Good day to you.

clears throat, deep breath

So uh…Hey!

You may or may not be able to tell that this is my first time posting on any *b/dl site. I have been “using” these forums since early '07 but never had the courage to post. The main reason being that I am pretty much a geek and therefore have many friends who I always feared would “track down my secret”.

A little about me: I would rather not disclose my age but I am a 18-25 guy from the UK currently studying. I guess I was “officially” a DL around age 13 but I can trace it back throughout my life really although you won’t get any details as most of it is stories about friends/family. Even though I am British and have been here my whole life I always use the word diapers instead of nappies. American brainwashing? I dunno. I know that story sounds really stereotypical but oh well.

It pains me to say that in so much time as a DL all I have “done” is ordered 5 samples of diapers and attempted to make many makeshift diapers when I was younger. My other hobbies include reading, playing video games and general computering.

What got me posting in the first place was the mff thing, I used the temp alias of JCJF (Couldn’t think of anything!). I then decided to finally start posting for real and what started as trying to think of an alias turned into new email accounts and avatar making. Figures. I have no idea what Jyfer means and I really hope I’m not plagiarizing something :stuck_out_tongue: It’s pretty much a random mashup of names I have used on the interweb.

I never know how to finish intros so here is a random fact about me: I am British yet I dislike Tea.

P.S In editing options the “Marquee” button is animated and it’s been bugging the bleep out of me!

Re: Good day to you.

How DARE you plagiarize and sully the good name of a child day care blogger!

Nah, just kidding. Anyways, welcome to the [new] forum.

Re: Good day to you.

A heterodox Brit! Welcome aboard.

Re: Good day to you.

That’s like the oldest trick in the book yet my heart still skipped a beat.

Thanks for welcomes! I Am going to bed now, It’s 2am, but will check back tomorrow!

Re: Good day to you.

Welcome, dude.

Re: Good day to you.

I’m British and am definitely not an English Breakfast fan.

Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Ceylon, Assam, though… It’s okay: you can work on it.