Faces in stories

Is anyone else seeing faces in stories… In the instance of "it’s, or it’d, he’d, he’s, ext. Or is this just happening on my phone.

Re: Faces in stories

I’m not, but since you’re tagged as a Tapatalk user I assume you’re seeing it there?

EDIT: If saw this pre-edit, sorry, but Tapatalk has been a major source of issues the last few days.

Re: Faces in stories

Oh I see, it’s a little distracting. But yes I use tapatalk when I’m at work. I get bored and read while I’m there

Re: Faces in stories

Is it happening in this thread too, or just other threads? If it’s happening in this thread then I’m not sure what’s going on as I can’t see it on either of my Android devices nor can I see on my Windows 8.1 laptop using the Tapatalk client. If it’s just certain threads can you link me to one specifically that is doing it?

Also, are you using Android, iOS, or Windows phone? and if it’s android are you using the old classic .apk or the current one from the play store?