Giving Credit - Contest entries

If stories are submitted for a contest, the authors name is not on the story. I understand this and accept it for the contest, but once the contest is over, the posting should be edited so at the top of the story it states who is the author. I don’t like the concept of having my story posted on the web without acknowledgement of the author attached to it.

Yes I know the authors names are in the post labeled WINNERS - but once the contest is over, someone shouldn’t have to go there see who wrote it.

I was looking at last years short story contest and saw this issue.

Re: Giving Credit - Contest entries

Well, a bit late to the party but starting with the 2016 Halloween contest this is now a thing going forward. In particular this is much easier via vBulletin because of the a few builtin features, like the ability to let users post their stories in a submissions forum where they can only see their own threads. We’re doing that with the (at the time I’m typing this) Summer contest. When voting is done the original posts will be moved to the Completed Stories section (and a proper index thread made to point to them) and the comments from the anonymized versions will be merged into the original submission threads.

This thread was actually why I wanted to get that working going forward, and it combines another suggestion to consolidate the short story contest forums. Going forward the polls and author guessing threads will be archived with the index thread so the two forums (the submissions and voting ones) can be reused. :slight_smile: