Four the Archive. By: Long_Rifle

Four the Archive. By: Long_Rifle

In a small dorm at a State College we find two young ladies. One is busy throwing objects in an overnight bag; the other is sitting across from her, a look of worry on her face.

The young woman packing the bag looks up at her friend and shakes her head. “It’s just a little payback Trish, try not to take everything so seriously.”

“I don’t care Sal. Do you REALLY want to do this? I mean it’s kind of weird, and we are in college now, isn’t this whole thing just silly?”

“Silly?” The brown haired girl asked. “Silly was her saying she could hypnotize us. We’re just getting our payback is all. She lost the bet and now tonight WE get to make her do whatever we want.”

“I just think we should let it go Sal, it’s not like she really made us do anything.”

Sally had finished stuffing the large bag and zipped it closed; she picked it up and turned to her roommate. “Am I the only one that thought what she TRIED to make us do was wrong and disgusting? If she had got her way we’d have been laughing stocks.”

“But…. Well, why make her do the same tonight? Isn’t it just as bad?”

“No. Just as bad would be to make her not even realize what she was doing wrong and then have her suddenly remember it all later. No, we’re just giving her payback.”

“But sal-”

“No buts! Look at yourself. What do you think you’ve have looked like? A 6 foot tall 19 year old barking and acting like a dog? Do you think SHE would have kept you in the house? You KNOW what she wanted. We’re lucky that hypnotism is BS. Maybe you think me walking around in pampers would have been funny, I don’t.”

An image of them doing just that flashed through her mind. She didn’t like what could have happened, she just didn’t feel as angry as Sally. “I know, I just don’t want to get in trouble. Why make things worse?”

“Grab your purse Trish. We won’t get in trouble; she said she’d do anything we want. It’s not like we’ll force her if she refuses. Now come on.” Trish grabbed her purse and walked out the door.

Sally followed her out and smiled. The night air was fresh and cool. “A good night for a short walk.” She thought. Then she said aloud, “The quad’s so quiet. I bet you could hear a pin drop.”

Trish looked up to the sky, the stars were splashed across it in dazzling blues and whites. “Yeah, it’s never like this at home. I can barely see the moon through the haze there.”

Both girls walked quietly, lost in their own thoughts and ideas on what the night would bring. The stars stayed bright, but the street slowly grew darker as the street lights became more widely spaced.

It was Trish that broke the silence. “How does she afford to live off campus? And in such a nice house?”

“Probably a trust fund baby. I know what you mean though; she doesn’t seem so high brow. She seems almost out of place in that house.”

“Yeah, I guess. That’s her house there right?” Trish said, pointing ahead.

“Yep, I told you it was easy to find.” Sally hoisted the bag higher on her shoulder and smiled at Trish. “I can’t WAIT to see her in this. And remember; don’t trip on the broken step.”

Both girls hopped over it, and onto the covered porch. The door was imposing, a solid piece of oak. It opened before either one of them could knock.

The smiling face of an older girl looked out at them. “Somehow I knew you two would be back. Are you sure you can’t forgive me?”

Trish looked down at her own feet and was about to say something, but Sally was faster. “Nope; you know what the deal was. Time for my end of the deal Liz.”

“Sure thing, come on in. Make yourselves at home.” She swept her arm aside and pointed towards the living room.

Sally walked towards a large coffee table and dropped her bag on it. She threw her arms up and stretched, yawning loudly. “Are the other girls here yet? I don’t want to start with out them.”

Liz had helped Trish to a chair, she sat down next to her and smiled back to Sally, “Yep, they’ve been here awhile. We’re just waiting for you to really get the party started.”

“What! You guys didn’t already begin did you? I wanted to see EVERTHING!”

Trish stood and grabbed Sally when she looked like she might start yelling even more. “Relax Sal, remember this is not for everyone to know about. With your screaming all the neighbors will be over here. And I don’t think our parents want to know what’s going on.”

Sally threw Trish’s arm off her. She sat down and grabbed at a remote to turn the TV on. “Fine. Why don’t you go find those two Trish, and we can get going here.”

Trish turned towards Liz, “Um, can you tell me where they are?”

“Sure thing sweetie. But be quiet I don’t want you to wake them up okay?”

As they left the room Sally began opening her bag and spreading the contents out. She smiled as she took out a few pink shirts and dropped them in a pile. Then with a crinkle the diapers came next. Sally could smell the perfume coming from them. It had taken her all day to find them, but a specialty store in town catered to special needs children.

Regular adult diapers just didn’t seem right to her, and when she had seen these she had fallen in love. A shade of light pink, and overly perfumed, Liz was going to be one cute baby. Finally she just grabbed the bag and dumped the rest of it on the floor. Deciding she would have Liz pick it all up herself. She grabbed one of the shirts and laid it out on the floor next to the pile, and then she opened one of the diapers and placed in on the shirt. “This is going to be good.” She thought. She was so into getting everything just right she didn’t see Trish walk up behind her.

“We need to go…” Trish murmured.

“Trish! Dam you scared me, try not to sneak up on me like that.” She looked up at her friend and thought she looked kind of strange. “You okay?”

Trish looked to the floor and then back at Sally, “Yes.” Then her eyes went back to the floor. “Um, we need to go.”

“We just got here! I’m NOT going to leave. Just sit down and relax.”

At that Trish dropped to the floor on her haunches and hung her head.

A few minutes later Liz came back and stood in front of Sally. “The others are still getting ready. Why don’t you get started, they should be out soon.”

“Fine Liz. You remember the dare? You tried to hypnotize us, and since you failed you have to do whatever we say, right?”

Liz smiled, “Exactly, now what is your first order Sally?”

“Well I figured since you tried to make me wear diapers I’d return the favor. Now strip.”

Liz didn’t hesitate; she pulled her shirt over her head and dropped her pants, neatly stepping out of them.

Sally took a few seconds to look her over, thinking it interesting that she hadn’t been wearing any panties, this was going to easy. “Now put your diaper on.”

Liz grabbed the diaper and pulled it between her legs. But Sally stopped her. “No, lie down and do it.”

“Sure thing.” She dropped to the floor and pulled the front up over herself, then taped it in place. Then without being told she grabbed the shirt and pulled it over her head. “What’s next? Want me to wiggle my butt in your face? Maybe piss in your lap?”

Sally felt her pulse quicken. She looked to Trish and was surprised to see that she hadn’t moved. She wasn’t even looking up from the floor. “Trish? Take a look. Don’t you want to see what she looks like?”

Trish slowly brought her face up and then quickly looked back to the floor. Sally jumped up and pulled her to her feet. “Come on, look at her! She’s the one in diapers! Don’t you think she looks cute?”

Trish mumbled something.

Sally couldn’t hear her she was so quiet. “What Trish? Speak up.”

“Yes, she’s very sexy. Let’s go.”

“Sexy?” Sally laughed, " Is that a Freudian slip? You got a thing for pamper girls?"

“Noooooo.” Trish whimpered.

Liz walked over and put her arm over Trish. She slowly rubbed her back, “Leave her alone Sally, she’s being such a good girl.”

“Look Liz, I don’t care what her kinks are-” Sally smelled something, at first it wasn’t to bad then it grew worse, “Geez did you crap yourself already Liz?”

Liz smelled the air herself, “Nope, I think Ann and Zoe are ready to come out here.”

Sally was confused, “What?”

“Yeah, I think the girls are ready to come out.” She turned towards the hallway and shouted, “Alright you two, we’re ready.”

Sally looked from Liz, who now seemed to be petting Trish’s head, to the hallway. She thought she could hear something. Then she saw movement close to the floor. Her jaw dropped as Ann and Zoe crawled out of the shadows. She thought they were naked, but then she saw the diapers. As they got closer the smell grew worse.

Liz squatted down and put out her hands, “That’s it ladies! Come to mommy! I’m so proud.”

Sally kept quiet, she watched as Ann crawled to Liz, and Zoe started to crawl towards her. “Um, Zoe? What’s going on?” She was starting to get worried. Zoe finally reached her, dropped down on her butt then with a vacant smile she looked up at Sally and started waving her arms frantically. Sally reached down and looked into her face, looking for any trace of the honor student. “Liz, what did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything.” She then pulled the back of Ann’s diaper away and looked inside, “And I don’t think Ann did either. I guess Zoe wants you to change her.”

Sally let go of Zoe and stepped back. “Change her?”

“Yeah, she’s messy and needs a new diaper, better get to it before she gets a rash.”

“I…. Listen……” Sally looked to Liz, then back to Zoe who had her finger up her nose. She realized something was not right. “Trish, let’s go!”

Sally looked towards where she was sitting only to see her smiling. “What the hell? Come on! You want to sit around in this stink? You really are into diapers aren’t you?” She turned to leave, but as she grabbed the door knob she heard Liz start to laugh. Sally’s anger swiftly returned. “What? What’s so dam funny?”

Liz stopped laughing as she walked over to Trish and started scratching her behind her ears. “You’re what’s so funny. You scream at poor Trishy, when this is all about what you want.”

“ME? I don’t think so. I wanted to get even, not sit around smelling crap all day.”

Liz started laughing again. “Really?” She stood up and walked slowly towards Sally, swinging her hips playfully. “Who had me wear this diaper?”

“That was a joke. To get……even.” Even as Sally said it she felt her anger ease.

“Oh, so it was a joke to come here, with a diaper bag, and put me in diapers?”

“Yeah, a…. joke.” Sally’s anger was almost gone, replaced by something else.

Liz stopped just in front of her. She put her hand between her legs and stroked her diaper. “Just a joke. To see another girl in a diaper.” She gently draped her arms over Sally’s shoulders, “Just a joke to look at a pamper girl?”

Sally could feel her face blush. “Ye, ye yeah.”

“I’ve never heard you stutter before, Are you sure you want to leave?”

Sally looked over towards Zoe who had crawled towards the pile of baby things that she had brought, and was sucking on a small plastic toy. “Yes.” Then she looked down at the diaper on Liz, “I mean… I…. I…”

Liz placed a finger on Sally’s lips. “Relax, baby Liz knows what you want.”

“Ba…. Baby Liz?”

“No, not baby Liz. Little baby Liz. Your favorite pamper girl.” The effect was immediate on Sally. Her body stiffened and her face went blank for a second. “Now go change Zoey, then you can change me.”

Sally turned on her heels and walked towards Zoe. “What am I doing?” she almost felt like crying. As she got closer the smell grew worse. “Why can’t I stop? I don’t want to do this.” She walked to her supplies, and quickly grabbed everything she would need and then headed towards her friend. As she set out a plastic mat behind her she finally started to sob. “Zoe. Wake up Zoe, please.” But she didn’t seem to hear her; she just kept sucking on the toy. “Okay, now lay back baby. Be a good girl for mommy.” She looked up towards Liz, “Why am I saying that? What did you do to me?”

“What’s wrong, not enjoying your self mommy?”

“Stop saying that! Mommies not your mommy! Now what did you do to me, why do I want to change this stinky diaper.”

“Oh I think you’ll want to do more then that by the end of the night. Still think hypnotism is BS?”

Sally was openly crying now. “Please stop this! I’m sorry.”

“Not sorry enough.” Trish said as she walked closer to Sally. She leaned over her shoulder. “Don’t forget to wipe front to back. There you go. You’re good at this mommy.”

“Stop calling me that!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Now just a sprinkle of powder and you can close that diaper.”

As Sally taped the diaper closed she felt something bubbling up through her fear and humiliation, something she knew was wrong.

Liz noticed right away. “I bet I know what THAT blush is for. Is mommy ready to change me?”

Sally was still looking at Zoe as she crawled away. She turned to stand up and found Liz’s diaper right in her face. “Why? You’re still dry.”

But as the words left her lips she saw it start to discolor. She couldn’t stop herself from reaching out and touching the growing stain.

“Nice and warm huh? I bet ‘mommy’ would really like to get in there and wipe me down. Let’s get a little closer.” Liz grabbed Sally’s head and pushed her face into the warming plastic. “How’s that?”

A low moan was her only answer.

“Good, now mommy can change me, right?” She felt Sally nod her head.

Liz stepped back and watched Sally take a deep breath. She could see her face was bright red, spit covered her chin.

“Drooling now? Maybe mommy should be the baby instead?”

Sally turned her head in shame and wiped her mouth off, “No, I just…. I couldn’t…. I mean.”

Liz got down and gently turned Sally’s face towards hers, “I know what you mean, now time for you to get what you came here for.”

Sally watched as Liz lay down and spread her legs. The soaked diaper sagged with the weight of its contents. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. The feeling that had replaced her hate grew stronger. She crawled towards Liz and peeled the left tape off the diaper, then the right. She grabbed the front and pulled it open. The odor of pee enveloped her. She pulled it all the way down and let it hang open, then openly stared at Liz’s crotch. “It’s so, cute.” She slowly spoke.

“Yeah, I made sure you wouldn’t have any hair to worry about.”

Sally didn’t respond, she just started to lower her head towards it."

Liz smiled and pushed her away, “Bad mommy! Not now. I’m all stinky. Little baby Liz needs a dry diaper.”

Sally’s body went stiff, then relaxed. A gentle smile came to her lips, “Okay, let mommy change you.” She quickly finished the job. Expertly wiping and then taping a new diaper on. As soon as the last tape was secure she blinked. “What just happened?”

“You just changed me silly.”

Sally sat back on her legs, “But why don’t I remember? One second I was about to…er, you know, and then I was looking at a clean diaper on you. What’s going on?”

Liz smiled and pushed herself onto her butt with her hands, “I told you I could hypnotize you. You didn’t believe me. Now you will. Now why don’t you get rid of that wet diaper before Trish starts to lick it?”

Sally looked towards the sodden mess to see Trish on all fours with her nose practically in it. “Trish! Get away from that! Ewwww.”

She snatched it away and was surprised when Trish let out a yelp, and then started to whimper. “Trish?” Sally looked closely at her friend, she tried to brush some hair from her mouth and felt Trish give it a lick. “Trish? What’s wrong?”

Sally stood over her friend for a few moments as she realized what was going on, then looked over towards Liz, “She’s a dog, isn’t she?”

Liz started to clap, “Bravo! It took you long enough. Just a wee puppy actually. You should probably take her clothes off before she makes a mess.”

Sally shook her head, “Come on! This isn’t funny! She didn’t even want to come, it was my fault she even came. Don’t do this to her, please.”

“Do I have to force you to do it? I can make you see her as a dog if you’d like, though that may lead to some interesting problems later.”

“Fine.” Sally carefully removed the clothes, the whole time trying to keep Trish from happily licking her. “Happy now Liz? Another ass for you to look at.”

“Why don’t you spread out some newspaper, so she has someplace to potty. They’re over there, by the TV. And I’d be very careful talking about ass tonight. You were seconds away from cleaning MY ass with your tongue. Just a few words and you can be doing it for the rest of your life.”

Sally carefully put out several layers of newspaper. “So what’s going to happen tonight? When am I going to end up in diapers? Or is it going to be something else? Something worse?”

Liz smiled and crawled over towards a chair, then sat in it with her knees spread and her feet touching each other, “Now relax mommy, little baby Liz needs her bottle. So does little baby Zoe and Ann.”

Several minutes later Sally found herself standing on front of the three diapered girls, hungrily sucking down their bottles contents. “Liz!” She yelled, “Cut that out! I would have gotten your bottle. No need to force me.”

Liz popped her bottle from her mouth, “Yeah, but you wouldn’t have fed Trish.”

Sally turned and started for the kitchen but Liz stopped her, “But mommy, little baby Liz wants you to forget about her for now.”

Sally turned back to her with a dazed look in her eyes. “What? Forget what?”

“It doesn’t matter; you better stay in here and keep an eye on your babies.”

Sally sat down on the couch, and started to cry, she didn’t even look up as she heard someone crawling towards her, the crinkling becoming louder and louder. She looked up to see Ann vacantly staring at her, with a wet smile on her lips. Again Sally felt her pulse rise. “Liz, why did you do it?”

“Do what?” She asked with a coy smile.

“Why did you make me…… want this?”

Liz slowly crawled on her hands and knees to Sally, when she reached her she gently nudged Ann out of her way, “You mean why did I make you like,” She got up on her knees and grabbed the top elastic of her diaper, then pulled on it enough to wedge it up tightly between her legs. “this?”

Sally was biting her lower lip, “Yes.”

Liz laughed loudly; it surprised Ann and made her start to cry. “Oh hush little baby Ann. Go to sleep.”

As Ann curled up on the floor Liz turned back to Sally who looked like she was about to start panting, “It would have been funny to turn you into a diaper wearing rug rat like Ann and Zoe. But then you wouldn’t really get to enjoy it would you? After those two wake up tomorrow they won’t remember any of it except for the few pictures I’ve taken. Of course every night they’ll get a reminder.”

Sally was gently rocking forwards and back, she could barely stop herself from reaching out and squeezing Liz’s diaper. “What do you mean ‘reminder’?”

Liz pouted, and then looked over at Zoe who was tying to suck on her toes. “I think those two are going to be having nighttime wetness problems for the foreseeable future.” Then with the pout still on her face she sat on Sally’s lap. “But enough about them. Put your hand on my diaper.”

Sally swallowed and placed her trembling hand where Liz had pointed. “Okay.”

“Now look at yourself. Quivering over just touching a diaper. Leaving you like this is much better than having you humiliated about a few pictures.”

Sally was slowly rubbing herself back and forth on the couch. “Leave me like this?”

“Of course Sally. The babies are going to have their little nighttime problem, I can’t leave them to just hide it. I was thinking of having you all move in here with me. Of course they won’t really remember why. But once you figure out where they keep their diapers, it will be fun to see how you talk them into letting you diaper them every night. There’s really only one question.”

Sally was frantic now, she actually had one of her hands down the front of her pants, openly touching herself in front of Liz. “Please no. Just put us back to normal. Please.”

“Sorry, I kind of like you like this. And after you start changing the girls every night you will too. Just think about it. A mind numbing orgasm just from diddling yourself over a diaper. No drugs, no condoms, no mean men trying to rape you. Just you and your pamper girls. Opps, I guess I need a change again mommy.”

Sally was about to ask what she meant when she felt Liz’s diaper start to grow warm. As soon as she realized what had happened her body slipped over the edge and her mind was flooded with pleasure. She threw her head back and panted with lust as the wave of feelings subsided, leaving her with pulsing aftershocks.

Liz got up and stretched, “Not bad huh? That will be yours every night. Now what do you think? I get to humiliate you, and you get to cum over wet diapers.”

Sally had gotten her breath back. She stood up off the couch, “You bitch! You’ve turned me into a pervert!”

Liz had a look of fake concern on her face, “Awww, maybe little baby Liz still has a few lessons to teach mommy.” Then she leaned over the couch and stretched.

Sally cracked her knuckles, “Maybe mommy should teach little baby Liz a lesson.”

Liz stopped her stretching and stared blankly at Sally.

Sally walked up to her. “I said maybe mommy should teach little baby Liz a lesson, did you hear me?”

Liz look at her, the blank look replaced by a silly grin, she answered in a totally different voice, “Yes mommy, baby ready!”

"Oh my……. " Sally stopped and thought for a moment, “She didn’t…”. Then a slight smile spread over her face. “Mommy wants little baby Liz to need her diapers as much as she made mommy need to change them.” As soon as she finished talking Liz dropped to her butt and started rubbing the front of her diaper with her hands.

Liz looked confused as she started to lightly moan, “Oh…… What the……… Mommy…… Little………Ohh.”

“What’s the matter little baby Liz? To distracted to talk?” Sally sat back down and watched as Liz squirmed and groped herself on the floor. “Mommy says little baby Liz can’t cum till she’s told to.”


Sally grabbed the remote for the TV and turned it on. A quick glimpse to make sure Zoe was still interested in her toes and she started to relax. She still felt turned on by girls in diapers, but now it was only a pleasant buzz between her legs. “Sooo, Liz. Anything you want to tell mommy?”

“Ohhh…… nooo.”

“Are you sure? Did you accidentally hypnotize yourself? Maybe while you practiced or something?”

“I…… Wanted… oh……did……fun…” Liz could barely concentrate; the feeling was growing more intense. She had rubbed the padding in the diaper to bits, and was now wearing a hole through the plastic.

“Really?” Sally couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Liz had set a trap, and found herself caught up in it. “Little baby Liz, mommy wants you to forget how to hypnotize people, and how to control those you’ve already done it to.”

Liz looked like she wanted to say something, but she couldn’t get it out, she could barely keep her breath. Her face was almost purple, and her hands were covered in urine soaked cotton and globs of gel. Her body was covered in sweat, matting her hair to her head.

Sally just laughed, “Little baby Liz, mommy says you can cum now.” Sally watched as she opened her mouth in a silent scream. Her whole body locked up, fingers and toes turned to fleshy claws. Then her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she dropped unconscious to the floor.

Sally checked her to make sure she was still breathing, that done she decided to leave Liz where she dropped. She hoped she would be able to fix the whole mess on her own. She walked over to Zoe and sat down next to her. The teen baby smiled and slapped at her with spit covered hands. “Aww, you are cute Zoe. How’s your diapee?” With a gentle squeeze Sally found it to be soaked. “I guess I better get that changed huh?” A silly giggle was all she got in return.

As Sally changed her she wondered if she was doing it because she wanted to help, or because of what Liz had done. A warming twinge between her own legs answered her question. She taped a new diaper on, then hurried to roll the old one up and get rid of it before anything gross could happen.

As she stepped away from Zoe she felt something wet grab her leg. Before she could adjust she fell on the floor, the used diaper ended up under her face. “Owww, Zoey! Bad baby…” But her attention on Zoe faded as the twinge grew into intense waves.

Sally didn’t remember picking up the diaper. But she didn’t care. Once she had her pants off she couldn’t stop if she wanted to. Several minutes later Sally’s body shuddered and the diaper dropped to the floor.

As her breathing returned to normal Sally sat up and wiped some sweat off her forehead, “Ugh, so disgusting.” She said to herself. But the slight buzz was still between her legs. She didn’t know it, but she was rapidly becoming addicted to the intense pleasure of being a pervert. Again she grabbed the diaper and rolled it up, this time she made it to the kitchen and tossed it in the garbage. She went back to Zoe, and careful not to hurt her she set her on the couch.

“Alright let’s try this: Little baby Zoe, mommy says you’re a woman again.” Sally expected Zoe to come back, but she did nothing but blow a spit bubble. “Oh crap, Mommy says little baby Zoe is a big girl!.” Nothing happened.
“Dam! Okay, little baby Zoe, mommy says go to sleep.” Instantly Zoe’s eyes closed and she fell forward into Sally’s hands. She gently set her on the floor and tried to think about her options. Only one kept coming back. She needed to talk to Liz.

She tried to wake her up, but she wouldn’t stir. Sally needed some cold water. She entered the kitchen and saw something move under the table. “Hello? Who’s there?” A slight whimper answered.

“When did Liz get a dog? Come on out doggie! I won’t hurt you.” She gasped when Trish came out and licked her palm.

“Trish! When did you……” Then she remembered everything. “What did I feed you?” Sally saw two dog bowls sitting on the floor, one of them still half full of some kind of dry dog food. “I’m so sorry Trish. I’d help you but I think only Liz can. Come on, let’s get this over with.”

Sally poured the cold water on Liz’s face and with a sputter and a cough she awoke. “Whoa! Cold! Stop that! Come on…”

“Sorry Liz, you passed out and I needed you awake. Now let’s get this done with. What exactly have you done here? And why can’t I use the commands to stop this?”

“Whatever Sally, can I go get a towel at least?” But Sally had already grabbed one and threw it at her. “Fine,” Liz said, wiping off her face. “There’s only so much simple commands can do the rest I had to program in last night. So while I can make you guys wet and sleep and stuff, I couldn’t actually turn them into babies without serious work. Zoe and Ann will be babies till tomorrow, then they’ll wet the bed from now on, nothing I can do to stop that except put them back under.”

“Then do it! I’m not changing their diapers all night!” Though a pleasant tingle reminded her she’d enjoy it.

“Screw you! You made me forget your commands! And you turned me into a diaper pissing freak. I’m not doing a dam thing for you. Just feel lucky Trish isn’t going to remember any of this tomorrow, I bet she’d be pretty pissed to find out you fed her dog food.”

Sally looked back to Trish, then tossed Liz’s pants back to her, “Here put these on. I don’t want to be staring at your pampered ass all night.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t want you humping my chair all night either.” She slipped the pants on over her diaper, they were tight, and about an inch of the diaper peeked over the top, but it was better than nothing.

Several minutes went by with both girls staring at nothing. Then Sally spoke.


Liz was surprised, “What Sally?”

“I said I’m sorry. I just went a little overboard, and stuff. I didn’t really mean to hurt you, I didn’t even bring a camera.”

Liz walked over to the TV and leaned against it. After a few seconds she turned and looked at Sally with tears in her eyes. “I know. It’s all my fault.” Then she dropped in a heap next to Sally and cried into her hands."

Sally took pity on her and hugged her. “It’s alright, everything’s okay.”

Liz wiped her eyes, “But it’s not! I never wanted to be in a diaper forever! I was going to fix you eventually.”

Sally got up and smiled down at Liz. “But now you’re stuck… And that means I’M stuck as well.”

Liz felt confused, “Why are you smiling?”

“Because I STILL won the bet! Maybe I’m into diapered girls, but you’re stuck wearing them.”

“You’re an asshole Sally!”

“Be careful Liz, I’d hate for you to be stuck sucking your thumb in public.”

“Fine. Whatever, I’m going to my room!”

She was halfway there when Sally stopped her. “Hold on young lady, Little baby Liz, tell mommy why you want to go to your room.”

“Baby Liz wants to look on her computer to find out how to fix herself.”

Sally walked to her and grabbed her roughly, “So you have everything on your computer? You bitch! Little baby Liz, mommy says don’t move from that spot till I leave your room!”

Liz started to panic, “No! Wait!” The slamming of her own door was her only answer.

Several hours later the morning sun was streaming though the front window, casting its warm touch on the sleeping form of Trish on the floor. She gently moved her head trying to shield her eyes, then yawned.

“Wake up sweetie. It’s morning.”

“Sally?” Trish asked, then yawned again as she sat up. “What’s going on? Is it all over? I must have slept through it all.” She looked and saw that the couch had been turned to face the open window and Sally was sitting on it. “Sorry Sally, I know you really wanted me to watch.”

Trish expected her to be angry, but her voice sounded sweet and happy. “Well that’s okay. It didn’t go exactly as planned. But I think you’ll agree what happened was just as good.”

Trish got to her feet and realized her pants were unbuttoned. She quickly turned and buttoned them up, then started to walk towards Sally. “Yeah. So…… Exactly what did happen? Did Liz wear end up wearing the diapers? And why was I on the floor?”

“Well it seems the joke was on us. Liz really did hypnotize us that night. When we came here she said a few words and you collapsed onto the floor and I suddenly wanted to change used diapers. But little Liz made a slight error and we got the better of her.”

Trish leaned over the couch while looking out the window. “What kind of error?” As the words left her mouth she looked down and gasped.

She saw Sally sitting with Liz’s head in her lap, one hand holding a milk filled bottle that Liz was happily slurping on. Her other hand was resting on Liz’s leg, right beneath her well used diaper. "Oh my…. " Then she looked back up panicked. “The window! Everyone will see!”

Sally just laughed. “I don’t care about that, and neither will Liz. She’s a happy little girl now. And I don’t care who knows.”

Trish thought something seemed wrong with Sally. “Well, can I close up the blinds while you tell me what’s going on?”

“Sure; stinky pants here needs a new diaper anyways.”

Trish watched as Sally helped Liz to her feet. She couldn’t stop herself, “Hi Liz! You enjoy that bottle?” she teased. The only response she got was a wet giggle and a vacant smile. Trish was impressed, “Wow, she’s REALLY under huh?”

But Sally didn’t answer she just grabbed Liz by both hands and helped her walk towards a back room. Liz seemed barely able to walk; twice she tripped on her own feet. They got to a closed door and Sally turned to Trish, “Now keep quiet young lady. I don’t want a fuss.”

Trish nodded her head and walked through the door behind Sally. The darkness was only broken by a simple night light; she watched as she gently set Liz on the floor and started to change her diaper. Then Trish heard something off to her right and saw there were lumps on the floor. She carefully walked over and realized she was looking at Zoe and Ann sleeping. Both had pacifiers in their mouths, and each had been covered by blankets, Except Ann’s had slipped off and Trish could see she was wearing nothing but a diaper. She looked over to Sally who only put a finger to her mouth to warn her to stay quiet. Trish bit her lip, then decided she could wait for an explanation, she gently covered Ann and walked out of the room to wait for Sally.

Sally came out sans Liz. “I thought she could use a nap, and with the other two still out I figured it wouldn’t hurt.”

Trish looked at Sally and realized she was being serious. “What happened to Zoe and Ann? Why are they in diapers?”

Sally just smiled at her; it sent shivers down Trish’s spine. “Well let’s sit down; it’s kind of a long story.” She walked into Liz’s bedroom, “Here, come and sit on Liz’s bed.”

Trish did so, and Sally sat at the computer. She turned it on and started to talk while it started up. “First off it seems not only did she make me cum from changing diapers, but-”

Trish cut her off. “She made you get off on diapers? That’s sick!”

“Oh yes, I know. I tried to fix myself, but she made it so her commands couldn’t be stopped, I realized I couldn’t stop them so I had to change them as much as I could. It took awhile for me to figure out how to do it.”

The computer was finally running and Sally started to go through different menus, typing as she did. “It seems Liz was really into hypnosis, and she got her hands on some kind of program that really opened up her possibilities. That’s what she used on us, most of the program is basic, you just enter in certain parameters and then it writes a routine. It clarifies exactly what you want to do and goes from there. I found the routine she wrote for me and changed it as much as I could.”

Trish couldn’t believe it, “So she used a computer to do all this?” She saw a diaper sitting on the bed and absently picked it up. “Wow, I wouldn’t of thought something like that would work.”

Sally turned and saw Trish looking at the diaper, “Yep, so after I checked on her computer and figured everything out I made the changes to myself first, then I adjusted Zoe and Ann. After those two I decided I’d give Liz a taste as well.”

Sally looked like she was about to go on, but Trish was confused. “Wait, you said you were able to fix your self and that you fixed Zoe and Ann, but they aren’t fixed! They’re still wearing diapers. And how can you fix any of it if Liz’s commands couldn’t be stopped?”

Sally punched a few keys on the computer and answered. “I said I adjusted her commands, I couldn’t really remove them. Her commands caused me to go crazy over a girl in a wet diaper. The urges I felt were absolutely wonderful. But I couldn’t go on like that and I couldn’t completely remove them, so I adjusted it to a more maternal feeling and presto! No more all day horniness.”

“And Zoe and Ann?”

“Oh, they were going to be returned to normal this morning and then be bed wetters for the rest of their lives. Well I couldn’t let those two little girls be forced to change their own wet diapers so I adjusted them, and now they don’t have to worry about it. I’ll do it for them.”

Trish was horrified, “You adjusted them to what exactly?”

Sally was still punching keys, and not looking at Trish, “Oh, I figured it would be easier if they could crawl, so I made them into infants. It’s the cutest thing really. I was going to make them newborns, but I think it would be to much carrying them around. And I really like seeing their diapered butts crawling around the floor.”

Trish stood up and looked out the doorway down towards where the girls were sleeping. “So you turned them into babies so you could change their diapers for them? I thought you adjusted that?”

“Of course I did. I just adore little baby girls. After all, I’m not doing anything bad. All women want to be babies after all. Not only do I get to have my very own babies to take care off, but they can enjoy being free again.”

Now Trish was scared. “All women want to be babies? Listen to yourself, that’s the programming talking! You need to stop this, why don’t you let me take a look at that computer?”

Sally stopped typing and looked up at Trish, “You’re so full of questions. I think it’s time for ‘your’ adjustment. Just think how nice it will be. I’ll even make it so you can still talk!”

Trish stopped and stared, then started to back out the door. “No. I don’t want to be an infant. I think you need to take a break, let’s go get some air. Then we can come back and help the others.”

Sally frowned, “Oh, you don’t want to be an infant.” Then the manic smile returned. “No problem, sorry about that. I didn’t realize, I guess you’re right about what Liz did to me still making me think a certain way.” She tapped a few more keys then stopped. “All right, so what do you think of this?” Then she motioned Trish towards the computer screen.

Trish stepped back into the room, “That’s not going to turn me into a baby or anything is it?”

Sally laughed, “Of course not Trish. I want you to see what you think of the program parameters is all.”

Trish nervously smiled and looked at the image on the screen, it looked like some kind of graph. “What is this supposed to be?”

Then she heard Sally hit a key and the screen jumped to life. Images blurred past, then it started to get brighter and brighter, finally it seemed to go blank. Trish felt herself get a slight headache but it quickly faded. “Sally, what was that?”

Sally went back to typing, “I don’t know exactly, it’s something called a reinforcer. I think it’s supposed to make it easier for me to control you later.”

“What! Control me! I told you I didn’t want to be a baby!” Then Trish turned and ran for the door.

She was almost there when she heard the sickly sweet voice of Sally, barely more than whisper, “Trishy, mommy wants you to stop.”

At once Trish stopped and stood still. Only 2 feet from the door. “No, no, no.” She muttered as she tried to move her feet. “Sally! I don’t want this! Please. Let me go.”

“Trishy, mommy thinks you should stop yelling and get back in here.”

Trish turned on her heels and walked slowly back to Sally and her horrible computer. She tried to grab the door frame, but her feet just pulled her right inside and stood her next to Sally.

“Sally,” Trish was able to whisper, “Sally, please don’t do this. I just want to go home, you can keep the others. I won’t tell anyone.”

But Sally didn’t seem to hear her. She just kept typing on her computer. Then she looked up at Trish and gently patted her butt. “I think I got everything ready for you. Why don’t you just take a look here and you’ll be all set.” When Trish didn’t move Sally sighed. “Trishy, mommy says look at the monitor.”

Trish’s face was covered in tears. She tried to fight her body, but only succeeded in wetting her pants slightly. She tried to ignore the warmth running down her leg as she looked at the screen. The graph was there and a small green rectangle was flashing in the center.

Sally smiled as she brought her hand up and placed a finger over the enter key, then she stopped. “Silly mommy, I almost forgot.” Trish couldn’t look away as Sally laughed to herself. “I better get baby diapered first. I don’t want to pry those pants off you any wetter than they already are. Trishy, mommy wants you to remove your clothes.”

Trish was still crying as she started to pull her shirt off. She tried her best to plead with Sally. “Please, I said I don’t want to be an infant. I don’t want this at all. Just let me go! I’m NOT a baby.”

Sally laughed again, “Not a baby? You don’t want this? Look at your pants, adults don’t wet themselves. Don’t worry, soon you’ll be safe. Soon you’ll be free. Then you’ll see how sad your life is right now. You’ll love your thick pampers.”

Trish got down to nothing but her wet panties quickly. As she pulled them off she held them in her hand, refusing to drop them. “No. I won’t let you do this.”

“Sure Trishy, whatever you say.” Sally mocked. “Time to clean you up, let’s go get a fresh diapee on you.”

Sally stood and took Trish towards the dark back room. The room Trish knew contained examples of her own future. As she entered she tried to pull away from Sally but found herself pushed down and onto her back instead. She went to get back up; unfortunately Sally quickly placed a hand on her chest. “Does mommy have to force Trishy to comply? I can do that if I have to.”

Trish felt her fear multiply, but the tears would not come back. She knew she had to escape, “Maybe,” she thought, “Maybe I can act like I’m happy about this, then when her guard is down make a run for it.” She smiled weakly, “No mommy, Trishy will be good.”

Sally looked her right in the eyes, “See, I told you everything would be okay. You’ll be so happy.” Then she started to wipe Trish off. The cool wipe slowly warmed and its scent filled the room. Trish followed all Sally’s commands quickly.

When told to lift her bum she did, even laughing a bit when she felt the diaper slide under her. Inside she was screaming. She knew she only had one chance. Trish stole a quick glace towards the sleeping girls, Ann had kicked her covers off again and Liz seemed to be tossing and turning a lot. Then she saw a fourth mat, empty and ready for Sally’s newest charge. Trish swallowed when she saw that, she turned back to Sally and saw she was done, her diaper was taped on and Sally was motioning her to stand up.

The thick diaper made it hard to get up quickly, so Sally gently pulled Trish to her feet. “Good girl, time for your little fix. Just think, soon you’ll be a happy little girl again.” Then she did something Trish didn’t expect. “Okay Trishy, mommy says hold onto her hand and don’t let go. We don’t want baby to get hurt falling.”

“Dam” Trish thought. Then a slight cramp in her stomach made her almost lose her balance.

“What’s the matter Trishy?”

“Sally, I really have to go.”

“Aww, let’s get you adjusted then you’ll feel better.” She pushed her into the computer room again, but Trish turned to face her.

“No, I mean I have to poop.” Suddenly another idea popped into her head. “Sally, can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure sweetie.”

“Well, can I, um…” Trish felt her face blush, “Can I poop my diaper as a big girl and have you change me one last time?”

Sally’s smile faded, “I don’t know, why not just wait and see how much baby Trishy likes it?”

Trish wrapped her free arm around Sally, “Well after you do that I’ll feel different about you, I want to have this feeling one last time.”

Sally was puzzled, “What feeling?”

Trish leaned in and kissed her on the lips, hoping that the programming Liz had done would help her out.

Sally broke the kiss and blinked, a slight blush on her face told Trish she was in luck. “Yeah, I guess that’s okay.”

Trish smiled and wiped some hair away from Sally’s face, “Then let’s take this out to the living room, I want to be comfortable.”

Sally didn’t question why, she just nodded and walked Trish out towards the front room. When they reached the center Trish tried to squat down, but Sally still had her hand tightly held, “Um Sally, can I have my hand back please?”

Now it was Sally’s turn to blush as she let go, “Sure Trishy, mommy says you can let go of her hand and go poopies in your diaper.” Then as an after thought she added, “And mommy wants Trishy to ‘really’ enjoy it.”

Trish had hoped Sally would let go, but didn’t count on the last part. She felt her own body betray her as a solid mass started to be pushed into the back of her diaper. The feeling was compounded as she felt herself pee as well, then she felt light headed as another feeling crept up on her.

Trish looked up towards Sally to see her standing with a coy smile on her face and a hand gently rubbing a breast. Trish grunted a few times as she pushed harder, and was rewarded with a gentle wave of pleasure. Then Trish closed her eyes and pushed as hard as she could to get done as fast as possible.

The effect was one last lump in her diaper, and a massive orgasm. Trish lost her balance and dropped onto her butt, causing the mess to spread out over her bum, but she didn’t notice. After several seconds she looked up at Sally and smiled for effect, then slowly stood up. The diaper was now so think she couldn’t get her knees together. The large mess now felt disgusting against her fanny.

She toddled towards Sally and wrapped her arms around her back and kissed her again. “Thank you mommy, can you change me out here, please?”

Sally looked flustered for the first time. “But everything is in the back.”

Trish grabbed Sally’s hand and placed it on her diaper, “Then go get it, I’ll wait.”

Sally blushed and turned to leave. She was several steps away when Trish started to move for the door. She had just taken her first step when she heard Sally call to her over her shoulder. “Trishy, mommy wants you to lay down on the carpet and wait for your new diapee.”

Trish grumbled as she slowly lowered herself onto her butt. She felt the mess spread out more as she lay down on her back. “Hurry up Sally this thing is icky!” Trish closed her eyes and tried not to think of what she had done.

Sally returned quickly, diaper and wipes in hand. She knelt down in front of Trish and started to remove the diaper. As she peeled the first tape off though there was a knock at the door.

Trish’s head snapped towards it, then back to Sally. She opened her mouth to speak but Sally slipped a pacifier in before she got a chance. “Trishy, mommy wants you to keep this binky in your mouth. Now, let me see who’s at the door.”

Trish couldn’t believe Sally said that, she shook her head violently. She tried to tell her no, but it was just muffled by the pacifier. She wanted to escape, but she wanted to do it without a poopy diaper on.

She couldn’t see the door from her position, but she heard Sally crack it open, “Yes? Can I help you?”

“Oh, I didn’t know Liz had anyone over, we’ve got Tennis practice together and we need to get a move on.”

“Really so Liz had a play date huh? Well come on in sweetie, what’s your name?”

“Um.” The voice sounded angry now. “My name is Suzy. And I don’t know how you talk to other women where you are from, but this is NOT a play date. I’m here to get her for team practice; maybe the tennis skirt I’m wearing isn’t obvious enough.”

“I see Suzy. Well come on in, where are you from exactly?”

“Ohio, why?”

“Well you look Japanese.”

“Whatever, where’s Liz?”

“Just back here, mind the baby, she needs a clean diaper.”

Trish could hear the voices getting closer; she closed her eyes again when she saw something move out of the corner of her eye.

“Yeah, it smells like shit in here. I don’t think I’ll be able to study.” Then she saw Trish, “Huh! That’s the baby? Geez! Shouldn’t she be in a home or something? And why are her tits hanging out like that? I didn’t think we had retards on the campus.”

Sally got defensive. “She’s NOT a retard, she wanted this. She just pooped her diaper, and asked me to change her. Trishy nod your head for mommy if that’s true.”

Trish tried hard not to do it, but she happily nodded her head, opening her eyes a bit to see exactly whom was looking at her. She saw a petite asian girl. She locked her eyes on her and tried not to cry.

Suzy doubled over in laughter. “She WANTED this? She actually wanted to poop herself? Hahaha, that’s crazy. Did she want you to get her naked as well? Hahahaa!”

Sally looked down at Trish and smiled. “Yes, and now I’ll change her and she’ll be a happy baby forever. Just like she always wanted.”

Suzy just kept laughing.

Sally sighed and pointed towards the back rooms, she’s in there, but I think she had something in her room for you.

“Fine whatever. Let’s go.”

Sally looked back to Trish, “Hold on Trishy, mommy wants you to relax while I go take care of Susu.”

As soon as Trish heard the words she suddenly knew she could get up. She always liked to relax by going outside and walking in the fresh air. She quietly got up off the floor and crawled towards the kitchen, she hoped to find some kind of clothes to put on, then she could hit a shower somewhere and get her diaper off. But all she could find was a tight pink shirt. She quickly pulled it over her head and headed for the door. She had the inner door open when she heard Suzy start to yell.

“Noooooo! Oh my… No! Not this! Bad!”

Trish looked towards the sound and saw Suzy walk drunkenly out of the computer room. She was crying and pumping her arms up and down in front of her. She sounded like she was blubbering, but when she looked up and saw Trish she started to toddle towards her.

“No baby! Big girl. Mommy!” Her steps grew more and more uncoordinated. But her eyes wouldn’t leave Trish. “Mommy! MOMMMMYYY!” The steps stopped and she stood frantically pumping her arms up and down. Her face was red with strain, and tears mixed with spit running down her chin. “Momma, momma, ma, ma.” Her hands shot to her crotch as a rude noise erupted from under her skirt. Then she dropped to her butt and wailed as she helplessly wet herself. “MAAAAAAAAA!!! Mmm, mmm,ah, ah, ah.” Then she went silent.

Trish looked up in time to see Sally come out the door, an evil smile on her face. It was enough. She ran for it, dirty diaper and all.

As she ran she tried to figure out what to do, “I can’t go back to the dorm, Sally might call.” She finally ran out of steam and slowed to a walk, she tried to stay in alleys, and back roads, but she still saw people stare. She knew she had to go to the police, but she wanted to get cleaned up first. But a lack of money, and pants was stopping that.

She was peeking over a privacy fence for clothing when red and blue flashers went off behind her. She stopped peeking but she didn’t turn around. She listened as a car door opened and gravel crunched under booted feet.

“Excuse me miss?” A deep male voice asked. “Are you okay? We got a report of a peeper and um…. Do you need any help?”

Trish’s embarrassment was finally overcome and she ran into the officers arms. “OmygawdIgottrappedbymyfriendsheturnedeveryoneelseintobabiesandIgotaway.”

The officer nodded and turned to his partner still in the squad car, “Tell them we’re 10-26 and getting this girl to a hospital.”

Trish tried to talk but she couldn’t. All the frustration came bubbling up and she was reduced to a weeping mess in the back seat. She didn’t stop crying and shaking till she felt herself placed on a warm bed.

She looked up in surprise to see a young nurse smiling and wiping the tears and snot from her face. Trish managed to croak out a weak “Hello”.

“Hi sweetie, I know you must have a lot of questions, but let’s get you cleaned up first. Why don’t we start with that diaper okay?”

Trish nodded and laid back to allow the nurse to change her. She didn’t even mind when the nurse gently picked her legs up to help her wipe easier.

“Well, now that your bum’s clean how bout a nice shower? Then we can find out exactly what’s going on here, alright?”

Trish thought that sounded like a good idea; but the thought of Zoe and Ann crawling around in diapers suddenly popped up. “No, there’s no time. My friends are in trouble and the police need to help them!”

“Shush, it’s okay. The police have already found your friends. They’re already here. Now relax. Let’s get you cleaned up before you get a rash.”

Trish finally let herself smile, the idea of a warm shower sounded wonderful. “Sounds good.” She hopped up and walked into the small shower and let the hottest water she could stand run down her body. She gingerly felt her butt and could tell she was getting raw. “I guess I did get diaper rash.” she thought. The idea of something so babyish made her shiver.

Finally, after her fingers and toes were well wrinkled she shut off the water and dried herself off. She wrapped the towel around her body and stepped out into the main room. She had expected her clothes to be laid out. Instead she found the nurse sitting at the foot of her bed, a slim rectangle of white plastic in her hands.

Trish felt anger well up inside, “I don’t need diapers. I can explain everything.”

The nurse stood and started unfolding the diaper, “I know, but you were brought here in a messy diaper, and a manic state. The rules require you to be protected till you are determined to not need it.”

“And if I refuse?”

“Then we’ll strap you down and insert a catheter in you. Trust me, a day or two in a diaper is nothing compared to dragging a pee bag with you everywhere you go.”

Trish didn’t answer she dropped the towel and crawled onto the bed, then she allowed herself to be diapered.

The nurse finished and pulled a blanket up to cover her. She pointed to a button taped to the edge of the bed, “This is a switch that calls me, if you need to use the bathroom push it, and I’ll help. As long as you show you can use it safely the diapers will be gone soon. Now time for you to rest a bit, the police will be here in an hour or so.”

Trish looked towards the nurse and smiled, “Thank you.” Then rolled over and closed her eyes. She was softly snoring a few minutes later.

“Wake up sleepy head.”

Trish opened her eyes. She tried to tell what time it was, but could only see it was dark outside. “I thought it was only going to be for a few hours.”

“I know, but you looked so cute I thought I’d let you keep napping. Do you want to use the potty now?”

Trish opened her mouth to answer but realized she didn’t feel the need, then she squeezed her diaper. It was wet. She was shocked, but didn’t want the nurse to know about it. “No. I’m good right now.”

“Do you want me to check your diapee for you?”

Trish blushed. “No, I’m FINE thank you. Where’s the cops?”

“They’re waiting on floor three, want to see your friends first?”

“Yes! Please!” Trish jumped to her feet and almost dropped the blankets covering her, “Um, I kind of need a gown.”

“Sure honey.” She reached inside a closet and pulled out a bright pink mass of cloth, “Here ya go.”

Trish took one look and sat down, “I’m not wearing that, can you find something less juvenile?”

“Look Trishy there’s nothing else on this floor. It’s this or you can walk around in a diaper.”

“Fine hand it over.”

Trish wrapped herself in the gown, and then tied it as tight as she could, hoping she closed the gap in the back. As the nurse walked out of the room she did a quick diaper check on herself again. It was wet, but not to bad. “I can’t believe I’m still in diapers.” She thought. She squeezed it one more time and quietly whispered, “I can’t believe I actually used them.” to herself. She decided it was probably just because of the shock from everything that had happened to her.

She went to step out of the room and realized something was wrong, “Nurse? Where’d the shower go?”

“There’s no shower in this room. Your old room had a shower. This floor doesn’t have private showers.”

“My old room? Why was I switched?”

The nurse turned and grabbed her hand, "U

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Excellent work as always, but where’s the rest of it?


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The bloody thing got cut off….


Any way the posts can be juggled or removed so it can be “continuous”?

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Here’s the REST:

“The child is female. She was a birthmark on her right arm. Her eyes are brown. And her hair colour seems to be a light brown.” She was inspecting her belly button when she reached out and untapped one side of the diaper causing it to slide down to the floor. “The genitals show no injury, and diaper is already wet.” She reached down and picked it up, inspecting it closely inside, “Urine is clear, showing proper hydration.”

Trish’s whole body was bright read now. She felt like crying again.

The officer didn’t even notice. “Get her on the scale” The nurse led Trish to it and wrote down her weight and height. “Good, good. She’s in the 99th percentile.”

Trish was confused, “What does that mean?”

But the examination continued as if she hadn’t spoken. “Okay, give her a bath, and we can finish up.”

Trish felt a warm hand on her shoulder and was turned to see a plastic tub on the floor. She didn’t have to be told to get in. The water was warm, and it felt good to be cleaned. But she didn’t understand what was going on. The nurse cleaned her ears then told her to stand. “Time to rub you dry Trishy.”

The towel was thick and warm. The nurse vigorously scrubbed her dry. She was left with the towel to wrap herself in. Then there was a knock at the door.

Another nurse stuck her head in, “We’re short of space, can we wheel this in here?”

The nurse told her it was fine, and Trish watched as a clear plastic tub on wheels was rolled in. It had a pastel pink towel at its base. “What’s that?” she asked.

“Infant warmer.” was the only reply she got.

Trish was surprised, it seemed very big for an infant. She started to walk over towards it but heard the Detective clear her throat, she stopped and looked at her.

“Now first we need an ID on you. Stand there.”

Trish stood and watched as a panel was pulled away and behind a sheet of glass she saw Sally laying on a hospital bed, she seemed to be in obvious pain. “That’s her! That’s the one that did it.” At the same time Sally seemed to notice Trish and nodded as well.

“Well,” the Detective said, “That’s that. Nurse put the ID ring on her please.”

Trish saw the nurse bend over and try to attach a little plastic band to her ankle. Finally she got it closed. The officer bent over and wrote down the numbers on the band. As she did so her shirt rode up and exposed something pink peeking out from under her pants. Trish smiled at that. “A hard ass cop in pink undies.” she thought. It made me feel a little better.

The officer stood back up, but kept writing. “Okay give her the meds and diaper her up. I don’t need a mess right now.”

“Wait a minute, WHAT meds?” But she felt a sharp poke on her shoulder, then two more.

The nurse gently wrapped an arm around her and spoke softly to her, “Now to help your pretty eyes.” Trish felt something oily rubbed over her eyes, they momentarily blurred.

She felt like screaming. Then she realized she had dropped the towel and was still warm.

She looked at the nurse who could see the question. “Nice meds huh baby? Let’s get you diapered before you go potty.”

Trish sat down and happily laid back for a diaper. She felt good. Nothing could hurt her. As the nurse cleaned and started to diaper Trish she looked over towards the cop to see the funniest thing she could ever remember. The Detective had her pants down to her knees and was squeezing her pink panties.

Trish giggled at the sight. As she giggled she missed the Detective say “Opps, my hearts are gone, guess I need a new pair.”

But Trish did hear the nurse respond. “Maybe you need diapees? We’ve got plenty. Then you can talk to mommy and be happy.”

Trish thought it was hilarious. She felt it was so silly. “Diapee! Diapee!” she repeated, then she giggled as she felt the towel get pulled up tight around her. It felt nice to be so confined.

Then she felt herself lifted up. Then set down on something warm and flat. It felt so nice to be warm. She could feel that she was moving. Then she heard a door open and heard many voices talking, but one could be heard above all of them.

“Is that her? Is my baby finally back? Roll her over here. Let me see!”

Trish felt fear, even through her warm pleasure. Then she felt her cart bump into something. She suddenly felt cold as Sally’s face appeared over her.

Sally’s evil smile returned. “Trishy, mommy says look at the pretty screen.”

Trish started to scream as a glowing laptop was placed in front of her eyes.

A bright flash and her scream started to turn to a wail.

By the time she was placed in Sally’s arms, the wail had lowered to a gentle cooing.

As her mouth was guided to a breast Trish’s eyes lost their sparkle and nothing but a vacant look remained.

Sally smiled as Trish started to suckle softly. “Mommy is so happy. Soon mommy can make everyone happy.”

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Wow, that took a kind of Twilight Zone turn there at the end, but still brilliant work.


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Nice to see you back, Long!! Great story!!

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Awesome, like always.

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So dark. So distrubing. I love it :slight_smile: Welcome back!

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Thank you so very much for another sorry Long_Rifle. I have been a fan of your work for a very long time. Your one of the best on the web. I love your style……Please keep up the great work!!


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i agree with this guy buy the way you might as well remove the sig. it’ll never happen

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Many of us want attention, well now Trish’s new mother will give her all the attention she wants as a newborn infant. It might not be something she wants but life is not fair. We don’t always get what we want, especially in… The Twilight Zone.