First pacifier!

I got my first pacifier! A friend got it for me as a birthday gift but since it came from America it was delayed and with covid they had no chance to give it to me once it did finally arrive but now I have it and its so cute and I love it!!! Its see through but has pink glitter in it so looks pink from a distance😄 what did your first pacifier look like? Do you like pacifiers?

Congrazzles, enjoy your paci! :partying_face:

The way you’re describing it, I think I have the same one pink glitter paci in my collection actually! Although I usually prefer the flat colors personally, I’m a simple baby like that :slight_smile: Congrats, what a fun birthday gift!

My feelings about pacifiers have always been way stronger for me than they are for diapers honestly. Even the written word ellicits more of a response for me. Petition for more pacifier content in stories! (jk, but there are a couple of stories where I’m eagerly anticipating pacifier usage)

hey I never got one

Awesome! :slight_smile: I love them! Honestly my first was a regular baby one from the pharmacy, just the largest size. That is what I normally get. I once had a cheap pink adult sized one from Rearz as part of a free give away, but it got old and sort of fell apart.

What kind did you get?

Enjoy the new pacifier I’m sure you will absolutely love it