French Whines... Chapter 20 and Epilogue (FINISHED!)


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I’ll warn you that combined with this ending, the whole thing is roughly 200 pages long. Hahahah, finally, I’ve finished something resembling a novel.

French Whines… 20
By: CS Fox

Nursuries are supposed to be calm places, somewhere that’s peaceful for little children.

It certainly didn’t feel that way with myself and my two best friends being held hostage. Jesus Christ, it was even a nursery connected to a church! The inspector is sooooooo going to hell.

Caroline, Sophie and myself were sitting quietly, huddled together in a corner. Sophie had a vice grip on my hand, softly repeating something in French to herself. Caroline was sitting with her arms crossed, angry, but oddly smirking.

[i]“You’ll never get away with this!” Caroline spat. “I’ll never talk! You can’t make me talk!”

“Get you to talk?” Leroy asked confused. “I wish I could get you to shut up.”[/i]

[i]“All right girls, its time to finish up the experiment,” Inspector Facet said motioning to Leroy for the bag. “The first results got a little jumbled thanks to my friend Javier.”

The winemaker made an obscene gesture with his crotch. “Fuck off Inshpector! If ya didn’t wan me to ushe the wine, you shouldn’t have told me to be on tah look out for a shuitable candidate.”

“I wanted a candidate we could keep track of! You gave it to the American because she insulted your wine, and then let her wander off.”[/i]

Sophie nudged me. “They’re arguing about you.”

“What are they saying?”

“Its about when you first drank the wine. They were looking for a test subject and Javier got mad at you when he was supposed to give it to someone else.”

“Just give me the damn bottle,” Inspector Facet said grabbing at the bag. Leroy gave it up and the Inspector freed the bottle from it.

Seeing the catalyst of what had changed my life… I slowly tried to hide myself behind Sophie and Caroline. I could even feel my diaper getting wetter as my body shook in fear.

“Alouette… I’ll give you the choice. Get over here and drink the bottle or pick a friend to do it for you.”

“Eat shit and die.”

The Inspector shook his head and raised his gun again. “Let’s do this a little differently then. Someone drinks, or I shoot.”

The three of us huddled a little closer together.

“Coward!” Caroline yelled.

The inspector rolled his eyes. "I’m a busy man tonight and this needs to happen now. Leroy, gab the tall one, we already know what happens when a boy drinks it."he said waving the gun at Caroline.

A lot of things happened very quickly. Sophie and Caroline both grabbed onto me while the Inspector and Leroy began to advance on us. Javier was laughing and I think I was screaming.

The gun. The bottle. The one thing that the three of us knew was that we didn’t want to be near either, and sharing one mind, we looked at each other and bolted in different directions. Sophie ran and dived under one of the cribs. I ran for the changing table, grabbing any solid object I could from the stocks. Caroline ran for the bathroom and tried to lock herself in… but Leroy was right after her, and had his foot in the door.

“Leave her alone jerk!!” I said throwing a box of wipes and then a bottle of powder at him. The wipes hit the wall near him and he turned to glare at me just as the bottle hit him in the back and let out a big white poof, covering his nice clothes. Caroline took the moment of surprise to slam the door on his foot.

“MERD!” he yelled grabbing his foot. Caroline shut and locked the door as she hopped around for a second with the wine cradled under his arm.

“I don’t f***ing believe this…” Inspector Facet said rolling his eyes as he watched the whole thing. Javier was just about dying laughing, this was apparently the funniest thing he’d ever seen. I pelted the Inspector with a bottle of baby oil. He shrugged it off and growled before aiming his gun at the ceiling and firing a single shot.

Guns are surprisingly loud when fired inside a room. Sophie and I screamed and covered our heads. The smell of gunpowder lingered as the Inspector marched right up to me and used his free hand to push me to the ground. He put his knee on the small of my back and held the gun to the base of my skull.

[i]“I’m not playing games any more.” He yelled. “You under the crib…” he said glaring at Sophie. “And you in the bathroom… If you can hear me, I have Alouette on the ground with a gun to her head. I want both of you in front of me in ten seconds or I’ll stain the carpet with brain matter.”

“How do I know a coward like you isn’t lying!?” Caroline yelled from the bathroom.

Sophie was hysterical, she crawled out from under the crib as fast as she could. “He’s not lying! Please Caroline… PLEASE, just do as he says.”[/i]

The bathroom door opened slowly. Caroline poked her head out and Leroy was quick to grab her by the hair and drag her out into the middle of the floor with the Inspector and I. She struggled and cursed, but didn’t do anything to provoke the Inspector into hurting me.

“Open the bottle,” the Inspector demanded when he had Sophie and Caroline kneeling in front of me. Leroy tugged at it a moment, and had to use his teeth to pull the cork out.

Hearing the cork pop, I began to cry harder and struggle under Inspector Facet. He just pressed his gun a little stronger to me. “Don’t…” he said once as a warning. He looked up to Caroline. “You. Drink half.”

Caroline looked unsure exactly what she was supposed to do, but Leroy thrust the bottle down in her hands. She looked at it for a moment, as if she was holding a mystery and then looked back up at the Inspector.


Leroy was about to grab the bottle and force it down her throat… but Caroline lifted it up and began guzzling the contents.

“WOOHHHOO!! There’s a f***ing CHAMP!” Javier said slapping his knee and watching the teen. She didn’t even seem to be spluttering, just tipped it back and downed it.

Caroline gasped as she stopped drinking. Her face said it all… it tasted wonderful. She smiled lop sided for a moment. Her shoulders relaxing and head drifting a little lazily from left to right.

“Quick, hand it off to the other girl,” Inspector Facet demanded.

Caroline looked at him and giggled.

“Do it or your friend dies!”

Caroline hiccuped comically… before smashing the half-full bottle into the side of Inspector Facet’s face. A moment earlier, I felt his body jerk as he sensed something about to happen, and wanting to see what it was, I moved my head and felt the barrel slide off my neck slightly, and just in time. I saw the glass shatter, and there was a sudden searing hot burn as the gun went off just below my right ear.

I screamed and tried to curl up, thinking I’d been shot… my ears ringing and Sophie screaming too. I felt Caroline grab at my hand and pull me out from under Inspector Facet, causing him to topple over backwards.

“RUN!” Sophie yelled through her tears. I couldn’t hear her, but each girl had one of my hands, and together we ran straight into the nursery door, knocking it open and bursting into the foyer of the church and not stopping as we continued outside.

We could hear swearing from the Inspector and Leroy and more laughter from Javier…. but that quickly stopped at the sound of another gunshot.

“Quickly… three blocks… the police station!” Sophie said, trying to keep herself together. Caroline giggled and started trying to skip in the direction Sophie was pointing, but only managed to trip and nearly fall on her face. My ears were still ringing, but holding tight to her hand, I pulled her up and tried to throw her arm around my neck. I knew what she was going through… it probably wouldn’t be long before she’d pass out.

The streets were empty this late at night… but this was a residential area. Gun fire was something that woke people from their beds in supposedly peaceful towns like this. I could see one or two lights on, and a head in one of the windows… At the very least, it was encouraging that the police might be called.

The three of us started shambling away from the church, turning and running through the school yard. It was only a few moments before we could hear the slam of the wooden doors inside and the heavy thumping of someone leaving the church. The Inspector and Leroy were shouting at one another. This was most definitely not in their plan… everything was going wrong… and I worried that they may end up killing us now if they found us.

There was another gunshot and we saw a piece of the stone wall surrounding the school yard ‘piff’ with the ricochet. Sophie and I screamed and kept trying to run, now dragging Caroline who’s head was starting to rest on my shoulder. The wall looked like our best bet. It was only waist high, but it looked solid enough to stop a pistol round.

We managed to hit and sort of flip over the wall to the other side of the school yard just as another shot narrowly missed us. I landed with a padded thud, my head still spinning. We didn’t have a lot of distance, maybe only fifty yards on the two of them…

“You F***ING little cunts! The nervvvvvveee to hit muah….”

“Inspector… you’re…”

“Shut the hell up… I’m fah-ine… I don’t care what happens, so long as those three end up dead…”

Sophie was once again repeating “Oh god” to herself with her back firmly planted against the stone. Caroline was gone, I could feel her full body weight pressing to my shoulder as she began to snore loudly. Her breath smelt like grapes.

“Come out… COME OUT!!!” Inspector Facet yelled. I was frantically looking around for somewhere we could run… or something we could use to escape… but as the Inspector kept talking, and taunting, and probably coming closer… he began to noticeably slur his speech. “Get feh fuc ouhh…. Iiiiii shoooot yuuuu.”

There were four more rapid fire shots, one hitting the top of the short stone wall. Sophie screamed and clung to me. I fought back tears, shivering in fear and hoping for a miracle… but what I heard was a loud thud.

“You stupid bastard,” I heard Leroy swear.

I heard more movement, I hesitantly lifted my head a little to peak over the stone. The Inspector was laying face down in the school yard, his hair matted in something wet, the gun still in his hand. Leroy was standing over him and quickly tried to help him up. He shook the inspector a few times, but all he did was murmur and try to push Leroy away.

Leroy grabbed the gun from his hand looked over at our wall. I quickly dropped my head back down.

I heard movement again… and I pulled Sophie and Caroline tighter to me… saying a silent prayer. I knew that any minute now… Leroy would jump the wall and would have us.

The movement noise faded… and slowly got further and further away. I heard a car door, and a screech… and then all I heard was Sophie crying. My head was clearing slowly, but my heart was still beating so fast… I slowly dared to lift my head up again and peak back into the school yard. There was no sign of Leroy… just the Inspector face down.

The sound of sirens split the night… Reds and blues began to jump off the walls of the houses lining the streets.

I couldn’t help myself… I kissed Sophie on the forehead and held her close. “We’re okay!” I said crying with her. “We’re going to be okay.” I looked over at Caroline who was blissfully asleep… and wetting herself. “We’re… mostly okay…” I said suddenly getting a little worried.

Police cars skidded to a halt all around the school. Bright headlights were pointed right at the three of us. “ALOUETTE!!!” I heard Angélique scream as she jumped out of one of the cars. Sophie’s father jumped out of the other side.

Armed officers checked Inspector Facet, finding him alive, and apparently sleeping. Two more checked inside the church… finding the body of Javier. At the wall, Angélique hugged the three of us as hard as she could, speaking jibberish between tears.

French Whines… Epilogue
By: CS Fox

Local media was all over the shooting and hounded Angélique and I for a few days immediately after. The actual story itself was pretty murky, especially since all those directly involved did not share some key facts. Sophie’s father was put in charge of the investigation, and he had our backs.

On the subject of wine… we learned an interesting fact the very next day after our great scare. The wine didn’t need to be ingested to take effect. Angélique and I went to the jail to have choice words with Inspector Facet about what he’d done… and found a teenage girl crying in his former cell.

“Karma’s a bitch isn’t it?”

I’ve never been happier with a single sentence to leave my mouth. Although unsure what to do with her, Inspector Bedeau, the former partner of the mysterious girl in the jail cell wouldn’t listen to my suggestions of sending her to a juvenile hall. …she did look pretty pathetic. Her face had a few scars on one cheek where the wine bottle had shattered, and thinking back on the night… he erm she… was covered pretty thoroughly in the wine. I warned the Inspector she’d probably need diapers soon… but apparently the shock of her change had her somewhat catatonic.

We also learned something else about the wine that same day too… it didn’t have ridiculous gender changing effects on girls. Caroline remained Caroline… although she soon wound up in diapers like me. I’d like to blame the wine as the reason for that… but with Caroline… I’m not actually sure.

After a few apologies from the school headmistress regarding her close ties with the fallen Inspector Facet, she begrudgingly offered Angélique her old teacher position back… which she politely declined. She began a steady job as home teacher to Caroline, Sophie and myself… although I argued to the best of my ability that I didn’t need to go through school again… she would have none of it. I looked 16 and for the foreseeable future, I was going to be 16. Blah.

We never heard from Leroy again. There were a few times that I worried he might show up again some day, but I did rest a little easier knowing he was a wanted man. His face was all over the local police stations in connection with the murder of Javier and Inspector Facet (who wasn’t actually dead, but might as well have been).

On a closing note… I eventually accepted what happened as my new reality. As painful as it was, I felt that my family needed some closure and one night, while holding Angélique’s hand for support, I called my mom and dad to tell them a lie. Anthony died while sightseeing in France. I embellished a little, saying that he’d saved my life in connection with the Javier and Facet murder… but it was still hard hearing them cry over the phone… somehow it was easier then telling them the truth. I know my mom and dad, they might have believed me if I told them Anthony was now Alouette… but I don’t think they would have accepted that in their hearts. It was for the better.

That’s pretty much the end to my story. In a single week I’d been through hell… and unfortunately, things didn’t go back to the way they were… I am Alouette now… A young girl living in France.

Re: French Whines… Chapter 20 and Epilogue (FINISHED!)

Ah, Fox, at last you have accomplished the one task that has eluded me (for various reasons): you have completed a work that you started in ages now long past, and for that, I salute you. This was a fitting end to a great story, and now we who’ve followed it since day one can have closure!

Well done!

P.S. Please don’t leave us hanging that long with The Girl in My Closet and Daycare Troubles, kthnx

Re: French Whines… Chapter 20 and Epilogue (FINISHED!)

You finally finished. I should get working on my own long story as well. Thanks for the inspiration I needed.

Re: French Whines… Chapter 20 and Epilogue (FINISHED!)

Another excellent story, keep up the good work

Re: French Whines… Chapter 20 and Epilogue (FINISHED!)

I just read the entire thing over the last two days and I must applaud you. That is one of the best written stories I’ve read. I would say you are tied for first next VIckies story, One of the Family, and she has more than one part to hers so bravo!