Gamer Pants 3: World Tour (Steaminess 1/5)

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Danny sat back, gripping his controller tightly. Catastrophe Bannon was almost defeated, he just needed to pull off one last trick and then…


He dropped his controller on his desk, sat back, and checked two things. First, the timer, and second, chat.

“That was a PB,” he said, checking the time. “And I think…”

Chat confirmed it for him.

‘BabyDan got a world record!’


‘WR :gamerPants: :gamerPants: :gamerPants:’

“YES!” Danny exclaimed, standing and pumping his fists in excitement.

He’d done it. Another 100% world record chalked up to BabyDan. At this rate, he was going to need to get some sort of a trophy shelf. After sitting down and taking a moment to suckle his Yellow Bull bottle, ensuring that the label was visible on stream, he checked one more thing.

His diaper was pretty heavy.

That was his not-so-secret secret. He could save ten or twenty minutes across a marathon record by skipping bathroom breaks. Once he’d realized his niche, it had been natural to start picking out games with incredibly long 100% records, practicing their tricks, and then grinding out world record attempts that would take an easy first place.

A few minutes passed on stream, while he maintained the hype. Some big donations came in as congratulations, a few new subscribers, it was all in a day’s work.

Once it seemed like everyone had settled down and were starting to naturally migrate to other streams, Danny cut things short. “Well, that’s all I’ve got in me today. Thank you so much for tuning in, and be sure to show up on Friday when we start our world record grind for Culminating Creativity 7 100%.” Cheeks turning pink, he added with a wink, “I’ve got to go get changed.”

He was still a bit embarrassed about the niche that his channel had found its in, but success was success. Since his first ‘Gamer Pants’ incident, his viewing numbers had spiked precipitously. Even if people on Quiver - his streaming site - didn’t remember his username, they had heard of ‘The speedrunner baby diaper guy’, and the notoriety was enough to get people popping in to see what all the fuss was about. His mod team had their work cut out for him, but most people tuned in and just found a really chill stream, a fun host, and entertaining content.

It was better free marketing than Dan could have asked for. Plus, though Danny wouldn’t admit it out loud, Jim was quick to point out the way he squirmed with delight whenever chat started teasing him about it.

Passing off the stream to a colleague, Danny sat back, his diaper squelching between his legs. Four cans of Yellow Bull and a thermos full of water really goes through me fast…

He’d change in a bit. First, he took a break, checking his Flutter, reading up what his friends were doing, then going over to his email and…

“Oh my god…” he whispered, noting a subject line. He jumped in, reading the email, his eyes going wider and wider as he read it. “Jim!”

Jumping out of his seat, he waddled out of his game room, the puffy, thick diaper making a normal walk rather difficult, especially given how heavy it was.

“Jim!” he called again, “You won’t believe it!”

Jim was working on his thesis on the couch, but glanced up when Danny toddled into the living room. “What is it, baby?”

“I got in!” Danny exclaimed. “I got in!”

Raising an eyebrow, Jim asked, “Into what?”

The announcer paused in a brief moment of silence to ask, “Do we have time for another donation?”

From a few feet over, the speedrunner nodded, and behind her on the couch one of her commentators confirmed, “Go ahead, the next minute or so is just grinding.”

“We’ve got a thousand dollars from The Nursery Collective, who write, ‘We’re so excited for another awesome event. Entertainment Finished Fastly is fantastic, and we can’t wait for the finale. Donation goes to the bonus incentive to collect all eight hundred eggs so we can see the true ending in Lore of Zorldo: Inhaling Nature.’” The announcer paused, then added, “And with that, we’ve reached that incentive!”

Danny heard all this from the practice room, where he was trying not to hyperventilate.

“Crap,” he told himself. “That’s so many people!”

Performing on a livestream was one thing, but in front of a crowd, he was getting cold feet.

Well, his actual feet were warm and toasty, but…

“You’ll do great,” Jim said, resting his hands on Danny’s shoulders. “Don’t worry!”

“What if I choke and go over estimate?” Danny asked.

“Nobody will care. You’re the last stream of the event. But you’re not going to!”

“What if nobody thinks the commentary is funny?”

Jim squeezed his shoulders, relaxing the tension that was building. “They’ll love it!”

“What if I leak?”

Jim’s hands went still, and he pulled them away. “Okay, now you’re just being ridiculous. Your diapers could sop up Niagara Falls without leaking, baby. You’re just inventing things to be worried about.”

It was supposed to be relaxing, but Danny found himself more nervous than ever.

The crowds weren’t the only problem. The Yellow Bull footie pajamas had seemed like a great idea when the idea had been suggested, but now that he was wearing them, he wasn’t so sure. They were cute, definitely, and at this point it didn’t matter that his diaper bulged visibly around his waist - everyone already knew what he’d be wearing under his pants. It was warm, and cozy, but… It was a little much, too.

“How soon do we go live?”

“Setup starts in like twenty minutes, depending on when this wraps up,” Jim said, checking the estimate on the current stream, playing in the background. “The actual run starts thirty minutes after that.”

“O-okay,” Danny said. “I’m… I’m just gonna go clear my head.”

“Sure. Do you need a change?” Jim asked.

“I put this diaper on like twenty minutes ago,” Danny frowned.

Jim nodded. “I know.”

Danny turned pink. He was certain that there was no way to tell, externally, that he’d started wetting his diapers even when he didn’t need to. He still didn’t use them for everything, since he didn’t like to stay in a messy diaper for very long and if he went right at the end of a stream it would be obvious that he could have held it, but…

“I’m just gonna go back to our room for a few minutes, I’ll be down before this run is over,” Danny said.

“Do you want me to come with you?”

Danny shook his head. “Stay here, in case someone asks where I went.”

“Okay, baby.” Jim leaned in, kissing his forehead before helping Danny to stand up. “Message me if you need anything.”


Danny waddled away, his heavily padded butt wiggling as he walked, and Jim smiled when he watched him go.

“Uh…” Jim said, frowning. “I don’t know. He’s not answering his phone.”

He hadn’t heard from Danny in half an hour. When setup had started, Jim had assumed Danny would be down in a minute, but now he was nowhere to be seen, and soon they’d need him to finish getting the console set up for his run.

“I’ll go check,” Jim promised the event staff. “He’s probably just in our room and lost track of time. I’ll be back.”

Running off to the elevator, he pressed the button a few times, frustrated at how long it was taking. Danny wasn’t the kind of person to just lose track of time. If he wasn’t down, and he wasn’t answering his phone, there was a reason.

Getting up to their floor, he half jogged down the hall, swiped his hotel key, and came into their room.

Danny’s footie pajamas, purple and yellow with a cartoony bull and a few yellow hearts decorating the front, was on the bed. It zipped up in the back and would be tricky to wriggle out of without help, but Jim guessed that maybe Danny had chickened out, taken it off and was trying to get dressed in some normal clothes.

No, that wasn’t right. Jim finally spotted Danny, curled up in a ball behind the bed, his legs pulled up to his chest and back pressed against the wall. All he had on was his diaper;

He was crying.

“Baby,” Jim said, rushing over and kneeling next to his boyfriend. Before any words were exchanged, Jim pulled him into a tight hug, squeezing Danny against his chest. “Shh.”

A couple seconds passed. Danny wiped his eyes, but didn’t say anything.

Jim wanted to give him space, but was aware of the time. “What’s wrong, baby?”

“I’m an idiot,” Danny mumbled, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

“No, no you’re not,” Jim shook his head. “Don’t say that.”

“I am. This is stupid, and I shouldn’t have ever tried, and…” His voice broke, struggling with the words. “I hate that this is all just a stupid joke.”

“Oh,” Jim said, smiling. “ Baby, you’re not a joke. People like you because you’re fun, and friendly, and because of who you are. Not just because you’re the silly streamer who wears diapers.”

“No,” Danny shook his head. “ No.”

“It’s true,” Jim insisted. “They wouldn’t stick around and subscribe if-”

“That’s not what I mean!” Danny snapped.

Jim sighed, gently squeezing his boyfriend. “It’s alright, baby. You can tell me.”

Puffing out a breath, Danny shook his head, eyes squeezed shut. “I don’t want this to be a joke.”

Oh. OH. Jim nodded, leaned in, and kissed Danny on the forehead. “Okay.”

“No, you don’t understand,” Danny grumbled. “I- I like being your baby.”

“Okay,” Jim repeated. “I know, baby.”

“No, no- Like…” Danny trailed off, trying to put it into words. “I like it when you change my diapers. Not just ironically, ‘it’s funny’, but like… it makes me feel safe. I want more, but it’s stupid, and-”

“Baby.” Jim’s tone was firm, gentle but heavy enough that it snapped Danny away from his introspective anxiety. “I. Know. You haven’t exactly been subtle.”


“If you didn’t want to wear diapers on stream, you could have just said no and taken bathroom breaks. Nobody would have cared,” Jim explained, locking eyes with Danny. “The cute branded diapers, the outfits - I know you. I can tell when you’re enjoying something. And it’s really cute.”

Danny’s eyes watered again, but his expression was different. “Really?”

Jim covered Danny’s hands with his own, squeezing them in reassurance. “We don’t have to tell anyone else. In public, it can all be your funny streaming gimmick. But I’d love for you to be my baby.”

“Y-yes, please.” Cheeks turning a little pink, Danny added sheepishly, “Even the diapers?”

“I don’t mind changing your diapers,” Jim promised.

“Um…” The pink turned to red. “Even, um…”

“I don’t mind changing stinky diapers, either,” Jim added, chuckling. “As far as I’m concerned, you don’t ever have to use the potty when I’m around. Do… you want to call me Daddy?”

Beaming, Danny threw his arms around Jim in a hug, squeezing tightly. “I love you so much, Daddy.”

They held in the embrace for half a minute, before Jim thought to add, “You’re late for the stream, by the way.”

Danny nodded, pulling back slightly. “Um… I broke the zipper on the footie PJs.”

“I’ll fix it with tape. Let’s get you dressed, baby, you’ve got a crowd waiting for you.”

Twenty minutes later, Danny was seated in front of a TV, controller in hand, fingers hovering over the ‘new game’ button.

He couldn’t see the stream, but he got a signal from off camera telling him that they had just gone live.

His PJs were adorable, his diaper was a bit wet, and his Daddy was on the couch a few feet behind him.

The announcer called, “Alright, everyone give it up for ‘BabyDan’!”

The crowd went wild.

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