Gotta love the internet. It's amazing...

One of the things I like about the world now is it is smaller, and right now, I am checking out the ABC affiliate station out of Houston’s coverage of Hurricane Ike.

I had always wondered what local coverage would be like in a disaster-type situation. It’s interesting, yet morbid, and yet also fun.

It is turely amazing how small the world is getting through the internet.


Gotta love the internet. It’s amazing…

What I found totally amazing was Anderson Cooper covering the hurricane FROM the hurricane, then reporting on the train wreck as well… FROM the hurricane?!?

It’s one thing to report from the studio, but to do it from the field of another disaster WHILE it’s unfolding?

I’m reminded of an old Dilbert cartoon where-in Dogbert is watching CNN and you read this coming from the TV:

“Good afternoon, this is Wolf Blitzer coming to you from the surface of the sun.”

Dogbert just looks at the TV and says, “Show offs.”

I think that just about sums that up.