Okay I shouldn’t have watched 101 Dalamatians. Now I can’t get it out of my head. I have wrote two fanfiction stories about the movie and posted them on

Anyone else have an account there?

I have the same name there as I do here.

The stories I have enjoyed reading there was Benny & Joon fanfic. One of them was a parody and it made me laugh so hard I couldn’t speak or breath. But then the author deleted it and re wrote it but only did two chapters. Another parody I’ve read there was Edward Forkfingers, parody of Edward Scissorshands. Sadly I never finished reading the story and couldn’t find it again. It might have gotten deleted. But I loved the B&J spoof when Edward did the dance with the potatoes and one of them flies off the fork and hits the Winona Ryder character in the nose and breaks it.
I also read an Arthur parody and Mr. Ratburn was diagnosed with TS and he does lot of profanity, then he dies from one of his tics and Arthur thought it was all over but no it wasn’t because his little sister gets diagnosed with it and she also curse and swears and does nasty name calling. It was as if the condition was contagious but it was just a funny coincidence.

Now I am reading I’d Rather be Special. A High School Musical fanfic.

I read several Harry Potter VII versions whilst the interminable wait continued…

I go to some Star Trek fan fic sites, because I like some of the stories done by the fans as most times the fans know the shows better than producers and whatnot.

I do read some Trek fan stuff.


I’m such a hypocrite that I think nothing is wrong with mine, but I think that you guys just aren’t cool. I’m sorry. lol.