Ginevra Weasley and the Nappies of DOOM!

This is my first story posted here, and I have a few things for you to keep in mind.
1: This is a sequel to another story I’d worked on for a while but not posted. That may make it, technically, a prequel to this story, but that I like the absurdity of this situation.
2: In the unreleased story, I establish some of the rules for this universe, so just use your imagination if things aren’t fully explained. This is set in the Harry Potter universe. Magic can be used to explain away things.
3: That’s where most of this started. I tried imagining a TBDL story set in the magic world of J.K. Rowling. How would diapers, babies, and potty training work if magic could be used? That brought out the pervert and nerd in me. The origninal (unposted) story involved a curse hitting Hermione accidentally and causing her to lose bladder/bowel control. She stumbles upon The Room of Requirement at Hogwarts and ends up in diapers.
4: I haven’t written out the set up to this one yet, but it takes place the summer after book 4. Voldemort is back, everyone is stressed, and Mrs. Weasley just wants everyone to be safe back the way it was. Hermione dropped by for a few days, forgot a diaper in Ginny’s room, and Mrs. Weasley found it. Yada yada yada, she punishes Ginny for something or the other, and we end up here. Enjoy.

Mrs. Weasley pulled out her wand, sat on Ginny’s bed, and pulled Ginny over her knee. With a quick motion, she pulled up Ginny’s nightgown and tapped her lightly on the butt with the wand. The force of the spell made it feel as though a paddle had been swung at her with full force, and Ginny cried out. Mrs. Weasley repeated the taps 20 times until Ginny was sobbing and her behind was as red as her hair.

“Up!” ordered Mrs. Weasly, and Ginny stood up on shaking legs.

Out of her pocked, Ms. Weasley pulled a blue pacifier and placed it in Ginny’s mouth. The enchantment on the pacifier produced a calming effect on Ginny and her tears subsided. She laid Ginny on the bed and pulled out the nappy she’d found under Ginny’s bed earlier.

“I’ll take you to Diagon Alley to get some nappies this afternoon. Until then, you’ll wear this one, young lady.”

Ginny was heartbroken. She remembered the year before she’d gone to Hogwarts. It was the year her mother had broken her of her habit of bedwetting. Mrs. Weasley had mercifully waited to do it after all Ginny’s brothers were out of the house; the process had been embarrassing. She’d started by “unpotty training” Ginny for a few months and then retrainging her to use the toilet. By the time she left for Hogwarts the following September, Ginny hadn’t wet the bed in months.

As Mrs. Weasley put the nappy on her, Ginny began to feel sleepy. The enchanted pacifier was working a little too well. By the time the process was done, Ginny was asleep completely. Mrs. Weasley pulled out the blue, calming pacifier and replaced it with a red one. This one had been bought with an enchantment to end constipation. It used a dual process of relaxing the muscles involved and provided a laxative effect. Mrs. Weasley had cleverly added a hex to it to provide for involuntary bladder release. It’s how she broke Ginny of her potty training 4 years before. Still soundly asleep, Ginny didn’t even realize she was filling her nappies.

Waking up was not pleasant. Ginny had hoped the morning was actually a nightmare. The squishiness wetness of her nappy told her it was not. She began to sob. She attempted to pull out the pacifier, but it, like most high end magical pacifiers, couldn’t be removed by the person sucking on it. She crawled blearily out of bed and frowned as she looked for a bathrobe. She couldn’t let any of her brothers see her in such a state.

Having sufficiently covered up, Ginny waddled stealthily down the stairs in search of her mother. She found Mrs. Weasley busy at work in the kitchen.

“Ah, you’re up!” greeted Mrs. Weasley. “We’ll be going to Diagon Alley in a few. I was just about to come and wake you.”

Mrs. Weasley approached Ginny and performed a humiliating nappy check on her.

“Mom!” mumbled Ginny through her pacifier, trying to shy away from her mother’s reach.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed. You’re brothers are out playing Quidditch, and this is my job. I see you definitely need a change. Hurry up, go put on a skirt, let’s get you some nappies.”

Ginny did as she was told and went up to her room to put on a discreet skirt. She returned to find Mrs. Weasley standing by the fireplace holding floo powder. Moments later, they had each vanished into green flames.

When the ride had finished, they stepped out into the parlor of The Leaky Cauldron. From there it was a quick “hello” to Tom, and they stepped out back. Mrs. Weasley pulled out her wand and tapped the brick wall. Moments later, the solid wall had given way to a beautiful archway leading into the magical mall that is Diagon Alley.

“Mom!” mumbled Ginny, gesturing to her mouth.

“Oh, sorry, dear!” said a surprised Mrs. Weasley, as she pulled the red pacifier from Ginny’s mouth.

The pair made their way to Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions, Ginny doing her best to walk normally. The nappy she had on had an odor blocking charm on it, but the lack of smell obviously didn’t make it easier to walk in. She’d messed it thoroughly.

“Mom, please don’t do this. The nappy wasn’t mine; I’m not wetting the bed again,” she pleaded in a low hiss.

Mrs. Weasley pursed her lips and didn’t respond. When Ginny attempted to plead her case again, Mrs. Weasley stopped her.

“I have no problem spanking you again, young lady. I told you once already, don’t lie to me,” hissed Mrs. Weasley as she pulled out the red pacifier.

Ginny’s eyes widened with horror at the thought of being seen in public looking so childish. She blushed red and closed her mouth. The rest of their journey to the shop passed in silence.

Madam Malkin’s was empty apart from the proprietor. Madim Malkin, a grey haired witch in light green robes, was busy working on set of robes hanging from a mannequin. As she noticed the pair of customers, she walked away from her project, though the needle she had been using continued to hem without her.

“How can I help you? A new set of robes perhaps?”

“No, we’ll be back for school shopping at the end of the summer. Right now, we’re in need of nappies.”

“Nappies?” inquired Madam Malkin.

“Yes, for my daughter, she’s had a bit of trouble with wetting herself.”

“Ah, not worry, deary,” smiled Madam Malkin at Ginny, “It happens to the best of us. You’re in luck too. Since my time, we’ve developed some very discreet products to deal with bedtime issues. We keep a full stock… you wouldn’t believe the number of witches and wizards who occasionally need a little help. Follow me!”

The Weasley women followed Madam Malkin to the back of the shop and showed them what looked like ordinary underwear.

“Helga’s Patented Protective Pants. These are the latest in enchanted incontinence protection. Look, feel, and wash like normal pants, but they have been charmed to provide discreet high absorption. The outer later is waterproof, the inner later is capable of swelling to hold what it would take several layers of nappies to hold. A simple scouring charm removes the urine. Simply tap them with your wand, say scourgify, and they are ready to wear again. These models, of course, include odor blocking which even works on heavy soiling. The back expands discreetly for this; in fact, the leg bands are enchanted to maintain a skin tight seal no matter what. The matter of skin protection is handled too. They’ve been impregnated with a tonic meant to keep the skin at optimal moisturization and cleanliness. These are, quite frankly, the last underwear a witch with a weak control will ever need!”

After that hell of a sales pitch, Mrs. Weasley frowned.

“Hmmm…” she paused, “These will be great for potty training, but for the next month, we’re really going to need something more traditional. Do you stock regular nappies?”

“Yes, but not in your daughters size.”

Ginny was releaved. Maybe she’d get out of this alive…

“We’d have to modify some meant to babies. A few simple charms and we’ll be perfect.”

Ginny and found herself being led to a room on the side that was clearly meant to be the baby section. Madam Malking and Mrs. Weasley sorted through stacks of nappies, and Madam Malkin modified several with an engorgment charm.

“Not much use for these in larger sizes anymore, but I think I’ve made these large enough in size. Would you like to use a fitting room to try one on?” she said to Ginny while smiling in a kindly manner.

“Yes, we would,” replied Mrs. Weasley. “Do you have any pins?”

Moments latter, Ginny was on her back on the floor of a fitting room. Her skirt was off and her nappy exposed. Mrs. Weasley pulled open the nappy, and without recoiling, she set to work. Seven children had hardened her ability to handle the grossest of sights. She pulled a cleaning cloth from her purse and began wiping Ginny down, occasionally pausing to say scourgify to clean the wipe. With the old nappy transfigured into a rubber duck… this always used to amuse her fussy babies, she put the new cloth nappy on Ginny and pinned it into place.

A knock on the door was followed by the sound of Madam Malkin’s voice.

“Everything fitting okay in there?”
“I think so,” said Mrs. Weasley while spinning Ginny around to check the fit.

Mrs. Weasley opened the door and Madam Malkin came in.

“Hmmm… follow me,” she said, “I think we can make them a little more snug.”

Back in the room full of baby clothes, she began grabbing some nappies. A measuring tape magically zoomed around Ginny and Madam Malkin set to work modifying a few sets to meet Ginny’s needs.

Ginny’s heart raced, and she was glad when her mother handed her skirt back.

“Let’s see. That’s 12 nappies. 4 night weight, 4 day wieght, and 4 medium weight. You’d got 6 pairs of pants that have the water repelling and odor locking enchantment. 7 pairs of Helga’s Pattented Protective Pants… perfect for Hogwarts, by the way… is that all?”

“Oh, you’ve forgotten the one on Ginny?”

“Would you like me to wrap it, or will she be wearing it out of the store?”

“She’ll be wearing it,” said Mrs. Weasley, casually and without hesitation. “She’ll need a pair waterproof pants to wear over them…”

Mrs. Weasley grabbed one of the 6 pairs from the counter and bent down in front of Ginny.

“Come on, dear. Don’t need you leaking,” she said as Ginny slowly stepped into them.

20 minutes later the Weasley women were emerging from their fire place laden with parcels. Ginny practically sprinted to her room, dove on to her bed, and tried to hold back her tears.

Mrs. Weasley entered with the nappies and began sorting them into drawers.

“Don’t look so sad, baby. Aunty Muriel is letting us use her cottage in France for a few weeks. Think of the fun we’ll have!”

Ginny glared at her mother with obvious contempt. It was a mistake.

Mrs. Weasley popped the red pacifier out of her pocket and into Ginny’s mouth. As Mrs. Weasley left the room, Ginny’s bladder drained itself.

Re: Ginevra Weasley and the Nappies of DOOM!

As a forced into diapers story, this isn’t bad. Like the paci effects, like how you incorporated Helga Hufflepuff, a character of the world, name into the diaper brand. Gotta say though, I think I’d have enjoyed this more there was a story of Ginny’s time before first year that you hinted at.

In any case, I’ve only seen a few HP ABDL style stories out there, so I’ll keep an eye on this one ^^

Re: Ginevra Weasley and the Nappies of DOOM!

the one thing that i got hung up on was how do the Weasley’s afford this?

they always seem to have hand me downs. it might be better to have Percy or George and Fred or hermione or Harry depending on the humiliation factor you want have to lend a wand to resize left over old baby things would be a little more thrifty.

Re: Ginevra Weasley and the Nappies of DOOM!

Yeah, it’s always bugged me that there isn’t more ABDL themed Harry Potter content. It seems like such a natural fit. It doesn’t take much creativity to cut through the cliches of most of the real world themed stuff; plus, it can be less invasive… no suppositories or weird procedures to force incontinence.

As far as the Weasleys being poor, I’ve never understood how Wizards can be poor in any meaningful way. Magic seems to take care of goods and food. As far as their house goes, it has a bunch of jumbled on expansions held together by magic, but why? They have magic that can invisibly extend the space of any room. It would be too easy to make a little shack actually have the space of a mansion inside. When it comes to money, muggle cash is convertible to wizard coins. Why not just use magic to make a ton of money in the muggle world and convert it to galleons?

Despite this, I’ve written an incredibly well received series of Breaking Bad/Harry Potter crossover stories. Long story short, the Weasleys are always short on cash because Mr. Weasley has a severe meth addiction problem. I know the timelines don’t match perfectly, but that’s what time-turners are for. Anyway, Mr. Weasley becomes addicted to a new, blue form of “pixie-dust” that’s super pure. Long story even shorter, it’s made by Walt. It’s not until after a Special Christmas Crossover episode of Intervention that Mr. Weasley gets clean and the family starts to have money again. That happens, in my HP universe timeline, about two year before the start of this story. Mr. Weasley finds the motivation to get clean because he blamed his drug problem on Ginny ending up with Riddle’s diary and nearly dying in the Chamber of Secrets.

When there is magic involved, there is no plot whole that can not be plugged with a little creativity.

Re: Ginevra Weasley and the Nappies of DOOM!

that’s an interesting take. a violation of Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration but, it’s your world and it’s not so big of deal i’ll stop reading. :slight_smile:
please continue ASAP ;D

Re: Ginevra Weasley and the Nappies of DOOM!

It’s a perfectly good story. It achieves what the author intends which is to get into the action quick.

My preference is a story that has more background development and a measured story arch. But that’s just what I prefer.

Re: Ginevra Weasley and the Nappies of DOOM!


This has a feel of one of those things where the wad is now blown and updates will be rare.

Re: Ginevra Weasley and the Nappies of DOOM!

I assure you, my wad regenerates at a fast pace. My high sex drive is not an issue. A slow update schedule will keep me focused on my literary integrity. I don’t need a publisher forcin my to turn out gah-bage at a fast pace to meet their revenue expectations! This isn’t the Twilight Series!

Seriously, the reason the Hermione part of the story never got posted was because it was a wad blowing kinda story. When I got time to calm it down, I’ll post it like Star Wars Episode One… we’ll all be excited to read it, but ultimately disappointed at the lack of direction and purpose.

Re: Ginevra Weasley and the Nappies of DOOM!

Probably one of the better (that is to say nowhere near as creepy as the rest) stories on that site which must never be mentioned was Harry Potter Wizard in Diapers.

As I can recall there are four ABDL stories involving Hermione none of which are complete and one very odd one involving Draco who in this universe never bothered potty training because he always had a house elf around. He and Harry never become enemies because on the first train to Hogwarts Harry volunteered to change his diapers….no seriously thats the plot.

And for as much Fred and George stuff as there is (seriously guys take a cold shower) I’m surprised no one has thought to do a diaper themed project with them because they have done just about everything else. The same could also be said for Ron or Sirus Black.

And as much as I like stories set in the Harry Potter universe of this sort diapers really wouldn’t make much sense couldn’t they just magic all of your bladder and personality problems away?