Found Out

Joshua grunted and moaned, grasping and the long rod with both hands. Sweat poured down from his head, and he gritted his teeth.

“Keep going,” Albert said. “I’m almost done!”

Joshua began to straighten. “Daddy! It aches!”

“No!” Albert said firmly.

Joshua groaned and remained bent over, legs spread behind him. The rod went up and down.

Albert strained. “Almost… finished.” He arched his back and kept pounding.

“I can’t take it any more!”

“I’m almost done!”

Finally he gasped, then sighed in relief. Fluid poured from him, and Joshua caught it.

“Finished,” he said. He rested the bar on the shelf, got up and began removing weights. “Thanks for spotting my workout, Joshua.”

“No problem Daddy,” he replied.

“You know you really shouldn’t hold weights with your back bent like that. I’ll have to help you with form next time.”

“Oh I have no intention of being buff. That’s your job,” Joshua replied and threw a towel to Albert.

Albert caught his outstretched wrist and pulled him in closer. He reached behind Joshua and grabbed his butt through his diaper. “Why? Because you like it when I carry you like my little baby?”

“MMMhmmm” Joshua said. “And not LIKE your like your baby. I AM your baby.” He pressed himself up against him.

“Are you wet?” Albert asked, feeling him.

“Hmmm yes, I’m wet. VERY wet. But guys don’t get wet, they get…” He thought a minute. “Oh you mean the diaper! Yes, it is.”

“Hello! Anyone home!” A voice came from the kitchen.

They both jumped and looked back and forth between each other and the voice. Joshua was wearing only a diaper and a teddy bear t shirt, and he had his pacifier clipped to his chest. Albert was wearing gym clothes and covered with sweat.

“Who is that?” Josuah asked.

“Its Stacey! You met her before.”

“Hello! I hear voices,” her footsteps began coming down the hall. Leading Josuha, Albert began to walk as quietly as he could, keeping his diapered boyfriend directly behind him so he wouldn’t be seen.

“Are you in the bedroom?”

“NO!” Joshua shouted out. Albert turned to him and glared, and he whispered. “My teddies!”

“Oh, hello,” she said, and began walking toward them.

“You were supposed to clean up your room! You said you did!”

“I lied ok! It was too difficult!” The bedroom was far from a good place. Joshua mentioned his teddy bears, but left out that he had also been rummaging for clothes to wear and had left piles of diapers and onesies spread on the floor. He had spent the time he claimed he was cleaning playing video games and was hoping to get to it while Albert was showering.


“HI!” Albert said loudly, and waved. He kept himself squarely in front of Joshua and walked forward toward the bedroom.

“Hi, sorry if I took you by surprise. There was no answer but the door was unlocked…”

Joshua mentally kicked himself. He had gotten the mail and forgot to lock the door.

“But since we said we’d meet today I figured I’d just come in.”

“Riiigght right, meeting today, right,” Albert said.

“Yes, I message your cute boyfriend about it, didn’t he tell you.”

Joshua swore outloud.

“Joshua, is that you?” she said, leaning over to check. Albert turned to block her.

“Hi!” he said. “Just going to uh… laundry.” It was the best lie Joshua could think of. They were at the bedroom door, and he just needed to make it in without being noticed.

“Oh laundry? Well let me help, I can do it while you too get ready.”

“NO!” they shouted in unison.

“WHat?” she said.

Albert continued. “I mean, you don’t have to do that. It’s Joshua’s turn to do the laundry. He agreed to do it all this month, actually, and clean the bedrooms.”

“Meanie,” Joshua muttered.

“ANYWAY,” Albert said, hoping she hadn’t noticed Joshua’s interjection, “Why don’t we just talk while he does that? We’ll go to, HEY! WHATS THAT!” He pointed behind her.

She turned “What?”

Joshua wasn’t moving.

“You were supposed to go then!” Albert whispered.

“Ohhhhh,” Joshua said out loud, and began to walk.

“No not now!” he grabbed Joshua.

“Not now what?” Stacey said.

“Uhh, like don’t look then. Oh, there it is again!”

She looked away and Joshua scrambled into the bedroom.

“What is he doing?”

“Its ok, shall we go into the livi…” Joshua was shaking his head vigorously from around the door frame. “Kitchen?” He lead her to the kitchen and began to make coffee, then positioned them so he was facing the bedroom and she was facing away.

“Oh, and I was going to ask if there was a bathroom I could use.”

“Yes, just the one down… by the bed… in the front hall.”

Joshua was running as quickly as he could. He picked up all the spare diapers and onesies and tucked them into the cabinet. Smiling to himself, he went out of the bedroom.

Albert was speaking. “Anyway, I’ll still have to GET DRESSED in something more APPROPRIATE.”

“Right, why are you shouting?”

Joshua ran back into the bedroom. He untapped the diaper, sniffed it, and gagged. He threw it into a trash bin and tied the bag shut.

“Wipes, wipes wipes…” he looked around for something he could wipe himself down with. He eventually settled on an old t shirt he doused with a water bottle and added it to his laundry pile. He sorted through his clothes and found underwear, a pair of overalls, and a blue t shirt which he threw on, then grabbed a sweater.

“Yes so Joshua is just doing the LAUNDRY, as we said.”

He ran back into the bedroom, grabbed the basked, and ran out. He rushed, and tripped over the corner of the wall, and face planted in the kitchen. The laundry spilled everywhere. “Oooff,” he shouted.

“Oh my god, are you ok?” Stacey asked. “Let me help you up.”

“NO!” they both shouted in unison.

“He’s fine. Here, do you want some coffee,” Albert said and turned her away from him.

“Its so nice of your boyfriend to take care of things while we talk. He’s such a sweetheart. And its so cute how he just runs everywhere and wears his pastel shirts and overalls. Such a free spirit”

“Yes, he is,” Albert smiled. He took out his phone and messaged Joshua. “Overalls and baby blue?” The overalls were something they often used in play, but they agreed was ‘passable’ in public if they weren’t with people they knew.

“It was rushing! Time constraints!” came the reply.

“I hope he did tell you I was coming. We talked about it a few days ago, and I messaged him again this morning.”

“Of course he did. Why would any responsible adult forget to say such a thing.”

“HEY!” Joshua shouted from the basement. He was banging around vigorously with the washing machine.

“Well, then you know we were planning to have brunch, then hang out here and see a movie later.”

“Of course.”

“Soooo… I’m guessing the foods in the fridge?”

“Oh… uhhh… we were planning on eating out. Joshua’s treat.”

“HEY!” he shouted again.

“I thought he got his money from you until he finished his degree?”

“No, he’ll pay me back, trust me.”

Joshua came back up, panting. “Done!” he said.

“You did all of it? I mean, its all locked in the machine?”

“Yes Da… D’Albert. I’ve been studying French. That wasn’t good french.”

“Great! I’m just going to use the bathroom.”

“WAIT!” Joshua shouted. "Let me get the garbage first.

“Why is that important?” she paused as Joshua ran first to the bathroom, then to the bedroom, and took out garbage bags. “He sure runs a lot.”

A moment later Joshua was sitting in the kitchen, sipping coffee, while the other two were each in the bathroom.

Stacey came out first and sat in front of him. She picked up the coffee she had been sipping earlier and drank from it. “So how have you been Joshua?”

“Great uh…”



“Thanks for inviting me over.”

Joshua stared at her for a moment. “No problem!” he finally said.

She smiled. “Has Albert been treating you well? He being nice to you?”

“Not always! Just the other day he… Yes, yes he has been.”

“Great. So, I noticed your laundry. You had some very colorful clothes in there. I don’t think I’ve seen you wear those before sweetie. They are very cute.”

“Yes, they are my… sis…”

She raised her eyebrows and Joshua wondered how much of her family he had told her about before.


"Why are you doing your cousins laundry?

“Uhhh… do you want a drink?”

“I’m already drinking coffee, cutie.”

“Oh… I uh…”

She smiled.

Albert came out a minute later, fully dressed. “Ready to go?” he said.

“Yes!” Joshua shouted excitedly. “I mean, yes,” he said in a deeper, slower voice. He pulled the sweater over his head. They got dressed by the door and Albert checked Joshua over while Stacey went outside.
hTHey walked through the cold air and into Albert’s car. Joshua and Stacey both got in the back, and Albert got in the front and turned the heat on. They began to take their coats and sweaters off.

“Nice of you to sit back here to keep me company sweetie,” Stacey said.

“Yes that is exactly what I did,” Joshua said.

“You were running around a lot there! You didn’t forget anything, did you?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

She leaned in close to him. “Are you sure you didn’t forget something.”

“Uhh, yeah,” he said.

“I think you forgot something.”

“What?” he said nervously.

She put a hand on his chest, then pushed something into his mouth. Joshua’s eyes went cross, then wide.

“You forgot your adorable pacifier was still clipped to your clothes, little one. Hey Albert, do you have another one of your boyfriend’s diapers? From the look on his face, I think the baby just wet himself.”

Albert swore and almost swerved the car.

Hahaha! Oh, this was a cute one! A little dialogue heavy- I think a little more description and fleshing the characters out a bit more would’ve balanced that out. But the dialogue was done well, it felt very natural. Each character had their own personalities. Overall, it was a very enjoyable read, and Albert and Josh are adorable.

THanks for commenting!
And yes I think your right. I tried to make it a quick story in line with other ‘moments’ stories, and I figured most of the character description was in earlier stories anyway, but here it ended up seeming to fast