[Fanfic] K-ON! Diaper Days: Mio and Ritsu

[i]This story is based off of a doujin (which is basically an amateur manga, or Japanese comic book). Specifically, the first half of the K-ON! ABDL doujin, Diaper Days, which you can find by Googling K-ON! Diaper Days if you haven’t already read it and are interested.

While this is based off of a part of that doujin, it also expands upon it to give proper context and cuts out the parts I didn’t really like. I’d like to think that this is an improvement on the original, but at the same time, I haven’t really proofread it, so there are probably a few mistakes here and there if you look hard enough. Doesn’t help that it was basically all written while I was super tired. Should be at least readable, though.[/i]

K-ON! Diaper Days

Mio and Ritsu

“Hey, Mio! Which stall are you in?” a familiar voice called, echoing through the space of the school bathroom.

The sole other occupant of the room called back meekly from the second stall, voice subdued. “The stall door’s open…”

The pitter-patter of footsteps rung out, and before long, one Tainaka Ritsu stood a meter or so away. She appraised the situation with an unreadable stare, then said what had become the thing Mio most hated to hear.

“Looks like you didn’t make it in time again, huh?”

As if the puddle of pee on the ground between her feet weren’t incriminating enough, there were also dark, wet streaks on the poor bassist’s socks. It would be obvious to anyone who came in that she had wet herself.

She teared up in embarrassment and frustration. Why did this keep happening? Why did she keep wetting herself like a helpless toddler? Why couldn’t she control herself like the other high school girls around her?

Well, she had an idea as to why, but it wasn’t very comforting. When she traced it back, Mio noticed that she began wetting herself right when the stress of trying to get into a good college started getting worse. They were near the end of their third year of high school, after all – they all needed to study hard so they could get into the same university.

At first, her accidents were small, and as such, easy to hide. And they originally only happened when she was scared or startled really bad. But as her stress level grew, so did the size and severity of her every wetting. Eventually it got to the point that she could no longer hide it from her family… or Ritsu.

While they were more accepting of her newfound problem than she expected, they also dealt with it in a very embarrassing way. One that her best friend would no doubt be bringing up any second…

“You know, we keep telling you that until this problem clears up, you need to wear diapers just in case.” And there it was. “If you keep trying to wear panties and having accidents in them, they’re going to get taken away…”

That was it: the solution her family had forced on her and even gotten Ritsu in on. They actually came across this idea really fast – they put her in diapers after only a week of her wetting problem starting.

As far as Mio could tell, being kept in diapers only made the problem accelerate. She started having bigger accidents, and more frequently. It started happening much more often than just when she was scared or startled. The urge would just hit her so hard and fast that she could only hold it for a few seconds at most before she completely lost control. Like what just happened – she and Ritsu were going back to class from talking with a teacher in the faculty lounge when she suddenly felt it. At the time, the bathroom was only a few meters away, so she ran up to it as fast as she could manage, went in, ran up to the stall, and promptly lost it right in front of the toilet.

At this point, she also seemed to leak some whenever she was even a little nervous, which happened very often – several times every day, though if she made a concerted effort, she could at least stem the flow then. Leaking and completely wetting herself was already humiliating on its own, but wetting a diaper and then having to ask her best friend to change her was downright degrading. And since being kept in the protective underwear only made the problem get much worse, much faster, she often brought panties to school and changed into them in the bathroom at her earliest opportunity. Which, unfortunately, often led to events like this.

“Please don’t tell my parents…” Mio pleaded, tears beginning to fall down her cheeks.

Ritsu merely sighed, shaking her head. “Even if I don’t tell them, they’re bound to notice on their own sooner or later. Would you rather I tell them but try to get them to be lenient with you, or let them figure out what’s happening themselves and then react however they want to?”

The bassist didn’t say anything, and instead just sniffled some more. Neither option sounded good to her at all. She had a feeling that even with Ritsu pleading her case, her parents wouldn’t let her off very lightly for this when they heard of it. But at the same time, the idea of them finding out on their own and being even angrier because her best friend wasn’t around was far scarier.

Mio felt her bladder release with her fear, much to her dismay, but since she had just emptied it, nothing more came out. This didn’t stop the negative feelings from showing on her face, which the drummer in front of her immediately picked up on.

“I can’t imagine that’s very comfortable,” she said, thankfully having misinterpreted her friend’s face. “Close the stall door for a sec. I’m going to go back to the classroom and grab your bag, I’ll be back real soon. There’s a diaper in there for you to change into, right?”

“T-there are two.”

“Good! Then I’m off!” she was off and running halfway through this sentence.

Mio closed the stall door halfheartedly. The incoming dread of being reduced to diapers once again seemed far worse than having someone walk in and see her accident, though she couldn’t tell if that was just because she was emotionally exhausted or not. At this rate, she’d completely lose all of the shreds of her toilet training she had left.

By the time Ritsu came back with her bag in tow a minute later, the bassist had resigned herself to her fate, at least for the time being. She mutely opened the stall door to let her friend in, and the drummer quickly set to work, removing her wet panties and socks, wiping her up, and putting paper towels in her shoes to dry the insides off. When she got Mio’s diaper from that morning out (she wore standard, albeit adult-sized, Japanese layering cloth diapers with Velcro waterproof covers, so unlike with disposables, she could re-wear them after taking them off), she made an unsettling comment.

“Mio, this one’s already been peed in a little!” she said while pointing to a small, dried yellow stain on the white absorbent cloth. “Do you even remember doing it?”

She actually had no recollection of it. She didn’t even know when it could have happened – she changed out of it and into her panties as soon as she got to school, and it had been freshly washed before it was put on her that morning. Which meant that she only wore it for about an hour, at most. And during that time, she wasn’t scared or startled even once, nor was she nervous… if anything, at the time, she was determined to change out of it and put some regular underwear on.

Mio shook her head on autopilot, before her better judgment could stop her. Her friend took it all in stride, however, as she often did with important or surprising matters.

“Well, at least there’s another diaper in there for you to change into, huh?” Ritsu said, putting the stained one back and grabbing the one meant for her lunch time changing. The drummer then looked up at her suffering friend with a gentle, if not apologetic, smile. “Don’t worry, Mio. I’ll talk to your parents about this for you. I’ll see if I can get them to go easy on you.”

She didn’t say it out loud, but that was precisely what Mio worried about.

“Ritsu…” she waited until they were in a spot of the park far away from other people before calling out her friend’s name and grabbing her sleeve lightly.

“What is it, Mio?” the brunette asked, turning to her friend with an inquisitive stare. “Are you wet enough to need a change?”

“Yeah, and also…” the bassist trailed off as her face went beet-red. She was too embarrassed to say the rest aloud.

Luckily, Ritsu caught the hint relatively quickly. With a quick sniff, she realized what had transpired. She nodded her head once and pointed over to a near by park bench. “I’ll change you right over there, then.”

Two weeks had passed since the drummer told her best friend’s parents about her habit of changing into panties after getting to school and subsequently wetting them. To say the least, it didn’t go over very well at all. In response to her apparent misdeeds, they took away all her normal underwear, hiding it until she, to quote her father, “could prove she was worthy of wearing them again.”

That was what happened when she got off ‘light’. As her parents later stated, if Ritsu hadn’t been there to advocate for her, they would have cut up all her underwear, destroying it for good, rather than just taking it from her like they did.

Even so, it was easily enough to make Mio completely break down, in more ways than one. Of course, as they took her underwear out of her room, she sobbed and pleaded with them to reconsider, not that it helped any. But the lasting effects of that incident were much worse.

Her wetting problem got far worse, far faster. Within just five days, she went from having accidents while nervous, scared or startled, to just having them wherever and whenever, the moment she felt the need, no matter her emotional state. Partially because she didn’t even try to hold it anymore, and partially because, if she were being honest with herself, she couldn’t do it if she wanted to, anyway.

By this point, two weeks after she lost all hope, her wetting had hit rock bottom. Now she just leaked a little bit, all the time. Any sudden movement or change of posture would make her bladder immediately release all its contents into her new permanent toilet. She couldn’t even pretend that she had any control of her bladder whatsoever anymore.

More recently, another development occurred, though this one was still mostly under her control. When ever she felt the urge to… to go number two, she just let nature take its course. Every time, when she felt her bowels moving, she just thought, ‘Why should I try to hold it in? It’s not like I’d be coming out of diapers anytime soon either way.’ So she just let it happen and asked to be changed afterwards.

Her parents, at first, were disgusted by it. They yelled at her over it every time it happened, for a little while. But for once in her life, she actually shouted back about a week prior. She asked them why it even mattered if she was already being kept in diapers anyway. If she was going to be forced to use them to contain her pee, why did it matter whether she used it for the other, too?

They were so shocked at her outburst that they just backed off about it. From that point on, they changed her diapers without complaint, no matter what was in them. Though the day before this day, they did say something about teaching her to change herself before she went off to college.

Ritsu, for what it was worth, adjusted to this change (no pun intended) much better than Mio’s parents did. At first she made some commentary about the smell, but eventually, for the sake of the bassist’s ever-dwindling sense of dignity, she dropped the teases and just did what she had to. For this, the shy girl was very grateful.

“All done!” Ritsu proclaimed, extending a hand to help her friend back up.


The raven-haired girl took the hand quietly, standing up from the bench and smoothing out her skirt so that it reliably hid her fresh, clean diaper. She had zoned out for the entire changing process, as she often did. It helped her maintain her sanity and what was left of her sense of dignity to make her mind think about something else while anyone changed her.

As she stood up, she felt a small portion of her padding grow warmer. If it weren’t for the layered thick cloth being pressed up against her crotch, she likely wouldn’t have even noticed it. She had apparently leaked a little bit into it because she suddenly stood up after laying down for a few minutes.

At this, she merely sighed – it happened far too often for her to be surprised about it. She was admittedly disappointed with herself that she couldn’t even keep her diaper totally dry for a single minute, but in the end, she just couldn’t do anything about it. She knew she could very well be stuck in diapers the rest of her life, so she’d just have to get used to things like this.

“Come on, Mio. Let’s keep moving,” Ritsu suggested, beginning to walk ahead.

Mio followed behind her, keeping her steps smaller and more measured than her friend’s so as to avoid her skirt riding or flipping up and exposing her embarrassing, yet depressingly necessary, personal toilet.

Before someone gets on my case about it, let me say that I wasn’t really trying to give a good, realistic explanation for Mio’s incontinence getting so bad, so fast. If I had to try to justify it, I’d say it’s part stress, part psychological and part physical. The kind of combination that results in a rapid downward spiral.