Fingers Crossed

Hey Everyone,

So I know I haven’t been around much in the last two years. Life took an unexpected turn, as it sometimes does when you think you’re starting to get the hang of it. What once had been a minor annoyance has became so severe that I ended up having to quit my job and go on disability. Tics have made motor control and speech become a bit challenging. So the last year or so has become “try this medication” “now this one” “now both at the same time” “now these three morning, evening, and night” etc. etc.

Makes prescription pill angel on floor

Anyway, those out there with health problems know how it is. Drugs. Side-effects. Drug induced stupor. Not the greatest recipe for creativity.

I’m currently waiting on a phone call. One more hour. I’m hoping my Dr. has some good news for me. I’ve been trying to get on a list for a brain surgery used to treat Parkinson’s. It’s still considered “experimental” for Tourette’s, so my neurologist has had to present my case to the medical board. I’m hoping he got the green light so we can proceed to the next step.

On a more lighthearted note, I recently went to a disability fair to help out with the Tourette Association booth. In a church. A Catholic Church. With crucifixes everywhere.

(I am one of the 10% of people with tourette’s that has what’s called corprolalia. That would be the shouting of vulgarities. Even though that’s what tourette’s is most known for, it’s actually quite rare. I’m just a walking stereotype. Everything you see and hear is constantly being processed at a subconscious level, and your brain is sorting everything into two categories. Things You Can Say, and Things You Cannot Say. When you have corprolalia, the brain is misfiring into the Things You Cannot Say category.)

When mass let out and the crowd came in, my tics went flying. Lot’s of “Hail satan’s” and “For the dark lord!” A few, “I go to mass for ass!” and… sigh “I like diapers!” and “fuck me, daddy!” Then a boy scout troop walked in. “Let me touch your ass!” “Boy scouts make me horny!” and I let one know where he could stick that rosary. Once I finished sexually harassing the Boy Scouts of America, they finally calmed down a bit, but not before flipping the town mayor off. face palm

So that’s been my adventure… Hope you all are doing well.

Well at least you gave the parishioners of that church a chance to practice their Radical Welcoming, and Non judgemental attitudes, they probably needed it :P. All joking aside all I can say is that sucks, I know how you feel, not with the Tourettes but the medical stuff i get

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Hope you got some good news from your doctor and that things get better for you, Sasha. Dealing with all that and medication roulette sucks.

It got approved!


Awesome! I hope it goes well and you heal fast and it helps improve your condition.