Fresh Scents

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Several months ago we had some Baby powder Fresh Scents where I work. Where I put the baby powder Fresh Scents I thought smelled so good. I bought some and put it in my truck and the next day or two I thought it smelled so good in my truck. I thought I was in heaven.

Here’s the web site if you are having a hard time understanding what I’m talking about

Would you put one in a diaper? It might make the diaper smell nice. But it might not be not be nice feeling on ur skin.

No, It’s a air freshener or an air deodorizer not for a diaper.

Why did I just get a mental image of somebody with a bunch of Wunderbaums taped to their diaper? :cool:

because Rule 34?

There used to be a company called “Mommy’s Fresh Scents” that sold an oil that could be diffused or a drop in the diaper. One scent was Baby Magic (smelled just like the old baby oil), one was “Nursery Fresh”, I think, and one was “Diaper Fresh”. The Diaper Fresh was JUST like the scent of the old Pampers diapers. I once used that and scented about 90 diapers. Loved doing that. It only took one drop!

Now I use Young Living and there are a few oils I think have a fantastic scent for a nursery atmosphere. Also have baby oil, baby wipes, linen spray, diaper rash cream, and diaper balm from there. A little expensive, but it goes a long way and is worth it.

Trying to figure why people would buy expensive oil that smells like Baby Magic when you can still buy actual Baby Magic baby lotion in the baby section at virtually any Wal-Mart or grocery store. My little one loves it. :wink:

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