Fools Rush In (Halloween Short Story)

Here’s the last of the collection…for now. Violence at the end, not bad to me but I’m a sicko. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fools Rush In
By: Dementia’s Knight

She’d gone to great lengths to get everything set up for her picture so that it would be perfect. The sheets had been washed and put back on the bed with the utmost care and attention to make sure that they were smoothed out allowing for no wrinkles. The carpet in her bedroom had been vacuumed to prevent even the smallest bit of dirt from stealing the attention away from her. She made sure that the lighting in the room wasn’t too bright or dim so that she wouldn’t look washed out or like she was trying to hide herself in poor lighting.

She was positive that she’d thought of everything and left absolutely nothing to chance as she set up the tripod a few feet from the bed and peeked through the lens of the camera to make sure she’d be the center of attention in the picture, which was precisely what she wanted. With the shot framed the way she wanted it to be she removed her robe and went to the bed before carefully climbing onto it and getting into the pose she wanted.

The timer was set on the camera to afford her the time she required to get into position, and as she settled into her practiced pose the first photo was snapped and she allowed herself to smile with satisfaction as the project she’d worked on for weeks leading up to this moment was now ever closer to being finished and her quest for that special someone was almost ready to begin.

Sitting at her computer after getting changed, Renee Clark felt like she was going to cry as she looked at the pictures she’d taken. She didn’t even want to look at herself as each of the pictures loaded up and her worst fears were confirmed. As she took in each unwanted roll and excess inch of skin her fight against crying ended and tears began to roll down her cheeks. She’d hoped that somehow all the time and energy she’d spent on making the room and atmosphere look perfect would make her look better as well, but now here she sat looking at pictures of herself that she couldn’t use for what she’d planned.

Hopelessness welled up inside her as she deleted each picture. All she wanted was to have an enticing picture for her profile, something that would bring her what she wanted more than anything in the world, someone that would love her for who and what she was. As she clicked away the final picture she wiped away her tears and opened up her internet browser. She filled in her profile information and added her likes and dislikes; she reluctantly filled in the section about her sexual kinks and desires and submitted her profile to the site. The only thing missing on her profile was a picture, and she was sure that without one she’d be relegated to loneliness for the remainder of her days on the Earth.

With a sniffle she shut off her monitor and went to her bed, pulling the pink My Little Pony backpack from underneath and setting it next to her on the bed. She unzipped the bag and pulled out the desired items from it before zipping it back up and replacing it under the bed. The first item was her light purple pacifier which promptly found its way into her mouth. The second item was a thick disposable diaper adorned with colorful building blocks that spelled out ‘BABY’ on the front waistline, with that was a container of baby powder. With the benefit of years of practice she quickly disrobed and powdered and diapered herself snugly into the garment. The final item was a pink and white striped onsie that she pulled on and snapped up before rolling onto her side and allowing herself to get the full weight of her sadness out as she cried and rocked in a fetal position.

An hour had passed before Renee had managed to calm down enough to return to the matter of her profile picture. She sat up and scooted herself to the end of the bed before climbing of and walking back to her desk. The room filled with the audible crinkling and rustling of her diapers before she sat down at her desk chair and turned on her monitor. She refreshed her profile page and sighed when she saw that both her page views and her messages still read zero. In a huff she shot up from the chair and grabbed her camera off the desk before heading into the bathroom with it. She did nothing to fix her mussed hair and made no attempt to fix her wrinkled onsie as she held the camera above her so that the picture would be looking down at her. She’d seen many other girl’s on the internet employ similar techniques to make seeing their less desirable attributes difficult or impossible. She gave a smile from behind her pacifier and snapped the picture.

She was legitimately nervous as she waited for the picture to load up once she’d returned to her computer. The image appeared on the screen and all her worry and self-loathing faded away the instant she saw the picture. With all the time and effort she’d put into creating a perfect photo she’d completely overlooked the possibility that a spontaneous shot would end up being exactly what she wanted.

In the photo, her black hair was slightly mussed giving the appearance that she’d just woken up from a nap, her wrinkled onsie adding to that. Her big brown eyes had a look of longing behind the glimmer from her smile, she seemed to be silently pleading for someone to come and take care of her, which is exactly what she wanted. Her face looked a little on the round side, at least to her, but it wasn’t bad enough to make her unhappy. The angle of the shot still showed that she had nice sized breasts, but those blocked the extra weight that she loathed in her midsection from being seen. Overall the picture made her look really good, adorable with a hint of sexiness, and would make an excellent profile picture.

As she uploaded the picture to her profile she allowed herself to wet her diaper. She savored the warmth as the thirsty padding soaked up the flow, and she sat back in her chair with a satisfied sigh as she let go of all the pent up frustration she’d been dealing with every drop of urine that left her body and finally allowed herself to relax.

With her profile finally completed and her bladder completely emptied, Renee decided that she needed to put something in her stomach and got up from her chair to head to the kitchen. Having an apartment to herself allowed her the luxury of strolling through her house in her infantile attire. She gasped at the feeling of the cold linoleum under her feet as she stepped from the carpet of the hallway into the kitchen. Walking to the fridge she opened it and grabbed a baby bottle of apple juice and one of the many jars of babyfood she had stockpiled for when she was either feeling particularly little or when she was dieting, she hadn’t made up her mind which was the case at this moment in time.

Shuffling back to her room and onto her bed she quickly emptied the jar of pureed bananas before draining the bottle as she lay on her back kicking her legs happily. Obviously she was still hungry after the tiny jar’s contents were gone, but she had made the decision once she’d started on the bottle that she should probably keep her weight in check if she was going to be meeting potential suitors. She stared up at the ceiling as she indulged in pipedreams of having a Daddy to take care of her, imagining what he’d look like and how he’d talk to her as he dressed her, bathed her, fed her, and changed her diapers. Her mind slipped further into her fantasies as she imagined him holding her in his strong arms and rocking her gently as if she were sized like a real baby, it was this line of thinking that made her resentful of her hefty frame.

“Nobody is going to be able to hold me like that.” She thought with stab of sadness in her heart. This led her to wonder if anyone was even going to want her in the first place, and for the second time that day she was curled up on her bed crying.

In total, it took three days for someone to send her a message, three days of absolute agony if you were to ask her. The message itself had been somewhat of a letdown to her, if she were to be perfectly honest. The subject of the message was a simple ‘hi’, which wasn’t necessarily bad but was a tad bit unoriginal. All that was written in the body of the message was ‘You’re very cute’ and then a posting of the person’s username as a signature, Daddy4U.

She chided herself for feeling excited after reading the simple message, although it did have the key ingredients that she was looking for in a Daddy, he thought she was cute and he was a Daddy type person. She checked his profile and was a bit surprised at just how handsome this guy really was. The picture that came up on his profile was of a guy in his mid-twenties, same as her, standing on a lawn of some kind without his shirt on and a football in his hand as he had it raised to the sky. He didn’t have any tattoos or piercings that she could see, which was a plus, and his washboard abs made her salivate despite the feeling that she had that he was way out of her league.

Without hesitation she responded to his message, making sure to let him know that she was thoroughly impressed with his appearance and that she’d love to talk to him more. She sent the message and allowed herself a moment to attend to her more adult needs as she ogled his picture and thought about him taking the place of the faceless Daddy in her fantasies. As wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her and she basked in the milky afterglow of her post masturbatory calm she saw that she had another message.

“I’d like that a lot.” Was all that was written save for a username associated with a cam chat service.

Her heart began to race at the thought of allowing this gorgeous guy to see the real her, she knew that she had to prepare herself before agreeing to his unwritten request and messaged him back that she’d be on the following day at the same time. It was only after she’d gotten his agreeable reply that she started bustling about her room picking up her laundry and making her bed, all the while her mind abuzz with thoughts of what her first virtual meeting would be like.

The following day Renee had taken time to pick out a dress that she liked, a simple white with various colored flowers, and had done her hair so that she had a somewhat sultry curl to it. She’d stressed the most about the lighting in her room as she’d done when thinking about her photo shoot. She wanted to make sure that the light wasn’t bright enough to allow him to see her cellulite filled arms, but wasn’t so dim that he couldn’t see her at all. Checking the time she took a seat at her desk and made her final adjustments before enabling her webcam and logging in to the chat site. Daddy4U showed up promptly at the agreed upon time and the pair were soon looking at one another with nervous smiles plastered on both of their faces.

“Hi.” Renee said simply, her throat dry and her words sounding in her ears like she was croaking them out.

“Hello.” Daddy4U said. “You look even prettier live than you did in your picture.” He told her.

Renee flushed. “Thank you.” She said as she tried to suppress a squeal of delight at being paid such a compliment.

The pair hit it off immediately and spent the better part of four hours talking about a range of topics up to and including what each of them was looking for in regards to a significant other. By the time she said goodnight and shut her camera off Renee was nearly over the moon in love with this guy. She felt like he was the perfect fit for the role she needed filling and couldn’t turn her smile off as she got up from her chair and went to get ready for bed.

Over the following three weeks Renee and Daddy4U spent nearly every night chatting with each other on their cams. Renee learned that her dream Daddy was only a twelve hour drive from her, and once she had it had been quite a chore for her to fight the urge to drive to him rather than going to work or to the grocery store. She found herself wishing she could be with him nearly every second of every day and felt like if that didn’t happen soon she would absolutely burst. She made up her mind that she was going to broach the subject with him the next time they talked, and found it hard to think of anything else until that time.

Sitting at her desk chair Renee patiently waited for Daddy4U to come online. She’d dressed as cute as she could to try and sway his answer to her request in her favor. Her diaper rustled quietly with every little movement as she got comfortable and adjusted her pink shirt that had the word ‘Naughty’ emblazoned across the chest in glitter. The shirt and the diaper were the only pieces to her outfit aside from the bands in her hair that gave her little pigtails on either side of her head, and of course the pacifier and bottle she had standing by just in case she needed the extra little push of cuteness. As Daddy4U signed on and connected with her she immediately felt the need to pee and did so almost as soon as the urge struck her.

“Well hello there baby girl.” Daddy4U greeted her with a broad smile.

Still in the process of wetting her diaper, Renee found it a challenge to snap out of her daze to greet him back. “Hi Daddy.” She finally managed to squeak out, although it was clear that she was preoccupied with something else.

“Is everything alright?” he asked.

Her flow became a dribble and then mercifully stopped allowing her to focus on him. She nodded to the camera, “Yes Daddy, I’m fine.” She said with a slight blush at the realization that she’d just wet herself on camera in front of her hopefully future Daddy.

“Good, you seemed a little distracted there for a second. You’re not getting tired of talking to me are you?” he asked.

She shook her head wildly, afraid that she’d inadvertently blown her chances with her dream Daddy. “No Daddy, I could never get tired of talking to you.” She told him. “I was just-.” She started to say before nervousness dictated that she clam up and blush.

“Just what?” he asked. “Were you doing something you shouldn’t have been doing?” he added.

Her heart and mind were racing, she was rapidly approaching the point in this conversation where she would have to be honest or risk losing him. “I was going potty in my diaper because I was so excited to see you and I couldn’t hold it anymore and I’m scared to ask you this but I really want to come and see you and I know it’s sudden but I can’t stop thinking about you and I just wanna be there with you and be your baby.” She blurted out, scarcely taking a pause to even breathe as she laid all her cards out on the table at once.

Daddy4U was silent for a moment before he smiled and then began to laugh. “My goodness you’ve got a lot on your mind.” He told her.

Renee nodded. “Being with you is all I can think about.” She confessed.

Daddy4U nodded. “I feel the same way honey; I just didn’t want to be the one to bring it up. There’s a lot of weirdo’s out in the world and I didn’t want to scare you off by asking you to meet with me so soon.” He told her. “I want to be with you just as badly as you want to be with me and now that we both know that, I think we should plan on meeting.” He explained.

Renee couldn’t stop smiling, she’d just gotten the best possible news she could’ve hoped for and wished she could reach through the camera and hug her new Daddy. “I’ll take some time off from work and come to your place whenever you want.” She told him.

He nodded. “Why don’t we try for next week?” he asked. “You could come on Friday and stay till Monday.” He said.

Renee nodded. “That sounds perfect.” She said with her silly smile plastered on her face.

“Good, it’s settled then!” Daddy4U said happily. “Now that we’ve got that out of the way, why don’t you show Daddy what you did in your diaper.” He told her in a more serious tone.

Renee nodded and stood up from her chair and adjusted her camera so that her Daddy could see her yellowed diaper. “I made a big pee, Daddy.” She said in her sweetest and most innocent sounding voice.

“You sure did little one.” He told her. “Daddy is very proud of you for using your diaper like a good baby girl should.” He added.

Renee blushed at his words. She’d never had anyone tell her that she was a good girl before, let alone for wetting her diaper. “Thank you Daddy.” She said, her words sounding drugged and dazed given her preoccupation on the throbbing warmth that was building between her legs.

“You can touch yourself if you need to honey.” He told her, picking up on the change in her tone as a sign that she was becoming aroused by this exchange.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes as her hands began to caress the front of her diaper, the warm plastic crackling gently as she rubbed up and down on it with her fingertips. The swelled wet padding within her diaper pressed against her womanhood and sent shudders of pleasure through her body.

Daddy4U had front row seats to the show as he watched her hands press against the diaper and move forward and back along the area above her crotch. Two hands became one as one hand left the frame to massage the girl’s breast, and shortly after that the remaining hand crept up and into the diaper to allow for more precise pleasure giving. He watched this all as his own hand fell below the desk and released his throbbing member from its denim prison.

The pair was lost in their own bliss, him watching her pleasuring herself and joining in, her imagining him pleasuring himself while watching her. They both moaned and shuddered as they brought themselves closer to release, and when the moment finally came it did so for both at the same time. Renee fell back into her chair as her wobbly legs gave out from under her, and Daddy4U slumped back in his own chair as he panted and let the final twitches of orgasm run their course. Neither said anything for a moment and all that could be heard was heavy breathing and satisfied moans and groans.

Fixing her camera so that her face was back in frame she looked at him with a lustful hunger and he returned the look in kind. “Did I do good Daddy?” she asked him in her sultriest tone.

He nodded. “You did very good, baby girl.” He told her. “Next time we cum together we’ll actually be together.” He added.

Renee smiled and kissed the camera. “I can’t wait.” She said.

“Neither can I.” he told her.

“Well, I think we should both probably go and clean up.” She said after a momentary pause. “I’ll put in my time off at work tomorrow and we’ll talk tomorrow night more about next week.” She said.

Daddy4U nodded. “Goodnight, baby.” He told her as he too kissed his camera.

Renee waved. “Nighty night, Daddy.” She said before they both shut off their cameras and she was finally allowed to bask in the happiness that the following week she’d finally meet her Daddy in person.

As it got closer to her big trip Renee began to pack her things. She’d packed a full package of diapers, just in case Daddy4U didn’t have any or wasn’t able to get some. Her footie pajamas joined the diapers as did several onsies and cute shirts. Miscellaneous bottles and pacifiers rounded out the mix, and once her suitcase was zipped up she finally felt like she was good and ready to meet her new Daddy.

The night before she was to leave she was given the route information and a list of commands from Daddy4U that she was to follow if she didn’t want a spanking to be the first thing coming to her once she’d arrived.

“It’s a twelve hour drive and I don’t want my baby girl making stops that she doesn’t need to make, so make sure that you’re double diapered before you leave and Daddy will change you when you arrive.” He told her.

“I don’t think I have any pants that will fit over two diapers, Daddy.” She said.

He pondered the predicament for a moment. “Well, either wear a pair of pajama pants over them or just wear the diapers.” He told her.

She blushed at the thought of driving in just diapers and a shirt. What if she got pulled over or got a flat tire or had to stop for gas? Her mind began to spin images of her waddling around a gas station while other travelers looked on and laughed.

“Renee!” Daddy4U said in a sharp tone to snap her out of her daze.

She shook off her thoughts and looked up at the camera. “Yes Daddy.” She said finally.

“Yes what?” he asked.

“I’ll wear two diapers and some pajama pants.” She said.

He smiled. “Good girl.” He praised. “I was beginning to wonder if maybe I should just have you wear the diapers and not give you the option of wearing pants.” He teased.

Renee shook her head. “No, Daddy please let me wear pants.” She begged, suddenly very worried about the prospect of having her diapers on full display. At least if she had pants on she could somewhat hide her little secret, without them she’d almost feel like she was driving naked.

“What do I get if I agree to let you wear pants?” he asked.

Renee panicked, and blurted out the first thing that popped into her head. “Anything, Daddy, I’ll do anything.” She said.

He smiled again. “Then you’ll wear two diapers and no pants if I tell you to?” he asked.

Renee was dumbfounded, she’d firmly wedged herself in the middle of a situation where she had no possible way of getting what she wanted and resigned herself to the fate she knew was coming. “Yes Daddy.” She agreed dejectedly.

“Good girl!” he praised. “Now, just to be sure that you don’t stop anywhere to use the potty, I want you to go around the waistline of your diapers with clear packing tape. If you break the tape then Daddy will have to spank you when you get here.” He explained.

Renee nodded. “Ok Daddy.” She said as she wrote down the terms of her trip so she would remember to carry out her Daddy’s demands.

“I want you to make sure you stay hydrated, so be sure and pack plenty of bottles.” He told her. “Also make sure you eat breakfast before you leave and have lunch at some point during the trip.” He added.

She wrote down these orders as well and absently wondered how long she’d be able to keep her diapers clean and dry during her trip. “Anything else, Daddy?” she asked.

“One thing, I want you to take photos during your trip to show me that you’re being a good girl and doing as your told.” He said. “I want you to take pictures of you eating breakfast and lunch as well as pictures of you in the car in just your diapers. I expect a lot of pictures, so don’t skimp on them.” He explained.

Renee nodded as she wrote down what he wanted and worried about the pictures of her exposed legs showing him just how fat she was and him calling everything off. She didn’t feel like she was in any position to argue with any of his demands however, so she kept her thoughts and worries to herself. She finished writing and looked up at him and couldn’t help but smile. “I can’t wait to see you Daddy.” She said.

“I can’t wait either baby.” He told her. “Now I think you should probably get to bed soon, you have a long day ahead of you.” He said.

She sighed but nodded. “Ok Daddy. Goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said.

He blew her a kiss and smiled. “Goodnight baby.” He said simply before logging out of the chat.

Renee shut off her computer and crawled into bed, her mind swimming with thoughts of what the following day would bring. She brought her thumb up to her mouth and planted it firmly between her lips as she closed her eyes and allowed sleep to overtake her.

Early the next morning she woke to her alarm and quickly got into the shower to kick off her preparations for her trip. She shaved her legs and armpits as she normally did and then went to work ensuring that her diaper area was smooth as well before she did the rest of her washing. After drying herself off she went to work on drying her hair and putting it up in the pigtails she felt make her look adorable. Slipping on her bra and a plain purple shirt she now wondered if she should use the toilet before diapering herself to allow for the longest time possible between when she left and when she used her diapers.

“What would Daddy want me to do?” she wondered to herself. She rationalized that he more than likely wanted her to arrive at his place with a very wet and messy diaper given his numerous stipulations, and though she wasn’t too keen on the idea of sitting in a poopy diaper for nearly twelve hours or at all for that matter, she wanted to make her Daddy happy and resigned herself to getting into her diapers.

The bulk of the two garments together was astounding to her, as she’d never worn more than one diaper at a time before. She’d followed Daddy’s instructions by cutting the plastic down the middle of the first diaper so that anything she did would go through to the outer diaper giving her twice the protection. She carefully went around the waistline of the diapers with clear packing tape as she’d been told to and as she tossed the tape onto the bed she realized that she was now stuck in her padded prison until she got to Daddy’s house.

After snapping a few pictures of her handiwork with her phone and sending them to Daddy’s email she put on some socks and shoes and made her way to the kitchen to make her requisite breakfast. She made some pancakes and eggs and sat down at the kitchen table to eat them, not allowing herself to really enjoy them as she worried about not only the fat content of the items, but how long it would take them to end up in the seat of her diaper. She shooed these thoughts away and quickly ate her breakfast so that she could get on the road as soon as she finished.

She put on a pair of pajama pants for her trip to the car, just to avoid anyone she had to see regularly catching her in just her diapers. She grabbed her suitcase and the small cooler of bottles and babyfood from the fridge she’d made the night before and hustled out the door and to the elevator of her apartment. As the elevator arrived and the doors opened she saw that the recently divorced mother of three that lived above her was standing inside. She’d only really met the woman once when she’d moved in, but she’d heard her three little terrors running around above her every day and night for nearly a year.

“Hi.” Renee said quietly as she slunk into the elevator and pressed the already lit button for the ground floor.

“Good morning.” The divorcee said warmly as she smiled at Renee who failed to catch the action with her eyes transfixed on the floor.

The doors closed a moment later and Renee felt as though the woman over her right shoulder was staring at her, somehow fully aware of everything that was going on in her life and what she was wearing and who she was on her way to go see. If she wasn’t so sure that the woman would know immediately that it was happening, she would have wet her diaper out of sheer panic.

The divorcee cleared her throat and then did it again before she finally reached out and gently tapped Renee on the shoulder, an act which startled the girl so bad that she actually gasped and whipped around with wide eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” The divorcee said with an apologetic smile.

Renee couldn’t focus on the woman properly as the scare she’d received had broken the dam and she was now completely wetting herself. She gathered that the woman wanted something from her and she swallowed hard before attempting to speak. “Did you want something?” she asked, not particularly concerned that her manners were atrocious at the moment.

The woman cleared her throat again before speaking. “Well, no. I just thought you’d want to pull your shirt down.” She said.

Renee went white as her hand shot behind her and she felt a good three inches of diaper that had managed to somehow position itself above her shirt allowing this woman to plainly see what she’d hoped would have stayed hidden. She pulled her shirt out and made sure it was covering her diaper before she turned away from the woman. Still in the process of wetting her diaper, Renee wanted nothing more than for the Earth to open up and swallow her to get her out of the situation. “Thank you.” She finally managed to squeak out once she’d finished relieving herself.

“You’re welcome.” The divorcee said. “You know, I’m not even sure I saw anything.” She added, trying to unburden the terribly embarrassed younger woman of her panic and shame.

Renee rolled her eyes but said nothing, and as soon as the elevator reached the ground floor she took off as fast as she could through the covered parking area to her car. Once inside her vehicle she cursed herself for not checking to make sure her diapers weren’t showing she hated that she could have been so stupid and struggled not to cry as she tried to calm herself down enough to start the car and drive off. Once the crisis in her mind had passed she grudgingly slid herself out of her pajama pants and tossed them on the floor in front of the passenger seat with her suitcase before starting the car and pulling out of her slot.

Once on the road she brightened up considerably, taking in the sights as she drove and the feeling of being so exposed as she drove with nothing covering her diapers. She took a second to snap a picture of herself and send it to Daddy before she grabbed the first bottle of her journey and drank it greedily.

Daddy sent her an email a short time after she’d sent the latest picture and she smiled as she read his sentiments that she was “a good girl for doing as Daddy told her”. The swell of pride that she got from knowing that he was pleased with her was amazing to her and she drove for nearly an hour with a smile plastered on her face.

The smile that she’d had faded when she felt the familiar rumblings in her stomach signifying that she was overdue for her morning movement. In a panic she pulled the car over and slid to the passenger seat before looking around to make sure no one was around to see her before opening the door and moving out of the car. She’d never messed herself before and the prospect of sitting in her own waste for another ten or so hours made her stomach flip flop even more. She considered begging Daddy to allow her to use a toilet, but part of her knew that he would never agree to it.

As a cramp hit her she knew that she wouldn’t make it to a toilet even if she were given permission and squatted down in the doorway of the car to do what she knew she had to. She braced herself on the armrest attached to the door and began to push as traffic whizzed by on the other side of her car. She rummaged through her suitcase and found her pacifier which she quickly put in her mouth as she continued to push. With her pacifier moving rapidly in her mouth as she sucked it to remain calm, Renee Clark soiled her first diaper in her adult life on the side of a busy highway.

Though she was sure she’d eat the words later, she had to admit that messing a diaper wasn’t all that bad. She found it hard to gauge how much she’d actually expelled given the fact that her diaper wanted to push against the invading force the entire time, it felt like a lot to her, but since it was her first time she knew she had no frame of reference to base that on. As gingerly as she could she climbed back into the car and closed the door before moving back behind the wheel. When she finally sat down she felt what she’d done smear across her skin in the confines of the diaper and she immediately felt disgusted with herself and worried that she’d get a rash or an infection from being in the soiled garment for so long.

“I pooped my diaper Daddy, and it’s really gross feeling. Can I please change?” she texted as fast as her fingers could hit the desired letters.

Several minutes went by before her phone buzzed and she felt her heart sink when she looked at the response. “Daddy is very proud of you for using your diaper. You can change if you want to, but Daddy won’t be happy with you if you do.” Was what the text read.

She wanted to cry when she read his words. She desperately wanted to be free of her soiled diaper, but not at the risk of having her Daddy be unhappy with her. She worried that if he grew unhappy with her that he’d tell her not to come and then ignore her. Her pacifier moved rhythmically between her lips as she tried to calm herself before sending him another text. “I won’t change Daddy, I’m sorry.” She wrote.

“Good girl. Thank you for listening to Daddy.” Was the reply that she got a moment later.

With her mind at ease knowing that she’d avoided upsetting her Daddy, and a squishy mess underneath her butt she started the car again and pulled back onto the road. It only took a few moments for her to roll down all the windows in the car to allow fresh air to stream in and replace her stink. She savored the warm air as it whipped through the car and allowed her to forget about what she’d done earlier. It wasn’t until a car moved alongside her with kids in the back pointing and laughing at her that she realized she was still sucking her pacifier. She went to remove it but thought better of it and instead pulled it out to stick her tongue out at the kids before replacing the teat between her lips.

Several hours, twelve pictures, three bottles, and a pair of wettings later she found herself in the thick of bumper to bumper traffic. She rolled up her windows and turned up the air conditioning as the stationary car began to heat up rather quickly. She clicked the radio on and tried to get her mind off her situation with some music as she shifted in her seat to make herself more comfortable in her now swollen and smelly diaper. As she listened to the static filled music her mind began to wander and she was soon lost in her thoughts of meeting her Daddy and getting out of her uncomfortable diapers finally.

It wasn’t until the car behind her honked their horn that she realized the gridlock had lifted and she was holding things up by sitting there. She came back to reality and waved apologetically at the person behind her before taking off. She checked her phone and saw that she was only three hours away from her destination, and realized that she hadn’t complied with Daddy’s request that she eat lunch. As much as she didn’t want to stretch her trip any longer, she knew that if she got to Daddy with a cooler full of babyfood he’d know she hadn’t listened to him and might be unhappy with her. She pulled over for the second time that day and pulled her cooler onto the passenger seat to see what she wanted to eat.

She decided that she would have the banana babyfood and chase it with the plums. She ate her food as cars passed by and once she’d emptied both jars she took a picture of them as proof that she’d eaten and sent them off to Daddy for approval.

“Good girl! How close are you?” Daddy asked.

“Only about three hours to go.” She replied.

“See you soon, angel.” He answered.

Renee packed away the empty jars and got back on the road. She drove half of the rest of the way before she felt another cramp in her stomach. She shook her head in response and pressed the gas pedal a little harder. Her pacifier found its way back into her mouth as she struggled to hold on until she got to Daddy’s house, hopeful that he’d allow her to use the toilet when she arrived. She was at least happy that she’d managed to stop and get gas earlier so that she wouldn’t have to make another stop prior to reaching her destination.

Pulling off the freeway and into the residential part of the city she texted him to let her know how close she was. She found her leg shaking and sweat forming on her brow as she struggled to hold back what she was sure would be a very unpleasant act from occurring. She pulled onto the street Daddy lived on and passed a few houses before coming to the one with the right numbers on it. It wasn’t until she looked back at the house that she saw him coming out to greet her.

He gestured for her to park in the driveway and waited until she’d rolled up the windows and shut off the car before he went to the driver’s side door and opened it for her. “Hi baby.” He said with a smile as he stepped back to allow her to exit the car.

“Hi Daddy.” She said with a smile, thankful that her long ordeal was finally over. “Can I please-” she started to say as she got out of the car before the act of moving and her focus being taken off her internal struggle allowed for her body to take over and force her to loudly fill her diaper. She found it impossible to stop herself from semi-squatting in front of her Daddy and releasing her bowels.

The pair stood in silence as the unflattering sounds erupted beneath the surface of her diaper. She closed her eyes and waited for it to all be over and after what seemed like an eternity, it was. He gently took her chin in his hand and guided her to look up at him.

“Open your eyes baby.” He told her in a soothing voice.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw that he was smiling down at her. She stood up from her partial squat, feeling her now completely filled diaper sloshing with every movement she made. It all became too much for her and she broke down into sobs as she practically knocked him over when she hugged him tightly. “Oh Daddy.” She said between sobs.

He rubbed her back gently and hugged her to him, trying everything he could think of to console her. “It’s alright baby, Daddy’s here.” He told her. “C’mon, let’s get you inside.” He said as he broke their embrace and took her by the hand before leading her behind him into the house.

As the front door closed behind them Renee wiped her eyes and looked around at the room. She was surprised at how clean everything was, the hardwood floors looking like they’d just been mopped and everything being very neat and orderly. CD’s were aligned on a rack near the entertainment center, the coffee table was void of anything at all save for the television remote. Several vanilla scented candles sat on the windowsill burning and filling the room with a much more pleasing scent than the one she’d been dealing with for the majority of her trip.

“The bathroom is back this way.” He told her as he lead her by the hand once again to the back of the house. The hallway heading back to the bathroom was lined on either side with photos of family outings and Christmas’s past.

“Your house is very nice Daddy.” She told him as they came to the bathroom and she was ushered in.

“Thank you.” He said. “My parents left it to me when they passed away a few years ago.” He told her as he looked her up and down, clearly deciding on the best course of action with regard to cleaning her up.

He spread a towel out on the floor and removed her shoes and socks before helping her down onto it as gently as possible to avoid the dreaded “diaper blowout” that many parents know all too well. He left the room for a moment and returned with some scissors and a tub of baby wipes, and as he joined her on the floor and began carefully cutting the tape he’d had her secure the diapers with she closed her eyes and started sucking her thumb.

Without a word or even a hint of disgust he set to work cleaning the mess that his baby had made. He went through nearly a dozen wipes before he had her stand up and into the tub while her bagged up the diapers and the wipes. “Daddy’s going to take this out to the trash outside and grab your suitcase from the car.” He told her as she stood in the tub, naked from the waist down sucking her thumb. “Are you going to be alright for a minute?” he asked.

Renee nodded and smiled behind her thumb before watching him leave the room. She felt like she was light as a feather without the weight of her filled to the brim diapers hanging from her hips. She savored the cool air on her naked body as the dampness from the wipes dried up.

He returned a moment later and left her suitcase in the hall before coming back into the bathroom and helping her out of her shirt and bra before helping onto her butt and turning the tub on to fill it up. He reached across the tub and grabbed the bottle of bubble bath before filling the cap with the contents of the bottle and dumping the cap into the warm water.

Renee breathed in deep the scent of the bubble bath, it smelled like bubblegum and made her smile and wiggle her toes at the memory of using a similar product when she was a much younger girl. She removed her thumb from her mouth and let both her hands flow back and forth in the water.

“Do you like this baby?” he asked her.

She nodded. “Very much daddy.” She told him.

When the tub had finished filling he turned off the water and went to work washing her with a washcloth taking extra time to make sure that her diaper are was good and clean. She bit her bottom lip as he gently rubbed her crotch in a small circular motion, pressing herself into his fingers as sneakily as she could. He helped her to her feet and gently washed her behind, allowing the washcloth to enter her tiny hole, getting a gasp from her before a small moan escaped her.

Too soon for her liking, the bath was over and she was proclaimed clean. He unplugged the drain and helped her out of the tub before wrapping her up in a large towel and took her by the hand as he led her into the bedroom. He took a seat on the bed and dried her off as she stood in front of him once again sucking her thumb. When she was completely dry he stood up and guided her down onto the bed, laying her on her back before pulling out a canvas bag he had on the floor near the bed.

“Are you ready for a nice clean diaper?” he asked her.

She wiggled her bottom and batted her eyelashes at him as she pulled her thumb from her mouth. “I can think of something I’d like better.” She teased as she slowly slid her hand across her stomach and down to her vagina before she gently began to rub herself.

He grabbed her wrist and ripped her hand away from her crotch. “No, you’re not to touch yourself unless Daddy tells you it’s ok.” He snapped.

Renee was taken aback, she wasn’t sure why Daddy would yell at her or why he was suddenly so against her touching herself given their earlier interaction. “I don’t understand.” She said.

He rummaged in the bag for a moment before producing a diaper and some baby powder which he set down next to her before returning to the bag and bringing out a pacifier which he reached up and put into her mouth. “You don’t need to understand, you just need to do as your Daddy tells you.” He said in a firm and authoritative tone.

Her mind was filled with thoughts as he went to work diapering her and then it all became crystal clear to her, he was disgusted with her. She realized now that he wasn’t sexually attracted to her now that he had seen what she looked like in person. He just wanted to her to keep quiet and do as she was told regardless of what she wanted. She felt so stupid for believing that anyone would ever want a horrible fat blob like her. She pulled the pacifier from her mouth and sat up before shoving him out of her way as she stood up from the bed, only now aware that he’d actually gotten the diaper all the way on before she’d stopped him.

“Get back on the bed right this instant young lady.” He commanded before giving her a firm swat on her diapered bottom.

She turned and slapped him across the face. “Don’t tell me what to do you bastard!” she screamed at him.

He was stunned, unable to comprehend what he’d done to upset her. He was trying to prolong the pleasure between them by playing the stern Daddy card, but clearly she had misunderstood his intentions. “Look, whatever I said or did to upset you, I’m sorry.” He told her as he massaged his stinging cheek.

“So, the truth comes out finally, you think I’m just a dumpy fat girl and you don’t want to have sex with me.” She yelled as tears welled up in her eyes.

He shook his head. “I didn’t say that.” He told her. “Why would I think you’re fat?” he asked.

“Leave me alone you jerk!” she screamed before rushing out of the room and into the bathroom before slamming and locking the door behind her.

“Renee, I’m not really sure what’s going on, but you’re really starting to scare me.” He told her through the door. “Please just open the door so we can talk about this and calm things down.” He pleaded. “I love you Renee, and I want to make things right between us so that we can get back to making our relationship the best and strongest it can possibly be.” He said as he put his hand to the door to somehow channel his feelings through it to her.

“You’d like it if I killed myself, wouldn’t you!?” she screamed.

He panicked and started banging on the door. “No! Please don’t do anything to hurt yourself!” he begged as he began throwing his weight into the door to smash it open.

Renee grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her hand before smashing the mirror with it and picking up a large shard of mirror from the sink. “I’m not going to give you the satisfaction, you son of a bitch.” She thought to herself.

The door burst open and as her Daddy entered the room she lunged at him and drove the piece of glass into his throat as the two tumbled backward into the hallway, her on top of him in a blind rage and him beneath her gurgling as blood flowed freely from the fatal wound in his neck. She stabbed him for all the boys that never thought she was pretty enough, for all the taunts and jeers at the hands of the skinny girls, and most importantly she stabbed him for the sheer pleasure of finally doing to someone what she’d wanted to do in all of those past situations. She screamed wildly at him as he bled out on the floor, years of pent up frustration and angst, and misery finally breaking loose, and once she was sure he was gone she let go of the glass and got up.

“You can’t hurt me anymore.” She said not sure if she was speaking solely to him or to everyone that had made her feel fat and ugly, before she quietly walked out of the house.

When the police car pulled up behind her she was walking down the middle of the street naked save for her diaper and covered in blood. The officer in the passenger seat got out and popped the button on his holster, keeping his hand hovering above the weapon at his hip.

“Ma’am, please stop walking and turn around.” He commanded.

The officer in the squad car was radioing in that they’d found the woman they’d gotten calls about. “Repeat, we have a white female, approximately twenty-five years of age, she appears to be about five and a half feet tall and approximately a hundred and twenty pounds. She appears to have a cut on her right hand, but that doesn’t look to be the cause for all the blood on her.” He said.

Renee turned around and smiled at the officer outside the car. “What seems to be the trouble officer?” she asked.

“We’ve received several calls about a woman walking around naked and covered in blood.” The officer explained. “I have a blanket in the car that you can cover up with, but I need you to come with us.” He told her.

Renee nodded and followed the officer to the back of the police car where he gave her a blanket that she wrapped herself in before getting into the back of the car. “Thank you for the blanket, I didn’t even realize how cold it had gotten outside.” She said with a small shiver.

“Ma’am, can I ask why you’re walking down the middle of the road in a diaper and covered in blood?” the officer in the passenger seat asked as the car began to drive back to the station.

She smiled. “Well a very nice man, a man I thought would be a good Daddy to me, filled my head with lies and then said horrible things about my weight and told me I should kill myself for being such a fat, ugly slob.” She explained. “So I stabbed him in the throat with a piece of mirror to keep him from saying such awful things to anyone else.” She said matter of factly.

“Ma’am are you telling us that you killed a man tonight because he called you fat?” the driving officer asked.

Renee nodded. “I’d do it again too.” She said.

The officer behind the wheel leaned over to his partner. “This girl is skinny as a rail and a complete knockout, there’s no way somebody called her fat and ugly.” He whispered. “Unless he was blind.” He added.

As the police car continued on its course back to the station Renee sat in the back and wondered what would happen to her once the officer’s checked out her story and found out she was telling the truth. She wondered how long they’d put her in jail for, and how she would handle that, but most of all she wondered if her booking photo would make her look fat.

Re: Fools Rush In (Halloween Short Story)

I don’t know if it was just the “walking around nonchalantly while covered in blood” part, but I’m getting a bit of a Carrie vibe from this one. Also, the protagonist (or is she really more of an anti-hero?) and I share a surname. What an odd coincidence…right?

Regardless of all my nonsense, this was another wonderful story. You have my gratitude and admiration, Sir Knight.

Re: Fools Rush In (Halloween Short Story)

I definitely wouldn’t classify her as an anti-hero since she murdered a dude because of her crazy. :stuck_out_tongue: That aside, thank you for taking the time to read and comment to let me know you like my work, it’s much appreciated. <3