First Evening of Summer

Heres the third part of my story :slight_smile:

Mel was the first to wake up, she could never sleep much during the day, but for some reason today she slept softly for a couple of hours. She checked her watch and it read three pm. It was getting late but she still had time to put her plan into action. She, as stealthily as she could got out bed, doing her best not to wake the slumbering Sarah. She was successful. She made her way to Sarah’s closet and began to rummage, she was finding it difficult to find what she was looking for and was beginning to sweat. She pulled open a box and was relieved that they were still there, she had found Sarah’s long lost goodnites, and luckily there was more then half left, it was bordering on three quarters full. She pulled one out and rummaged some more trying to find a suitable out fit for Sarah. It was still hot so she decided on a pair of pink shorts and a white tank top, but she also pulled out a black hoody for when it got cooler in the evening. She picked up the cloths that she had chosen and put a few goodnites into a nearby backpack.
Mel gently roused Sarah from her deep sleep and was greeted by a pearly white smile from her new girlfriend. Mel’s heart melted at the sight, she knew that if her plan worked that they both would be incredibly happy. She kissed Sarah lightly on the forehead and decided to proceed with her plan.
“Afternoon sleepy head” Mel whispered softly then kissed Sarah on the lips.
“Morning” yawned Sarah with a big smile,
“You better get up baby because I have big plans for the rest of the day” Mel instructed sweetly
“Oh ok, what time is it?” Sarah asked
“It’s half three, your such a snoozy head” cooed Mel
“Wow that’s late, so what have you planned?” asked Sarah
“Ok, now I know this sounds weird and all, but I want to try this, I think if it works it will bring us closer together. You know I want to take care of you, and well ok this is weird, but I sorta want to treat you like a toddler” Mel admitted. Sarah just stared at her, she wasn’t sure what Mel meant so she just asked “What do you mean?”
“Well I want to take care of you, like my plan for the day was I was going to take you shopping, but sorta threat you like a toddler, like hold your hand every where, feed you, you know threat you like a toddler.”
“Well that doesn’t sound so bad.” replied Sarah with a smile
“Yeah but I want you to wear a goodnite, and I was hoping to get you some real diapers when we were shopping” insisted Mel rather quickly, she was beginning to regret saying this, as she knew it could either make them or it would break them.
Sarah just sat there listening, she wasn’t sure how to take this. But she knew that she loved Mel and would do anything for her. She smiled sweetly and wrapped her arm around Mel. She wasn’t sure how to reply so she did the only thing she felt would be appropriate. As she was hugging Mel she let her bladder go and she wet herself. She didn’t have to go much so it only made a wet patch on Mel’s leg.
Mel just sat there and smiled as she felt her leg get damp, she couldn’t believe it, what a way to reply. She felt her worries melt away and she kissed Sarah passionately. When Mel pulled back Sarah just smiled sweetly at her.
“Uh oh I think I had a accident.” Sarah informed Mel with a giggle.
“Oh baby its ok, but we better get you in your training pants.” Mel advised maternally, pushing Sarah gently back onto the bed. Mel picked up one of the goodnites and quickly slid it upto Sarah’s knee.
“Ok baby stand up for me” instructed Mel.
Sarah complied eagerly and stood up. Mel then pulled the pull up the rest of the way to Sarah’s crotch. Mel looked at the pull up cling tightly to Sarah’s hips, the sight was such an incredible turn on for her. The pretty ballerina’s and pink love hearts on Sarah’s crotch made her look so innocent and cute, Mel just wanted to straddle her right there. She resisted the urge and got Sarah to turn around so she could check out her bottom. The pull up made Sarah’s bum look so sensual to Mel, she just wanted to knead the girls rear end. Sarah’s pull up was making Mel so hot. Mel smiled to herself and eagerly anticipated the days events.
Sarah on the other hand felt very conflicted. She remembered her pull-ups with some disdain. She hated that she had to wear them for so long, the embarrassment of being a filthy bed wetter had almost demented the poor girl, the feeling of absolute helplessness and not being in control was unbearable for Sarah. Those feelings were flooding back to her, and she was already regretting her decision. That was untill she looked at Mel. The sight of Mel looking so happy, so content yet with just the subtlest hints of lust was all Sarah needed to convince her she was doing the right thing. She looked down at Mel and kissed her passionately.
After they broke the kiss Mel started to get Sarah dressed. She put the tight shorts on Sarah and was disappointed to see that even despite the tightness of the shorts, the goodnights were well hidden. Mel sighed, half the naughtiness was having Sarah obviously diapered. She pouted for a brief second then resolved to get Sarah the thickest nappy she could find when they went to the mall.
Sarah was slightly alarmed by the choice of clothes mel had chosen, but felt it was worth it to make her best friend happy. Mel soon had Sarah dressed and ready for the day.
“So Sarah I was thinking of a few rules for today” Mel coyly stated.
“Ohh yeah, well what were you thinking?” Sarah asked with a hint of intriguement.
“Well first off, you cant touch your pull up, you have to ask me to go potty and to pull down you pants when in the toilet.”
“Emm ok, sure I can do that.” Replied Sarah
“And I will be wiping your bottom too”
Sara just nodded her understanding with a giggle.
“And would you call me Mummy?” Asked Mel embarrassedly.
“Mummy? I like the sound of that, kinda of kinky” Giggled Sarah.
“Yeah I’m your sugar Mummy” with that both girls started to laugh.
Sarah kissed Mel again, gently probing her exquisite mouth. Mel reciprocated whilst squeezing Sarah’s padded behind. The feeling of Sarah’s bottom was everything Mel had been looking for. This felt so right to her. Grudgingly she pulled away from Sarah, they had to get going if they wanted to make the most of the mall. Sarah seemed slightly hurt that Mel had pulled away.
“Don’t worry kiddo, I just want to get to the mall so I can buy you a birthday present.” smiled Mel as she swatted Sarah on the behind. Sarah normally didn’t like to be spanked, but the added protection of the goodnite made the experience very enjoyable to her. She smiled as Mel’s hand caressed her bum.
“Ok Mummy”
Mel took Sarah’s hand and picked up her back pack that was doubling as a nappy bag with the other and lead Sarah to her car. They got to the car and Mel buckled Sarah into the passenger seat. Having Mel take care of her felt awesome to Sarah, it felt so natural and right. She simply smiled to Mel as she her belt buckle was fastened and she received a kiss on the forehead. Mel was so happy with her new toddler. This was shaping to be the best day of her young life. She hopped into the driver seat and they were off on their journey to the mall.
“So should I talk like a baby?” Asked Sarah innocently.
“Emm no, I think talking like normal would be better, I would like to have some intelligible conversation today.” Teased Mel. “Just remember to call me mummy though”
“Yes Mummy” Replied Sarah sweetly. “Hey wait this isn’t the way to Northbrook mall”
“Yeah I’m taking you to four pines instead” Mel informed “I know its farther away but less chance of having someone see you in your potty pants”
Sarah blushed at having her pull ups revered to as her potty pants. Mel was too concerned with driving to notice. Sarah put on a cd, some local band that they had seen a few days ago at a local bar. She wanted to talk to Mel but knew that there was little point as Mel would be too focused on driving to be good company. So listening to music was a nice alternative. Soon though Sarah had to go pee. She started to hold her crotch to try and ease the pressure.
“Mummy, I have to use the potty” Informed Sarah bashfully. “Really bad”
“Just use you pants little one” Mel grinned wickedly.
Sarah smiled to herself, being given permission to piss herself felt very empowering to the young girl. Although she tried to pee, but nothing happened. She fidgeted on her seat for a bit to try and get into a more comfortable peeing position. It seemed like a wasted effort, her body was so conditioned to not wet herself, she was a bit surprised as she had found it so easy to wet herself earlier for Mel. Then she realized she was slightly elevated when she was on Mel’s knee, so she sat up slightly. Her bladder released instantly, flooding her pull up. It felt so strange at first, the warmness spreading around her crotch. Then it felt amazing, the filthiness of it all was so over whelming to Sarah. She started to touch the crotch of her pull up, it felt wonderfull, so warm and squishy. She started to rub her wet crotch through her padding, it felt so sensual to her. She was incredibly turned on by this. Sarah moved her hand into her pull up and started to finger herself, she couldn’t control her urge. She wanted to show her Mummy what she could do. She started to moan slightly at first, when her fingers stroked her wet pussy. Then as she penetrated her intimate area her moaning increased.
Mel looked over at her rithing companion and smiled. Sarah was really taking to her new role and Mel was very excited to see where this went. Sarah started to finger herself deeper and more vigorously, her moans deepened. Mel smiled, they were almost at the mall, this meant that Sarah would no likely be able to finish herself, leaving Mel to take care of her. This thought thrilled Mel.
Once they reached the mall, Mel parked in the first available spot. Sarah was brought back to reality by the sudden jerk as the car stopped. Mel looked over at Sarah, and without a word but with a smile, she took Sarah’s hand out of her pull up and kissed her. Mel pulled back and could see the look of frustration in Sarah’s eyes, Mel just winked in response and unbuckled herself, getting out of the car. She went around and opened Sarah’s door and let her out.
Mel inspected Sarah’s saturated, bulging pull up and it was clearly vosable through her shorts. Mel became incredibly horny at this revelation and took Sarah’s hand, eagerly leading her to the mall.

Re: First Evening of Summer

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