd.

“And to get you started we have each bag filled with every pattern Poof!”

The crowd laughed and the sisters handed out the bags. The announcer continued.

“We have had a good time tonight and we hope you did too. But know it was all in good fun. Now go home tonight, sleep it off and we will see you when you are potty trained!”

The crowd cheered, but the girls stuck in Poofs clapped the loudest. Amy grabbed her bag and dragged Jace back to find Jessica.

“Are you all set to go?” Jessica asked, Jace and Amy walking up on her while she was talking at the bar.

“Yes! I have my amazing bag! I am still dry! I think he is still dry! Let us go!” Amy said pointing a thumb to Jace when he mentioned her.

“Are you still dry?” Another woman at the bar asked Jace.

Jace did not answer her right away.

“Go on Jace. Tell her if you are wet or not.” Jessica said.

“No… I am not wet…” Jace said.

“Great! Give me your cups, one more drink for the walk home.” Jessica said.

Jessica got the refills and the trio walked back to the dorms together. The laughed and drank the entire walk back.

“So, which place are we crashing in tonight?” Amy asked Jace. “We are kinda stuck together.”

“What, do you mean whose dorm?” Jessica asked. “Don’t you have a roommate?”

“Yeah, but…” Amy trailed off and looked to Jace who had a big smile on his face.

“I have a single this year.” Jace said.

“Well fuck me! Why didn’t you say that sooner!” Amy said.

“No screwing tonight children!” Jessica scolded.

“Yes Mother!” Jace called back scooping up Amy at the knees again, then whispering into her ear. “At least not until she goes to bed.”

Amy kicked her feet and squealed excitedly.

“And finish your drinks before we get back! Those will help you not be hung over tomorrow.” Jessica said.

“She really is great at taking care of us.” Amy said.

“Yeah, she is something.” Jace replied.

The trio made it back to Jace’s room and walked in. Amy set her new bag down and admired the single.

“This looks amazing… YAWN…” Amy said. “Sorry. I am not tired I don’t know what came over me.”

“It is alright… YAWN…” Jace replied. “Now I am doing it.”

“Okay babies does anyone need a diaper change before bed?” Jessica asked.

“Nope.” “No.” Jace and Amy replied.

“Alright Amy step in.” Jessica held out a pair of plastic panties. “These are so you don’t leak. I would have gotten a pair for Jace as well had I known.”

“I should be alright but thank you.” Amy responded.

“Can’t take no for an answer. Sorry, they told me that stuff they gave you won’t wear off till tomorrow morning.” Jessica explained.

“Just do it so she’ll be quite about it.” Jace said sneering at Jessica.

“Alright Mommy Dearest.” Amy said stepping into the pants.

Jessica turned her around and pulled up the plastic pants the rest of the way.

“You keep talking like Jace I might need to rinse your mouth out with soap young lady.” Jessica said.

“Oh, whatever Jess.” Jace said as Amy waddled her way back to him.

“Good night children.” Jessica said as she exited the room and went back to her dorm.

Jessica laughed stepping into her dorm room. She knew that Jace and Amy were being so bratty because of how horny they were. Jessica pulled out her phone.

SEND MSG: My Addiction

‘Hey, thinking about you. Wanna come over? ~Jess’

Jessica tossed her phone to her bed and kicked off her shoes. She unzipped the back of her dress and stepped out. She laid down in her bed still buzzed from the night’s beverages.


‘I F&$%^ING HATE YOU! ~Jace Windu’*


‘Come on Jessica! This is not fair! ~Applesauce.’

Jessica looked at her messages and laughed. She popped her phone case off, and a tiny key fell onto her belly.

‘Sorry children! I said no screwing tonight and I could not trust you to behave; clearly, I was right. I will take you out in the morning. ~Jess.’

‘What the hell happened to getting me a girlfriend? ~Jace Windu.’

‘Yeah, not one you screw the first day you meet each other! ~Jess.’

‘Please? :frowning: ~Applesauce.’

‘No baby, I am sorry. ~Jess.’

Jace responded with more targeted profanity while Amy stopped texting.

‘Great, now she is asleep. ~Jace Windu.’

‘Good! Probably has to do with the Moon Drinks I gave you both! ~Jess’

‘You are insane! ~Jace Windu.’

‘Good night! :wink: ~Jess’

Jessica laughed and started scrolling through her social media. She giggled to herself thinking of Jace and Amy.

MSG: My Addiction

‘Where are you? ~Wallflower.’

Jessica felt her heart start to beat fast. Since the kids were not hooking up tonight, she might as well.

‘34B… I will be waiting. ~Jess.’

Jessica went to her boxes and changed into her sexiest lingerie. She unlocked the door, lit a candle, and turned off the lights.

“Mommy’s waiting.” Jessica said lifting her eyebrows looking at her door with lust.




This story is hitting everything

  1. Spanking
  2. Female dominant
  3. Spanking
  4. Locking the diaper on.

Damn this is a great story.

Also now that the diaper is locked on someone has to be let out tomorrow

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