Favorite Horror/Halloween movies?

Welp, pretty much that time of the season in the next to weeks, so been binge’ing on various staple movies in my down time.

Been making me think about which ones are really my favorites and why.

Have always loved Carpenters “The Thing”, it has really stood the test of time as far as the practical special effects goes, and the the general pacing of it still holds up real well. Plus that scene with the dogs, when The Things first reveals itself, still unnerving as all get out for me at least.

Hellrasier is another one that I could watch over and over again. Just something about that puzzle box (most of the sequels after 2 are absolute garbage IMO, would honestly love to see a proper reintroduction of the source materials).

On the lighter side of things, theres always “Hocus Pocus”, always makes me laugh, and theres always a subtler humor that I have always missed in previous viewings.

Honorable mentions to “The Audition” and “Ichi the Killer”, because what the fuck Japan. How do you go from the transistor to this?!?!?

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The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre stands alone in the slasher genre, IMO. It was more terrifying BECAUSE they didn’t show you everything.

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I’m not a big horror movie buff, which is kinda weird since I like to read a good horror story. I tend to go for werewolves and vampires, but I’m picky about it. (I think American Werewolf in London has one of the best wolf transformation scenes) Wolf (from 90’s with jack nicholson) is probably one of my favorite werewolf movies.

As for Halloween movies- Rocky Horror Picture Show. ;D My Halloween isn’t complete unless I’ve seen it. xD I also like Hocus Pocus, Young Frankenstein, Arsenic and Old Lace, Dracula Dead and Loving It, Interview With the Vampire.

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Young Frankenstein? Hell yeah.

I do kinda like Cabin in the Woods, it was an interesting take on the usual clichés.

Dead Set was another one that was aware of what it was. Written by the guy who does Black Mirror, which, if you haven’t seen, is amazing.

On the topic of psychological thriller/horror, which would classify the Black Mirror series… I absolutely have to recommend The Invitation. It’s easily one of my new favorite movies. Don’t ask questions, just watch it; it’s on Netflix.

Lastly, I Saw the Devil has got to be one of the nastiest movies. Them Koreans don’t slouch on horrible things.

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Cabin in the Woods was great but I didn’t find it to be a horror film, personally.

I’m a bit behind on movies; there are a few I want to see but I’ve never gotten around to it. I think the most recent film I’ve seen besides Fury Road and The Force Awakens was the third Hobbit movie. Before that I think the last new film I’ve seen was in 2012 (I haven’t even seen The Avengers or any Marvel film after it).

Any recommendations for new horror films? So far I’m planning on seeing The Babadook and The Conjuring.

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Ahh yes, Cabin in the Woods was actually great, it rips apart all the genre trops and then flips them on their heads. Plus when you see that the “stoner” character is using a coffee cup bong in the first 10 minutes of the film, you know there is some creativity going on. Also, that elevator scene and the the video of the Japanese site get me every time.

Looking back over this I didn’t include a lot of movies because it was late so here are a few more (some are cross genre [ex scifi/horror]).

Army of Darkness, this was a pretty big staple rental for me as a child, good practical effects and slap stick humor. I still remember the first time I saw Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 back to back on the scifi channel, defiantly not movies for children as I had trouble sleeping for a month because of the scenes with the possessed girl locked in the basement.

Critters is another good one that I can watch over and over again, mainly because of the inclusion of slap stick humor. Fun fact, Leonardo DeCaprio stars as supporting role in the 3rd film (its awful, made in that cheesy period where every horror movie all the sudden was set in New York City).

Dark City is another one that is worth taking the time to enjoy, Keifer Sutherland’s supporting role is absolutely amazing and he nails it to a T, never mind going into the actual subject matter of the film. Really don’t want to say a whole lot about it, other than if you haven’t seen it, see it.

Given the resurgence of Ed Harris’s popularity with the new series “WestWorld”, I have to include one of what I would consider a hidden gem. The movie is called “Screamers”, Ed Harris plays a grizzled space marine Sgt. commanding a garrison on a distant planet that has been ravaged by nuclear war over resources I believe. The pacing is a tad off at some places and the last 20 minutes drag out a little long, but its worth the watch.

Rob Zombies Halloween remakes were very well done as well, as good if not better than the original. Also, while House of a Thousand Corpses was a bit too much and grossly over the top at most of its points, “Devils Rejects” is incredibly well done and is all around a fairly solid film.

As far as everyone ref. “Young Frankenstein”, I have to this say, “I believe the name was ‘Abby Normal’”.