Forum History?

I was just thinking about this forum and it got me curious.

What is the history of this forum?

I became a member at the end of the Xsorbit forum, then came over here when we moved.

I hear talk about a Networks54 forum and another one that I forget at the moment. Proboards, maybe?

I also hear talk about a guy named James and a forum he ran at one point. Did he have any connection to any of the versions of this forum?

Forum History?

Network54, Xsorbit, Proboards, and one other forum that I can’t remember the name of but I think the sponsor starts with a B.

Forum History?

This forum has its roots in a Bravenet forum owned by a guy named James. I posted there and so did Vickie and so did a bunch of other folks who still pop in ocassionally. Problem with that Bravenet forum was that it didn’t retain old posts. After awhile, Vickie and I formed our own forum on Network 54 in 2003. That lasted for over a year, but the functionality was somewhat limited. We switched to Proboards in 2004 and when that was shut down, set up shop at Xsorbit, with Elizabeth becoming an admin along the way. We then made the move here in January 2008 or thereabouts.

Forum History?

I started posting at Bravenet around spring 1999 or so and worked on G&C that summer, so yes, it’s been almost a decade.

Forum History?

That’s a long time. Wow.

Is the Bravenet board still around, or was it deleted long ago?

I barely remember the back-up forum you created. I remember becoming a member and then didn’t hear anything else.

Forum History?

I reckon I’ve been around (in some form or other) for approaching 6 years, as I’m now 20 and was certainly 14 when I first posted. I know that I had this name a while before that irritating movie came around.

As for people always coming back, I have to say that I was surprised that Todd has actually stayed away, as he was one of the most prolific posters. Orms also managed to stay away properly.

As for Ken not becoming a moderator; it suits me. In the last few years of people coming and going one of the things that has changed is that there are fewer people seeming to demand respect off others due to their post number or membership length. There have been people in the past who have certainly attempted to throw their weight around.

Forum History?

I had a few different names, too. They were closer to my real name so I shan’t be resurrecting them.

I was ahead for quite a while until I went to China for a month and didn’t post.

Forum History?

I have been around since the Bravenet days, although I didn’t post very much until the Xsorbit days. I seem to remember coming across the boards when I was 14, and now I’m 21, so that’s a pretty long time.

I used to call myself Guy1212, but now I go by one of my better-known aliases. So far, no problems. I’m glad that the community has stayed together this long.

Forum History?

I was more a lurker at James’ Bravenet Forum. I didn’t get comfortable there til the dying end and an MSN group run by a girl named Ally about the time of early 2003. I also had my own demons too.

I posted at Network 54 as BabyChris and wrote stories there too. I migrated from there and have ended up here too. Diamondback’s forum was a spite forum, as was Todd’s and Dr. Amy’s.

I never understood why Todd had the problems he did. I had that when I was using my Windows 95 computer when my laptop was in the shit. I just dealt with it than get upset with it. Why get upset about things I can’t control. That’s my motto. Plus, I tend to stick where I am comfortable.


Forum History?

I remember it well. I think the the bravenet forum was start in February 1998 and it lasted till 2003 and it got deleted so James created a new one. It was June I think when it happened and I felt lost and shattered inside but tried to not worry about it too much. I still talked to my friends from that forum so they weren’t gone forever.

So Vickie and Winz created network 54 and we started posting there and it lasted till 2004 when they created proboards. I can rememeber when kenk7us created a alternate board and there was a fight between Vickie and him and he deleted his board while I was in Europe so when I got back, it was gone. So when proboards got created, that got lost so it moved to the xsorbit and lasted till 2007 and then in 2008 this was made and the other board was locked and now it seems to be gone.

I started coming to Bravenet in March 2001 and reading stories on there. I can remember the gibberish posts and the flames and off topic posts. I mostly read the stories only. Then in October 2002 I started posting on it.
The very first online friend I ever made was Darkangel but we lost contact a year later. Then Amy (VCLA one) was my second.

I have very few diaper friends from when I was 17. Anyone remember Inky Wonky? I still talk to him occasionally and met him at the local gathering here. I think I saw him three times total since 2007.

I used to come to this community actively but then stopped in 2006. I pop back and don’t post as much. I don’t have many things to say and I don’t read diaper stories as much. I hardly do.

The problems Todd had, that is annoying because it’s annoying to have to keep scrolling across back and forth to read a post so I had to change that forum layout under my account to get rid of that problem.

Forum History?

I remember Inky Wonky. Good name.

Forum History?

Wow, it doesn’t strike me how long the forum, in however many versions, has been around. I think I first started going to the Bravenet Forum in like 1998 or so, at that time using the name miketbdp (or something like that). Then I got lost in work and school and moving, and came back when the board was on Network54 before totally losing the link to that board. Then I found the board on Xsorbit and now here. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long.

Re: Forum History?

I, too, have been visiting as far back as the Bravenet days (starting when I was 14 in late 1998). I’ve always been more of a lurker than anything else on story boards, so it makes me wonder how many others have been around that long but are still virtually unknown to the community.

Regardless, hello all. Long time reader. Have maybe posted 15 times in the 12 years or so since I’ve been around.

Re: Forum History?

hehe, way to revive in old topic, but at the same time, it’s about our old boards. It does seem like it was just the other day that I came across the old boards with WingZ and Tali and a few others back then. I remember being a teenager looking forward to moving to college and having my own place. Now i’m turning 30 my next birthday and have kids of my own. A lot has changed in what seems like such a short period of time.

Re: Forum History?

Actually glad you bumped this to the top, because I don’t remember this post from last year and it’s cool to read the history.

I discovered the Network54 forum in 2004, but I didn’t really enter into the community until the Proboards site.