Go Ask Ariel by Anonymous (Updated dec. 9)

Okay so St. Harmony’s hasn’t been doin it for me and so I thought I’d try something totally different. Here is something that is totally not my own work and is totally a true real story. :wink:

Go Ask Ariel

Go Ask Ariel is based on an actual diary of a thirteen-year-old diaper lover.

It is not a definitive statement on the adult baby, diaper lover community. It does not offer any solutions.

It is, however, a highly personal and specific chronicle. As such, we hope it will provide insights into the increasingly complicated world in which we live.

Names, dates, places and certain events have been changed in accordance of the wishes of those concerned.

~The Editors

May 27

This school year feels like it will never end. Even though my class gets out a couple days early it still seems like June is a lifetime away. And of course we all know what happens next. Summer goes by in a flash and all of a sudden it’s time for another year at school.

Jesus Christ, save me from this horrible world.

Okay, I’ll be honest, I really thought that was going to work for a second. But of course that’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works. God works in mysterious ways and there is a reason why I have to get through this chapter of my life.

Today was at least the last day of normal classes. So next week was just going to be a series of forced activities the school believes to be fun. And today wasn’t even really classes. We handed in books, took a test, mostly just hung out. That’s how the last days of school usually go.

Since it was a friday, we also got to spend third period with our First Grade Buddies. I was sooooo looking forward to this at the beginning of the year. But as six-year-olds go, Lexi Jewel had been a complete disappointment. Despite over thirty class periods together, plus school assemblies and events, plus out of school playdates, I haven’t been able to make her wet herself once.

Although, I didn’t exactly have the best of plans. My first priority was to not take her to the bathroom. But we only spent forty minutes together so that was hardly enough time to make a difference. She was even holding herself when she was at my house, but I made the mistake of running off to make popcorn. When I came back the toilet had been flushed and she was hiding under the bed to be silly. I can’t believe she ate the last of the popcorn.

Giving her treats to make her pee didn’t work either. She’d either take them home or save them for lunch.

Once, when we were staying in after care together, I straight up just asked her to her face about the last time she had an accident. She said she had them all the time last year. Great, why couldn’t this have been Kindergarten Buddies?

One of her classmates, Katie, was also in the after care conversation and was apparently more accident prone. She had dozens of stories that had me ignoring Lexi until she got picked up. From the sounds of it, Katie just didn’t go to the bathroom at home. She’s apparently peed in her bed, her mom’s bed, on the sofa, the nice rug, in the toybox, and on the cat. And she doesn’t change until bedtime so she just runs around in wet pants. What I wouldn’t give to be her Buddy.

Of course, Katie’s Buddy this year was Brittany Knoxville. Every girl like me knows a girl like Brittany. A bitch. End of story.

At the beginning of seventh grade, after we moved to our new house, Brittany was the first friend I had come for a sleepover. I made the grave mistake of showing her some of the websites I found about older kids bedwetting and stuff. We laughed about how funny it was that kids our age still peed themselves, but on Monday she told everyone at school that I “liked pee” and stuff like that.

So much for us having a fun laugh together.


Of course, by the time we started eighth grade I realized that she was kind of right. I used to just think stories about kids peeing themselves was funny, just like the cartoons I watch after school. But now I think something else. I do sort of “like pee.” I don’t really understand why or how, but it’s just the way I am.

Anyway in third period we went to the first grade class as usual and did some lame craft project. Lexi was her usual safe. Sorta sade, doe-eyed, and talking quietly about her sad, poor life. God what I wouldn’t give to see her wet herself.

Across the room was Anna Lobin, another first grader. Apparently not only did she wet her pants this year, she actually told me about it the same day it happened. I wasn’t really paying attention when she told me in after care, so I didn’t really figure it out until later.

The first and second grades shared a bathroom. I’ve thought about going in their one day and clogging it with something. Like that would make a real difference. The kids would just go to the one across the hall until the maintenance guy fixed it the same day.

Lexi doesn’t like being tickled. She doesn’t like soda. She doesn’t get scared. Her mother doesn’t think it’s a good idea to have a sleepover either. I have always wanted to try that warm water tricks.

At the end of the day, eighth grade got to go home early. This gave me almost an hour at home alone without my brothers.

The first thing I did when I got home was jump on the computer and open Incognito Mode to head to my favorite site. It was a story, written like a book, about a girl named Ariel who loved diapers so much her mom let her wear them all the time, even to school, even though they were poor and she didn’t have anything wrong with her.

I wish I could be like Ariel, or at least talk to her. Oh the things I would love to find out if I could only go ask Ariel all the questions I have.

But of course, Ariel got her wish as a result of having actual accidents. I couldn’t do that, especially not with all my brothers and the rumor at school that I’m the girl who likes pee. If I started pretending to have accidents, it would be the end of me. And above all else, my parents would not be as cool as Ariel’s mom was.

My dad and mom have both confronted me about finding weird websites about pee and diapers. Luckily for me I could just act stupid about them until I figured out how Incognito Mode worked.

After reading some more I decided I wanted a snack and popped a bag of popcorn. By the time it was done, everyone else was home and the computer was no longer mine. My brother’s gossip wasn’t excited, so I headed up toward my room.

By the front of the house, I caught a glimpse across the street, where a moving truck was being unloaded. The house just across from ours had been for sale for a while, but it looked like someone was moving in today.

Aside from men who were clearly with the moving company, I only saw one woman who was apparently moving into the house. With her was a girl, about my age. The girl turned around and for a second it seemed as though she could see across the street and through my window, because she was looking right at me.

I held up my hand, and gave her a wave.

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Sad you’re not working on St. Harmony’s.

Happy you’re working on this.

Really looking forward to seeing more.

Kinda cool angle you’ve got going here, for this style of ‘real-life account’.

That’s all I have to say.


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Can’t go wrong with conspiring to make others wet themselves. I’m surprised these kinds of stories aren’t more common.

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Glad yoo guys like it so far. I havn’t out St. Harmony’s to rest, just not feelin it right now.

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Looking forward to seeing more. It’s always fun with the main character is up to no good.

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Now this! is an original idea, very meta. As i love “The Double Life of Ariel Crawford”, i’m really looking forward to this.

So please continue and thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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DLAC is one of my all time favorites, so cool to see this tie into that story. Can’t wait to see where this goes….

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May 28

Okay, a lot happened today. The first part is that I met the family that moved in across the street. The second big thing is that I got a job. And third, I may be getting to see some pants wetting after all.

First, we went across the street and met the new neighbors. Well by we I mean me and my mom cus she wanted me to meet the owner’s daughter.

The girl’s name is Riley and she is a year younger than me, so she’ll be going into eighth grade at the end of the summer. I told her I’d show her all the ropes of what being an eighth grader is like.

I made sure not to bring up pee since I didn’t need the new kid in town already on that rumor train, no matter how true the rumor is.

Riley seems cool. She kinda dresses like a boy and she has freckles, but otherwise she’s okay. I usually don’t see any of my friends (not that I have many) during the summer, so it would be nice to have a friend across the street. I told her she could come over anytime.

And that’s when I got an idea.

If she came over, maybe I could get her to wet herself? Give her soda and tell her the bathroom is broken, that could work, right? Of course she could just go across the street or use one downstairs. Or I could scare her? Or…

I could try the warm water trick.

Everyone knows the warm water trick. Wait until someone falls asleep and put their hand in a bowl of warm water and then they pee. I don’t know why it works and i don’t even know if it works, but I want to try it out. If I can get Riley to sleepover, or just sleepover at her house, I can test it out.

I couldn’t get Lexi to wet herself all year, and she might have been six and Riley is twelve, but being asleep may work. So now I just had to ask her.

After meeting Riley and her mom, we went home. After lunch my mom told me she got a call from Mrs. Madison. She actually wants to pay me to watch her daughter, Chloe. Chloe is three years old, almost four. Both their parents started working and they don’t have a preschool to send her in the summer so they thought I’d be a good help. And they want to pay me a loooot!!

I went over their house because I’ve never really spent any time with Chloe, just seen her around at neighborhood parties. Her mom wanted to see if I would be a good fit with her or something.

I already told you I got the job, so you know where this goes. It kinda felt like a job interview, i guess. I basically just played with Chloe for a while and then she gave me a “tour” of their house which was just her looking for a toy in every room.

When we got to her bedroom, I noticed a bag of Pull-Ups on her dresser. Now I was obviously checking Chloe to see if she was wearing a diaper of some kind the moment I walked in. She wasn’t. So I figured that perhaps she only wore them at night.

I sat down with Mrs. Madison and she told me some things I needed to know, like their diet (they only eat brown bread ew.) And then she asked if I had any questions. I figured that, if I was to be a babysitter, asking about the Pull-Ups wasn’t weird at all.

Mrs. Madison said they were left over from potty training and they only use them sometimes for traveling or when she’s sick. I asked a few other questions but that was the only one I cared about.

So I figured if Chloe was newly potty trained I could do some untraining of my own.

And that’s what I’m working with. Riley, the new girl across the street, and Chloe, the cute little pre schooler.

I was going to make one of them, maybe both, pee their pants and maybe end up in diapers full time by the end of the summer.

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Oh boy!. Looks like we’ve got a mischievous one. Here’s hoping she[?] succeeds. LoL

Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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I wish there were more stories from the perspective of the “villain” (for lack of a better term). We have so many people be regressed/humiliated but I have a hard time finding stories about regressing/humiliating people.

I think I’ll like this one.

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I love stories like these, keep checking in each day to see if there was an update! Doing great so far ^^