[Fanfic] K-ON! Diaper Days

[i]This is the continuation of the two stories recently posted by me in the completed section. To understand this work, please read them here https://abdlstoryforum.info/forums/index.php/topic,6977.0.html and here https://abdlstoryforum.info/forums/index.php/topic,6978.0.html. Those two works are based off an ABDL doujin (a Japanese amateur comic that reads right to left) that can be read here https://hitomi.la/galleries/521583.html.

This first chapter is a few months old. If I were to write it now, it would likely be different, especially due to a very recent change in my style regarding showing instead of telling that I’m still working in enforcing universally. That said, it wouldn’t be very fair of me to post it and then say “this is old so you can’t critique it because it’s no longer applicable to my style,” so go ahead and critique whatever you think needs critiquing, even if it’s something that’s already been addressed.[/i]


K-ON! Diaper Days

Chapter One: Rejected?

Why does the teacher of the last class have to be so hypnotic?

This thought ran on endless repeat in Azusa Nakano’s head. She normally considered herself to be very studious. Usually, she had no trouble concentrating in class. But when certain thoughts weighed heavily on her mind, she found that, out of all the teachers to put in the last class period of the day, this guy, an remarkably standard Japanese man likely in his late thirties, was just about the worst choice. Or the best, if his goal was to put half the class or more to sleep by the bell.

He was a history teacher, which already meant that he was teaching a subject that could easily get boring if handled wrong. But the biggest problems were not usually related to the subject material. They were instead related to his speech mannerisms and his style of teaching.

His teaching style was downright terrible for a history class, at least in terms of keeping the students at all involved. He just did nothing but lecturing or showing boring video clips he found online. He hadn’t done a group project all semester, which meant he didn’t even really allow the students to entertain each other when he utterly failed. Granted, classes weren’t supposed to be fun, but it was almost as if he strived to make the period especially boring…

As if those weren’t bad enough on their own, there was the not so small matter of his voice and speech patterns. His vocal range never seemed to break out of a low, dull monotone, and his accent only seemed to exaggerate his drowsiness-inducing aura. His body language while lecturing suggested that he really couldn’t care less whether he taught it well enough or not.

Class would be over in a few minutes, but even the notion that she’d soon be heading to the light music club wasn’t energizing enough to save the twin-tailed girl from feeling sleepy. Earlier in the period, she’d kept herself awake, though not necessarily focused, by texting back and forth with Ui, who herself had been fairly bored.

But about halfway through a short but unbelievably dull video clip that the teacher put on the projector, Ui got a text from someone else. Whoever it was must have wanted her to leave class for something, because a few seconds later, as the video started to near a conclusion, she got up and asked the teacher if she could use the restroom. He allowed her, but told her that since class was over halfway over, she may as well just pack up and leave class early. Seriously, what kind of terrible teacher was he? He didn’t even care if his students stayed in the classroom or not!

So after she packed up and left, as he told her to, Azusa was out her primary method of keeping herself reasonably awake without delving into the confines of her own mind. Which, as of late, was not a very habitable place for her to stay in for very long. She put up a valiant effort to at least try to pay attention to the teacher once the clip ended and he resumed lecturing, but ultimately, it failed utterly. Instead of listening to him or getting lost in her usual, somewhat self-detrimental thought pattern, she opted for the hopefully safe route of wondering what was going on with Ui.

This wasn’t the first time she received a text and then suddenly asked to use the restroom – far from it, actually, since it seemed to have become a daily occurrence. Every day, this happened at least once – usually right before lunch on most days. But twice a week, always on the same two days, it happened twice a day instead: once towards the end of third period, and once near the end of the school day. This happened to be one of those days.

Initially, Azusa worried that her friend was getting mixed up in some bad crowd somehow. But if that were the case, wouldn’t she change more? Whether that meant becoming meaner because she was with them of her own will, or becoming more anxious because she was being forced into it, she should have changed more if she were getting into a bad group of people. But really, the only differences the twin-tailed girl noticed in her friend between when this pattern started and now were that she got lost in thought easier and she tended to sigh more often.

Those two details painted an entirely different picture, to say the least. They kind of made it look like she had fallen for whomever she was meeting. But then, would Ui really be the type to fall for someone and not say anything about it to her friends? Azusa didn’t really think so, unless the person she fell for was her big sister, Yui-senpai. In which case, well, she wouldn’t blame her for keeping quiet about it.

But to further complicate things, there had been no change whatsoever in the second year Hirasawa’s behavior around her sister since this started happening, which leaned towards ruling that possibility out. Or at least, it made it a hell of a lot less likely to actually be the case.

She wouldn’t admit it aloud, but the rhythm guitarist was relieved to be able to more or less cross that option off the list. After all, she’d already confided in Ui several months prior about her… more than friendly feelings for the fellow second year’s older sister. Which were getting harder and harder to just deal with quietly like she normally did, even though she knew not much would come of confessing.

I mean, they graduate at the end of next week. If I don’t say something now, I might never get the chance again.

She knew full well that Yui-senpai’s constant fawning over her didn’t have any deeper meaning. She knew that if she confessed, the most she could hope for was to be turned down gently. But at the same time, letting her feelings just go forever unnoticed by the object of her affections… it seemed even more scarily lonely than the possibility of them drifting apart because she took a chance and confessed.

So Azusa came to the conclusion that she wanted to confess to her before the end of the school year. Well, that was a good resolution and all… but the fact that she made it two weeks prior and still hadn’t acted on it was kind of sad.

In her defense, though, a lot of things had gotten in the way pretty much every day. For a while, the biggest obstacle was finals, which wore everyone out and required several study groups. But as of the day before last, those were finally over for the third years. The second years, on the other hand, were still in the thick of them because school ended a full week later for them. But the twin-tailed girl was pretty confident in her ability to study well enough to do a satisfactory job – the ones she’d done so far had gotten really high scores, even on her worst subject.

At this point, the biggest obstacle Azusa kept facing when she thought to confess was the fact that she and Yui-senpai were never alone together. As in, every single time they got enough alone time for her to psych herself up into trying, someone always seemed to interrupt and scare the hell out of her, enough that she always decided to postpone it for another day when she was less rattled.

The more this happened, the more she ended up losing sleep over it. And the more sleep she lost, the more upset she got with herself about all the missed chances. And the more upset she got with herself, the more depressed she got, and the more her thoughts ran in rampant but predictable circles.

Like what ended up happening after Ui left today, she’d try to think about something else, but like a boomerang, her thoughts would always end up circling right back around into this repetitive pattern of self-hatred born from lovesickness.

She felt a buzzing coming from her lap, and when she looked down at her still-open phone, grateful for the distraction from her own mind… she found another text from Ui staring her in the face. She hit the button to go and read it, and by the time she was done, she wasn’t sure whether she regretted reading it or not.

“Are you going to confess to my sis today? You might get a good chance at club.”

Well, so much for distracting her, huh? Right back to the topic she kind of wished she could avoid, for the sake of her own declining mental state. She typed out a quick reply, half wishing she could just disappear.

“If I actually get such a chance, I’ll try.”

While she had to admit it was nice to have her crush’s sister be supportive of her was really nice most of the time, it tended to be a massive pain during times when she didn’t want to think about her feelings for the airheaded guitarist. Well, regardless of her feelings about it, she’d be stuck talking about it at least until class ended. She got another reply that made her incredibly curious about its meaning.

“Well, if you do and she accepts, there’ll be something we need to talk about before you think of going out with her.”

As Azusa tried to think of how to respond to that, the bell rang, signifying the end of the class and of the school day. Rather than stay there and come up with something to say, she immediately grabbed her bag, put her phone in her blazer’s pocket and bolted out of her desk along with the other students who were quickest to leave. She’s reply after she got to club.

She managed to get into the hallway and make it much farther than normal without dealing with congestion due to her quick exit of the classroom. It ended up making her trip to the clubroom take a lot less time than it usually did.

When she arrived and took a seat at the table, nobody else was there yet. Which was kind of unusual – since the third year classrooms were generally closer to the clubroom than hers, she got there after everyone else most days. Just as she began to wonder why the others were so late, the door opened and someone walked in.

It was Yui-senpai. Just her, none of the other members. Immediately after closing the door behind her, the lead guitarist straightened out her skirt, which had gotten ruffled a bit from the clamor of students behind the door. It was a relatively new habit she had that couldn’t have been much more than two months old – she smoothed out her skirt just about all the time, a huge increase to how she almost never did it before.

Before Azusa could start criticizing herself for noticing such things, she suddenly got noticed. “Oh, Azu-nyan! You weren’t on the group chat earlier today, so Mugi-chan and Ritsu sent me here to tell you that club is canceled today.”

“Cancelled?” Wait, what?

“Well, Mugi-chan needs to have some kind of talk with her parents, so she had to miss out today,” the third year said, nodding her head at her own words. “And when Ritsu heard that, she said she was going to take Mio shopping. No matter how much I asked, she wouldn’t tell me what for, though. Since it would be just you and me here, we decided to cancel club today.”

“So it’s just us today?” Don’t tell me Ui meant this…

“Yeah, but Mugi-chan left us some cake to eat before we go home as a consolation. No tea, though,” Yui replied before pointing to a box on the center of the table.

We’re going to be alone together… is this what Ui meant by a good chance…? But how did she even know about it, then?

The lead guitarist walked over to the table, pulled up a chair and sat down across from the rhythm guitarist, grabbing for the box of cake in the middle right after she set her bag down. She opened it and began using the included utensils and plates to get a slice for both herself and Azusa – fortunately, the cake was already cut into slices, which made it easier.

Up until the moment the twin-tailed girl got her plate of white-frosted vanilla cake, she was half expecting someone to come in and join/interrupt them at any second. That was how things always seemed to go in situations like these. But after Yui-senpai started to dig in, and she herself had a plate and fork of her own in front of her, she realized that it wasn’t going to happen. At least until one of them finished their cake, they’d be alone together, with nobody to disturb them.

Come on, this is your chance! You have to say it now!

She felt herself begin to sweat as her nerves got the better of her. It hadn’t gotten any easier to build up the courage to start this conversation, even after weeks of failed attempts. Her heart seemed to accelerate to dangerous levels as she opened her mouth. She tried to say something, but she couldn’t find the courage to give her voice sound.

Come on! Show some grit for once in your life, me!

“Hey, Azu-nyan. Are you okay?” Yui-senpai suddenly asked after swallowing a mouthful of cake, nearly causing her junior to choke in surprise. “Lately, it seems like every time we’re alone together, you get really nervous or depressed or both. Is something wrong?”

For how airheaded she often tended to appear, HTT’s lead guitarist definitely had her rare moments of perceptiveness. She noticed Azusa’s change in demeanor… or maybe, it was just so obvious that nobody could not take notice of it. On the one hand, it was mortifying to be called out on it so openly, but on the other, she’d probably never get a better chance to speak her mind than this.

“W-well… third year graduation is next week,” the twin-tailed guitarist began, deciding to go the long, winding route so she had more time to build her courage. “The thought of you all leaving has… has left me a little lonely.”

“You know, it might not be goodbye for good. If you go to the same college as us, you’ll see us again! It’ll take a year, though,” her listener replied after a few seconds of silence.

That’s a whole year I have to spend apart from you…

She knew that thought was wrong as soon as it slipped into her mind. Even if they didn’t go to the same school, they could still see each other… but that required a whole lot more effort than before. Even if they maintained contact as friends, she had no way of knowing whether that would even really last an entire year until they met up again. And the thought of having to reconnect was a scary one.

“I don’t know what’ll happen in that year. We could drift apart…” she saw Yui-senpai preparing to say something, so she continued a little sooner than she had planned to. “That’s why… I decided I wanted to say something to you before you leave.”

“To all of us, or just me?” Once again, she showed one of her rare moments of perception.

She responded whilst turning her gaze to the ground. “J-just to you.”

For just a few seconds, the silence in the room became palpable. When Azusa looked up to gauge her reaction, she seemed to be contemplating something. Her expression gave the distinct impression of someone weighing their options. Finally, after an agonizing five seconds of quiet, the third year smiled brightly.

“Well, you should probably say it now, then,” she decided, nodding her head. “It’s not something you can say in front of the others, right? Go ahead and tell me now, while you have me alone.”

The twin-tailed girl couldn’t tell whether it was a good thing or not that Yui-senpai kept seeing right through her so much. Either way, it felt weird to basically be told to confess by the object of her feelings. Even if said object probably had no idea that the thing she wanted to say was, in fact, a confession.

“Well, I, uh…” Why did it have to be so hard, even after getting the green light? “I mean, I… I have…”

This was it. It could be the last chance Azusa ever got to properly convey her feelings. She took a deep breath to calm her out of control nerves, looked the object of her affections dead in the eye (though not without a fierce blush on her face), and spoke.

“I’ve fallen for you.”

The third year’s brow furrowed in confusion for a few seconds. “Fallen for— oh. You mean you…”

It seemed that today, even when Yui-senpai was oblivious like usual, it didn’t last for long. “I-I mean… I’ve fallen in love with you. Sorry…”

“Why are you apologizing?” the eldest Hirasawa sibling queried, cocking her head to the side cutely.

Azusa’s gaze shifted to the table, at her untouched slice of cake. “Because I’m just pushing my feelings onto you, aren’t I? I don’t want to just bother you with them—”

“Azusa, look at me.”

The sudden lack of her usual nickname caught the twin-tailed girl off guard. She did as instructed, her fearful gaze meeting with one full of gentleness and compassion. Her reddish brown eyes widened at what she found in her senpai’s expression.

“You’re not bothering me or forcing anything onto me just by telling me how you feel,” the third year refuted her fears in one fell swoop. She started beaming brightly, as cheerful as ever. “I mean, it made me really happy!”

“Does that mean… you at least like me back?”

She dialed it back a bit from her own declaration and made the bar ‘like’ instead of ‘love’. She figured she might not get her heart totally broken that way. Or at least, that was what she thought until Yui-senpai got a really contemplative expression on her face. Around that point, Azusa began to doubt herself big time. Right before she tried to take back her question, the third year across from her replied.

“I might. It’s kind of hard to tell since I never thought about it before,” she said, shrugging her shoulders as her expression turned apologetic. “But for me at least, there’s something a little more important than that.”

“More important?” What exactly did she mean by that…?

“Yeah. I mean, if I liked you back, you’d want to date me, right?” the lead guitarist began to explain, her face suddenly becoming almost completely unreadable. “Sorry, but I wouldn’t go out with someone unless they were in the same boat as me.”

What the heck did that even mean? What was she trying to say…? “The same boat as you? What does that mean?”

“Ask Ui about it,” came an almost immediate evasion of the question. “Oh, but you might want to wait a few minutes. She should be home by then.”

Before Azusa could formulate a response, Yui-senpai’s eyes suddenly opened really wide, as if she were really surprised about something. She slowly set her fork down and stood up, grabbing her bag before finally trying to explain her sudden, odd actions.

“Sorry, I just remembered somewhere I need to go today,” she said, though it was pretty clear that this wasn’t the actual reason. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? And we’ll talk this out later, once Ui has brought you up to speed.”

And just like that, she left in a mild hurry. As the clubroom door began to close behind her, she seemed to put a hand on her stomach. The whole scene left Azusa positively bewildered.


This is bad! Really, really bad!

Yui didn’t have a whole lot of time. She had to get home really fast if she wanted to avoid what was coming. At this rate, she wasn’t quite sure if she’d make it back in time, but she had to at least try.

She kind of sort of may have had to go number two really bad. But it wasn’t her fault! Three days in a row, Ui had completely forgotten to ask her if she was all empty like usual at every diaper change. And for various reasons, each time she forgot, the older sibling was actually not empty! Usually, her sister asking that would remind her to go before she got put into a new diaper, so without that, things like this ended up happening! And she couldn’t just take it off without her sister there to put it back on for her… she’d definitely mess it up if she tried to put a diaper on herself.

Right before she suddenly left the clubroom, Yui had felt a sudden, intense cramp in her bowels, letting her know that holding it for three days was not a good idea. Honestly, if she weren’t sitting at the time, she might have lost it right there! That would have been really bad. So as soon as the urge died down, she got up and said goodbye, then left. It was kind of rude to just up and leave like that, especially with what they were talking about, but she didn’t have a choice.

This had to be the fastest she’d ever power walked in her life. She made it out of the school in record time compared to her usual walking speed. She was pretty thankful that most of the students outside of clubs were gone already, leaving nobody around to watch her acting strangely.

It was really nice to have nobody nearby to see her. After all, they’d definitely think she was being really weird. She knew it wasn’t normal to walk with one hand on her abdomen and one on her rear end. But at that point, even if there were people staring at her, she wouldn’t care enough to stop and risk losing control.

Walking so much seemed to be making the problem worse, or at least worsening the urge bit by bit. So when she came across a bus stop, she almost immediately sat down on the bench to wait. She didn’t know when the bus would get there, but she knew that the more she sat down, the easier it’d be to hold it in. And it would still be a pretty long walk from there to her house, one that she wasn’t sure she could complete without losing the battle against her bowels along the way.

So she waited. And waited, and waited, and waited some more. The longer it took, the more the urge grew. But because she was sitting down, she managed to deal with it much easier. She was grateful that nobody else who walked by stopped to wait at the bus stop, or even so much as spared her a glance. She knew that anybody looking would want to inquire about her by then constant fidgeting, and she really didn’t want to answer that question.

Finally, she saw the bus rounding the corner and making its way to her stop. As it pulled up and opened its doors, Yui found herself faced with another major dilemma. She had reached her limit a minute before it came. If she stood up right then, there was a good chance she would lose control on the spot.

But she couldn’t just stay sitting there all day, either! She had to at least try to make it home clean. So she very slowly and carefully stood up, trying her best to hold onto her bowels for dear life. She made it a quarter of the way to a standing position without issue, so she tried to get fully vertical a little faster than before.

And it was that very action that became her undoing. Right at the halfway point, another sharp cramp hit her like a ton of bricks. Before she could even try to sit back down, she felt her bowels start moving on autopilot, going completely against what she told them to do with her mind.

It started with a thankfully quiet bout of gas, which lasted for a second or so. But before long, a lot more was coming out of her behind than just flatulence. She completely froze in shock, unable to do a thing to resist as she helplessly filled the back of her diaper. Tired from holding her bowels on the walk the walk to get to that point, she couldn’t even stop herself halfway through – her body kept going against her will until she was completely emptied.

To add insult to injury, the bus driver chose that moment to close of the door and drive away, apparently fed up with waiting on her. There went the quickest way to just go back home.

Most girls, in her shoes, would probably be very upset with themselves, she thought as she stood up straight. If this happened to Mio, Yui mused, the bassist would probably burst into tears on the spot! But rather than being upset, more than anything… the third year just felt bewildered.

Maybe she was just used to having accidents. She already peed herself all the time, to the point that she didn’t even know she was doing it until she had already started. Or, as had become more often recently, sometimes she didn’t know she did it at all. Just, after a few hours of not paying attention to it, suddenly, her diaper would feel very wet, sometimes even close to leaking.

Point was, to her, in a way, this was just another accident. But in a way, it was also totally different from wetting. Which was what had her so bewildered, she thought. With number two, it seemed like it’d be really hard not to notice it. With pee, after it got absorbed by the diaper, it was easy to forget about. But with the other, it just kind of stayed there, taking up space and rubbing up against her.

And, as she could now tell, number two smelled a lot more, a lot faster. Yui reached back and felt the seat of her diaper, almost as if to confirm what she had just done. It felt really full – which made sense, since she had been holding it for three days straight. Her hand fell back to her side, and she had a thought.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But I’d still prefer to not have this kind of accident all the time.

She had imagined it would be grosser than this. Well, maybe to some people it was really gross. But to her, it just felt… different. Still, she had to get home. And she didn’t feel like sticking around and explaining the new smell in the air to the next person to walk by.

With no better options left, she started to walk home, the mess in her diaper keeping itself at the forefront of her mind.


“You didn’t…”

The first response Ui gave after Yui finally managed to get home was denial. But after another sniff to the air, she ran a hand through her hair – a habit that the older sister noticed had become quite common lately – and spoke again.

“You did. Come on, let’s get you changed,” she said, sighing quietly as she went to go get the changing supplies. “We’ll have to go in the bathroom to clean this one up.”

The eldest Hirasawa took the cue and walked from the front room over to the bathroom, then opened the door and went inside to wait. Her sister followed in a few seconds later and, after setting the supplies down on the sink, she immediately took Yui’s skirt off. After that was out of the way, off came the blazer, ribbon and finally her shirt, until she was left standing there in her bra, full diaper, socks and shoes.

“You’re going to have to take a shower to get most of it off,” Ui explained to satisfy the expression of bewilderment on her sister’s face. “I’m not mentally prepared to be cleaning you up after this kind of accident, sorry.”

The younger sibling undid the Velcro on Yui’s diaper, then slowly lowered it down, being careful to keep the mess contained inside. She then carried it over to the toilet, looking away the entire time, and opened both of its lids before dumping the diaper’s contents into it and immediately flushing. Apparently it was much grosser for her sister than it was for her, the third year mused.

Ui then made for the door, stopping once she got to it. “Be sure to wash super thoroughly, sis. Especially in the area that got dirty.”

After that, she left, closing the door behind her and leaving Yui alone. She set to work removing her shoes and socks right away, leaving herself completely nude. Then, she went over to the shower stall, opening the sliding door and reaching in to turn the water on. The shower head came to life all at once, spraying a jet of warm water out. Yui noticed it was coming out harder than normal and turned the rim of the head counter clockwise, and the spray became much calmer.

After she was satisfied with the adjustments, the lead guitarist stepped in, then slid the door closed behind her. The nice thing about their shower was that the water came out from a high enough point that you had to step backward a little for it to touch you, which gave the user lots of room to wash without the water automatically rinsing it away.

Yui walked into the spray of warn water, deciding to rinse herself off before starting to wash. Her behind was still really dirty from her first solid accident, so she knew she’d be better off trying to get most of the mess down the drain before taking soap or body wash to it. She turned so that her back was facing the shower stream, then moved so that it was mostly hitting her rear end.

When she looked down, she could already see the water discoloring a little as it fell to the floor. It actually had a similar color to pee, when she mentally compared the two. After several seconds, the water started becoming clearer again, having rinsed all it would in that position. But she could still tell that there was more to be cleaned, so she used her hands to spread apart her hind quarters.

Once that action stopped discoloring the water, she turned around and grabbed the shower head with her right hand, pulling it off of its normal place. She turned the rim again and changed it back to jet mode, then used one hand to hold her behind open and used the other to position the jet so that it was hitting the revealed spot.

She kept this up for a few seconds before changing the shower stream back to normal and setting it on the holder-thing again. She’d probably gotten about as much off as possible without using a cleaning agent. She stepped out of the path of the water and bent over to better reach the body wash kept on the little rack they hung below the shower head.

As she stood there, bent over, she noticed a little bit of pale, clear yellow liquid make its way towards the drain amongst the water. It occurred to her that suddenly bending over must have caused some pee to leak out. This happened to her all the time by that point – whenever she suddenly changed her posture or stood up after sitting down for a while, her bladder immediately gave way, releasing any urine contained in her body into whatever underwear she was wearing, usually diapers. It probably also happened when she messed herself, though she didn’t really check.

Most girls would be upset about it, she knew. But she did kind of bring this on herself, so even if she were to complain about it, she couldn’t blame anyone else. She was the one who decided one day that she wanted to try wearing diapers again and then started wetting herself to make it happen. She wanted to wear and use them, but she didn’t want to have to keep it a secret from her sister, so she let Ui know every time she peed, until the younger Hirasawa suggested diapers herself.

She didn’t really understand why she wanted to do it. But after two whole months of wearing and wetting diapers, whenever she felt the urge, she could honestly say she didn’t regret making the choice at all. Even after it stopped being something she had control over – she’d wet herself no matter what she was wearing now – she still liked the feeling… when she noticed it.

She had tried to look it up online a few times to see if there were other people like her, but she hadn’t found many. Not because there weren’t any other people out there who liked diapers, but because most of the others who did thought of it as a sexual thing. And for her, at least, it wasn’t something sexual at all. It was kind of like her favorite shirts or her guitar: just another thing she really liked to wear and use for its intended purpose. As far as she could tell, she didn’t get any arousal from it.

That was why she kind of surprised herself when she was responding to Azu-nyan’s confession. She said she would only date someone in the same boat as her. Well, the way it came out in her mind, which she had to change to avoid giving away her secret right then and there, was something more like…

She wanted to date someone who wore diapers and had real, uncontrolled accidents in them like she now did.

She couldn’t figure out why she thought that at the time. She could think up plenty of reasons for keeping it like that, and only dating other people in diapers, but no matter how she looked back on it, she had no idea where it came from when it first came to mind.

One reason she came up with to do it that way was that if the other person was already dependent on diapers, then they’d probably not be all that grossed out or otherwise put off by her being in them, too. A relationship with someone like that would work out much better than one with a person who didn’t wear diapers and thought it was bad somehow.

Of course, Azu-nyan was a special case. She definitely didn’t wear diapers already, but she was still a close friend that Yui valued a lot. She honestly didn’t know whether she liked the younger girl back – the third year was always thinking she was just too cute, but going out with someone just because you were physically attracted to them… well, she had seen that work out poorly in a whole lot of movies and TV shows. She didn’t feel like testing to see if they were being accurate.

She tried to avoid giving an outright rejection or acceptance when she responded to give herself more time to think of how to respond. She had an idea of what she wanted to do by this point, but it would be mostly dependent on the twin-tailed girl’s reactions.

Her idea was to tell Azu-nyan about her diapers (through Ui because she didn’t want to say it herself), then explain that if she wanted to go out with Yui, the rhythm guitarist would have to wear diapers and become dependent on them herself.

Which would give the third year at least a few months to hopefully fall for Azusa, too, so their feelings could actually be mutual. It would also give the kouhai time to back out if she decided she didn’t want to deal with diapers in her relationships.

Yui snapped back out of her thoughts for a moment, realizing she’d forgotten to actually start washing. She didn’t know how long she’d been thinking for, but Ui would be mad if she had to wait too long. The messy diaper had already upset her, so the older sister didn’t want to make it worse by taking forever in the shower. So she grabbed the body wash, squirted some onto her palm, and got started lathering herself right away, deciding to save that thought train for later.


[i]I don’t think it’s absolutely terrible, but it’s not exactly my best work, either. I dunno, it’s at least readable for me…

Chapter two should be an improvement, whenever that ends up happening. I’m currently like a thousand words in and totally stuck, but that may be less due to not knowing how to continue and more due to my recent focus on my non-fetish writing as well as my RPG Maker projects. Hopefully I can get some comments on this that help me get motivated to write the next release…

Anyway, done for now. This was never edited or even proofread (I type slow and careful enough that my mistake rate is limited, so errors are less of a concern because they’re more uncommon), so if you notice any issues, feel free to point them out so I can go back and edit them out.[/i]