French Whines 17 , 18 & 19

Chapters 1 - 16 French Whines.

I’m not really sure where I last left off on posting, but this is the next few chapters that I haven’t shared just yet… I’ll have the story done by the end of the week… Oh and if you’re new to the story, things in Italics represent they are spoken in french and not understood by the english speaking main character.

French Whines… 17
By: CS Fox

I pushed at the window, but it didn’t budge.

“It’s no good,” I said pushing at it one more time. I leaned back and sat down in the grass. Should I risk a kick and break the glass?

The question was answered for me as a small rock went sailing right through the low window. There was a satisfying shatter as the glass fell. I spun around to find Caroline looking amazed at Sophie. My own mouth dropped open.

“Sorry,” Sophie said meekly. “It was a little loud.”

I checked the house. No movement. I grinned at Sophie. “Bad as me eh?”

She blushed. I quickly untucked my shirt to start trying to clear away some of the glass. I was able to unlatch the window and open it without hurting myself. The three of us climbed into the dark barn.

Nothing had changed since my last visit. There were stacks of empty bottles, big vats for stomping grapes, all the necessary things for running an ol’ time vineyard. The girls looked around curiously, but I pointed to the stairway heading to the basement.

“Down there, the cellar is where I was given the bottle.”

Sophie looked at it a little nervously, already feeling bad about the rock. “Does it have to be downstairs and underground? Is there anything we could find up here… like close to the window and doors in case we need to run away?”

Caroline was already doing a ninja creep toward the cellar. I motioned for Sophie to follow and reluctantly she did so.

I gropped my hand around at the top of the staircase and eventually found a light switch. The old lights hummed on and we started down the stairs.

“Do you remember where it is, or what it looks like?” Sophie asked as we were able to see the rows and rows of bottles coming into the cellar.

“I think so,” I said a little unsure. “We just need to look for bottles marked with a year from the 1800’s. I didn’t actually see where he got it from, but I know it’s in that direction,” I pointed to where I’d been led.

“Wow… there’s sooo much wine.” Caroline said a little amazed. She took out a bottle at random, looking at it curiously. “So what are we looking for?” she asked Sophie.

“Bottles with year’s in the 1800’s.”

Caroline nodded and put the bottle back. She didn’t quite seat it all the way in. She was about to pick another bottle at random, when the first bottle she’d touched slid out and broke on the floor.

I nearly jumped out of my skin hearing the crash. I ran over to the isle where Caroline was and looked at her embarrassingly standing above the dark purple mess. She tried to smile and shrugged her shoulders.


I frowned and walked back over to the isle I’d been searching. “It’s a good thing we’re in cellar…” I muttered aloud. “If they don’t notice the window upstairs, they’ll notice the bottle down here… Guess it can’t be helped.”

“I’m not seeing anything older then 1970,” Sophie called from another isle.

“Keep looking,” I called to her.

The three of us canvassed the cellar for the better part of a half-hour. Sophie was starting to get worried about spending too much time down here. The more time we spent, the more likely it was someone would notice we were here, or that Angelique would find out we were gone.

I was about to agree and give up when I started looking at the huge caskets of unbottled wine.

I noticed something a little odd, one of the huge casks wasn’t as dust covered as the others. I walked up to it and ran my hand over the wooden front. It wasn’t right, you could see something was amiss just looking at it. It didn’t look like the angle was right.

I pulled on the pour nozzle and the front of it came open like a big door. There were bottles inside. I smiled, this was promising.

I took out one of the bottles and smirked. “1832,” I said reading the label. “This is it,” I called to the girls. Caroline and Sophie rushed over to see what I had.

Caroline marveled at the cask like we’d found James Bond stuff. “He was really hiding stuff down here? This is the magic wine isn’t it?”

Sophie took the bottle from me and nodded to Caroline.

“Will it turn me into a boy?” Caroline asked with a smile. She reached a hand out for the bottle.

Sophie moved the bottle out of her reach, “Don’t you dare find out… You’ll probably end up diapered like Alouette.”

“What are you two talking about?”

Sophie just waved her hand like I didn’t want to know. “Let’s just get out of here,” Sophie said thrusting the bottle back in my hands. “We got what you wanted, let’s go before we get in trouble.”

I nodded, “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

I shut the casket and we made our way back to the stairs. I had the bottle with me and I was feeling pretty good about the whole endeavor… but a part of me felt like something was wrong, it’d been a bit too easy. I knew it was crazy to go out like this at night and I’d sort of come to terms with the notion that we would get caught, or face some trouble but the whole thing had been smooth.

We got back into the barn and went to the window, helping each other through. I kept the bottle close. Combined with my passport, I might be able to start an argument with some credibility in the morning. Maybe I could even arrange for a phone call and really make some progress.

We did our ninja sneak again and moved around the side of the barn and back down the driveway. We were almost to the road when we suddenly saw headlights coming.

Caroline dived behind a fence post, flattening herself to the ground. Sophie did the same on the other side of the driveway. I followed suit with Sophie and we all breathed a little hard, watching the lights head right toward the driveway and then turn toward us.

Sophie began to hyperventilate, and I did my best to give her some pats on the back without moving too much. A moment later, the car drove by us without stopping. I watched it go and realized something kind of weird. The taillights were smaller than most cars, and they were rounded… I knew that car type…

The driver side door opened, followed a second later by the passenger side. Two men stepped out and started walking towards the chateau. It was dark, and I couldn’t really make out the faces of the men.

[i]“You’re a good friend Leroy, you always know how best to solve these problems.”

“Heh, you’re just drunk you old fool. We’ll talk business in the morning.”[/i]

I heard them speaking something in French before they walked up the steps. The door opened, the light was turned on, and in they went.

I heard Caroline start to laugh. “Haha, I was soo scared I wet the pull-up you let me borrow Alouette.”

Sophie was still having a hard time breathing.

“You okay?” I asked patting her shoulder. I kept my eye on the house.

She caught her breath and nodded. “I thought for sure that’d be the police and we’d be done.”

I nodded, “Did you hear what they were talking about?”

“Drunken something, I couldn’t hear it very well.”

“Me either.”

Caroline low crawled across the gravel driveway to us. “This is soo exciting and scary at the same time.” She said smiling. “It’s like the best sleep over ever! Hehe, tell Alouette I need a new pull-up.”

I looked to Sophie for a translation.

“She’s in her own little spy world fantasy, I’ll let you know if she says anything important.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Oookay…”

We ran down the rest of the driveway and dove for the ditch, making our way back to town. The further we got from the vineyard, the easier all of us felt. I still couldn’t believe it had gone as relatively well as it had. I know to think about it is to jinx it, but after the week I’d had, being cynical and expecting the worst was the only thing I could do.

Unbelievably, we made it back inside Angelique’s house… and there were no lights on. She was still probably asleep upstairs.

“That was soo fun!” Caroline said hugging me.

“Um… you’re welcome?” I said understanding some of what she’d said.

“You realize we just committed a crime?” Sophie asked seeming a little upset that Caroline was so happy about this.

Caroline smiled. “None of the sleepovers I’ve ever been to do stuff like this. Usually everyone just makes fun of me.” Caroline’s smile faltered a little but remembering something, she giggled, “You even broke a window Sophie.”

Sophie blushed.

The three of us tried to sneak back upstairs to my room.

“I think she’s still asleep,” I whispered as we crept down the hallway. I still had the wine in my hands and I realized that if she were to wake up now and see us, things would get pretty hairy.

We tip toed to my door at the end of the hall and quietly snuck inside. As soon as we were in, Sophie let out a huge sigh of relief and sank to the floor, breathing easier.

“Oh my god we made it back… and we didn’t get in any trouble.”

I smiled. “I guess sometimes even I can get lucky.”

Caroline just offered her thumbs up.

We took a moment to change back into our PJs, hiding the dusty black clothes at the bottom of the laundry basket.

“You better do something about that bottle too, Angelique would freak if she found you with that right now,” Sophie said pointing to it.

I nodded, “good idea, I’ll just stash it in the closet for now.”

I went over to the closet and stuffed the bottle in the back, hopefully it wouldn’t be noticed there if Angelique went outfit searching in the morning. I pushed some old shoes and stuff around it, and I guess I nudged something else in the process because a small pile of boxes tumbled over.

It wasn’t that loud, at least it didn’t seem it. Sophie and Caroline looked at me and the slight mess of stuff, standing absolutely still. There was a slight creak on the floorboards from the other room. I panicked and started stuffing things back in the closet. Caroline and Sophie rushed over to help. We definitely heard footsteps.

I was about to shut the closet door when Angelique opened the door to my room and looked around.

“Girls?” she said looking in the dark until she found the three of us looking at her from the closet. “Umm, what are you doing by the closet?”

I knew what she was asking about… but I didn’t know if it would be a good idea to show her the bottle right now.

Sophie held up a box of wipes, “Just needed these! Alouette needs a change.”

I saw what she was holding and heard my name… I tried to whisper at Sophie “I don’t think I need a change right now.”

“Just make it so you do…” she whispered back.

Angelique shook her head and came over to us. She pushed the closet door closed and smiled, patting Sophie’s head and taking the wipes. “Sophie, you don’t need to worry about this, you should have just gotten me if Alouette needed her diaper changed.”

Angelique walked over to the dresser, and as she did, Sophie looked at me expectantly. Oh god, this was going to require me too… I gulped. Forcing myself to wet was not really something I’d wanted to do.

“I’ll change her if you need someone to do it,” Caroline said smiling.

Angelique looked at her a little awkwardly, “Um… no that’s all right Caroline, I don’t mind,” she said getting a clean diaper. “You girls shouldn’t even really be up this late, its past two.”

I had started wetting a little, but I wasn’t wetting enough to warrant a change. If she was going to buy this excuse I’d need a bit more.

Angelique set the diaper and the wipes Sophie had gotten on the bed. She looked at me expectantly and patted the mattress. I was about to get up when suddenly it happened… Maybe I’d pushed too hard, or maybe my control really was slipping that badly, maybe it was the god damn MSG from the Chinese earlier. Whatever it was, I suddenly felt it rush into my diaper.

It wasn’t like the feeling earlier today when I’d woken up and it was already in my diaper. This was completely different. I was fully aware of a warm wet something suddenly pushing out the back of my diaper.

My bottom lip quivered and Sophie’s mouth suddenly hung open. “You… you didn’t just?”

I began to cry.

Angelique got up and came over to me, “What’s wrong Alouette, why are you…” she suddenly smelt something a little off. “Oh… oh my. You really do need a change,” she said suddenly looking concerned.

“I knew it. She does poop in her diapers,” Caroline said with a nod to herself.

Angelique frowned at her, but took my hand, leading me over to the bed. “It’s okay Alouette… we’ll get you changed… it happened in your sleep again I bet. You really should have woken me up for this girls.”

Sophie was still stunned. She got up and went over to Caroline, who was just standing there watching as Angelique lifted up my night shirt to untape my diaper.

“It’s rude to stare,” Sophie said. Caroline was caught off guard for a moment, not realizing she was staring, she giggled hesitantly and scratched the back of her head.

“Yah… didn’t even realize I was looking that attentively. It’s probably best if I just run down the hall and change in the bathroom, my um…” she laughed at herself, “My own undergarment is a little wet… hehe, some joke huh?”

“Joke… right…”

Caroline blushed and found her panties, going back down the hallway as Angelique began to change my diaper.

“I’ve been wondering how on earth you made it without diapers when I first found you. This is in no way an improvement Alouette…”

I was still crying. It had been a disgusting feeling. There was no control, it was scary in its own way.

Angelique wiped me clean and taped up a fresh diaper. She said a few things in French that had that ‘it’s okay, it’s not your fault’ kind of connotation to it, but they didn’t really help. She bid us good night and urged us to go to bed. I sat up on the bed still sobbing. It wasn’t till Sophie sat on the bed and put her arm around me that I managed to stop. Caroline came back in the room and apologized too, although I’m not really sure for what.

“You okay?” Sophie asked.

I nodded, “At the very least… I think she bought it.”

Sophie laughed a little, “Please don’t tell me that was intentional.”

I shook my head ‘no’ very firmly.

Angelique was heading down the hall to throw away my used diaper. She wanted to bag it so it wouldn’t stink up the place. She got to the bathroom and was putting it in a small bag as suddenly, someone pounded on the door downstairs.

It shook the three of us back in my room to reality. I rushed off the bed and looked out in the hallway to a surprised looking Angelique. She went to her room, and threw on a robe over her PJs before going downstairs.

Sophie and Caroline were quickly behind me, watching her go down the stairs.

“We’re sooo dead,” Sophie said quietly.

“Plausible deniability,” I said firmly. “Maybe it’s not about us.”


Sophie clutched at my arm. “We’re soo dead…” she said again.

French Whines 17 , 18 & 19

French Whines… 18
By: CS Fox

Angelique went to the door while tying her robe. Whoever it was, he liked to pound on the door and kept demanding something about Alouette. She looked through the peep hole and found a man she didn’t recognize, but she saw her friend Leroy behind him. Hesitantly she undid the lock.

“You’re little runaway is a dirty little thieve!” the man slurred nearly falling over backwards.

Angelique raised an eyebrow and looked at Leroy. “Umm… Leroy, what’s going on?”

“Sorry to bother you so late,” he said cooly, “This is Javier, a business associate of mine… He’s quite convinced that your house guest broke into his cellar tonight.”

Leroy had a little bit of a wine smell on his breath too.

Angelique frowned. “Alouette’s been here all night. There’s no way she’s been out.”

She started to close the door, but Leroy put his hand in to keep it open. “We’re missing something that’s kind of important…”

Upstairs, I was looking out of the window and could see a car out front. The driver had parked it kind of on the curve like an idiot… I couldn’t help but realize something I should have earlier. The car was a BMW, the same one Angelique’s admiring jerk-off drove. It was his car I’d seen at the vineyard tonight.

“She broke in! I know it!” Javier garbled. He pushed his way past Leroy and shoved at the door. Angelique shrieked and quickly threw her weight against it.

“Stop it! Get out or I’ll call the police!”

We heard Angelique from upstairs.

“What do we do, what do we do?” Sophie kept repeating, walking around in a circle. I caught her with my arm.

“Stay up here with Caroline. Look for a phone, I’ll go downstairs. They’re after me and I can talk my way out of this.”

Sophie looked at me hesitantly but didn’t stop me as I went. I came down the stairs just in time to see the winery guy shove his way into the living room. Angelique stumbled backwards.

“Angelique!” I shouted, immediately running to her.

The winery guy squinted and looked at me. A smile cracked on his face. “Is that him?” he asked in a slur.

Leroy slapped the back of his friend’s head. “You drunken moron, you’re going to get us in a lot of trouble.” Leroy looked at Angelique. I was standing protectively in front of her. “I’m sorry Angelique, we’ll leave in a moment, we just need to talk to your guest.”

I was turning my head and looking around for a knife, an umbrella, a fireplace poker, anything to protect us with. I thought about the chairs, but they were a bit big for my body to wield. I didn’t want to leave Angelique.

“She can’t understand English any better than you can understand French,” Leroy said to me. I glared at him. He grabbed his friend by the back of his shirt and held him at bay. “She doesn’t think you left the house, but we know… and we know what you took.”

I kept silent. I’m a good poker player, you don’t reveal your hand in a situation like this.

Leroy waited for me to say something, but frowned when I just stood there. Angelique was scared, and she didn’t understand what was going on, but the immediate danger seemed to be passing.

“Fine… you want to do this the hard way?” He snarled. “We’ll leave and the police will be back with a search warrant. Don’t think we can’t prove you were at the vineyard tonight.” He yanked at his friend again. “We’re leaving.”

“Non! Fck you, that stupid cnt is not getting away. You said it was an experiment we could keep under control! I want the bottle back!”

Leroy led the drunk winery owner out the door. Angelique was quick to run up and lock it behind them, breathing heavy. She looked at me and quickly ran up to give me a hug. Sophie and Caroline came running down the stairs when they heard the men leave.

“They know we were there,” I said quietly to Sophie.

She nodded, “The winery guy was yelling that earlier.”

“I want you to ask Alouette what that was about!” Angelique said letting go of me and looking straight at Sophie.

Sophie shrank back a little. “She wants to know what that was all about,” Sophie translated. She gave me a look like ‘we’re dead aren’t we?’

I looked at Angelique a little nervously. I guess it was truth time. I looked to Caroline, who gave me another thumbs up.

“Let’s tell her,” I said softly. I took a chair and sat down on my crinkling rear. Angelique looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“What he was saying wasn’t true… right? Sophie… you, Alouette and Caroline have been here all night, haven’t you?” she asked looking at Sophie with her stern expression growing.

Sophie was getting visibly distressed. “She’s not going to be happy about this Alouette.”

“Maybe she’ll believe us this time.”

Sophie started to translate my story for her, about how some bad wine had made me what I am… but Angelique rolled her eyes. “Not this again… Please, don’t change the subject, have you girls been upstairs since I put you to bed or not?”

“But that’s not the important part!” Caroline interrupted. “Why don’t you believe Alouette’s story? Those winery bastards turned her from a boy into a girl!”

“Caroline, listen to what you are saying, boys do not just magically change into girls. Alouette is a girl and has always been one. I’ve changed her diapers for a week, she’s a girl, trust me.”

Sophie was translating the back and forth. Angelique wasn’t buying a word of this. I excused myself a moment and I walked back upstairs to get my passport, as well as the bottle I had hidden earlier. From the looks of Sophie and Caroline, they knew what I was getting.

When I came back downstairs, Angelique saw the bottle and marched right up to me.

“You stole this tonight didn’t you? You went out of the house!”

She took the bottle out of my hands and looked at me like she couldn’t believe it. The last time I’d come in the house with a wine bottle, things hadn’t gone well.

She looked at Sophie. “Have you girls been out of the house tonight?!” She demanded.

Sophie bit her lip. Caroline nodded “We had to get the magic wine bottle to prove to you…”

Angelique couldn’t hold it back. “You filled their heads with lies so you could steal wine?!” she screamed at me. The idea was almost so incredible that she couldn’t believe it. I knew her tone of voice, this was bad… Tears were coming to my eyes and I could see her start to reach back for the slap she had given me last time.

I cowered back, and held up my passport with both hands to protect my cheek. Angelique stopped with her hand all the way back and just looked at me. She yanked the passport out of my hands and opened it up.

“What… what is this?” She asked looking at the picture.

“Her name was Andy,” Sophie said softly.

Angelique looked at the passport surprised and then at me. “Did she steal this too?”

“I stole it,” Sophie blushed. “My father had it… He said he found it in the ditch along the side of the road. I gave it to Alouette tonight and she told me the truth.”

“Sophie, Alouette is a good girl deep down, I can tell, but her story… it’s not true, how can it be?”

Sophie frowned, “There’s a lot of stuff about Alouette that can’t be explained, and although it sounds crazy, I really think she used to be that guy.”

“Yah!” Caroline said putting her hands on her hips. “And I bet she was hot too.”

Angelique and Sophie looked at Caroline, and shook their heads simultaneously.

Angelique’s thumbed through the passport again and took a good long look at me. When her eyes met mine, I started repeating all the information.

“My name is Anthony,” and I spat out everything…My social security, my address, my age, everything that I remembered. It was a stream of consciousness like someone who has a song in their head they just have to get out. Angelique looked a bit more shocked, and even more confused.

There was another knock at the door, although not as hostile as the last had been. Angelique looked at it hesitantly, then back at me. She put down the passport and the wine and went to the door. She peered through the peep-hole.

“Inspector Facet,” she said in a hoarse voice.

I froze. This was bad. After this morning, even Angelique knew that he had it in for me.

“I’m going to need you to open this door Angelique,” he called from the other side of the door.

Angelique hesitated a moment. “Girls, why don’t you head back upstairs.”

I was shaking… I didn’t know if I wanted to leave Angelique alone like this.

“He’ll deport her!” Sophie cried out, quickly grabbing the wine bottle and hugging it to her chest. “Don’t let him in, make sure he’s got someone with him. My Papa should be on duty. Policemen don’t come into someone’s house alone unless they don’t want people to see what they’re doing.”

Angelique wasn’t sure if that was right or not, but she waited for the girls to run upstairs while the man knocked a few more times.

“Sorry, you caught me kind of late Inspector,” she called. “Are… are you working alone tonight?”

“Yes Angelique, I’m working alone. Please open the door, I do not wish to ask again.”

Angelique took a step back from the door, something didn’t seem right. “… Officer Rousseau’s daughter is here, and she informed me that policemen usually don’t work alone when making house calls this late.”

There was a pause on the other side of the door for a moment. Then the knocking came back, this time more insistent.

“I have reason to believe your house guest has broken the tentative rules we’ve set for her. Open this door Angelique.”

Sophie, Caroline and I sat at the top of the stairs just out of sight of the door. We couldn’t see it, but we could hear every word.

“He’s going to come in and take you away,” Sophie said short of breath.

“We have to do something!” Caroline said shifting nervously. The adventure earlier had been fun… but armed policemen were a different type of excitement, one she wasn’t thrilled about.

“Hold the bottle Caroline, I’m going to call my Papa.”

Sophie passed the bottle and Caroline looked bewildered for a moment. I tugged at Sophie’s nightgown. “Wait, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to call my Papa. This isn’t right. You know Inspector Facet is connected to the two that stopped by earlier.”

Sophie’s nightgown slipped out of my hand as she went down the stairs two at a time, rushing for the phone while Angelique was still at the door. Caroline and I moved halfway down the stairs so we could see what was going on.

“Sophie, get back upstairs!” Angelique called.

“You have to the count of three to open this door before I break it down!” The inspector yelled, pounding the door now.

Angelique looked scared and cast a worried glance my way up the stairs.

“Girls get upstairs, I’ll handle this… Please, just get upstairs and lock yourself in the bedroom.”

I couldn’t move, Sophie was already dialing on the phone. She was shaking nervously as she punched in the numbers.

“Hello? Yes it’s an emergency! I need to speak to Officer Rousseau.”

There was a sound of splintering wood, and a shriek from Angelique as she was suddenly pushed from the door. It swung open and banged against its hinges.

“Good evening ladies…” Inspector Facet said coming into the living room… drawing his gun.

This time it was Caroline who shrieked, throwing an arm around me and pulling me close. I gasped as my head was suddenly held next to the wine bottle and the chest of the taller girl. She started to half crawl, half drag me up the stairs with her.

Sophie was standing absolutely still as if cast in stone with the receiver still held to her ear.

Inspector Facet raised his gun on Angelique. “The American comes with me.”

Angelique slowly raised a quivering hand to her mouth, as if she couldn’t believe reality… someone had broken into her home; someone who was supposed to be protecting her, someone who was pointing a gun at her.

There was a moment where no one moved. We all just looked at the Inspector and the gun.

“She stays.” Angelique said forcefully. Her instincts were stronger then her rationality.

Inspector Facet thumbed the safety and cocked the hammer of his weapon. “The American… I’m not asking again.”

“No!!” I screamed, trying to break free of Caroline’s grasp. I stumbled down the stairs, half hiding behind the railing at the bottom. I wanted to help… but… I was afraid of him… afraid of what he might do to us.

“Alouette!” Angelique waved her arm at me like she wanted me to go back upstairs.

I shook my head no.

“Papa!! He’s pointing a gun at Angelique!” Sophie yelped into the receiver of the phone. She’d stood so still and so quiet before, that it was almost like she wasn’t in the room. Now everyone was looking at her, and her eyes went wide as the gun was pointed her way.

Inspector Facet walked up to Sophie and grabbed the phone from her hand, slamming it down. He drew his other arm back and pistol whipped her across the face.

Angelique screamed, Sophie stumbled over and fell towards me. I rushed forward and caught her. She was shaking, there were tears on her face, and a drop of blood at the corner of her mouth… but she seemed okay.

Her hand pawed at her lips like she couldn’t believe she’d been struck. She clutched at me, her eyes wide with fear as the gun was now trained on the two of us. Caroline rushed down the stairs.

“You… you monster.” Angelique managed to say. Her hand wasn’t quivering now, it was in a fist. The man had struck one of her students.

“Move and they die,” he said coldly. He kept his eyes on us, and he noticed the bottle in Caroline’s arms. “…All three of them are coming with me.”

Angelique gasped. “No… you… you…”

“He has the gun.” Leroy said as he walked in through the open front door. His drunken friend Javier was right behind him.

“Leroy!” Anqelique said at the familiar face.

“I said I’d be back with the police. You should have listened to me earlier.”

“He’s waving a gun around and threatening to kill us! You have to help us.”

Leroy shrugged and Javier sauntered over to the Inspector.

“Well the American won’t really come along quietly will she?”

I looked up at the first English I’d heard in a little while. I swallowed hard and pressed myself a little harder to Caroline and Sophie.

“I’ll go quietly… just put the gun down.”

“See… the gun makes her reasonable.”

“Non!” Angelique shouted at me. Leroy moved in front of her as she started to run to us.

Inspector Facet motioned toward the door with his gun. “All three of you, outside.” He repeated it in French.

“WHAT? I’m the one you want, leave them out of it.”

He took a step toward us and had the gun less then three feet from our faces. He didn’t say anything, just held it there for us to look at. Caroline was even beginning to shake and cry now. I took her hand, and Sophie’s and gripped them tightly, getting to my feet.

“That’s my bottle of wine!” Javier said suddenly keying in on something the taller girl had in her other hand. He made a drunken lunge at Caroline, who shrieked and out of instinct, kicked him square in the nuts.

He swore and stumbled back, as Angelique began to struggle against Leroy, crying herself now, frantically trying to reach toward me and the girls.

In front of the gun, we walked out the door together, moving through fear, not submitting to it only because of the strength we shared through the bonds in our hands. Angelique was hysterical, it took all of Leroy’s strength to hold her back.

Javier came behind us, swearing and walking a little funny.

French Whines 17 , 18 & 19

French Whines… 19
By: CS Fox

“Get in.” Inspector Facet said motioning to his police car. Besides the BMW halfway on the sidewalk, it was the only vehicle nearby at this early hour of the morning. The three of us looked at each other and hesitated.

Inspector Facet didn’t have any patience and clumsily tried to kick us, but we started moving before he could. Javier was just behind him and he tried not to shout at him and wake the neighborhood. “Get in the passenger side, we have to leave now, the one with glasses called my department.”

“Good… let the little c*nts rot in jail,” he slurred.

Inspector Facet frowned and quickly put his gun away “I don’t think my partners would approve of… nevermind, just get in the damn car.”

The three of us were holding each other in the back of the car. A part of me wanted to run, let the night hide me, but… I wasn’t about to gamble Sophie and Caroline. We just pressed close together in the back of the car.

Javier stumbled into the front seat and smiled at us blearily. “Dirty thieves.”

Inspector Facet opened his door just as Leroy came running out of the house. He had a bag over his back and I could see he had a scratch across his cheek and his hair was a bit more messed up then it had been.

“I got her locked in her own pantry. I had to shove just about everything in the kitchen up against it. It won’t hold her forever, but she doesn’t have a car, so we can put some distance between us.”

The Inspector nodded and got into his car. “Follow me out, try not to make it look like we’re in a rush.” He shut his door and started the engine. Caroline spit at him through the cage. He turned around and glared at the three of us. I wasn’t really feeling Caroline’s insubordination.

“He… he didn’t hurt Angelique did he?” I asked still following Leroy with my eyes as he went to his car.

A smile creeped across the Inspector’s face, and he did a nonchalant shrug as he put the car into gear and took us away from Angelique’s house.

“She’s okay…” Sophie said softly squeezing my hand. “The man in the other car side he just locked her into the pantry.”

I nodded but couldn’t find much comfort.

“You big jerk, where are you taking us?” Caroline asked, she was scared, but she was angry too. Changing her grip on the wine bottle, she held it like a bat, but I put a hand on her wrist shaking my head no. It wouldn’t do anything through the police cage.

“To my winery!” Javier laughed drunkenly.

Inspector Facet frowned at him again, “Not the smartest place to go right now, don’t worry girls, I know a good place.”

There was silence as we drove in the dawn hours. My nerves were shot, after the day I’d had, the night we’d had, and the lack of sleep… not to mention a diaper I’d about saturated in fear… I was ready to faint.

I’d about had it. “Why… why did you do this to me?”

I could see Inspector Facet smile through the rear view mirror. “You’re about the most rebellious little American girl ever to come to France,” he joked.

I flipped the bird, “I wasn’t always a girl, thanks to the wine.”

Javier laughed now as the Inspector translated it.

“So you’re not going to deny I used to be a guy?”

“I suppose its past that point now, isn’t it… Anthony?”

My mouth hung open a moment, as did Sophie’s.

“Can… can I ever change back?”

Javier only laughed more. “What does the American want now?”

“She’s bitching about wanting to know if she can change back into a guy.”

“Not be any means I know… haha, who’d have tha grapes a do this…”

Sophie suddenly looked at me with sad eyes, and Caroline hugged me a little harder.

“What did they say?” …but I think I already knew…

“…they don’t know a way to change you back.”

Tears came to my eyes… and a part of me died in that moment.

We drove a bit longer in silence. We weren’t going to the winery, we were heading in the opposite direction. I didn’t think we were going to the police department, not with Sophie in the car and her dad on the force. The inspector just kept driving, and the winery owner fell asleep.

At one point, I think I saw flashing police lights going down another street, but I couldn’t be sure, it was still dark out and we only passed the street for a moment. I leaned forward a bit to see if French Police cars were like American ones, and sure enough I saw a radio on the dash… but it was turned off.

Sophie looked my way when she saw me in thought. I leaned in to whisper, “You’re dad has to know something’s up now. After your call, and the Inspector’s radio being off, he must suspect something.”

Sophie nodded.

The car began to slow. I looked around and was rather surprised to find that we’d take a roundabout route too… too the church and school? The Inspector got out of the car and opened our door, waving for us to get out. Hesitantly we obeyed.

The BMW pulled up a moment later, taking out a mailbox in the process. “What the hell are we going to do here?” Leroy asked hoping out of his car. He put that same bag he’d taken from Angelique’s over his shoulder.

“Shut up and just help me get them inside.”

Javier woke up, and scratched his head, stumbling out of the car. “You… wan I shuld halp too?”

The inspector nodded and pointed at Sophie who huddled a little closer to me. Taking me by the shoulder, and taking out his gun once more, the Inspector marched me into the school, breaking the three of us apart. Javier took Sophie and Leroy got Caroline, yanking the bottle of wine from her hand and stuffing it in the bag he carried.

“Somehow I knew the old Nun was in on it,” I said as we headed in.

The Inspector laughed, “Actually no, she’s just a bitch and most likely to side with me right now.”

I frowned, and then stopped when I realized he hadn’t brought me to school, he opened the chapel side door and dragged me toward the nursery.

“She never locks it, I checked earlier,” Inspector Facet said to Leroy.

“This is getting a little out of hand Inspector. Angelique’s going to tell the police that you, Javier and I were involved in kidnapping. How are we going to explain this?”

“Idiot, I am the police. Don’t worry about them, they’ll never charge into the church, just let me talk to the Headmistress. We can finish out the experiment before everything is for naught.”

“You assholes, let us go! I hope Sophie’s papa shoots you all,” Caroline said struggling against Leroy.

Inspector Facet opened the door to the nursery and all of us went in.

French Whines

I love this story and I hope it ends happily since things are looking bleak for the girls right now. I also hope something unexpectably bad happens to Inspector Facet, Leroy, and Javier who all are crazy with the power they currently have over the girls.