Felicity and the Creature in the Darkroom.

By: CS Fox

(Inspired by Mr. Rifle and his Longtastic work)

(Surprisingly complete. Wrote it just because I was in the mood to write some diaper smut. Contains no sex, but does have non-consensual breast feeding, a girl masturbating and diaper use. I apologize before hand for any grammar and spelling mistakes, I usually don’t write stories in one sitting).

This girl was a bit weird. Madison and I wandered just how she’d found us. I didn’t think anyone else knew how to pick the lock into the gym announcing booth.

“Umm… Kaitlyn was it?”

She nodded in a ditzy gothic sort of way. “Kat for short if ya like; you’re in my history class.”

That’s right, I knew I’d seen her somewhere… “I’m sure you’re club or whatever is really cool, but we’re fine up here.”

Madison stubbed out her cigarette. I knew what she wanted to say. We were far too popular in our own little hot click to be anywhere near the underworld goths or whatever they were. She remained civil though, “We’re good, our after school activity is fine as is. Right Felicity?”

I smiled and nodded cooly.

“But what is it you girls do in here? It looks to me like ya just sit around and smoke.”

Madison lit another cigarette. “Exactly,” she grinned. She took a long drag and exhaled it trying to look cool. Taking the moment to appraise the gothic chick a little better, she raised an eyebrow as she noticed that the girl had something kind of odd around her neck. She had a choker with little spikes on it, which I guess isn’t that weird for goths, but below that she had a little lanyard with a purple pacifier on it.

Kat could feel the stare Madison was giving her and looked down at her small chest to figure out what it was that was so interesting and smiled seeing the purple object. She held it out with her hand “ma binki,” she laughed.

“Right…” Madison rolled her eyes.

I took a cigarette from Madison’s pack and lit it up. “Well, if you don’t mind we’re busy so we’ll see you in algebra or whatever.”

“It’s history, we have history together… and its kind of unfair, I didn’t get to tell ya what I was inviting you too.”

“Don’t much care,” Madison said waving her off.

Kat frowned, “but our friend got four handles and a bunch of wine coolers.” She turned and opened the floor panel to climb out of the announcer box.

Madison and I looked at each other. We had a silent conversation with our meticulously cared for eyebrows. ‘Shall we?’ ‘I like wine coolers, hard to get lately.’ ‘I know, that college guy doesn’t hang around any more.’ ‘His girlfriend found out you were screwing him. She’s got him on a short leash’ ‘Shall we go and just take the booze?’ ‘Sure, but after I finish this cig.’ (Yes, girl’s can say this much without actually talking if they’ve been friends since first grade).

I looked over, Kaitlyn was doing her best to adjust her pleated black and red skirt so that she wouldn’t climb down the ladder with her panties on display to the basketball team.

“Hold up Kat, we’ll follow you out.”


Madison rolled her eyes. ‘Better be a lot of wine coolers.’

The gothic click liked to hang out in the photo room. A few of them had talked to us before, we had personalities as dark as some of them did; although we really didn’t match up. Madison and I were never afraid to try a few things they weren’t, not to mention our pack a day habit (tricky to hide in HS) and our easy going ways with the guys. Plus we cared too much about our image to wear anything other then high fashion.

We followed behind the bubbly goth through the art wing and over to the photo room. Kaitlyn was cute I suppose, if you liked the punkish sort of girl with a slim and flat chested figure. She didn’t hold a flame to Madison or I.

Kaitlyn held the door for us. The photo room was empty, but we could hear music from the dark room though the rotating door.

“Shall we Felicity?” Madison asked as she walked over to the dark room door. I shrugged and in she went. I waited for the door to circle around. It’s designed to allow you to walk in, but keep the light out as you do. When the opening came into view, I stepped in and followed my friend.

The dark room is lit only by amber bulbs, which give everything the appearance of being black and white… and something was very wrong. The music playing was some trance crap, but over the music, I could hear Madison’s struggling.

A creature had her arms held firmly behind her back. I recoiled against the door, the thing was like a dog, but human in shape with dark fur and wicked long hair. It was thin and lithe, almost Egyptian.

“Felicity, help!” Madison cried, but the creature behind her managed to stuff a pacifier just like the one Kat had into her mouth. With a muffled cry of frustration Madison was dragged into an open panel in the dark room wall.

I quickly turned around to the dark room door, but found it cycling open with Kaitlyn inside. “Surprise!” she said with the pacifier and lanyard off her neck. She stuck it in my mouth and pushed me backward.

I stumbled off balance a moment, but with surprising grace, the goth chick swung around me and had me in nearly the same lock Madison had been in. I struggled, trying to break free of her grasp, but found my body was getting really heavy.

“Don’t worry, night mama will take good care of you,” Kaitlyn giggled as she pushed me from behind toward the open panel.

The new room was lit as dimly as the last, and in the amber light I could see two rows of cribs; nearly all of them full. The creature and Madison were in the back of the room where there were a few bits of furniture and an open space.

Madison was standing a bit unsteadily, sucking on the pacifier while the creature undressed her. My mind was running around in panic, wondering how Madison could just stand there. Even as my mind raced to comprehend, it dawned that I was sucking on a pacifier as well, and I wasn’t doing a thing to get away from the girl who was pushing me toward the back of the room.

“Hi mama,” Kaitlyn said in a cheerful tone as she brought me to stand next to Madison. I could feel her arms reach around me to undo my jean skirt.

The creature was female, it had tits and was clad in a form fitting mix of black clothing over dark fur. It was definitely some type of dog, kind of like Anubis or something… it felt… warm. I don’t know how, but even a few feet away, I could feel that it had warmth coming off it.

Madison was naked now, I was down to my underwear. The creature led her to some table on the back wall and laid her down. To my dismay, neither of us had been able to muster any resistance, and I was beginning to pray we weren’t about to get raped or abused. I caught Madison’s eyes as she was being laid down and we were able to at least connect that our minds held intact through a simple raise of the eyebrow in a few quick motions. ‘You too?’ ‘Can’t move.’ ‘HELP’

“Remember how Tracey and Mandy didn’t show up to class today?” Kaitlyn giggled. I didn’t reply as she unhooked my bra. “They’re in the cribs over there… sleeping like little angels,” she smiled and took a moment to look at two cribs where I assume the other girls where. She turned back and put her thumbs in the sides of my panties “Angelina, Ruth, Jessica, and now Felicity and Madison,” she smiled, removing the last of my clothing. “You’ll be night mama’s babies!”

The trance music was off and the creature was humming a soft tune to Madison as she began to get a few things out from under the table. Kaitlyn pushed me up next to her, either because she wanted me to watch, or because I was next. I sucked on the paci a little harder, it was about the only thing I could do.

The creature took out some cartoonishly large baby stuff. Madison’s butt was raised, a big white disposable diaper was put under it and lotion was spread over her privates. Embarrassingly both Madison and I kept ourselves umm… bare… it was for the guys. Following the lotion, an ample amount of what I could smell to be baby powder was sprinkled.

The diaper was pulled up and the creature fastened two tapes. The diaper was so large it pushed Madison’s legs out a bit, and she was stood up awkwardly next to the table. Kaitlyn was handed a bundle of cloth and a furry paw took my shoulder and led me down on the table next. I tried to ‘talk’ with Madison again, but only managed a worried look before I was staring at the ceiling.

“Oh you’ll be such a cute baby,” I could hear Kaitlyn say to Madison.

The creature was still humming. It was a soft nonsensical tune, but it was pleasant all the same and there was that warmth, that glowing touch that made me feel pleasant just to be around it. I could feel my legs raised and my butt was brought down on something soft and fluffy. I already knew what it was.

Lotion was rubbed in over my privates, powder sprinkled down, and the diaper brought up and snugly taped on. It felt like wearing a pillow. The paw lifted me by the shoulders and I was stood up to see Kaitlyn bending down help Madison with her new clothes. She was now dressed in a t-shirt that went all the way down past her ample diaper and Kaitlyn was snapping the ends of it together.

The creature got one out just like it for me. I could feel my arms being held out, but I’m not sure by what. I enjoyed the warmth of the creature, but detested the outfit and underwear.

“They’re nearly done huh mama?” Kaitlyn laughed. “They just need to be fed and put to bed.”

Felicity and the Creature in the Darkroom.

The creature nodded and crossed its legs, taking a seat and pulling on Madison’s hand to join her. Kaitlyn took a seat and did the same with me.

“This is the best part!” she said giving me a friendly pat on the back. She smiled seeing the anger in my eyes, even if my face didn’t show it. “Here, lemme get that,” she said, and pulled out the pacifier from my mouth. “You’ll be next.”

“noooooo….” I managed to say in a slow sort of whine. My body felt so heavy, I could feel the creature’s warmth was about the only thing keeping me going.

A gentle paw had guided Madison’s shoulder, till her head was resting in the creature’s arm. She was pulling at her black garment until she had exposed her furry breasts, nudging them toward Madison. I could see the panic in Madison’s eyes, but she couldn’t do anything. The pacifier was pulled from her mouth and Kaitlyn took it with a smile, putting it in a pocket.

Madison moaned, and I tried to offer some comforting words, finding I could move my arms some now, but only slowly, and only far enough to rest them on Madison’s thigh. With a slight push, the creature’s breast was into Madison’s mouth, and she began to nurse on it.

Kaitlyn nudged me as she watched the creature breast feed Madison. “This is it… With all the girls before, they start to feed… and then… they’ll have their first accident and that’ll be it. After that they’re as good as babies. It’s like their adulthood ends up in that diaper.”

WHAT? I gave Madison’s thigh a squeeze and tried to sit up to help her out of the creature’s arms, but Kaitlyn just laughed and pulled me back by my sleeve.

“Silly baby,” she giggled.

I was forced to sit and watch as my best friend helplessly fed. She was looking pretty drowsy, and I could see her eyes half shutting. Kaitlyn on the other hand was starting to go to town. She had her hand under her skirt and was beginning to toy around while watching the other two.

I felt helpless, I could barely move on my own. Doom lingered over… while while… while this sick goth rubbed herself? I looked down at the floor, losing hope; but I noticed something. The lanyard with the purple pacifier that I’d had in my mouth was at my knees. I reached down and picked it up in my slow state. Kaitlyn half had her eyes closed as she mumbled things to herself with her hand under her skirt.

With all the speed of the noble sloth, I moved my hand with the pacifier towards Kaitlyn’s mouth. Just as she began to gasp and jerk a little, I pushed the pacifier in. Her eyes immediately opened. A little drool rolled down her chin, but I pushed a little more to make sure the pacifier was all the way in. Her eyes were darting around and looking at me in stunned anger. I tried to smile.

I leaned into her and nearly fell over as her body gently gave way and laid back on the floor. I thought about running, but the creature’s eyes were on me. It sat, silently feeding Madison, and watched me in curious fascination.

I turned left and right, wondering what to do, and seeing the supplies under the changing table, I got a wicked idea. I flipped up Kaitlyn’s skirt, and to my surprise, she was sans-panties and bare as me. With a crinkle and awkward crawl, I moved the two or three feet and got out a big fluffy diaper; slowly coming back and placing it next to Kaitlyn.

She hadn’t moved an inch. She sucked gently on the pacifier, but otherwise laid flat on the ground. I laughed inside, and with all of my strength, I lifted her legs and slid the diaper underneath her. It was frustrating because of how slow I was moving and how limited in movement I felt. A part of me worried the creature would lash out at me, and another part worried about Madison… but the mean streak in me told me I needed to get Kaitlyn.

I lifted the front up and taped it in place. “Goootthhhicc…… baaaabbbyy…” I managed to say as venomously as I could. It sounded more like wind in trees, but I felt better about it. I looked up at the creature which was still staring at me.

Madison was sleeping softly in its arms, still nursing. By now she’d been nursing a few minutes. I tried to crawl toward her, but the creature gave me one shake of the head no and I stopped.

I sat on my haunches, nervously watching, wondering if what Kaitlyn had said would be true. I didn’t have to wait long. Madison stopped nursing in her sleep and the creature gently sat her up, leaning her into her shoulder.

The creature gave Madison a few firm pats on the back, doing a circular rub once or twice, and then patting again. Madison moaned in her sleep, and let out a soft belch. The creature stopped patting and… I could see it smile. It moved its paw down Madison’s back till it was under her thickly padded rear, and gave it a few pats. There was another soft sound, and then the diaper began to bulge out a bit as Madison began to mess herself.

“Nooo…” I said as the creature stood up, sweeping and arm under Madison’s legs and carrying her over to an open crib. My instincts told me that Kaitlyn hadn’t been lying earlier.

The creature came back to us, sitting down between Kaitlyn and I.

“Please….” I managed to say a little more clearly, “don’t….”

The creature just smiled. It reached down and took Kaitlyn by the shoulder, sitting her up and removing the pacifier from her mouth. Her face slowly contorted in anger at mine, but there was satisfaction there too, as if she knew that I was about to get mine and it didn’t matter.

“Ha….” she slurred.

I felt the warmth of a paw on my shoulder, and my body was leaned toward the creature’s. I whimpered softly, but it was only a moment before I could feel warm fur brushing my cheek and something poking toward my mouth. I tried to fight it, I really did… but as a nipple dragged once across my lips, I took it into my mouth and with one suck, a warm heavy milk went down my throat.

“Nooo… nooooo……” I heard someone moan. I felt hair brushing my own as someone else was leaned down. I smiled inside as I felt Kaitlyn’s presence behind me… I could see her out of the corner of my eye as she was pushed onto the creature’s other breast.

It was a weird feeling. I had an idea what was coming, but a part of me didn’t care. The milk was sweet and heavenly, I was soo comfortable, the creature so warm… I think we nursed for a half hour, I’m not even sure… fading in and out of consciousness I just kept on swallowing and nursing from it.

Both of us were sat up. Kaitlyn was looking very lethargic, but had something in her eyes that let me know she wasn’t happy with me. I laughed inside, her gothy little skirt was riding up because of how thick the diaper I’d managed to dress her in was.

The creature leaned Kaitlyn into her shoulder. There was a sorrowful moan as it began to rub and pat Kaitlyn’s back. Just as Madison had done, Kaitlyn let out a soft belch. She had been fidgeting a bit before, but wasn’t as much any more. The creature slid her paw down Kaitlyn’s back and under the seat of her diaper, giving it a few pats. There was another sorrowful moan from Kaitlyn, but it tapered off as her diaper began to crinkle and expand. The creature smiled and brought Kaitlyn off her shoulder.

I could see her face now, Kaitlyn had a vacant smile on with a line of drool and milk slowly coming out of the corner of her mouth. The creature wiped it away, and smiled, taking me by the shoulder now. My mind screamed, but my body welcomed the warmth and the closeness with the creature.

I could feel her paw on my back. It was warm and did a few circles before giving me a firm pat. With each pat I felt a bubble in my stomach. After about the third pat, the bubble suddenly traveled up and I belched involuntarily. It was a very weird feeling, and at the same time the belch moved up, I felt something move down. Like two trains had suddenly left the station in opposite directions.

I felt more of the warmth in the creature then before. Her paw slowly dragged down my back, cupping under my seat. There was a pat… two… and I felt a sudden warm rush in my diaper, a pleasant empty feeling in my backside, and a warm glow that just seemed to expand and expand… Something in my head registered that I was pooping, but something else registered that it was closing time; lets take a permanent vacation… she was so warm.

Felicity and the Creature in the Darkroom.

now im not normaly a furry but i would definately like to see more of this story. good work mr fox

Felicity and the Creature in the Darkroom.

Yes. This story kicks BOTH forms of ass. I can only hope your little "fosters home for Imaginary friends ends along these lines. At least with Franky horribly regressed…

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Felicity and the Creature in the Darkroom.

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Felicity and the Creature in the Darkroom.

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Felicity and the Creature in the Darkroom.

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Felicity and the Creature in the Darkroom.

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