Gods and little Mortals (Complete)

Rie is a tall black goat and he loves to play pranks on people and just be an all-around asshole. Rie has just made it to the flea market parking his car and stepping out looking around. He saw a man get out of a black car and walk into the flea market, Rie smirked and decided to follow the man for a while before unleashing his new prank. He waited till he saw someone kinda close to the guy’s car and walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder.

“Oh my God! I just got away, there’s a man over there trying to break into someone’s car over there!”

The man looked angry.

“You’re joking?! That’s my car!!”

The guy runs out and just punches the guy doing absolutely nothing by the guy’s car. Rie bursts into laughter.

“Holy shit Rie! You’re the best prankster ever man.”

He told himself. He wiped the tears from his eyes calming down walking around the flea market he found a bunch of cool stuff nothing that interests him though. As he looked he saw a very what appeared to be a wealthy man he wore rings and was probably over 8 foot tall. Holy shit Rie thought to himself. This guy also looked pretty strong wore a white suit with gold trim on it.

He thought if he could trick this man he could trick anyone now was his chance but what would it be? He thought for a while before deciding a tar and feathers would be the best for this fancy man. There was a small building that lead into an empty house along the flea market he goes in setting up the trap he steps out being proud of his work. He clears his throat and walks up behind the man.

“Umm, sir?”

He doesn’t respond and Rie’s eye twitches and taps his shoulder.


The man turns around.

“Oh sorry, can I help you?”

Rie nods and points to the house he set up the trap.

“Well, I wanted to say that’s an amazing suit you got! But… I accidentally locked myself out of my house and you looked so strong I thought you could push it open?”

The man smiles.

“Well, thanks. It was custom-made for me. But hmm let me see what we can do about that door shall we?”

Rie couldn’t help but get an evil smile as the man walks up to the door then stops and looks at him.

“This place looks kinda empty you sure this is your place?”

Rie nods.

“Yap I’m kinda poor but this is all I got to live is in here…”

I mean that wasn’t that much of a lie from Rie he was pretty broke he finds it hard to keep a job and some days he goes without food. The man sighs.

“That’s so sad… Alright, I’ll see what I can do.”

The man pushes on the door before hitting it hard making it fly open a bucket flying at the man full of tar hits him and covers him and a bucket of feathers next. They coat him and the man looks furious. Rie Burst into laughter.

“Oh my God, your such an idiot!! I can’t believe I tricked you with that!! You’re such a dumbass!”

The man snaps and suddenly the man’s clothes go back to normal. And he’s all cleaned up. But he still looks just as angry. The man grabs Rie’s arm and Rie’s eyes got big as he tries to pull away.

“Hey! Let go!”

The man smirks.

“You like pranks huh? Well how about I pull my own prank on you huh? It will be such a long-lasting prank you might even change your way of life. Let me warn you. You have messed with the wrong God today.”

Rie looks confused but kinda scared of being overpowered by this man.

“G-god? You must be insane! People know they don’t exist!”

The man smirks.

“Well normally I don’t give myself away but I’ll make an exception for you. I am an emotion, God. My name is Amaru and I’m about to change your whole life around or start all over heh.”

The man easily drags Rie along Rie panics and screams.


They pass by the man he tricked along with a guy with a broken nose they both glare at Rie and let it happen clearly no one cares a giant man claiming to be a God is going to get revenge on Rie. Rie struggles a lot till they get to this very nice car. Amaru takes Rie’s arms and cuffs them. And his legs so he can’t move. He then lastly throws him in the back of his car before touching his head and shutting his door.


Suddenly pain shoots through Rie like his whole body was just squeezed in on itself.


Rie screams before the pain stops. And all Amaru can say is.


Rie looked confused looking at him lying in the back seat.

“21 the fuck does that mean?”

Suddenly it happens again the same amount of pain he can’t tell anything happens except this pain. After it’s over Amaru speaks up.

“20. I would be careful what you say or do. I put a curse on you.”

Amaru turns on the car and starts to drive.

“A curse that only actives when you do or say bad stuff. By my count, you have already lost 2 years of your life. You’re are now 20 again. Strange is it not?”

Rie rolled his eyes.

“You put this curse on me because your some sorta God right…?”

Clearly not believing him. Amaru nods.

“HA! Ya and I’m a fucking God ya look at me! Worship me!”

Suddenly his eyes get big and the pains happen again this time worse he grones and Amaru sighs.

“You’re not going to last long at this rate… 19.”

Rie looked kinda worried that maybe he was right but he wasn’t about to be broken so easily. This can’t be happening. Who knows what this “God” has planned for him. To be kidnapped by someone with a God complex is just my luck. But that doesn’t explain the pains. He had to do one more thing he finally sat up and realized he was nowhere around his town. How did they get so far in such a short time?!

Rie thinks if he can roll his window down he might be able to escape so he gets the window down and it doesn’t appear Amaru notices. Rie sticks his head out the window then suddenly pains come back in. He flings himself back inside and whines and groans from the pain. They seem to get worse in pain. He lays there the pains lasting for the rest of the trip.

Amaru gets out and walks over and gets Rie out and throws him over his shoulder and takes him inside. Rie didn’t have the energy to fight this that’s when he noticed a mirror. He saw he looked younger and his eyes get big.

“I REALLY AM YOUNGER?! this can’t be real… What the hell’s going on”.

Amaru laughs at Rie.

“Oh, now that you can see yourself you’re starting to believe me huh?”

Rie hated to admit it but this guy might actually be a God.

“This is a curse like I said before. Everything bad you say or do will regress you by one year and if you can do a bunch of good things in a row you might even age back up. But I don’t think you would be able to do that. It’s much easier to regress than grow back up.”

Rie shakes some.

“Y-your joking right? Like I’ll become younger and younger… You’re insane!”

Rie goes back to struggling but is still cuffed and not going anywhere.


Suddenly the pain shoots through his body just as bad if not worse as his body regressed to 17. The pains slow down and he breaths in and out to calm himself and he starts to cry some from all the emotional stuff going on.

“What are you going to do with me… What if I don’t change huh? What if I continue to regress… Will I just not be born anymore… Am I going to basically die…”

Rie was terrified. Rie knew this was his new life even if he didn’t like it he had to listen to this God. He had to listen to Amaru. Amaru sighs and laid him on the couch and undoes the cuffs on his legs and his arms.

“I suggest you don’t run. I think we need to talk. No your not going to die or be unborn. That’s horrible I’m not here to kill you off. I’m here to make you change for the better. As you regress you will hit a minimum of one year old. After that, all memories and everything will be stripped from you and you will be forced to live a brand new life. But I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Rie looked more scared than before.

“So I’m to become some drooling baby…but if I do good things I’ll change back right?”

Amaru smiles.

“Yes of course. But I don’t think you will make it. Once you reach 22 years of age again you will be fixed but I don’t see that happening but I would love for you to surprise me.”

Rie stopped crying and wiped his face and moves his arms and legs glad he was free.

“Heh, this will be easy I’ll prove it!”

Amaru smirks.

“Mhm sure. But I got rules and breaking them could cause you to regress more.”

Rie gulps.

“So no breaking them…”

Amaru shakes his head.

“Nope now let’s begin. No leaving the house without my permission. No cooking your own food. I’ll cook if you ask nicely. The bathroom is always locked for reasons I will not say so if you need to go ask me.”

Amaru smirks. And Rie looks worried. He was not only regression but being treated like a child with these damn rules.

“And lastly you will bathe sleep and wear what I tell you understand? Not obeying them will be breaking the rules. And you will regress got it?”

Rie looked pissed his eye twitches and he stands up and glares at Amaru.


Rie tries to run out the door but before he can even take two steps he falls to the ground crying in pain as his body regressed back to 16 years old. At this point, his clothing was getting baggy and was too big on him. Amaru laughs

“Looks like you won’t be leaving here for a very long time if ever.”

Rie couldn’t believe it if the pains regressed him one year he’s down to… 16?! There’s no way he jumps up and looks in the mirror this phyco right he’s not even an adult anymore he’s a teen… Again. But Rie gets an idea maybe he can get Amaru to cook him something and sneak out while he’s cooking.

“Uhh… Amaru right?”

Amaru look at him and smiles.

“Yap, can I help you?”

Rie sighs losing some dignity just to ask this even as a joke.

“I’m not allowed to cook right? Well… C-could you make me something?”

Rie rubbed his arm uncomfortably. Amaru just smiles and nods.

“Of course, I can cook you something! What would you like?”

Rie needed to think fast. Something that might take a while. Suddenly it hits him steak! He hates steak but it doesn’t matter he won’t have to eat it.

“How about steak! Umm please…”

Rie almost felt sick just saying that. Amaru looked confused but shrugged.

“Fine but you have to eat it and all of it. If not you will be breaking the rules.”

Amaru walks off to the kitchen and Rie smirks.

“Can’t break the rules of I’m not here.”

Rie shrugs and makes sure Amarus not paying attention and goes over to the door before falling to his knees in pain.

“N-no way how did he know… Wait he doesn’t have to know does he…? That’s not fair…”

The regression takes effect putting him through a bunch of pain now Rie was 15 years old. Rie gets up and his pants and boxers fall off as he gets up he runs to the window and tries to open it having only the same thing happen. The pain only hurts worse he cries as his body regressed to 14 years old. He shakes lucky for Rie his hoodie was able to cover his private parts. He stood back up as Amaru walks in and Rie goes pale.

“Your steaks almost… Done. Aww! Look at you your like 14 years old. You lost almost half your age in one day. Such a cutie. Does my little boy needs some new clothes or does he prefer to walk around naked?”

Rie blushed and nodded.

“Ya… I need new clothes but don’t do that ever again…”

Rie wanted to yell loud but he also didn’t want to regress again. 14 was young enough for him. Amaru takes Rie’s hand making him blush as he is taken down a hall there are 6 doors. Ones probably Amarus room but the last 3 he’s not sure about The rest.

“Ok the room at the end of the hall is my room it’s off-limits unless you ask permission.”

Rie looks unamused pulling his shirt down to cover his privates better.

“Ya ya… Can we hurry up …uhh please…”

Amaru sighs and opens the first door it’s a perfect replica of his bedroom at home. How did he do that?

“This was your adult room. But you’re no longer an adult”

The door was shut before Rie could walk in and quickly Rie could feel like all this adulthood was just shut away from him with that. It upset him but he held back some tears.

Rie is taken to the next room in the hall and it’s opened up to a room he had as a teen it had some toys and stuff in it but it was a teen’s room. How can he perfectly create this stuff?


He didn’t even get it all out before Amaru smiles and pats Rie’s head.

“I’m a God remember?”

Rie actually believed him. So he really was a God. He sighs.

“So this is my room now?”

Amaru smirks

“Sure but let’s see the rest of the rooms you get this one till your regress to 11 years old.”

Amaru takes him to the next room it was clearly a child’s room toys and stuff all over the place a short bed and everything. This scared Rie.

“You don’t expect me to get this young right…”

Amaru thinks then smiles.

“Probably younger. This will be your room from 11 to 5 once you hit 5 you will have one last room change.”

Rie gulps he could imagine what the last room was but it would be even crazier than he could imagine. Amaru takes him to the room and it’s a nursery. It’s as scary as he thought it has diapers pacifiers everything a baby would need, he shivers.

“I-I won’t ever have to use any of this stuff right…?”

Amaru smirks

“Hey, I got an idea? want a way to age back up?”

Rie was scared but interested.

“Ok… What’s the catch?”

Amaru smiles.

“You have to test out this room early.”

Rie’s eyes get big. What could he mean by that? He’s not about to make him wear diapers… Right?

Rie is taken into the nursery room, Rie could feel his face was red from this embarrassment. He didn’t like being naked in some stranger’s house let alone being so young and being taken into a nursery.

“So… what do I have to do…?”

Amaru lets go of Rie’s hand and smiles.

“How about we put you in diapers.”

Ries gets very angry over this. Who does he think he is? A baby?!


Suddenly the regression pains hit again and his hoodie falls off him and he quickly covers himself blushing now being a 13-year-old boy and Amaru smiles.

“Ok new idea, if you can wear a pair of pull-ups without wetting them I’ll give you back 5 years. Deal?”

That wasn’t the worst thing ever at least it pull-ups and not a diaper, right?

“I won’t lose… I’m not a baby… but if I do?”

Amaru smirks.

“If you fail you will be in diapers your entire life here no matter how old you get. And a special surprise after that”

Rie goes pale he knows he won’t lose but that sounds awful. But a free 5 years back! He will be almost an adult again. He gulps and nods.

“Special surprises?.. deal!”

Amaru pulls out a cute pull-up from under the changing table that looks like a baby pull up but for kids his size he blushes a lot and looks at Amaru taking the pull-up. This can’t be happening. One minute he’s an adult, 22 years old and now he’s 13 and about to put a pull-up on himself. This is so humiliating. Rie takes a long sigh and quickly changes himself into the pull-up and blushes insanely as he stood there. He felt like a little boy being punished for wetting the bed too many times.

“S-so… can I get more clothes.”

Amaru laughs.

“Nope. And it will be easy to keep track of you if you try to wet and don’t let daddy know.”

Rie glares then looks away.

“Don’t… Call… yourself…that… It’s creepy…”

Amaru smiles and takes Rie’s hand.

“Now how about we go eat that steak you wanted”

Rie’s heart sank. He hates steak… And if he’s gotta eat it he’s going to regress again. Why did he lie? He started to tear up and shaking thinking about it. He’s taken to the kitchen and sat down in front of the steak.

“Do you need me to cut it up for you?”

Rie felt very uncomfortable but if he cut it up it would give him a while before he had to eat it. He just nodded and Amaru smiles and cuts up his steak. Rie looked grossed out as Amaru finished.

“Alright now eat up.”

Rie gulped as he moved around on the chair feeling his pull up reminding him he’s no longer in control. He takes a bite and spits it out on the floor coughing and hacking.

“Gross!! Ewww!! This shits so gross! Ahhh!”

Suddenly the pain hit him as he regressed to 12 he could feel his pull-up shrink with him. But he was also too distracted by the pain.

“You really shouldn’t lie to me. And now your 12 because you lied. Your lost 10 years all because you can’t control that anger and you are just an awful child.”

Rie kinda pouts.

“I’m not a child…”

Amaru smirks.

“Oh, is that why your pouting in your pull-up?”

Rie blushed.

“Could I just get a drink or something…”

Amaru nods and gets Rie some apple juice and puts in front of him he looked confused and takes a sip.

“Apple juice? I haven’t had this since I was a kid?”

Rie drinks on it from the cup and Amaru smiles.

“Since? You are still a child”

Rie avoids eye contact blushing and finishing his drink suddenly it hits Rie how bad he’s gotta pee.

“Whoa?! Hey, where’s the bathroom?!”

Amaru points it out in the hall and Rie jumps off the chair and runs to the bathroom holding the front of his pull-up to keep from going. He tries the door and it won’t open Rie’s eyes feel like they go yellow.

“Ahhh!! it’s locked!”

Amaru gets up.

“Oh that’s right I forgot I locked it hang in let me go find the key.”

Rie bounces up and down trying to hold it in as Amaru walks past and goes to his own room.

“Why does he leave it locked anyways?!”

It feels like forever but Amaru comes out. And holds up the key.

“Found it!”

This scared Rie being in his own world just trying to calm down but before he knew it he was soaking his pull-up. His face goes pale and his pull-up even leaks some going down his leg. Amaru walks up and sighs.

“And I thought you were a big boy. Looks like I was wrong.”

Rie felt so ashamed and embarrassed. He started to cry Amaru unlocks the door and takes Rie into the bathroom.

“Get a shower ok? We will talk after you are clean.”

Amaru leaves Rie in his own piss-covered pull-up in the bathroom. Rie quickly pulls it off and throws it away.

“I can’t believe it… I-i just lost a bet… not only that I think my life here’s about to get much much worse…”

Rie gets in the shower and cleans himself well his fur smelling like pee as well. He wanted it all off he didn’t want to smell like a baby either. After he was all cleaned up he grabbed a towel and dries off throwing it around his waist and opening the door.

“Amaru…? What am I supposed to wear…?”

Rie saw Amaru down by the nursery.

“Come down here.”

Rie slowly walked down to him knowing what he was going to do after losing the bet. But it wasn’t his fault! That’s not fair! He makes it to him and he takes him into the nursery.

“T-this isn’t fair! Please don’t do this!”

Amaru looked serious and grabbed his arm and pulls off his towel and takes him to a table that he picks him up on, making him blush as he quickly covered himself.

“Not fair?! And it was fair to all of the people you pranked or hurt?!”

Rie looked down as he was pushed onto the table.

“I-im sorry I just don’t want to be a baby… I’m an adult… You can’t make me a baby… Please…”

Amaru smiles.

“Don’t worry just relax you will be like this the rest of your time here.”

Amaru touches Rie’s belly. Then pulls out a baby diaper for kids his age, his eyes get big and he covers his face removing them from his own privates. He didn’t want to watch this he felt his legs lift and something soft put under him and cold powder on his crotch. This was the most humiliation he’s ever had in his life but at the same time, he was so tired.

He remembered Amaru finishing and he moves his hands to see how much of a baby he looked. He was so ashamed but also so tired. Amaru picked him and that’s all he remembered. He fell asleep what could Amaru have planned for the 12-year-old goat when he awakens. Rie just knows it’s not going to be easy to get used to.

Rie laid in bed before stretching out hearing an unfamiliar crinkle noise from under him. But for some reason, he didn’t care he was so relaxed. His body felt like it was floating on a cloud. He didn’t want to open his eyes and wake up. That is before he remembered what had happened to him the past day and he sits up quickly with a loud crinkle under his butt. Looking around showed he was in a crib. This was also the nursery so that noise must have been. His face goes pale as he moves his hand down to his crotch to feel a diaper but to even more surprising it was kinda gooey.

“Da hew?”

Rie blushed realizing he had something in his mouth and pulled it out. This fucking maniac put a pacifier in his mouth! Rie chucks it out of the crib before standing up. Rie’s head couldn’t even peek over the bars he felt so small. And looking at it in his new 12-year-old body. Rie looked down to see his diaper sagging. He just looked at it confused before it hits him.

“A-am I… wet…”

Rie looked disgusted and quickly went to rip off the diaper that’s when the pains came back he fell against his bed and cried a little as the pains slowly calmed down. Now leaving him as an 11-year-old.

“If I’m not careful… I only got 10 years left to go…”

Rie shivers.

“And I’ll be a stupid dumb baby and have to be raised by this maniac…”

Suddenly Amaru comes walking in and Rie mumbles.

“Speak of the devil…”

Amaru looked confused as he walked up to him.

“Did you say something?”

Rie shook

“N-nope! But why am I in a crib?! And… Uhh sucking a pacifier!”

Amaru laughs.

“Well, I thought you lost the bet and have to wear diapers for as long as you’re in my house. So I thought why not give you the full baby treatment. Along with the surprise I gave you yesterday.”

That’s right Amaru said something about a surprise if he lost.

“What was this… surprise?”

Amaru smirks and pulls Rie out of the crib making him blush.

“H-hey put me-”

Suddenly Amaru’s cold hands can be felt going into the front side of his diaper and his face goes incredibly red shutting him up for a while.

“Well looks like daddy’s little one had an accident in his sleep. I guess that’s because daddy took away Littles Rie’s nighttime bladder control.”

Rie looked lost and broken.

“Y-you did what…”

Amaru lays Rie on a table.

“Yap my surprise was taking away your nighttime bladder control so for the rest of your life you will always have nighttime accidents.”

Rie shook and didn’t even realize Amaru was changing him; he was so distracted.

“B-but I’m going to grow back up!”

Amaru nods as he removes Rie’s diaper.

“Yap and you will need these diapers at night forever. Maybe if you were a better person this wouldn’t have happened.”

Rie tried not to cry he was not a baby but he couldn’t help it he just started crying as Amaru wiped him clean and began putting him in a new diaper. Amaru sighs.

“I would almost feel bad for you if you weren’t such a horrible little monster before all this. I might show some sympathy and let you have back some dignity. But I won’t till you understand what you did was so wrong you will continue to regress and pee and poop your diaper like a helpless little baby”

Amaru cooed and picked him up patting his diaper butt. Rie continued to cry for a while as Amaru shook him up and down and patted his butt.

“I-I want to go home… I don’t want to be a baby… I-i want to be an adult again… please I’m sorry for everything I did”

He hugs Amaru out of just needing comfort and Amaru sighs. He would be lying if he wasn’t growing a small attachment to the childlike a father to his son.

“I promise you will get to grow up again one day and you will be a better person for it. Ok?”

Rie whimpered and laid against Amaru for a while the rocking mixed with the butt patting was oddly relaxing. That is till Rie’s stomach growls loud.

“Oh, no looks like daddy’s little boys hungry huh?”

Rie blushed and looked away.

"M-maybe a little… But stop calling yourself “daddy”… it’s creepy. "

Amaru laughed

“Well if I got to change your diapers and re-raise you I think I am your daddy.”

Rie hated to admit it but he had a point… Even Though he didn’t like it he wasn’t about to say that in fear of regressing again. But even his own dad didn’t show him this much care and love. Not even his mom either. Maybe that’s why he turned out so bad his parents were not caring enough.

“Let’s get you some good food how does that sound?”

Amaru says with a smile.

“… Can’t I have anything to hide this stupid diaper…?”

Amaru thinks for a moment for agreeing.

“Ok, I think that will work.”

Rie looked confused as he’s sat on the changing table and a big burst of air flies out the back of his diaper. Rie blushed that felt very weird he thought to himself. Amaru snaps and a cute black onesie that snaps down at the crotch with a little baby flower on it. Rie blushes a lot.

“Y-you know what I’ll take my chances with the diaper only…”

Amaru laughs.

“Too late!”

He has it pulled on him and has a little trouble buttoning it up with Rie’s diaper being so thick. Rie was kinda relieved it kinda hid the diaper. But he still looked like an overgrown baby. Rie sighed as he’s picked back up and taken to the kitchen and there sits a highchair. Rie looks at Amaru who just has this shit-eating grin on his face.

He knows what he’s about to do and so does Rie and he absolutely hates it. He grones as Amaru puts him in it locks him in and puts the tray over him.

“Is this really necessary…”

Amaru nods.

“Yap you’re getting the full baby treatment.”

Rie sighs and leans on his arm that’s laying on the tray of the highchair. He watches Amaru pull out some jars of food from the cabinet. It was baby food, like for babies that have no teeth.

“There’s no way I’m feeding myself that…”

Amaru laughs and smiles sitting

“Good because I planned on feeling it to you.”

Rie looked confused.

“But I can feed myself I’m not flipping helpless!”

Amaru opens a jar of food he couldn’t read the jar to see what it was. But Amaru already had a spoon full and holding it by his mouth.

“Open wide for the plane Rie”

Rie looked unamused.

“Just give me the damn food I’ll feed my-”

Suddenly he slams his head against the tray in pain as he regressed again this time to a 10-year-old the pains last longer this time and he lays there for a while.

“I don’t want to be younger… I don’t want to be a baby… I-i want to go home!”

Rie lifts his head up and food is quickly pushed in his open mouth his eyes get big and he has to swallow and he hacks and coughs

“Yuck! What the heck is that?!”

Amaru looks at it.


Rie looks scared.

“B-but I’m allergic to carrots…”

Amaru looked worried.

“Oh no… Uhh hey, how about this! Maybe it will take your mind off it.”

He opens a jar of applesauce and puts it in Rie’s open mouth before he can close and Rie licks it off. He hated to admit it, It was really good.

“Umm… Hey, that’s not bad… can I get more…”

Amaru smiles.

“If you ask nicely”

Rie sighs and wipes his eyes.

“May I please have some more…”

Amaru smiles big.

“Good job!”

He gives Rie another bite. He doesn’t know why but Amaru being so proud of him there really made Rie feel kinda happy. Was he growing an attachment to him like a kid to his father? Nah he thought as he was spoon-fed till he couldn’t eat another bite he laid on his table his stomach not only full but hurting. He would groan in pain.

“That’s not just full pains are you ok?”

Rie shook his head as Amaru takes him out of his highchair and picks him up. He was in so much pain he didn’t even fight this he laid against Amaru.

“I think it’s the carrots… I normally get sick after eating them…”

Amaru looked worried.

“How sick?”

Rie gulped.

“Like diarrhea…”

Amaru sighs in relief.

“Oh is that all? How about you take a little nap?”

Rie rolled his eyes suddenly yawning.

“I’m not a baby… I can’t just… take a nap whenever…”

Rie passes out on Amaru. Amaru went and grabbed Rie’s pacifier cleaning it off and putting it in his mouth. Surprisingly like last time he just accepted it. If you didn’t know any better you would think Rie was just a big baby. He just needs the right love to grow back up and be a better person. But the real question how long can Rie keep his diaper clean?

Rie was rocking back and forth in his sleep holding his stomach in pain whimpering before he shot awake and jumped up and realized he was in a crib and his eyes get big. And he spits out his pacifier having no time to care he was sucking on that.


It takes a while but it was too late a small fart escaped him before he began to soil his diaper along with his diaper already being wet from his sleep. Rie couldn’t do anything but helplessly fill his diaper like a small child. He felt so grossed out and but his stomach stopped hurting. He looked down noticing he was also wet and his face goes a bright red when Amaru walks in.

“Is everything ok Rie?”

Rie just nodded.


Amaru kinda scrunched his face clearly getting a sniff of something and Amaru walks closer.

“That’s good I thought you might be hurt you just want to be let out of your crib don’t you?”

Amaru smiles standing in front of him. And Rie nods blushing still and ashamed of himself.


Amaru picks up Rie into his arms but just before it felt like Amaru was about to set him down he pulls back the back of Rie’s diaper making him scream.


He covered his face and Amaru laughed.

“Awww poor little guy had a mess I see. And it looked like he’s also wet.”

Amaru smiles as he goes and sits Rie down on his butt and Rie looked disgusted feeling it all squish into him. Amaru lays him back and Rie can’t do anything but blush. It’s the first time Rie has felt so small and helpless. But he knows he’s got to get used to this.

Amaru pulls the diaper back and starts cleaning him off this being Rie’s second diaper change only definitely didn’t help. He felt every second more and more of his dignity was stripped away. But after what seems like forever Amaru gets him changed into a new diaper and Rie gave a sigh of relief.

Not that he was back in a diaper but just he was clean. That was the worst thing he could deal with being wet still gross but that was horrible. Amaru just chuckles.

“Happy to be in a clean diaper little one?”

Rie blushes and nodded.

“I’m not happy to be in a diaper… but I am happy to be clean… That was disgusting and embarrassing.”

Amaru just smiles.

“You thirsty?”

Rie kinda was, but there was probably a catch. He sighs.

“Ya… Kinda?”

Amaru picks him up. And Rie sighs again.

“You know I can walk… I’m not completely helpless.”

Amaru smirks and puts him on the ground and Rie looks up seeing how small he has gotten and Rie gulps.

“Oh, I know who said I was going to carry you in there? I was just putting you down. Heh or is the little guy just expecting me to carry him”

Amaru laughs and Rie just blushes a lot.

“N-no! I was just… Saying!”

Unknowing to him though he reaches his hand up and takes Amaru’s hand. Amaru looked kinda surprised and then smiled. Knowing the small boy just wanted some comfort being scared.

“I got some chocolate milk in there for you. You like that don’t you?”

Rie’s expression changed completely and his small goat tail shook.

“C-chocolate milk?”

Rie looked so excited and even smiles.

“Yap and it’s all for you. Because I accidentally gave you food you couldn’t eat… I felt awful for that I’m here to teach you a lesson not put you through that.”

Rie nodded.

“I haven’t had chocolate milk since I was a kid! Mom and dad said I couldn’t have it because it was too expensive… But they would always buy it and drink it in front of me…”

He suddenly looked sad. It kinda broke Amaru’s heart. But he tried to stay strong.

“Why would they do that?”

Rie shrugs.

“Probably because out of me and my brother I was the unwanted one… So they liked to hurt me…”

Amaru sighs.

“Now I see why you got so many problems… ItsIt’s not your fault, it’s your parents. Well, don’t worry kiddo your new daddy Amaru will give you as much as he wants if he promises to be a good boy.”

Rie lets out a super cute smile the diaper only adding to that cuteness factor.

“I’ll try!!”

Amaru laughs and takes the small goat to the kitchen by his hand and opens the fridge where’s there a bunch of baby bottles of chocolate milk and Rie tilts his head.

“Ok, there’s milk in here any time you want to come grab a bottle to drink.”

Rie looked more confused then looks at Amaru.

“… Do I take the rubber thing off? What are those?”

Amaru looked baffled.

“They are bottles and that’s the nipple. You know here…”

He grabs one out and hands him.

“Just suck it out of it.”

Rie felt kinda silly but he also didn’t understand. This is what babies use to drink out of. He drinks some and smiles.

“Whoa! It gives me the chocolate milk in a cool way!”

Rie walks over to the couch and crawls up and holds it back and drinks on it and it’s super relaxing. All Amaru could do is smile.

“That innocents is so cute… But I hate to ruin it for you but Rie you do know that those are for babies right?”

Rie’s face goes bright red and spits it out.

“W-what?! Your serious?!”

Amaru laughs.

“Wow, you seriously didn’t know. Well, you look so relaxed just go back to drinking.”

Rie blushes and just sits it down.

“Nah… I’m good…”

Rie hated to admit he enjoyed it but not that he knows it for baby’s he can’t let anyone know he liked it they might think he’s a baby. Even though he’s like 10 years old and standing in a diaper.

“Hey how about we go for a while?”

Amaru said jokingly clearly but this just hit Rie wrong


He falls to the ground in pain.

“Wait not I’m sorry!”

He slowly regressed to a 9-year-old as the pains stop. And Amaru sighs.

“If you’re not careful you’re going to end up losing all your memories… and in my opinion, I would rather you keep them…but I’m kinda serious now about the walk but maybe afternoon? You can show off your new padded tush to all the pretty girls.”

Amaru laughs and Rie throws his chocolate milk down and it bounces and hits the TV and makes it fall over and break and then the milk goes everywhere but Rie doesn’t regress right away. And Rie looked pale. And Amaru looked furious at Rie.


Rie runs over In front of Amaru.

“Please don’t regress me! I didn’t mean to!”

Amaru takes a loud sigh and glares at him.

“The only reason you haven’t regressed was because you didn’t cause it on purpose… But you still need to be punished.”

Rie shakes


Amaru thinks for a smile before smiling.

“Got it and no buts Rie! You need to learn actions have consequences. Now.”

Amaru touches Rie’s mouth and he looks confused and touched his own mouth.

“WA you do?”

Rie’s eyes get big and checks for a pacifier in his mouth and finds nothing.

“W-wha hav you do?”

Amaru smirks.

“I took away your big boy speak. No more big words or anything for you for a very long time.”

Rie gulps.

“Woke forever…?”

Amaru laughed.

“No no! Probably only till you hit old enough to talk again. Who knows maybe a max of 10 years or so?”

Rie looked a little relieved but still hated it.

“Me now tawk wike a baby… wear diapers…drink baby ba bas… Sweep in cwib and wet in sweep! Me might as well be baby!”

Rie crosses his arms and pouts and Amaru laughs.

“That can be arranged”

Rie shakes his head.

“No no! Me joke!”

Amaru laughs more

“You’re so cute now. But how about we get ready for your trip out?”

Rie blushes.

“Sewiously? But me only in diapy… People will waf… People Can’t see me wike dis… pwees”

Amaru sighs.

“Rie your like 9 no one’s going to know exactly who you are and if they do well this is your punishment so it’s kinda hard to feel bad. I could always take away anything else that makes you feel big, like your normal bladder control?”

His eyes get big and shakes his head Amaru goes over to a small closet and pulls out a stroller and unfolds it by Rie and pats it.

“Get on in diaper butt.”

Rie blushes and waddled over and sat down in it and Amaru straps him in and pushes him to the door Rie was super nervous. Was he going to meet someone he knew? Was he going to get embarrassed? Was he going to have an accident not being able to find a bathroom? He hoped not Amaru handed him a teddy bear.

“Hug this and hide your face it. It will help.”

Rie hated to admit it but just hugging it helped calm him down and hiding his face helped also. His first trip outside since all this has happened.

They leave the house and just walked along the road people would stare at him and smiled like he was some cute small baby lucky for him he had that teddy bear to hide his face. He’s never felt so embarrassed in his life. Well except when he shit himself. But that was more shame. They walk all the way to the park with not much talking at all just getting some fresh air. In a way, Rie was relieved to get some air. He’s been trapped in that house for a day and a half.

After they make it to the park they can hear police sirens off in the distance and they both looked kinda confused.

“Wonder what’s going on?”

Rie shrugged.

“Maybe bad guy run from dem”

Rie sighed at his speech that’s going to take a long time to get used to, he thought. But while they stayed there they saw a small boy that almost looked Rie’s age completely naked. Rie’s eyes got big and hid his face not wanting to see that.

“Heh, well hello there little guy?”

Amaru stopped the young boy from running past. The boy looked scared. But can you blame him Amarus probably pretty freaky looking?

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to hurt you. My names Amaru and this is Rie, my small little boy.”

Rie blushes like Crazy. The boy noticed Rie’s diaper quickly. Rie didn’t look happy quite angry but scared of regressing if he said anything.

“Hmm did you run away from your mommy and daddy all naked like that?”

The boy blushes a lot and nods. Amaru smiles and makes a diaper bag appear and pulls out a shirt and pants. They’re all pretty childish probably for a 9-year-old. Rie saw them and wondered why he couldn’t have them. He didn’t want to stay in a diaper all day.

“Here you go little guy oh one more thing!”

Amaru pulls out a pull-up

“I doubt you have accidents but it would be a shame if you messed up these clothes. Not for my sake but it seems you probably don’t plan on going home huh?”

The boy blushed and quickly put on the pants and shirt and smiled.

“Umm thanks… I-I’m Oliver by the way…”

Oliver put the pull-up in the back ring of his pants he didn’t want to wear them for obvious reasons but he still keep them for some reason?

“Well hello, Oliver. I-”

Suddenly the sirens get louder and Oliver’s eyes get big and pulls his shirt down over the pull-up to hide he has, it probably just being nice.

“Sorry to stop but uhh I got to go!!”

Oliver runs off and they watch as he runs off. Then Amaru sighs.

“Poor kid… That’s all I can do to help him for the moment. But I get a feeling that won’t be the last time we see him.”

Rie looked confused.

“You swod have made him wear da pull-up. Me think it be funny!”

Rie giggles. Amaru gets serious.

“Because you’re the one being punished by me not him. And I think he is being punished enough for whatever reason.”

Rie looked confused.

“Oh… But he so young? Why wet him wun?”

Amaru laughs.

“He did look quite young, didn’t he? But actually, he was your age right now anyways. Around 9. But he’s probably not far off your real age.”

Ries’s eyes get big.

“You mewn…”

Amaru nods.

“I’m afraid so… He’s been regressed but not normally it’s a curse… And I’m not allowed to remove curses. And that’s very bad for a God to break the rules.”

Rie looked blown away.

“Whoa…poor guy…”

Amaru looked kinda surprised.

“Did you just show sympathy?”

Rie blushes and nodded.

“I did huh… me guess me just staring to uwderstawd how embarrassing dis is and how bad it was for others I hurt…”

Amaru smiles.

“Rie I’m so proud of you that’s some big progress for only a day and a half.”

Rie blushes and smiles some. They spend the rest of the day hanging out at the park. Amaru got Rie some ice cream that he instantly dropped all over himself. Then he got another but now he’s all sticky. So not only did Rie have to deal with a diaper he was also all sticky. He was also getting to the point he had to pee.


He looks down while they walk around.


Rie gulps nervous of the answer.

“Umm… I Got to pee… can we stop by a bathroom?”

Amaru sighs.

“Fine… Looks like there is one down there”

They walk all the way down to it and at this point there’s a sign on the door saying bathrooms broken.

“Looks to be out of order Rie sorry. But lucky you have a diaper on.”

Rie blushes determined to not use it. Not like this anyways. They keep walking and it’s getting quite late Rie has held it so long that he has taken his mind off it. Rie didn’t like to brag but he used to have a strong bladder. But it was getting late and Rie would let out the occasional yawn. Fighting falling asleep.

But after a while, that failed and he hugged his bear and he was history. Amaru smiled and noticed Rie’s diaper just flood now that he’s asleep.

“Poor guy had to go so bad. If he keeps holding it like that he’s going to hurt himself.”

Amaru takes Rie home and lays him on the changing table and changes his diaper while he sleeps. Amaru thought he might be happy to wake up dry tonight. He puts the pacifier in Rie’s mouth and smiles.

“So worth it to make him want to suck a pacifier while he sleeps. He just thinks his body’s doing it naturally but don’t tell him.”

Rie sleeps happily as Amaru lays Rie in his crib. He tucks him in and shuts off the light and shuts the door and goes to his own room. Things are about to get super interesting the next few days Amaru thought to himself.

Rie felt very relaxed he was hugging something tight and he didn’t know why. But being so relaxed he kinda didn’t care. He rolled over that’s when the strange padded feeling came back to him. Memories of the day before came flooding back as he grones and sits up hugging a teddy bear and sucking on his pacifier. He blushes as he pulls out the pacifier and looks at it confused.

“Why he keep give me dis siwy ting?”

He sighed hearing himself talk thinking damn it Rie talk correctly to himself. Rie threw the pacifier down and remembered his padding between his legs but didn’t remember feeling any wetness. His hand quickly reaches down for it as he eyes get big and smiles.

“Me dry! Me big boy gin!”

Rie was so happy he even made his teddy bear dance.

“You hew Dat Mr teddy! Me big boy!”

He laughs and then jumps up in his crib doing a super cute little dance of happiness. Then holds his teddy outside the bars.

“Just you wait tiw amawo finds out I’m dry he might age me up!”

Rie moved the bear around outside the bars pretending it was a plane he kinda spaced out before Amaru was just standing there. He actually walked in and has been watching him but Rie was having so much fun he didn’t notice.

“Heh having fun little one?”

Rie snapped back in and realized what he was doing and blushes like Crazy and threw his bear down to the ground and sat down quickly and crosses his arms.

“no! Me was bored! Woke super bored!”

Amaru laughs and Rie blushes more.

“At least me was dry and had no accident…”

Rie smiles and stuck his tongue out at Amaru.

“Wow, such a growing boy!”

Rie’s face light up. And he smiled. Just like he thought he might even get to be an adult again.

“Is what I would say… But I changed you before I laid you down. You were a soaked little boy heh.”

Ries attitude changed really fast he even almost started crying.

“B-but… you soppose to age me up because me so big…”

Amaru sighs and picks up Rie.

“Unfortunately no. But you are growing up maybe not in a way of age or anything but in a way of mental becoming a better person.”

Rie wipes his eyes and looks at Amaru.


Amaru smiles and nods taking him to the kitchen.

“You hungry?”

Rie nods.


Amaru smiles and laughs some at how cute his speech is. Amaru grabs a strange bottle of chocolate milk out of the fridge and takes Rie to the ground room.

“… Me not going to get full on a dwink…”

Amaru winks.

“I’m a God Rie I can make you get full-on anything.”

He lays Rie back and before Rie can even say anything Amaru puts the bottle in his mouth. Rie blushes but his love for chocolate milk doesn’t help him fight drinking. As he starts to drink he can feel it filling his belly up like he’s eating lunch. It’s such a strange feeling to him. But he keeps going relaxing. He soon gets a bit full and wants to stop but can’t get away. He’s forced to keep drinking more and more.

This bottle was never-ending he swore he felt like he was about to explode. His stomach was starting to hurt as Amaru pulls the bottle away. Rie had milk and drool going down the side of his face.

“Soooo full… No more…”

Amaru smiles.

“Needed do make sure my little guy was all stuffed. And getting his nutrition.”

Amaru boops Rie’s nose then that’s when it hits Rie normally when he first wakes up, goes to the bathroom before all this happened. And he hasn’t and it hits him how bad he’s got to go.

"… I need to pee… I need to go… "

Amaru smiles and puts Rie on the ground. Knowing Rie hasn’t walked in a few days along with being so full Rie might not make it but let him feel like he has a choice.

“Well go”

Rie’s leg shook. Why didn’t he feel like this in the crib? Oh, right he was holding himself up. Rie tried to take a step nearly falling.


Amaru smiles.

“Aww look at daddy’s little Rie learning to walk!”

Rie blushed.

“I know how to walk…”

He took a step but fell to the ground hard and this also made him start to wet his diaper he sat there in horror as he wet his diaper like a little baby. He keeps going and going. He soaked his diaper before he looked down to see how puffed out his diaper was. He couldn’t even close his legs at all anymore. He felt so grossed out.


Amaru goes over and hugs him.

“It’s ok little one all babies have accidents.”

This really hit Rie hard as he started crying into Amaru.

“Me not baby! M-me not…”

Amaru rubs Rie’s back and comforts him.

“One day you will be a big boy again. I promise. I won’t leave you like this forever ok?”

Rie nods and tries to stop himself from crying.

“Now how about we clean you up and get you a bath? Your furs probably all gross feeling huh?”

Rie didn’t care he just laid in Amaru’s arms as he picked him up and took him to the bathroom. He removed Rie’s diaper and started some water getting it enough to get Rie wet.

“Here we go!”

Amaru sits Rie in the water who blushed.

“Me can bathe me self!”

Amaru shakes his finger in his face.

“Watch it, young man. I want to make sure you’re all clean.”

Rie pouts as Amaru gives Rie a good scrub who was blushing the whole time. Amaru didn’t leave any place uncleaned. After his bath, he let out the water took Rie out and dried him off. Rie was looking at his body he still couldn’t believe he was 9. He honestly thought he was older but he’s also treated like a toddler. Amaru takes Rie to the nursery and lays Rie on the table grabbing a new diaper for him.

“I hate how much you act like a dad… And call yourself daddy… It’s so weird…”

Amaru lifts Rie and diapers him all up.

“Well, I’m sure in time you will consider me your daddy. I would really like that.”

Amaru smiles and Rie blushes looking away.

“Ya wite…”

Amaru sighs and shrugs.

“Fine… Would you like to go back to the park to play this time?”

Rie thought for a moment anything got to be more fun this being here.

“… Can I get clothes.”

Amaru thinks for a moment before nodding.

“Well alright fine. But I get to pick you something cute!”

Rie rolls his eyes as Amaru goes to a dresser and opens it up going through it. Rie sits up to see what’s in it but couldn’t tell. But Amaru turns around with a button at the crotch onesie. Rie grones it had a flower in it. He then pulled out a t-shirt that said daddy’s diapered boy. And some cute shorts.

“Why do I need the stupid onesie…? With the other clothes?”

Amaru smiles

“Well, it will help your diaper stay in place and keep from sagging bad and make sure your extra safe.”

Rie blushes as Amaru changes Rie into his clothes. He then grabs the stroller from yesterday and puts him in it grabs Rie’s teddy who quickly swiped it up and hugged it. And off they went to the park.

On their way to the park, Rie would get a lot of attention from the ladies but probably in a way he never wanted. He looked and sounded like an oversized toddler people probably think he’s special. It was so embarrassing. He mostly hid behind his bear and would be forced to say thank you a lot but coming out like “fank you”. And the girls would coo and aww at him. He was thankful when they finally made it to the park.

“Fank God… Me tiwred of people tawking to me…”

Amaru laughs some and takes him out of the stroller and set him on the ground on his butt. He thought it was kinda comfortable with the diaper padding and the grass against his legs felt kinda funny. Amaru pulls some toys out of Rie’s diaper bag.

“Want to play with some toys Rie?”

He smiles and puts them around him. Rie blushes and pretends to look Uninterested at all. He continues to hug his bear mostly for comfort. The feeling of his diaper cushioning his butt and the grass against his legs felt nice even though he wouldn’t let anyone know. Amaru sighed.

“Guess not. Surprised that your child-like mind hasn’t taken over yet. You have gotten quite young.”

As they sit there Rie started to grab a toy as they hear two women talking.

“Have you been watching the news?”

The next lady responds

“Oh ya! About the little boy that’s been running around town?”

Amaru mumbles to himself.

“Little boy?”

Rie hears Amaru say something and jumps pulling his hand away from the toy and blushing thinking Amaru saw him. He looked back at Amaru who was looking at the two women.

"Ya apparently they caught him. They told everyone about the boy but no one’s coming up as his parent. Poor kid… He won’t even tell anyone who his mom or dad is. He points out where he lives but it seems like only a man lived there and they are nowhere around probably got sick of the kid and ran away… "

The women covered their mouths.

“That’s awful! I hear he also got put up for adoption… I would so go adopt him but I can barely afford the kids I got now.”

They both sighed and Amaru looks like he was thinking. Rie speaks up.

“Dis boy? Is it same boy as the other day?”

Amaru took a while to respond.

“I think so…”

He sighs then smiles at Rie.

“Ok, it’s decided! Rie you’re going to have a little brother!”

Rie’s eyes get big.


Amaru grabs Rie who quickly grabs his bear and a toy as he’s put up in his stroller and pushed back to his car.

“Y-you forgot my toys…”

Amaru smirks.

“I thought you didn’t want to play with them.”

Rie blushes.

“O-oh ya there stupid!”

Amaru laughs and snaps and the toys appear in a bag in his hand.

“Here you go, baby”

Amaru smiles and Rie’s face is bright red as he grabs the bag and Amaru takes Rie out of the stroller and puts him in his car seat.

“Ok where heading to the Orphanage do you need a diaper change?”

Rie rolled his eyes and looked away.

“I’ll take that as a no.”

Amaru laughs and puts the stroller in the car and gets in. Rie’s curiosity gets the best of him and touches the front of his diaper and his eyes get big finding it wet but he didn’t have the guts to say anything. Then Rie wondered if Amaru knew as they drive off to the Orphanage. Rie watched out the window trying to take his mind off his wet diaper. It didn’t work well but before he even knew it they were there.

“You ready to go in Rie?”

Rie jumps.

“ME NOT!!”

Amaru looks confused and smiles.

“Not what baby?”

Rie looks nervous.

“N-not a baby! Ya!”

Amaru laughs and gets out unstrapping Rie from his car seat then picks him up carrying him into the Orphanage as they walk up to the front desk.


Amaru says to a young woman. She jumps and looks up.

“Oh hello, sir can I help you?”

Her eyes lock eyes with Rie who blushed and held his face in Amaru who smiled.

“I was interested in adopting.”

She jumps up and grabs a sucker and walks around the desk.

“That’s wonderful sir! We only have one at the moment… But I suppose you know that? Hey little Guy your shy heh want a sucker?”

Rie peeks at her and reaches for the sucker grabbing it and putting it in his mouth.

“Heh, what do you say Rie?”

He blushes.

“Fank you…”

She laughs.

“He’s so adorable! But I think he’s wet? Anyways continue down the hall, you will see the young man named Oliver. He very uhh angry young man just take it easy on him ok?”

Amaru smiles and Rie blushes sucking the sucker harder for comfort. As Amaru patted Rie’s diaper.

“I know just haven’t got time to change him. I’ll be back if I make my decision.”

The lady smiles and nods as they walk down the hall Rie feeling so ashamed. What if the boy noticed? He hopes not. Heading down they find one room that says occupied with the door open. they see a young boy laying in the bed crying. Rie looked down at him feeling bad for him. Amaru frowns.

“Oliver is it? Are you alright?”

He jolts up glaring at him.

“DOES IT FUCKING LOOK LIKE… I’m…ok? Wait you look familiar…?”

Amaru smiles.

“I’m the one who helped you. I gave you some clothes. That you’re not wearing? Did something happen?”

He lays his head down.

“I don’t want to talk about it…”

Amaru nods.

“I understand. But if you would allow me I thought I might adopt you. Or at least give you a place to stay. I know you’re not really a toddler.”

He looks at Amaru with big eyes.

“Y-you do?”

Amaru nods.

“And… If I go with you, Will you help me?”

Amaru nods Again.

“Well as much as I possibly can.”

Oliver smiles big.

“Ok! I’ll go!”

Amaru looked happy.

“Ok, I’ll go fill out the paperwork you care of I leave my baby in here for a bit?”

Rie blushes shaking his head.

“I don’t mind? What’s his name?”

Amaru sighs.

“His name is Rie. Now Rie I need you to be good I’ll be back ok?”

Amaru puts him down and walks off. Oliver looks down at him and smiles.


Rie keeps looking away. Then Oliver smirks.

“Hey diapered baby ass hole.”

Rie blushes more looking at him and he laughs.

“So you respond to that! Whatever, you’re Rie I don’t know how but you’re the ass who embarrassed me by shoving me in a trash can back in school aren’t you?”

Rie’s eyes get big and he looks down not expecting that.

“M-me not know… I-I not member you…”

Oliver laughs more.

“You even sound like a baby!”

Then he sighs remembering his own problems.

“You probably wouldn’t remember me. No one does… Not even my girlfriend!”

He rubs his head and sighs again. Rie keeps looking down.

“I-im really sorry… But my- I mean Amaru really wants to help you… And so do I…”

Oliver gets off his bed and looks at Rie.

“Help from a diapered baby? Ya, no thanks.”

Rie was so ashamed and blushing he was starting to cry even. Rie looked up as Oliver was pulling out a bag from under his bed but his shirt was riding up and his pants slipped down and exposed his pull-up. Rie’s eyes get big.

“You wear a pull-up?”

Oliver jumps slamming his head on the under of his bed and pulls out blushing.

“NO! SHUT THE HELL UP! You have one dame accident like this and fucking cops think you need pull-ups!!”

Rie couldn’t even laugh but feel sympathy.

“Ya… Me know… Amarus the one who took away all my bladder control… And even made me a baby…”

Oliver’s eyes get huge.

“A-Amaru did this to you? W-what’s stopping this guy from doing that to me?!”

Rie gets a smirk

“Who knows maybe it be worse.”

Rie laughs then suddenly cries in pain as his small little body regressed even more from 9 years old to 8.

“No, me sorry!! Me not want to be younger it was just a joke! It wasn’t bad!”

Rie cried even after the pain stopped and Oliver looked terrified Oliver went running out of the room and grabbed the door handle to open his door. He was not about to let that happen to him.

As Oliver opened the door Amaru was standing there and he shakes backing up also blushing. And Amaru looks confused at him and then looks at Rie and sighs.

“Rie… You’re younger… Did you not learn your lesson yet?”

Rie keeps crying and holds his hands up and Amaru picks up Rie who hugs Amaru and lays his face into him just being so upset with himself he regressed again being so scared he might regress too far. Oliver looked to the door then glared at Amaru.

“Why did you do that to Rie?! I mean he’s an ass ya but I mean that’s awful!”

Amaru smiles and pets Rie’s head who starts to calm down.

“Well because this is Rie’s punishment. Don’t worry I won’t do anything to you Oliver.”

Oliver calms down and looks at him.


Amaru interrupts him.

“Do you have a reason to be punished more than you already are?”

Oliver looks down and thinks for a while.

“Well… no I don’t think so…”

Amaru smiles.

“Good, now all the paperwork is done would you like to come see the place you will be staying?”

Oliver looks up and nods.

“Ok… Sorry for thinking you would do that to me…”

Amaru smiles and walks out to the car and puts Rie in his car seat who has fallen asleep.

“No need to apologize. You haven’t wronged me. Sit in the front with me we can talk some while Rie sleeps on the way home.”

Oliver opens the passager seat and got in and shuts the door.

“If you say so Amaru… I know you” Adopted" me but I’m not really a kid you can’t really do that… "

Oliver squirms in his seat as Amaru gets in the driver’s seat.

“I know you’re not really a 9 year old and I know you’re cursed.”

Oliver’s eyes get big.

“You know about my curse?! W-wait you know how to fix me don’t you?!”

Oliver looks very distracted. While he looks at Amaru. Amaru sighs

“Unfortunately I know… But unfortunately, I’m not allowed to fix you. But are you alright? You seem distracted by your seat? Are you uncomfortable? You need to go to the bathroom?”

Oliver blushes and shakes his head.

“O-oh no wet I-i mean problem! B-But… That sucks…”

Amaru chuckles a little.

“The lady at the counter said you were in a pull-up is that correct?”

Oliver’s face goes bright red and covers his face.


He sighs.

“You had an accident didn’t you?”

Oliver blushes even more but drops his hands in defeat.

"It was an accident… I was caught by the cops and I told them I had to use the restroom but I didn’t make it in time and they put me in a damn pull up… Then Rie was telling me all this stuff you did to him and I was going to run away but you were right at the door and it scared the piss out of me… "

Amaru sighs

“Well, when we get you home we can get you changed into a clean pull up ok?”

His eyes get huge.

“W-wait you can’t change me! I don’t need pull-ups and diapers! Please it was an accident! It’s not fair.”

Oliver shakes and Amaru sighs.

“Poor kid relax I didn’t mean I would change you I just meant get you into something clean. And don’t worry about Rie he’s completely harmless right now. Just a diaper-wearing baby at the moment and probably will be for a long time. Heh.”

Oliver calms down and even laughed some looking back at him.

“He is kinda cute like this… He was such a bully when I knew him now he’s cute and small”

Amaru smiles.

“I guess you two have something in common?”

Oliver blushes.

“I-im not small and cute… I’m small and intimidating!”

Amaru laughs as they reach the house and Oliver’s eyes get big seeing the house.

“Woah… This is a nice house…”

Amaru gets out and picks up the sleeping Rie and carries him to the door and Oliver jumps out and follows him taking careful steps not liking his wet pull up touching his legs.

“Well thank you, Oliver.”

Amaru gets inside and heads to Rie’s room and lays him on a changing table. Starting to change his wet diaper that’s gotten wetter since he fell asleep. Oliver walks in seeing Rie being changed and blushes turning around.

“You could have warned me!”

Amaru quiets him.


Rie groans kinda waking up seeing Amaru changing him but then seeing Oliver in the room and his face goes bright red keeping quiet.

“See Oliver you woke the baby up… Shhh it’s ok Rie head on back to sleep”

He grabs his pacifier and puts in his mouth. It relaxes Rie as his diaper change is finished and then he is placed into his crib. Amaru kisses Rie’s head.

“Night baby, love you.”

Rie hugs his teddy bear and looks away from then as Amaru pushes Oliver out of the room and shuts the door.

“S-sorry for waking Rie… I-i mean the baby…?”

Amaru smile.

“It’s ok he’s just really shy during changes right now.”

Oliver sighed.

“I can’t blame him… Can I get some underwear or something now?”

Amaru nods.

“But on one condition.”

Oliver looks confused.


Amaru smirks a bit.

“If you have one more accident you will diapered the rest of your time here. I know you can control it but if you need to use the restroom ask me for the key I’ll unlock it ok? I keep the bathroom locked in case Rie tries to use it. He’s not allowed to with his punishment.”

Oliver nods.

"Oh ok! Whatever I don’t plan on ever having an accident… but you can’t be serious… Diapers…god I would rather die… "

Amaru sighs.

“Can you not talk about dying? I really don’t like it”

Amaru opens the bathroom door and shows him the baby wipes and snaps giving him a pair of cute kids’ underwear.

“Here you go.”

Oliver blushes and rolls his eyes and pulls off his pants wanting to change then remembers Amarus there and blushes more.

“Could you turn around…? Also… You can’t fix me… Can you tell me how to break this curse?”

Amaru turns around and there’s the sound of a wet pull-up hitting the ground and he nods.

“I can but you won’t like it are you sure?”

Oliver continues to clean himself up.

“Yes, I’m positive please!”

Amaru sighs.

“Alright well… The only way to break the curse is true love and not with a kid your age it has to be an adult your real age.”

Oliver’s eyes get big as he puts on his underwear and his pants.

“Ok, I’m done… But you can’t be serious?! My girlfriend doesn’t remember me! No one does! It’s not fair. There’s no one that will do that, that’s fucked up pedo shit!”

Amaru nods and turns around.

“That’s the point… To keep you like this forever… And even if you broke the curse… it wouldn’t end the way you think…”

Oliver looked down.

“There’s got to be a way…”

Amaru leads Oliver to a room that is specifically made for him.

“There is true love’s kiss. Maybe we can think of a way if you truly want to be fixed?”

Oliver looks up at him.

“Yes, please! But how can I do that here?”

Amaru thinks then nods.

“Well, you need to stay here. Or the police might come after you again. But use this room till you are fixed ok?”

Oliver smiles.

“Wow, thanks Amaru… You have no reason to help me… But you are and thank you…”

Oliver sits on the bed And yawns.

“I think I want to sleep…”

Amaru smiles.

“Oh ok. sleep well there’s a dresser full of clothes you can change into some pj’s if you like.”

Oliver nods knowing he wasn’t going to do that and laid back on the bed. Amaru left and sighs.

“Poor kid… even if he breaks this curse he won’t like the outcome… It’s a curse that’s supposed to feel like you can break it and get better but give false hope. I will take care of him and whatever girl he falls for if he does find a way to do it. Good luck my friend.”

Amaru walks off to his own room to lay down for the night.

As Amaru was getting laid down to sleep he gets a call from his boss explaining he needs Amaru to pick something up for him. Amaru sighed and decided to write a note.

“To Rie or Oliver whoever may find this first. I have to step out for a few hours if you need anything there are drinks in the fridge mostly chocolate milk in bottles for Rie but you can have some too Oliver just remove the cap unless you don’t want to whatever. Anyways, be good and don’t make a mess please.”

He wrote love you both but rubs it out and just puts love you Rie. Before putting it on the outside of his door and leaving the house. An hour goes by before Rie sits up in his crib quickly from a nightmare.


He breathes heavily and laughs some.

“Me had a tupid dream… I was a baby-”

He looks around then down and sighs.

“No dweam…”

He coughs some

“Me so firsty… Amaru? Me need a dwink?”

He waited a while before rolling his eyes and stands up his legs kinda shaking from not walking for so long.

“Whoa… Anyways me need a dwink me get myself dwink!”

Rie’s diaper sags a bit from wetting during his sleep and hits the latches on his crib to make the side go down and Rie jumps down and falls on his hands and knees and groans.

“Well… It’s easier than walking right now… I’m really becoming a baby…”

Rie crawls to the kitchen easy to get out of his room since it was opened at least. It was dark outside and dark in the house lucky Rie could kinda see in the dark not perfect but decently well. Rie pulls himself up to the fridge door and opened it seeing bottles of chocolate milk and his eyes light up grabbing one and drinking from it holding his head back and drinking for a while. Rie didn’t care it was in a bottle he would drink chocolate milk either way.

Rie waddled his way through the kitchen drinking his chocolate milk slowly. As he went down the hall he found Oliver’s door open he peeked in to see no one there. Then he saw someone standing at the door of Amaru’s room. He could see it was Oliver he turned around and his eyes got big as he backed up to the door just staring at Rie looking scared. Rie looked confused and pulled the bottle from his mouth and walked closer to Oliver and went to reach for him when he screams.


Suddenly there was a hissing sound Rie backed up.

“D-did you just pee pee?”

Suddenly Oliver sees its, Rie and him both blushed insanely before his eyes get big again and runs to his room slamming his door. Rie looks down.


Rie shrugs and drinks his milk going back to his room and laying in bed and sucking on his bottle. Even Rie couldn’t resist how relaxing it was to space out and drink. He thought it would be nicer not to have to hold it but hey he wouldn’t complain. It even took his mind off his wet diaper. Suddenly as he was half asleep someone came in his room and shook him.


Rie jumps and throws his bottle.

“Ahhh!! Wut?!”

He blushes a lot seeing Amaru only wetting his diaper again Amaru laughs some

“I’m sorry did I scare you? You just looked so cute drinking from your bottle.”

Amaru checks Rie’s diaper. And Rie blushes a lot.

“Wut you doing…?”

Amaru sighs.

“That’s what I was afraid of… Your soaked”

Rie tears up.

“I-I don’t mean to…”

Amaru smiles and hugs Rie.

“No no, relax that’s not what I meant… Don’t cry I just saw a wet spot on the floor by my room. You wouldn’t know anything would you?”

Amaru picks up Rie and takes him to the changing table.

“Well…Oliver was there then he screamed and wet… Then ran off? Me guessing I scared him?”

Amaru laughs as he removed Rie’s diaper and is cleaning him.

“Rie it’s dark and you’re like pure black. You probably looked like a floating diaper and eyes or something. You probably terrified the poor kid.”

He laughs more. Rie looked upset as his new diaper was put on him.

“Me not mean to scare him… I-im going to wegress wight?”

Amaru shakes his head.

“Don’t worry Rie that was an accident and I guess I need to talk to Oliver soon but you first Rie.”

He looks confused.

“Well, it’s about this regressing… I want you to start being able to grow up and not lose all your memories but I don’t trust you to stop being bad so I can make that happen.”

Rie smiles big.

“You cawn?! Yay!! Me going to grow up!”

Amaru sighs.

“On one condition, you give up your bladder control and ability to walk”

Rie stops looking so happy and his eyes get big.


Amaru shakes his head.

“Only till you are 16. Then you can start potty training and taking walking lessons.”

Rie thinks for a while before sighing.

“Ok…. Me not want to be younger…”

Amaru smiles and picks up Rie and hugs him as he takes Rie’s bladder control and abilities to walk and kisses his head Rie starts shaking and starts crying being so upset he can’t do those things. Rie cries for a while before Amaru puts Rie’s pacifier in his mouth making him calm down and fall asleep in his arms. Amaru smiles.

“I’ll be a good dad to you I promise”

Amaru lays him in his bed and tucks him in. After he leaves and goes to Oliver’s room. Who’s laying on his bed sleeping or looking like he’s sleeping.

“Oliver, can we talk?”

No response. Amaru sighs sitting on the bed by him who starts to shake. As Amaru sits down he sees some wet pants on the ground in front of his dresser and frowns.

“Oliver I know you’re not asleep. Come on now.”

He pulls back the covers to see Oliver in New PJ pants then before bed and Oliver starts crying.

“It’s not fair! It was an accident! Give me another chance! There was a super scary dark monster out there… then it had Rie’s voice…. This wasn’t my fault, please! I’m begging you!”

Amaru felt bad but he did promise him.

“Oliver look you’re 9 years old now. And probably will be for a long time. No matter how much you feel like an adult the truth is you are a child, a 9-year-old. Only a bit older than Rie. And kids have weak bladders you see? Maybe you just have a problem?”

Oliver looks at him.

"Y-ya I have problems! So it wasn’t my fault… And so… "

Oliver looked hopefully but Amaru sighs.

“But unfortunately a promise is a promise. You must be punished even if it was an accident.”

Oliver shakes his head.

“No!! I won’t let you!!”

Amaru snaps and a changing table appears in his room and a bunch of different diapers also appear about his size.

“Oliver I suggest you listen to me or ill make the punishment worse understand me? I’m the only one willing to help you break your curse.”

Oliver’s eyes get big and looks down.

“What do you need me to do…?”

He looks kinda broken. And Amaru goes over to the changing table.

“Come here.”

Oliver bites his lip


Amaru glares a bit getting kinda angry with him.

“No butts! Now move yours!”

His eyes get big and jumps up and goes to Amaru who picks up Oliver and lays him on the changing table. He removed Oliver’s pants having no underwear on from wetting his. Making Oliver blush more. Amaru grabs a diaper unfolds it and puts it under him. All Oliver could do was watch as this man diapered him. Putting baby powder over his crotch and pulling the diaper over him. It had a cute childish print on it like Rie’s.

Oliver was picked up and put on the ground all he could do was stare at himself in disbelief and then looked at himself in the mirror. He looked like a toddler. He couldn’t stop blushing. He was so embarrassed he wanted to die. Amaru smiles.

“There not so bad, was it? And now you don’t have to worry about changing clothes if you wet again heh. Just ask me if you need a change.”

Oliver looked down.

“Seriously… I Have to ask you to change me…”

Amaru shrugs.

“I mean unless we have another adult in the house.”

Oliver felt even smaller not being an adult. This made Oliver start to cry.

“I don’t want to be a diapered baby… I want to be an adult again.”

He cried harder and Amaru felt bad and grabbed Oliver and picked him up patting his diaper butt and using his powers to relax him. Oliver would slowly relax and slowly put his thumb in his mouth and sucked it. Amaru laid Oliver in bed tucked him in and left.

“Stage one of fix Oliver complete… I knew this was going to happen but I also know this will help Oliver in the long run… He better get used to being diapered heh… he’s very cute too bad I can’t keep him like Rie…”

Amaru goes and cleans up Oliver’s mess and then goes to his own room Finally heading to sleep. Oliver and Rie both have brand new lives coming up soon. Especially Oliver.

Amaru walks into Rie’s room who’s sucking his pacifier and hugging his teddy but there’s a bad smell coming from Rie Amaru waves his hand in front of his face and whispers to himself while picking up Rie carefully.

“Smells like someone had an accident heh poor guy it’s only been about a week and he will not be an adult again for a long time.”

Amaru takes Rie to the changing table and the cold table makes Rie groan kinda opening his eyes. He sees Amaru and decides to keep his eyes closed to sleep more. But Rie catches a whiff of something stinky that makes Rie’s nose twitch.

“Daddy… something stinky…”

Not even realize he said that. Amaru smiles big and kisses Rie’s cheek.

“I’m sorry baby but that’s all you.”

Amaru starts changing his diaper and getting him cleaned up. Rie woke up enough by this still sucking the pacifier and blushing knowing this is going to be his new life for a very long time.

“I know it’s going to take a long time to get used to this, I know you have gotten quickly used to this but I had an idea today we are going to go have fun daddy and baby’s day out heh.”

Rie blushes and sucks his pacifier covering his face.

“Don’t call yourself daddy…”

Amaru laughs.

“You called me daddy when you smelled your stinky diaper.”

Rie blushes like Crazy

“I-I did?”

Amaru nods and Rie spits out his pacifier to talk more clearly as his new diaper gets put on.

“… W-Well me glad you’re my daddy and not someone else…”

Amaru smiles big and hugs Rie in turn making Rie smile and hug Amaru back.

“I’m glad you accepted me. Hey, you want to go play in your playpen while I talk to your big brother?”

Rie looks confused then remembered Oliver.

“Oh wite… Oliver me forgot about him. But I thought we were going out?”

Amaru nods. And takes Rie to his playpen with a bunch of toys.

“We will don’t worry I just have some information for Oliver.”

Rie sighs as Amaru walks off to Oliver’s room. Rie stares at some blocks before playing and building with them. Back in Oliver’s room, he was out cold. Amaru goes and shakes Oliver a bit.

“Hey, Oliver? Time to wake up. I got an idea for how to get you back to normal.”

Oliver groans and sits up rubbing his eyes looking confused from the crinkle noise forgetting the night before.

“Back to normal…?”

Oliver yawns then his eyes get big.

“Wait, you got an idea for how to fix me?!”

Amaru nods and pulls his covers down putting his hand in the side of Oliver’s diaper. Then he screams and blushes.


Amarus pulls away quickly.

“Oh my God… Excuse me I’m so used to Rie I didn’t even think.”

Oliver covers back up to hide the diaper still blushing.

“I completely forgot, I was in that… I Hate this… Can I change it out… This is a horrible prank…”

Amaru smirks.

“But that involves my plan to fix you.”

Oliver glares at him.

“How the hell could it involve me looking like a damn baby…”

Amaru keeps smirking

“Well, my idea is to look for a babysitter for you. Preferably your old girlfriend”

Oliver’s eyes get big.

“H-how could you do that? You don’t know my girlfriend… Or What use to be my girlfriend…”

Amaru laughs some.

“Well I know things for one but I found out she’s looking for work. As a babysitter so if you can pretend to be a toddler for a while and slowly convince her who you are and make her fall for you and maybe a month down the line the worst that could happen is she doesn’t agree with it.”

Oliver thinks for a while

“And my pride…”

He sighs

“But I have to give it to you it’s… Not a horrible idea… fine I’ll agree but you and Rie can’t be here!”

Amaru smiles.

“Agreed! But what’s the relationship between you and Rie?”

Oliver gets up showing his diaper again.

“I mean… Are you just punishing him or is it more?”

Amaru thinks for a while.

“Hmm well at first it was to punish Rie I wasn’t you got even make him a big baby… But I started to like Rie like a father to his son. And after a while, I saw myself as his father and I think it’s getting to the point Rie sees me as his father. It makes me happy.”

Oliver looks at Amaru for a while before looking down.

“I never really had a father… Well, I did but he was never around…”

Amaru leans down and hugs him.

“If you never get fixed I’ll be happy to be your father. Even if you do get fixed I’ll happily take care of you and be a father figure if you want.”

Amaru smiles and Oliver tries his hardest not to cry but can’t help it and hugs him.

“I-I think that’s all I needed just to be told someone would be there no matter what… This has been the most stressful week of my life!”

Amaru pats his diaper butt and lets Oliver cry for a while before stopping.

“Now how about we get you and Rie some breakfast before and then I’ll call your girlfriend for that babysitting date heh.”

Oliver wipes his face letting go of Amaru. Amaru walks past Rie who is laughing and smashing a dinosaur into some blocks.

“Rawr! Heheheh no one can stop me!”

Oliver walks with him and giggles seeing Rie making Rie drop everything and blush Amaru laughs and picks up Rie.

“Except a big daddy coming up from behind!”

Amaru tickles him making him laugh like crazy and trying to push his hands away.

“N-no daddy stop!!”

Oliver smiles big watching them. Amaru stops and takes Rie to his highchair putting him in.

“Are we eating…?”

He nods.

“Yap and your big brothers joining us!”

Oliver looks down.

“He’s technically older though…”

Amaru shakes his head and smiles.

“Not anymore Rie’s the baby brother and your the big bro”

Rie Finally gets a good look at Oliver and smirks.

“He wooks wike a baby heheh”

Oliver blushes sitting down at the table. And Amaru snaps back.

“And who’s wear right now? Oliver seemed dry”

Rie looks down.

“Me not wet-”

He puts his paw on the front of his diaper and his eyes get big.

“Me… Didn’t even notice… Oh Ya…”

Amaru cooks up some great-looking food of eggs bacon and pancakes giving some to Oliver and then feeding Rie. Rie quickly eats them up not having real food in a long time. Amaru leaves the pancakes by Rie.

“Can you try to keep clean while I make a call Rie?”

Rie nods and Amaru walks off. Oliver stayed silent for some reason. His leg was shaking and he was just staring at his food before eating slowly and not drinking. Rie shrugged it off and grabbed a fork the wrong way and had a hard time remembering how he held a fork.

“Dis tupid fork is broken!”

Oliver looks at him and smiles.

“Looks to me like my baby brother can’t use forks”

He blushes a lot.

“Shut up! Me can too!”

Rie stabs the pancakes holding the fork in his whole hand and pulls it to him before he gets all the syrup all over him and the pancakes. And Oliver laughs some.

“Ahh eww! Ticky!”

Oliver couldn’t help but laugh more he laughs for a while before he just stopped and his eyes got big and just went quiet. And Amaru walks back in.

“Ok, I’m- Rie! Oh my goodness see this is why I feed you…”

Rie tears up.

“But… But”

Amaru undose Rie and picks him up.

“Let’s give you a bath sticky heh.”

Rie nods a lot.

“Oh Oliver your babysitter will be here in about 30 minutes”

Rie smirks.

“Wait owiver needs a babysitter.”

Oliver blushes as they walk to the bathroom Amaru removes Rie’s shirt and diaper throwing it away.

“Yes, he does because we are having a day out just me and you remember?”

Rie smiles big as he’s set in some warm water that was pre-made for him. Rie blushes as Amaru dumps water on him and scrubs his fur clean. After his bath, Amaru drys him off and keeps him wrapped in a towel, and takes him to the nursery for a new diaper and onesie. Then suddenly there’s a knock at the door.

“Oh, that must be Mandy.”

Rie gets picked up and taken to the door and opens it up and a young girl about 21 years old stands there.

“U-umm… Hello? Are you Amaru? I’m mandy the babysitter”

Her eyes lock with Rie, she smiles big and pinches his cheek.

“Oh my God! Is this Oliver?! He’s so adorable and cute and just look at that cute diaper!”

She cooed at him making him embarrassed and hiding his face and Amaru laughs.

“Well thank you but this is Rie. That one is Oliver.”

Amaru points to Oliver who’s hiding on some covers in the couch. She smiles and walks over to him. Oliver’s face is all that peeks out of the covers.

“Hia little guy. You look familiar?”

Oliver blushes.


Amaru smiles and Mandy smirks and tickles Oliver on the sides making him laugh and kick the covers off himself revealing his diaper making him blush insanely.

“Awww! Even these little ones are still in diapers. Aww, that’s ok cutie don’t worry your secrets ok with me. But uh oh looks like-”

Oliver screams and Mandy stops and looks at Amaru.

“Uhh anyways are you two ready to go?”

Amaru nods.

“O-oh right excuse me I was just distracted. And Oliver has a bladder problem don’t let him trick you into thinking he doesn’t need them.”

Amaru smiles at Rie who also giggles as they step out.


Amaru smiles innocently.

“Me? Nooo”

He laughs and they get in the car and head out on their father, son trip.

8 years later.

Rie has become 16 years old again he went back to school and is re-learning everything he’s even starting potty training again. Rie comes home from school running in the door wearing normal clothing and holding his puffy-looking crotch.

“DADDY! I got to go!!”

Amaru rushes in and pulls Rie to the bathroom and pulls down Rie’s pants and diaper and Rie sits on a large training potty and ends up using it.


Amaru smiles big.

“Good job Rie! I think we can start going up to pull-ups in the mornings while your awake. Unfortunately, you still need diapers for nighttime.”

Rie yells.

"Yay! I’m a big boy! Do you hear that big bro?! And big sis?!

Oliver walks past looking the same in pants but an obvious big diaper in them.

“Good job little bro”

Oliver smiles and a small-looking Mandy walks past with a shirt and diaper.

“Nice job Rie! See out little bros growing up!”

Oliver laughs.

“And we still wear diapers hehe”

Mandy smirks at him.

“At least you’re very good-looking in them. Oh no I think I wet myself”

Oliver blushes as Mandy pushes them to their own room. Rie looked confused.

“Can I have pull ups now?”

Amaru nods and grabs some pulls ups and pulls up on Rie. Leaving his pants off.

“How about you go play for a while?”

Rie nods.

“Ok, daddy.”

Rie runs to his own room and drags out a bunch of toys and plays with them laying in his stomach. And Amaru watches.

“Rie might be 16 but his mindsets still in like mid to late toddler. He’s still in pre-k I have a special arrangement for him. So by the time, he’s like 30 he might finally be a young adult mindset, and around 24 he will probably be in the teen mindset. I kinda feel bad but Rie remembers this isn’t 100% normal but he gave up caring a few years about it. But he could stay like this forever and I wouldn’t care.”

Rie would go through his time, his mind being older but his mindset slowly catching up with his body.

8 more years later (or 16 years altogether)

Rie is now 24 years old and he acts like a teen. He just got out of school and walks in sighing.

“Dad, I’m home…”

Amaru walks in wiping off his hands.

“How did school go?”

Rie looks down.

“I… Fell asleep…”

Amaru sighs.

“Rie… So You had to go to the nurse’s office?”

Rie blushes and nods.

“Sorry, dad…”

Amaru walks up to him and pulls off Rie’s pants he’s in a diaper and it’s also wet.

“Rie… Why are you wet?”

He shrugs.

“Rie if you like diapers you can always wear them while you’re at home.”

He blushes.

“I-I…don’t! That’s for weird people!”

Amaru sighs.

“What about your big brother? He and his wife wear diapers all the time along with their child.”

Rie blushes.

“I-I know… You wouldn’t hate me if just when I’m home you…”

Amaru smirks.

“Baby you?”

Rie blushes insanely and nods and takes Rie’s hand and takes him to the front room in only his diaper and lays him on the ground and puts a pacifier in Rie’s mouth. Rie happily accepts it and sucks on it as Amaru beings his diaper change and cleans him up and puts him in a new more babyish diaper. Rie blushes and smiles knowing Rie might have a thing for diapers at this point he was in the mindset of a teen so there are definitely possibilities of Rie being an Adult baby diaper lover or abdl for short. Mandy was actually the one who told him they existed.

Amaru let Rie go to his room and knew Rie was experimenting. He let him have his fun because he knew Rie might not find a girl or guy to love him as he does. And they might make fun of him for loving diapers. And Amaru know if they did that Amaru would make them into babies. And he doesn’t want to make a ton of people babies. If he doesn’t have to that is.

His next big stepping stone was going to be college. But who knows how that will go.

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