Freak Show (Updated With Chapter 4 (Part 1) - 02/12/2013)

I decided I wanted to write my second ABDL story. This one’s going to be a little darker in nature, but it will have its bright moments. I wanted to try something different and throw in some deeper stuff, even if you don’t pick it up the first time reading the story.

I was inspired to write this story by a certain movie, but I won’t say here in order to prevent spoiling my story for anyone. Basically, if you think this is going to be a cliche ABDL story, you’re looking at it too shallowly and will be proven wrong if/when I ever finish it. I’m not the world’s best writer, but I have some interesting plot pieces planned out.

That being said, I’m also an engineering student that doesn’t have a lot of free time. I will definitely try to update it as much as possible.

So, without further ado, I give you, “Freak Show.”

Chapter 1

Josh woke up with a start. Heart pounding, he slowly became conscious of his surroundings as he sat up. Just enough light poured in around the edges of the window blinds to dimly illuminate what he realized was his bedroom. Looking at his alarm clock, he saw that it was 5:32. Thinking he still had time to sleep, Josh laid back down before he took a double take at his clock. The PM light was on, it was 5:32 PM.

“That’s weird,” Josh thought. “How did I sleep in this late? When did I go to bed?” Come to think about it, he didn’t remember going to bed the night before. In fact, he couldn’t even remember the last couple days, his whole memory was lost in hazing confusion. The last thing he remembered was the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. However, he knew that was not yesterday. He couldn’t figure out how he knew this; he just knew that was at least a few days ago. There was a gap in his conscious timeline, but it was not empty. Where memories would usually reside was an immense sense of sadness and pain, as if someone hurt him. This pain was not physical, however, he had no cuts or bruises. This pain came from deep within, throbbing from the hurt. It was as if someone had betrayed him, but again, he could not remember who or how it was done.

Sitting back up, Josh ran his hands through his hair, gently massaging his head as if it would help him remember the past few days. He knew he hadn’t just drunk too much. He was not the partying type. He reached for his phone to find that he had no new texts or missed calls. He also noticed that it was Wednesday, November 22nd, 2012. The last day of classes was on Friday, the 16th. What happened during those last two days? The more he tried to remember, the worse he felt.

Josh gave up on his memory and proceeded to walk over to his closet. Whenever he felt down, he had a secret emotional safe place to go to. It wasn’t the location that comforted him, however, it was the objects that hid in his closet. He moved a couple boxes to the side and reached for the furthest one and set it on his bed.

Upon opening the box, he was greeted by the smell of baby powder. Josh started taking objects out of the box, including pacifiers, a baby bottle, and wipes, until he finally got to what he was really looking for: a bag of disposable adult diapers.

Yes, those are very odd things to find in a nineteen-year-old college student’s closet, but the truth was that for some crazy reason, Josh loved wearing diapers and using other baby items. It made him feel safe, secure, and beyond all, loved. But something was wrong today. As he grabbed a diaper out of the almost-full bag, he didn’t feel any of the usual emotions. Where warm, happy thoughts usually enter, cold, sharp feelings busted down the proverbial door and evicted any remaining comfort.

“What’s wrong with me today?” Josh said, staring at the disposable garment. “Could this be the reason I feel like this? Did my secret get out?” He started to fear the worst. Only his closest of friends knew about his secret little hobby, but betrayal wasn’t impossible. Quickly, Josh walked over to his laptop and logged onto facebook. Surely if word got out, there would be signs of it on there.

Ten minutes passed. Josh hadn’t found any sign of his secret being let out, nor any clue for what happened to him in the past few days. An odd mixture of relief and defeat came over him. He was just about to close his browser when he heard the unmistakable pop of the facebook messenger. It was from his friend, Rebecca Ames.

“JOSHUA MARLOW! We’ve been living in the same city for almost three months now, and we still haven’t met up yet!” She said. Josh had met Rebecca over the internet over a year ago on a video chat site. Josh thought it would be fun to tell a complete stranger who he would never see again about his desire to wear diapers and be treated like a baby. To his surprise, she was intrigued by the idea. They added each other on Skype and started video chatting on a regular basis. Rebecca even started to baby talk to him from time to time and the fact that she was six years older than him made him enjoy it even more.

A few months ago, Rebecca moved to the city where Josh went to college. She had gotten a job there doing… well, Josh didn’t really know what she did. Whenever he tried to get more information about her work or anything really personal, she changed the subject to him and his little side. He liked their online relationship, but the fact that she now lived near him made him slightly uncomfortable. Without a doubt, he wanted to meet her in person, but there was just something that told him it was a bad idea.

“Yeah,” he typed. “I’ve been really busy with school. We definitely need to meet up sometime, though.”

“Oh, you and your school.” Rebecca responded. “Did you go back home for Thanksgiving this year?”

“No. My parents are actually in Europe right now, so I decided to stay at the apartment over the break. My roommates went home, so I have the place to myself.”

“Awww. Wittle Joshy’s all by himself for Thanksgiving? That’s no fun! You should come over to my place! We can finally meet. I’ll even baby you the whole time!”

As Josh read her last message, a chill went down his spine. He’d always wanted to be babied and he really had nothing to do, but with his current emotional state, he was not quite in the mood for it.

“Thanks for the offer,” he replied, “But I’m not sure if I’m ready for that yet. I’m feeling a little off today.”

“Oh, I see how it is. You love to play around on the internet, but when a lady wants to actually meet you in person, you blow her off. Not cool, Josh.”

“No, it’s not that, Rebecca. It’s just that…. idk…”

“Oh, I see. You’re not sure if you’re ready to do the baby thing yet? That’s understandable. Tell you what, why don’t you still come over. You can leave whenever you want. I won’t hold you hostage or anything like that. You don’t have to bring any of your baby stuff with you if you don’t want to, but the offer still stands in case you change your mind. You can also stay as long as you want, I’d love to have the company. :)”

Josh took a minute to read the lengthy message and started contemplating visiting her. What else was he going to do, anyways? He might as well go over there and try to get his mind off of things. Who knows, he might really enjoy himself with her.

“Okay, I’m coming over. I still have your address from when you first moved in. I’ll be there in about 30 minutes.” Josh sent the message, closed his laptop, and headed for the door. When he got to the door, he stopped and looked back at the box of his baby gear.

“What’s the harm in just bringing it?” he thought. “I may want to do it later. If I get a bad vibe, I’ll just keep it in the car. What’s the worst that can happen?” Josh put everything back in the box, carried it down to his car, and drove away.

Re: Freak Show

Sorry for the delay, but I now give you chapter 2. I know it seems to be just the usual AB scene, but there are a few things that may stick out further in the story. Chapter 3 is when the plot starts to thicken. Thank you to everyone for reading!

Chapter 2

Josh’s hands were sweating fiercely and his heart was beating at a swift pace. Standing outside room 713, he kept switching his body weight from one leg to the other, every so often readjusting the box in his hands.

“Why’d I even bring this box up here,” Josh thought, “I should have just left in the car. I could have gotten it later if I felt up to it.” A faint smell of baby powder lingered from the box, making it impossible for Josh to forget about what was hiding under the lid. He almost turned around and took it to the car, but it was a long enough wait for the elevator the first time and he did not feel like walking up and down seven flights of stairs. “I’ll just ‘man up’ and bring it with me,” he concluded and finally raised his hand and knocked on the door.


Ten seconds passed, but as Einstein once said, time is relative. To Josh, those seconds felt more like kilo-seconds. Finally, he heard the click of the door lock, followed by a faint squeak as the door opened to reveal Rebecca.

“Well, hey there Josh!” Rebecca exclaimed in her usual peppy voice. “Nice to finally meet you come on in!”

Josh shyly entered the apartment. Still feeling apprehensive, his demeanor was a complete juxtaposition to Rebecca’s as she was rambling about something he wasn’t quite paying attention to. Still breathing quite heavily, he looked around to take in his surroundings. The apartment was fairly decent but it seemed quite small. Josh deduced that it must have been an apartment for a tight budget, which would work well for someone like Rebecca who lived by herself. What really stood out to Josh, however, was that it seemed quite empty. There was a small table and a couple chairs that had seen better days over by the kitchen, a futon and an old CRT TV opposite of it in what could be considered the living room, but the most abundant object were the many boxes scattered throughout. It looked did not look as if she had lived there for long, and yet she had been in town for three months.

“Hello? Josh, are you okay?” Rebecca asked, snapping Josh out of his trance.

“What? Yeah, sorry. I’m just a little out of it today. What did you say?”

“You silly boy,” Rebecca giggled. “I was asking you if you brought your ‘stuff’ in that box.”

“Oh, yeah, I brought it just in case.” Josh Replied. “I’ll just put it over by the door for now.”

“That’s a good idea. It’ll fit in with the other boxes. I’ve just been too lazy to unpack much. Why don’t we sit on the futon and catch up? We haven’t talked in a while.” Rebecca said, leading Josh to the living room area. They made small talk, filling in each other on random things that had been happening the past few months. Before they knew it, forty minutes had passed.

“I just feel really stupid,” Josh continued, “No matter how hard I try, I just cannot get a good grade on any quizzes or tests in differential equations. I always mess up some stupid, simple integral or derivative or something.”

“Yeah, you’re soooo stupid stupid, Josh,” Rebecca commented sarcastically. “Because everyone can do that. I’m just thankful I didn’t have to do anything past algebra for my degree, and I’ve got a good job.”

“You have a point there. That reminds me, you never told me what you do at your job.”

“Oh, just boring stuff, nothing like you do. So when do I get to see little baby Joshy tonight.” She said slyly, quick to change the subject. She started to slowly move towards Josh on the futon.

“Oh, well, I’m not quite sure if… if I, uh, erm.” Josh stumbled for words, not knowing what to say or whether he wanted to play baby that night or not. “I’m not sure if I want to.”

“Well that doesn’t sound like the Josh I know.” Rebecca said in a playful manner, still inching towards him.

“Well, I’ve been having a really weird day. I’m not sure if I’m really up to it.” Josh nervously replied.

“Oh, that’s too bad.” Rebecca said, slowly. She then gently put her hand on his knee. “I was looking forward to seeing little Joshy and his cute tushie in his dipees.”

“Well, this is the first time we’ve met in person. I don’t want to put the burden on you. You get the short end of the stick in this deal.”

“Oh, you’ve got it all wrong.” She said, sliding her hand up his leg, towards his crotch and leaning in towards him. “You see, I like to feel needed, and having a helpless baby to look after is the perfect way to do that.” Her hand was now as far up as it could go as she whispered in his ear, “I’ll enjoy it just as much as you will.”

Breathing in deeply, Josh could smell the sweet smell of Rebecca’s chocolate brown hair as it gently brushed against his cheek. His mind told him that it was a terrible idea and that he should just leave, but his body longed for the loving care that Rebecca offered. He had dreamed for years about having this opportunity; how could he resist?

“Well, if you insist, I can’t say no to that.” Josh said timidly. Rebecca smiled and jumped up, off the futon and bounced over to the box Josh brought. Josh’s nervousness only increased. What would this all entail? Would he just change himself and let her take care of him in other, less-intimate ways? By the way she had her hand on his leg a minute ago, he figured that would not be the case.

As Rebecca set the box down near the futon, the thought occurred to Josh that this was the first time anyone else would see his stash in person. This only added to his emotional state. There was nothing he could do then. He just had to put his trust in her and let her take care of him. That was the point of his whole hobby, was it not? Rebecca took the cover off the box slowly, as if to add to the suspense. The smell of baby powder quickly filled the air, quickly calming Josh slightly as if it was magic dust.

“I see Joshy brought his binky with him to mommy’s house.” Rebecca said in her classic baby-talk voice. “Does wittle Joshy want his binky?”

Josh could only nod as his cheeks lit with a fire of embarrassment. He loved baby-talk, it was one of his favorite parts of pretending to be a baby, but it always embarrassed him at the same time. It was as if Rebecca stripped any manhood he had off him.

Rebecca placed the light blue pacifier in Josh’s mouth and giggled as he began to suck on it. She then took out a package of baby wipes and the bottle of baby powder, followed by the core of Josh’s experience: a diaper.

“First, let’s get that shirt off you so this is easier.” She said in a motherly tone. “Can you lift your arms up for my, bud?” Josh complied and she pulled his shirt off. She then gently pushed his bare chest back so that he laid down on the futon. She then got onto the futon, kneeling over his lower body. She ran her hands down his chest, letting her fingers playfully crawl on the way down to his belt. She quickly by gently undid his belt and unzipped his jeans. With a smile, she pulled his pants and boxer down his legs at the same time leaving him completely naked.

Next, Rebecca grabbed the white, disposable diaper and unfolded it, crinkling loudly with every movement it underwent. As she straightened it out, the babyish patterns that Josh paid premium dollar for were revealed on the front of the diaper.

“Okay Joshy, let’s raise that cute tushie of yours in the air.” Rebecca said, lifting his legs up while sliding the diaper underneath him. She then wiped him down with a couple wipes and applied a liberal amount of powder before pulling the garment up, between his legs, and taped it snugly in place,

“Oh, isn’t wittle baby Joshy just the cutest thing in his diapees!” Rebecca cooed. “Are you feeling better yet?”

Josh nodded in truthful response. He hadn’t felt so loved and cared for since he was little. Nothing mattered at that moment, not his difficult classes, not even the fact that he couldn’t remember the last few days. All that mattered was that he was being cared for by a beautiful young woman and that he felt loved.

Rebecca went on to play with Josh with his various baby toys from his box. She even fed him some applesauce, which was quite the event; more applesauce ended up on Josh and his bib than in his mouth. After a couple hours of playing around and watching kids’ TV shows together, Rebecca went to the kitchen and prepared a bottle for Josh.

“Okay now, it’s almost bedtime, but wittle Joshy has to drink his bottle first.” She said, guiding Josh to lay down on her lap with the support of various pillows. Josh didn’t even think about the possibility of going home for the night. His “mommy” was in charge at that moment and he had no reason not to trust her.

Rebecca put her left arm around the back of Josh’s head, supporting it at just the right angle as her left hand gently caressed his left arm. With her other hand, she put the bottle to Josh’s lips and he began to drink. It tasted funny, but he continued to drink it anyways. He presumed that it was formula as he had yet to drink it in his adult life. He never really felt the urge to try it, but since his “mommy” wanted him to drink it, he would. He knew he could trust her. Who else would go through all this trouble for him?

As the bottle gradually emptied into his mouth and into his stomach, he began to feel very odd. His hands and his feet began to tingle and his limbs became weak and limp. It wasn’t a stressful feeling, however. In fact, it was very relaxing. He just continued to suck on the bottle, almost unable to stop. He wanted, no, he needed to keep drinking. Soon, the bottle was nearing emptiness and his vision started to fade in out. His thoughts began to scatter, unable to create rational thought. Meanwhile, he just continued to suck in the liquid as Rebecca sang in a soothing voice.

"Sleep, sleep,
my baby, in peace.
Fear not, any longer,
your pain will soon cease.

Say goodbye to your cares,
So long to your worries.
Your mother is here,
Your burdens, she carries.

Sleep, sleep,
my baby, in peace.
I wish you sweet dreams,
To them, you, I release."

Chapter 3

I’ve had the first part of chapter 3 written for a while now. I’ve been really busy at school lately, and I finally had time to sit down and write the rest of chapter 3. I had planned on writing more for chapter 3, but I figured I can just include that in chapter 4. I really wanted to get the next part on the site for now. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 3

[I]The sun baked through Josh’s suit of armor as he slowly made his way up the mountain. Beneath his metallic protection, his body was drenched with sweat. The armor was an extra burden to his slender build and it greatly hindered his motion, yet he wore it anyways. It was a necessary precaution. If he was not wearing it, he would be vulnerable not only to physical weapons, but also to being spotted by any Imperial spies. No, he did not really fit in as a knight; that was not who he truly was deep within, but he had to play this charade in order to complete his mission. The clanging of his armor and the sword that he carried may not have created a very stealthy approach for him, but he hoped that the black armor and the red seal on his chest plate would make him appear as a lost Imperial soldier on his way back to base if he was spotted. So, despite his heavy burden and the tortuous heat that came with it, he trudged up the beaten path towards his destination.

After hours of hiking through the mountain range, he finally came to his objective. Years of scouring for classified maps and putting himself at extreme danger finally came to this moment. In front of him stood a large castle, surrounded by a deep chasm. The depth of the moat was not the dangerous part, however. At the bottom of the pit was a river of lava. It was not just a mountain that he climbed. It was a volcano. The rumors were true; a castle protected by the “fires of hell.” That made Josh quite nervous as he remembered the other rumors he had heard. If they were true, lava would be the least of his worries.

Taking his eyes off the molten rock below, Josh studied the fortress ahead of him. It was one of the biggest castles he had seen, second only to Sanctuary. His target could easily hold a hundred thousand troops, but by the its decrepit state, he could tell it was abandoned. There may have been a gang of bandits hiding there, but no imperial army would be stationed there. Spires and lookouts were crumbling and many of the outer walls were caved in. Bodies were scattered throughout his field to view, some hanging off the top of what remained the walls. The only point of entry to the fortress was via an old, rickety rope bridge. Many of the wooden planks were missing from its floor. Josh questioned its stability, but he knew it was his only way in.

Taking a deep breath, Josh stepped onto the bridge, which moaned as if reluctant to wake from its slumber. Step by step, he carefully crossed the hanging path. As he got closer to the middle, it began to sway side to side quite violently, but he pressed on. As he neared the other side, a plank broke underneath his foot, but he quickly lunged forward and clumsily hopped across the remaining pieces of rotting wood before diving onto solid ground.

Thankful for his safe crossing, Josh slowly picked himself up and approached the entrance. All that remained of the entrance was pieces of charred wood that must have made up the large doors, accompanied by a heavily bent gate which laid on the ground. Stepping over the debris, he entered the castle to find hundreds, no, thousands of dead bodies, all donning Imperial armor similar to the suit he was wearing. It was clear the Empire was overrun, but there was no sign of any foes. This only escalated Josh’s nervous state.

Making his way through the graveyard of what used to be a large courtyard, presumably designed to stage an army, the lone adventurer entered the inner castle whose door was also pulverized into charred debris. Inside, it dark as night, a strong contrast to the harsh light of the outside. Fairly quickly, he found a torch lying on the ground, which he lit with his flint. His dim light revealed more rubble. The inside was in worse shape than the outside, as if the attack came from the inside, out. Josh then set out to explore the castle for his true objective.

Josh wandered the structure for an hour unsuccessfully. Thankfully, there were a plethora of torches scattered through the ruins for him to ignite as his current source of light died out. Eventually, he happened upon a great chamber. Segments of the roof were missing and the remaining rays of the day’s sun shone through hall. Large pillars, fifty feet tall supported what remained of the ceiling. Many of them lay, broken in pieces on the floor. At the end of the room was a large stone staircase leading up to a platform on which sat a large chest. The treasure was real.

Elated by his discovery, Josh began to jog towards the stairs. However, halfway across the room, he heard a loud rustling of debris to his left. Stopping in his tracks, he turned to see what the source of noise was. To his horror, a large beast was stretching its wings and elongating its neck. The rumors were yet again true; Akeber the dragon was no myth. Was it her, alone, that defeated the Imperial troops? He had no way of telling, but she did not seem too keen of a new intruder who intended to once again rob her treasure.

Akeber opened her monstrous jaws and emitted a terrifying roar. Her eyes glowed red and communicated a severe loathing to Josh. Suddenly, she flapped her wings, gliding towards Josh, breathing a fierce onslaught of flames. Josh turned and ran, knowing he had no chance of defeating her. His armor would be of no use against his mighty foe. It merely hindered his ability to run. Hurdling fallen pillars, the brave boy zig-zagged through the hall, dodging the lethal fire with every turn until Akeber flew up, pounced onto the ground in front of him, and knocked him across the hall with a single swipe of her clawed arm. Josh tumbled against the ground as he slid into the far wall, knocking his helmet off. As he slowly stood up, he drew his sword and looked up just in time to see the dragon speeding towards him.

Raising his weapon, he waited for the perfect moment to dodge to the side as he sliced his blade into Akeber’s neck. The beast screeched in pain as it lost control of her momentum, causing her to crash through the wall. Quickly, Josh tore the heavily dented armor off his body. It would be of no use anymore and he needed all the speed he could get. He sprinted towards the platform and climbed up the stairs. Finally, he had reached the chest which held the treasure he had been risking his life for.

Josh took out the iron key which started his quest years ago and shoved it into the keyhole on the chest. This was the moment he had been waiting for. After countless days of hiding and going undercover, trying to blend in, he was finally going to obtain the thing he desired more than anything in the world. Heart beating wildly, he turned the key. The chest did not open. A large thud could be heard as the floor beneath him collapsed. It was a trap! The young adventurer fell with the chest onto a slanted surface below. He slid down the stone slide for hundreds of feet, unable to stop himself, until he finally fell into a pit.

It was pitch black, Josh could not see a thing. He felt around him to find he was surrounded by solid walls, much too high for him to climb. He had fallen to his doom. How could he have been so stupid? He knew that crying out for help would be pointless; he merely sat down against the wall, defeated. It was then that the silence was broken by a deep, grisly voice.

“You were so focused on the treasure that you fell for my trap.” Akeber said, slowly. “Now, you are mine.”[/I]

The sound of persistent percussive thuds awoke Josh. Groggily, he opened his eyes. His vision was quite blurry and he couldn’t see anything other than a giant blur of light and colors. Slowly, his eyes started to focus. The first thing he noticed was white, wooden vertical bars around him in front of the wall. He was in a giant crib.

“Why would Rebecca get an adult-sized crib just for me?” Josh thought. He knew how expensive they were; he had dreamed about someday being able to sleep in one. However, his maiden sleep in the infantile bed was not what he dreamed of. No positive emotions emitted from the fact he had just woken up in a crib sized for him. It did not help that there was the constant banging coming from another room. Curious about the rest of the room, Josh rolled over, only to be horrified by the scene before him.

He was in a giant nursery. The walls were painted baby blue, but were also much taller than a usual room. All the furniture in the room was larger than normal. For a second, Josh had thought he had shrunk, but he knew that was impossible. No, it was the room that was bigger. The crib he was in, the white dresser, the rocking chair, and even a changing table.

The oversized baby furniture was the least of Josh’s worries, however. The wall across from him was missing and replaced with a giant glass window. The faces of a dozen gawkers stared at him. Suddenly aware of his diapered state in the crib, Josh tried to find a way to cover up his babyish attire. Unfortunately, there was no blanket to cover up with in the crib. Desperately, he tried to get up to escape his infantile cage, but his legs gave way as he attempted to stand. He tried reaching up to the top up the crib but found that his arms were also extremely uncoordinated and felt heavy.

Defeated, Josh just laid there as the audience laughed at him. Some jeered insults at his pathetic state. There was boy there, about ten to years of age. He was banging on the glass, yelling at him. That was the source of the banging noise. Josh could hear all the voices, but he didn’t bother to try to make out what they were saying. He didn’t care. He just zoned out as the realization that he was trapped in some sort of sick exhibit overtook him. He tried to yell back at them and tell them to shut up, but his tongue was even less coordinated than his limbs and it just came out as a gibberish, causing the crowd that was forming to roar in laughter.

Josh felt vulnerable. He was humiliated, he was trapped, but most of all, he was helpless. He couldn’t hide, he couldn’t stand, he couldn’t even talk. He felt as pathetic as his audience told him he was. Unable to keep his composure any longer, he just faced away from the window and began to cry. After all, it was only fitting.

Re: Freak Show (Updated With Chapter 3 - 10/24/12)

This is a really good story. I liked how you set the trap with his dream. I am not sure where it is going and while I am not all that thrilled to see it where it currently is, I will be looking forward to reading more.

Chapter 4: Part 1

Sorry for the long delay, I’m very busy at school. I finally sat down and wrote some more. I know it’s not super long and is not a full chapter, but I wanted to share what I’ve got so far. I hope to finish the chapter within the next week or so. So, to clear things up, here is the FIRST PART of chapter 4.

Chapter 4

Josh sobbed loudly. He couldn’t control himself. He had no memory of ever crying this hard before. Questions were bouncing around in his head Why was he in this creepy cage and more importantly, why were people even watching him? What kind of creeps were they that enjoyed viewing him in such a humiliating environment and why were there also children? Surely this was not a place suitable for minors. Unable to answer any of these questions, he just continued to stare at the wall.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the giant door in the back corner of the room opened up and a young woman entered the room. She looked like she came straight from the 1960’s, wearing a blue dress with small white squares that created a sort of grid that one would only notice if he was looking closely at it; it was meant merely for texture. The torso portion of the dress buttoned up and the bottom portion poofed out until it covered the knees. Her hair was a chocolate brown that curled out at the bottom. She looked like a stereotypical suburban mother from the sixties.

“Oh dear, why is my baby so upset?” She said in a what seemed like a forced, caring tone, as if she was only acting. Josh reasoned that it must be part of whatever display he was in. As she approached his crib, he started to wonder what she was going to do. Was she going to hurt him? Once she reached the infantile cage, she took a key out, put it in a lock that was built into the top corner of the crib that Josh had yet to notice. When she turned the key , the side that was connected to the lock slid down so he would be able to roll out of the bed if he wanted to. However, he figured he would not get very far with this lady standing right there, so he just laid there and stared at her, his sobbing subconsciously ceasing as he awaited for her to do something. She then reached out towards his diaper. Instinctively, Josh reached his hand out to stop her, but she just grabbed his hand, easily overpowering him in his weak state, and gently set it now.

“It’s okay, baby, mommy’s not going to hurt you.” she said in an almost sing-songy voice. She then continued to reach for his diaper and stuck her finger into the leg hole. “Oh, no wonder you’re so upset!” she exclaimed. “You’re soaking wet! Don’t worry, I’ll get you changed.”

“Wait, what is she smoking?” Josh thought to himself, too stunned to speak. “I know I woke up dry and I haven’t peed yet since!” When he looked down, however, he was shocked to see that she was right; it was obviously apparent that he had wet. Josh didn’t know what to think. Sure, he would use his diapers when he was having his “little” time by himself, but he always had to try to go; he hadn’t had an accident since he was very little.

“Okay, sweetie,” the young lady said while grabbing his upper arms, “You’re going to have to help mommy so we can get you to the changing table. You’ve gotten so big, I just can’t carry you anymore!”

Seeing no point to resisting, Josh sat up under her guidance and stood up on the ground. He quickly realized that he would not make it very far on his feet by himself as the lady had to continually stabilize him on their journey to the changing table, all while encouraging him like he was a baby taking his first few steps. It was humiliating, but at the same time Josh did not feel resentment towards her; she had a sort of warmness to her.

Once the mother-figure helped him onto the table, she immediately started to change him. Roars of muffled laughter told Josh that another crowd had formed at the window. Josh tried to ignore them, but their insults pierced his ears like nails on a chalkboard. Sensing his discomfort, the young lady changing him tried to comfort him, but her baby talk only worsened the situation.

Josh initially thought she was just mocking him, but as he made eye contact with her, he saw something else. He saw pity, but the look you give to a pathetic creature, but a look that told him that she was sorry that he was in his current position. This made no sense to Josh. If she felt sorry for him, why didn’t she just save him? Instead, she finished powdering him and pulled the new diaper between his legs and taped him up. Thinking the job was done, Josh attempted to sit up but was quickly stopped.

“Oh, not just yet, sweetie.” She said, putting a hand on his chest. “We’re going to get you into some clothes. You look like you were freezing in your crib.” She then pulled out a baby-blue onesie that snapped at the crotch from the dresser next to the table. Josh wasn’t too thrilled on the infantile clothing, but figured that it was better than leaving his diaper fully exposed. His caretaker quickly put him in the clothing and led him to the crib. She then went over to the dresser, grabbed a matching blue blanket, and laid it over Josh. She then reached for the crib wall but stopped mid-motion.

“Oh, I almost forgot your binkie!” She said, pulling out a large pacifier from her pocket, sticking it in Josh’s mouth, and pinning the ribbon onto the chest of his onesie. Once again, feeling defeated, Josh just accepted it and began sucking on it to the delight of the crowd.

“That’s a good boy!” the lady exclaimed. To Josh’s surprise, she then kissed him on the forehead and gave him a hug. As she embrace him, she whispered in his ear, “I know you don’t want to be here, but you have to do your best to behave here or it will not end well for you. Just hang in there, bud.” She then backed away, pulled the crib wall up, and exited the room, leaving a very puzzled Josh.