facebook *knows*

I just logged on, and found this at the top of my feed:

Stay dry in (name of my town) today, Kerry.

Now of course there isn’t a chance in hell I’ll do that; I’m wet right now and on my second diaper of the day, but the point is: [I]facebook [B]knows!!!


Re: facebook knows

Spooky. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do either of you remember where this was posted originally on the old board? I’m not sure where it was originally, but it got dumped into a section here on Discourse that was reserved for stuff that the importer couldn’t place elsewhere whether due to being unable to create the section, or it not having an equivalent section.

Not sure. I think it was just in General.

Unlikely, as it would have ended up there in that case. I can certainly convert it to a normal topic and place it there if you want. :slight_smile:

Sure. I mean it really isn[t all that important to me where it goes, but I know you need to make sure everything is right. :slight_smile:

Actually it’s more just trying to make sure stuff doesn’t end up in the wrong place. I have found at least one random PM thread of Clawdia’s that ended up in the dumping ground.

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