Forced into toddler life without regrets

Long ago I was in a automobile accident that nearly took my life . 2.3 years in and out of medical facilities I’ll spare you the details of most of that part . After being cut out of the car the first thing I noticed I could not feel my legs or hips . After emergency surgery I no longer had a working bladder along with a list of life altering damage internally and outward as well as mentally . At the 17 month point they had me hooked up to a tube drain to a bag set up because the bladder was destroyed . They got the catheter stuck in me so badly it required surgery to remove that . I woke up with a thick pile of towels tucked around me . That’s the beginning of diapers and I’m in my early 20s . After the tube they put in me was removed it was a constant flow . Diapers were now in my life forever … there was no such thing as ABDL diapers . The very best we’re attends , I wish they still made them they were very thick soft diapers . I lost my fiancée in all this mess seriously wondering what’s next for my life . Embarrassed beyond belief I met a home nurse she’s 5 years older than me . Very pretty lady she was also studying psychology as a major . After 14 months of every day except Friday she was at my house taking care of me , I could not use my legs so that was another problem they both were crushed to the tips of my toes . One day she asked me if I had ever herd of the ABDL community ….? No! She introduced me to living as a toddler not a baby as I was already going through speech therapy and PT weekly to learn to talk normally and walk with leg braces . Along came ABDL diapers they were completely different than boring white medical diapers . Oh my frontal lobe was damaged and 2 deep brain bleeds ruined my speech for a long time . Now suddenly one day she asked me if I wanted to call her my mommy nurse . Ok … I had no one I mean everyone I knew by then just kinda drifted away from me . Mommy became my best friend she practically knew more about me than my birth mother . Year 4 comes along and she tells me she can no longer continue to be my care taker due to legal problems ? I started to cry so hard I could not breath . Then she asked me on the spot if I would consider marrying her … huh? I asked her in my tiny toddler voice why would she want a broken man because this mess is for life . She smiled hugged me tightly and said Baby boy I change your cute diapers every day , wash your tiny body ( I weighed 127 at that time) and dress you as well . I fell in love with you long ago but wanted to hold back my feelings so it did not seem my love was attached to any pity but a true deep love . She started changing me like normally when I asked her there’s nothing I can do sexually for you all that was destroyed why me ? She looked at me and said I can’t have children medically im without the ability . Taking care of you fills me with joy and making you giggle and laugh makes my day . If you give me the chance you can be my baby boy forever . My mommy/wife and I have been together for 23 years now . Today the cute diapers out there from so many company’s I have a big closet full of diapers both disposable and cloth . As time went on mommy buys me outfits that even I am amazed how wonderful I feel fully padded dressed in toddler style outfits and yes even in public . I long ago did not care that other people knew I’m padded . When I can’t walk very far I’m in my custom wheelchair with mommy in public dressed up cute and obviously padded I truly feel like a toddler . it all began with simple adult ugly medical grade diapers into what today is now ABDL diapers . But diapers are only a small part of living as a adult toddler . It’s mommy’s love , clothing , bedding, toys, kisses and hugs and no sex at all . I love my life despite all the hard parts being disabled mommy erases all that hurt in me and fills me with joy . She currently wants me laying or crawling around in my little kings diapers and a diaper shirt only . She loves to feed me warm milk with honey in it every night before she tucks me away into dream land .