Gamer Pants 2: Diaper Harder

This story is a sequel to “Gamer Pants”, which can be read here.

“Okay, chat,” Danny said, rolling his eyes. “You don’t have to bring that up every stream.”

Chat, dutifully, continued to ignore him.

Danny didn’t mind, that much. He was grateful for all the new subscribers, thrilled, even. But was it really necessary for them to bring up the time he wore diapers on stream fifty bajillion times a day?

The meme would die, eventually. For now, his chat was at least fifty percent :gamerPants:, and really cringe-worthy jokes.

“Okay, where- Dangit,” he said, as someone sniped him from across the map, ending his game of ‘2-Week’, the battle royale game that everyone and their dog had been playing lately. “Okay, well, that was my fault, I knew that there was a sniper nearby.”

As he watched the deathcam show just how he’d been hit, a donation popped up on screen, and the speech-to-text bot read out the accompanying text. “What does MaybeDan’s stream set up smell like? Depends! :gamerPants: :gamerPants: :gamerPants:”

Danny rolled his eyes. “Okay, that joke stinks.”

Chat lit up with would-be comedians making the most obvious jokes possible about ‘stinks’.

Maybe chat would forget about this sooner if I stopped baiting them, he thought.

“Okay, I need to take a break and go grab some lunch. Be sure to check in later, it’s Metroid Mondays once we get back!”

As he selected another streamer to pass things along to, there was a knock on the door to his game room. Leaning back, he said, “What’s up, Boo?”

Jim cracked open the door. “You’re about to take a break, right? I didn’t want to interrupt.”

“Yeah,” Danny replied. “Why?”

Grinning like he had a secret he couldn’t wait to tell, Jim just said, “You’ve got a visitor.”

“Okay?” Danny said. “Just give me a sec.” Leaning back towards the computer, he picked the target of his stream raid and said final goodbyes for the morning. That done, he got to his feet, stretching a bit.

“Take your time,” Jim said, rolling his eyes.

“Hey, if this mystery guest had maybe told me about the visit in advance…” Danny took a drink of his water, yawned, and then finally stopped dragging his feet, pulling open the door and walking past Jim. “Who is it… any… ways…”

A man in his late 20s was sitting at their kitchen table, sipping coffee. He had the build of a gym buff, tan skin and short hair, and was wearing a bunch of athletic wear.

Not just athletic wear, but branded athletic wear. Everything that he was wearing bore the same logo and color scheme.

Pulling the door open the rest of the way, Jim grinned. “You’ve got a visitor. Danny, meet Bill, of Yellow Bull. Bill, this is Danny, of MaybeDan on Twitch.”

Frowning, Danny said, “Uh…”

Bill grinned. “Hey, Danny. I hope you’ve heard of us?”

“No way,” Danny said, getting it. “No way.”

From behind Bill, Jim just gave a thumbs up.

“How would you,” Bill continued. “Like to be a Yellow Bull Athlete?”

Danny stared, agape. “Jim, you knew about this?”

“I asked you about it!” Jim pointed out. “Remember? You said you thought it’d be great if you could have a sponsor ”

“I thought you were speaking hypothetically! Holy shit, I-” He ran a hand through his hair, feeling a bit of a head rush. “Holy shit!”

“He’s always like this,” Jim commented, smirking as he pulled up a seat at the table.

Bill beamed, lifting up a bag from beneath the table. “I thought you might be excited, so I figured I’d bring along some of your starting merch. We know you’ve got that super marathon coming up, so of course we brought this…”

Reaching in the bag, he pulled out a branded mini cooler, just large enough to fit half a dozen energy drinks. Danny chuckled, accepting the cooler and inspecting it. “I’m not sure six cans will be enough for forty eight hours, honestly!”

“We’ll see what we can do,” Bill said, passing along the wearables - a jacket, and a matching cap. “This is all just a few things to get you started. We’ve got more details in the contract, along with financials and such and such. Plus, there’s one more thing.” Reaching into the bag, he came out with the final parcel.

Danny blinked, then groaned. “No way, I’m absolutely not-”

“Hey you awesome chat, so I’ve got some awesome news,” Danny said, grinning straight into the camera. “I just got picked up as an official, bona fide Yellow Bull Athlete!”

That got excitement and congratulations from the chat. A few jokes about Danny being a sellout, but nothing serious, and a whole lot of positive notes and best wishes were sent.

Touching his cap, Danny continued, “They’re going to be sponsoring the forty eight hour charity stream, doing a bunch of prize giveaways, it’s going to be awesome. Plus they gave me all this awesome merch to wear!” He puffed out his chest to show off the jacket he’d been given, but his cheeks were a little pink. Why did I agree to this? Why did I- “Plus, uh, they gave me one other thing to wear for the stream…”

Reaching down, he picked up the neatly folded, brightly colored diaper that Yellow Bull had provided, printed with their logo right on the front. It was absurdly thick, with a total of six heavy duty tapes to hold it in place - Perfect for a marathon.

“It’s just a joke,” he added quickly, rolling his eyes. “Something they thought would be funny. It was, uh, in the contract that I show you.”

As Danny had expected, the chat exploded with :gamerPants:.

“I should have just said no,” Danny said, cheeks pink, arms crossed over his chest.

“It’s for charity,” Jim replied, rolling his eyes. “Besides, you love the attention.”

Blush deepening, Danny exclaimed, “I do not!”

“Sure, babe. Bottoms up,” Jim said.

Fuming, Danny lifted his hips so that his boyfriend could slide the diaper beneath him. As expected, it was ridiculously thick. Laying down on it, his back didn’t touch the bed, there was so much padding holding up his waist.

“I don’t enjoy this!” Danny protested. “It was a bad idea that turned into a stupid meme that I can’t shake.”

“Uh-huh.” Jim sprinkled baby powder, applying a liberal amount to compensate for just how long this one diaper would be in place.

“I don’t!”

“I’m not arguing, baby,” Jim said.



“You always call me ‘Babe’, not ‘Baby’.”

“Okay then, Baby.” Jim stuck down the tapes, all six of them, ensuring that the diaper was on snugly and wouldn’t be going anywhere. “How’s that feel?”

Danny sat up, experimenting with closing his legs. He couldn’t. It was a ludicrous amount of bulk between his thighs. “I don’t think I can walk with this on.”

“Well, you don’t need to,” Jim said, bending over to give him a kiss on the forehead. “Good luck!”

The stream started smoothly. Danny tried not to indulge in caffeine too quickly, since he had a long way to go and needed to conserve his energy. He was reserving the right to tap out if it became a health concern, but other than that, he wanted to do everything he could to stay in it for the long haul.

Unlike last time, his :gamerPants: weren’t even a joke or a rumor. Everyone in chat knew. The jokes, though, weren’t as frequent as he expected - There were plenty, sure, but mostly the chat was just enthusiastic about the fundraiser, the marathon, and the giveaways.

At hourly intervals, there were merch giveaways - Yellow Bull branded hats, jackets, coolers. Even one of the ridiculous diapers they had manufactured, which surprisingly got more interest than the articles that people would actually use. Donations for charity also came in frequently, and it was easy to maintain a rapport with chat, even as he was absolutely flooded with questions.

Hours slipped by. It wasn’t even that noteworthy the first time he peed in the diaper, and the thick, thirsty padding just drank it up without visible change. By the half dozenth time he’d gone in the diaper, he wasn’t thinking about it any more.

After about twelve hours and two meals, brought in by Jim, he finally indulged in the first energy drink. It was starting to get to him just how long a forty eight hour stream was going to be, but he had planned for it - The more intense gaming was happening up front, and as time went on he would be doing more frivolous stuff. Old games that he knew by heart, easy ones that even a loopy, sleep-deprived gamer could have fun with, all sorts of stuff.

When the inevitable pressure told him it was time to use his diaper for other things, he blushed and was a bit cross, but he’d already done it once. He debated turning off the camera for a minute so people wouldn’t see his expression as he did so, but that might be even more suspicious - maybe nobody would notice if he didn’t make a big deal about it.

So, trying to keep a straight face, he leaned forward a little and pushed, filling up his diaper with warm mush. The thick padding mostly contained the smell, so that wasn’t too bad, but-

Chat noticed. Chat absolutely noticed. Within seconds, someone had a clip titled ‘MaybeDan poops his pants’ that they shared in the chat. :gamerPants: were in abundance.

Danny just chuckled, blushed again, and kept the stream running.

Halfway through the stream, he was just impressed with how effective the diapers really were. He’d gone through half a dozen cans of yellow bull and half a gallon of water, and it seemed to be absorbing everything without trouble. The smell wasn’t being contained as well anymore, but he’d mostly gotten used to it, and he wasn’t wrinkling his nose every time he got a particularly strong whiff of his diaper anymore.

Unlike his diaper, though, Danny himself wasn’t holding up so well - He was starting to feel really tired, and there was a lot of stream left to go.

Cracking open another Yellow Bull, he threw it back, sighed, and kept going.

“Fuuuu…” he mumbled, at forty hours in. “Guys, I’m feeling pretty rough. I might need to pause the stream.”

Chat tried to throw encouragement his way, but it was getting to be too much. Not his exhaustion, though - He was tired, sure, but he could deal with that for another eight hours. It was another problem.

When a donation came in, with the text-to-speech bot asking why he couldn’t just slam another Yellow Bull and keep going, he didn’t know what to say. “It’s not that I’m tired,” he offered, “I just… Uh… It’s gotta do with…”

As sleepy as he was, he didn’t know the right words to explain the problem without spelling it out, and he didn’t want to spell it out.

Someone in chat guessed the problem. ‘MaybeDan has diaper rash!’

Once someone said it, everyone jumped in. It was kind of obvious, from the way he’d been squirming in his seat the past couple hours, and it was starting to get pretty bad.

“Yeah, uh… so,” he said. “I don’t… Er… Jesus I’m tired.”

Another suggestion popped up from the text to speech bot, accompanied by a donation. “Just get Jim to change you.”

Danny turned red. Then, he looked at the clock, and did the math in his head.

There were still eight hours to go, and he didn’t want to bail if it was at all possible. Besides, it’s not like the camera would actually show anything, and he had to be honest with himself. Everyone in chat already knew.

Cracking open another energy drink, he drained it in one go, tossed the can in the recycling, and said aloud, “Screw it.” Leaning away from the mic, he shouted, “Jim!”

It took his boyfriend a minute to show up, wandering in. “What do you need, baby?”

“Er…” Danny glanced back at the stream. He could text what he needed to Jim, but… Screw iiiit. “I need a, uh, diaper change.”

Jim blinked. “Oh, sure thing. I’ll go get the stuff.”

A little part of Danny’s brain told him that he would regret this once he wasn’t sleep deprived and he could think straight again. Right now, he just wanted to get through the stream without his butt feeling like it was on fire.

Jim came back a minute later with a fresh, Yellow-Bull branded diaper, a plastic sheet, and a box of wipes. “I guess, lean back in the chair and we’ll figure this out?”

Danny adjusted the camera, reclined his seat as far as it would go, and tried to keep Chat focused on literally anything else except what was happening.

“So, uh, I guess AMA?” he said. “Or something?”

Jim slid the plastic sheet under him, tugging it beneath the heavy, bulging diaper, and then undid the tapes.

No longer contained, the smell hit Danny full force and he covered his nose with his hand automatically, screwing up his face at the smell. “Oh, god-” Chat can see you. “Um… Heh. Sorry about that.”

Jim didn’t comment on it, just going about the job of wiping everything up and getting Danny clean. It wasn’t a quick process, and Danny found it totally impossible to focus on chat while he was in the middle of a diaper change, so the next two minutes of stream were mostly him just blushing and chuckling nervously, stammering out an answer to the occasional question.

As Jim slipped a fresh diaper on him, dusting powder over Danny’s red, tender skin, the text-to-speech bot read out another donation message. ‘MaybeDan? More like BABYDan! :gamerPants: :gamerPants: :gamerPants:.’

Chat exploded with BabyDan jokes, :gamerPants:, and more teasing comments.

Fucking hell… Danny thought. It was just getting to be too much. With a fresh diaper taped in place, he sat up. “Yeah, hah hah. I’m wearing a diaper. We get it. It’s funny, it’s ridiculous, they’re really cute, it-”

Face turning bright red, he covered his mouth with both hands and let out a little squeak of surprise at what he’d just said out loud.

Jim’s eyes widened, and if chat had been active before, it absolutely exploded.

Trying to do damage control, Danny quickly said, “No, I don’t mean that they look cute, it’s just cute when Jim- I mean- No, it’s that I feel cute- Fuck.” He was babbling. It was late, and he’d been up for too long, and he had absolutely no filter. “I’m just tired, okay? Everything I’m saying is nonsense.”

Nobody believed him.

Jim just leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek, and said, “Will you be alright if I leave for a bit?”

“What? Jim, I-”

“Trust me, and I’ll be back in an hour.” Jim winked, then faced the camera. “BabyDan’s a little cranky from being up so late without a nap, okay? So just cut him some slack.”

That did nothing to get the stream back on course, but Danny had some giveaways he could focus on, so he did that. Eventually, the stream of jokes was reduced to a trickle, and things got mostly under control. Danny played some Lore of Zorldo, got everyone’s attention away from his diaper comments, and got things on track.

Then, Jim came back in. As hectic as things were already, Danny barely cared about the interruption, just pausing his game. “What’s up?”

“Hold still for a minute,” Jim said, “And close your eyes.”

Jim didn’t explain, and Danny wasn’t cognizant enough to argue. He did so, and could feel Jim fiddling with something at the back of his gaming chair.

A second later, he felt his boyfriend reach around under his arms, and heard a little ‘Click’.

Opening his eyes, he looked down. A plastic harness, that looked like it’d been looted from a car seat, had been clicked into place over his chest. Jim explained, “I always thought gaming chairs looked a little like car seats, so I figured this would complete the look. Plus, I brought this…” Holding it up so that the stream camera could see, he showed off a clear, plastic baby bottle that he’d filled with an energy drink, with a ‘Yellow Bull’ sticker adhered to the side.

The jokes in chat were unstoppable.

Blushing, Danny took the bottle. “Jim…”

Jim leaned in, cutting off his complaint with a kiss on the forehead and a whispered comment in his ear. “We both know you’re enjoying this, so stop fussing and enjoy your bottle. If you’re good, I’ll bring in a bib with your next meal, too.”

Danny continued to blush, knowing that chat couldn’t have heard the whispered message, but still feeling a bit… excited? Thrilled?

“Heh, thanks,” he said.

“You’re welcome, Baby,” Jim replied, ruffling his hair. “Have a good stream.”

Danny smiled up at him, shaking off the tiredness. He was going to.

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