Give and Take

Hey guys, so I’ve been aware of this site for the past several years and have read many different stories here. So, I figured I’d give it a shot.

I’ve written fanfiction before, but never have I had to create characters of my own nor write an original piece, certainly not diaper related. So hopefully it’s enjoyable enough.

I am unsure of how often I will be able to update this story, though I enjoyed writing it and will try to keep it regular. I don’t exactly have a clear path set for it at the moment, only just a foggy outline. So I understand if it seems a little slow at first, it’s just the setup.

Give and Take: Chapter 1
-All Uphill From Here-

“Samantha, we’re back!”

Sam heard her mother yell at her from downstairs. They had been on a weeklong vacation in Hawaii. They had left Sam to tend to the house for the week while they were gone.

‘Oh shit’ Sam thought as she jumped up from her computer chair and sprinted towards the bathroom. She made it inside just as she could hear her parents fumbling with their suitcases in the kitchen on the floor below.

They were home a little earlier than she expected. She heard her somebody ascend the staircase and head straight for her room. Her heart was racing. The footsteps stopped and then began coming towards the bathroom.

“Jeez, Sam, turn on the fan.” Her father said from outside the bathroom door. “Smells like an outhouse out here!” She heard him tap the door twice with his knuckle.

“Oh, sorry” She stated as she faked a chuckle and then complied. “Welcome back.”

“Thanks. Hey we brought you a souvenir kiddo. When you’re finished up come check it out.” He added.

“Will do!” She replied, trying to end the conversation quickly.

She heard her father’s footsteps descend the staircase as he started saying something to her mother.

‘Ok,’ she thought. ‘Time to deal with this.’

She looked down onto herself and removed her pajama bottoms. Underneath was her freshly soiled diaper. The deed couldn’t have been done more than ten minutes before her parents had arrived.

She examined herself in the mirror for what seemed like the hundredth time this week, getting a good look at her diaper. The bottom had a slight hint of yellow to it and was obviously wet, while the back was still its typical white color, though a very prominent bulge relinquished any secrets the color of the diaper attempted to hide.

This was a simple task, one that she had become accustomed to over the past few years of her life. She had known she enjoyed diapers since a very young age; her first memory of the desire to wear them was at the age of six when she was staying at her friend Lucy’s house. Lucy was still using night time diapers. Now, ten years later, she was fully capable of seeing to it that she could fulfill that desire.

Carefully she removed the diaper, thankful for the cover of the fan to mask the sound of the tapes being unpeeled. The diaper was a mess and the same could be said about her backside. This was a task that a few pieces of toilet paper weren’t going to be up to.

She rolled up her diaper and stuck it in the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom. This was her typical hiding place for them. She would stash them here and wait for her parents to be gone then stealthily deliver them to the large garbage can in the garage. Following this was a quick hot shower and she was squeaky clean. Nobody would know any different.

After dressing herself she trekked downstairs to see how her parent’s trip had been.

“Hey Sam, check it out!” Her dad said just as she reached the last step.

He held up a white shirt, it had a design on it of a blue necklace made of flowers going around the neck of the shirt and in big black letters on the front it read “I got leie’d in Hawaii.”

“Oh my god, Dad.” Was all she could think to say. He was grinning from ear to ear so she heartily accepted the gift, doubting she would ever be caught dead wearing that in public.

“We could only find one in medium, but it should shrink in the wash.” Her mother added as she was sorting everything they had brought from their suitcases.

After several hours of long stories regarding Hawaii, a luau they went to and a peculiar old fellow named Rob they had befriended during the trip, things began to settle back to normal.

As she returned upstairs, she noticed that the smell of her deed had completely faded away so she shut off the fan in the bathroom.

Doing so allowed her to hear her phone ringing in her bedroom, which caused her to sprint towards it and frantically try to answer it.

“Hel…damnit… Hello?” she dropped the phone as she answered.

“Sup, Butterfingers!” the voice replied.

“Oh hey, yeah sorry I almost missed your call.”

“I could tell. So hey, I’m off work, we still good for tonight?”

“Yeah definitely. I’ll be over in a heartbeat!” Sam replied. She had been eagerly awaiting this call.

“See you then!”

Sam gathered her things and headed downstairs.

“Hey guys, I’m going to head to Lucy’s for the night.” She informed her parents nonchalantly, she had free reign to go where she wanted most of the time. It was already 8:30pm, but it was a Friday and she wasn’t going to miss out on an opportunity to hang out with Lucy.

“Ok, sweetie. Have fun.” Her mom replied.

“Have a good night. Say hi to Lucy for us.” Her father added.

“Will do.” She said as she went out the front door.

Lucy had been Sam’s best friend since they were children. They both grew up in the neighborhood that Sam was currently living in, but Lucy had moved away when they were 12. They still saw each other almost every weekend but Sam had to drive a little ways to get to Lucy’s house.

She parked in the driveway and approached the door. She was about to knock when the door flung wide open.

“Can’t you see the sign, NO SOLICITING, we don’t need any more girl scout cookies!”

The man who had opened the door was Lucy’s father.

“But we just restocked our somoas.” Sam said, playing along.

“Oh, well then I guess I have no other choice but to let you in.” He replied, moving aside to let her in.

Sam just smiled and walked in. He had pulled this joke on Sam for the first time many years back and over the years it had become something of an inside joke between the two.

“Lulu is upstairs in her room.” He added as they made it fully into the house, pointing up the stairs.

Sam approached Lucy’s bedroom door and flung it open. There was a startled gasp as Lucy had not been expecting her privacy to be interrupted suddenly.

She was standing in her room in just a white t-shirt and her Goodnite, obviously preparing for the night.

“Oh, hey Sam… you scared me.” She said as she pulled up her shorts.

“Getting ready for bed already, huh Lulu?” Sam teased, she would always use that name with her when she was teasing her.

“No way, just movie night.” She replied.

Lucy had been Sam’s friend for so long, Sam couldn’t remember a time when Lucy didn’t have to wear a diaper or some kind of protection to bed. It was almost natural to her. Lucy still hadn’t grown out of her bedwetting habit which Sam believed only further increased her fascination with diapers as she got older.

Sam joined Lucy by jumping into her PJ’s and getting comfy. After grabbing some popcorn and soda, the girls began their movie night. Within a few hours, both were fast asleep in Lucy’s bed with the TV still playing in the background.


Sam and Lucy awoke at more or less the same time in the morning. Lucy excused herself to take a shower, which Sam understood as another soaked Goodnite.

After eating breakfast and conversing with the family, Sam bid them farewell and departed for her house.

They had still planned on hanging out Saturday night as well, but Lucy had to work and Sam wanted to get a few things done before school on Monday.

She entered her house, fully expecting her parents to be in their usual spot in the living room in front of the television. However she only saw her father there.

“Hey, Sam, How was your night?” Her dad waved at her.

“Good. I’m heading back over there tonight as well. I just want to get some homework done before I do.” She replied.

“Ok, well before that why don’t you go help your mother by cleaning your bathroom. She wants them all cleaned today. You’re in luck too, I think she already started with yours.”

‘Shit’ Sam thought, as she bolted upstairs. As she turned the corner she could see her mother in the bathroom, opening the cabinet under the sink.

Re: Give and Take

It’s a good start, it’s too early to say anything about the story and characters but I can start on the grammar.

It’s well written for a debut story and I’m looking forward to seeing you improve. Your sentences are a little clunky, though. Your writing style is a bit too formal considering the down to earth setting (if this were written as a research essay story it would be a better fit).

Some examples:

“Hey guys, I’m going to head to Lucy’s for the night” is a little wordy for dialogue, I would cut down on the "to"s: “Hey guys I’m heading to Lucy’s for the night” (I’m not sure if the comma was needed, it wasn’t seperating an idea and the sentence looks fine without it so I removed it, let me know if I should have kept it) sounds more like something a person would say (people like to use as few syllables as possible when talking, "to"s, "that"s, and "had"s are often worked around).

“she would always use that name with her when she was teasing her.” too many "her"s, mostly, using the same word multiple times in a sentence without reason should be avoided in stories and scripts, humans are sensitive to that sort of thing. It works better as: “she always used that name when she teased her” generally “would” and “when” don’t have mush business being in the same sentence, you could do it but it’s just an unnecessary word addition, it’s always best to clean a sentence of unneeded words.

A lot of your sentences have these kinds of issues. There’s not much I can say on how to avoid this, this is often the work of a proofreader or editor, you’ll get better at spotting these with time.

I recommend proofreading your story backwards. One sentence at a time from the end to the beginning. This stops the story and context from distracting you from the grammar. Your brain is better at glossing over mistakes in a story than in a sentence by itself.

Give and Take

I like what you have, but there’s one problem, Vegas is in Nevada not Hawaii. :slight_smile:

Re: Give and Take

Haha oops. Guess I do need to reread.

I originally had it to be in Vegas, but changed to Hawaii halfway through.

It’s fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

Re: Give and Take

LOL. I never connected the two. Her dad’s weird sense of humor might have had him get a Hawaiian shirt in Vegas. Maybe they went thrifting and he saw it and got it for her. Either way, you still needed an edit to clarify.

Can’t wait to find out what happens when mom finds the poopy diaper. Or will Sam be able to divert her mother from finding it.

Re: Give and Take

Damn I missed the line entirely, I’m slipping. I may not have been able to point out which state Vegas was in off the top of my head but I at least knew it was in the mainland. Sorry for missing that.

Re: Give and Take

Chapter 2
-Paranoia, the first bump-

She quickly retreated behind the corner and observed the situation. Her heart was pounding out of her chest. How could she possibly explain what her mother was about to find. This was going to be a terrible Saturday.

It didn’t take long for her mother to find it. There she was, grabbing the messed diaper out of the cabinet. She held it for a few seconds, then nonchalantly tossed it in the garbage bag that she had in preparation for cleaning the bathrooms. Her mother then continued without pause as if it was a normal occurrence.

Sam was thoroughly confused; she thought that certainly her mother would be shocked to find it. Now here she was, tossing it aside like it was another piece of garbage to be thrown away.

Sam descended the stairs again and began walking through the living room, her mind was racing.

“Aren’t you going to help your mother?” Her dad questioned, noticing that she had come down.

Sam barely noticed him saying anything.

“…yea… uhh… I’m just going to use the bathroom down here real quick. She’s cleaning mine.” It was the best excuse she could think of.

She entered the downstairs bathroom and sat on the toilet. She had no intention of using it; she just needed a private place to gather her thoughts without engaging her mother.

She began thinking of an explanation, perhaps convincing her parents that she started using them as a result of some night time accidents recently. Though, it was plainly obvious to anyone that the diaper had been used to its fullest. Just then the perfect idea sprouted into her head.

Sam would tell her parents that it was Lucy’s diaper. Lucy had stayed over at her house countless times and Lucy’s parents made sure they were well informed of her night time issues. It was usually something that was relatively ignored because Lucy was old enough to take care of it herself, there was a good chance they would buy that Lucy could have messed the diaper.

She felt bad throwing her friend under the bus, but she figured she’d just tell her parents not to mention it because Lucy was embarrassed about it.

With her plan in mind, she stood up and flushed the toilet for good measure, then proceeded upstairs to confront her mother about the diaper.

Halfway up she was having second thoughts. She decided to let her mother confront her about it. Walking up to her mother and promptly stating “That diaper was Lucy’s” would be far more suspicious than saying nothing about it, considering that her mother had no idea that Sam even knew.

“Hey, Mom.” She said as she approached the open bathroom door. Her mother was meticulously scrubbing away at the bathtub.

“Hey Sam, how was your Friday?” Her mother inquired while continuing to scrub the bathtub.

“Fine, need any help?” Sam replied, attempting to keep the nervous tone out of her voice. She was all too eager to have this conversation finished with so she could have peace of mind.

“That’d be great sweetie, can you go downstairs and grab a dry towel for me, oh and the brush from under the kitchen sink.”

“Sure thing.” She said as she began heading downstairs again.

She thought it was strange that her mother hadn’t said anything about it. She had assumed it would be the first thing to come up.

Maybe her mother was too embarrassed to bring it up. Even worse, maybe she was planning on discussing it with her father before they decided to take action. Perhaps her mother had even already assumed that it was Lucy’s. It does seem kind of far-fetched that Sam would be using a diaper when, as far as they know, she’s never needed or used one since she was a toddler.

She returned with the items her mother had requested and they finished up cleaning her bathroom without a single mention of the diaper under the sink. Sam’s paranoia was starting to eat away at her sanity, she was losing it.

They finished cleaning the bathrooms without incident. They went their separate ways and Sam ended up in her bedroom with a blank, devastated look on her face. Her plan to blame it on Lucy had all but failed for the time being. Now what was she going to do.

Immediately her thoughts jumped to her stash of diapers. She opened her closet door and looked toward the back left corner of it. Under a seemingly normal pile of coats and inside an ordinary traveler’s bag was her pack of diapers.

Sam began moving the coats away and unzipped the traveler’s bag to reveal, just as she was hoping, her pack of diapers still undisturbed. She felt a ton weight drop off her shoulders and barrel through the floor, at least she still only knew about the one.

After securing her pack again, she migrated over to her computer and tried to start working on her homework. After several long minutes on the same math problem, she gave up. Her mind was too distracted to focus on homework; she would have to crank it out tomorrow.

Sam was perplexed. She had come to the only conclusion that seemed logical to her. Her mom had planned on discussing it with her dad before talking to Sam about it. This meant that both parents were now going to know her secret. She felt as though her cheeks were going to explode.

Deep in thought, she was dragged out by the mumbling of her parents downstairs. She could hear them having a conversation. So slowly, she snuck towards the door to her room and opened it in an attempt to listen into the conversation. Surely her mom was going to bring it up at some point tonight.

She focused on the conversation, dreading what she was going to hear.

“… in months, you’d think they’d fire the guy by now!” Her dad had said.

“Well why don’t you bring something up about it, Darrel.” Her mother responded.

“Bah! Those managers wouldn’t care. They all have their heads up their asses.” He replied.

‘Just a normal conversation. That’s it.’ Sam realized that her paranoia was getting the best of her and decided that, at this point, there was nothing she could do. It was all in fate’s hands. ‘It’s no big deal anyways, what’s the worst that could happen.’

Sam began to turn back after coming to that conclusion.

“So, about Sam.” Her mother’s voice once again reached her ears.

‘Oh god, this is it.’ Her heart began to beat a mile a minute again. So much for that glorified pep talk she tried to give herself.

“Yeah?” Her dad asked inquisitively.

‘Here it comes…’

“I guess she told me the other day that she finally decided on a major to pursue at university.”

“Oh, really? Fantastic… did she end up going with Biology?”

Sam’s eyes widened once again at the realization of her paranoid mind. She really needed a distraction and it was too early to try to go over to Lucy’s.

Eventually, she decided on going to see a movie at the theater that she had wanted to see. She was a pretty avid movie fanatic, but her favorite part was being in the theater without the need to get up and use the bathroom. She disliked missing parts of the movies.

She opened her closet and hesitated.

‘Should I really be using another diaper.’ Sam was unsure. ‘What if they decide to take them away, this could be my last chance.’
On that reasoning, she changed into one of her diapers. Her shorts were big enough to hide most of the bulge of the diaper.

Sam headed downstairs to inform her parents of her plans. She was sure that they would discuss her mother’s findings while she was gone.

Re: Give and Take

Chapter 3
-The unveiling-

The movie was decent enough, but Sam’s thoughts were focused elsewhere. Throughout the entire movie she had dreaded over what was going to happen about her diaper situation with her parents. After mulling it over for the entire movie she had made up her mind.

She was going to confront them about it as soon as she got home. They were her parents; they loved her no matter what. She wasn’t sure if she’d be punished although she doubted it. She figured the worst that could happen was if they took her diapers away. Though this seemed like the most reasonable outcome.

The movie had ended and Sam was on her way to her car. She had been feeling the need to pee for some time now, but was hesitant. She now figured if this was going to be her last diaper, she might as well get some use out of it.

She released her bladder into her diaper as soon as she sat down in the car. It was a big one, but luckily it felt like the diaper held up and didn’t leak. She enjoyed the warmth of the liquid filling every crevice inside her diaper as much as she could, before departing towards her house.

When she entered she found her parents sitting in their usual spots in the living room, watching the television.

“Hey, how was the movie?” Her father had asked.

“It was fine…” Sam paused. She wasn’t sure how to continue from here.

“Is something wrong?” Her mother asked.

“Well, uh, kinda… I don’t know. Can we talk?” She replied.

Her parents both looked a little confused but could tell that she was distraught about something. They muted the television and gave her their attention.

“Of course, sweetie. About what?” Her mother added.

“Well, you… k-know how you were cleaning my bathroom earlier?” Sam started. She was stuttering, whether it was out of embarrassment or fear of being judged, she didn’t know.

"…yes…"Her mother answered, a little confused.

“I saw that you found… uhh… found…” Sam couldn’t bring herself to say it. She was trying but the word just couldn’t force its way out of her mouth.

Both of her parents looked at her inquisitively.

“…a diaper… under the sink.” She finally said it. It was difficult.

“Oh, yes. I remember that.”

She noticed that her parents cast each other a glance. She wasn’t sure what that was about.

“Well… the thing is… you’re going to think I’m a freak for this… but it was mine.” Sam managed to get out.

“…yours…. No…?” Her mother replied, with a slight sarcastic tone.

“Yeah… sorry but this is hard for me to say.” Her cheeks were swelling with redness. “I… like… to wear diapers.”

“…you? Like to wear diapers? Outrageous!” Her father added, there was that same sarcastic tone.

Apparently her parents couldn’t contain it anymore, they both started cracking a smile and her father even chuckled a bit.

Sam was a little angry.

“What about this is funny?” She demanded.

“Sam, we’re glad you finally decided to confront us about this.” Her father said. They both nodded.

Sam was thoroughly confused.

“… finally…?”

“Honey, we’ve known about your little secret for years now. How many times do you think I’ve cleaned your bathroom. You’re not as good at hiding things as you think you are.” Her mother added.

Sam was in shock.

‘They had known…. For years….’ Sam thought. All that time spent sneaking around and being extra cautious, although apparently not cautious enough, had been for nothing.

“…you’ve… known…?” Was all she could bring herself to say.

“Well yeah, you don’t tend to do a good job of keeping the smell of your… let’s say ‘used’ diapers hidden.” Her father chuckled. “Like when we got back yesterday.”

Sam was almost to tears, she was thoroughly embarrassed. Her mother could see the tears welling up in her eyes and had to jump in.

“Honey, it’s okay. Really it is. We’ve known about it for years and have come to terms with it. There’s really no reason to be embarrassed. Also, you’re not a freak. Everybody has their own little quirks. I’m glad yours is wearing diapers instead of smoking pot of binge drinking. Trust me, there’s nothing to be sad about.” Her mother reassured her sincerely.

“I… I don’t know what to say.” Sam sniffled.

“Well, like I said earlier. We’re glad that you decided to confront us about this. We love you honey, no matter what. You know that right.” Her father also reassured her.


Her parents got up and motioned for her to join them in a group hug. Sam had never felt so accepted in her life. She felt the rest of that burden drop right off her shoulders.

When the group hug broke, Sam had to clarify.

“So, you guys don’t care if I continue to wear them then?” She asked.

“No, sweetie. However, there are two new ground rules.” Her mother said.

“Now that you are aware that we know, there’s no reason to go hiding them under your bathroom sink anymore. It’s just unsanitary. I’ll get you a garbage bag for now, until I can get one of those disposal bins for used diapers.” Her mother stated the first one.

“Ok.” Sam said. “And the second?”

“Please change in a reasonable amount of time, honey. Not only does it stink up the house but we were worried about you getting infections. Also, I’m going to get you the proper supplies and show you how to apply a diaper correctly. You can’t just be throwing one on without using some essentials.”

“Alright.” Sam replied. She had known about this before, but didn’t think she’d be able to keep all of the essentials hidden well enough.

After a few more words shared between them and some more reassurance from her parents, Sam made her way upstairs. She was excited about her new ‘coming out’ to her parents, even though they had already known. This was great, she was happy.

It was then that she noticed a familiar feeling in her bowels. She had all but forgotten that she still had her wet diaper on from the movie theater. Deciding to test her new-found freedom, she squatted in the middle of her room and began to push.

It took several seconds to fully exit her bowels and take its place in the seat of her diaper, it was on the larger side. The shorts she was wearing caused it to squish onto her bottom more and invade other parts of the diaper that it normally did not. She was not used to using her diaper with something covering it.

She sat happily in the edge of her bed, enjoying the mess squishing around in her diaper. She was smiling from ear to ear, knowing that this was going to be the first of many enjoyable moments to come from here on out.

She couldn’t wait to tell Lucy.

Re: Give and Take

This story is wonderful so far

Re: Give and Take

You’ve got a pretty interesting story and I want to see more of it. Some people already mentioned your grammar and whatever. The only thing I’d like to point out is what I believe to be a hole in the story. Her parents had known for so many years that she had been wearing diapers, yet only now they start enforcing rules to keep her skin safe and their house from smelling like a barn. Seems like they would’ve intervened a while ago.

Re: Give and Take

I’ve been following your story for quite a bit, and you do have something here in your hands!

It’s a DL story with a girl, you’ve given us reason to care for her. Now you need to present us the complication within the story. The parents have accepted her for who she is, Lucy knows her secret. Now where do you want the story to go? Focus on the storyline and structure, you can fix the linguistics later.

All the best, and I’ll be following your story!

Re: Give and Take

Your grammar has vastly improved, I no longer have anything to say about it.

I enjoyed the twist, not how I expected her mom to react. Now I must see how this continues to go. I can’t remember the last time I read this premise, I know I must have but I couldn’t have gotten far for some reason.

Re: Give and Take

I just wanted to let you know that I really love how youve made me care for the characters and for me that is what counts the most