Gods and little mortals 1.5 (complete) (sequel)

If you have not read “gods and little mortals” please read that before this if you want it to make any sense!

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Rie is black goat who years ago used to be a massive dick till one man, or should I say God changed his whole life. This God regressed rie anytime he did something bad. But rie was stubborn or just an idiot and didn’t change his ways. He regressed more and more, ending up in diapers and eventually becoming a baby himself.

Rie has a brother named Oliver, an adopted brother. And Oliver has a wife named Mandy. They both look like children but are 100% adults. Rie had got used to his new life but as he aged again it was harder for him to learn it was like he was unlearning everything. By the time he was 6 his mind was that of a toddler.

By 10 his mind was that of a child. He was getting better but it was taking him longer to learn. A side effect from the regression. Then by 16 he acted more like a teen. Then by 24 he was a young adult. But one thing stayed consistent, his bladder problems he wore diapers for quite a while and still does to today. He still had a smart ass mouth. But nothing as bad as it used to be.

He grew this like for girls in diapers. He even began to secretly like them himself. He tried to not let his dad know. But as his years went on he even started to learn boys looked just as cute as diapers. But he didn’t want to admit he might like boys as well as wearing diapers. He had yet to learn of these new feelings but he was about to meet someone new who was about to change him for the better.

Rie is now 24 years old and still living with his dad amaru. He has just woken up in his room. His room was black with edgy skulls on the walls and just an edgy looking room. Being an edgy goat. Rie sits up rubbing his eyes and a familiar crinkle can be heard as he moves. He throws the covers off him and he’s naked except for a larger diaper around his crotch. He puts his hand on his diaper and sighs as the diaper has a yellowish tone to it.

Rie sighs and shakes his head.

“guess I’ll be stuck with bed wetting forever…”

He stands up, his diaper sagging. He grabs a hoodie from his dresser, it has skulls on the shoulders and a flower on the front. He then grabs some jeans along with a pair of black boxers. His underwear drawer was half full of boxers and other half diapers oddly. He heads to the bathroom before he feels his diaper pulled back and Rie’s face goes bright red.

“d-dad come on I’m not a child any more I can check myself!”

Amaru stopped himself and cleared his throat.

“oh I’m sorry son, it’s just a force of habit. I guess I’m starting to miss when my little rie would run into my room crying about pooping his diaper.”

Amaru laughs and rie just walks into the bathroom slamming the door. Rie was clearly embarrassed.

“damn it dad! Can you stop bringing that up? Shesh…”

Once he heard amaru walk off, rie gave a smiling smile and whispered to himself.

“honestly… I hope he keeps it up… but I would never tell him that. Why do I have to be so odd.”

Rie removed his diaper and threw it away only being wet. He gets in the shower and takes a long shower just relaxing in the hot water. He takes a 30 minute shower before getting out and drying off his fur with a hair dryer and combing himself so his fur is nice. Amaru did this to him since he was a child and he just got used to it. He was never one for self grooming before he was regressed.

He gets dressed and leaves the bathroom. He goes to the kitchen and amaru has a plate of pancakes on the table waiting for him. Rie quickly jumps to the table and sits down preparing to eat.

“Thanks for the food dad!”

He says before chowing down. Amaru smiles and sits by him.

“so… you begin college Today. You excited?”

Rie shrugs.

“I just hope they don’t have anything stupidly boring so I don’t fall asleep…. I don’t think I would go back if I had an accident in class…”

Amaru frowns.

“do I need to pack a few diapers just in case? Are you going to move into a dorm? Or stay here?”

Rie blushes.

“no dad… but I doubt it unless I found a friend to dorm with. But… I haven’t been able to make one since school. Not like I haven’t tried! But going through school a lot older than I should have been, kids seemed to ignore me.”

Amaru hugs rie and rie hugs back.

“something tells me you will make a friend. I can feel it. So just be open and try ok? And if you want to move into a dorm with a friend, don’t be scared too? Daddy will be fine. I’ll miss you a lot but I got to let go eventually huh?”

Rie half smiles and rolls his eyes.

“ok dad… shesh I uhh love you.”

Amaru let’s go and kisses his cheek.

“I love you too, rie. And good luck.”

Rie finishes his food and heads out the door. He gets in his car and drives a few hours away to his local college. This place was huge and confusing. He parked his car and went out just looking around. People were all over. Male female. Other goats, dogs, cats, foxes. He’s not seen so many different kinds of anthro animals. Even humans in this place didn’t discriminate.

Rie pulled out a paper from his hoodie pocket and looked it over.

“The first place to go is the auditorium. Uh… damn where the hell is that? I’m about to say screw this and just head home…”

Suddenly someone accidentally bumps into him. It was a boy fox about his age.

“o-oh no I’m sorry.”

He gives rie a curious look. Rie tried not to get mad and calmed himself down.

“it’s whatever…”

The fox wearing a green hoodie rubbed his arm and smiled at rie.

“umm I’m Joseph by the way nice to meet you. You look like the kinda type to bully people…I just don’t want any trouble.”

Rie looked down. Of course he was the bullying type. But amaru changed him for the better or the best he could. Rie sighed.

“I’m rie. I’m not looking for trouble just here to learn I guess…”

Joseph smiles Bigger and holds out his hand to shake. Rie looks at him for a while before he shakes his hand.

“Let’s be friends, rie. You look like you need a friend!”

Rie blushes.

“i-I don’t need nothing! But… fine whatever I have tons of friends but sure whatever let’s be friends.”

Joseph nods and pulls out his schedule.

“so you need help? This isn’t my first year I can show you around after school if you like.”

Rie shrugs.

“uhh sure that might help but I got to find the auditorium. I don’t have any clue where that could be.”

Joseph points to a big building.

“That’s over there! That’s where the new people are introduced to the school and then they get to decide if they want to dorm here at school.”

Rie nods.

“cool thanks.”

Rie begins to walk away before he stops. He don’t look back at him but talks.

“you… dorm here?”

Joseph nods.

“ya I live alone why?”

Rie shrugs.

“just asking. See you after school Jo.”

Joseph tilted his head and mumbles.

“jo? Did he just give me a nickname?”

His eyes light up his tail wags like crazy and looks crazy happy waving to rie as he walks off to the auditorium. Rie walks in and sees walls of people sitting on benches waiting for the school staff to get here. Rie takes a seat and waits as well.

Soon the school staff walk in and begin to explain things. Rie listened to a big long speech bored out of his mind. He nearly fell asleep when people started to leave. He shook his head and jumped up. He puts his hands in his hoodie pockets and walks out of the auditorium.

“damn it, I didn’t listen to what I was supposed to be doing.”

He pulls out his schedule and looks it over.

“just explore the campus today?”

He shrugs.

“alright, whatever. Easy enough.”

He puts it away and just begins to walk around, he finds the Cafe kinda close by and he walks in and sees the place kinda full of people. He waits in line before Finally getting to the front and buying a coffee. He sits at a table and takes a drink and relaxes when suddenly someone sits by him.

“hiya rie!”

Rie jumps and looks around and sees the boy fox from before.

“Jesus… scared the crap outta me.”

Joseph giggles and smiles.

“sorry… just seen you coming in here after my class. I got a hour if you want me to help you look around.”

Rie rubbed his head.

“uhh sure? Thanks jo.”

Joseph tail wags.

“great! Then let’s go!”

Joseph shows rie all around the campus showing him where his classes are, where to eat and so on. They Finally end up in the dorms.

“and this is where I live!”

He points to dorm 446. Rie looks around then points at the door.

“mind if I look around? I’ve been thinking of getting a dorm.”

Joseph pauses for a bit.

“uhh well I’m sure it will be fine ok. Just… never mind let’s go!”

He unlocks the door and goes in and gestures for rie. He walks in and Joseph shuts the door. The dorm was fairly plain looking at least the front room was.

“so ya this is what the houses look like. You going to get your own dorm?”

Rie shrugs.

“not sure… though it might be more fun to dorm with someone.”

Joseph looked a bit nervous for some reason.

“o-oh really… and your thinking of dorming with me am I right?”

Rie smirks.

“hmm not a bad idea. But sure if you don’t mind. Can I check out there room?”

Joseph gulps.

“Well my room is kinda a mess. It’s unfortunate I really wanted to show you!”

He laughs awkwardly.

“oh come on what’s the big deal? My rooms never clean either. Just show me it. We are friends right?”

Joseph ears lower

“well… alright.”

Joseph goes to his door and takes a deep breath in and out before going in. His room was very colorful. Filled with what seems to be toys. And the smell of baby power. But oddly rie didn’t find this too odd living with Oliver and his girlfriend. But the room had a pink carpet that just gave off some very flamboyant vibes.

“I mean… it’s not that bad? But what’s up with the girly feeling?”

Joseph blushes.

“and this smell… smells so familiar?”

He couldn’t quite place it. Joseph Finally speaks up.

“o-oh man look at the time I got to go to school! I’ll be back!”

He runs out the door and just leaves. Rie holds his hand out and sighs.

“guess I’ll stay here till you get back.”

He walks past his dresser and finds a pacifier in his dresser. He found it quite odd then it hit him what might be going on.

“is… Joseph… an adult baby? I saw about them online but I never saw one for real.”

His mind wanders and blushes and shakes his head.

“rie stop! That’s weird! Anyways I need to leave. I doubt he wears diapers.”

But his mind turns to the closet. He opened it and found surprisingly a few girls dresses in it. And looking around he eventually found a box of diapers. He pulled out one and was blown away. It looked like it was for Girls but did Joseph also have bladder problems? He asked himself. But he did find the diaper cute.

He walked around exploring Joseph’s room. He did find this very odd but also interesting. He went to the bathroom and just stared at this pink diaper with bunnies on it. Before he took off his jeans and underwear. Next he diapered himself. He blushed as he just looked at himself in this diaper. It was much thicker than his night time Diapers.

“… God if dad seen me he would make me pretend to be a baby”

He laughed to himself then thought about Joseph and smiled.

“Maybe Joseph wants this?”

He pulls up his pants and goes to the front room and turns on the TV. It was on kids TV. All rie could do was chuckle. But laid back on the couch and watched this TV. It wasn’t his choice but guess it could be worse but eventually he fell asleep. Later in the day Joseph gets home and sees rie laying on his couch.

Joseph blushes and pokes rie.


Rie leans up rubbing his eyes.

“huh? What…? Oh I forgot I was Watching TV…”

He looked At the TV and tilted his head.

“the uhh kids network?”

Rie smirks.

“ya it was on when I turned it on. So let me see if I got this straight. You are a sissy? And wear… diapers?”

Joseph looked insanely embarrassed; he just nodded.

“I see. Tell me About it? Why? What do you do… I’m curious.”

Joseph looked confused.

“Y-your not going to tell everyone?”

Rie shakes his head.

“I’m not that kinda person anymore. But no I won’t, I’m curious.”

Joseph keeps blushing and rubs his arm.

“well… I’m what you call a little. I like to pretend I’m young and stuff like baby young and uhh might also like pretending to be a girl.”

Rie laughs Joseph’s ears lower and looks like he wants to cry.

“that’s got to be the cutest thing I ever heard of! Sounds kinda like my brother and his wife. But you don’t look 9.”

Joseph looked more Confused.

“well… ok? So you’re not making fun of me?”

Rie sighs.

“if I was mocking you would i have done this?”

Rie pulls his pants down and reveals he is wearing one of his diapers. Joseph blushes and his tail wags fast.

“so you like them too?!”

He shrugs.

“kinda? Not like you? I enjoy the feel but I hate being a kid…”

Joseph thinks for a while.

“Maybe you’re more of A Caretaker?”

Rie gives a confused look.

“caretaker? What’s that?”

Joseph wags his tail, smiling more.

“Well it’s a person that takes care of a little. Like changing their diapers and treating them like a baby!”

Rie blushes.

“That’s a bit odd but I guess it could be ok but… I also enjoy diapers… is that wrong for a caretaker?”

He shakes his head.

“quite the opposite! Littles love to see their caretakers padded!”

Rie gives a smile.

“huh… I guess it’s not that bad. But God I can’t let my dad know about any of this.”

Joseph nods.

“same. I would never tell my family. That’s why I moved into a dorm. So you can move in with me! I’ll even pay for all the bills on one condition!”

Rie tilts his head.

“and what would that be? Sounds like an unfair trade if I get to live here rent free?”

Joseph shrugs.

“not to me. But I want you to be my caretaker! When I’m home you take care of me. I’m not allowed to be a adult when I’m home!”

Rie gives him an odd look.

“but that would mean I make up the rules? Change you… like I wouldn’t be able to handle that. Are you sure you can do that?”

Joseph just nods, getting more in his face, his tail wagging like crazy. Rie rubs his head.

“well… uhh ok sure? If you’re positive? This might not be that bad.”

Joseph couldn’t contain his excitement as he hugged rie close. Rie blushes.

“thanks rie! I’m so excited”

Rie was kinda speechless for a while. But he eventually hugged back.

“so umm I guess we need to get you dressed…?”

Joseph looked surprised.

“you want to start today I wasn’t expecting that… umm if you want to I’ll do as you say.”

Rie was still kinda surprised.

“So…you will do as i say? You won’t disobey me? I mean to an extent anyways.”

Joseph blushes and nods

“Ya…i guess so. Just dont go crazy heh”

Rie thinks for a bet before he looks joseph in the eyes

“Will you call me…daddy?”

Rie blushes and Joseph’s tail wags like crazy and also blushes more.

“Alrighty… daddy”

Rie felt funny he just smiles they both do just staring at each other.

“Anyways Joseph you should go to your room we need to get you dressed. “

Joseph giggles.

“Ok… daddy!”

He says rushing back to the bedroom. Rie smiles.

“… Man this is weird. I imagined finding a cute girl that was into diapers… but another guy? I mean… he’s about as girly as some girls”

He laughs and walks into Joseph’s bedroom. Joseph sat on his bed with a diaper sitting beside him and a pink onesie. He was blushing quite heavily. It was clear he’s never done this in front of anyone. Rie was a bit nervous as well. He wasn’t sure if he could do this. But his curiosity had already peaked and he had to see this through.

“so umm… just tell me what to do daddy…”

Rie walks up to him and gently pushes him on his back. Joseph covered his eyes as he laid back.

“you ok?”

Rie Asked thinking he’s doing something bad.he shook his head.

“j-just nervous sowwy”

He said with a lisp. Rie helped him remove his shirt and then next his pants. Leaving him in his boxers. Joseph didn’t say a word nor did rie. It was hard to tell who was more embarrassed. Rie grabbed the diaper and began to get it ready just kinda stalling time for a bit. He puts it down then begins to pull off Joseph’s boxers. He quickly grabs the diaper and puts it under him.

Next he grabs baby powder that was set out by Joseph and powders him up before he tapes the pink diaper on him it was more pink then the one rie was wearing. Rie took a sigh of relief. Next he helped Joseph into his onesie. He pulled it over his head and down his waist and snapped it at his crotch.

Rie couldn’t help but smile then began to laugh. Joseph Finally looks at rie still red in the face.

“W-what’s so funny…? Are you laughing at me…?”

Rie shakes his head.

“I just… I just forgot you were a boy for a split second. You’re kinda cute… but why all the girly stuff? I don’t get that, I mean I think I enjoy diapers but pink and girly… not my thing.”

Joseph thinks for a while. Then speak up.

"well, I’m not sure I don’t want to be a girl? I think? But I like to be teased and pretend… I think I like the teasing? Not like the mean kind. But the… well like you do! I know you’re not being mean, you’re just having fun. And not judging me. Most people If they saw an adult man in a diaper and wearing girly clothes we would probably be called creeps. But you… you didn’t judge me once. "

Rie was blown away. Rie could understand some of these feelings. He felt like he had to take care of Joseph. No, he wanted to.

“Joseph… I have fully decided to be your caretaker full time!”

He smacks his chest.

“so while you are at home you won’t be doing any adult activities except maybe your homework. But you will be padded no matter what while at home.”

Joseph looked a bit worried.

“but what if-”

Rie covers his mouth and shushes him.

“shhh. Joseph do you trust me? Do you trust me 100% to take Care of you? Because let me tell you I lived through 2 childhoods… so I’m ready to take Care of my own ‘child’”

Joseph smiles, his tail wags and nods then looks confused.

“wait? 2 childhoods? Heh daddy your odd…”

Rie sighs and sits by him.

“alright I got a story for you Joseph. My dad’s a
… God of emotions. I used to be a dick a trouble maker. I did anything I wanted for fun. But amaru basically kidnapped me and anytime I did anything bad he would regress me.”

Joseph looks sceptical.


Rie grones.

“I’m being serious! I regressed to a 2 year old then aged back up… I was in diapers till I was 18 at least. I still have night time accidents.”

Joseph giggles.

“that’s cute. But you should introduce us some Time. If it is true maybe your dad can regress me!”

He giggles like he’s joking around. Rie looks down.

“uhh… I would rather my dad not know about this… stuff, If he doesn’t already. Oh God please tell me he doesn’t know. If not he will not let me Live it down.”

Joseph nods.

“I agree… if I told my parents they would probably hate me… they want a manly fox…not some fox that pretends to be girly and a baby…”

Rie puts his arm around him and pulls him into a hug. Joseph is surprised but lays into him and hugs back. He moves just right, feeling Rie’s diaper accidently. Then looks confused.

" daddy? Are you… wet? "

Rie blushed and quickly felt his diaper. Blushing more.

“crap I forgot I fell asleep…”

Joseph looked kinda surprised.

“so you seriously have bladder problems?”

Rie nods.

“right, you didn’t believe me? I don’t know what’s wrong with my stupid body… but I can’t sleep without diapers.”

Joseph smiles and keeps hugging rie.

“that’s ok, I don’t have any problems like that so I don’t know if I’ll use my diaper a lot…”

Rie smirks.

“well there’s no bathroom breaks while at home. Even if you get home and have to pee really bad I’ll pad you up and you will understand.”

Joseph looked surprised but nodded.

“anything else?”

Rie nods.

“a lot… while at home you have a bedtime. You will be changed before bed so make Sure to use your diaper for I lay you down. Won’t change you till the next day. Another is no adult clothes but I’ll fix that to no boys clothes.”

He blushes and nods.

“you will call me daddy no matter where we are.”

He says with a smirk. Joseph looked A bit worried

“W-well… if that’s what you want daddy… I’ll do it.”

Rie was surprised by how determined he was to do this. Rie boops his nose and smiles.

“and as soon as you get home you have to give me a big hug and before you leave.”

Joseph smiles big.

“ok! This is going to be so much fun!”

Rie laughs.

“ya it is. Now it’s getting kinda late now but let’s get something to eat. I’m starving. You got any food here?”

Joseph shrugs.

“not much… I normally go buy from a restaurant.”

Rie gives a smirk.

“so I guess we need to go out”

He stands up and takes Joseph’s hand and pulls him up. Joseph’s face begins to turn red.

“W-wait you not serious right? I can’t go out like this.”

He began to shake with embarrassment and almost excitement. But mostly fear. Rie laughs and hugs him and pats his diaper butt.

“I’m joking baby. Tell me what you want and I’ll go grab it. We will get some food to cook tomorrow.”

You can see the relief fall off Joseph. Even though he didn’t have to do what rie said rie was almost certain Joseph would have done it if he said to. He didn’t understand why Joseph was not making any choices himself. Then it hits him. Josephs acting like A Child. And really good at it too. Joseph tells rie his order rie leaves.

Joseph sits on his bed and giggles.

“oh my God… I almost forgot I was an adult and could say no. If he just pushed me a bit I might have gone outside in a onesie and diaper God I would have died of embarrassment!”

He lays back and begins to laugh and puts his hand on his diaper.

“why do I trust him so much? I let him undress me and stuff… I hope he doesn’t tell anyone. But I feel like I can trust him.”

He sits up and gets on his floor and begins to play with toys going completely into a little space. It didn’t feel like long before rie got home and Joseph ran into the front room and gave him a big hug.

“DADDY! welcome home!”

Rie was caught off guard.

“Well your sudden very… childish heh. Anyways here’s your food.”

He hands him his food Joseph giggles.

“yay! Thank chu daddy!”

He sits down in front of The TV And watches TV and eats rie shrugs and takes off his pants in nothing but his hoodie and diaper. Kinda soggy looking. He thought might as well join the fun. Joseph looks Back and blushes then giggles.

“Daddy needs a change.”

He blushes and shrugs.

“it’s not that bad yet… no reason go waste them.”

Joseph just smiles and goes back to watching tv. Suddenly 7 pm comes around and rie shuts off the TV.

“no it was just getting good!”

He complains. Rie smirks.

“too bad it’s bed time kiddo.”

He looks out the window.

“but… it’s still light outside.”

He says kinda pouting.

“are you not going to listen to daddy?”

His eyes get big and eyes lower.

“no daddy…”

He says getting up Joseph diaper saga a bit.

“wait a minute. Come here for a second.”

He goes over to rie and rie checks his diaper making Joseph blush. He was able to control it but he also kinda was hoping rie didn’t find out.

“ahh you wet kiddo. Let’s get you changed. I might as well change as well before I go to bed.”

He grabs Joseph’s hand who was blushing and walking by him with a smile. He’s laid on the bed and begins getting his diaper changed. He’s cleaned up and then put in a new diaper. He puts his onsie back together and then tucks him into his bed.

“now get to sleep princess. And if I find you stayed up ill spank you.”

Joseph’s eyes got big.

“o-ok daddy. Umm I love you.”

He blushed realizing what he said. Rie also blushed.

“i-I mean like your my daddy and stuff… oh God… umm I’m sorry”

Rie cracked a smile and leaned down as awkward as it was and kissed his forehead

“L-love you too”

They both blushed looking at each other for a while. Before rie grabs a diaper and leaves, shutting the door. He takes a sigh of relief.

“damn… how did dad do this so easily. A-and why does he have to be so cute…”

He complained going to his room he un-tapes his diaper letting it plop to the ground before he replaces it with the new one. He sits on his bed and rubs his face.

“I’m going to have ro tell dad one day aren’t I? I can imagine it… ‘ha ha you like boys and not only those sissy boys in diapers’ God I’m such a weirdo! But… I don’t hate myself for it. Dad taught me to enjoy what I like… as long as it’s not bad.”

he shivered at his own thoughts.

"I didn’t even give this a second thought what if I get into this too much… and do something mean? Joseph is such an innocent… adult kid…? He doesn’t seem like he wants a relationship, just a daddy. Honestly… I think that’s all I want to do is do what dad did for me. Kinda… it’s his fault I’m into this stuff… "

He sighs and lays on his back his diaper crinkling he puts his hand over his diaper

"heh I remember laying in bed one day my diaper soaked and just humping my big teddy my dad got me. He even came in like a few minutes after I was so red in the face and embarrassed… i-I think it only made me enjoy it more. That’s when I begin to change my own diapers. "

He shivers.

" I would feel awful if I made my dad clean that… shit and piss whatever but… that it’s not cool. Maybe I’ll quit school… Dad said I needed to come to get a job. But what if this was my job? Taking care of an adult that wants to be treated like a sissy baby? I mean if I get a place to stay and other stuff why not. "

He thought to himself.

"ya I think that’s what I’ll do… I want to slowly push what I can get Joseph to do. But not push him too far. By the end I want to be able to take him out in a dress and diaper. Clearly it will be hidden, the diaper I mean. He’s… kinda feminine so the dress won’t look too bad. "

Rie had a goofy smile on his face imagining his embarrassment. This was only the beginning of Joseph and Rie’s time together but he was going to make sure Joseph gets everything he thinks a little should get.

The next few weeks are rie doing caretaker things with his little. Along with making him very cute in sissy attire. They both had a lot of fun. Joseph eventually got to the point where he was wearing diapers 24/7 along with rie. Rie quit college but didn’t tell his dad yet. But Joseph agreed to be the adult to get a job and do that if rie agreed as soon as he got back he would care for him. Rie agreed and this is how their relationship began.

Finally about a month goes by and they have both gotten used to this style of living. Rie doesn’t think anything would surprise him anymore. But that’s when Joseph has one question.

“hey daddy!”

Joseph asks, being petted on rie’s lap. Joseph had on a dress that was riding up and his diaper was on clear view.

“what princess?”

Joseph smiles up at him.

“I Wanna meet you daddy!”

Rie’s eyes go big and his heart begins to pound. The one person who he doesn’t want to know about any of this.

“y-you don’t want to meet him…”

He nods.

“but I do daddy! Pretty please!”

He frowns and rie’s heart explodes figuratively of course from how cute this was.

“W-well… ok. I’ll let you see my dad”

Part 2
It has been a few days now. Rie and Joseph are packing bags to go visit amaru or rie’s dad. Rie packs some clothes and stuff just a few things as he knows he’s got most of his stuff at home. As for Joseph he has packed a bunch of baby stuff. Diapers, toys, pacifiers, baby clothes and other stuff of both the male and female variety. He was preparing to stay the whole week having a week off school, They both left their rooms. Rie was in his normal clothes except he wore a diaper underneath it wasn’t very noticeable. As for Joseph he had on some normal clothes and a diaper underneath as well.

Joseph has begun to have a few accidents wearing all the time now. He didn’t trust himself anymore to go without them. Rie pats Joseph on the head. As Joseph nearly purrs looking up at rie.

“Did you pack enough little guy?”

Rie laughs. Joseph smiles from the pats.

“I was about to ask you the same daddy, you barely grabbed anything. Are you not going to need more?”

Rie shrugs.

“It is my dad’s house. He’s got stuff if I need it.”

Joseph shrugs

“makes sense. So you’re still going to baby me there right daddy?”

Rie rubs the back of his head.

“uhh… maybe? When we are alone in my old room? I just don’t want dad to find out about this stuff. but I promise I’ll do my best.”

Joseph kinda looks down but back up.

“oh, that’s ok heh. I kinda understand. I wouldn’t want my parents to find out either, I suppose. Even if I feel like I could finally relax if I just got it off my chest.”

Rie puts his arm around him.

“don’t worry you’re still my little man err… girl? Baby? What should I call you?”

He giggles.

“whatever daddy wants me to be.”

Rie smiles then also laughs. They leave their dorm heading for Rie’s car. Joseph gets in the passenger seat and rie on the driver’s seat. His car was honestly kinda a mess. Joseph sigh.

“Daddy, did you forget to clean out your car? You know I like it when you pick up after yourself.”

Rie shrugs.

“I guess I didn’t think of it? What’s the big deal?”

Joseph gives him a kinda cute kinda stern look

“Daddy, we had this talk. I don’t like these messes. You’re my caretaker, you’re supposed to keep things clean. I mean unless you don’t like caring for me.”

He gave a frown to rie. Rie grones and starts the car.

“ok, ok I get it sorry. shesh… I’m trying my best. It’s just hard to break habits I’m so used to. Normally my dad just cleaned up after me.”

Joseph giggles.

“I bet you were super cute as a kid.”

Rie blushes and begins driving.

“Not as cute as you! I didn’t really enjoy being a kid let alone again but…i would be lying if i said my second childhood was awful. It was ok I guess…”

Joseph giggles again.

“hey daddy? You said your dad regressed you once right? I don’t see how or if I believe it yet but I’m just thinking.”

Rie raises an eyebrow.

“ya? But thinking about what? And don’t believe it? You have to believe what daddy says.”

Joseph blushes and looks the floor

“Well, I was hoping you could have your dad regress me for a while…”

Rie’s eyes got a bit big.

“Wait, wait… let me get this straight, you want to be regressed? He might decide not to fix you, understand that?”

Joseph looks up at him and tilts his head

“R-really? S-sounds kinda exciting…even if maybe a little scary.”

Rie sighs.

“Well i’ll think about it Joseph, you would be cute but what about college and stuff?… I’m supposed to be your caretaker. If you are 2 years old again I might not be able to care for you on my own.”

Joseph frowns some.

“ya but, we can play and have fun! Like you could be my real daddy then.”

Rie blushes more.

“I mean that doesn’t sound too bad… but if he decides not to age you back up don’t blame me ok?. I just want you to be happy.”

Joseph smiles.

“that’s cute daddy. But sounds ok to me? I promise I won’t be upset! Maybe I’ll be a little scared…but I’ll get used to it right?”

He sighs.

“Hmm I’m sure you would. But fine but if he does change you back to normal you owe me.”

Joseph cheers.

“yay! Wait? Owe you? What do you mean?”

Rie smirks.

“Maybe you need to go out to school in a dress with your diaper underneath.”

Joseph blushes.


Rie laughs.

“you know you want to but if you get to have fun so do i.”

Joseph blushes in silence for a while.

“as long as you promise to take good care of me and not let anyone mock me…”

Rie looked surprised and sighs.

“then I guess… for one week you will be a little boy if dad says ok that is…”

Joseph jumps and hugs rie and rie screams.

“ahh! Careful I’m trying to drive Joseph!!”

Joseph laughs and let’s go.

“Sorry daddy, I’m just so excited! I get to be daddy’s little boy!!”

Rie sighs.

“ya ya…nearly had a wreck…”

The next few hours were casual conversation before they Finally pulled into amaru driveway. They get out and Joseph skips up to the door as rie sighs and walks up there. Before they can even knock the door opens

“there’s my little boy!”

Amaru yells as he goes out and hugs Rie and kisses him. Ries face goes bright red Joseph giggles.

“Hello sir. I’m Joseph.”

Amaru smiles.

“Well hello Joseph you must be Rie’s little boy friend.”

They both blush at the sametime.

“j-just a friend. We aren’t like that, I promise…”

Joseph says. Amaru let’s go of rie.

“Oh excuse me. I just kinda assumed. Also, is there a reason you’re diapered? Haven’t seen you padded in the daytime in a while.”

Amaru and Joseph laugh. Rie blushed more

“i-is it that noticeable?!”

He covers himself. Amaru laughs more.

“Not at all, you got to remember. you’ve been in diapers most of your new life. I’m going to recognize if you are wearing or not. But I’m more curious as to why your friend here is also in one?”

Joseph blushes

“umm well-”

Amaru cuts in.

“I got this assumption right. I know rie likes diapers to an extent so you must also be a friend that likes diapers so you must be rie’s… little is it? he’s the dad am I correct?”

Rie’s mouth dropped.

“you… knew?”

Amaru sighs.

"I know everything about you rie. I just let you think I don’t. But it’s ok, it’s cute and understandable. Your brother Oliver was in the similar situation so it’s only understandable you both like diapers. Though he seems more uhh never mind, anyways Joseph? "

Joseph looks up.

“y-yes sir…?”

Amaru smiles.

“you can call me amaru if you prefer or amay when Oliver gets in his little moods he and his wife call me that. Along with their little girl.”

Joseph takes a deep breath.

"Me and d-dad…err i mean rie had a question can we speak alone? Just me and you? Umm amay heh…”

Rie looked a bit confused.

“Why would you need to talk to dad alone? I know what you are going to ask.”

Joseph shrugs looking down, Amaru pulls Joseph and rie inside and takes joseph’s hand.

“Don’t ask questions rie, me and your umm little one are going to have a chat. That’s ok with you?”

Amaru gives rie a stern look. He crosses his arms.

“Fine whatever…I’m going to the kitchen to find something to eat.”

Rie walks off to the kitchen and amaru takes joseph to amarus room. Joseph could only look up at amaru not sure what to say but felt so small even when rie would do this. Joseph is put on amarus bed and he crouches down and smiles at the fox.

“What would you like to talk about?”

Joseph looks nervus he takes a few deep breaths.

“Well I was going to ask you if you could regress me for a week…”

Amaru smiles

“Oh that sounds like a blast for you and rie to grow closer.”

Joseph nods.

“Ya but…i just had an idea…”

Amaru looks confused.

“What’s this idea?”

Joseph takes on last breath

“Well i l-like to pretend to be a girl…is there any way you could make me a little girl…?”

His face was bright red amarus expression never changed like he was thinking. There was a long awkward pause.Joseph began to get nervus the anxiety getting to him.
“I-i sorry! I know its stupid i should just go!”

Joseph jumps off the bed and begins to leave when Amaru grabs his arm.

“You are not in any wrong little one. Sorry I was just thinking. I’ll tell you what. If you talk your daddy into being a little girl with you. You have a deal, one week of little girls’ diaper changes and all but know, you will not have any say for a week if I need to shop your coming and so on. Understand?”

Joseph couldn’t believe what he hered.

“Daddy will never agree to that…”

Amaru pats his head.

“I’m sure he would do anything for his little one. But we will see, I suppose?”

Joseph looks down then back up determined.

“Fine ill do it! We will be the cutest little girls!”

He blushes and giggles making amaru laugh.

“i can’t wait”

Amaru lets go as joseph runs out of the room and then wonders around the house till he finds the kitchen and hugs rie

“Whoa! O-oh hey? Well how did it go?”

Joseph gulps

“Well good…but I changed my mind!”

Rie looked confused turning around to him eating on a banana

“Change your mind? So no regression? Bummer oh well.”

Rie says with a shrug

“Not exactly daddy. I asked amaru to make me a little girl…”

Rie blsushed

“T-that sounds adorable…”

Joseph nods


Rie looks confused again.

“But what?”

Joseph taps his fingers together and looks down.

“He said he would agree to it if you be a little girl with me”

Rie was taking a bite and nearly choked.

“E-Excuse me?! You’re joking right?!”

He whines a bit shaking his head


Joseph begins to cry shaking a bit

“Whoa….whoa there bud…dont cry.”

He just starts to cry harder

“I-im sorry i just thought maybe you would do this for me for only a week!”

Rie looks away feeling awful. Just letting him cry for a bit before rie grones and hits the table. This makes Joseph jump.


Joseph’s eyes get big looking at rie.

“R-really!? Seriously?!”

Joseph hugs rie who blushed.

“You owe me super big time after this! But we will talk about that later.”

He says hugging him back.
“I love you daddy!”

Rie smiles

“i love you to spoiled brat heh”

Rie gives him a bit of a spank on his padded butt making Joseph giggle and wipe the tears from his eyes.

“Then we should tell your dad! Come on!”

Rie grones slowly being pulled up. Suddenly amaru speaks up.

“No need to, I already heard. But let’s not rush it, let’s have some fun first. Could you two strip down to your diapers please?”

Rie blsuhed and so did joseph.

“W-what why? You’re going to regress us anyways so what’s the point?”

Amaru clears his throat.

“Aheam, I said down to your diapers. Or are you going to tell Joseph he can’t be a little girl?”

Joseph begins to undress down to his pink bunny diaper. Rie groes doing the same but he has a diaper with black skulls on it. Amaru giggles a bit and goes over taking their clothes.he snaps and a fox hoodie and a black goat hoodie like ries appare in his hand. He gives the black hoodie to Joseph and the fox hoodie to rie.

“Here I need to get a cute before picture of you two.”

Joseph giggles, throwing on the hoodie on.

“This is so much fun! I love this so much thank you daddy! I-i mean amaru…im so sorry.”

Rie looks down a bit but throws in the fox hoodie. Amaru frowns.

“Call me grandpa joseph.i think i see the problem rie your jealous huh?”

He rubs his shoulder

“i guess…im scared joseph wont want to be my little anymore after you get through…”

Joseph frown and hugs him tight
“Rie…you will always be my favorite daddy! You were my first daddy and I’m so happy you’re here! I could never live out this fantasy without you.”

Rie blushed and smiled.

“Thanks Joseph I needed that…alright let’s get this over with”

Rie smirks and turns him around and rubs his cheek and Joseph puts on for the camera pouting a bit. Before flash the picture was taken.amaru giggles.

“You’re both adorable that’s going on my wall.”

Rie and joseph blush but rie speak up

“Please don’t dad…”

Amaru smirks a bit.

“Please don’t who?”

Rie looked confused


Joseph whispers in ries ear

“He wants you to say daddy.”

Rie grones.

“Please don’t…daddy.”

Both Joseph and amaru giggle making rie blush.

“this is stupid. Can I put on some pants now?”

Amaru thinks for a moment.

“hmm I got a good idea. You two can keep the hoodies on.”

Rie grones.

“I don’t like the sound of that…”

Amaru has them follow Joseph looked excited for whatever Amaru was planning, but rie not so much. They walk into Rie’s old room, Amaru shuts the door and Joseph sighs.

“even your room here looks bad… he don’t take care of things very well dose he?”

Amaru shakes his head.

“he’s not been good at it even when I took care of him. Must be something to do with his original life.”

Rie looks down and away.

“I want to pretend my first life wasn’t real… can we not bring it up?”

Amaru nods.

“sorry son…”

He gives him a half hug pulling him in and rie leans on him.

“I don’t know where I would be without you dad… i-I mean daddy… God, that’s so humiliating.”

They both smile and amaru snaps his fingers slowly. Rie’s once edgy room goes from a black room with skulls on it to suddenly a pink room his once manly looking bed changes into a pink crib his carpet becomes some kinda soft padding with princess on it. His dresser becomes more Girly as do all his clothes a changing table even appears in there just as girly. His once manly and edgy room was now ready for a female toddler. Joseph’s excitement grew as his thumb moved up to his mouth as he sucked to calm himself down.

Rie blushes.

“M-my room!! Dad seriously?!”

Amaru smiles.

“I always wanted a little girl, guess I’ll have two. Oh and don’t whine about it it’s only a week.”

He smirks and Joseph slowly begins to shrink along with rie.

“I mean… unless I decide you might be better off being raised as a girl.”

Rie blushes more and gets closer having to look more up.

“You better not! A-are you getting taller…”

He looks down and his fur has got some pink tint to it Instead of the full black. His once short hair on his head changed into pigtails. He shakes as he looks back at Joseph he’s stinking faster his diaper has fallen off along with rie’s being too big now. Rie saw a more female fox. His normal area below was completely gone. Joseph was a full on girl as he shrank more. Rie grabs his hoodie pulling it up to see he’s also no longer a he and now a she. Rie’s face goes beat red and he screams as a more female voice and about 10 years old comes out.

“i-I changed my mind daddy!! I want to go back, fix me atleast!!”

Joseph didn’t freak out at all. He was already young, he was already 2 or she was just sucking her thumb looking up at daddy or mommy now and rie’s daddy. She felt great like this was how she was supposed to feel.

“Too bad princess, just stop fighting and let the regression happen or you might mess something up and you might never go back to being a boy again.”

Her eyes went wide as she stopped resisting and quickly finished regression to about 3 years old.

“aww look at both of you so cute! Let’s get you both dressed!”

Amaru picks up both the now girl rie and girl Joseph.

“hmm but you both need a girl’s name… hmm.”

Joseph speaks up.

“I Wanna be josey!”

She giggles from her new voice and the baby speak. Rie blushed, hearing Joseph she was so adorable he wished he could be the one to take care of her.

“well ok josey! But what about Rie? How about raylene”

Rie’s eyes get big.

“nu! I Wana be rie! I’m not a…I mean I don’t Wana… mmm…”

As he knows any ounce of man hood is gone. Even his fur had a pink outline. She looked about as girly as they come.

“aww it’s ok you will grow to like your new name!”

He boops them both on the nose laying them on the changing table Joseph giggles and squeals moving around while rie pouts.

“whoa! Whoa calm down josey! Your going to fall heheh.”

She giggles

“Sorry daddy! I’m just so excited! I get to be little with my main daddy… or is she my mommy now?”

Joseph giggles more uncontrollably

“I think she’s your mommy now.”

Rie blushed not wanting to talk with the baby talk or the girly voice she was given. Rie was put in a cute princess diaper along with Joseph and next amaru pulls out a purple dress with Raylene on it and puts it on rie.

“what the hell is dis?! I don’t want a dress!”

Her little fingers can’t grip it to pull it off.

“I forgot how much you can’t do as a baby…”

Joseph claps.

“Mommy’s cute! Me next, me next!”

Rie growls.

“don’t call me mommy! I’m daddy!”

Joseph sticks his tongue out.

“not boy your girl! Mommy! Mommy!”

Amaru smiles.

“maybe I made her headspace a little too young… oh well it’s still cute.”

Amaru pulls out a pink dress with princess written on it and puts it on Joseph and she giggles clapping.

“yay! I’m cute! Right mommy? I’m a cute girl?”

Rie couldn’t believe how cute she was and nodded.

“Y-ya you’re a very cute girl Joseph… i-I mean josey.”

Amaru smiles.

“Well it’s late afternoon. It’s about 6pm so you both got another hour before bed. How about I get you both some ba bas and Raylene how about some chocolate milk?”

Joseph giggles and holds his arms out to be picked up and rie just looks down.

“this feels so… nostalgic…”

As he and Joseph are picked up and taken to the front room and put in a play pen.

“play till I get your bottles ready.”

Rie grones.

“play what?-”

Joseph speaks up and pulls over some girls’ toys.

“Let’s play dress up our dollys!”

Rie lets out a long sigh.

“that’s got girls…”

Joseph smirks

“last I looked mommy you’re a girl stop trying to be manly and just play pretend!”

He grones but nods

“fine… I forget this is your fun time…”

Joseph basically starts by teaching rie how to play. Rie doesn’t do well and ends up getting bored but Finally amaru comes back with two bottles and picks them both up. Joseph looks excited and reaches for the bottle cleafly hungry. They sit on the couch and lay both them back and one bottle goes in Joseph’s mouth then rie holds his mouth shut. Shaking his head. Amaru puts a finger in his armpit making him laugh before putting the bottle in his mouth. He wasn’t going to drink but the chocolate milk hit his mouth and it was like natural he began sucking and Joseph already is.

They both drank and both of them ended up falling asleep. Amaru smiles.

“It’s going to be hard to not keep her a girl. I get to have my little one back and her girlfriend is super cute! Maybe I’ll never let them grow up.”

He then thinks back to Oliver and sighs.

“no amaru you can do that… that’s cruel but one week won’t hurt. I mean what’s the worst that could happen?”

Amaru goes and takes rie and Joseph to ries old room now brings the baby girls room and lays them both in the crib he grabs a pink and purple pacifier and plops on each of there mouths. Pink going to Joseph and purple to rie. They both sucked on it with no fuss as they were covered up. Rie hugged Joseph in his sleep, making Joseph smile.

“now to come up with ideas… What do little girls do? Oh! What if I let them slowly grow up and get to have all the fun stuff of being girls well they still need to be diapered. But that could be fun.”

He chuckles to himself leaving the room; they end up sleeping all night and waking up at 7am. Rie was the first to wake feeling uncomfortable and the familiar feeling of a soaked diaper in the morning. He grones rubbing her eyes as a pacifier falls. From her mouth then sees she’s in a dress she whines.

“oh no it wasn’t a dream…”

Both they did look a bit older from like 2 and 3 to now 5 and 6. Still girls obviously. Rie stands up her legs a big wobbly oddly and looks around and then up at the high bars.

“how am I supposed to change if he won’t let us out…”

So she begins woking on how to get out when he falls back face first into Joseph’s also soaked diaper she blushes and leans up.

“yucky! Eww eww eww!!”

Rie says, wiping her face. Joseph grones and leans up sucking his pacifier still.

“watch u doin mommy…?”

Rie shakes her head.

“nothing… just trying to get us changed…but I can’t get out. You’re soaked!”

Joseph looked surprised to find his diaper soaked.

“but… you don’t look better mommy heh but I know how to get changed I think!”

Rie looked confused.

“ya how?”

Suddenly Joseph bursts into tears and cries and screams.


Rie jumps

“what?? What’s wrong, are you ok?!”

Suddenly amaru comes in and picks up Joseph rie looked blown away as he was given hugs and kisses.

“aww what’s wrong josey? Oh I think I see your soaked and need a diaper change poor girl. What about you raylene? Do you need a change too?”

He said in a very tone like speaking to a child. Rie looked Unamused.

“yes… but I’m not a child! Speak to me normally!”

Amaru rolls his eyes.

“Fine, if you want to be a brat you can wait for a diaper change.”

Joseph is taken over and given a diaper change right away. Into another cute princess diaper. She giggled.

“there you go all clean!”

Joseph gets out on the ground and is handed a kangaroo plush that she hugs tight.


He smiles and goes back to rie.

“now raylene tell me what you need.”

He growls glaring at amaru.

“d-daddy I need a diaper Change.”

Amaru smiles.

“That’s a good girl!”

He picks up rie and takes her to the changing table, gets her cleaned up with not much of a fuss and into another diaper.

“Now today I had a fun idea to take you both out to play.”

Joseph looks excited but rie panics.

“W-wait… with people?! I*I don’t Wanna be recognized!”

Amaru smirks

“There’s no way anyone could tell who you are. That would be impossible to anyone, you look like baby girls, cute little Baby girls.”

He says pinching both there cheeks.

Joseph begins to run around with her plush.

“I’m a cute baby girl. I’m a cute baby girl! Yay!”

Joseph’s clearly so deep in her little space she probably won’t be back till the end of the week.

“Do you think you can walk? Or do you need daddy’s help?”

Rie was able to force herself to walk but Joseph found herself falling down once in a while so amaru got her a stroller and put a backpack thing on rie that acts like a leash. Joseph was put in the stroller.

“Seriously daddy… you think I’m going to run away like This!?”

Amaru smiles and pats her head

“Don’t hurt to be careful you are technically still a kid you might see something and stop thinking”

Rie grones and crosses his arms.

“whatever…you’re just having a blast with this huh?”

Amaru laughs.

“Was it that easy to tell? Sorry I’m just giving your little friend here the time of his life.”

It was about that time they were just about to leave. Joseph had calmed down but he was looking away from everyone and looked kinda ashamed. Rie kept getting an odd smell once in a while before he looked at Joseph and sighed.

“daddy… uhh Joseph had an accident I think.”

Joseph blushed more.

“n-no I didn’t! I mean… i-Im sorry”

She begins to cry, Amaru stops and goes to take him out of the stroller.

“hey, hey don’t cry it’s ok. What’s wrong? I’ll get you cleaned up, don’t worry.”

Joseph wipes his eyes.

“Y-your not mad?”

Amaru looked confused giving him a hug.

“Now why would I be mad at a little baby who can’t control herself.”

Joseph blushes more and smiles hiding her face in amaru.

“hes… i-I mean she’s probably kinda used to me I think I was never that comfortable changing a messy diaper and she made sure I was never uncomfortable doing that.”

Amaru pats Joseph back.

“aww I see. Well don’t worry princess daddy will get you changed.”

He says patting his back walking off and into the bedroom.

“h-hey you forgot me!”

Rie says going to the door unable to even open it.

“stupid baby hands! Not like I wanted to come with you stupid dress! Stupid diaper!”

She says trying to take anything off.

“Get off me!”

She says before Finally falling over exhausted breathing heavy

“so tired… so small…. So weak… I hate this…”

Suddenly rie begins to cry without understanding why.

“h-huh? Why am I crying, stop… being a baby…”

He just begins to bawl.

Amaru opens the door with Joseph and looks down, who looks worried for rie. So does Amaru, he picks her up.

“What’s wrong with raylene? You ok, you’re not hurt are you?”

She talks in an upset voice trying to talk while crying.

“y-you left me out here alone… and I just started crying I don’t know what’s going on!”

She cries into amaru and Joseph hugs her.

“its ok mommy… don’t cry”

Amaru smiles hugging them both

“aww did daddy’s little girl miss daddy?”

She just nods. It seems the regression was Finally starting to get him more in this little headspace. Even if he didn’t want to.

“It’s ok baby girl daddy’s here. How about we head out to the park and have some fun. I got a bunch of games you both can play. And we will grab something to eat while we are out.”

Amaru takes the backpack thing off rie and makes the stroller able to hold two little ones with a snap and puts both rie and Joseph in it.

“Alrighty here we go.”

And they head out going down the sidewalk, girls would giggle and wave high to them both even other guys would have to stop and wave at just how cute they both looked. Both Joseph and rie were very embarrassed trying to hide their diapers and faces. Even though they were the age to still need them, For now. They keep going and eventually stop at a restaurant to eat. They head inside and the person at the front smiles.

“hello! How many? Just 1 and 2 toddlers?”

Amaru smiles and they both blush while the lady giggles.

“yes please and could I get some high chairs for them both please?”

She nods.

“Of course! They’re both super cute! What’s their name?”

Both rie and Joseph looked up at the same time, kinda nervous.

“Well, the little girl goat is raylene. And the little girl fox is josey.”

She coos at them for a while.

“there both so cute! Sorry just sit anywhere ill get the high chairs!”

She walks off and they go to a table.

Rie grones.

“we don’t need high chairs daddy…”

Amaru smirks.

“So you don’t want to eat? High chair or no food.”

Both their stomachs growl and Joseph speaks up.

“I’ll do the high chair, definitely!”

Rie sigh.

“fine… so stupid.”

Soon two high chairs were brought over and they were both sat in them.

“Now what can I get you all!”

Amaru orders himself some food and then orders some soft foods for both rie and Joseph, nothing too hard. She walks off.

“Daddy, that’s not what I want!”

He gives a stern look.

“Well, too bad young lady you don’t have a choice.”

Rie glares back before crossing her arms and pouting. Joseph giggles.

“mommy’s cute when she pouts. Heheh”

Rie blushes but ignores them. When suddenly some coloring pages and crayons were brought to them both. It was a princess in a diaper playing.

“here you girls go have fun!”

The lady says giggling and walking off. Rie looked down with a confused look and looked over at Joseph who grabbed a crayon and began to color. Rie sighs and shrugs doing the same; she was very bored. Before they knew it their food was brought out and Amaru took the stuff from them both.

“You can have it back after you eat.”

Joseph frowns rie glares.

“give it back I was just about done!”

He gives them their food.

“Eat them so you can go back to playing, ok?”

Rie huffs but Joseph begins to eat and so does rie they end up making quite a mess unable to use their hands quite well. after breakfast amaru gives their coloring back and rie looks confused.

“daddy this isn’t mine this is some stupid baby’s horrible coloring! Mine was super good!”

Amaru laughs.

“hate to tell you but that’s yours you also made the biggest mess you both need a change. Anyone need a new diaper?”

They both shake their head as they both get picked up.

“hmm raylene you feel wet you definitely need a change and Joseph your dry.”

Rie looks confused.

“w-when did I…?”

Amaru takes them to the barroom

“You both have no control for this whole weekend so you will both be using diapers till the weeks over.”

Ries clothes are removed and gets a diaper change she then gets a new outfit that says I love my daddy. It’s a little skirt and shirt combo rie blushes.

“No not that!”

She began to fight when suddenly amaru puts a pacifier in her mouth. She wanted to spit it out but couldn’t and relaxed just sucking.

“There you go, good girl.”

Joseph tugged on amaru.

“I want one too!”

Amsru smiles and gives Joseph a pacifier too to suck on after rie was dressed Joseph had to get a new outfit. Hers being some kinda princess dress. Not super long to make diaper changes easy.

“Great, all clean now, let’s head to the park.”

They were both put back in the stroller and taken to the park. They Finally get there and Amaru teaches them a bit about playing and even gives them some help playing with some other girls. Joseph was getting really good at it but rie was kinda fighting it even if maybe she was starting to enjoy this. He had to admit the air on his legs from the skirt was nice and cool. But they played all day till they were too tired to move.

Amaru took them home and laid them both in their crib, pacifiers and all amaru smiles and pets their heads.

"day 2. 5 days to go. Man why didn’t I make rie a girl when I adopted him. Err I guess adoption is completely different from how it happened. Some might call that kidnapping. Too bad he was such a horrible person no one cared… but I cared a lot this might have long term effects on them. As for Joseph she might even decide to stay like this. Who knows. "

He says to himself heading off to bed himself another day goes by. It’s now wednesday. Joseph was the first to wake up. They were both not in a crib this time they were on a princess bed. Their bedroom looked more like it was for kids in preschool but also still needed diapers. She slowly gets up looking around. She was definitely older like 7 rie looked a little older like 8. She stood up and her diaper sagged. She blushed and pulled the covers up off rie and felt her diaper. It was soaked too.

Joseph was kinda getting used to this he smiles and goes to open the door and loose around down the hall before walking to amarus room he opens the door to see him asleep she shakes him some. He opens his eyes and smiles.

“Good morning josey, something wrong?”

She nods and lifts her dress.

“my diapers soaked… and so is mommy’s”

Amaru yawns and stands up looking at the time it was about 8am

“oh crap it’s a bit late let’s get you two changed!”

Amaru rushed her to the bedroom getting her changed then grabs the sleeping rie and begins to change her who slowly wakes up and blushes seeing she’s getting a diaper change that was weird she thought.

" g-good morning… daddy. Was I that wet…?"

He nods and smiles, finishing and putting her down.

“yap both you where but now we got to get you both to school today!”

Both them looked a bit worried.

“S-school? L-like this?”

Joseph asked. Amaru nodded.

“yap you first day again of pre k!”

They both looked at each other with wide eyes.

“oh and it’s a all girl school there going to teach you more about how to be a girl then I could teach”

They both gulp

“but first breakfast. I don’t have time to make anything so I’ll get you both some baby bottles of breakfast you want and that should fill you both up!”

Amaru walks off.

“bottles… come on still? We are too old for that… now anyways? Right? And even with diapers we should be potty trained by now!”

Rie complains

“Oh God… girls are going to see us at school still in diapers!”

Joseph’s eyes get big.

“I’m scared mommy.”

They both hug and amaru comes back and hands them both there bottles

“here you two go!”

Rie sighs and just drinks it and Joseph happily drinks on it sucking away after it was all gone. They both felt like they ate a big breakfast and were full.

“I need stuff like this when I’m a big girl again heh.”

Joseph says. Rie looks curious.

“you mean boy?”

She blushes.

“o-oh right… I forgot about being a boy… whoa that was so weird…”

He says holding his head rie looks up at amaru who just shrugs and hands them both girly backpacks.

“I got all your stuff ready. Let’s get to the car.”

They both out them on walking out to the car where two car seats where placed roe sighed but Joseph looked excited being the first in and rie was just kinda forced in to the other locked in tight.

“we are old enough now not for car seats daddy… by the way why are we aging up? I thought we were going to be babies?”

Rie asks. Amaru gets in the driver seat and takes them to their school.

"Well I thought it might be more fun to experience being a girl in all the years of life. Well girls with no bladder and bowel control who will still act like toddlers because I’m not aging your brains up just your body’s but I don’t plan to send you to adult school that would be too hard on you two heh. "

Rie glared.

“nu uh!”

Amaru smiles.

“then tell me what’s 3+3”

Rie smirks.

“easy it’s… i-it’s…”

Her eyes got big and began to count on her fingers even Joseph looked confused and worried.

“mommy it’s… umm like 13”

Rie with a surprise on his face.

“oh ya it was 13! Heh see my little one is super smart!”

Amaru just laughs. They look confused.

“What’s so funny!”

Rie says mad.

“you two are just cute, but no it’s 6 baby’s almost see baby’s brains”

They both blushed. They couldn’t believe how little they could remember stuff now that they thought about it.

“y-you just gave us a hard one hmph!”

Rie said, pouting before they reach the school, Amaru gets out while rie fiddles with the seatbelt to unlock it, unable to. She grumbles. Finally she is let out by Amaru along with Joseph. He takes them both by the hand and leads them inside and to their first class.

“Now you girls be good and raylene. If I hear one bad thing about you doing anything here to anyone you’re going to be in a lot of trouble understand me.”

Amaru said with somewhat of a threatening voice.

“y-yes daddy…”

He smiles and kissed them both.

“good girl. Now be good and most of all have fun. Josey keep raylene close ok?”

Joseph smiled and nodded.

“ok daddy! Bye bye!”

And amaru walks off before all the kids run into the classroom leaving them both standing there nervously. The teacher noticed them before smiles.

“well hello there girls! Come on in and sit it seems we have some new students girls! Everyone say hello to…?”

Joseph jumps.

“I-im Joseph- I mean josey! H-hi!”

Rie was very nervous and gulped.

“I-im rie… for short! Like a light ray or umm raylene! Ya!”

She smiles.

“well welcome josey and raylene!”

Everyone else yells welcome and they sit down and the teacher begins to have class. It was fairly normal they all learned about shapes and the alphabet josey and rie felt confident they knew everything then would just go blank. They seemed to know the least of everyone in class. At the end of class the teacher stopped them both.

“hey josey and Raylene your daddy told me you two umm have accidents and wanted me to check if you needed changed between classes can you two lift your skirts for me.”

They both blushed doing so.

“hmm ya you’re both a little wet but I think you will be ok till next class is that alright? Or are you both uncomfortable?”

Rie nodded.

“n-no we are ok till next class right?”

Joseph also nods

“Right, we are great! No changes.”

The teacher smiles.

“great now head on down and go play with the other girls ok?”

They both nod and head to the playroom being play time. They kinda wonder around not sure what to do when rie’s eyes get big. He begins to herself right there right after being checked she couldn’t believe this was happening. Joseph just looks at her with big eyes.

“d-did you just…?”

Rie just nods blushing. Joseph takes rie’s hand who was nearly in tears over to the teacher

“ma’am? My… sister just umm had an accident. Can you Change her…?”

Rie couldn’t even speak as she cried as the teacher frowned.

“Oh no poor girl!”

She takes rie to the barroom and gets her changed

“hey don’t cry even big girls have accidents I’m sure you will get over this one day!”

Rie just sniffs and wipes her eyes being taken back to play and seeing Joseph playing with some other girls and being waved at to come over. She does and they end up playing a bunch of games like house and pretend tea party’s all these games girls would like. Rie was getting used to it and even having fun. Starting to become one of the girls. Joseph is already being very femenine but they both learn a lot about how to be more Girly from this school trip.

When it was Finally time to go home, Amaru picked them up ries hair was brade and so was Josephs.

“Daddy, look we match!”

Joseph says.

“aww my little Girls looks adorable”

Rie giggles smiling with a Slight blush. Amaru smiles.

“So you both had fun?”

They nod and rie looks down.

“but I had an accident during playtime… but the teacher was really nice about it.”

Amaru was surprised by how far rie was coming normally. He’s very careful with his manliness. But it seemed like rie was enjoying some girl stuff. Amaru was happy they had fun and got them home he got them both in footy pajamas and a pacifier who both took it with no fight. They hugged, laying in bed and falling asleep. Amaru sighs.

“I feel strange… like I never saw rie so… accepting of baby stuff and girly stuff so quickly even last time it took a very long time. I hope the regression from last time isn’t regressing his brain back to that. If so… it might be years before he gets back to normal”

He rubs the back of his head.

“But I mean what’s the worst that could happen? Rie wants to stay a girl… Joseph on the other hand I can tell he’s just accepted it and having fun he will go back to normal once aged up but rie… uhh we will see I suppose. 4 more Days to go.”

Amaru heads off to bed, falling asleep. This time rie and Joseph age up a bit more. This time there about 11 and 12 still needing diapers though. And over all acting like toddlers as that’s their mindsets amaru put them in. This time amaru was first to wake up. And goes to wake up the girls.

“Come on girls, time to wake up.”

They grone and wipe their eyes, sucking their pacifiers. Amaru checks both their diapers.

“yap your both soked and joseys messy.”

Joseph holds his arms up and Amaru picks her up and gets her diaper changed, not dressing her back and puts her down. Next was rie who did the same holding her arms up to be picked up and gets a diaper change and out down in nothing but a diaper. Amaru opens the closet.

“So what kinda outfit would you two like?”

Joseph speaks up.

“I Wanna be a princess!”

She says through her pacifier. Rie jumps up and down.

“oh me too! Me too!”

Amaru laughs; it appears both their adult brains are gone for now, nothing left but little girls. He pulls out princess dresses for them both and helps them into them.

“there you go you both look adorable!”

They both at the sametime.

“thanks daddy!”

And giggles

“Can we go play daddy?”

Rie asked.

“Well sure! You two have fun!”

They yell yay and run off playing princess in the house all day long. They have their normal lunch and they even begin to dabble in makeup. Joseph put makeup on rie and rie Joseph. It definitely didn’t look great but they had a blast not remembering anything about before. At Least for now. But otherwise today was getting kinda normal. It all became a pattern now. Other than having accidents all the time and diapers changed consistently.

The day ended and everyone went to bed. Joseph and rie would wake up older the next day on Thursday, this time about teens. They were getting more into make-up and better at it. Teenage baby’s seem to be a lot of fun to them as they could go out and play a lot more not caring about diapers showing or that there girls.

Friday hits There now about young adults. 17 and 18 years old. They were basically nothing but young adult babies at this point they went out shopping and other activities they where even changing each others diapers and getting back to the point of rie being the caretaker and Joseph the baby even if there mindsets where still toddlers it did give them odd looks when they would have pacifiers in their mouth walking around a store. Or when their diapers would show. They were even beginning to get hit on by some other boys and maybe went on a few double dates for the free food before scaring off the boys.

Saturday came around and now rie and Joseph are adults over 21 and 22. Well maybe by age anyways it was more or less the same as the previous day but they got more odd looks and stuff acting baby-like around places. But they had fun and didn’t care.

The last day was Sunday. Amaru shrank them back down, they were about 4 and 5 years old and let them have fun in nothing but diapers outside. It began to get late and he sighs.

“ok girls come on let’s go in.”

They both

“awww. But daddy.”

He gives a stern look.

“but butts girls come on you get to go back to normal today remember?”

They both looked at each other then it hit Joseph and his face went bright red.

“oh my goodness I completely forgot! My names really Joseph and I’m a boy!”

Amaru smiles.

“phew I was worried you guys might forget.”

Rie looked confused.

“Nu uh sis your josey? And I’m raylene!”

Joseph looked worried.

“uhh… no it’s rie your my daddy remember!”

Rie just laughs.

“your silly sis!”

Amaru snaps and Joseph morphs back in to a male but rie don’t.

“w-what the…?”

Rie covers her mouth.

“you made sis a boy!”

She laughs.


Joseph whines a bit.

“I think we broke rie…”

He snaps again and they both age up back to normal, Ries now a grown woman and Joseph is an adult male again. Luckily both their diapers grew with them they were both only padded.

“come on rie don’t you remember being a boy?!”

Joseph asks. Rie shakes her head.

“no I don’t?”

Amaru looks worried.

“uhh so… rie believes and wants to be a woman now… because I can’t change him back for some reason. This has never happened, maybe give her some time. But maybe you two should head home it’s getting late.”

Amsru hands them both their clothes they came here in and Joseph gets dressed but rie rolls her eyes.

“dad… I want a cute dress not that.”

Amaru sighs and snaps and makes her old clothes into more Of a dress her eyes light up and gets changed.

“Thanks dad, this was fun, come on Joseph! Let’s get you home. I think it’s about your lunch time.”

Joseph blushed.

“b-bye daddy i-I mean Amaru.”

They head out to rie’s car and head home. Once home Joseph got his first breast feeding by his now mommy. Joseph found it odd rie never remembered his old self but he couldn’t lie he liked the new rie or raylene his new mommy. Unfortunately for them both though amaru never gave them back bladder and bowel control because he knew they would like it better this way. But never expected rie of all people to be more happy as a girl then a man. She was also way nicer. She eventually did remember who he once was but agreed with Joseph being a girl was better and maybe once In a while she would ask her dad to make Joseph a girl again so they could be girls together.

They both lived together till eventually they both passed away. Many many years later they were both happy and healthy just passing of old age. Always being abdl to the end. Amaru was super sad on the day they both passed and missed them dearly but knew they were happy and knew it would be cruel to make them live forever. Amaru eventually got really sad and rarely left his home.

But one day an angel came to visit him to cheer him up. But how would he do that? Find out in “God’s and Little mortals 2” when i make it :wink: