"Gamer Pants" (Illustrated)

“A thousand subscribers, huh?” Jim asked, leaning over to look at his boyfriend’s screen.

“Technically, a thousand fourteen,” Danny beamed. “Isn’t it awesome? I’m really up there. I’m basically a pro gamer now.”

Jim nodded, kissing him on the forehead in congratulations. “That was some sort of milestone for you, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, I said if I ever got this far, I’d do a twenty four hour livestream for charity with no breaks, where I finally try out Shadowed Spirits for the first time.” He beamed. “I’m so excited.”

“No breaks, huh?” Jim tilted his head, smirking. “Like, none at all?”

“You can bring me food and stuff, right?” Danny asked.

“Well, sure. That’s not really the point,” Jim said. “Did you think about how you were going to use the bathroom.”

Danny blinked. “Um… oh. No I did not.”

Chuckling, Jim said, “Well, don’t worry about it. I have an idea.”

“Stupid friggin’ idea, stupid Jim, stupid diapers, ” Danny grumbled. “Stupid friggin’ marathon stream.”

He hadn’t asked where Jim got the diaper from. It was alarmingly thick, and the teddies on the front seemed gratuitous, but Jim had pointed out that nobody was going to see it, so it was fine.

His subscribers had, unfortunately, been quicker on the uptake. When Danny announced the live stream, his Discord server had been enthusiastic and as excited as he was, and he’d engaged with them right up until someone typed a question he hadn’t wanted to hear.

NoobPounder69: No breaks means no bathroom breaks, right? So… diapers?

Danny hadn’t replied, but his silence on the issue was more than confirmation. It was a meme within five minutes, and by the time half an hour had gone by, someone had made up an emote that depicted a diaper with the label ‘Gamer pants’.

On the one hand, Danny hated it, but on the other, they were his fans. If they were having fun, he was doing his job right. Besides, all rumors aside, he hadn’t officially confirmed that he was going to be wearing anything like that. They could make all the jokes they wanted, it was all in good fun. In the spirit of good fun, he added the emote to his channel, planning to take it off once the charity was over.

Now that he was actually facing the diaper, though, he was a little hesitant.

The stream was in thirty minutes. He didn’t have time to come up with a better plan. Stripping out of his boxers, he laid down on the couch, configured the diaper, and taped it on.

Blushing down at himself, he shrugged and sat up as Jim walked in, telling himself, “Okay, that’ll do.”

Jim looked at him and frowned. “Okay, that won’t do. You never had any younger siblings, did you?”

“… no, why?” Danny asked, looking down at his diaper.

“That’s way crooked, and it’s going to leak in, like, five seconds. Here, lie back down.” Jim walked forward, putting a hand on his boyfriend’s chest and gently pushing him back down onto the couch. With a little bit of fussing and some adjustment of the hook-and-loop tapes, he got everything situated and taped down appropriately. “There. You’re good to go.”

“Thanks.” Picking up his skinny jeans, Danny tugged them on, got up to his upper thigh, and encountered a problem. “Um…”

“What?” Jim asked, checking the wifi router, which sat on a high shelf above Danny’s desk. Due to some shoddy construction, the ethernet cable came in right there by the ceiling, and they only had a little short cable to run from the router to Danny’s computer, so it was rigged in a slightly precarious position over his desk. Not a problem, as long as their cat didn’t get into the room.

Danny pouted. “They don’t fit. Can you grab me my other pants?”

Jim rubbed at the back of his neck. “Uh…”


“I am doing laundry today. They’re all at the cleaner down the street.” Jim shrugged. “Sorry.”

“Wait, what? All of them?” Danny widened his eyes. “How is that even possible?”

“I’d been procrastinating, alright?” Jim shook his head. “Your camera doesn’t show your pants, it doesn’t matter. You need to get set up.”

Fuming, Danny acknowledged that his boyfriend was right, waddled over to his desk, and got set up to go.

Green screen on.

Capture card is working.

Shadowed Spirits Remastered save file ready.

Twenty four hours, let’s do this.

“Alright alright alright, you absolute legends!” he said, turning on the camera. “This is going to be a twenty four hour charity stream. Any money raised today and half of all subscriptions are going to go straight to charity, and I’ll be donating three dollars for every time that I die. I know this game is, like, super hard, but we’re just going to have to beastmode through it and get that Shadowed Spirit! Or whatever it is you do, I haven’t played this before. I see chat’s already on fire, so let’s get this started, shall we?”

Chat went wild, spamming memes and generally having a fun time. He booted up the game, got started on character creation, and paused. “Alright, chat. What should I name this guy?”

A few moments passed as the stream caught up to his viewers, and comments started coming in. A few expected ones; ‘CheeseLord’, for obvious reasons, ‘John Cena’ got thrown out there, a couple people suggested ‘The Highlight Clip’, referencing an old stream joke.

Those all got buried, though, because as soon as people heard his question, they started spamming, ‘Gamer Pants’. Some people typed it out, more were hitting the emote over and over, but either way it dominated his chat to the point it was hard to even read the other options.

He paused, chuckled, and shook his head. Okay, I walked right into that one. “Fine, you guys win. Gamer Pants it is.” He typed in the name, cracked his knuckles, picked up the controller, and got started.

It started smoothly. The game was pretty fun, and while it was certainly punishing, it wasn’t as hard as he’d been led to believe. It’d kill him if he wasn’t careful, but going slow and steady seemed to be both safer and ultimately quicker, and as long as he kept his guard up he was okay.

That was until about three hours in, when he first had to pee. Like any good live streamer, he’d been staying hydrated, remembering to drink whenever he had a moment to set his controller down. Without a chance to take breaks every hour or two, though, it was starting to cause… problems.

He shifted uncomfortably a couple times, reminding himself that it wasn’t going to get any better. He was going to have to use his diaper, eventually. So on his next death, he set the controller down, took a breath, and let go.

CourtRestraints: Why is he blushing?

CapriSun: OMG I bet he’s peeing

EnjoyingTheSwoop: LOL Gamer Pants

A few more messages got sent, and then a whole bunch of people spamming ‘gamer pants’ in chat.

Danny chuckled. “Sorry, guys, just realized that I way underestimated how many deaths there are going to be! This game’s really gonna hurt my wallet, but it’s all for a good cause.”

Nobody in chat believed him, but it was plausible deniability. Once the video was up as a recording, and people weren’t watching it with the flood of ‘Gamer Pants’ and diaper jokes in chat, nobody would think much of his momentarily pink cheeks.

It also distracted him from the feeling of warmth that was settling around his crotch. As he finished letting go, he picked up the controller, cracked his neck, and said, “Okay, let’s go teach these belltower statues a thing or two. Kill me once, shame on you, kill me six times… well, you guys know the rest.

An hour later, Jim brought him lunch. “How’s it going?”

Danny grinned up at him. “Two thousand bucks for charity already, and we’re just getting started!”

“That’s awesome, babe,” Jim leaned in, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Chat lit up with hearts and sappy comments, ‘BestGamerCouple’ emotes and a few people getting a little more gross, which quickly got buried. Looking at the screen, Jim squinted at it, reading. “Hey, chat! What’s… ‘Gamer Pants’?”

“It’s this stupid joke they came up with,” Danny explained, rolling his eyes as the chat transitioned from couples humor to more diaper jokes. “Alright, I gotta figure out where this friggin’ door is to the next area, before chat just cheats and tells me. Thanks for lunch.”

“Good luck!”

Danny didn’t normally like to eat on camera, but given the circumstances, he made an exception. Danny had brought him a sandwich and a chocolate milkshake, and he chowed down on both whenever he had a moment to rest away from the undead.

Things were going well. He was making progress in the game, chat was happy, he was having fun. His streamer buddies were all raiding him, since they knew what was going on and wanted to give him the extra push. Plus, chat was even raising a buttload of money for charity and new people were subscribing like no tomorrow. If he just pretended not to see the ‘Gamer Pants’ emoticons going by, it was probably the biggest night of his career.

Eight hours in, he peed for the second time, and this time didn’t even stop playing as he did. Chat didn’t notice.

At hour ten, though, he felt a particularly concerning gurgle in his belly.

Before he could think about it, out loud, he said, “Crap.”

Wait, poor choice of words.

Catching himself, he said, “I think I’m going the wrong way.”

Good save.

Still, the words did nothing to deal with the cramps he was feeling.

It wasn’t an immediate problem, of course. He had never struggled with control, and this was no exception. A cramp was just a cramp, and he could always hold it for several hours if he needed to.

But, there were still fourteen hours left.

He put it out of his mind, doing his best to focus on gaming, but there was only so much he could do. An hour in, and the cramps were almost overwhelming. He was shifting in his seat, squirming, occasionally letting out noises of discomfort that chat was starting to pick up on.

“Dammit,” he said, sweating as he continued fighting Endless Release. “This boss is really tough, isn’t it?”

Danny had a tough decision to make. He could hold it for longer, but it was going to continue to get more uncomfortable, and chat was already noticing him sweat. The longer that went on, the more likely it was that they would realize what was going on.

No matter what option he picked, there was no way he would make it for the full duration of the stream.

He hated it, but the correct choice seemed obvious - he was going to have to go right away.

So, as he finished off the boss and had a moment to relax, he set down his controller, took a breath, and silently prayed, Please be quiet.

Keeping his face as neutral as he could, he started to push, relieving the pressure on his bowels-


The initial tide was incredibly loud. Or, at least, it felt that way, and it was definitely picked up by the microphone as his tummy grumbled, glad to be evacuating. As he packed mush into the diaper, helpless to stop now that he’d begun, chat lit up.

DLAlex: OMG did you hear that?

UltraUser: Lololol Gamer Pants

OddityFairy: Hah he’s pooping his pants

Saffy&Flan: HAH Pooooopy butttt

This lit up, along with what seemed like a million people all spamming ‘Gamer Pants’ over and over, the little cartoon diaper making Danny flush bright pink as the muck spread out, forced around by his weight in the ergonomic gaming chair.

“Hah, no way, guys, I wouldn’t do that!” he protested, though his face was red and it wasn’t a particularly solid denial. “I just farted, you guys are gross. Hah!”

It didn’t appease them. More ‘Gamer Pants’, more messages about how he must stink, more diaper jokes in general.

Just keep playing. It’s a short lived meme, it’ll die down. He wrinkled his nose as the smell of his accident hit him, then realized that was probably a tell and tried to pretend that his gaming rig didn’t suddenly stink like a dirty diaper.

Realizing a potential problem, he paused the game so he could text Jim. ‘When you come in to bring me snacks do not react ffs.’

Jim sent back a question mark, and then a realization. ‘O.o you couldn’t hold it?’

Danny didn’t respond, leaning in to focus on the game.

Over time, the jokes in chat died down. They were raising a truly impressive amount of money for charity, and as he started the grind against Oveltine and Sorghum, even more people started tuning in.

Danny got used to the smell, and once he got over the squeamishness, stopped caring about the squish and squelch every time he adjusted his sitting position. The diaper held up like a champ even as he started chugging red bulls, and after the fourth time, Danny stopped counting how often he’d peed in it.

Tiredness started to slow his response timing, but he was in the groove. The game was fun, he was rolling through it, and nothing was going to stop him. At sixteen hours, he beat the first of the four lords. At twenty, he’d gotten through all of them except the Five Queens, and he had to eventually admit defeat and ask chat how he was supposed to find them.

“You need to wear a friggin bracelet through that random gas gate?” he exclaimed, when he found out. “Well no shit I couldn’t find it!”

At the end of hour twenty one, there was just one boss left.

“Alright, chat, this is it. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Twenty four hours, one Shadowed Spirit, one gamer. Are you ready?” he asked, loitering outside the boss fog of Palt, Herald of Embers.

Chat was on fire. At least forty thousand people were watching, less for the gaming, more for the accomplishment of the twenty four hour marathon. Most of them didn’t know the channel memes, didn’t know about ‘Gamer Pants’, and those that did were being drowned out by general Twitch jokes, pogChamps, and general chat enthusiasm. Diapers had been forgotten, it was all about the game.

He entered the gate.

And got his ass kicked.

Palt just stomped him into the ground, and Danny realized his error in never properly learning to parry.

He tried the fight again, and got stomped once more. Five more tries. Ten. An hour went by, and he was still struggling. It wasn’t the hardest fight in the game, but he was tired, and no amount of caffeine or being in ‘the zone’ could restore him to peak performance.

Leaning forward, completely ignoring the squelch or the puff of stinky error, he took a breath. “Okay, seventeenth try. It’s been a hundred minutes on this guy. We can do it, chat!”

He stepped into the fog gate again, readied his shield, and started the fight.

There wasn’t any clear reason for things to be different that time, the fight just flowed. He got a parry, and dealt massive damage with the counter. His next attack staggered Palt, and he was able to start pounding him with hits. Every roll, every input, it was more smooth and flawless than it had any right to be.

Twenty two hours and fifty six minutes into the stream, he beat the game.

“YES!” Throwing down the controller, Danny threw up his arms in excitement. “Fuck yeah! We did it! WOOOH!”

Slamming his hand down on his desk with excitement, he watched as chat lit up with him, throwing up memes, and-

He heard a wobble.

Looking up, he saw that his celebration had shifted his desk, pulling the internet cable that led to his router, up on its shelf. It hadn’t fallen yet, but it was precariously balanced, threatening to topple at a breeze. The slightest shift could pull it down, yanking out the internet cable and ending the stream prematurely with only an hour left to go.

Yelping, Danny didn’t think about it, he just lunged out of his seat, grabbing the router and setting it comfortably down. Breathing a sigh of relief, he patted himself on the back. “That was close. I almost…”

He was standing up.

Right in front of his webcam.

On stream, about fifty thousand of his viewers got a close-up view of his soggy, heavy diaper, stained a deep brown and sagging almost off his waist.

Danny sat down instantly, but the damage was already done. Chat was still exploding, but now, the old jokes were back. ‘Gamer Pants’ was flooded through chat, baby jokes, comments about how his gamer chair looked like a carseat, just general mockery rolled through.

He couldn’t even move, mouth agape as he watched his own stream on a slight lag play out in the corner, showing off just how much he’d filled his diaper, right on camera. Blushing all the way to the tips of his ears, he stammered without words.

A subscription notice popped up.

Another one.

More. Dozens. So many that it filled the notifications column and streamlabs stopped reporting.

A donation covered the screen, and he read the accompanying message out loud, “So awesome what you’re willing to do for a good cause. :GamerPants: Diapers For Charity!”

Accompanied by five hundred dollars.

“Oh… my… god…” Danny said.

Another donation popped up, bringing in more cash. A second later, his donation tray was as full as the subscriptions - as full as his diaper, for that matter. Most of the messages were teasing, but they were grateful, too. Commending him for doing something like that to raise money. For being willing to go that far.

The stream lasted another hour, but Danny barely had to do anything else, which was good, because he was stunned. Chat kept things going for him, all Danny had to do was read out donation messages.

His heart didn’t stop pounding until the hour was up. That could have been from the half dozen red bulls he’d drank, but it was probably a mix of things.

Thanking everyone a hundred times, he got up, waddling out of the office. Jim was in the living room. “Um…” Danny said, rubbing at his eyes. He was exhausted. “Were you watching the stream?”

“No, I didn’t want to stress you out any more than you probably already were,” Jim said, glancing over at his boyfriend and wrinkling his nose. “Hoo boy, you need a shower. Why, what happened?”

Danny wasn’t sure what to say first, so he said, “I’m up to more than two thousand subscribers.”

Jim raised his eyebrows. “Holy shit, that’s amazing!”

“Yeah,” Danny yawned.

Jim tilted his head. “Didn’t you promise to do a forty eight hour stream if that happened?”

Danny blinked. “Oh, you’re right. Uh… fuck.”

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This is so much fun and the interaction between the couple is absolutely adorable! And I’m not even a gamer!

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