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Hi, just have a random question - a friend told me that in certain states in the US (he said California, but he wasn’t sure himself), teaching your child that homosexuality is a sin can result in the state taking your child taken away and placed in foster care. Is this true?

If yes, could someone explain how this ties in with freedom of speech and freedom to practice one’s religion?

I DO NOT want to start a debate/argument on homosexuality; I’m just curious if what he said is true. Also, I’m not American.


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Funny thing I just read this today by chance and it does happen to mention the government interviewing children about what their parents have told them about homosexuality.

I can’t say for sure whether it’ll ever happen or not, where children are taking into CPS for crap like that. I don’t think it should, christians have the right to voice their opinions about a group of people just as homosexuals have the right to disagree. More than anything I hate the idea of forced tolerance, where people -have- to tolerate other groups of people.

During a gay pride thing we were having at our high school, two girls walked in wearing t-shirts with a message, one said “God made Adam and Eve…” and the other “…not Adam and Steve.” They weren’t disrespectful or mean about it, they simply protested their beliefs about the idea of homosexuality and as much as I disagree with them, I disagreed even more that they got expelled for that.

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‘Blah blah blah incitement to violence’ normally defines the limits.

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Hmm ok thanks guys :). Goes to show (as always) that we shouldn’t believe anything we hear without independent confirmation :).

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I think I remember that making the news. If it wasn’t this exact incident, it was extremely similar.

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Unfortunately I can’t find anything, though it was a bit of a longshot as it is since we have 7 high schools in bloomington alone.