From a Poets Perspective

I feel it tugging and pulling
This gift my curse
The need to write
Strong enough to cause fright
It tears at my heart
Ordering it to battle
To make war with my mind
Memories the weapon of choice
Bullets of Hope and Love
Fear and Hate
Flash past this pain that lasts
It hurts but out spill words
Taking flight like birds
They make nest
Teach my heart to rest
Our pours the pain hatred and rage
That tears me inside and out
Leaving me in a calm
Like the site of a bomb
I know refusing it is wrong
But the fear so great
I know that at this rate
My soul is marked with a date
As I give it away piece by piece
To create a new masterpiece
This is no easy fear
Crafting rhymes
To share all the times
When hurt burned like fire
Leaving in it’s path a mire
Yet hope comes through unbroke
Calling it on it’s hoax
So here I stand a warrior torn
By heart and mind
My soul on the line
I fight because it’s right
So pen to pad I begin to write