Found by the Housekeeper

Getting into bondage situation
Struggling/ enjoying
Maid in the house
Discovered by maid
Wife gets home
Harnessed to hook on the wall

It appears to be a normal infant’s crib; high sides with rails, mattress with a soft blanket, but the size was that of a twin size bed, and attached to each corner on the inside were leather cuffs, lines with soft fleece.

Upon closer inspection somebody peeking in the room would see a grown man cuffed to the corners, spread eagle and with just enough room for him to wiggle and be reassured of his helplessness. John was doing that just now as the monthly housekeeper watched on in shock and awe, with great surprise.

As she cautiously approached the bound man-baby she observed his attire. His hands and feet were both enclosed in what looked to be soft pink fleece mittens and booties. What she didn’t know was that the mittens rendered his fingers useless due to their thickness. What appeared to be a large pacifier, and from his muffled cries, it appears to be being used as a gag, given the straps around his head holding it in place. His very thick diapers were clearly visible under his pink onesie.

John lay there helpless, struggling with his might to break free, or push out his gag, something to let the housekeeper know that she should help him free, and ask why she was here today instead of her scheduled day tomorrow. His face flushed with embarrassment and he had never felt more humiliated and like a helpless sub-baby. He put himself into this situation, and even texted his wife to let her know, as she was his release.

Hesitantly Nancy asked John “Mr. John, what happened?”. John lifted his chin, and mmmphed as much as he could to indicate he was gagged and could not speak. “Oh right, you have a pacifier in, let me help you with that” she responded with a giggle. She reached down with her gloved hand and unsnapped the pacifier from the front and removed its mass. With a look of surprise at the size of the pacifier she asked John “Who did this to you?” He let out a sigh and revealed that it was he who had done it to himself, “…but my wife will be home soon, so if you could just help me out of this…” He was silenced when his gag was reinserted and snapped back into place. Nancy then explained to John that it was not her place or job to get involved with his bondage, and as Mrs. Sarah would be home soon, she would deal with him. Nancy smirked as she said this, “and besides, this way I can get all my cleaning done without you in the way.” She left the room and began her work, the sound of the shutting door reminding John how stuck he really was. As he struggled he really took in his predicament, and how despite the shame and humiliation, he kinda loved that he was found like this, helpless, as a baby, and that she LEFT HIM HERE. Part of him was screaming to get out, while part of him wanted it to last forever, and for him the rush of feeling that came with the feeling of having no power over his fate.

When Sarah saw the housekeeper’s car outside it dawned on her that she forgot to remind John that Nancy was coming on a different day this week. She assumed John quickly figured it out when Nancy arrived, little did she know how true that was.

The garage door snapped John back out of his few minutes of subspace. However humiliated he was, at least Sarah would let him out and he could be free. The door creaked open and he looked over to see his wife and housekeeper giggling and grinning at his predicament. “Well well well” Sarah smirked maliciously, “you must have forgotten that Nancy was coming on a different day this week.” Nancy dismissed herself to get back to her work. John watched his wife saunter over to him, a wickedly sadistic smile on her face. “You truly forgot didn’t you?” Sarah questioned. John replied with a defeated nod. She leaned down by his face and whispered softly into his ear, “you fucking love this don’t you? You adorable masochist.” She then reached between his legs and grasped the front of his diaper, feeling his stiff member pressing up against the absorbent material. He wanted her to continue touching him, to let him go, to free him, to tease and torture him, all at once. "I know you all too well Johnny-baby, and I know part of you is loving the exposure, and that part does not want it to end.

John did want that, but the look on her face made him scared. He watched her walk over to the closet with toys and pull something out. Looking between the bars he could only make out what she held as she got closer. Sarah was holding a set of baby reins that were exactly his size, they looked to be a full torso harness style. “I have been waiting for the right moment to show you this little gift, and this is the perfect moment” she stayed. “Look me in the eyes John”, her Domme voice ordered, “I am going to release your cuffs from the bed posts, but the mittens stay on.” The look in her eyes and tone of her voice told him she meant business and that to disobey would mean bad things. “You will stand up and not move unless instructed” she ordered.

John, being a true submissive, dutifully complied, despite the fear and nervousness he felt coursing through his nerves. She had him step in the bottom, and pulled the wait straps snugly up to his diaper and around his waist. She then carefully pulled the straps over his shoulder, across his chest, and buckled everything both snug and comfortable. If John was not so nervous about the other person in the house, he would be ecstatic at this beautifully crafted new toy. Grabbing his wrist, she one-at-a-time buckled each wrist to the front side of his new baby reins, she also pulled straps over his wrists and upper arms, further pinning his arms to his body. He was not uncomfortable, and yet he had almost no wiggle room. He was helpless to get out of the mittens by himself, with the reins, he had not even a hope of getting free without help.

Sara then instructed him that they were going to clear the room so it could get cleaned. Sarah clipped a leash onto him and with a firm tug, led baby-Johnny from the room. They passed Nancy in the hall, and she commented that she loved the outfit and getup. Sarah apologized for her having to see John like this but Nancy cut her off “Mrs. Sarah, this is not a problem.” She jokingly added with a laugh, “really it keeps him out of the way, he can be tied up every time.” Sarah got a contemplative look on her face, “Do you really mean that? He would probably love it, look how red his face is, this kind of thing is what he secretly wants.” Nancy indicated that it was not a problem for her and really made it kind of fun and interesting. Sarah turned them to John, “every day Nancy is set to come over and do her work, you are to be helplessly tied up. I will free you when I get home.” Nancy agreed that it sounded good and like John’s humiliating fate was decided.

Sarah led John into the kitchen and hooked his leash to a hook high on the wall while she prepared dinner. She offered for Nancy to stay, even teasing that she could feed the baby, but Nancy politely declined.

John thought about his new predicament, and began planning for more ways for him to be found bound. Despite his utter humiliation, embarrassment, and shame, John was loving every blushing second. He could have used his safe-word noise anytime and Sarah would have freed him, but why would he? This was the best day of his life.


Hi Tigonmaj,

I really like your story and it being in progress gives me a hope to read more. Thanks for sharing, MSkvor

Fun set up! Thanks for sharing.
Was going to ask if there would be more then I realized it was a much older sotry that just had been replied to more recently. Still, good.