I just finished what could end up being my last day as a professional journalist. While I’m relieved beyond words to be done with this particular job, it’s a role I’m conflicted on relenquishing.

Anyway, the upside is I should have a LOT more time to write/blog/create, so I might (gasp) actually return to writing longer stories here.

Just thought I’d share.


Congrats man (I think?). Did you quit? I can imagine being a journalist could be quite hectic at times.


One of my best friends is a journalist in a Tire-trade magazine in Ohio, as Akron was once known as the rubber capital of the world.

He complains a lot about his job. Deadlines, having to travel, etc. He would love to leave his job but alas, Northeast Ohio SUCKS.

So, Wing, what are you going to do? You have something lined up?



Congrats, I think. I quit my job about a month ago, and it was the best decision I have ever made. God, did I hate that job.



Yes, I resigned. I gave them more than a month’s notice. They found my replacement in-house and I helped give him some guidance while I was there.

Being a journalist can be quite hectic at times, even at a smaller paper. Maybe especially at a smaller paper because there tend to be fewer staff and more roles each person has to take on.


The paper’s current publisher came here from Dayton a few months ago. I think that’s southern Ohio though.

Anyway, as of next month I’m a grad student/research assistant. I’m moving next week, traveling the week after that and giving myself a little time off before jumping back into the academic fray.


Good luck on your return to academia. I’m sure you’ll be a big success there, too!